"Grand Island Pictures from the Past"
Volume 13

Posted JULY - DECEMBER 2009

by Teddy Linenfelser

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Cancer Drive - 1977

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   Shown in this February 1977 photo are Jeanette Ray (left) and Grace Jasper. Jeanette and Grace were in charge of the American Cancer Society's Daffodil Days on Grand Island for many years.

High School Blood Drive - 1984

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   These boys participated in a Grand Island High School blood drive on June 1, 1984. Shown from left are Dave Wylke, Jim Kendall, Ed Prusak, Mike Clark, and Matt Coughlin and Doug Gress on the right. Email to teddy@giecom.net if you can identify the "unknowns."

Christian School - December 1984

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   Kindergarten classmates at the Christian School on Love Road in December 1984 presented "One Wonderful Night at the Innkeeper's Stable." Shown seated left are Wayne Galbreath, Olivia Fick, Jeff Robinson, Kelly Burke and Mark Lester. Courtney Buttermark is standing on the right.

Mrs. Booker's Kindergarten, Kaegebein School - 1989

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   Mrs. Cyndi Booker's kindergarten class at Kaegebein School posed for this picture in December 1989 when they created this impressive doorway to their classroom. Mary Stewart was the photographer.

Varsity Cheerleaders - 1969

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   The 1969 photo is of the Varsity cheerleading squad. From left are Louise Varga, Mary Jo Gill, Patty Wiedimer, Joyce Brion, Patty Costello, Sharon Kelley, Cheryl Ferro, Kathy Biafora, Sandy Huer and Cindy Funk.

Pilgrims, Indians At Huth Road School - 1984

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   This photo was taken by Barbi Lare in November 1984 when Linda Harbison's kindergarten students at Huth Road School were studying Pilgrims and Indians at the first Thanksgiving. Mrs. Harbison brought in a 15-foot teepee she and her family made about 10 years before when her son was in Cub Scouts. The structure was muslin, a substitute for the animal skins Indians used. The youngsters, who were able to spend some time inside the tent, made their own Pilgrim hats and collars, and Indian headdresses and vests. Email to teddy@giecom.net if you recognize anyone.

Swimmers Of Month - 1989

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   Grand Island Swim Club swimmers of the month featured in this December 1989 photo are shown with Mary Schultz of McDonalds and Tony Bauer of Pizza Hut. Pictured not necessarily in order are Sarah White, Alyssa White, Katie McCoulf, Lindsey Cook, Chris Rosner, Lisa Leuchner, Patti Winarski, Tom Winarski, Kelly Duncan, Jim Gedeon, Stephen Ryan, Robert Hillock and Joe Menter. Kevin Rader was not available for the photo.

High School Play - Oklahoma - 1982

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   Members of the Grand Island High School cast of the Oklahoma! production presented in April 1982 are (left) Scott Thompson (Curly), Amy Carey (Laurey), Barb Petz (dancing Laurey), Brent Patmos (Ali Hakam), Julie Etzel (Aunt Ellen), Frank Cannata (Jud), Rhonda Ostrander (Ado Annie), Shawn Schlifke (dancing Curly), Caroline Jones (Gertie) and Jim McCarthy (Will).

Christian School - 1989

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   The Grand Island Christian School held its 14th annual Christmas program December 9, 1989. Pictured are Kyle Nix, Jennifer McLeod, Marcella Ford and Katherine Pillich from the K-4 class.

Family Camping - 1975

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   Island families from the Fire Company spent many summers camping at Burnham Point State Park in the Thousand Islands. They include Jim and Teddy Linenfelser, Gary and Carol Roesch, Don and Barbara Anderson, Peter and Mary McMahon, Lance and Sue Kohn, Lee and Mary Becker, Norm and Charlotte Mrkall, Howard and Joan Oakey, Larry and Rita Hagerman and probably others. These picture were taken in August 1975. Shown seated (left) is Sue Benns, standing together are Mary and Lee Becker, and from there are Joan and Howard Oakey, Cindy Mrkall, Brenda Mrkall and Charlotte Mrkall. In the photo on the right are Cindy Mrkall, Jimmy Linenfelser, Norm Mrkall and far right, Skip Mrkall.

Halloween - 1984

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   These Mary Stewart photos were taken in October 1984. The lower left photo shows Sherry White and Becky Wilson and was taken at the "Spooks Bazaar" in Island United Presbyterian Church. The other photos were taken during a Huth Road Elementary School PTA meeting and book fair. Email to teddy@giecom.net if you can identify anyone. Names for the bottom right photos are (left) Nirmal Singh, Lori Moore, Cathy McCarthy and Keira Johnson Hayes.

Boys Cross Country Champs - 1984

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   The Grand Island High School Boys Cross Country Team, coached by Dick Bessel, won the Section VI Class A Cross Country Championships in November 1984. Shown in the photo are those who qualified for the sectional and state cross country meets. From left front are Jim Dunlop, Dan Laughlin, and Brent Fred; (back) Pat Birt, John Furgele and Todd Moses.

Christian School Spirit Week - 1989

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   Grand Island Christian School, located on Love Road at East Park, held its 6th annual School Spirit Week during October 1989. Each day of the week had a different theme. Pictured are "History Day" winners Nicole LaRoche, Summer Mesches, Heather Bray, Corinna Bray, Karen Isler; (kneeling); Lindsay Hahn, Matthew DeLorenzo and Jonathan Cook. All received certificates and a prize.

Homecoming - 1984

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   GIHS Homecoming Weekend '84 started Friday, October 12 with a pep rally. Bethany Joslyn was chosen Homecoming Queen and in her court were Laurie Bauman, Sharilyn Freund, Meg Gazda, Karen Jamison and Loretta Leszczak. Chris Bacola was chosen king and his court was made up of Jamie Adamczyk, Andy Harbison, Robby Helenbrook, Kevin McGuire and Rick Reaser. The theme of the homecoming dance was "Times To Remember" and each class decorated a section of the gym. The three girls pictured are Laurie Bauman, Sharilyn Freund and Meg Gazda. The last photo shows Loretta Leszczak, Andy Harbison and Karen Jamison. The Vikings beat the Tonawanda Warriors 26-0 with some of the lead players being Todd Petrilla, Mark DiMartile, Dean Santorio, Scott Buzby, Dave Roberts and Rick Reaser.

Girl Scout Carnival - 1987

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   Do you recognize these young members of Grand Island Girls Scouts? The girl having her face painted is Cari Herrmann and the little blonde looking at the camera looks like Jamey DiTullio. As part of the 75th anniversary of scouting, Island Girl Scouts held a carnival on Saturday, March 21, 1987 that featured many activities including face painting as shown in the photo. Email to teddy@giecom.net if you can identify anyone.

Cougar Soccer Team - 1978

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   Supervisor Ray Griffin congratulates the Grand Island Cougars, league-leading, undefeated soccer team coached by Clive Roughsedge. The team members, all under 10 level, ended the season with a 13-0 record including 10 shutouts. Shown, not in order, are Todd Moses, Todd Roughsedge, David Squires, David Donn, Jonathan Pyc, Joseph Cane, Marc Castellani, Scott Smith, Kevin Fisher, Noel Blair, Joseph Bruno, Morey Cohen, Paul Gerspach, Kerry Finn and Derek Staub. The photo was taken in September 1978.

Bills Game - 1960s

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   Susan Hogue Canty, now back in Tucson, AZ, sent this photo of her parents and friends at a Buffalo Bills game, probably taken in the early 1960s. Shown seated in the 2nd row are Ted Haines, Ollie Howard, Naomi Haines, Dottie Howard, Helen Hogue and Dick Hogue. It's interesting to see how dressed up the ladies were in those days.

Cooperative Nursery School - 1984

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   This photo was taken in October 1984 when these Grand Island Cooperative Nursery School students posed with their teacher, Barbara Macaluso on her last day at the school. Mrs. Macaluso taught at the school for 16 years. Email to teddy@giecom.net if you can identify anyone.

Sidway School Citizens Of Month - 1976

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   This photo was taken at Sidway School in February 1976 and is marked "Kids for Citizen of Month." Shown in the second row, third, fourth and fifth from left are Bob Castellani, Danny Wagner and Matt Coughlin. Email to teddy@giecom.net if you can identify anyone else.

Miss Cathy's Dancers - 1987

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   Miss Cathy's Dance Academy is in its 41st year here on the Island and continues to be under the direction of Cathy Parisi Thomas. These dancers posed in the high school, probably during a dress rehearsal for Miss Cathy's annual June recital in 1987. Girls from left are Kathy Hug, Kim Brand, Kelly Malaney, Jackie Kudd and Karen Wilson. In the back is Laura Fleming.

Rotary Club Charter Members - 1959

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   Pictured are the charter members of the Grand Island Rotary Club (in no order): President John W. Hanlon, Secretary Harold P. Roberts, Treasurer Harry Baker, Peter Goyette, Philip Guilfoil, William Hennigar, Salvatore Capizzi, Winston L. Coons, Kenneth Winters, Dr. George B. Ubel, Joseph Drago, William N. Askew, Christ Kruse, Dr. Robert Miller, Henry Alt, Francis Dunn, Lawrence Runions, Roger Kaiser, Herbert Haller, Thomas Tierney, Roderick G. Hoctor and Wes L. Fodero. The Rotary Club was formed in the spring of 1959.
   Cindy Coons Shepard writes: "My father Winston Coons is the 2nd man in from the right at the top of the picture next to Tom Tierney who is on the end. I also recognize Henry Alt whose four girls I babysat, Sal Capizzi, Bill Askew and Larry Runion...some of these men were also volunteer firemen."

Bike Ride - 1959

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   My friends and I lined up in our driveway on Love Road for this summer 1959 photo, just before taking a bike ride to Beaver Island State Park via the new bike path along the Beaver Island Parkway, opened for the first time in May of 1959. From left are Karen Hawkes (Kirk), Dana Robertson, myself (Teddy Klingel Linenfelser), Barbara Wilson (Kennedy) and Marge Minton (Rancudo). Missing from the photo is my sister, Mary Ellen Klingel Stewart who took the picture and then joined us on our bike ride.

Bob Wells - Record Hop - 1958

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   This picture was taken by Mary Ellen Klingel Stewart at a record hop held in the Kaegebein School gym on Thursday evening, July 10, 1958. The dance was sponsored by the Isle Teen Town Committee and co-chaired by Marion Tranter and Marion Klingel. Bob Wells, a WEBR radio personality, emceed the teen record hop and is shown with 14-year-old Danny McMahon (left). No ragged jeans and t-shirts were worn back in the day. Dan is wearing a dress shirt and slacks and Bob even sports a tie.

Love Road Construction - 1941-42

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   These photos were submitted by Barbara Glor Martin, who grew up on Love Road in Grandyle Village along with her five siblings and parents, Eldon and Ora Glor. The first photo (1941) is looking east from the Parkway down Love Road before the homes were built. The South Grand Island Bridge hardly shows in the upper left of the photo. The second photo is the construction site of the Glor home, part of the Sears Roebuck development, and also shows the south bridge. The third picture is of the Glor house after construction. The two little girls in the road in the next photo are Barbara and Bernie Glor. The tree in this picture is the same as the tree shown in the first photo. This was probably taken in March of 1942 when all of the homes were completed.

Orleans - Tug William D. Kropp - June 16, 1935 Photo

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    The headline for these photos, published in the June 16, 1935 Courier-Express, was: "Hardy Veterans of River Refuse to Be Downed." The caption reads: Though spans of steel and concrete offer competition to one of the oldest industries of the Niagara Frontier, its ferryboats, these hardy veterans of Niagara's currents, continue their trade. On the left is the ferryboat, Orleans, of the Buffalo-Fort Erie line with its competing Peace Bridge in the background. On the right is the tug, William D. Kropp, and barge in the Grand Island trade, the existence of which is threatened by the new (Grand Island) bridges."
   Both the Orleans and the Kropp were very familiar to Island residents at that time

Wade Cook's Birthday Party - 1950s

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   Francis Hedstrom McCormack, shown left in a 1957 photo, sent this picture to us after recently visiting the Island where she grew up. Fran lived with her family on Staley Road and moved from the Island to LaPorte, Indiana after finishing 8th grade at Charlotte Sidway School. She now resides with her husband, Curtiss, in Phoenix, AZ. The photo on the right is of a 10th or 11th birthday party for Wade Cook, also of Staley Road at the time. Shown in the back (left) are Patty McNulty (Yensan), Peggy McNulty (Hooper), Ted von Craigh, Shirley McNulty, Gigi Smith; (middle) Terry von Craigh, Mark Cook, Mike McNulty, Randy Cook squeezed next to Gene Smith; (front) Wade Cook with his cake, Mary McNulty, the late Paul Cook.

Bedell House - 1951

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   Shown are Marion and Ted Klingel with daughter Teddy Klingel (Linenfelser) standing along side the Bedell House annex. Note the big screened in porch and the ferry, Orleans, at dockside. My sister, Mary Ellen Klingel Stewart took the picture around 1951.

Kaebebein 2nd Grade Class - 1963-64

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   Ora Glor, an Island resident teaching second grade at Kaegebein Elementary School is shown with her class during the 1963-1964 school year. Mrs. Glor's class list that year includes the following names: Paulette Alberti, Bruce Blakelock, Constance Costanzo, Patricia Czora (first row, 2nd from left), Dane Dearlove, Fred DeCost, Monica Fusco, Stanton Gibbs, Connie Hillman, Timothy Knox, Pamela Lipp, Michael McInerny, Jonathan Pless, Doreen Rein, Robert Rizzo, Richard Roemer, Jayne Schutt, Deborah Smith, Linda Somme, David Spiesz, Suzanne Spinner, Deborah Tielman, Albert Webster, Donald Weitan, David Zelonis, and Gerry Proctor. Can you identify anyone? Email to teddy@giecom.net and be sure to identify the Old Photo Album as Volume 13.
   Jill Schopp has written to say that her brother, the late Jonathan Brinton Pless, is shown third from the left in the top row. Hart Roemer has added: Top row, 5th from left is Richard H. Roemer and Middle row, 3d from left is Jayne Schutt

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