"Grand Island Pictures from the Past"
Volume Nine
Posted JULY - DEC. 2007

by Teddy Linenfelser

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Teddy's Islettes Photos (webpage)

Huth Road School Carolers - 1987

Click photo for larger view.

   Huth Road Elementary School students sang carols at the Grand Island Nursing Home on the Boulevard, bringing a little exra Christmas joy to the residents. The residents received cards the boys and girls made along with poinsettia plants. Kelly Petrie has offered the following names: (left in back) Melissa Wagner, Holly Hubbard, Angela Devita; (front left) David Frankenfield, Mark Marinucci and Scott Winch.

Kaegebein School Holiday Play - 1987

Click photo for larger view.

   Mrs. Gloria Brown's and Mrs. Bonnie Montgomery's second grades and Mrs. Sally Black's first grade at Kaegebein Elementary School presented a play, "The Prince's Golden Crown." Can you recognize anyone? Email me at teddy@giecom.net if you can.

St. Stephen School Graduating Class - 1977

Click photo for larger view.

   The St. Stephen School graduating class of 1977 is shown above. Kneeling from left are Brian Corcoran, Patty Stevens, Jackie Sullivan (Cane), Felicia Stacey, Keith Woods, Mary Sue Wilkin, ? person who is blocked), Joe Gadawski, Barbara Broad, Kyle Kinney, Kevin Woods, Patrick Buell. Standing from left are Sister Ruth, Robert Arida, Tim O'Hara, David Rurkowski, Daniel Walker, David Dietrich, David Hall, Mark Johnson, Shelia Allen, Danny Ryan, Patty Burns, John Anderson, ?, Bonnie Smith (partially blocked), Joanne Gorenflo, Anne Marie Corrao, Leslie Fluder, Lynn Pauly and Sister Bonavencia. Thanks to Karen Conboy for the names. Email me at teddy@giecom.net if you can identify the others.

Kaegebein Students Make Christmas Gifts - 1976

Click photo for larger view.

   These Kaegebein Elementary School students made holiday gifts for their family in December 1976. Looks like string art! The girl on the right has been identified by Tracy Senn as Ruby Allaire. Mike Dudley has identified Brian Herbst (far left) and said he made an owl at the same time that he and these kids were in Mr. Bob Colling's class at Kaegebein. Steve Schwarz writes from Florida to say Ross Cohen is also in the photo and George Wenner identified Mike Alamo, second from left. Andrew Golonka of Sparks, NV lists the names as Brian Herbst, Ross Cohen, Andy Golonka and Ruby Allaire. Email me at teddy@giecom.net with your comments!

School Bus Ride - 1968

Click photo for larger view.

   This photo, obviously the seniors riding the school bus to the high school, is part of the Grand Island High School Class of 1968 collection. Thanks to Diane Hassan, Cindy Zurek and Nancy Wonacott for the following names: front left, Jenny Rindone, Debi Temples DiTullio and Dick DiTullio and the girl wearing the fur hat is Diane Thompson. Email me at teddy@giecom.net if you can identify anyone else.

Huth Road School Thanksgiving Hayride - 1977

Click photo for larger view.

   This photo, taken in November 1977, is of a Thanksgiving hayride for Huth Road School students. A cookout was part of the event. Email me at teddy@giecom.net if you can identify anyone.

Undefeated GIHS Girls Swim Team - 1987

Click photo for larger view.

   Members of the 1987 Grand Island High School Girls Swim Team ended the season undefeated and were represented in top ten listings in almost every swim event. Senior swimmers honored at their last home dual meet were (from left) Karen Savory, Michele Atkins, Heather Lonberger, Saron Hobert, Katie Collins, Sherry Ensminger, Heidi Schall and Ellen Hibschweiler. Please Email me at teddy@giecom.net with married names and corrections.

"Grand Island Beer Drinkers and Poker Players Society" - 1970s

Click photo for larger view.

   This photo of the "Grand Island Beer Drinkers and Poker Players Society" and their wives, is from the early 1970s and was submitted by John Elwell. In the front are Tim Leixner, Mrs. Leixner, Louie Quigliana, John and Susan Petersen; (back) Jon and Melody Cooke, John Elwell, Mike and Nancy Kapatula, Bob Ryan with hands on wife Doris' shoulders. The men met once a month to play poker all night for a period of about eight years. The group usually enjoyed a week long fishing trip deep into northern Canada during the summer.

Piano Recital - September 1968

Click photos for larger view.

   Shown are winners of the Alfred Di Rocco Music Studio's annual piano and organ examinations in September 1968. Earning superior "A" and "B" awards are from back left, Karyn Stockwell, Robert Utz, Cathy Parisi, teachers Miss Donna Peuquet and Mrs. Dean Little, director Alfred DiRocco Sr., Mrs. Irma Dworak, Christine Ferguson and Craig Hawkes; (middle) Stephen Parisi, Susan Zaepfel, Karen Beck, Amy Heist, Karen Burns and Jay Englert; (front) Marybeth Englert, Anne Marie Burns, Karen Allen, Lori Stockwell and Karen Utz. Not pictured were Joanne Livingston, Glenn McNamara, Carole Gorenflo, Thomas Houck, Joanne Houck, Wayne Houck, Bobby Houck and teacher Paul Procopi.

High School Cheerleaders - 1968

Click photos for larger view.

    Grand Island Jr./Sr. High School cheerleaders are shown outside at a game and in basement of the high school working on a project! Those in the photo on the right are almost hidden Suzanne P. Schultz, Annette Pollack (behind), Gail Marble (Morgan), Janice Stone (Phelps), and Meg Allen (Pietras). Those in the photo on the left are (left, standing) Chris Maier, Janet Duane Ticconi, Chris Johnson Gallagher, Melissa Clement Hill, Kathy Biafora, Carol Barnes, and Gayle Williams. Thanks to Meg Pietras and Pat Gill for the names.

Mrs. Glor's Second Grade - 1957

Click photo for larger view.

   Pictured with their second grade teacher, Mrs. Ora Glor-Newton at Kaegebein Elementary School in 1957 are: (1st row) J. Weyland, P. Leach, D. Barlow, Barbara Guenther (Eastman), Ann Tierney, R. Edmonds, D. Kaiser, Melissa Clement (Hill); (2nd row) H. Godfrey, Jean Janke, C. Johnson, D. Wunsch, W. Whitmire, Roger Butcher, T. Lautz, J. McCluskey; (3rd row) A. Stack, P. MacKendrick, Rick Passarelli, Bonnie Householder, L. Webb, M. Hamm, M. Kester, G. Smith; (4th row) Debbie Dixon, D. Bunnell, P. Everts, R. Rycroft, Sue Geary, G. Rindone, T. Quinlan. Not pictured are classmates V. Duchow, S. Weigel, R. Rice and W. Love.
   Email me at teddy@giecom.net if you can provide any first names. Thanks to Gary Smith, class of '68, for submitting the photo.

Island Farmer - Dick Morgan - 1987

Click photo for larger view.

   This photo, taken by the late John Trianda in the fall of 1987, is of Island native and farmer Dick Morgan of East River Road. A true blue farmer all of his life, Dick died on May 6, 1997. His wife, Lois, still lives in the attractive 1800s farmhouse at Morgan's Point.
   The following, written by John Linenfelser, was published in a May 1997 edition of the Grand Island Record
Reflections on an Islander
   The news through a phone call from my brother, Michael, last Wednesday night (May 7) that Dick Morgan had passed away came to me as a great sense of loss for Grand Island. Having grown up next to the Morgan farm, his death came to me as an end of an era; the farm community of Grand Island. And not because this man had the largest farm, or the most successful, but because in many ways he represented the early Islander.
   Mr. Morgan farmed, although at a diminished scale, right up to his death. His fruit and vegetable stand on the East River, fronting one of the few true Victorian farmhouses left on the Island, was a favorite with the locals.
   That scene of Dick at his stand was more like a scene from the 19th century than the 21st – a real Currier & Ives in the flesh. He was what Grand Island roots are made of. The family living on the farm for generations.
   Stories I heard as a boy growing up had Dick’s great grandfather employing native Americans from the Island to help bring in the crops. Walking through the freshly plowed fields looking for arrowheads, I sometimes would find clay pipe stems. Dick would give the shard a quick inspection and tell me how his grandmother had a great affection for smoking clay pipes. Dick’s knowledge of the Niagara bordered on the mystic. Once he showed me some “Pikey Minnow” plugs he used in fishing for Northern pike and muskies. The damage inflicted on these lures was a testament to his innate ability to locate the “lunkers,” as he fished from the classic Mang hull he loved so much. I remember watching Dick walking his horse, “Nellie,” down to the river silhouetted at sunset, for a drink. I was introduced to a whole new vocabulary as I watched Dick walking behind a cultivator strapped to Nellie as he “coached” her defiant spirit through the young tomato plants.
   This life of Grand Island belongs to yesterday, but should be cherished for our (many) tomorrows.

Class of 1967

Click photo for larger view.

   Javier Alvarez (center) of Peru in South America, was Grand Island Jr./Sr. High School's first exchange student in 1967. He stayed here on the Island with the Milkey family of Steeg Road and spent the school year as a senior. He is shown with Terri Turner (Class of '68) and John Lexo, president of the Class of '67. Javier was a member of the GIHS soccer team and the swim team. Javier, who now lives in Urubamba, CUSCO, is in town and will attend the 40th reunion of his class this weekend (October 12-14, 2007).

Birthday Party - 1957

Click photo for larger view.

    Gary Smith, now living in Norwalk, Ohio, was celebrating his 7th birthday in 1957 when this photo was taken at his house at 2306 Love Road, formerly owned by the Landel family. Shown front left are Debby Kaiser, Barbara Guenther (Eastman), Debbie Dixon and Sue Geary; (back) H. Godfrey?, Rob Roycroft, Ricky Coglin, Tim Quinlan, Dean Bennell?, Richie Freer and Gary Smith. Email me at teddy@giecom.net if you can identify the unknown person or confirm any of the names.

Sidway Students - 1946

Click photo for larger view, "and be sure to scroll down for the names."

   This photo, shared by Myrna Dworak Boerschig, was probably taken in 1946 in front of the Charlotte Sidway School. The students appear to be about the ages of 4th graders and their teacher may have been Gretchen Kautz (shown on the right). Does anyone remember?
   Shown are (front left) Richard Noth (glasses), unknown, unknown, Bob Buzby, Keith Vanthoff, Wesley "Buddy" Link; (2nd row) Peggy Schwagler, Leona MacDonald, Connie Rexford, unknown, Ann Wietan, Carol Kaegebein; (3rd row) Joan Anderson, unknown, Gail Jacobs, unknown, Sandra Fleming, Irene Perkovich, Bob Dworak; (4th row) unknown, Joan Perkovich, Leoda Wright, Ann Carol Weingartner, Shirley Wohlfehrt, Joyce Webb, Norm Mrkall?; (4th row) David Mesmer, ?Bartlett, unknown, Scott Mayer, unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown. Email me at teddy@giecom.net if you can identify anyone or provide more information about the photo.

Mrs. Glor's 2nd Grade - 1964

Click photo for larger view.

   Linda Rowe submitted this photo of Mrs. Ora Glor's 2nd grade class at Kaegebein School in 1964-65. From front left are Lori Littlefield, Karen Bednarz, Michelle Drainville, Barbara Crowell, unknown, unknown, Jan Gast; (2nd row) Leslie Rosene, Lynn Ford, unknown, Jackie Lunsford, Laura Micheal, unknown, Barbara Wolverton, unknown, Linda Rowe, Vickie Ellsworth, Chris Xanthos, Phyllis; (top row) Tommy Crawford, Philip, Doug, Albert Courey, unknown, Robert Kimberlyn, unknown, unknown, and Ray Carter. Email me at teddy@giecom.net if you can identify anyone.

Ponytail Softball - 1987

Click photo for larger view.

   This 13-14-year-old Ponytail softball team competed against five other Island leaague teams to capture the championship with an undefeated season at Sidway diamonds. Shown are (front left) Co-Captains Becky Wilson (Mason) and Cheryl Janowsky; (middle) Gina MacKendrick, Cheryl Caprio, Eileen Vescio; (top) Stephanie Certo, Casey Vaccaro, Sarah Hubbard, Margaret Oliverio and Julie Porter. Kim Cline was missing from the photo.

Republican Picnic - 1987

Click photo for larger view.

   The annual Republican picnic was held Saturday, August 15, 1987 at Kossuth Park on Love Road, drawing a record crowd. Betty Trianda was chairman. Pictured from left are Dick Crawford Sr., Pat Nesbitt, Tax Collector Lois Kaiser, Council Candidate Jim Sharpe, Town Supervisor LaVerne "Bunny" Luther, Betty Trianda, Judge Bud Pritchard, Councilman Bob Swan and Luke Owens .

Fantasy Land - Fantasy Island Sign - 1960?

Click photo for larger view.

   Notice that this sign above says Fantasy Land and not Fantasy Island. Linda Rowe submitted this photo, taken before the park's name had to be changed due to the name belonging to the Disney World Park. Ground breaking ceremonies for Fantasy Island took place Saturday, October 15, 1960 at which time the sign in the photo below had the corrected name.

Click photo for a larger view. Former Supervisor George J. Burgstahler turned the first shovel of dirt in ground breaking ceremonies

Teddy's Islettes - 1987

Click photo for larger view.
   The Teddy's Islettes Baton & Drum Corps, formed in 1961, posed for this photo in the summer of 1987, the last year the group was together. Heidi Sue Mumm, a longtime member, continued the Island's twirling corps under the name Islettes Elite, and still does.
   Shown are the flag carrier, Shawn Juhre, and banner carriers Robert and Christopher Soluri. In front (left) areAngela Amato, unknown, Margaret Webb, unknown, Elizabeth Blundell, unknown, unknown, Kari Harding and Ann Linenfelser; (2nd row) Carrie Herrmann, unknown, unknown, Tanya Juhre Amenta, unknown, unknown, unknown, Lisa Linenfelser, unknown; (3rd row) Drummer Bill Gworek, unknown, unknown, Marisa Wasson, Molly McMahon, Amy Blundell, Amy Dzierba, Marla Greco, Danielle Soluri, Jill Corson; (4th row) Drummer Barbara Gill, Rayleen Tolejko, Kim Thaler, Christine Lozo, Stephanie Beyer, Jennifer Weis (Loder), Leah Hill, Bridget McMahon, Esther Sanborn, unknown; (5th row) Drummer Richard Lozo, Shannon Murdock, Nicole Millar (King), Jennifer Hoerbelt, Karen Macumber (Scalise), Deanne Monti (Giambra), Lisa Lozo, Jennifer Galbo, Marie Klocke. Bell players top right to bottom are Sue McMahon, Joanne Lozo and Sandy Gworek. Email me at teddy@giecom.net corrections/additions to the list of names.

Mrs. Jocelyn Lawson - Sidway 6th Grade - 1950

Click photo for larger view.

   Mrs. Jocelyn Lawson is shown (right) with her 6th grade class in 1950. From front left are Lynn Hoerig, Myrna Dworak, Faye Ehde, Janet Braddell, Karen McCall, Evelyn Sarokon; (2nd row), Allan Howland, Don Webb, Carol Godfrey, Jean Dansberger, Roger Killian, unknown, Mrs. Lawson; (top) Gary Clarke, Jack Boehm, Richard Smith, Ed Pfohl, Bill Dekdebrun, Richard Ackerman and Bruce Trautman. Thanks to Myrna Dworak Boerschig for the loan of this photo.

County Tax Receipt - 1891

Click photo for larger view.

   Be sure to click this tax roll receipt for the Town of Grand Island, taxes paid to the Erie County Treasurer's Office for the year 1891 and received by County Treasurer Eugene Bertrand on April 1, 1892. The document was given to me by Town Engineer John Whitney, P.E. who acquired it through a friend.

Sandy Beach Kids Parade/Picnic - 1987

Click photo for larger view.

   The annual Sandy Beach Park Club's kids parade and picnic were held on a very warm Saturday, July 25, 1987. The costumed kids marched from Middle Road, down Warner Drive to the park, led by a van playing circus music and driven by event chairman Michael Lacki. Costume winners that year were Mike Lazzaro (RAID), Mike Malonek (safari adventurer), Justin Schaber (frog), Laura Herbst (hockey player), Molly Martin (Madonna) and Michelle Bechtel (clown). Email me at teddy@giecom.net if you can identify anyone.

Little League Equipment - 1952

Click photo for larger view.

   The guys in the photo were examining new baseball equipment supplied by the Grand Island Kiwanis Club to the Island's organized baseball teams. Shown from left are Phil Simpkins, Scott Mayer, John Grycel (in Cub Scout uniform), unknown, Dave Dusenbury, and unknown. John Grycel submitted the photo and figured it to have been taken in approximately 1952. Email me at teddy@giecom.net if you can identify anyone or provide more information about the photo.

Boy Scout Camp - 1954

Click photos for larger view.

   John Grycel submitted these photos of a Boy Scout Troop #75 (Polaris) camping trip he enjoyed in the summer of 1954. The first photo shows (left) Dave Velie, Chuck Ford, Dale Velie and Dennis McTigue. The photo on the right shows scout Dick Titterington dropping a knife with Dave Velie (right) looking on as they were playing mumblety-peg. Email me at teddy@giecom.net if you can remember the camp the boys were attending or any other information about the photos.

Zonta Installs - 1977

Click photo for larger view.

   The Zonta Club of Grand Island was installing officers when these members posed for a photo on June 1, 1977. The installation ceremony was conducted by Martha Newman of the Zonta Club of Kenmore who was instrumental in the formation of the Grand Island group. From left are Betty Plazio, Kay Harrison, Ann Landel, Edith Godfrey, Martha Newman (installing officer), Joan Hein, Judge LaMendola, and Zonta President Catherine DiVizio. Miss DiVizio was also the principal of Sidway School at the time.

Picnic Planners - 1977

Click photo for larger view.

   This 1977 photo includes Elizabeth Reimann, second from the right and Frank DelSignore on the far right. The group was serving as the Republican picnic committee. Email me at teddy@giecom.net if you can identify the others.

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