"Grand Island Pictures from the Past"
Volume Eight
Posted in 2007

by Teddy Linenfelser

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See Volume Nine for pictures posted from July through December 2007.

Fashion Show - 1976

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   The photo is of a PTSA Fashion Show in April 1976. Shown from left are Betty Witschard, Gretchen Wroblewski, Becky Irons and Debbie Oldenberg

Sidway School 4th Grade - 1950

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   This Charlotte Sidway School photo of Mrs. Bea Cady’s 4th Grade class from 1950 was submitted by Wayne Baumler (wbaumler@cox.net). His sister, Judy Baumler, was in this class. In the front Row are Luanne Bucknam (Farrell), Jean Markle (Webb), Paul Long, Jerry Livingston, Larry Bell, Susan Johnson, Judy Daggett, Carleen Alt, Mary Ann Esack and, Carlton Schutt; row 2: John Hall, Janet Perkovich; row 3: Sharon Williams, Judy Bea Baumler, Barbara Glor (Martin), Donna Horner (Anderson), James Roberts, Marguerite Benns (Szumla), Peggy Hall, Judy Hanna (Hathaway), John DeGlopper, Phyllis Lafferty (Tanner), Francis Lapine and Gerald Meyer; row 4: Melvin Butcher, George Werner, Franklin Zahm, Nancy Gardner (Landroche), Betty Glose (Wicklif), Edwin Webb, Mrs. Cady and Miss Nadon (student teacher?).

H Pin Awards - 1987

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    Outstanding students in the fifth grade are honored each year at Huth Road Elementary School with the presentation of the gold "H" pin. They are selected by the teachers for their academic achievements, cooperation, service and participation in school activities. Shown are the 1987 recipients: (1st row) Nate Pannullo, Christine Hartz, Michelle Kopf (Pinzel) and Jenne Havens; (2nd row) Julie Ann Mazza, Kristin Collins, Jerry Bruno and Jennifer Sipson; (3rd row) Maria Barth, James Gorton, Robert Banko and Peter Lin.

5th Birthday - 1974

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   Our son, Jimmy Linenfelser, was celebrating his 5th birthday with a party in our yard on Ferry Road on June 20, 1974. Shown in front from left are Danny Linenfelser, Chris Linenfelser (Ramsperger), Wesley Billstone, Kim Harris (Staub), Julie Linenfelser Dee, Dean Laible and Jimmy. Standing behind them are Vanessa Billstone, Dawn Harris and Paul Meosky.

Coop Nursery School - 1987

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   According to this news clipping photo caption, each year the teachers of the GI Cooperative Nursery School are shown appreciation with one day set aside for them to go out to lunch, with their classes covered by mothers. This year the morning class met as usual and Tommy Schuh, whose day it was to participate, offered the teachers, Bonnie Janowsky and Ann Jarzab, the snack for the day as the other members of the 4-year-olds' class gathered around. The snack for the day was fresh fruit, juice and wafer cookies.

Kaegebein Readers - 1983

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   Kaegebein Elementary School Principal Agnes Becker is shown with a few of the students who took part in the PARP program (Parents As Reading Partners) in 1983. Eileen Sander Klein is to the left of Mrs. Becker. Email me at teddy@giecom.net if you can identify the children.

GOP Leaders - 1977

Click photo for larger view.

   Republican leaders were installed at a Christmas luncheon at the Buffalo Launch Club in 1977. Outgoing President Mary Susan Fonzi is shown (left) lighting a candle for the Island's Republican Women's Club President Mae Klocke. Mary Rita Miller, a county committee official, led the installation and Jessie D. Klien, president of the Republican Women's Federation, was guest speaker.

Huth Road Elementary Talent Show - 1967

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   From left are Janice Harris, Laurie Griffin and Sally Gollwitzer (Goris) who twirled their batons in the talent show held Saturday, April 29, 1967 in conjunction with Huth Road Elementary School's annual "Carnival of Fun." Two performances of the parade of talent were given in the school auditorium and attracted large audiences each time. The girls were members of Teddy's Islettes Baton and Drum Corps.

Sidway Tree Planting - 1947

Click photo for larger view.

   These Charlotte Sidway School students in Mrs. Ethel Yuhas's morning kindergarten session were chosen to come outside the school for this photo of the newly planted tree during the 1947-48 school year. From left are Betsy Kinsey Sims, Teddy Klingel Linenfelser, Richard "Dickie" Sturm and Paul Hartman. Mrs. Yuhas, 84, recently (April 23-24, 2007) gave a presentation, "Let's Go Back in Time-Exploring Pioneer Life," at the school where she taught for so many years.

Arts Festival - 1967

Click photo for larger view.

   Grand Island Junior-Senior High School students were "mobilizing" talent for a three-day Music & Arts Festival May 4-6, 1967 when they hoped to raise enough money to purchase a grand piano for the school's auditorium. Shown rehearsing in this May 3, 1967 Buffalo Evening News photo are (left) Denise A. Blackmore, Robert E. Study and Terry E. Lang. Concerts by all units of the music department were presented with the Sunday, May 6th program featuring a fashion show by the Home Economics Department and a dance recital by the school's Modern Dance Club. An exhibition of arts and crafts was on display in the school foyer and cafeteria throughout the festival.

Garden Clubs - 1967

Click photo for larger view.

   Helping to make America beautiful are these members of the Grand Island garden clubs who planted 28 trees along the Thruway at the Staley Road overpass on April 25, 1967. From left are Elsie Killian of Bridgeview Garden Club holding the tree; Frances Fusco of East Park Garden Club, Athena Xanthos of Cinderella Isle, Ellwin Doak of the Thruway Authority and Barbara Haeffner of Sandy Beach Garden Club, wielding the shovel. Over the previous 10 years that the Garden Clubs had been doing this, they distributed 1500 flowering trees to town residents. Flowering plum and crab trees were being placed along the Thruway and other trees were to be planted at the Grand Island Jr.-Sr. High School.

U-12 Panthers - 1983

Click photo for larger view.

   This U-12 Panthers picture is from 1983 and shows (top left) Coach Jean Tassy, Tom Fleckenstein, Tony Felich, Brad Roughsedge, Seth Buzby, unknown, Robb Wakefield, Erik Nowakowski, Jean-Rene' Tassy, Brian DeGlopper, and Coach Steve Achromovich; (front) Eric Chretien, Dave Andrews, Bruce Burns, Dustin Wolgast, uknown, Dave DiTullio, and Dave Gross. Email me at teddy@giecom.net if you can identify the others or offer correct spelling of any of the names. Thanks to Rev. Tony Felich for sending this picture and that of the U-10 Wildcats 1979 below.

U10 Wildcats - 1979

Click photo for larger view.

   This U-10 Wildcats picture submitted by Rev. Tony Felich was taken in 1979. Coach Clive Roughsedge is shown behind the team. Shown in the top row are Tony Felich, Tom Fleckenstein, Todd McGovern, Brad Roughsedge, Jean-Rene' Tassy, Kyle Wagner, Brian DeGlopper, David Andrews, and Dave DiTullio; (front) Matt Moscati, Scott Harper, Jerry Miovski, Mike Rech, Nathan Currey, Tom Kane, and David Gross. Email me at teddy@giecom.net if you can identify the others.

The Belvederes - 1960s?

Click photo for larger view.

   This band's name, The Belvederes, is familiar but I don't know anything about them. The photo had the printed words, "count recording artists." Does anyone know if they played on the Island or lived on the Island? You can Email to me at teddy@giecom.net

Easter Sunday - 1953

Click photo for larger view.

   Former resident John Grycel, who took the picture of his siblings, wrote this week, "Remember when we had to get all dressed up special for church on Easter Sunday?" The photo was taken in his front yard at 49 Love Road on Easter Sunday 1953. From left are Bob, Tommy and Kathy Grycel. According to John, Bob consumed the large chocolate rabbit he's holding in a couple of days. Houses in the background (left to right) are those of the Tardiff, Meyers, and Smith/Ehlert families.
   Email me your old family Easter photo to teddy@giecom.net before next Thursday, April 12th for consideration in the Old Photo Album.

Tyro Football Eagles - 1973

Click photo for larger view.

   Richard Seeley, GIHS Class of 1972 submitted this photo of the 1973 Tyro Football Eagles team. The coach on the left is Ed Lewis and the coach in the middle is John Martini. The coach next to John is not identified and Ed Offermann is the coach on the far right.
   Thanks to Tammy L. Kippley (Carey) for sending in all of the names that follow: Front Row (left to right): (65)Sal Abramo, unknown, (76)Chris Savoy, unknown, Mike Ciechoski, Tim Lunsford, Mike Safee, unknown, mascot unknown, (16)Tim McInerney, Bob Beauregard, unknown, unknown, Ed Schwannecke, Dean Fike, un- known. Boy front row, far right is Oneal Payton
Top Row (left to right): (24)Pat Amato, Coach Ed Lewis, (21)Mike Boyd, Pat Manley, (11)Dave Foote, unknown, unknown, Bob Costanzo, unknown, (39)Greg Boerschig, (80) Russ Certo, unknown, Mike Reiter..
Anthony Lucca suggests the following: 2 players to the right of Dave Foote looks like Bob Costanzo, No. 51 looks like Dave Cadro, No. 28 Sandy Mcquestion, is No. 16 Tim Mcinerney, Pat Manley to the right of Ed Lewis, Bob Beauregard between No. 16 and No. 28.
Corrections submitted 7/7/11
#28 Sandy McQuestion.
#21 is Michael Boyd.
#29 is (First unknown) Bouchamp.
Kid to the right of #29 is Bobby Costanzo.

Middle School Swim Team - 1977

Click photo for larger view.

   Pictured is the 1977 Grand Island Middle School Swim Team: top row: unknown, Scott Thompson, Doug Ford, Paul Mutolo, Tom Beck, Alan Rogers; (front) Bill Rockenfeller, Steve Jankowski, Frank Nalbach, Mike Landon, Bernie Delong and Tom Morrisey. The Middle School Viking Swim Team ended an undefeated season in 1977, highlighted by recordbreaking performances by Bernie DeLong (school record, 100 yd. breast stroke 1:17.6) and Theresa Popinski (school record, diving 73.35). The “Viking Award” was won that year by Bernie DeLong, Theresa Popinski, Holly Vaine, Tom Morrisey, Al Rogers, Bill Rockenfeller, Frank Nalbach, Steve Jankowski, Tom Beck, Mike Landen, Doug Ford, Paul Mutolo and Scott Thompson.
   Email me at teddy@giecom.net if you can identify any of the swimmers. Thanks To Tom Morrisey for identifying those pictured.

Girl Scout Cookie Time - 1977

Click photo for larger view.

   These little Brownies were selling Girl Scout Cookies to Supervisor Raymond P. Griffin on Monday, January 17, 1977. The selection at the time included Lemon Crème, Savannahs, Chocolate Thin Mint, Chocolate Chip, Scot-teas, and Cheddar Cheese Crackers and sold for $1.25 per box. Chairman of the Grand Island cookie sale that year was Lee Krueger.
   Email me at teddy@giecom.net if you can identify any of the Brownies.

Sportsman Ollie Howard - 1952

Click photo for larger view.

   "Where and How To Catch Them" is the title of the 1952 brochure featuring a fishing map of the Niagara River and advertising sportsman Ollie Howard's own fishing show. "Where and How To Catch Them," a radio broadcast, was presented by Phoenix Brewery Corporation on WGR at 5:40 p.m. Monday, Wednesday and Fridays. Click "Fishing Map" for what were and may still be the hot spots in the Niagara River.
   Who was Oliver C. B. Howard? For starters, his descendents owned and ran the Sheenwater Hotel and Amusement Park located on West River and Love roads. (Scroll down for photos and story). Ollie and Dorothy Howard were first publishers/editors of the Island Dispatch in March 1944. The newspaper was delivered every other week for the first few years. A boat racer in the 1940s competing off the Bedell House among other places, he was co-chairman of the Grand Prix Sportscar race held during the town's Centennial celebration in 1952. He wrote a column, Tel AM Chatter, in the 1950s about popular television programs, appeared on television with his "Outdoors In" program, and was an active member of the Grand Island Rod & Gun Club. Ollie Howard was a huge promoter of his town and town recreation for the teens of the Island.

Sidway Glee Club - 1954

Click photo for larger view.

   The Sidway School Glee Club, under the direction of Mrs. Carol Thompson (far right), posed for this photo in 1954. Shown (front left) are Marianne Lehane (Ward), Tom Sheehan, Bob House, John Hall, Barbara Ianni (Osborne), Virginia Narad (Parsons), Diane Meyers (Krause), Phyllis Lafferty (Tanner), Shirley Benton (Kail), Carole McMahon (Wood), Rosemary Loth (Fisher), Monica Prast (Sikora) and Richard Collins; (2nd row) Jerry Livingston, Carlton Schutt, Ruth Conrad (Dunlap), Carol Roberts (Fischer), Judy Baumler, Wilma Pankow (Volberg), Sherrie Mitchell (Wendling), Carol Dunn, Carol Senn (Dusenbury), Barbara Duncan,
M. Milligan, Bill Collins; (3rd row) Charles Pinkow, Ron Webb, Carol MacDonald (Ganster), Donna Staly (Mesmer), Nancy Brddell (Gorrell), Margaret Webster, Trudy Reimann (O'Connor), Elizabaeth (Libby) Smith (Borgese), Margaret Linton (Ciccarelli), Betty Jane Gardner (Penque), Janet Mistretta (Goupil), Wendy Holden (Gaydica), Margaret Lapine (Webb); (4th row) John Fontana, Melvin Butcher, Melissa Sims (Matthews), Sharon Williams (Haleen), Donna Horner (Anderson), Susan Nailor (Bauer), Barbara Glor (Martin), Sally Swalm (Hansen), Gerald Mayer, Susan Turnbull, Judy Hanna (Hathaway), Bernice Glor (Pagliaro), Karen Weigand, Betty Smith and Pat Gardner (Hardman).
   Send your old photos for consideration to teddy@giecom.net

Tonawanda High School Girls - 1956

Click photo for larger view.

   Wendell D. Stratton, a former Isle resident, took this photo in January 1956. The girls, in their junior or senior year, were attending Tonawanda High School. They are all members of the Sigma Phi Rho Nu sorority. Island girls are listed in bold. Seated are Barbara MacLeod, unknown, Diane Meyer (Krause), Daralene Meyer (Jones), June Wasula (Hough), unknown, Judy Schwartz and unknown; (back) Jean Muck (Dutton), Nancy Braddell (Gorrell), unknown, unknown, Janet Braddell (Redinger), Patricia Britton, unknown, unknown, Carol MacDonald (Ganster), and Donna Smith (Sinclair), Bobbie socks and loafers were in style and earrings evidently were not.
   Email me at teddy@giecom.net if you recognize anyone else or can identify the organization.

Trinity Fashion Show - 1977

Click photo for larger view.

   The Family Living Interest Group of Trinity UM Church welcomed spring with a fashion show in the fellowship hall of the old building on Tuesday, February 22, 1977. Show committee members shown from left are Jan DeAtley, Julie Hall, Chris Sipson and Gretchen Franki.

Sheenwater Hotel - Late 1800s

Click photo for larger view.

   The Sheenwater Hotel and Amusement Park was located on West River and Love roads. Sheenwater was a popular resort during the 1890's and the early 1900s. The hotel was set in a pleasant wooded area that included the first electric-lighted amusement park in the United States. The park featured a photo gallery, candy stand, horse track, ball park, a coaster and merry-go-round.
   The first photo is of the back of Sheenwater on the West River. Shown are Annie Albert, Anna Blackmore, Charles B. Howard, Clarence, the baby, born 1889, and unknown.
The third picture show Oliver C. Howard, Anna Blackmore Howard and in front of her, Elizabeth Johnson Howard, Annie Albert and in front of her unknown, Charles Bartlett Howard, and unknown

Click photo for larger view.
This building was located at the river's edge and was a waiting station/saloon for those waiting for the ferryboats.

   The following is from a Howard family geneology.
Oliver Cromwell Howard was born in Wareham, Massachusetts in 1836 and died in 1915. He married Elizabeth Johnson who died in 1911. They had four children: Charles B., Richard, Edward and William Hamilton. As a family, they owned and ran Sheenwater, where excursion boats from Buffalo would land in the late 1800s. Because of the depression, business slumped and they sold Sheenwater and moved to Canada. Clarence B. Howard, born at Sheenwater on February 14, 1889, was the father of Oliver C. B. Howard and Naomi Loder who both lived on Grand Island, N.Y. and the grandfather of Patricia Ann Howard Bachert of Grand Island, N.Y.

Grand Island Ferry - 1930s

Click photo for larger view.

   Bill DeGlopper submitted this photo from the family's collection of old pictures. Bill's father, Harold, identified the boat as the Grand Island Ferry, docked at the foot of Sawyer Avenue across the river about 1928. "No explanation as to what happened to the car or whether it was driven by a man or woman." Does anyone remember the incident? Click "Grand Island Ferry" for a larger view of the boat.

World War II - 1940s

Click photo for larger view.

   This fabulous photo, submitted by Bruce Senn, GIHS Class of '76, was taken somewhere, possibly overseas, during World War II. From left are Burt Senn Jr., Johnny Lyden, Jack Senn, Howie Kaiser, and Don Kaiser. A little research turned up the fact that the boys were members of the Merchant Marines. Don Kaiser was serving his country as early as 1943, Howie left for his induction into the Army on December 13, 1944 and Bud Senn did the same shortly after Christmas. And in August of 1944 Howie, Bud and Jack, who were spending a short time in New York, rescued five girls from a fire in Palisades Amusement Park in New Jersey. According to Island native Phil Killian, the Merchant Marines was a private organization and it was possible at the time to join at 16 years old, and then be drafted into the service. The Merchant Marines was not connected in any way to the military services, Phil said.

Middle School Swim Teams - 1977

Click photo for larger view.

   This March 1977 photo shows the members of the Grand Island Middle School swim teams. They are (top row left) Coach Pete Sloan, Loretta Condino, unknown, Claudia Costanzo?, Scott Thompson, Joe Papalia, Paul Mutolo, Doug Ford, Steve Costanzo, John Czora, Joe McFadden, Marcus Beck. Also suggested is that in the front row from right is unknown, Anthony Giambra and Tom Beck and front row from left are Alan Rogers and JP Kennedy. Second row is Sue Black, Anne Krznarich, Theresa Popinski, Lisa Schutrum, Frank Nalbach, Mike Landon?, unknown, unknown, Tom Morrisey. Holding the Viking are Peggy Crowe and Bernie DeLong, and on the far right is Mark Beck. Jeff Harabison is on the right in the front row.
   Thanks to Maura McCowan Rustowicz and Mike Dudley for submitting some of the names. Email me at teddy@giecom.net if you can identify any of those pictured.

New Youth Center - 1976

Click photos for larger view.

   These photos was taken on December 27, 1976 and during the week following when the new Grand Island Youth Center opened at the Nike Base on Whitehaven Road. The center was open during the holidays from 1-8 p.m. Monday through Friday and after the holidays from 3:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. The former barracks had been redecorated with new lights, games, food vending machine, stereo system and plenty of "tapes."
   (left photo) Supervisor Ray Griffin is showing with the pool cue. From left are Paul Barclay, unknown, Dick Crawford Sr., Councilmen George Sullivan Jack Kennell, Jim Raab, Supervisor Griffin, John McCarthy, Jim Ehde, and Center Director Linda Deeter (Tufillaro). The second photo was taken during the opening week and shows two unidentified teens playing "Cross Fire." The third photo shows a group at the foosball table: (left) unknown, Karen Wilkinson Cadro, Molly Winterfield, Nancy Lipp and Kevin Lipp.
   Email me at teddy@giecom.net if you can identify anyone. Thanks to Nancy Anderson, Bernie Franklin, Dan McMahon and Steve Morgan for adding names to the photos.

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