"Grand Island Pictures from the Past"
Volume One "A"

by Teddy Linenfelser
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Miss Guzzetta's 4th Grade, Huth Road School
Town Historian Marion E. Klingel - 1978

Click photo for a larger view.
My mother, the late Marion Klingel, town historian, is shown speaking to Miss Guzzetta's 4th grade class at Huth Road School in 1978. Heath Mazenauer is shown looking over her left shoulder. If you can identify the others, please email "Teddy" at teddy@giecom.net.

CYO Volleyball Team - 1958

Click photo for a larger view.
The St. Stephen CYO girls volleyball team posed for this photo in 1958. The girls were coached by Ray Cammerata, a Hicksville, Long Island soldier who was stationed at the Nike Base at the time. Shown front left are Diane Lesniak (Bell), Ruth Conrad (Dunlap), Sally Fleischmann (Dinino), Judy Dower (Babel), and Gale Klocke (Sander); (middle) Peggy Pfohl (Bauman), Kathy Brobeil (Cichocki) and Monica Prast (Sikora); (top) Coach Comeratta, Mary Ellen Milner (Pfohl), Mary Rose Haller (Elstrodt), Kathy Tierney (Ellsworth) and Rosemary Loth (Fisher).

Centennial Ball - 1952

Becky Goodwin and Roswell Pfohl during the Centennial in 1952.

Peg and Roswell Pfohl at the Centennial Ball, August 1952, Beaver Island Casino.

Centennial Ball, 1952, Beaver Island Casino. Shown from left are Roswell Pfohl, Mrs. William Kaegebein, Anne Buzby and unidentified. Behind them on extreme left is Velma Harding, between Mrs. Kaegebein and Mrs. Buzby are Connie and Carol Godfrey and on the far right is Carol MacDonald (Ganster).

Centennial Ball, 1952, Beaver Island Casino. Shown from left are General Chairman and Pageant Committeeman Wesley E. Link and his wife, Centennial Director Hazel Link, Exhibit Committee Chairman Peg Pfohl and Centennial General Chairman Merton McElroy.

Centennial Ball costume winners, 1952, Beaver Island Casino: Rowswell Pfohl, Mrs. William Kaegebein, Anne Buzby and unidentified.
Click the photos for a larger view.

Centennial Beard Growing Contest - 1952

Click photo for a larger view.
A Whisker Contest was held on Sunday afternoon, August 31, 1952 as part of the Old Timers' Reunion during the Island's Centennial. 1st prize for full beard with a mustache went to Joe D'Ingillo with runner-up Ford Cowden. 1st prize beard, no mustache went to Bill Goodwin. Roy Trautman was 2nd. Floyd Brockwell was uncontested for 1st prize for sideburns. Clayton Ames had the best mustache. Carl Vella had the best Van Dyke. Judges were Fred Kaegebein, William Rhode and local barber Frank Amato. The photo shows contestants Ed Fitzsimmons, standing at left and Roy Trautman sitting below with Contest Co-chair Betty Woods and Chairman Joe D'Ingillo.

Boy Scout Troop 510 - 1958

Click for "Right side, larger view".
Click for "Left side, larger view".
Members and leaders of Grand Island's Boy Scout Troop 510 posed in front of their bus before taking off for West Point on September 20, 1958. Please email those that you recognize. Back row left: unknown, Dale Heimlich, unknown, John Knapp, Bob McGowen, Chris Kinsey, Jim Boettcher, unknown; (back row right) Elmer Kaegebein, Ken Kinsey, F. Donald Hawley, unknown, unknown, unknown, (boys left to right) unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown, kneeling unknown, unknown, Bill Stratton, Gary Long, Rean Swanson, Hans "Butch" Boettcher, Jeff Long, Lee Tiffany, Doc Kerns, Russ Kaegebein, Don Loder; boys standing right: Tom Tierney, Mike O'Dea, John Braddell, Pete Sloan, Jerry Hawley, unknown, unknown, unknown. Email me at teddy@giecom.net if you can identify the others.

(William Stratton Photo)

Grand Island Drum Corps Took Part In Centennial Pageant - 1952

Click photo for a larger view.

The Grand Island Drum Corps is shown in a scene during the Island's historic centennial pageant which was held on an outside stage behind St. Stephen's barn in August 1952. Drum Corps members are (front) Connie Rexford (Lewis), Pat Rexford (Anderson) and Geraldine Mrkall (Serba). Behind Connie is Claude Webb with the bass drum and Norm Mrkall.

Sandy Beach Neighbors - 1954

This William Stratton Photo was taken in 1954 at a cocktail party in one of the following Sandy Beach residents' homes: (left front) Rita Hart, Kathy Hogan, Phyllis Ewald, Marge Stratton and Bobbie Stambaugh; (top) John Hart, Ross Hogan, Glenn Ewald, Ken Sutton, Woodie Sutton and Bob Stambaugh.

Miss Goodell's First Grade - 1949-50

Click photo for the complete class.

Wayne Baumler submitted this photo of his first grade class at Sidway School, 1949-1950. That was the year that the school was being doubled in size and the 8th grade did not produce a yearbook in light of the fact that they would be doing the 1951 yearbook as the first ninth grade to attend the school. That is the reason for class photos. I wish we had more! The students are (front left) Unknown, Patty Williams (Meyer), Edna Mae Hardison, Carol Benton (Thorne), Nancy Clarke (Colgrove), Bonnie Taylor (Ford), Beverly Sterner (House), Jean Eastman (Schlegel), Jane Consier, Sharlene Killian (Bierbrauer); (middle) Jimmy Larson, Richard Sawdey, Tom Hogan, Alfred Yensan, Sharon Lafferty (Thompson), Janet Johnson, Mary Susan Martin (Kohn), Leland Zahm, Chuck Soch, George Hendrick, Walter Pankow; (top) Fred Cowden, Ronald Hastings, Wayne Baumler, Jack Mahnk, Butch DiTullio, Clyde Mayer, Jack Ehde, Mark Hoerig, Richard Benns and the teacher, Miss Jean Goodell. If you recognize the unidentified girl in the front row, email "Teddy" at teddy@giecom.net. Please tell your friends and relatives about this page.

Centennial Pageant Auditions - 1952

Click photo for a larger view.

Reading during auditions for the Grand Island Centennial Pageant in St. Stephen's Barn in 1952 were (left) Carl Kaegebein, Mary Louise Nice, Marion Klingel, Wesley Link and Director Paul Stefik. Over 2500 persons witnessed the pageant over the three nights in late August '52 as a cast of 200 re-created the history of Grand Island. Be sure to click photo for a larger view.

Orioles Major League Champs - 1963

Click photo for a larger view.

This is another photo in a series of 1963 Championship Grand Island Little League teams. The Orioles Major League team was sponsored by the Grand Island Lions Club. Adults in the back are (left) Ray Zoldowski, unknown, Floyd Robillard, Coach Don Henderson and Bunny Luther. Down in front are Don Henderson and Rick Linde. In the second roll are David Henderson, Scott Henderson, John Podlucky and unknown. In the top row are Mark Dearlove, unknown, Peter Perkovich, Bill Jeeves, unknown, and Jim Harmody. Please email "Teddy" at teddy@giecom.net if you can identify the other players.

Kansas City Minors - 1963

Click photo for a larger view.

Recognize anyone? The Kansas City Team won the Grand Island Minor League Little League championship in 1963. Shown front left are Ken Lovelee, unknown, ??Mike Niro?, unknown, ??Bruce Meyers?; (top row) Colin Hawkes, Lou Niro, Jeff Denler, unknown, Terri Hildebrant, Russ Colosi, Gail Larsen. Mr. Larson is the adult on the left. Email "Teddy" at teddy@giecom.net if you can identify anyone.

Summer Day - 1956

Click photo for a larger view.

The year was 1956 and the place was the McNulty residence on Staley Road. Shown are Ron B. Webb, Mike Williams and Russell Anderson, taking a break from their Niagara Frontier Parks Department jobs. The tractor is a Ford 8N. Click the photo for a slightly larger view.

School House #11 - Early 1900s


Click the photos for a larger view.                                                                  Be sure to click the map for a larger version.

   This photo was submitted by Karen Vanthoff whose family believes the building is School House #11 which was located at Whitehaven near East River Road (click map to view). The photos were found among those of Karen's aunt, Louise Vanthoff Killian Raby, who "inherited" them from Karen's grandmother, Martha Vanthoff. Karen's father, Richard Gordon Vanthoff, later known as "Shorty," is one of the little children shown. It is assumed that both photos were taken on the same day as the children are wearing the same clothing in each picture. Can you identify anyone?

Jimmy Williams - 1920-2002 - End of An Era

Click the photos for a larger view.

   James A. Williams was one of the nine children of George and Melvina (Richie) Williams. His grandparents, John and Mary Williams, came to the Island about 150 years ago and bought land in the area of Baseline and Webb roads. They later bought property on Fix Road where several generations of their family lived and and farmed the land.
   The last of George and Melvina's children, Jimmy resided with his wife, Dolores in a neatly kept white ranch house on Fix Road. He is shown in front of the Williams homestead just before it was torn down. After attending one-room schools on the Island and later taking the ferry to a nearby high school, he became a soldier during World War II. He was employed by the Elmer R. Webb Electric Service on Grand Island until his retirement.
   Jimmy attended the dedication on June 9, 2002 in Maple Grove Cemetery of the new headstone recognizing the fact that his childhood friend and neighbor Charles N. DeGlopper was awarded a Congressional Medal of Honor.
   In the picture on the right (click for full view), Jimmy is shown during the 1952 Centennial pageant when he portrayed his uncle, Asa Williams, a popular fiddler at Island square dances in the mid 1800s.
   Jimmy, who was always willing to relate stories of Grand Island and how it was years ago, passed away on July 21, 2002 at the age of 82.

Boy Scout Troop 75 - 1940s
Click the photos for a larger view.

These photos are from the collection of Paul Stefik who was a Scout leader on the Island in the late 1940s and early 1950s. Eddy Redinger is the scout seated second from the left in the first picture. In the foursome photo, Scout Dick Hogue is on the left and Leader Fred Redinger on the right. A fifth photo from this series may be seen below. Please email me if you can identify anyone.

Boy Scouts 1940s

This is one of a wonderful set of photographs sent to me by Paul Stefik, former Boy Scout Troop 75 leader. Can you identify the boys? Keep watching for the rest of the set.

Girl Scouts? - 1950s

Click the photo for a larger view.

I'm not sure where this photo was taken but would guess it was at a Girl Scout camp in the early 1950s. From left are Marianne Lehane (Ward), Carol MacDonald (Ganster), Libby Smith (Borgese), Sharon Williams (Haleen) and an unidentified girl. Could she be Evelyn Sarokon Maryanski?

McVans - 1950s

Click the photo for a larger view.

Tony Oddie takes time out of his show at McVan's on Niagara Street in the mid 1950s to say hello to Island teens (left) Mel Rupp Jr. and friend, Patty Williams (Meyer), Alan Howland, Judy Hanna (Hathaway), Don Burns Jr., Marianne Lehane (Ward) and Ann Burns (Dlugokinski).

Kaegebein School Basketball Team - 1975

This photo of the 5th grade Colts basketball team was taken in 1975 in the Kaegebein School gym. Shown front (left) are Mike Adams, Tom Franz, Steve Weiss, Mike Muoio, Jim Arias and Joe Galante; (back) Jeff Fisher (?) , Mike Dudley, Jim Miller, Dean Meyer and Jim Tucci. Bill Flaherty was the boys' coach. Thanks to Dory Smith Matwijkow, Class of '82 who sent me the names in correct order.

Stoll Family's Journey to America

Click the photo for a larger view.

Click "Stoll Story" for some Stoll family history.

Best Wishes Mrs. Laman - 1957

Click for "Right side, larger view".
Click for "Left side, larger view".
The late Mary Fontana was teaching sixth grade at Charlotte Sidway School in 1957, at the time art teacher Lyn Laman was about to leave to have her first baby. Mrs. Fontana came up with the unique idea of buying a baby doll in a diaper and having her students write their names on it. You can see by the photo, the little note Lyn received with the gift that she has kept all these years. The baby, a boy named Mark, is now 44. Be sure to click on the photos to actually be able to see the names of the students who signed the diaper.

Sidway School Project - 1982

Sidway School student Jim Molnar (dark haired boy
on right) and Jim Wynn took their turn
presenting their Purification Plant project to their
class in 1982. The boy in the MASH
T-shirt is Chris Kneidel. The boy in the back row,
far right is Seth Buzby. The girl with her back to the
camera, just above two others, is Jessica Ruth.
The student right in front of the project (dark hair)
is Thomas Kane. Thanks to Chris Kneidel for the names.

Grand Island High School Class of 1977

Click for "Right side, larger view".
Click for "Left side, larger view".

The Class of 1977 posed outside the Grand Island High School in the spring of that year. Can anyone help with the names? Email to "Teddy".

Bedell House - 1960s

Click photos for a larger view

These Bedell House photos were taken in the early 1960s.
Thanks to Dan Ford, former resident and chairman of the Traffic
Safety Advisory Board for the Town of Grand Island, who submitted the photos.

Mike Samland - 1973

Sophomore Mike Samland led the offense
for the Junior Varsity Soccer Team in 1973,
helping the team to finish in second place
in the Division III of the ECIC. Team record
was seven wins, five losses and one tie.

June 1, 1943 - WW II Memorial Plaque

Staff of the "Islander" newspaper sent to servicemen from 1942-1945: Dorothy Phillips Mesmer, Edna Schutt Delaney, Shirley Kreger Luther, Katherine Killian Long, Gertrude Cannon Wilson.

Local Boy Scouts in attendance at the plaque unveiling at town hall June 1, 1943 - first fire truck house (and hall) in background.

Joe Anderson, Franklin Mesmer and Donald Killian are shown at the June 1, 1943 plaque unveiling at town hall in honor of 113 Grand Island men and women who were in the nation's service during World War II. Ceremonies under the auspices of the Grand Island Emergency War Fund Committee were rescheduled to an early hour due to the driving ban, making it possible for people attending late church services, to take the short walk to the town hall.

Edna Schutt Delaney, Katherine Killian Long, Gertrude Cannon Wilson, and Shirley Kreger Luther, "Islander" staff, pose with plaque.
Click photos for a larger view

Mrs. Kennelly s 5th grade - 1950

Click photo for a larger view

Charlotte Sidway School fifth graders are shown with their teacher, Mrs. Adamine Kennelly (Ubel), on the Sidway School stage in 1950. Classmates seated are (left) Harry Hall, Joe Kerr, Jim Kerr, Sharon Reese (Glass), Nancy Braddell (Gorrell), David Dusenbury, Jim Tranter, James Kirst; (2nd row) Lee Thomas, Joan Wietan (Albert), Gloria Anderson (Pagels), Pat Gardner (Hardman), Sally Swalm (Hansen), Nancy Mote (Sayre), Margaret Close (Sipes), Richard "Shorty" Vanthoff; (third row) Getty Simpson, Wilma Pankow (Volberg), Phyllis Miller (Violanti), Martha "Dolly" Uonites (Dilliot), Eileen (Shull), Glose, Loisetta Taylor, Donna Staly (Mesmer), Penny Ball, Patricia Nassoiy (Colville), Mrs. Kennelly; (top) Jack Hawley, Mathew Kowzan, Ronald Webb, Bob Trautman, Alonzo Simms, James Hartman, Frank Pfohl, Don Burns, William Loth. Absent from the class picture were Kay Ames Brooks), Marianne Lehane, Carol MacDonald (Ganster) and Bernie Glor (Pagliaro)

Beaches Three-wheeler - 1977

Click photo for a larger view

Bob Beach and his wife, Elizabeth of West River Road are shown in their three-wheeled vehicle that Bob put together with parts from cars, a motorcycle and a helicopter. "The 45-horse-power engine gets the machine up to 65 mph" and Bob said he got 55 miles to the gallon - in 1977.

Girl Scouts - 1948

Click photo for a larger view

Leaders of this Girl Scout Troop in 1948 were Mrs. Beatrice Ashley and Mrs. Hazel Fleming. Girls posed on the Sidway School stage are (front left): Dorothy Noth (Miller), Myrna Dworak (Boerschig), Carol Kaegebein (Gates), Sybil Butcher (Corrigan), Melinda Link, Carol Godfrey (Wiesinger), Lynn Cullen (Euse), Judy Nailor (Meer), Faye Ehde (Valone), Connie Godfrey (Millikan); (middle) Donna Staly (Mesmer), unidentified, Joan Anderson (Dekdebrun), Elizabeth Browning (Andrews), Mrs. Ashley, ?Wright, unidentified, Barbara Bennett (Henchy), Muriel Mayer (Lim); (top) Gloria Anderson (Pagels), Roberta Miller, Kathleen Harper (Decherd), Leoda Wright, Mary Ann Benns (Miller), Kathy Lanning, Joan Hanna (Johnston), Carol Kingston (Ullrich) and Marilyn Ekiss (Fries). Email corrections to teddy@giecom.net

Charlotte Sidway School - 1981

Ellen Hibschweiler (center) and Tracy Adams presented
a card from their 5th grade classes to Sidway School
Principal Catherine DiVizio during 5th grade class day
ceremonies in June 1981.

Sidway Operetta - 1952

Click photo for a larger view

In the spring of 1952 the junior high students at Sidway School and the Jr. High Glee Club presented the operetta "Behind Castle Walls." Shown in the Mexican Hat Dance photo are (front left) Billy House, Ron Livingston and Mike Costin; (back) Sandra Lutz, Connie Godfrey (Millikan) and Roberta Miller. Profit made on the operetta, directed by teacher, Marilyn Whiting (Trick) and music teacher Carol Thompson, was to go toward the purchase of Glee Club robes.

"Behind Castle Walls" - 1952

Click photo for a larger view

The "waltzers" in the Spring 1952 production of "Behind Castle Walls," produced by the junior high students of Charlotte Sidway School were (left) Bob Buzby, Judy Nailor (Meer), Corky Carter, Marcia Traun, Stan Ziomek, Lynn Cullin (Euse), Norm Mrkall and Judy Hanna (Hathaway). (Scroll up for another 'Castle Walls' photo.)

Teddy's Islettes Rifle Corps - 1973

Click photo for a larger, more complete view

Some of the members of Teddy's Islettes Rifle Corps posed on the steps of Town Hall in 1973. In front from left are Paul Sullivan, Jim Stewart, Gary Reese; (middle) Danny Vanthoff, Michael Sullivan and Lance Kohn Jr.; (top) David Vanthoff, Patrick O'Hara and Kenneth Kohn. If you click on the photo, Rifle instructor Lance Kohn Sr. is shown with the boys. Email corrections/additions to teddy@giecom.net

O'Deas' Prize Dog - 1952

Jim O'Dea who is on the right with his siblings, (left) Mike, baby Mary Jo (Kane) and Mart, are shown with their dog who was a winner in the Grand Island Centennial Pet Show. Mike is holding the ribbon to prove it. Thanks, Jim, for emailing this photo.

Colcord Family - 1952

Eleanor Colcord, adorned by her son, David and daughter, Susan (Mallon), is dressed for the town's Centennial celebration in August 1952.

Grand Island Girl Scouts - 1975

Click photo for larger view

Members of Girl Scout Troop #734 posed on the lawn of Sidway School in 1974. They are (front sitting from left) Theresa Lash, Jenny Tomasaukas, Chris Gipp, Lisa Vargatis (unknown behind banner), Kelly Landen (behind banner), Linda Wrench (holding banner), Sue Posch and (unknown ?Kelly McDaniel?); 2nd row kneeing: Jackie Pax, Alyssa Miller (Kolat), Tina Webb, Lisa Webb, Maria Forgione (unknown), Lisa Forgione, Laura Lewis (Mason) ; (top) Troop Leader (unknown), (unknown Amy or Lisa Wright?), Amy Stoddard, (unknown Karen?), Amy Carey, Melanie Marin, Sue Eberle, (unknown), Caroline Jones, Jill Richbart, Cindy Eberle and Ann Patterson Dietz.
If you can help identify these girls, email me at teddy@giecom.net.

East Park Snowpile - 1940s

This 1940s photo was submitted by Susan "Hogue" Canty who isn't sure who is in the picture but assumes she and her brother Dick are there with neighbor children Kathy Boettcher Stisser, Peggy Boettcher Fuller, Mike and Gail Edwards, Tommy and Mary Hogan, Mike Costin and Jane Costin Rocks. The photo was taken behind Dick and Helen Hogue's East Park house which was the fourth from the corner of Love Road on the west side. Can you identify anyone?

Peter Hayes Turns Five - 1961

Click photo for larger view
Peter Hayes was celebrating his 5th birthday
at this party in August 1961. Guests were
his much younger sister, Jodi (front) and from
left, Jeff Martin, Roger and Ross Kaiser and Birthday Boy Pete.

Dominos Club Has Last Laugh - 2000

Click photo for larger view

This happy group of Trinity UM Church parishioners has been getting together to play dominos for years. When a member of the group moved away, it was decided that a photo would be taken to send to her. Emrys Hughes brought his camera, set it on Betty Campbell's dining room table and jumped into the picture. The camera lense snapped when he was only a few feet away. Again he set the lense and got a little further toward his waiting friends. This picture was the third and final try and the group could not compose themselves quick enough for the shot. From left in front are Rev. Jim Lange, Betty Campbell, Jan Hughes; (back) photographer Emrys Hughes, Nancy Hayes, Carolyn Winter, Betty Magnuson, Phyllis Lange and Doris Forbes.

Land Corporation Promotes Grandyle Village Homes - 1941

Click photo for larger view

This photo appeared on a post card promoting the sale of homes on Love Road in Grandyle Village in 1941 by the Grandyle Land Corporation. A return post card to be filled in by interested home buyers included the line, "We make an income sufficient to pay approximately $38.75 per month." New residents began moving into the houses, built by the Sears & Roebuck Company, in early 1942.

Grandyle Village Anniversary - 1952

Click photos for larger view

Residents of Love Road in Grandyle Village, in celebration of the 10th anniversary of purchasing their new homes, met for a get-together in Cele and Andy's Restaurant (now BA's Saloon) in March 1952. From left to right are Andre and Martha Tardif, Velma Harding (white hat), Ted Klingel, Emily Raepple, Marion Klingel, Ed Ball, Helen Ball; (back left) Ida Stanley, Flora Benns, Ray Stanley, Joe Kean, Ann Kean, LaRue Smith, Sally Smith, George Cullen, Eleanore Cullen, Ann Boehm, and Henry Boehm.

Boy Scouts - 1973

Click photos for larger view

Grand Island Cub Scouts took part in the July 4, 1973 Independence Day parade down Grand Island Blvd.

St. Stephen's Gaelic Night - 1977

Click photo for a larger view

St. Stephen's parishioners posed for the upcoming Gaelic Night to be held in the cafetorium in March 1977. They are (left) Charlie McDonough, his son Mike McDonough, Jim Farrell, Father Don Hughes and in front, Joan Pax and Joan and Jerry Howe.

School Board - 1963

Click photo for a larger view

Grand Island School Board members posed with the Island's Superintendent of Schools Veronica Connor, far right in 1963. They are Ruth Baker, Richard Buzby, Richard Hogue, Board President John Fontana, Walton Tanner and Frank Stephenson. Thanks to Susan Hogue Canty for sending this picture.

Santa & Friends - 1970s

Click photo for a larger view

Santa Claus (Fred DeCost) enjoys a
brew in the mid 1970s with his sister,
Renee DeCost Morgan and Tom Rall.

Parade Float - 1973

Click photo for a larger view

This historical float, the design and workmanship of the Grand Island Republican Club and spearheaded by John Trianda, first appeared in Grand Island's Independence Day Parade in 1973 and then took first place in an Erie County Fair parade that same year. John Trianda spearheaded the project depicting Island life long ago and titled Tribute To Early Grand Island Settlers.

School #5 - 1923

Click photo for a larger view

Pupils of No. 5 School, Bush and Baseline roads, Grand Island, in 1923 are shown with their teacher, Miss Lloyd. They are (rear, first row on right) Irene Santo, Mabel Webb, Bernice DeGlopper, Paul and George Williams, Ralph Fitzpatrick; (secnd row) Arlene Yensan, Dennis Fitzpatrick, Lillis DeGlopper, Sylvia Christman; (third row) Doris Yensan, Rodger Rawley, Mildred Lang; (fourth row) Steve Santo, George Fitzpatrick, Anna Webb; (standing) Mary and Fred Rawley, Walter DeGlopper. Thanks to Nancy Langdon Webb for this news clipping.

McNulty Kids - 1954

Click photo for a larger view

From the left are Shirley, Michael, Patty McNulty (Yensan) and Peggy McNulty all dressed for a day in the snow. Not shown are sisters Roberta and Mary McNulty. They are all the children of Pat and the late Mike McNulty who lived on Staley Road near West River at the time this photo was taken - probably 48 years ago in 1954.

Sidway School Safety Patrol - 1956

Click photo for a larger view

Charlotte Sidway School's Safety Patrol posed for this photo for "The Islander" yearbook in 1956. Shown left are Ann Wallace (Arlessi), Roberta Roy, Susan Neimeier (Adams), Jim Conrad, Judy DiTullio (Penque) and Billy Harrison; (back) Jerry Bell, Ruth Landel, Dick Robinson, Peter McMahon, Jerry Thirion and Kathy Kinsey (Wilcox).

Sidway Read-a-thon - 1981

Barbi Lare Photo

Winners of the annual Read-a-thon at Sidway Elementary School in 1981 are shown with their prizes. Mrs. Sharon Mohr is standing in back. From left in front are Tanya Stancel(?), Patty Weppner, Dean Laible, Jill Clinkhammer, Steven Goodsell and Kirk Heatherly. David Gazda is standing behind Jill. Email corrections/additions to teddy@giecom.net

Memorial Day - 1948

Click photo for a larger view

Members of the Grandyle Village Property Owners Association organized a Memorial Day parade around the Love Road/East Park Road block each year - and those were the only homes in site. Shown in Scout and Brownie uniforms carrying the flags are Dick Hogue, Mike Costin, Susan Turnbull and Penny Ball and the leader out in front is Art Meyer.

Centennial Ball - August 1952

Grandyle Village neighbors Ted and Marion Klingel and Ellen and Paul Stefik are shown arriving at the Beaver Island Casino for Grand Island's Centennial Ball. The Ball was the first event of the week-long celebration in August 1952.

St. Martin Women - 1971

Click photo for a larger view

Ladies of St. Martin-in-the-Fields Church made a day of it, having lunch together somewhere in July 1971. They are (front left) Margie Murdock, Claire Card, Susan Overs, Alice Duncan, Peggy Hopkins, Doris Techmacher, Elsie Killian, Jan Austin, Hortense Seifert, Ethel Richardson and Ann Mitchell. Thanks to Catherine Long for sending me the names of all of the St. Martin's ladies.

Sidway School - 1948

Click photo for a larger view

Taking part in the Christmas Play at Sidway School in 1948 are (left) Sharon Miller, Mary Ellen Hau, Margaret Lapine (Webb), Shirley Benton, Sharilynn Gangloff (Zarajczyk), Annette Boehm (Fuhr), Carol Kaegebein (Gates), Patty Weyland (Barroclough), Sally Fleischmann (Dinino), Mary Ellen Klingel (Stewart) Margaret Linton (Ciccarelli), Judy Campbell, Jackie Carlson (Weiss).

Sidway School Rhythm Band - 1947

Click photo for a larger view

First graders took part in the Sidway School Rhythm Band each year in the 1940s. Shown are the members of the 1947 band. They are (front left) Nan Jacobs (Haller), unknown, Kathy McDonald (MacKenzie); (middle) unknown, Ronnie Wright, Carlton Schutt, unknown, Ronnie Webb, Mike Ekiss, unknown, John Hall, unknown, Judy Daggett; (Top) Susan Nailor (Bauer), Sandy Schwagler (Vilchaz), Thelma Wright, unknown, Ruth Landel, unknown, Barbara Klocke (Voegelin), Gerald Mayer, Francis Lapine, unknown twins. Email me at teddy@giecom.net if you can unidentify the "unknowns."

Fishing Off The Bedell House

Click photo for a larger view

These fishermen are standing on the ice out in front of the ferry landing just south of the Bedell House in Ferry Village. The year could be the '30s,'40s or even the 1950s.

NFL Swim Champs - 1981

Members of Grand Island High School's Free Relay Team were the NFL Swim Champs in 1981. Setting a new school record of 4:07.66, the girls from left are Kelly Valone (Maurer), Kate McDonough, Sue Samland and Traci Roesch. Samland, an 8th grader, set records in the 200 freestyle, 200 individual medley and 500 free and McDonough was the team's top scorer.

Emmanuel Church Peach Festival - 1976

Click photo for a larger view

Emmanuel United Methodist Church on Baseline Road, steeped in traditions, will long be remembered for its annual Peach Festival which was held for as long as one can remember. This photo, taken in August 1976 shows Darlene Russell standing on the far right and her sister, Dawn kneeling just to Darlene's left. Recognize the rest? Let me know by clicking Teddy's E-mail.

Girlfriends - 1962

Judy Karb (Schneider), Pat Voepel (Werhun), Peggy McNulty (Hooper) and Donna Johnson, all sophomores at Riverside High School, posed for this picture in 1962.

Grand Island Plaza - 1969

The year was 1969 and the Grand Island Blvd. Plaza and the Open House Restaurant hold fond memories for many residents.

Baton Twirling Recital - 1966

Teddy's Islettes baton twirlers, who marched in a dozen or more parades in the summer 1966, started off their Western New York appearances with a June recital in the Kaegebein School auditorium. Shown from left are Debbie Bleich, Lori Burrows, Robin Schendel (Klonarides), Kathy Schendel and Teddy Klingel (Linenfelser), teacher/director.

Fantasy Island Opened - 1961

Click photo for a larger view

Fantasy Island opened in 1961 when this photo was taken by Island resident Sheila Colin.

Class Day - Sidway Junior High School - 1960

Click photo for a larger view

From left, Sharon Schlegel (Maul), Kathi Lang (Osborne) and Karen Anderson (Webb) posed behind the Sidway Junior High School during their ninth grade class day celebration in June of 1960.

Loder Boys - 1950

Click photo for a larger view

Don and Dorothy Loder's preschoolers Dale (left) and Donny were boating somewhere near their family property on Bedell Road near Express Highway (GI Blvd.) in the summer of 1950. Thanks to Don Sr. for the loan of the photo.

For more photos, click Old Photo Album Page Two

Comments, corrections or married names may be directed to teddy@giecom.net

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