"Between the Bridges"
by Teddy Linenfelser

Grand Island, N.Y.
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Photo courtesy of Rich Call
Class of '85

Wednesday, December 31, 2008
Good morning, Roy in Gasport, NY and good morning, Valerie in Parker, CO.

A belated happy birthday to Dave Tolejko, born on December 28th. Happy birthday to Jeanette Ray, Tracy Goc and Elsie Fleischmann (today - December 31st), Donna Williams, Nancy Weis and Sandy Krecisz (New Year's Day), Steven Lew (25 tomorrow), Randy Kramer and Stephen Olszewski (both celebrating the big 5-0 on Friday), Joey Kuszczak (9 on Sunday), Jonathan Figler (his 20th birthday on Monday), Lynn Eich (very best wishes on Tuesday), and Lee Thomas (cheers on Wednesday).

Thanks to Bonnie Sciuk, we’ll have bubbles tonight with our bubbly. Saw Bonnie and her sister, among other friends at the Village Inn on Saturday night when the temperature was almost 50 degrees, and before it dropped drastically.

Happy anniversary to Ralph and Kathy Lommer celebrating 40 years on Sunday, and to Sherry and John Watkins marking their 35th anniversary on Sunday

Looking Back 60 years - Enrollment at Sidway School was increasing steadily in January 1949 with nine new students enrolled on the first day following the Christmas holidays. This put the enrollment at an all-time high of 470 students.

Looking Back 50 years - The young men of St. Stephen Church, who built a stable from old timbers from a barn which was being demolished, included Dick Sanders, Fran Brobeil, Tom Sheehan, Pete Dinsmore and Al Muench. The girls committee members were Peggy Pfohl (Bauman), Kathy Tierney (Ellsworth), Maryellen Milner Pfohl, Kate Brobeil (Cichocki), Judy Dower (Babel), Pat Ryan and Marilyn Nassoiy. The manger scene was erected in front of the church for the holiday season.

Looking Back 40 years - Navy Ensign Russ E. Kaegebein of Whitehaven Road was serving on board the amphibious assault ship USS Guadalcanal, a unit of Task Force 140 for the manned flight of Apollo 8. Guadalcanal was positioned along the Apollo 8 launch vehicle ground track, 380 miles east of Cape Kennedy, Florida. ••••Petty Officer 2C Thomas C. Roberts Jr. of East River Road was serving aboard the guided missile destroyer USS Goldsborough in the Western Pacific. His ship had just joined the U. S. Seventh Fleet and was expected to be assigned duties providing naval gunfire support for U.S. Army and Marine forces in Vietnam. ••••3RD Citation: Cpl. John Vinovrski of Staley Road was awarded his third Purple Heart for distinguished service with the US Marine Corps. His squad received the Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry medal for turning back a large Viet Cong attack. Cpl. Vinovrski at the time had four more months to serve.

Looking Back 30 years - The John D. Kinsman family was out of town when their home at 2472 West Oakfield Road suffered a Sunday morning, January 7, 1979 house fire. Estated damage was set at $85,000.

Our sympathy to the families of The Rev. Royce E. Chaney, Janine E. Rubino, Dennis J. Stankiewicz, Francis L. Preve, Frank A. Oliverio Sr. and former resident Charlie Satterlee who recently passed away. Marie Shoemaker passed away Sunday. A notice will be posted when available. Click
Deaths for complete information.

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The Grand Island High School concert choir is hosting its 7th Annual Alumni Sing on January 7th. Click for information.

"See you next year. May it be a happy and prosperous one for Grand Island and its residents." That is how my mother, Marion Klingel, ended her column she wrote as editor of the Island Dispatch on December 27, 1962 - just 46 years ago.

"Say a prayer for our guys over there." God bless America.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008
Good morning Barbara A. in Ormond Beach, FL, and good morning Joe in Playa Del Rey, CA.

Happy birthday to Melissa Marlin (Sweet 16 today), Robert Augugliaro (a teenager today), Ryan Vertino (18 today), Jon Roth (cheers today), Bud Yensan (Christmas day), Patty Ray (special greetings tomorrow), Cayleigh Fitzsimmons (5 tomorrow), Bradley Stone (11 on Friday), Jack Buzby (6 on Saturday), Tyler Nogle (8 on Saturday), Chelsea Schmidt (11 on Sunday), Rob Meyer (the big 3-0 on Sunday), Maggie Gushue and Clark Howland (Sunday), Molly Hyland (18 on Sunday), James Soto (his fourth birthday on Sunday), Jacob Lange (Monday), Dan Dinsmore (his 20th on Monday), Paul Facklam Jr. (40 on Tuesday) and his son, Paul Facklam III (turning 3 on Tuesday), Christopher Podlucky (18 on Tuesday), and Susan Hahn (Tuesday).

Congratulations to Rich Freer who bowled a 268, 300 and 254 for a 822 series with the A-Best Roofing League at Island Lanes.

Looking Back 50 years - The GI Chamber of Commerce, under the leadership of President August Hein, made plans to take legal steps to have the NYS Thruway Authority show cause why bridge tolls should not be reduced for Island residents. •••• Trinity Church women formed a study group using the text, "Christian Faith Encounters Communism," and met at the home of Mrs. Howard Consier of 4967 East River Road at 10 a.m. The Rev. George Fandt taught the first three sessions. •••• The staff of full and part-time employees of The Island Dispatch were the guests of the publisher, George M. Pagan, at a party held at Creighton's Edgewater Park Hotel in December 1958. The families of the employees were also invited and enjoyed the famous Creighton buffet. Among those attending were Editor Muriel Pagan, Mabel and Horace J. French, Mark A. Langdon, Gifford Peck, Fred Spiller, Francis Lapine, Gladys Burkhardt, Barbara Hays, Wendell Stratton and Bill Askew.

Looking Back 40 years - Army Pfc. Frederick J. Killian III of West River Parkway was assigned to the 1st Infantry Division near Phu Loi, Vietnam as a helicopter maintenance specialist•••• Robert K. Kaiser Jr. of Baseline Road was promoted to sergeant in the U. S. Air Force. Sgt. Kaiser, a weapons mechanic at Tuy Hoa AB, Vietnam, was a member of the Pacific Air Forces. •••• Charges of selling dangerous drugs were dismissed in Grand Island court against two young Grand Island High School students when an unidentified “witness” changed her story.

Looking Back 20 years - Brendan Staub led all Varsity Viking basketball team scorers with 25 points when the Vikes took first place in the Tonawanda-North Tonawanda Holiday Tournament with scores of 78-61 and 71-64.

In last week's Between the Bridges column I asked if anyone knew who was voted Homecoming Queen in 1968. Karen Raepple reports that Kathy Schoenle took the honor and that Karen and Marian Edwards counted the votes!.

Our sympathy to the families of Andrew J. Saltzman and former resident Cleatus B. Remmy who recently passed away. Click
Deaths for complete information.

Popular Grand Island teen bands, "Inlite" and "Sleepless City" along with "Birth of a Catastrophe" will play at the Riviera Theatre in North Tonawanda on January 16th. See http://www.rivieratheatre.org/ for details.

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See our Calendar of Events for all upcoming Island events.

Wishing everyone here and across the nation and those special people serving our country overseas, a blessed Christmas and a healthy holiday season as we enter another year.

"Say a prayer for our guys over there." God bless America.

Thursday, December 18, 2008
Good morning Judy in Denver, CO, and good morning Joe in Del Rey, CA.

"Buddy" Smith                   Mike Stefik                    Evelyn Maryanski           Nancy Capsuto
Happy birthday to Buddy Smith and Mike Stefik, celebrating birthdays on the 20th and to Evelyn "Sarokon" Maryanski and Nancy "Hogue" Capsuto, both born on the 23rd. All four attended Sidway School and the photos are from those yearbooks, produced by the ninth grade each year.

Cats do eventually come home! Garfield, the orange and tan tabby who was missing for two months, and featured in our classified ads, has returned to his grateful owners, the Graffs. Mom Debbie writes that her children Brittany, Brandon, Dylan and Nathan are thrilled.

Just a reminder, next week's Between The Bridges column and the new Isledegrande.com front page will be posted on Wednesday, December 24th. Birthdays, anniversaries etc. should be sent to me by December 23rd for the Christmas Eve column.••••Schools will be closed from December 22nd through January 4th.

Happy birthday to former County Legislator Chuck Swanick marking a milestone today, to Wende Wood and Sonia Steckelberg (today), George Wenner (3 today), Evan Green (20 on Saturday), Janie Hiam (31 on Saturday), Gloria Brown (Saturday), Deanne Giambra (cheers on Saturday), Shirley Gilmore (Sunday), and Lynn Wuertzer (Monday).

Longtime resident Ellen Martin can hardly wait to see her daughter Janie and son-in-law Dan Hiam and her grandchildren, Jaidan and Jameson who will be on the Island this Saturday for a Christmas visit. Merry Christmas everyone!

Looking Back 60 years - In December 1948 I was a first grader in Mrs. Ruth Irving's classroom, now the office at Charlotte Sidway School. Among my classmates were Sherilyn Gangloff, Carolyn Bucknam, Marilyn Ford and Jerilyn Stedman. Of course there were lots more kids in our room than these girls with the pretty names. Our teacher was strict and we were most afraid of her. However, she helped us make three sided, construction paper bells of red and green, and she also provided the supplies and helped each of us make a wall hanging of three pine cones that we painted white. We tied jingle bells and a red ribbon to them and they made a very pretty present for our parents. I still have mine.•••• It was in mid December 1948 that Ceil and Andy Alt put on a gigantic pig roast at their fairly new spot, Ceil & Andy's Restaurant on East River at Colony Road, now the vacant Riverstone Grill.

Looking Back 50 years - The right of the town to contract with the Fire Company was questioned in a letter received from Eugene G. Bucher of 326 Orchard Road. Mr. Bucher said the first Island fire company was formed in Ferry Village in 1924, and that originally a fire and water district were organized when water lines were constructed there. Town records show that Ferry Village water commissioners were appointed in 1923 and the same men appointed fire commissioners in 1924 when this fire service was formed. Town Clerk Elsie E. Stamler said at the time, that of the original 22 fire company members, three were still living. Besides Mr. Bucher, who was also a charter member of the present fire company, they were George Neilans and Heber Ashley Sr. Mr. Bucher complained that the fire siren in Ferry Village was out of commission. It was damaged in May 1957 when a fire started in a gas mixer house on Cox Road and owned by Mr. Bucher. Firemen at that time pumped water from the Niagara River 1000 feet away. A fire station nearer Ferry Village would mean reduced insurance rates for that section, Mr. Bucher contended. At that Monday evening meeting a spokesman for the Fire Company said rates probably could not be lowered until present water lines and hydrants in Ferry Village were replaced. He said water pressure was poor, hydrants had been found to be unusable, and firemen were forced to pump water from the river when fighting a fire.

Looking Back 40 years - Nominated for Grand Island High School’s homecoming queen were Lonnie Boss, Joyce Brion, Cathy Budway, Lydia Bull, Liz Endres (Barker), Sue Lare, Kathy Schoenle and Debbie Williams. The event was held Friday, December 20, 1968 from 10 p.m. to midnight and featured the live music of the Supreme Souls. Does anyone remember who was chosen Homecoming Queen in 1968?

Looking Back 30 years - Seventy-seven kids all under 12 ate cotton candy, cookies and ice cream, and watched “The Littlest Angel” and cartoons until Santa arrived with gifts for all at the Fire Company children's party in December 1978. •••• GIHS seniors Jim Cook and Mark Ehde were listed on the Buffalo News’ All-Western New York Football Team. The boys were among the 24 best football players in WNY to be chosen.

Don't miss the photo of Gregg and Nicole Roesch's beautiful baby girl, Lucia Suzanne, on our Islanders In The News page.

This 1975 photo was taken at the Fire Company's children's party. That's Gary Roesch at the microphone, and our children, Julie Linenfelser Dee and Jim Jr. Click the photo to also see the late Lanny Kohn on the far right. I believe it was Gail Lazenby in the red and white suit!!

Our sympathy to the families of James T. Stockman Jr., Betty Ann Cerminara, Ignatius Lazzaro, Anita F. Cole and former residents Eleanor Falejczyk and Norma Gelose who recently passed away. Click Deaths for complete information.

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Be sure to see our Calendar of Events and submit your organization's events for this column.

"Say a prayer for our guys over there." God bless America.

Thursday, December 11, 2008
Good morning Annie in Key West, and good morning Judy in Denver, CO.

Rita Hagerman is now recuperating at the McAuley Residence (room 136), 1503 Military Road, Kenmore, NY 14217. Let's give her a landslide of mail this week and just maybe she'll be ready to come home after that.

Happy birthday to everyone celebrating birthdays this week especially Barbara “Fox” Smith (today), Reba Conway (17 today), Dave Hammond and Jackie Carpenter (tomorrow), Lauren Whitney (18 on Saturday), Gary Sledziewski and Kim Duscher (Saturday), Daniel Liam Donovan (4 on Saturday), Emma Santorio (3 on Saturday), Katie Rustowicz (Sweet 16 on Sunday), Katie Nordvik (18 on Sunday), Carlee Conway (a teenager on Sunday), David Rosene, Jennifer Pullano and Jim Brown (Sunday), Tim Grotz (Monday), Nancy Hayes (Tuesday) and Robert Soluri (a milestone on Wednesday).

Rumor has it that a taco place may be moving into the Pizza Hut building. Is there any truth to this?? Also heard that Tim Horton’s has had preliminary talks with the Town about a drive-thru operation at the old Mobil station next to DeGlopper Park.

Congratulations Mark and Bonnie! Mark and Bonnie (Allen) Rogers of Niagara Falls are the parents of a baby boy, Noah Allen Rogers, born on November 29, 2008 weighing five pounds, twelve ounces and 19 inches long. Proud grandparents are George and Gail (Merrill) Allen, Frank and Dorothy Rogers of Niagara Falls and great grandmothers are Dorothy Lovelee of Grand Island and Margaret Dahlgren of Niagara Falls. George and Gail will be spending the holidays here on the Island.

Looking Back 60 years - Dorothy Buckhout was taking reservations for the Fire Company's Ladies Auxiliary Christmas party to be held in Mesmer's Supper Club on East River Road, now the site of the Holiday Inn.••••Episcopal services were being held Sunday mornings at Dr. Arnott Moore's home on East River Road.

Looking Back 40 years - David Gregory, who was serving his country in Vietnam in 1968, received a Christmas package full of goodies from Mrs. Marie Dwyer's Sidway kindergarten class.••••Seventy-nine residents made it known that they were against Moore Business Forms' proposed “campus atmosphere” Research and Development Facility to be built on the old Kaegebein Farm on Long Road. Among those speaking against the plan were Joe Macaluso, Joe DeRose, Katharine Walters, John Phillips and Charles Consolo, all of Long Road and Tom Colosi of Morningside Dr. In favor of light industry for the Island and speaking in the affirmative was Carl F. Kaegebein of 2505 Long Road, owner of the 20-acre site. “I’ve been on that property for 61 years, born and raised on the Island. I used to work those fields with a team of horses and a walking plow. And many a time my dad and I would talk about what the future of that piece of land would be,” he said.•••• Arbor Nursery at 2305 Grand Island Blvd. was advertising Scotch Pine Christmas trees from $3 up and Poinsettias from 98 cents forty years ago.

Looking Back 30 years - Pat Bessel and daughter, Marjorie appeared in the December 1978 Sports Illustrated's "Faces In The Crowd" which recognized their winning seven mother/daughter 10-kilometer races.

Looking Back 10 years - Grand Island's Cross Country runners, GIHS junior Alex Winstel and Danielle Podlucky, a 7th grader, were named to the Niagara Frontier League All League First Teams.•••• The issuance of a mining permit by the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation to Robert Weaver at 1501 Ferry Road had Ferry Village resident David Birt referring to the project as "one hell of a hole" during "Voice of the People" at the Monday, December 7, 1998 town board meeting. The permit allowed for the excavation of clay on the property for the purpose of constructing a four-acre, 20-foot-deep pond.

Best wishes to Mickey and Robin Vertino on their 22nd wedding anniversary on Saturday, the 13 and also to Harvey and Kathy Long on their 64th wedding anniversary on Wednesday.

Our sympathy to the families of Helen M. Becker, Lana J. Violanti, Carol A. Nordvik and former resident Alice A. Engel who recently passed away. Click
Deaths for complete information.

The Islettes Elite baton twirling group is in the midst of raising funds for their trip to the Twirl Mania 2009 competition in Disney World. See "Islettes Elite" and contact any member if you can assist the Islettes in financing their trip to this major championship contest.

Don't Forget To Shop On The Island

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The high school's annual winter concert begins at 7:30 p.m. this evening.••••Tomorrow is the last day to donate items such as new, unwrapped toys for babies through teens to the Neighbors Foundation. However, monetary donations are appreciated throughout the year.••••"Welcome Santa & Holiday Lighting," hosted by the Recreation Department, will take place on Saturday evening.••••A special holiday concert is scheduled for Sunday night at Trinity UM Church on Sunday.•••• See our Calendar of Events for complete details on these and other Island events.

"Say a prayer for our guys over there." God bless America.

Thursday, December 4, 2008
Good morning Jonathan in Sarasota, FL, and good morning David in Afghanistan.

Happy birthday to Marie Long and Deb Russell (today), Kristen Atkinson (10 today), Aidan MacNeil (5 today), Emma Schultz (10 tomorrow), Luke Gworek (2 tomorrow), Scott Swagler (Saturday), Miranda Proctor (8 on Saturday), Will Wiles and David Conboy (Sunday), Julia Capage (4 on Sunday), Jim Conboy (Monday), Amanda Heftka (Sweet 16 on Tuesday), Sydney Khreis (10 on Tuesday), Jennifer Loder and Marianne Tranter (Wednesday), Kenny Lewis and Bob Cleveland (celebrating milestones on Wednesday) and Jamie Raepple (18 this week).

Annie Linenfelser Stuardi spent an enjoyable few days at home with her parents and we enjoyed her company at our annual winter Linenfelser get together last Saturday night.

Cards of cheer are in order for Rita Hagerman who recently fell and broke her hip. Heal quickly, Rita.••••Island native Jim Benns has been in Veterans Hospital's intensive care unit and is expected to be there for quite awhile. Cards will cheer him up, I'm sure.

Congratulations to Jon McGinn who bowled a 277-300-232 (809) with the Friday Night Businessmen at Island Lanes and to Bob MacKellar who also bowled a 300 game (783) with the Friday Night Businessmen.

Looking Back 50 years - Clarence Schutt, a school system employee for nearly a quarter of a century, came to work on Friday, December 5, 1958 to find that the school basement flooded due to a water line break and all furnaces were out of order. Water was shoulder deep and access was not gained until volunteer firemen including Fire Chief Paul McTigue and Kenny Maurer used two Fire Company pumpers, taking four hours to remove the water.•••• The Charles N. DeGlopper Reserve Center at 2308 Colvin Ave., Town of Tonawanda was dedicated Sunday afternoon, December 7, 1958 in memory of Grand Island’s WWII hero. Attending were Charlie's brother and sister, John DeGlopper and Mrs. Lillis Bell of Fix Road. ••••Willow Lawn Garden Club’s projects in December 1958 were Christmas decorations and arrangements by Lee Stark. Hostesses for the December meeting were Alice Olrogge, Florence Grob and Ruth Kaiser.••••Bowling on the “Wee Two’s” in the Mixed Couples League at Island Lanes was Russ Certo Sr. who rolled a 224 high game.

Looking Back 40 years - Leroy "Ben" Franklin was elected president of the Grand Island Fire Company and Richard K. Lovelee was re-elected fire chief. Also re-elected were Assistant Chief Norman Mrkall. Peter McMahon was elected Company vice president. •••• It was just 40 years ago this week that the new Grand Island Post Office on Whitehaven Road just east of Grand Island Blvd. began processing Island mail. Postmaster was Heber Ashley and post office employees included Wilma Greenwood and Dorothy Loder.•••• Are there any photos out there of Cub Pack 452’s “Showboat Swings” production held in the Kaegebein School on Friday night, December 6, 1968 when 50 young scouts participated in the show?••••The “Young Dancers Workshop,” sponsored by the PTA, provided entertainment at Kaegebein School on December 7, 1968. Among the entertainers were Terri Harper and Cathy Parisi (Thomas) (sleigh ride), Suzanne Spinner and David Keener (Russian Trepak), James Nesbitt (funny Chinese Coolie), Kellie Krull (Christmas Majorette), and Meg Buckley, Terese Slish and Debora Potts (candy canes).

Looking Back 30 years - GI area 'gridders,' all members of the 1978 University of Buffalo football squad, were freshman defensive back Bob Costanzo, freshman fullback John Black, sophomore line backer Walter Hughes, and junior quarterback Jim Rodriguez.

Looking Back 20 years - Island residents felt the effects of an earth quake about 6:50 p.m. Friday, November 25, 1988. The quake lasted about 10 seconds, causing windows to rattle and houses to shake.••••The Town Board approved the site plan for a gasoline station to be constructed by Noco Energy Corp. at the southeast corner of Grand Island Blvd. and Whitehaven Road.••••Raymond Pauley was elected fire chief at the December meeting of the Grand Island Fire Company.

Looking ahead! Donations to the Neighbors Foundation should be made by December 12th.••••The Town's Recreation Department will host a "Welcome Santa At Town Hall" on Saturday, December 13th.

Our sympathy to the families of Kathryn J. Tirone, Dorothy L. Nizialek, Bertha Matteson and Howard C. Kaiser who recently passed away. Click
Deaths for complete information.

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The Historical Society's Christmas party takes place Saturday evening and the members will open the beautifully decorated River Lea (and Country Store) to the public on Sunday.••••Our Community Chorus will present a holiday concert on Sunday.••••A fundraiser is being held for the family of Timothy Weczerek on Sunday.••••A memorial service in observance of the attack on Pearl Harbor takes place at noon, Sunday at the VFW Post.•••• A blood drive is scheduled for Tuesday.•••• See our Calendar of Events for a complete list of Island happenings.

"Say a prayer for our guys over there." God bless America.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008
Good morning Susan in Madison, AL, and good morning Mia in Reston, VA.

Congratulations to these "bowlers of the week!" Whitey Dlugosz had a perfect 300 (708) during the Friday Night Businessmen's league and John Lesczcak rolled a 299 (782) with the Yuengling Men's League and did the same (299-747) with the Friday Night Businessmen.••••Congratulations also to Geneseo swimmer Josh Kaplan who won the 200-yard backstroke and helped the 400 medley relay team to victory as Geneseo topped Cortland to improve to 3-0.

Happy birthday to Donna Krehl (today), Gladys Benzing, Don Loder and Alma McTigue (tomorrow), baby Peter James Marston III (first birthday tomorrow), Eric Harnden (16 on Sunday), Michael Hillock (18 on Sunday), John Cunningham and Pat Yell (Sunday), Brandon Antonelli (20 on Sunday), Pat McNulty (her 85th on Tuesday), Marcy Malecki and Vicki Sadkowski (Tuesday), Rachel Kaplan (20 on Tuesday), Evan Linenfelser (6 on Wednesday), and Natalie Grace Carter (5 on Wednesday).

Looking Back 50 years - Walter Davis announced at the Monday, December 1, 1958 town board meeting that his firm, Davis-Mitchell Corporation, had been given a $500,000 contract for a housing development in connection with the Island's Nike installation. The units were to be used to house the families of Army personnel. This development never materialized.

Looking Back 30 years - Grand Island Fire Company's newest truck arrived on the Island on November 28, 1978 and was being stored in the Stony Point Road truck house. The 1978 Ford pumper differed from the other trucks in that it was diesel fueled. This $80,000 truck had an automatic transmission, unlike the rest of the fleet, and housed a 750-gallon water tank – 250 gallons more than any of the other company trucks. “It should be more economical to operate and easier to maintain than the other trucks,” explained Fire Chief Gary Roesch, adding that this pumper was manufactured by the Pierce Manufacturing Company of Appleton, Wisconsin.••••The father and son team of Corky and Ken Carter took first place in the Fall Doubles Trap League at the Grand Island Rod & Gun Club. The 50-bird league was run by Alex Yadloczky and co-chairman Jim “Weeds” Harmaty. Joe Enfield and Ron Rezabek took 2nd place.

Our sympathy to the families of John E. Delaney, James Monaco, and former residents Michael A. Dommer, Elmer Duermeyer and Roberta A. Gonter who recently passed away. Click
Deaths for complete information.

Congratulations to David Clayton III on being inducted into the Charter School for Applied Technologies' Junior National Honor Society.

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Beaver Island State Park will begin issuing permits on December 3rd that will allow snowmobilers to use the more than 12 miles of designated and signed snowmobile trails on State Park property. See "Permits" for complete information.

Thanksgiving, a day set aside to count our blessings, is a perfect time for me to thank my readers for keeping in touch and even becoming my friends though we've never met. Have a great weekend.

The Historical Society's Christmas Season Open House, including a Country Store is set for this Sunday and next.•••• See our Calendar of Events for other Island events.

"Say a prayer for our guys over there." God bless America.

Thursday, November 20, 2008
Good morning Lori in Ocala, FL, and good morning Jason in Albany, OR.

Friends of former residents Beth and Mike Dommer, now living in Charlotte, North Carolina, are asked to pray for the Dommers. Mike was admitted to the hospital last Wednesday in very serious condition.

We woke to our first snow of the season on Tuesday morning, and it was a good covering of fluffy white stuff. The Christmas decoration we put up in front of our house on a warm Sunday afternoon a couple of weeks ago don't look quite so foolish this early in the game.

Hats off to Sidway School kindergarten teacher, Joyce Cowan. Upon her request, her little students brought in photos of their relatives in their military uniforms for the Veterans Wall Joyce made just outside their classroom. See
Sidway News Page for photos and story.

Gotta love those Bills! The Buffalo Bills lost to the Cleveland Browns Monday night in the final seconds when the Bills missed a Ryan Lindell field goal - wide right. Wide right? Gee, that sounds familiar!

Another great Grand Island High School production!! Much Ado About Nothing was presented Friday and Saturday night and from what I've heard, Jordan Dixon stole the show along with everyone else who did a fantastic job.

Happy 34th birthday to Bill Gworek Jr. from his kids, Faith and Luke Gworek. Bill celebrates on Wednesday.••••Happy birthday to Ron McNamee (today), to Patrick Sexton (18 today), Tyler Lorence (3 tomorrow), Jennifer Przybylski, Bill Click and Norma Fred (Saturday), Nick Tomkins and Laura Mason (Sunday), Timmy McMahon (29 on Sunday), Alexander Tollner (a teenager on Monday), Shannon Gallagher, David Pinkow and Al Rowswell (Monday), Jill Tranter and Lois Morgan (Tuesday), and Ryan McDonough (25 on Tuesday).

Celebrating wedding anniversary this week are Penny and George Panepinto (50 years on Saturday), Jack and Elaine Gorman (50 years on Saturday), Denise and Michael McMahon (35 years on Monday), and Christina and Vincent Ramsperger (15 years on Wednesday). Best wishes everyone.

The Grand Island Community Chorus will sing during the Ecumenical Thanksgiving service at 7 p.m. Sunday in St. Timothy Church on Staley Road. Refreshments will follow.

Looking Back 50 years - Ecumenical services and events began to take place on Grand Island as early as 1958 when the first Ecumenical Thanksgiving Eve service was held on November 26, 1958 in St. Martin-in-the-Fields Episcopal Church. Other church parishes taking part were Emmanuel United Methodist, St. Timothy Lutheran and Trinity Evangelical United Brethren.•••• The $54,000 water main linking the Sandy Beach area with water lines from District No. 2 went into operation late Monday night, November 24, 1958 and early Tuesday morning. The late hours were chosen to cause residents as little inconvenience as possible. ••••Richard "Dick" Robinson won the Art Little Tune UP Event, the Law Trophy, the Lightning Championship, Fleet Champion for 1957 and was recognized by his father, Charlie Robinson, Fleet Captain of the Sandy Beach Yacht Club, who presented awards during the club's annual presentation dinner held Saturday, November 22, 1958.

Looking Back 40 years - Lynn Mankiewicz played the lead role in “The Last Warning,” Grand Island High School Spotlighters performance in November 1968. The cast included Jim Sugar, Tom Colley, Jim Frampton, Claire Biafora, Belinda Board, Glenn Lange, Brian Lamb, John Kipping and Norm Stessing.

Looking Back 30 years - Pat Bessel held the national Masters Amateur Athletic Union 10-kilometer cross-country championship. Her time was 41 minutes, 8 seconds over a hilly course on a windy Saturday in Madison, Wisconsin.••••Members of the GIHS string ensemble, Julie Varga, Jacqueline Brzyski, Kevin Birt and Linda Shriver along with their director, Herbert Nasgowitz, played for the Grand Island Art Society’s December 1978 meeting at Sidway School.

It is with extreme sadness that I mention the death of seven-year-old Jon Jon Cinelli. My heartfelt sympathy to his family. Our sympathy also to the families of Karoline Kupka and former residents Charles P. Wohlfehrt, Philip D. Anderson and Adelaide E. Strother who recently passed away. Click Deaths for complete information.

Our newest Isledegrande.com advertiser is Dr. Thomas C. Lepenven, DMD - Island Dental PC, located at 2095 Baseline Road. Welcome Dr. Lepenven. Other spotlighted Isledegrande.com advertisers this week are "GIECOM.NET,"  "Park Place Subdivision,"  Chateau Motor Lodge,  and  Budwey's Supermarket." Be sure to check out these business websites and for information on advertising at Isledegrande.com, email Dan McMahon at Dan@giecom.net.

Connor Middle School's International Night takes place tomorrow evening.•••• The Friends of the Grand Island Memorial Library will host a used book sale on Friday and Saturday. ••••Island Girl Scouts will be selling their cookies at Island Pets and Feed on Saturday.••••The 2nd annual Polar Plunge at Beaver Island Park is set for Saturday.••••The annual Ecumenical Thanksgiving service will be held Sunday in St. Timothy Church.•••• See our Calendar of Events for complete details on these and other Island events.

"Say a prayer for our guys over there." God bless America.

Thursday, November 13, 2008
Good morning Michael in Shreveport, Louisiana, and good morning Roger in Franklinvile, NY

"Hank" is missing! Have you seen a bright orange cat in the Ferry Village area? If so, please see our Classifed Ads for details on how to return this precious pet back to its owners.

Happy birthday to Mildred Goldbach and Pam Barton (today), Brooke VeRost (7 today), Mary Burngasser and Aimee Anderson (tomorrow), Robin Jordan (cheers tomorrow), Nicholas Dingey (9 tomorrow), Sarah Brand (4 tomorrow), Jake Kreutz (Saturday), Brian Kopf (25 on Sunday), Sierra Marie Maras (8 on Sunday), Scott Kalman (Sunday), baby Annabelle Rose Linenfelser (her first birthday on Sunday), Phyllis Violante, Vala O’Boyle and Gayle Quint (best wishes on Monday), Judy Penque (Monday), and Audene Affuso (Tuesday).

Looking Back 110 years - It was on November 18, 1898 that a fire broke out on the side-wheeler, Corona, causing it and another steamer docked alongside of it at Edgewater, to burn to the water line and sink. The remains of the ship were never raised and today pieces of its machinery may still be seen jutting above the water off East River Road near Kirkwood Drive.

Looking Back 50 years - Junior Chamber of Commerce members Frank Spinner, Andy Summerville and Robert Bates were checking headlights on automobiles at the Grand Island Plaza as part of the "Aim to Live" campaign in cooperation with the General Motors Corp. ••••The St. Stephen's CYO girls volleyball team won the John Quincy Adams League #2 championship in November 1958. The team was made up of the following players: Diane Lesniak, Ruth Conrad (Dunlap), Sally Fleischmann (Dinino), Judy Dower (Babel), Gayle Klocke (Sander), Captain Peggy Pfohl (Bauman), Kate Brobeil (Cichocki), Monika Prast (Sikora), Maryellen Milner (Pfohl), Mary Rose Haller (Elstrodt), Kathy Tierney (Ellsworth), and Rosemary Loth (Fischer). The team's coach, Ray Cammarata, a Hicksville, Long Island soldier, was stationed at the Nike Base here on the Island. See 1958 CYO Volleyball Team. ••••The possibility of establishing school bus safety patrols was being studied by the school board upon the suggestion of Mrs. Lee Tetkowski and Mrs. Norine Lawrence.••••New officers of the Island's Teen-age Bowling League were Nancy Clarke (Colgrove), Tony Bauer, Kathy McCarthy (Northrup), Karen Hillman (Lloyd), Butch Fahrenholz and Bill Lang.

Looking Back 40 years - Forty area high schools participated in the annual Area All-State Music Festival, held at Grand Island High School in November 1968. Island students selected for the band by audition included Eric Berger, Rebecca Lawrence, George Sanders, James Board, James Rumsey and James DeCillis. Grand Island music teacher Nicholas DeAngelo was general chairman of the event. ••••A 27-0 win over Cheektowaga on Saturday, November 9, 1968 gave the high school JV football team a perfect season. Scorers were Gil Clarke (two touchdowns, one on a 65-yard run), Matt Biafora and Art Haller (one each). Bill Harris scored the extra points. •••• The Recreation Commission's Annual Awards Night in November 1968 marked the 10th anniversary of the event. Commission member Harold Donlon was program chairman. Gary Kavanaugh, a brash junior Johnny Carson, introduced the entertainment including his sister, Joan, who twirled her baton, and a Bunny Foo Foo skit by Rennele Depew, Brenda Shotmiller, Tricia Kavanaugh and Barb Fister.

Looking Back 30 years - Gale-like winds around midnight on Friday, November 17, 1978 toppled a tree at Love and East Park roads, downed wires in Ferry Village and sent a barge and tug swirling down the river. Firemen reported Ferry Village without power until about 1:30 Saturday morning. Meanwhile, several patrons in the Bedell House were stranded because fallen power lines too close to their parked cars had to be removed before the vehicles could be entered.

Congratulations to Ian O’Rourke (GIHS Class of 2007) who won the one- and three-meter diving events even though his Niagara University team lost a tri-meet with Cleveland State and Youngstown State over the weekend.

Readers, do you have any photos of the Grand Prix sports car race that took place in August 1952? I am looking for photos that may show the crowd, different parts of the route (Whitehaven, East River, Harvey Road) or anything else you may have to share.

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Legislator Michele Iannello will hold a town meeting tonight in the town hall regarding the Erie County proposed budget. •••• Auditions for St. Stephen's Parish Players productions take place this week. •••• The GIHS Spotlighters Drama Club will present Much Ado About Nothing tomorrow night and Saturday evening. ••••The Historical Society Open on Sunday will feature a special photo display of 25 Old Island Homes. ••••A piano dedication recital takes place on Sunday at Trinity UM Church. ••••One Island, One Team, One Dream, To Be Drug Free meets Tuesday afternoon. •••• See our Calendar of Events for complete details on these and other Island events.

"Say a prayer for our guys over there." God bless America.

Thursday, November 6, 2008
Good morning Mark in San Francisco, CA, and good morning Sharon on the “Island” in Key Colony Beach, FL.

What an absolutely beautiful day Tuesday was here. Most polling places had people waiting at the doors before 6 a.m.

Cinderella Island, an exceptional publication of Grand Island's history, written by Rob Roy McLeod, and first published in 1950, is now available at the Chamber of Commerce office, 2257 Grand Island Blvd. The cost of the book is $7.50.

Many thanks to Retired Maj. Torg Fadum for dropping off the photo mentioned here in my Looking back 40 years last week. See
Old Photo Album for the picture of some of those serving in Vietnam in November 1968. Thanks also to Sue Blanton, daughter of Roseanne and Retired Captain Frank McKee who also offered to bring in the photo that includes her dad.

Ninety years have passed since the original Armistice Day was proclaimed for November 11th. Grand Island’s Veterans Day Services begin at 11 a.m. Tuesday at the Veterans Wall in Veterans Park, 1717 Bedell Road. See Veterans Day Details

Great news! Buck Long has recovered greatly from his accident and I should be able to report very soon that he is finally home.•••• Elsie Fleischmann is home and doing fine after a fairly serious bout with pneumonia that landed her in the hospital for the better part of a week.

Happy birthday to Lou Panzica (special greetings today), Bryan Barton (a teenager today), Robert Arch (6 today), Ian Estenoz (11 today), Helen Radder (celebrating her 91st birthday today), Mary McMahon (tomorrow), Jackie Mordaunt (cheers tomorrow), Scott Hammond and Dona Cameron (Saturday), Lee Becker (18 on Monday), Ingrid Kinney (Cake and Candles on Monday), Sandy Santorio (Tuesday), Jeffrey Stange (20 on Tuesday), Dan Hoffman and Gina Catanzaro (Wednesday), Jim Klocke (the big 6-0 on Wednesday) and Christopher Larry (his 20th this week).

Congratulations to Vikings wide receiver Alex Neutz who has been chosen for the Riverside Athletic Club's Connolly Cup Week Nine honor roll.

Looking Back 60 years - Noted in the With Dottie on the Party Line column in the Island Dispatch was the following: ”Jack Senn and his best gal, Alma, sure got a lot of laughs at the Firemen’s Dance Saturday night. Jack was dressed as Mortimer Schnerd and Alma, as a decrepit Old Man. Their masks were perfect.” ••••From the same With Dottie on the Party Line column: “Have you noticed Mike and Marion Steffen riding around the Island in their snappy, new speedster? In case you weren’t able to identify it, it’s a Marion, built by Harry Stutz at Indianapolis in 1911. Don’t try to pass it – top speed is over 90 mph. •••• The residents of Ferry Village were protesting the soot deposit from the plants across the river in November 1948. “The soot has been heavier than usual this year and the housewives in that area have a constant battle with it.”

Looking Back 50 years - Good news for Sandy Beach property owners in November 1958 was the fact that work crews were installing a 12-inch main along Baseline Road to supply the Sandy Beach section a more satisfactory water supply. At the time, the system in that area consisted of two artesian wells.••••Little League volunteers were building a field house at the new Little League playing field on Staley Road. Workers included Al Raepple, Lou Madia, Harry Godfrey, Sam Passesini, Gary Mosby and Hal Roberts. ••••A giant electric generator capable of providing enough electricity to serve 550,000 average homes went into commercial operation Monday, November 10, 1958 at Niagara Mohawk Power Corporation's Huntley Steam Station across the river from Grand Island.••••Upon "pulling the hook" to activate the fire siren in Ted and Marion Klingel's back yard on Love Road, it stuck and rang for five minutes, holding its peak wail for 40-second intervals. The Fire Company was called out about 9 p.m. Saturday, November 8, 1958 to extinguish a chimney fire on Wallace Drive.

Looking Back 40 years - Jean and Glyndon Crocker Jr. and Fred and Alphia Prosser co-chaired the Buffalo Launch Club's Roaring Twenties Party at the club house featuring a barbershop quartet that included songsters Jim Farrell, Jim Linenfelser, Dan Linenfelser Sr. and Carl Shisler.

Looking Back 30 years - The Grand Island Women’s Republican Club honored newly elected President Lois Morgan at the Club’s luncheon meeting in the Joncaire Restaurant on West River Road.••••Highest vote getters and elected Homecoming King and Queen in 1978 were Steve Doermer and Janet Morrice (Saltzman).

Our sympathy to the families of Gloria Webb, Kenny Shobert Sr., James D. Dolson, Anthony T. Tafelski, Walter J. Bender and former resident John "Jake" Kavanaugh who recently passed away. Click Deaths for complete information.

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Island resident Chuck LaChiusa will present a program on Buffalo Architecture at tonight's Historical Society Meeting.•••• The Snowmobile Club's Pig Roast will be held Saturday.•••• The Re-TreeWNY needs volunteers Saturday morning.•••• A Family Weekend takes place at Trinity Church on Saturday.•••• The Knights of Columbus is sponsoring a pancake breakfast on Sunday.•••• The Golden Age Center will host a HEAP program Monday.•••• Veterans Day services take place at Vets Park on Tuesday.•••• Schools are closed Tuesday.•••• The Parish Players auditions are scheduled for Tuesday and Wednesday. Further auditions are in the calendar of events.•••• See our Calendar of Events for complete details on these and other Island events.

"Say a prayer for our guys over there." God bless America.

Thursday, October 30, 2008
Good morning Carole Wiesinger in Saranac Lake, NY, and good morning Connie in Inverness, FL.

Good news! Clare Brigid Conboy arrived Thursday, October 16th. This sweet little bundle of joy is the daughter of Dave and Karen Conboy and sister of Sarah and David. See
Islanders In The News for Clare Brigid's picture.

Nice to see former residents Nancy and Dave Duysters of Mt. Dora, FL who stopped by the Isledegrande.com office while visiting the Island last week. Their daughter, Kara, is a kindergarten teacher in the same area.

Click photo for larger view
"Happy 5th Birthday Lil sis with tons of love from your Big Sis, Abby." That's Alyson Czerwonka who is turning five on Wednesday. Happy birthday, Alyson.••••Happy birthday to Dave Wilkinson, Allen Glessner and our daughter, Julie Dee (today), to Morgan Proctor (five tomorrow), Emily Fred (8 on Saturday), Sarah Kustich (10 on Saturday), Carissa Bailey and Mike Dlugokinski (both turning 20 on Saturday), Carol Zimmerman (Sunday), Jodie Swain (Monday), Anthony Weis (4 on Monday), Cheryl Bailey (cheers on Monday), Jared Billica (18 on Tuesday), and Casey Carminati (18 on Wednesday).

Best wishes to Peggy and Bob Hooper, celebrating their fifth wedding anniversary on Monday.

Looking Back 60 years - On election day 1948, voters living south of Whitehaven Road cast their ballots in the new District II voting booth located at Baseline and Bush roads. Voters from the north side of Whitehaven Road cast their ballots at the Town Hall.•••• The PTA Pre-School was meeting the third Tuesday of the month at home of Dorothy and Arthur Mazenauer in October 1948. The former Mazenauer home is located on West Oakfield Road, and the PTA Preschool became the Grand Island Cooperative Nursery School, still operating today.

Looking Back 50 years - Clown House proprietor Bob Wright and his employee, Gloria Anderson (Pagels), were pictured in the Island Dispatch in October 1958 dishing up a meal prepared in the new “broasting” equipment installed at their new dining room addition at the Grand Island Blvd. restaurant. The “broaster” injected heat units simultaneously, seared the meat, sealed in all flavorful natural juices and cooked through to the bone in a matter of minutes. ••••Gladys Martin's demonstration of the pallet knife technique inspired those attending the Grand Island Arts Club’s November 3, 1958 meeting.••••Motorists driving on the NYS Thruway across Grand Island about 7:30 p.m. Thursday, October 30, 1958 were startled to see a "body" hanging from the Staley Road overpass. Investigation proved it was a dummy and the culprits' names were never revealed. Town water department employees were kept busy later in the evening closing about 11 hydrants.

Looking Back 40 years - A photo appeared in the November 6, 1968 Island Dispatch showing eleven former NY Air National Guardsmen from Grand Island who were serving a tour of duty with the U. S. Air Force at Tuy Hoa AB, Vietnam. They were assigned to units of the 31st Tactical Fighter Wing at Tuy Hoa. Gathered next to one of the wing’s F-100 Super Sabre jet fighters were Maj. Torgeir B. Fadum, Airmen First Class Robert K. Kaiser, Airmen First Class Benjamin N. Graf, Airmen First Class Jerry Hawley, First Lt. Harry W. Roberts, Airman First Class Paul N. Roeder, Capt. Franklyn McKee, Technical Sgt. John A. McCarthy, Airmen First Class Michael D. McNulty, Gregg A. Yensan and Peter J. Roberts. Do any of my readers have this photo?•••• Spec. 6 Ronald D. Salt, son of Ted and Betty Salt, received the Bronze Star with “V” device for heroism in Vietnam. He was commended for heroic action January 3, 1968 against hostile forces in Vietnam. Previously, he had been awarded two other high medals for heroism, the Silver Star and the Air Medal.

Looking Back 30 years - The school board, on Monday, October 30, 1978, appointed Mrs. Dorothy Dillemuth, school district staff member since 1953, to replace Dr. Oscar J. Pultz as superintendent of Island schools.••••The GIHS gymnastics team completed an undefeated season and claimed the Section VI Division I Championship. Kim Custodi finished a perfect overall individual season, leading GI with 29.8 points. Eighth grader Nancy Lexo. scored a 27.2 overall total. Other top Island gymnasts were Sue Kennell, Laurie Lewis and Ellen Miller.••••Holly Vaine, a sophomore, won the 100M backstroke title in the ECIC Individual Swim Championships at Canisius College on Saturday, October 28, 1978. Holly clocked at 1:08.115 for a new GIHS school record.••••Jerry and Amelia Funk donated 100 acres of land on Bedell Road to the Town of Grand Island for park purposes at which time Supervisor Ray Griffin said, "We will probably hire a professional park planner for the project."

Our sympathy to the families of Douglas J. Lengyel, Mohamed El-Behairy, and former residents Gerald J. "Jerry" Bell and James J. Kennedy Jr., who recently passed away. Click Deaths for complete information.

Island resident Brandon Bettinger, a Hilbert College sophomore, opened the scoring for the Hilbert College Hawks men's soccer team Tuesday. The Hawks lost to Pitt-Bradford, 4-3.••••Michael Brand, GIHS Class of '97, and Carlin Hartman, GIHS Class of '90, are both on the athletic staff at Centenary College of Louisiana. Mike was recently named the head coach of the men's lacrosse team and Carlin, hired earlier this fall, is an assistant on the men's basketball team. It's nice to keep track of our home town athletes.

Members of the high school orchestra, under the direction of Miss Debra Remson, received a standing ovation for their performance in the October 15th concert. Especially notable was their Jazz Pizzicato (Leroy Anderson) that truly showed off the fiddlers' talents. The choral group, "Women of Note," sang Sincerely, circa 1954 by the McGuire Sisters. Always a favorite of mine, this number brought back memories of a totally different time of my life. The girls are directed by Mrs. Carolyn Lokken.

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Tricks-or-Treaters will be going door to door for goodies tomorrow evening between 5 p.m. and 8 p.m.••••The BPW Women invites you to a "Shop Til You Drop Home Party" Saturday at the K of C Hall.••••Be sure to turn your clocks back on Saturday evening and don't forget to replace the batteries in your smoke detectors!••••The Island's Girl Scouts are holding their Fall Fun Festival on Sunday at the Nike Base.••••Don't forget to vote on Tuesday.••••Connor Middle School students will present a concert Wednesday evening in the high school.•••• See our Calendar of Events for complete details on these and other Island events.

Children's Halloween photos may be submitted this coming week and will be posted as time allows.

"Say a prayer for our guys over there." God bless America.

Thursday, October 23, 2008
Good morning Susan in Chester, VA, and good morning Pat in Mebane, NC.

Happy birthday to Patrick Gallagher (18 today), to Kevin Koch (today), Chase Harding (4 today), our grandson John Bidell (19 on Saturday), Mallory DelSignore (9 on Saturday), Mike Mullany, Ed Foglia and Rich Milkas (Saturday), Joshua McMahon (4 on Saturday), JoAnn Hugill (cheers on Monday), Jill Endres (her 21st birthday on Monday), and James E. Stewart III (16 on Tuesday).

Best wishes to Janice and Randy White, celebrating 30 years of marriage on October 28th. The Whites arrived home from a Caribbean cruise Sunday night, "right smack in the middle of Hurricane Omar!" Janice and Randy (GIHS Class of '70) are living in Indianapolis.

Connor Middle School student Buck Long, injured Sunday, October 12th on Grand Island Blvd., continues to need our prayers. "Get well, Bucky."••••A speedy recovery to Tracy Senn, one of Isledegrande.com's biggest fans. "Hope you're doing fine, Tracy!"

Good news! Bad News! Chelsea DeGlopper's apartment building in Rochester was severely damaged by fire over the weekend. However, Chelsea, along with several other students, was assisted out of the burning building by firefighters and was back to her classes at the University of Rochester on Monday. See
Islanders In The News for more details.

Congratulations to Jason and Maureen Weis on the birth to their second child, Ava Elizabeth. Ava was welcomed home by her brother, Anthony Stephen who will soon celebrate his fourth birthday.

Looking Back 75 years - A "Breaking of Ground" for the South Grand Island Bridge at Grand Island, New York took place on October 28, 1933.

Looking Back 60 years - Due to several serious accidents, many of them fatal, the State Traffic Commission ordered the speed limit on Express Highway (Grand Island Blvd.) reduced from 50 mph to 40 mph.

Looking Back 50 years - Hope for bridge toll reduction 50 years ago dimmed somewhat after a conference in Albany between a delegation of the local Chamber of Commerce and the Thruway Authority. Chamber President August Hein, along with Robert Campbell and Paul Ungaro attended. The delegation urged a $10 reduction in the current $30 annual toll charge on the bridges, as quoted in the Island Dispatch. Does anyone remember a $30 charge? I only recall the ticket books at a cost of around $5.••••The American Legion Auxiliary Post 1346 held its annual card party in the Legion hall on Ferry Road in October '58. Committee members included Betty Dunbar, Arlene Maurer and Edna Killian.••••Lawrence Grant, president of the Grand Island Blvd. Plaza, announced that an addition would be constructed at the plaza for the W. T. Grant Co.

Looking Back 40 years - Roseanne McKee, Sibby DiTando, Jean Lange, Paul Sipson, H. Nasgowitz, Lucille Gervase, Ron Gallatly and Emory Ashley took part in the Grand Island Theater Group’s production of Oklahoma in October 1968. Shirley Jean Measures was the director, with Bill and Marion Pinkow doing the musical direction. Bobbe Gasbarre and Ms. Measures were in charge of choreography.

Looking Back 30 years - Cub Scout Pack 425 held its first pack meeting of the year on Friday, October 27, 1978 in the Huth Road School. The Pack of over 70 boys was one of the largest in WNY and included Paul Facklam Jr., John Furgele, Ken Forton, Steven Hugill, David Dulak and William Landroche. Cubmaster Chet Dulak started off the program by leading a couple songs, followed by an impressive candlelight awards presentation. Forty new boys received their Bobcat badges.••••Marge Raczkowski dominated the stage in her role as Elaine in the Island Theater Group’s “Nightwatch” opening October 27, 1978. Cast members also included Thom Volk, Ron Davis, Marilyn Johnson and Lou Vacanti.••••The Erie County Sheriff’s Department substation in the town hall since 1968, was relocated to Nike Base Park on Whitehaven Road. ••••Donna Marlin and Sue Pultz were among GIHS students attending the Teachers Day Conference in October 1978 when discussions centered on the use of drugs and alcohol.

Looking Back 20 years - Jake Tassy and Amy Pelczynski (Samplinski) served as king and queen of the Grand Island High School homecoming dance in October 1988.

Looking Back 10 years - Todd Roesch was the winner of the National Grand Prix Hydroplane High Point Trophy presented at a banquet Friday, October 23, 1998 in the Holiday Inn.

Our sympathy to the families of Dr. Kenneth Klementowski, and former residents Gladys Fix Staffen, Donald A. Killian, Lucille K. Long, Harold P. Roberts and Gerald J. Bell, who recently passed away. Click Deaths for complete information.

According to the Niagara Gazette: Ian O’Rourke has been named the first Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference diver of the week for the 2008-09 season. Ian broke two of his own records at the season-opening Western New York Invitational, and a third record at a meet in Fredonia.••••John Leszczak rolled his first 800 series with the A-Best Roofing league at Mallwitz's Island Lanes this week with scores of 279, 279, and 258. Jeff Conover bowled a high 296 in a 725 series with the same league this week. Congratulations, John and Jeff.••••David Henry Niemann won the 45-and-over singles racquetball tournament in Beechwood, Ohio and the men's Class A doubles title with partner, Larry Gerachitino.•••• Varsity Viking Ryan Harnden has been named to the Trench Trophy honor roll for week seven.

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Grand Island firefighters spent the better part of Sunday assisting other fire companies at a massive fire at the International Fiber Corp. across the river. Hats off to our GIFC volunteers who left their homes in the morning and to their families, home waiting for their loved ones until close to dinner time.

A harvest party for children and youth is being held tomorrow evening at Trinity UM Church.••••A basket raffle and bake sale is being sponsored by the St. Stephen's Altar Society at the church narthex on Saturday and Sunday.••••The Fire Company Ladies Auxiliary's annual chowder and bake sale will be held Saturday in the main truck house on Baseline Road.•••• A spaghetti dinner sponsored by St. Stephen's Holy Name Society is set for Sunday.••••The Golden Age Club's Holiday Happenings is scheduled for Sunday at the Center.••••A Grand Island High School band concert begins at 7:30 p.m Wednesday evening.•••• See our Calendar of Events for complete details on these and other Island events.

"Say a prayer for our guys over there." God bless America.

Thursday, October 16, 2008
Good morning Scott in Charlotte, NC, and good morning AJ in Bluffton, SC.

Most Islanders who know Paul Long and his son, 13-year-old Paul 'Buck' Long are well aware of the serious accident Buck was involved in on Sunday afternoon. Keep the prayers coming.

Friends of the late Timothy Weczerek have set up a fund for his four children, Anthony, Frankie, Justin and Kaylee Weczerek. Donations may be made to the "Weczerek Children's Fund" at the M&T Bank.

Island resident Gretchen Group Beyer is the contact person for a 50th class reunion for the Riverside High School Class of 1959. Email her to be sure she has your information if you are a member of this class or if you have information for other RHS classmates. Those interested in helping the planning committee are also asked to contact Gretchen at

Happy 10th anniversary to Bob and Cheryl Frailey who are celebrating today.••••A belated happy 50th anniversary to former residents June and Forrest Smith, married on September 20, 1958. The Smiths celebrated here on the Island with their family.

Sunday's Zonta Club fashion show at the BLC was an enjoyable afternoon. My favorite models? Lyn Laman and Tracie Groves. Both women were show stoppers and looked stunning in the Dress Barn fashions. Don't miss this event next year. All proceeds go towards scholarships for women.

The girls on the GIHS JV Soccer Team are wishing their coach, Joe Sirianni a very happy birthday . Joe celebrated yesterday. ••••Happy birthday to Jenna Giambra (turning six tomorrow), Adam Heftka (a teenager on Saturday), Heidi Sue Mumm and Paul Linenfelser Jr. (Sunday), June Licence, Barb Minton and Jim Milne (cheers on Sunday), Luke Hooper (5 on Sunday), Ryan Pinzel (5 on Monday), Joe Macaluso (Monday) and our daughter-in-law Laury Linenfelser (Tuesday).

Looking Back 60 years - Johnny Mayer, proprietor of his little tavern in what is now the Village Inn, installed a television set much to the delight of the residents of Ferry Village who were looking forward to seeing the World Series games from Cleveland.

Looking Back 50 years - Rose Rupp was chairman of the Buffalo Launch Club’s newly organized women's bowling league. Others involved at the time included Eleanore Campbell and Marie Maday.

Looking Back 40 years - The Varsity Viking Cross Country Team led by Les Chambers finished the season undefeated. Other top runners were John Williams, Nick Baker, Jim Chambers and Bob Tyrrell. ••••Beverly Anne Webb, daughter of Eva and Arthur Webb of Love Road was named Grand Island's new Junior Miss. The pageant, sponsored by the Grand Island Jaycees, was held Saturday, October 18, 1968 in the Grand Island High School. Other winners were first runner-up Cathleen Biafora, and second runner-up Marion Edwards. Barbara Ann Brant was named “Miss Congeniality.” ••••Marine Cpl. John Vinovrski returned home from a 13-month tour in Vietnam on September 30, 1968. He was wounded by shrapnel on September 25. Cpl. Vinovrski signed up for another six months duty there with the tour starting November 1, 1968.••••The GIHS Class of 1969 presented a gift of a $2000 football scoreboard to the school on Saturday, October 18, 1968.

Looking Back 30 years - Varsity Vikings Football Team standouts in 1978 included Mike SantaLucia, Rene Ford, John Sullivan, Bob Beauregard, Doug Jankowski and Mark Ehde. •••• Marion Steffen served the tea for honored descendents of Grand Island Founders at River Lea on Sunday, October 15, 1978. Those honored by the Grand Island Historical Society were Jim Montanari, George Williams and Sharon Long Nichols.••••More than 90 baton twirlers were training to represent the Island in the summer 1979 WNY events. Winners of a candy sale, held for uniform improvements, were Roberta Sue Schmitke, Kathleen Menter, Tracy Turner and Wendy Warmus.••••A dedication and installation of "the rock," a gift to the high school by the Class of '79, was held behind the school on October 20, 1978 and was to be a place to post upcoming events, gripes and message. Senior James Ackerman was chairman of the event and Highway Superintendent Norm Mrkall was made an honorary Viking for his assistance in moving and placing of the stone.

Looking Back 20 years - Grand Island postal workers helped with the big move from the Whitehaven Road facilities to the new, state-of-the-art Post Office on Baseline Road.

Looking Back 10 years - The Chamber of Commerce held its 7th annual Community Expo & Taste of Grand Island on Saturday, October 17, 1998 at the Bible Presbyterian Family Life Center on Love Road. Over 850 visitors enjoyed the event that featured the products and services of the 38 exhibitors as well as entertainment and food.

Attention Sabres fans! The Buffalo Sabers games are on television (Direct TV) at the Town Cafe Restaurant all the time. The Town Cafe is on the Boulevard next to the former Pizza Hut.

Our sympathy to the families of Meaghan Grotz, Timothy F. Weczerek, Anne M. Manuse, Nicholas Mondich and former residents John P. Benns Sr., and Andrew T. Conta who recently passed away. Click Deaths for complete information.

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A chicken BBQ takes place at Trinity Church on Saturday.••••A VFW Texas Chili Cook-Off is being sponsored by the VFW at the Post on Saturday.••••The Library sponsors a computer sale on Saturday.••••The Historical Society will open historic River Lea to the public on Sunday.•••• See our Calendar of Events for complete details on these and other Island events.

"Say a prayer for our guys over there." God bless America.

Thursday, October 9, 2008
Good morning John in Shinglehouse, PA, and good morning Ellen in Camarillo, CA.

Happy birthday to Mike Yensan, celebrating on the 15th and still as cute as his grade school picture!

Happy first birthday to baby Islander Dylan Castiglia, celebrating on Monday with his mom and dad, Dave and Stephanie Castiglia and his grandparents, Isle residents Judy and Dennis Castiglia and former residents Merle and Diane Wilson. •••• Happy birthday Taylor Duscher (two today), Sandi Cunningham and Diane Hassan (today), AJ Guenther and Lauren Brindisi (18 today), Stephanie Hopkins (20 on Saturday), Mike Hachee and Kathy Hyland (Sunday), Marissa Mrkall (two on Sunday), Shirley Luther (Wednesday), Kalli Pedlow (Sweet 16 on Wednesday), Tom Nowak (cheers on Wednesday), and Mark Paasch and Mark Argy (Wednesday). A belated happy birthday to Terry Endres who celebrated yesterday.

Local talk around the Island is that the fresh fish fry at Town Cafe Restaurant is the best in town and the same goes for the pizza. The Bills game will be televised at the Town Cafe so stop in and be sure to tell Lynn Quarantello you read about the place at Isledegrande.com.

Best wishes to Jill and David Stamler, celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary on Saturday, to Jason and Maureen Weis, marking seven years on Monday, and to Bob and Lois Kaiser, married 63 years on Monday.

Talented musician Steve Parisi will be playing tomorrow evening at the Bistro at the Old Fort Inn in Youngstown with the Custode & Parisi Jazz Trio.

Looking Back 60 years - Eddie Redinger was captain of the safety patrol at the Island’s only school, Charlotte Sidway. Corky Dinan and Geraldine Mrkall (Serba) served as lieutenants. Among the patrolmen on duty at the time were Evelyn Byroads, Dorothy Noth (Miller), Richard Hogue and Michael Costin.••••Since the first of the year 1948, the Grand Island Fire Company responded to 49 alarms of fire.••••The State Traffic Commission sent an announcement to the October 4, 1948 Town Board meeting that it was the opinion of this Commission that traffic conditions on the Grand Island Connecting Blvd. did not warrant signalization.

Looking Back 50 years - Ten classrooms and an auxiliary cafeteria were in the plans for a new wing to be added to the newly opened Huth Road Elementary School. The addition was planned so as to accommodate an additional 300 students to the 600-pupil capacity school, already housing 660 pupils at that time.

Looking Back 30 years - The local paper announced that the Marine Midland Bank would be foreclosing on the River Oaks development. The foreclosure process had been underway for about three years, according to information disclosed by a spokesman for the bank. The 1100-acre River Oaks planned unit development (PUD) was to include a theme park, research complex, a marina and housing. The theme park, research park and other development shown on the original plans failed to materialize.

Looking Back 10 years - Homecoming king and queen Eric Gasbarro and Kari Harding (Klos) were honored at the football game and at the homecoming dance in October 1998.

Happy birthday Pat! Pat and Skip Board celebrated Pat's 76th birthday with a trip to Salt Lake City to visit son, Jim Board, and his wife, Tracy. There to greet them, and a complete surprise, was their daughter, Belinda Board Gould who lives in Voorheesville, NY. The elder Boards now live in Port Orange, FL and may be reached by e-mail at hboard@cfl.rr.com.

Members of the Snowmobile Club have found it necessary to change the date of their annual pig roast. The new date is Saturday, November 8th. Please see "Snowmobile Club Webpage" for complete information.

Our sympathy to the families of Ralph Edwards, Joan M. Barth, Lee William Bush, and former resident Mary Vaughan-Lindsey who recently passed away. Click Deaths for complete information.

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Fire Prevention Open House takes place tomorrow evening at Grand Island Fire Headquarters.••••The GIFC Ladies Auxiliary will be cooking hot dogs and hamburgers during the fire prevention program Friday night.••••A "Meet the Candidates Night" is being held at the Bible Presbyterian Family Life Center tomorrow night.••••An Oktoberfest will be held Saturday at the VFW Post 9249.••••The Snowmobile Club's pig roast has been postponed to November 8.••••Tickets are necessary for the Zonta Club's Fall Fashion Fling being held on Sunday at the BLC.••••Schools are closed on Monday.••••A blood drive is scheduled for Tuesday at the Knights of Columbus Hall.••••A One Island, One Team, One Dream, To Be Drug Free meeting is scheduled for Tuesday.••••The high school string and choral groups will present a concert in the high school Wednesday evening.••••See our Calendar of Events for complete details on these and other Island events.

Island schools are closed on Monday. Enjoy your long weekend, kids!

"Say a prayer for our guys over there." God bless America.

Thursday, October 2, 2008
Good morning Casey in North Port, FL, and good morning Pat in Princeton, NJ.

As Islanders we all know how much we enjoy and appreciate being able to keep up with Grand Island news on Isledegrande.com. Without the sponsorship of our Publisher Reg Schopp,
Designet International, and our advertisers, none of this would be possible. Please think of Designet International and our many sponsors when shopping for gifts during the holiday season.

Just a reminder that Susie's Produce Stand will close for the season at the end the day on Sunday!

A belated happy birthday to Carol Dunworth and Jean Marie Ensminger who celebrated on the 30th.••••Happy birthday to Jaidan Hiam (8 today), to Patrick Buell, Shorty Vanthoff and Linda Davis (today), to Paul Klock (celebrating his 75th birthday today), Mark Eberhard (tomorrow), Joe Padlog and Margie Walker (Saturday), Dylan Russo (7 on Sunday), Carl Walbert (cheers on Sunday), Rebekah Mae Thompson (4 on Sunday), Gert Wilson (special greetings on Monday), Craig Blowers (18 on Monday), Floydette Gannon (Monday), Sue Canty (Tuesday), Bobbie Hopkins (Tuesday's the big day!), John Black (25 on Tuesday), Michael Christensen (4 on Tuesday), our brother-in-law John Linenfelser (the big 6-0 on Wednesday), and Mark W. Webb (his 20th on Wednesday).••••Happy birthday to Tina Allsop who celebrates on Sunday in Norwalk, CT where she is working for Gleacher Partners LLC in Greenwich, CT as an investment advisor. Tina is a GIHS graduate, Class of 2003.

Former resident Betty Jane Penque, one of the six Gardner children who grew up on Bedell Road, celebrates a birthday today. Betty Jane, whose sister recently died of cancer, is fighting the same battle. Write me at teddy@giecom.net if you would like her mailing address.

Al Beyers rolled his career 800 series, an 811 including a 278 at Island Lanes with the Friday Night Businessmen's league. Congratulations, Al.••••Bowling this week with the Yuengling Men's league at Island Lanes, Ryan Gott rolled a perfect 300 in a 793 series.••••Highlight of the A-Best Roofing league this week was Jon McGin's 290 (784).

Jim and I are celebrating our 40th wedding anniversary this week (love you, Jimmy). Happy anniversary to Suzanne and Greg Grafinger who will mark their 30th anniversary on Tuesday, and to Karen and Scott Wallace, also married 30 years on Tuesday.••••A belated happy anniversary to Chuck and Carol Dunworth who celebrated their 13th anniversary yesterday.

Looking Back 60 years - Catherine Dinsmore supervised a clothing collection for Europe at the October 1948 Home Bureau meeting. Members were reminded to bring wrapping paper, cord for tying packages, “darning cotton which seems to be a scarce item overseas” and clothing in clean condition. Members were also advised to bring lunch, cup and spoon. ••••The PTA went on record as being opposed to the construction of a large airport on Grand Island. •••• Mary Louise Nice, Island native and daughter of the town’s first supervisor, was a candidate for Congress, and visited the Island Saturday evening, October 2, 1948 making stops at the Bedell House, Grandyle Village and Sandy Beach. She was honored with an old-time torchlight salute at the old Ferry Landing and a Welcome Home Mary meeting in the Baseline Road fire hall.

Looking Back 50 years - Proprietor Joe Creighton announced his sixth annual clam bake being held at the Edgewater Park Hotel, East River Road on Sunday, October 5, 1958. ••••Members and leaders of Grand Island's Boy Scout Troop 510 traveled by bus to West Point in September 1958. See Troop 510 Photo/Names.

Looking Back 40 years - Army 1st Lt. Allen E. Laible of Ferry Road was assigned to the First Cavalry Division, Airmobile, in Vietnam, as a forward observer.

Looking Back 30 years - Moore Business Forms, Inc., a $5 million Research and Development Center on Bedell Road, was formally opened with ceremony on Thursday, Oct. 5, 1978.••••Schools Superintendent Dr. Oscar J. Pultz resigned, giving the following reasons: “It is quite obvious that the philosophy of the majority members of the present Board of Education is quite different from my own. It apparently views its role as that of a watchdog rather than as a working partner in the operation of the schools.”

Looking Back 10 years - The Varsity Viking football game on October 2, 1998 was a Friday night thriller against Niagara Falls. The Vikings, led by Brad Greenfield, J. J. Tutwiler and Luke Edwards, took it away, 25-21 with a little more than three minutes to play.

Our sympathy to the families of Patricia Parkinson, James O. Dearlove, Alice Olrogge, Lynn M. Brenon and former residents David A. Hogrewe Sr., Michael O’Dea and Thomas O. Burrows, who recently passed away. Click Deaths for complete information.

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Rumors? The latest rumor about the former Ames store in the Grand Island Plaza is that it is going to open as a grocery store.

Island resident Dr. John Wiles will present a program on "Buffalo’s Heyday – a sentimental journey to old Buffalo" tonight at Historical Society headquarters, the landmark River Lea.••••A 5K Run and 1-Mile Fun Walk to benefit Grand Island Dollars For Scholars will be held Saturday.••••St. Stephen's 10th Annual Golf Challenge is set for Monday.•••• See our Calendar of Events for complete details on these and other Island events.

"Say a prayer for our guys over there." God bless America.

Thursday, September 25, 2008
Good morning Ann in Niagara Falls, NY, and good morning Paula in Manchester, CT.

There is currently a problem with Internet Explorer software, causing the most current news at Isledegrande.com to not automatically show up. It may be necessary to right click on the page, choose "refresh," in order to update the page. So sorry for the inconvenience. Hopefully the problem will be resolved soon.

The Town Of Grand Island has announced a photo contest. Check out
"Photo Contest" and get involved!

A very happy birthday to Lee Cohen celebrating a milestone on Tuesday.••••Happy birthday to Forrest Carr (7 today), Sammy Carpenter (5 today), Sean Christian Rustowicz (7 tomorrow), Nicholas Csendom (18 tomorrow), Sheila Kwapis (Saturday), Jacob Cali (4 on Saturday), Joanne Breier (Sunday), Adam Kaiser (his 25th on Sunday), Scott Steimle Jr. (10 on Monday), Penny Giambra (Tuesday) and Tom Ott Jr. (Wednesday). A belated happy birthday to Rev. Jeffrey Childs, new senior minister at Trinity UM Church, who celebrated on Saturday.

Best wishes to John and Joanne Podlucky, married 30 years on the 30th and to Audene and Chris Affuso, celebrating their 25th anniversary on October 1st.

Looking Back 50 years - The new Huth Road Elementary School opened on Friday, September 26 1958. ••••The Bedell Marina in Ferry Village was purchased by Brobeil Sales for an undisclosed sum. Francis G. Brobeil, a partner in the boat business, said the purchase was made from Fix Bros., headed by Clarence Fix. The facilities included storage for 125 boats, hoisting cranes and a winter storage room. ••••Winners of a 'hoola hoop' contest, held during a party given by the Richard Websters and the Andrew Somervills of Broadway, were Joyce Somerville and Dick Webster who "hooped it up" for 15 consecutive minutes.

Looking Back 40 years - Staff Sgt. Richard Trotter was cited for heroism in Vietnam just four months previous to his being killed in action. He died on September 26, 1968, the day the platoon he was leading was ambushed south of Saigon. Sgt. Trotter was the first Islander killed in action in the Vietnam conflict.

Looking Back 30 years - Race driver Richard DeCourcey, 27, lost his life after his 145 cu. in. hydroplane Why Not? "hooked" and flipped and was struck by another race boat during the 5th annual Frostbite Regatta in the Niagara River September 30, 1978.

Looking Back 20 years - A resident suggested a tunnel to alleviate traffic problems. "The river is neither deep nor wide. There must be tunnel expertise available locally. A tunnel doesn't need salt . . ., or need to be closed for snow or high winds."

Our sympathy to the families of Albert Colla, Judith Ann Pavis, Noreen Burke and former residents Harold A. Hawkins and Miriam B. Kennedy, who recently passed away. Click Deaths for complete information.

Dave Meyers will be honored during Saturday's Homecoming game. The game starts at 2 p.m. and Dave will be recognized during halftime. Wouldn't it be nice for everyone who knows Mr. Meyers to be at Masters Field on Saturday?

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Do you have a birthday or anniversary coming up? Do you have some good news you would like to share through the "Between the Bridges" column? Email me at teddy@giecom.net.

High school students have a 1/2 day only tomorrow. •••• The High School's Homecoming activities this weekend include "the bonfire," the varsity football team's game against Williamsville East at 2 p.m. Saturday at Masters Field and the dance the same evening. ••••Grand Island's CROP Walk begins in Beaver Island State Park on Sunday at 1 p.m.••••A pancake breakfast will be held Sunday morning at St. Stephen School on Baseline Road.••••A blood drive is scheduled for Tuesday at Fire Headquarters.•••• See our Calendar of Events for complete details on these and other Island events.

"Say a prayer for our guys over there." God bless America.

Thursday, September 18, 2008
Good afternoon Ryan in NYC, and good afternoon Scott in Washington DC.

Happy birthday to Marie Shoemaker and Vinny Wilson (today), Vickie Harnden, John McGinty, Peter McMahon, David Long and Sandy Arch (tomorrow), Julie O'Connor (cheers tomorrow), Christian Mason (11 tomorrow), Jennifer Fiels (Sweet 16 on Saturday), Madison Reese Nowak (7 on Sunday), Kenny Martina (16 on Wednesday) and Ann Manuse (her 95th birthday on Wednesday, September 24th.

Our family celebration of Jim's 65th birthday at the Village Inn over the weekend was tops in our book - as usual. Thank you, Katie Dulak, for the after dinner surprise - delicious does not begin to describe it!

Mike O'Dea was back in the hospital this past week and hopefully home by now. The former Islander remains in need of our prayers.

GIHS JV football parents and friends are true blue sports fans. The team lost to Sweet Home last weekend, however, according to my associate Jodi Robinson, whose son Liam Dodd plays JV football, Island fans outnumbered Sweet Home fans "2-1". Good luck this afternoon, JV! The Varsity Vikings play Ken-East at Ken-East at 2 p.m. on Saturday. Go Vikings!

Congratulations to Jon McGinn, who bowled a 299 (720) with the Friday Night Businessmen last week.

Looking Back 60 years - The Grand Island Home Bureau opened its fall season at a membership tea in the fire hall with 61 women attending. Recreation chairman Marion Klingel introduced Ruth Boettcher who sang the "Home Bureau Song," and was accompanied by Edna Gehrman.Ann Mitchell introduced Supervisor Daniel J. McNamee who spoke on the future of the Island.

Looking Back 50 years - Pupil registration in the Island school system reached 1940. This figure did not include high school students who attended school off the Island. The enrollment increase represented 200 pupils. ••••Grand Island Community Band members, approximately 80 adults and children, enjoyed a barbecue at the home of their director and his wife, Bill and Marion Pinkow of Westwood Drive.

Looking Back 30 years - The Niagara Chapter of the Antique and Classic Boat Society, Inc., held its Antique Boat Show at the Buffalo Launch Club for first time when 58 wooden runabouts and cruisers were displayed and put into action.••••Officers for the GIHS Class of ’79 were announced as President Greg Lewis, Vice Presidents Amy Lantz and Jim Ackerman, Secretary Donna Marlin and Treasurer Glen Gerspach.

Looking Back 20 years - The Art Society's annual Arts and Crafts Show was held Sunday, September 18, 1988 at River Lea in Beaver Island State Park. Society founder Kay Long served as hostess for the event. ••••At least five local clergymen attended the newly formed Women of the World (W.O.W.) when its first meeting was held September 22, 1988.

Our sympathy to the families of Roberto S. DiGregorio II, Albert Colla, Judith (Metzger) Pavis and former residents John Pudvin, James G. Scheublein, Dr. Harold A. Hawkins and Robert F. Hand who recently passed away. Click
Deaths for complete information.

Cheryl Frailey is doing what many of us have thought should be done about the intersection of Baseline and Fix roads. She's started a campaign for a 4-way stop or possibly a traffic signal. There are no meetings to go to or petitions to sign, just a suggestion to call the Erie County Highway Dept. at 858-8300 and express your opinion on the subject.

We welcome our newest advertiser, Grand Island Family Medicine to Isledegrande.com. Other advertisers spotlighted this week are Mallwitz's Island Lanes,   Mark J. Frentzel, Attorney  and  William J. Costello II Attorney. Be sure to check out these business websites and for information on advertising at Isledegrande.com, email Dan McMahon at Dan@giecom.net.

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An Open House at Grand Island High School takes place this evening at the school.••••The Knights of Columbus Pig Roast is set for Saturday.••••"Paws in the Park" (Beaver Island) takes place Saturday.•••• Island residents will take part in the Beach Sweep on Saturday morning.••••Scouts from Troop 254 will be collecting food for the needy on Saturday morning.••••A band concert including GIHS bands, will take place at Grinders Skate Park Saturday afternoon.••••A Children's Consignment Sale will be held at Trinity Church on Saturday and Sunday.••••River Lea, the Historical Society's museum and headquarters, will be open to the public on Sunday afternoon.••••A "Stroke Awareness Seminar" is being offered in Fire Headquarters on Tuesday evening.•••• See our Calendar of Events for complete details on these and other Island events.

Autumn begins Monday, September 22nd. Let the leaves fall! Let the sun shine!

"Say a prayer for our guys over there." God bless America.

Thursday, September 11, 2008
Good morning Mike in Pittsburgh, PA, and good morning Dan in San Diego, CA.

Cancer survivor four-year-old Ian Cameron, recently in Women's & Children's Hospital for tests, was visited by Buffalo Bills' rookies and is shown at left with offensive lineman Marcus Buggs. Ian is the son of Dona and Robert Cameron. Be sure to click the photo for a larger view, and see also another feature story on Ian on the Islanders In The News Page.

A belated happy birthday to Rita Class who celebrated on Sunday.•••• Happy birthday to Joseph Mesmer (today), to baby Callie Harding (her first birthday tomorrow), Christopher Sadkowski (2 tomorrow), Jim Ray (cheers on Saturday), Luann Pelliterre (a big one on Friday), Dan McMahon and Dave Cole (Saturday), Bethany Jane Kulikowski (4 on Saturday), Makenna Scalise (6 on Saturday), Rachel Olszewski (her 18th on Saturday), Gertrude Reimann (her 99th birthday on Sunday), Walter Killian and Sean Brinda (Sunday), Ava Staub (5 on Monday), Ryan Norton and Michael Ruland (both turning 10 on Monday), Jim Linenfelser Sr. and Jeff Long (Monday), Cathy Rayhill (a milestone on Tuesday), and Cal Gardner and Robert Grycel (Tuesday).

Best wishes to Bob and Judy Schmidt on their 43rd wedding anniversary today, to Andy and Joan Chambers marking their 40th on Sunday and to Yvonne and Michael Oliver, married 20 years on Wednesday.

Soccer mom Sandi Cunningham has written to say that both the Varsity and JV Girls Soccer Teams won their games against Mercy High School in Rochester. The Varsity score was 1-0 and the JV score, 4-1 (with 8 seconds left in OT!). Congratulations Lady Vikings.

Looking Back 60 years - The following was Island Dispatch editor Ollie Howard's response to a Letter to Editor that appeared in the Buffalo Evening News and was signed J.J V.: First, if he thinks Grand Island is such a “hick town” why does he wish to go into business there? Secondly, the “tow path” he mentions happens to have many lovely homes with spacious grounds which are valued at from $20,000 to $50,000. I wouldn’t exactly call this road a “tow path.”

Looking Back 50 years - Documentary proof that the State Thruway Authority promised town residents lower tolls when it took over the bridges in 1950 is being sought by town officials. ••••The right of the Niagara Frontier State Park Commission's action in fencing Spaulding Road at its intersection with Beaver Island Parkway was questioned at the town board meeting Monday, September 8, 1958. The town attorney was authorized to see if the NFPC had the legal right to cut off the road's access to the parkway.••••The Island's brand new bowling lanes opened as Grand Island Recreation, Inc. on Whitehaven Road and the building and bowling operation is still in existence today.••••Due to international regatta fans converging on the south bridge, both bridge lanes were used for one-way traffic at various intervals Sunday, September 7, 1958. The boat races took place at the Buffalo Launch Club.••••The first All Star Mustang game was held in Beaver Island Park on September 13, 1958 when the Braves beat the Yankees 13-8. Among members of the winning team were Red Snyder, Ted Filosofos Jr. Butch Davison, Don Tranter, John Gast, John Sarokon, Jim Conrad and Paul Denler.

Looking Back 40 years - Head Coach of the GIHS Varsity Football Squad, Gene Masters, announced the captains of the year’s offensive and defensive teams as Rich Martini (defensive field chief) and Scott Hennigar (offensive team leader).••••East River Road resident Sgt. Michael Smilinich, based at the McGuire Air Force Base, N.J., received the U. S. Air Force Commendation Medal for meritorious service as an administrative specialist at Phu Cat Air Base, Vietnam.

Looking Back 10 years - The resignation of Sidway School Principal Arlene Lewis was accepted with "deep regret and a sincere thank you" by Board of Education Vice President Tony Brindisi on September 17, 1998.

Our sympathy to the families of Josephine F. Paonessa, Alice Ruth Gardner and William B. Shickluna, who recently passed away. Click Deaths for complete information.

Our Varsity Vikings Football Team beat Lew-Port last Friday night and will meet Sweet Home at Masters Field on Saturday at 2 p.m. Our JV Vikings also beat Lew-Port's JV team and will be at Sweet Home for a 10 a.m. game Saturday. Go Vikings!••••The Riverside Athletic Club Connolly Cup committee’s honor roll for Week One includes Grand Island's Eddie Weiser. We're proud of you, Eddie!••••Congratulations to 15-year-old Nick Masiello who was the overall winner of the 5K race in Lewiston last Saturday.

Congratulations to the members of the Islettes Elite who took first place for majorettes, senior division in the Lewiston Peach Festival Parade on Saturday. The baton twirlers are under the direction of Heidi Sue Mumm.

Island native, Shirley Luther and her family had a visit from the CEO of Dunkin Donuts last weekend. John "Jack" Luther, who flew into the area on the company jet, is the cousin of Shirley's late husband, Bunny Luther. Jack and his wife have continued to keep in touch with Shirley and her daughters, Nancy Sandford, Carol Dunworth and Gail Click and their families through the years.

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Patriots Day, 9-11 Memorial Services are being held at Charles N. DeGlopper Memorial Post 9249 VFW at 7 p.m. this evening.••••Members of the Historical Society will hold their annual garage sale Saturday at 1570 Cox Road in Ferry Village. See Garage Sales for more.•••• See our Calendar of Events for complete details on these and other Island events.

"Say a prayer for our guys over there." God bless America.

Thursday, September 4, 2008
Good morning Marcia on West River, and good morning Becky in Rochester, NY.

Click photo for larger view
Joe Novak took advantage of the warm and summery Labor Day to enjoy playing baseball with his two sons. Dylan is pictured getting ready to swing the bat at the ball thrown by his father while his brother, Joey, watches. Mary Stewart took the picture.

Baby, you're not getting older, you're getting better! Click "Birthday Boy" ••••A belated happy 30th birthday to Timmy Pelletier who celebrated yesterday.•••• Happy birthday to Ilona Lang (today), to baby Grace Anne Carpenter (her first birthday today), to Peggy Hooper and Deb Remson (tomorrow), Lisa Mrkall and Judy Schmidt (Saturday), Margaret Ann Haller (cheers on Saturday), Anna Hammond (her 4th birthday on Sunday), Collin DeMartin (7 on Sunday), Mary Lou Kohlhagen (Monday), Morgan Goris (10 on Monday), Mikayla Claus (9 on Tuesday), Elizabeth Carpenter (3 on Tuesday), Dean Gallagher (a big one on Wednesday), and Michael Englert Jr. (his 10th birthday on Wednesday).

Gone but not forgotten. You're not getting older, you're just keeping up with the rest of us. Gail J. Lazenby celebrates the milestone birthday at his home in Lady Lake, Florida on Saturday. "Happy birthday, Gail." See Photo

Prayers and cards are in order for Dodie Dekdebrun who has been experiencing health problems.••••A speedy recovery to first grade teacher, Cheryl Stott who was injured in a motor vehicle accident on the Island last Saturday morning.••••Good news! Former resident Mike O'Dea has made some major improvements as he continues with his radiation treatments and chemo. So glad to hear this, Mike!

Happy days to Mel and Carol Ullrich, married 50 years on Saturday. The Ullrichs were married in Trinity EUB Church on September 6, 1958.•••• Best wishes to Major James Becker and Julie Becker who will celebrate their "lucky" 13th anniversary on September 9th. Happy anniversary to Don and Julie Dee and to Erin and Brian Russo celebrating their 10th anniversaries tomorrow.

There is a wonderful campaign going on, mostly through email, urging all to fly an American flag on Thursday, September 11. The goal is to have our flag flying outside every home, apartment, office, and store in the United States. This is part of the announcement that I received this week: "In the days, weeks and months following 9/11, our country was bathed in American flags as citizens mourned the incredible losses and stood shoulder-to-shoulder against terrorism. Sadly, those flags have all but disappeared. Our patriotism pulled us through some tough times and it shouldn't take another attack to galvanize us in solidarity. Our American flag is the fabric of our country and together we can prevail over terrorism of all kinds."

Looking Back 60 years - Grand Island Home Bureau’s schedule for the coming year included Etching on Aluminum Trays, Slip Covers, Christmas Gifts from the Kitchen, Interior Decorations, Wool Dresses, and "plastic bags."

Looking Back 50 years - The newly formed Grand Island Boating Association held its first regatta led by race director Ken Bush on Sunday, September 2, 1958 at the Bedell House in Ferry Village. ••••Pretty Michele Hamilton of East River Road was pictured in a bathing suit on Al Brinkman's Seabiscuit, the world and national champion F service runabout. ••••Sparked by a recent swimming ban imposed on West River residents by the Niagara Frontier Parks Commission, an open meeting was set for September 9, 1958 in the town hall for all residents interested in forming a town park and beach. ••••A 22-year-old Kenmore lifeguard made swimming history Thursday, August 14, 1958 by becoming the first person to complete a 28-mile swim around Grand Island. James F. (Fritz) Lavell, head lifeguard at Beaver Island State Park, accomplished the feat in 14 hours and 41 minutes. The swimmer began at the Island end of the north Grand Island Bridge at 6 a.m. and reached the point again at 8:41 p.m. In the coaching boat were Edward J. and Joseph Leibinger, and Robert Zuchowski, son of Beaver Island Park Superintendent Edward Zuchowski, who served as river guide.

Looking Back 40 years - Cpl. John Vinovrski returned from active duty with the U. S. Marines in Con Thein, Vietnam and Spec. 4 Martin C. Goss also returned to the Island from Vietnam, after serving with the 185th Maintenance Battalion in the U. S. Army.••••A bomb threat at the Island United Presbyterian Church was received by new pastor Rev. James G. Lockhard, and the NYS Police received a threat of a bomb planted on the North Grand Island Bridge. The first came during Rev. Lockhard’s installation service.••••Robert B. Lewis became the new principal of the middle school.

Looking Back 30 years - Forty-six school buses manned by some 60 drivers began pulling out of the bus garage and parking area behind Sidway School at 6:45 a.m. Thursday, September 7, 1978 to start another school year.

Looking Back 20 years - Ed Weiser won first prize of $2,500 in the Lake Trout Division of the ESLO (Empire State Lake Ontario) Derby. Ed was fishing with Islander Tom Fritschi of Viking Charters when the 14-pound, nine ounce Laker was caught on August 23, 1988 between the Niagara River and Olcott Harbor.

Our sympathy to the family of Craig Gushue who passed away yesterday. Click Deaths for complete information.

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The Historical Society's annual Pot Luck tonight at River Lea will feature a program by the Collections Committee of the new and interesting acquisitions now at the Society's museum in Beaver Island State Park.••••The Grand Island High School Varsity Vikings play Lew-Port at Lew-Port tomorrow night. Go Vikings!•••• Look for the Islettes Elite at the Lewiston Peach Festival Parade. The Parade starts at 11 a.m. Saturday on Center St. in the Village of Lewiston.•••• The Antique & Classic Boat Show takes place at the Buffalo Launch Club on Saturday.••••The GIHS Class of 2010 hosts an ice cream fundraiser at Adrian's on Saturday. ••••One Island, One Team, One Dream, To Be Drug Free meeting is scheduled for Tuesday.•••• See our Calendar of Events for complete details on these and other Island events.

Keep in mind, schools are open. Drive carefully.

"Say a prayer for our guys over there." God bless America.

Thursday, August 28, 2008
Good morning Erik in Fredericksburg, VA, and good morning Kimberly in Kendall, NY.

Let's hope the weather cooperates with some old fashioned August temperatures and sunny days for our Labor Day Weekend!

Happy birthday to Tina Montague (today), Sharon Nichols and Bob DeGlopper (tomorrow), Denise Filosofos and Judy Babel (Saturday), Joe Kobza and Taylor Cool (both turning 18 on Saturday), Tom Thomas and MaryBeth Bush (Sunday), Dave Hamlin (Monday), Daniel Senn (4 on Monday), Debbi Robinson (Tuesday), and Sammy Linenfelser (his tenth birthday on Wednesday).

Very best wishes to Olive and Bill Birch on their 60th wedding anniversary on Wednesday, September 3rd.••••Rene' Dodge and Nicholas Walworth were married on August 15th. Best wishes to Mr. and Mrs. Walworth.••••The children of Dan and JoAnn Linenfelser threw them a fabulous 40th wedding anniversary party this past Saturday. The Linenfelsers are parents of Christina Ramsperger, Dan Linenfelser, Matt Linenfelser and MaryJo Soto, all Island residents, and are the grandparents of 10.

A speedy recovery to Gregory Lambert who was injured last week while working a construction job at Wilson High School.

Looking Back 75 years - The Town Board agreed to pay transportation charges up to a certain amount for high school children traveling back and forth between the Island and the mainland for school in 1933.

Looking Back 60 years - Ollie Howard, editor of his Island Dispatch, noted, "Grand Island is a grand place to live," a slogan that is still popular today.••••Accent On Youth opened at the Grand Island Playhouse the first week of September 1948 and Jim Tranter, Buffalo Evening News radio editor, had the lead.••••Highlights for discussion at a town board meeting 60 years ago were trailers, tourist cabins, hot dog stands, spot zoning and the erection of garages and tool sheds before residences were built.

Looking Back 50 years - The Idle Hour Inn, formerly at 1600 East River Road near the south bridge, was relocated to 300 East River Road in the former Offermann residence in Ferry Village. Besides banquet and reception facilities, the new place also offered boat docking at the Niagara Marina for guests. Bowman Otto, who continued as proprietor, eventually moved the business back to the original East River location. ••••Dickie DiTullio won a hi fi LP record donated by Island Radio & TV at the Island's annual Harvest Picnic August 31, 1958.••••A blanket-clad man who had been "rescued four times" from the East River when his outboard motor boat ran aground, broke in on the town board meeting September 2, 1958 and was arrested.

Looking Back 40 years - Park Lane Discount, 1721 Grand Island Blvd., was advertising a "disposable," high fashion dress to the first 100 women, with the purchase of one gallon of Bruning Paint.

Looking Back 30 years - A meeting to establish the charter for the Grand Island VFW #9249 Women’s Auxiliary was held Tuesday, August 28, 1978 at the home of Joan Collins of Greenway Road.••••Skateboard Championships were held in the Town Hall parking lot when Ken Burngasser took first place in the boys division. Kurt Fischer and Arnold Jonathan placed 2nd and 3rd respectively. Tracie Dulniak was first in the girls division with Ellen Russell and Joanne Gorenflo taking 2nd and 3rd. ••••Operation of the new traffic light at Staley Road and Grand Island Boulevard went into effect Monday, August 28, 1978. This was the Island’s fifth signal.

Looking Back 10 years - The Town of Grand Island's website, www.Grand-Island.NY.US went on line and individual town government officials and employees were able to receive e-mail.

Our sympathy to the families of Evelyn M. Carlson, Emory G. Webb, Bob Carr, Joseph P. Pagano and former residents Hillari (nee Bell) Blount and Clifford J. Hunt who recently passed away. Click
Deaths for complete information.

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Schools open on Tuesday. Drive carefully.

See our Calendar of Events for a complete list of what's going on on Grand Island, NY. Also check out our Garage Sales Galore On Grand Island. Hey, you never know!

"Say a prayer for our guys over there." God bless America.

Thursday, August 21, 2008
Good morning Ann in Penfield, NY, and good morning Frank in Hope Mills, NC.

Click photos for larger view
Maureen Toth shared these photos of Linda Tufillaro and Dan Linenfelser after they grabbed five runaway horses on Whitehaven Road near the cemetery last Friday. The horses were spooked by "the dump truck traffic" according to Linda. "You really had to see it to believe it. This just doesn't happen in the city!" Maureen said.

Kassie Bennett was injured in a freak accident on Saturday. She suffered whip lash and pulled muscles in her back and neck. Her mom has written to say the family appreciates the quick response of the Grand Island Fire Company and its Rescue Squad.

Happy birthday to JoAnn Linenfelser (today's her big day!), Joelle-Yvette Marie Scheffler (8 today), Cassie Shickluna (her 10th on Friday), Justin Podgorny (6 on Friday), Brooke Chamberlain (15 on Saturday), Carol Mabey and Gregg Roesch (Sunday), AnnMarie Stewart (the big 5-0 on Sunday), Debbie Kaiser (cheers on Sunday), Ava Lyn Brandon and Melaina Laurelle Ranger (3 on Sunday), Arlene Wunsch (her 17th on Monday), Desire' Link (18 on Wednesday) and Luke Staub (3 on Wednesday).•••• A belated happy birthday to Maryann Hayes who celebrated yesterday.

Best wishes to Dave and Margaret Ann Haller who mark their 40th wedding anniversary on Sunday, to Ray and Debbie Billica celebrating their 30th anniversary on Monday, to Jim and Jackie Stewart on their first anniversary on Tuesday and to Skip and Judy Mazenauer, married 25 years on Wednesday.

Prayers are in order for Anita Cole who is undergoing radiation and chemotherapy treatment at Duke University. Please check the www.caringbridge.org/visit/anitacole and drop her a note and keep up with how she is doing.••••Mike O'Dea is having good days and some not as good. Thanks to his family for keeping us in the loop regarding Mike's illness.••••A speedy recovery to Harvey Long who is recovering from a fall. Cards of cheer may be sent to his home.

Looking Back 60 years - The following was published in the “Round the Island with Ollie Howard” column in the Island Dispatch in August 1948: "Speaking about the Master Plan beginning to take form – The Niagara River is Grand Island’s greatest asset. Unless we make the most of it, what will we have to offer the prospective homeowner? If there’s no access to the river, anyone living inland might just as well live in one of the other Buffalo suburbs."••••The town board moved that Supervisor Dan McNamee secure furniture for the election booth at Baseline and Bush roads, and also have the building wired, toilets moved, and chemical toilets installed, before the fall primary election.

Looking Back 40 years - It was announced by the State Parks Commission that funds would be available to finance a pedestrian overpass (foot bridge) over Beaver Island Parkway at Love Road.••••The Mets won the Minor I Division playoff championship 4-3 over the Cubs in GI Baseball League play. Met pitcher, Jim Whiting, struck out eight, while the Cubs’ Ken Carter fanned 11, giving up six hits. Andy Savoy, shortstop for the Mets, retrieved a grounder that got by the third baseman, then threw out the runner at first to end the fourth inning and stop a Cub rally.

Looking Back 30 years - Joan Droit and Lyn Laman headed the committee responsible for the Grand Island Historical Society's exhibit, “The Grand Island Cooperative Dairy,” displayed at the Erie County Fair. The dairy was located on Whitehaven Road from 1896 through the 1930s.

Our sympathy to the families of Teresa F. Galante and former residents Gayle Williams Wright, Ward V. Miller and Nora A. Butcher, who recently passed away. Click Deaths for complete information.

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Grand Island's Marc Scibilia will present a concert on Saturday at St. Timothy Lutheran Church.••••A "Summer Sendoff" Picnic & Jet Ski Poker Run is being held Sunday in Beaver Island State Park.•••• See our Calendar of Events for complete details on these and other Island events.

"Say a prayer for our guys over there." God bless America.

Thursday, August 14, 2008
Good morning Robert in Atlanta, GA, and good morning Karen in Kenmore, NY.

Click photos for larger view
We've certainly had our share of rain this summer and Sunday was a real washout! When the sun came out about 7:45 p.m. it was still pouring. We couldn't see any rainbows on Ferry Road but two of my readers have shared their photos. Chuck Berlinger captured the one on the left at the corner of Whitehaven and Grand Island Blvd. and Steven Howard, a Connor Middle School student, submitted the other that he took Sunday night at his home on Stony Point Road.

Sadly I report the closing of the Riverstone Grill. We had dinner there Sunday evening and were very happy with our meal, the service and everything about the place. Gift certificates will be reimbursed at the restaurant on August 20th, 21st and 22nd.••••The good news is realizing again that the Beach House Restaurant provides a fabulous lunch at yesterday's prices.

Miss Cathy's Dance Academy, under the direction of Cathy Thomas, will offer all aspects of dance as well as musical theatre, cheerleading and a Mommy & Me class. A registration and open house at her studio at 1917 Staley Road is being held from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. tonight (Aug. 14th) and at the same time on Monday evening, August 18th. Miss Cathy is celebrating her 40th season.

Happy birthday to Mitchell Clayton (8 today), Carson Suffoletta (10 tomorrow), Butch Davisson and Danna Podgorny (Saturday), Jim Mulcahy (a big one on Saturday), Jackson Stewart (two on Saturday), Maisie Mrkall (5 on Sunday), Jean Schlegel, George Bishop and Ryan Donohue (Sunday), Abigail Sullivan (Monday), Sarah Swagler (9 on Monday), Thomas Cauley (10 on Monday), David Long (Tuesday), Josh Kaplan (18 on Tuesday), Skip Fred (cheers and cake and candles on Wednesday) and Joey Martin (3 on Wednesday).••••A belated happy birthday to Dave Benko who turned 18 on Monday.

Please pray for former resident Mike O'Dea. Cards from his many friends may be mailed to his home and would be greatly appreciated. This is from a personal note I received from Mike today: "Doing well today! Hello to the many many old friends from the Island who each day send a note. I will see you all at the next reunion. You can bet on it!"

My Sidway School classmates, Marilynn Ford Fortner, Carole McMahon Wood and Marianne Shear Tranter are having a reunion in Orlando, Florida this week. "It's been 51 years since we have seen each other," Marianne writes. "We've been sharing old times, enjoying our yearbooks and pictures, catching up on our lives. It's wonderful to be together again with friends from our Sidway days!" Thanks for writing, Marianne.

Best wishes to Tom and Peggy Butler celebrating their 40th anniversary on Sunday and to Eileen and Jeff Stone, marking their 25th wedding anniversary on Monday.

Looking Back 60 years - The Chamber of Commerce called a special meeting upon hearing a report that the Federal government, at the insistence of Niagara Frontier pressure groups, was again planning to establish a large airport on Grand Island. The meeting was held August 9, 1948 at the Sidway School.••••In spite of nine traffic deaths in 1948 and in the face of strong public sentiment in favor of a full 10-foot addition, the NYS Public Works Dept. continued its plans to add only three feet to each side of the Express Highway (Grand Island Blvd.). ••••From the pages of the 1948 Island Dispatch: "The cool weather has resulted in a tapering off in the tavern business. If we were ever blessed with a hot July or August it would be some sort of a record. These cool nights are good for sleeping, but not for beer-drinking."••••Unpaid Island constables, Ted Klingel and Dick Hogue, were on the lookout for speeders in Grandyle Village according to the weekly paper in August 1948.

Looking Back 50 years - The Sandy Beach Park Club board of directors decided to construct eight boat slips next to the new dock being built in 1958. A program for the 1959 season included plans for the construction of 40 more slips. ••••A state grant of $2096.72 to the Town of Grand Island was approved for preparation of preliminary plans for a sanitary sewer system and pumping station for the proposed Sewer District 3. Estimated cost was $419,344. ••••Eleven-year-old Wayne Kinney was operating his own business, an animal sitting service at 50 cents a day and rode his bike ten miles a day in order to feed, water and walk two beagles left in his charge. •••• Russell Kortum pitched a perfect game as the Grand Island Little League Baltimore Orioles won the Little League championship baseball game. The Washington Senators were the runner-up team. Do any of my readers have the team photos? ••••Grand Island Lions Club members cruised from the Edgewater Hotel on East River Road to the LaSalle Yacht Club on August 13, 1958, where they had dinner and then took a ride around the entire Island aboard Joe Creighton's 32' "Wheeler" and Larry Holcombe's 45' cruiser, "The Bat."

Looking Back 30 years - The parking lot of the Sandy Beach Yacht Club was said to be a gathering place for large groups of teenagers in the summer of 1978. “This has become a neighborhood nuisance as it is a dispersing point for dope, beer and hard liquor,” an Island Dispatch story stated. "These groups number from 20 to 60 people of which the majority are underage drinkers. These people not only come from all over the Island but as far away as Buffalo," the article stated. •••• Island young people showing their horses at the Hoofbeats and Equestrians Open Junior Horse Show at Chestnut Ridge Park included Lynn Tetreault on Amron’s Little Gal, Ruth Loree on Cricket J.D., Amy Gicewicz on Spider Man, Becky Schultz on Vaquero Ike, Mary Schultz on Bourbon King, Debbie Mesmer on Sunny on Saturday, August 5, 1978. Lynn won two first place ribbons and Ruth Loree won a first.

Looking Back 20 years - Our neighbor, Carol Volk is celebrating 20 years as owner/operator of Hairitage Hair Salon.

Looking Back 10 years - The town board on Monday, August 17, 1998 voted 5-0 to abolish the office of Receiver of Taxes and Assessments and transfer those duties to the office of Town Clerk, subject to a mandatory referendum in November 1998.

Our sympathy to the families of Norma Weast and former resident Nora A. Butcher who recently passed away. Click Deaths for complete information.

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Former resident and singer/songwriter Stacy Clark will perform on Wednesday, August 20th at the Town Ballroom, 681 Main Street in Buffalo. •••• And speaking of music, Louise Alessi and Lynn Quarantella will host an outdoor concert Sunday afternoon at their Town Cafe restaurant on Grand Island Blvd. Featured will be the "2nd Time Around" band.

See our Calendar of Events for complete details on Isle happenings.

"Say a prayer for our guys over there." God bless America.

Thursday, August 7, 2008
Good morning Barbara in Dunedin, FL, and good morning Laura in Oakland, CA.

A very happy 60th anniversary goes out to Islanders Joseph and Marie Dowd. The Dowds were married on August 7, 1948.••••Happy anniversary to Beth and Eric Boron celebrating their 25th on Wednesday, the 13th, and to David and Sally Khreis, married 20 years on Wednesday.

Happy birthday to Melvin Rupp III and Leann Vanthoff (milestones tomorrow), Joel Stoorza (25 tomorrow), Danny Dinsmore Jr. (10 tomorrow), Marcy Buell, Evelyn Lewis and Millie Weiser (Saturday), Geoff Webb (10 on Saturday), Lindsey Smith, Doug Harding and Clark Nesbitt (Sunday), Barbara Birt and Brett Simon (Monday), Michelle Webb (cheers on Monday), Eileen Krause (3 on Monday), Kodie Shamrock (16 on Tuesday), Mathew Aronica (6 on Tuesday), Doug Rothenberg (Tuesday), and William Russell Click (6 on Wednesday).

Looking Back 60 years - Among the local girls who served as ushers at the brand new Grand Island Playhouse under the chairmanship of Joyce Sheehan were Jean and Joan Buckhout, Lois Roesch, Gertrude and Elizabeth Nachbaur, Shirley Kean, Dorothy Mahnk, Doris Dekdebrun, and Shirley Newman. The production season at the Playhouse, originally planned to run eight weeks, was extended to September 12, closing date of the last play of the season. Installation of a telephone at the Playhouse box office helped facilitate ticket sales.

Looking Back 50 years - Attendance at Beaver Island State Park continued to break records 50 years ago. Sunday, July 27, 1958 may have been the biggest day the Park ever had, according to Arthur Williams, executive secretary of the Niagara Frontier State Park Commission. Mr. Williams estimated 30,000 persons and 4,400 cars in the park.••••Island residents voted 196 to 146 in favor of legalized bingo games, much to the appreciation of the Grand Island Volunteer Fire Company whose members profited approximately $200 on the games during their August 2, 1958 field day.•••• New postal rates went into effect August 1, 1958 when cost of a postage stamp went from 3 cents to 4 cents.

Looking Back 40 years - Park Lane Discount at 1721 Grand Island Blvd. advertised Hazel Bishop fashion lipstick at 29 cents and cigarettes at $3.15 per carton.••••In Recreation Commission Softball news, Dan Mancuso was Trinity Church's man of the hour in a tense 10-9 victory over Burkes Five at Huth Road Field in July 1968. The Trinity third baseman hit a grand-slam home run to put his team ahead 9-5 in the second inning and when that lead was frittered away, he tripled in the seventh, then scored on Ray Billica's clutch single. Rev. Jim Lange took over Trinity's mound chores in the fifth inning and collected the victory with three innings of shut-out, one-hit relief.••••Joyce Mondry (Warning) served as ringmaster at a neighborhood carnival at the corner of Bruce Lane and Sheree Drive on August 3, 1968. Assisting were Carol Mondry (Zimmerman) and Judy Mondry (Trafelski) and Dennis, Gary, Frank and Dawn DeMarco. Proceeds were for the benefit of muscular dystrophy victims.

Our sympathy to the families of Homer J. Groff and Gordon B. Claffey Sr. who recently passed away. Click
Deaths for complete information.

Thanks to Dorothy Bennett for the nice write-up in our "Thumbs Up" Restaurant Reviews column. Dorothy writes about the Riverstone Grill, opened this spring by Don Carter in the former BA's Saloon on East River at Colony Road.

A tip of the hat to Buffalo News reporter Jane Kwiatkowski on her very interesting feature article on the M.O.G. Medically Oriented Gym, published over the past weekend. See Buffalo News Story

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The Community Chorus will present a concert tonight in the high school auditorium.••••The annual Island Hoopla Basketball Tournament will be held at St. Stephen's on Saturday.••••The Republican picnic is set for Saturday.••••The Record Breakers Relay For Life Team will offer pie and drinks at the Tuesday night band concert.••••One Island, One Team, One Dream to be Drug Free meets Tuesday in the town hall.••••A blood drive will be held at the K of C Hall on Tuesday.•••• See our Calendar of Events for complete details on these and other Island events.

"Say a prayer for our guys over there." God bless America.

Thursday, July 31, 2008
Good morning Jeff in Bluffton, SC, and good morning Joyce in Flagstaff, AZ.

A belated happy birthday to Patrick Birt who was just in town to celebrated his milestone with his family. Happy birthday to Jenna Hutzler (17 today), Raymond Fisher II (21 today), Honey (Austin) Atkins (today), Edward Weiser Jr. (cheers today), Hannah Linenfelser (her 11th birthday tomorrow), Marissa Lange (18 tomorrow), Suzanne Grafinger and Barbara Kennedy (Saturday), Samantha Gieselman (17 on Saturday), Mathew Riley (18 on Monday), Jack Daniel Bridenbaker (4 on Monday), Alexis Ouchakov (3 on Tuesday), Katrina Linenfelser and John Fletcher II (6th birthdays on Wednesday) and Carol Moore (Wednesday).

A speedy recovery to Islanders Christian and Adam Garlapow who suffered extensive burns when their boat exploded Tuesday afternoon in the Mid River Marina basin just across the river. See
Boat Explosion for story.

Island residents Eddy and Patty Niemann are returning to Boldt Castle, Alexandria Bay, to celebrate their wedding anniversary. Two years ago, "on or about" August 5th the two eloped to Alex Bay and were married in the Italian Gardens at Boldt Castle. Romance! Don't you love it?

Best wishes to Marjorie and Fred Parks who recently celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary with their family. The Parks were married June 21, 1958.••••If you see Curt and Kim Nestark, wish them a happy anniversary.••••Happy days to Barb and Junior Eastman who recently celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary.

Barbara Anderson spent a wonderful week camping in the Thousand Islands with her children, Mark, Mike, Pattie, Kathy and Carol and their families. Barb, whose home is now in Florida, is here for the summer and is a big fan of Isledegrande.com. What's next Barb? Email???

Thanks to Carol Roesch for the photos - Click for larger view
Gary, Todd and Greg Roesch held their annual fishing derby over the past weekend and put on their usual fabulous time. On the right of the small group is Mike Clarke along with Donny Dee and his fishing harem who hauled in their share of the fish, placing 5th or 6th for pounds.

Looking Back 60 years - The 1948 death toll on the Express Highway (Grand Island Blvd.) as of August 1st was at nine dead when two cars met in a head-on collision near Baseline Road. In spite of those nine traffic deaths and in the face of strong public sentiment in favor of a full 10-foot addition, the NYS Public Works Department was continuing plans to add three feet to each side of the present "Express Highway."

Looking Back 50 years - The new homes on Carter Drive were being advertised by Peacock Homes Inc.••••Al Brinkman, in his white and red trimmed Seabiscuit, broke the record for F Service Runabouts at the Eastern States championship regatta in 1958. The record was 63.213 mph and Brinkman's new record was 64.062.

Looking Back 40 years - DeLinda Albach and Chris Sommer (Weaver) were supervising summer activity programs in Beaver Island State Park where brothers Charlie and Mike McDonough participated in a pirate theme, complete with costumes. •••• Chevy Too Much, owned by Rod Alt and George Lang and driven by Howie Benns, beat 22 other race boats to take the national championship at the National Inboard Regatta at Isleview Park in Tonawanda over the July 27-28, 1968 weekend.

Looking Back 30 years - Recognized anyone in this St. Stephen School graduating Class of 1978? See today's Old Photo Album for the complete photo and names.

Looking Back 20 years - Grand Island took legal action against the owners of a private tourist information booth in operation for several weeks on Grand Island Blvd. across from the state controlled tourist center in the Burger King Restaurant. The owner was summoned to court for the following violations of town laws: doing business without a license, site plan approval or certificate or occupancy as well as solicitors' licenses for employees. And that's not all! Islanders were all a buzz over the great big sign out front that said, "Welcome to Niagara Falls!"

Looking Back 10 years - Tucker's Store in Ferry Village was going through an entire face lift in 1998 and the end result is most attractive.

Friends and neighbors of former resident Mike O'Dea are asked to keep him in your thoughts and prayers. Mike became ill over the July 4th weekend and is now undergoing treatment for cancer. Notes may be sent to Mike O'Dea, 323 Lexington Blvd., Carmel, IN 46032. ••••Mary A Dunbar-Daluisio is facing cancer treatments with the strength of a gladiator or should that be the strength of an angel. You're in our prayers, Mary.

Former resident Patti (Williams) Meyer is mighty proud of her new great granddaughter, Kailynn Rain Campbell, born at the stroke of midnight on July 24th weighing seven pounds, two ounces. The baby is the daughter of Patti's grandson, Robbie and his wife, Somer.

Our sympathy to the family of Adolphe H. Amand who recently passed away. A memorial service for Carol I. Dean will be held on Saturday. Click Deaths for complete information.

Congratulations to Lisa Hullenmaier, who competed in the Niagara County Fair's English horse riding and jumping competitions and took first place in the Senior English Showmanship category.••••Congratulations also to Shannon Becker who took first place with her horse in both the Children Hunter Over Fences and the Novice Equestrian over Fences categories.

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Our own very famous "Ramblin' Lou Family Band" performs on Tuesday evening at Klingel Town Common Gazebo.••••National Night Out brings all kinds of interesting things to the Town Commons Tuesday night.••••Mark your calendar for the Grand Island Community Chorus concert set for Thursday, August 7th.•••• See our Calendar of Events for complete details on these and other Island events.

"Say a prayer for our guys over there." God bless America.

Thursday, July 24, 2008
Good morning Dorothy and Al in Italy, and good morning Justin in Lagos, Nigeria.

A wish for a very happy birthday goes out to Tim Phillips, sent in by his five sisters, Paula in Tonawanda and sometimes Ireland; Maureen in Oregon; Shelby and Michol in Washington and Linda in Italy. Tim, who will celebrate on Monday, the 28th, is a member of the GIHS Class of '73 and is a commercial airline pilot, seldom home for his birthday, one of the sisters explained.•••• Happy birthday to Sue Hartman, Kathy Smith and Mike Goris (today), Kady Liesenfeld (10 today),
Liz Reimann and Eleeta Hughes (Saturday), Ruth Englert and Bob Schmidt (Sunday), Danny Buckley and Cheryl Kloesz (cheers and best wishes on Sunday), Casey Dahlstrom (his 20th on Monday), Sam Clark (18 on Monday), Ellie Zarbo and Janet Badame (Tuesday), and Ralph Lommer (a big one on Wednesday).

Happy anniversary to Fred and Andy Bidell, married 35 years on Monday; to Dolly and Tony D'Orazio, celebrating their 40th on Monday; and to Donnette and Mike Rayhill, marking a 30th anniversary on Tuesday.

Looking Back 60 years - The average daily attendance of Girl Scouts and Brownies at the first day camp behind Sidway School July 27-30, 1948 was 54 girls. Under the leadership of Camp Director Mrs. Robert McVittie, and Assistant Director Mrs. Frank Mitchell and ten adult leaders, an interesting program with an Indian Village theme was carried out. Girls made tom-toms, war clubs and teepees. Each group had a cook-out, the girls learned camp songs, and took nature hikes and the Girl Scouts had an over-night at the camp. •••• A plane that took off from the Niagara Falls airport 10 minutes previous, went out of control and crashed to the ground on the estate of the late Frank Offermann, just off the East River Road about 6:05 p.m. Saturday evening, July 31, 1948. The pilot, Daniel J. Ott of Niagara Falls, was instantly killed and less than 15 minutes later an ambulance, speeding to the scene of the crash, was wrecked and two men were killed. According to eye-witness, Roy W. Klopp of East River Road, the plane had been flying at about 1000 feet and had been stunting for several minutes. “He dived to about 500 feet and pulled out of it. Then the plane stalled, rolled over and dove to the ground,” Mr. Klopp said.••••Through the use of rollers, the Trinity Evangelical Church was moved a distance of over 200 feet from its original site on Whitehaven Road to a new foundation to allow for the addition of the new wing on the west side of the church. Estimated to weigh over 90 tons, the church and its 70-foot tower were moved without damage. I remember this exciting day. Betty Campbell invited my sister, Mary Ellen and I to go with her and her children, Roy and Judy, to watch the move.

Looking Back 50 years - A record for completing the water circuit around the Island was made in July 1958 when Al Brinkman of East River Road, piloted his 10-foot, 321 hp Seabiscuit to a spectacular victory in the Buffalo and Tonawanda Powerboat Association's Around Grand Island Marathon. Al and his driving mechanic, Herb Gielow, completed the 28-mile course in 28 minutes, 19 seconds to beat Dr. Charles Pankow's 1956 record by five minutes and 13 seconds. ••••Bill Jacobs belted two balls over the fence for two home runs on July 24, 1958 when his team, the Wacos, beat Houston 12-8. The local weekly paper also praised the pitching of Bill Craver (Wacos) and center fielder Ron Rezabek of the Houston team.••••Island voters went to the polls at town hall on July 26, 1958 to decide if bingo could be played at the Fire Company's annual firemen's picnic. The vote was 196 to 146 in favor of allowing the game that church leaders opposed on the grounds that bingo is gambling and therefore immoral.

Looking Back 40 years - It was announced that the Grand Island Post Office would be moving ”lock, stock and mailbags” from Ernie Godfrey’s store on Whitehaven (now Klingel Town Commons) to a new location in the Grand Island Plaza, 2375 Grand Island Blvd.

Looking Back 30 years - When Donald Martinick of Riverdale Drive heard the frantic screams of 2-year-old Janine Wolfe's mother, he went to the child's aid and saved her life with mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. The baby had nearly drowned in the family pool. •••• Water line breaks on the Island on Monday, July 24, 1978 caused the Island to be without water for several hours.

Looking Back 10 years - The Spaulding-Sidway Boathouse at 2296 West Oakfield Road was named to the National Register of Historic Sites and so dedicated on Tuesday, July 21, 1998. Leading the dedication ceremony was William Koch, vice chairman of the Erie County Preservation Board.

Thanks to Kelly Gast for the photos - Click for larger view
Don Burns was in his glory, and weren’t we all. The event was a step back in time for many of us attending "The Don Burns – 50 Years of Music" cruise on the Grand Lady Sunday - truly a smashing success. Credit for much of the planning goes to Dan McBride. The thunder and lightening gave up the ghost in time for all to board this beautiful boat without jackets or rain gear! Perfect evening, and thanks to everyone who made it happen.

Our sympathy to the families of Phyllis L. Smith, Diane (Dee) Russell, Joshua Greene and former residents Edward L. Mesmer and Ronald W.Allen who recently passed away. Click Deaths for complete information.

Be sure to check out the "Budwey's Supermarket Coupon" for their "Let Us Pay For Your Gas" promotion and save $5 towards your gas, plus the savings on groceries. Well worth the trip off the Island. Isledegrande.com publisher Reg Schopp saved at least $30 on his last grocery bill by shopping at Budwey's. See the "Budwey's Supermarket" webpage for this week's savings.

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Paddles Up Niagara 2008 begins early Saturday morning.••••The Dick Pendleton Memorial Super Cruise will be held at the VFW Post on Sunday.••••The Relay For Life Team, Record Breakers, will offer hot dogs and drinks at the town sponsored band concert Tuesday evening.•••• See our Calendar of Events for complete details on these and other Island events.

"Say a prayer for our guys over there." God bless America.

Thursday, July 17, 2008
Good morning Sally in Catonsville, MD, and good morning Debbie in Rowlett, TX.

Click photo for larger view
Cute little patriotic, isn't she? This unidentified baby girl was photographed during the July 4th parade by former Island resident Beth Hamilton~Boening (GIHS Class of 1979) of Eva, AL. Beth was in the area to visit a newborn grandson and also made time to get over to River Oaks to catch up with the Class of '78.

Click photo for larger view
Another dear little parade watcher! Carol Kohlhagen Hamlin is shown with her daughter, Stacey Zahradnik and her granddaughter, Megan who celebrated her first birthday last month. The photo was taken by my sister, Mary Stewart, who is enjoying the results of a new digital camera.

Former longtime resident Henrietta Hunt celebrates her 100th birthday on Saturday. Cards may be sent:
C/O Masonic Care Community
Buffalo Household Niagara Neighborhood, Rm. D 101 A
2150 Bleecker St.
Utica, NY 14350

A message to our servicemen and women: The silent majority of Americans appreciate what you are doing "over there." Let us know your current rank and email/U.S. address so people across the nation can keep in touch. Email to teddy@giecom.net.

Happy birthday to Paul Gerspach and Mary Kay Patmos (today), Kevin Kloesz (25 on Saturday), Andrew Sander (a teenager on Saturday), Bill Shaw, Lisa Bagley and Leah Gollwitzer (Saturday), Tracy Senn (Sunday), Sue Carter (cheers on Sunday), Paul Long (entering his teens on Monday), Joan Tommasulo and Frank Greco (special greetings Monday), Betty Raepple, Ron Samland and Bob Hooper (best wishes on Tuesday), Don Webb (Wednesday's the day), and Maya Jean Pecoraro (5 on Wednesday).

Courtney Dempsey and Gary Courtney Jr. (Grand Island High School Class of '89) are the winners of the Us Magazine dream wedding. Congratulations to Courtney and Gary. We hope Isledegrande.com had something to do with the voting outcome. See http://www.usmagazine.com/wedding-2008-winner

Longtime resident Leah Gollwitzer, who is now residing at the McAuley Residence in Kenmore, has a phone in her room. Friends are encouraged to call her at 877-0904. I'm sure she will enjoy hearing from you.

Alfred Bykowicz celebrated his 79th birthday in style last Saturday with a party attended by friends and family at the Sandy Beach Park Club. Happy birthday, Al.

That's Sean Mesmer with his new baby brother, Ian Franklin, born June 5th. The boys are the children of Russ and Erin Mesmer. Be sure to see the baby's official announcement on our Islanders In The News Page

The Grand Island’s Independence Day parade will not be shown on television. For over 20 years, the parade has been telecast on cable TV, however rumor has it that Time Warner refused to come out to the Island as the other companies have done for so many years.

Looking Back 60 years - Regarding the future West River Parkway and printed in the "Round the Island with Ollie Howard" column in the Island Dispatch: "Yes, GI is the playground for the Niagara Frontier and the burying ground for the hopes of folks who bought property along the beautiful west branch of the Niagara River. Our great State of New York, protector of the people, has notified West River Property Owners that they no longer own their homes and that they must pay rent to the state which in turn, will pay them the immense sum of fifteen dollars a ft. for their homesteads. Of course the State will immediately build a magnificent highway along the water’s edge and everybody will be happy. Happy?"

Looking Back 50 years - Little League all stars including David Haller, Mike Madia, Joe Muench, Lowell Anderson and Russell Kortum, entered the first round of an elimination on the Baseline Road ball field opposite the fire hall on Saturday, July 19, 1958. •••• Linda Wheeler, Alice Stack (Schwertfager) and Helen Olsen (Szymanski) camped on the Kiwanis Youth grounds off Bush Road with their leaders, Betty Wheeler and MaryLou Kohlhagen and completed the pioneer camping requirement to get their curved bar. ••••The flood of 25,000 visitors to Beaver Island Park on Sunday, July 13, 1958 caught refreshment stands short of supplies and soft drinks, ice cream and food vanished by early afternoon.

Looking Back 40 years - Some of the Lions Club members helping out with the annual handicapped children’s picnic at the Buffalo Launch Club in 1968 were Rod Alt, Larry Hagerman, Joe Hollywood, Don Frazer, Ed Kennedy, Bud Pritchard, Ed Falsetti, Milt Pitts, Henry Butler and Karl Long.•••• Clayton Ames, the school district’s superintendent of buildings and grounds, reported that the middle school construction was progressing – concrete floors of classrooms in Unit B had been poured, roof deck started, windows 50%. And in Unit A. the roof was on and inside partitions and lathe was going up on schedule.

Looking Back 30 years - The long sought traffic signal at the five-way intersection of Staley Road and the Boulevard near the South Bridge was being installed. •••• “Skate Country will be run the way it was in the beginning when we reopen on July 21,” owner Richard Searns stated emphatically. “It will definitely not be a hangout – we want it to have the opposite image. It will be clean, with security guards – a good neighbor for other businesses in the Grand Island Plaza.” ••••A Grand Island Junior Shooting Program began for ages 14-16. Instructors for the Grand Island Rod & Gun Club program were John Fassbaugh Jr., Jack Little and Bob Schmidt. Young people leading the scoring were Maria Zannin, Sue Campbell, Jeff Dinsmore and Chuck Berlinger. •••• The Sandy Beach Park Club held its Annual kids picnic and parade on Saturday, July 22, 1978. Among costumed youngsters were the group from the movie, “Grease,” Beth Wozniak, Lisa Kazmierczak, Debby Gray, Kelly, Maryanne and Ed Argy who won a first prize.

Our sympathy to the families of Dorothy Lane, Nancy DeGlopper and Felicia DeMartin and former residents Willliam (Billy) P. Engel and David M. Forbes Jr. who recently passed away. Click Deaths for complete information.

Former Island resident John Cunningham and his wife, Sherri, have embarked on a new adventure since his recent retirement from the Navy. They are the proud proprietors of Ann O'Malleys Deli & Pub, in the heart of the Historical Spanish District of St. Augustine, FL. They invite all Islanders (current and former) to visit them while in town!

This week's spotlighted Isledegrande.com advertisers are Chateau Motor Lodge,   Sandi's Family Restaurant    M.O.G. (Medically Oriented Gym)   and    Holiday Inn. Be sure to check out these business websites and for information on advertising at Isledegrande.com, email Dan McMahon at Dan@giecom.net.

Thanks to Karen Carr Keefe who made sure we had the results and update on the Leon D. Carr Disc Golf Tournament Fundraiser that was held in Beaver Island State Park on Saturday, July 5th. According to Karen, one of Leon's friends from New York City found out about the fundraiser on Isledegrande.com and came to the event!

The Historical Society will offer Root Beer Floats at Tuesday night's band concert.••••An American Red Cross blood drive will be held at Fire Headquarters on Tuesday.•••• See our Calendar of Events for complete details on these and other Island events.

"Say a prayer for our guys over there." God bless America.

Thursday, July 10, 2008
Good morning Jenny in Rushford, NY, and good morning Don in Hilliard, OH.

Bonnie Sciuk is mighty proud of being a Grand Island resident since 1958. See our
Guestbook for her entry and then be sure you've signed in. Nice way to hear from long lost friends.

A diamond ring was found at the Sidway Reunion on Saturday, July 5th. See our classified page if you have lost a ring!

A special happy birthday from friends of Susan Andrews, celebrating today, and Debbie Moriarty, born on July 12th.•••• Happy birthday to Robert Fraser and Alfred Bykowicz (today), Abby Englert (Sweet 16 today), Paul Eberhard (tomorrow), Janet Leathers and Melissa Pitek (Sunday), Taylor Benton (8 on Sunday), Sarah Chamberlain (a teenager on Sunday), Larry Braddell (Monday), David A. Anderson II and Sean Steckelberg (both celebrating 20th birthdays on Tuesday), and Betty Clement and Carolyn Doebert (Wednesday).

A very happy anniversary goes out to John and Rachel Braddell who will celebrate their 10th tomorrow and also to Sean and MaryAnn McMahon, marking their 15th wedding anniversary on Wednesday.

This is the Jon Cinelli family watching the July 4th parade and Fire Chief Greg Butcher giving Betsy Cali, the photographer, the wave.

That's Krist Haag running in the Bessel Road Race on the 4th with his one-year-old son, Matisse,.

My hero, Terry Swain is shown on the left and Alivia Manzo is pictured on her 4th birthday when she marched in the July 4th parade. Thanks to Pat and Bob Haag for all three photos.

Looking Back 50 years - Marion Tranter and Marion Klingel were co-chairmen of a record hop sponsored by Isle Teen Town Committee in the Kaegebein School gym on Thursday evening, July 10, 1958. Bob Wells, a WEBR radio personality, emceed the hi teen record hop. •••• "Skip" Loper was the guest of honor at a surprise farewell party given by Rich and Turk Swan and Ron Rezebek of the Houston ball team. Skip was presented with a ball mitt by the members of the Ft. Worth team and the three boys of the Houston Team as a lasting tribute to a "good sport." The Loper family was leaving Grand Island.

Looking Back 40 years - Rick Raepple pitched his Washington team into a two-way tie for first place in the Major division of the Grand Island Baseball League with a no hit, no run pitching game over Boston. In complete control throughout, Raepple issued no walks and struck out 17. Boston’s only base runner reached first on an error.

Our sympathy to the families of Dorothy M. Lane, Helen K. Jarosz, Nancy E. DeGlopper, Anthony Genova, and former resident Catherine Ann Lecksell who recently passed away. Click Deaths for complete information. ••••Grand Island Rod & Gun Club member, Richard P. Radtke passed away on July 1st.

A tip of the ball cap to Joe Amsdill who has been providing updates and photos of his Vipers girls softball team. Boy, these girls are good!

This week's spotlighted Isledegrande.com advertisers are Island Prescription Center,   McMahon's Family Restaurant  Kelly's Country Store  and  Riverview Chiropractic. Be sure to check out these business websites and for information on advertising at Isledegrande.com, email Dan McMahon at Dan@giecom.net.

A benefit Pig Roast is being held tomorrow at the Niagara Sailing Club.••••St. Martin's Chicken BBQ and Silent Auction takes place on Saturday.••••The annual Friends Of Lynnette Chinese Auction and Bike Tour is set for Saturday.••••St. Timothy Lutheran Church offers a rummage Sale Saturday.••••The Historic Trinity Garden Tour is being held on Saturday.••••The Fire Company Ladies Auxiliary will be selling hot dogs at the band concert Tuesday evening.••••"One Island, One Team, One Dream, To Be Drug Free meets Tuesday in the first floor conference room at Town Hall.••••The Grand Island Community Chorus welcomes interested singers to join the rehearsal set for Tuesday night.••••The Tuesday, July 15th blood drive is cancelled.••••Wednesday, July 16th is the date of the Lions Club's annual "Special Kids Picnic at the BLC.••••See our Calendar of Events for complete details on these and other Island events.

"Say a prayer for our guys over there." God bless America.

Thursday, July 3, 2008
Good morning Mandy in Temple, GA and good morning Lisa in Lehigh Acres, FL.

Grand Island, for the 40th year, will celebrate Independence Day with a parade. Citizens of the Island, headed up by Doris Ryan were responsible for the Island’s first large scale July 4th parade in 1969.

A warm welcome to all who are coming into town for the July 4th holiday and class reunions, especially my former baton twirling students who include Cathy Haller, Amy Valone, Terry Burns, Robin Schendel, Valerie Goris, and Michelle Gaydica. Look for us in the parade. As head of the Teddy's Islettes reunion appearance, I would like to sincerely thank Mark Smith and his Solid Gold Entertainment (sound), Joe Mahfoud (music), and Terry and Valerie Swain for helping make this possible.

Thanks to Dan McMahon for this link to
"Unclaimed Winning Lottery Tickets" - sold on Grand Island in such businesses as Tops and Wilson Farms. Check it out. "Hey, you never know."

That's Jake on the left and he is back home with the Moore family of Ransom Road. The family sincerely appreciates the Isledegrande.com readers who called with news of their missing kitty that helped bring him home.••••Also listed as missing this week and now home with his family, the Shivers, is Kingston (right), a Boston Terrier.••••And last but not least, Makita, a yellow lab, has returned to the Kenney family.

Nice to see Leah Gollwitzer out shopping on the Island with daughter, Sally Goris. Leah is living in the McAuley Residence in Kenmore.

Happy birthday to Ed McCaffery (today), to Val Fraser (special greetings today), Rev. Bob Vandermey and Marty Remmes (Saturday), Fred Mumm (Sunday), Jacob Zimmerman (a teenager on Sunday), Brianna Mysliwiec (a teenager on Tuesday), Matthew Brady (his 20th on Tuesday), Betty Barrett (cheers on Wednesday), Lois Martene and Bernice Dinsmore (Wednesday), Vivian Smudski (95 on Wednesday), and T.J. Slipko III (19 on Wednesday).

Best wishes to former residents Sue and Rich Benns who will be married 40 years on Sunday, July 6th.

John Bidell and Samantha Gieselman
Grand Island High School graduation ceremonies last Thursday night provided a very enjoyable evening. Long to be remembered will be student speaker Shana Wierchowski's speech, the long-lasting, booming applause and standing ovation when Michael Dinsmore rolled his wheelchair across the stage in Kleinhans Music Hall to accept his high school diploma, and for Jim and I, watching with pride as our first born grandchild, John C. Bidell Jr., was presented his diploma. Many students received well earned, special recognition including three students, Ellen Betterson, Christopher Eley, and Jessica Sturniolo, who had four years perfect attendance.

Looking Back 60 years - The amusement park at Edgewater was to open July 4th. The park was located in the 4000 block of East River Road. ••••The town board granted permission to John A. Sercu for his request for a peddler’s license to peddle ice cream for the Skippy Ice Cream Corp. A request for a restaurant license for a refreshment stand on Grand Island Blvd. was received and granted to Mae Anderson.••••The official grand opening of the Grand Island Playhouse, located in the Kreger barn at Baseline/Bedell took place on the evening of July 6, 1948.

Looking Back 50 years - "The Service of Buffalo" barge, weighing 120-ton and wedged on bottom of the Buffalo River, was purchased by Island resident Maurice J. Stamler. ••••A scratch single to the infield in one of the first ever Island Little League games prevented a no-hit game by 9-year-old Scott Allen as the Atlanta A's shut out Oakland, 16-0 in a minor league game. Scott struck out eight men and received strong support from his team as the A's swept to their fourth straight win. •••• Lightning was blamed for a fire that destroyed the home of the Philip L. Wisner family at 3007 Westwood Drive. The owners returned from a vacation Sunday, July 6, 1958 to find their home burned to the ground. Fire Chief Arthur Mitchell said the fire had a good start before the call came in and that the blaze was too far advanced to save the house when firemen arrived.

Looking Back 40 years - The 1968 GIHS graduating class number 182 - and this year, the Class of 2008 number 264.••••Brothers Tom and Pete Hayes piloted their 95-foot hot air balloon over the Island.

Looking Back 30 years - The Zonta Club, celebrating its 20th anniversary in 1978, installed Kay Harrison as president. Other officers installed were Vice President Betty Lovelee, Secretary Rita DeGlopper, Treasurer Ethel Yuhas and Directors Barbi Lare and Kay Long.••••Girl Scout Troop 437 boarded a chartered bus for Boston 30 years ago. Twenty girls were accompanied by their four leaders: Betty Metz, Pam Stark, Mary Ellen Kippley and Carolyn Doebert, along with six moms for a five-day trip to the Boston area. Would any of my readers have a photo of the group that was published in the July 7, 1978 Island Dispatch?

Looking Back 20 years - When a fire at the Polymer Applications Plant in Tonawanda raged out of control around 1 a.m. July 4, 1988, a shift in the wind caused the smoke to blow over Grandyle Village, the Falconwood homes and Ferry Village. Residents were requested to leave these areas and some of the evacuees made the best of it camped at Grand Island Fire Headquarters. The evacuation alert was lifted at 4:30 a.m.

Isledegrande.com reader Dorothy Bennett has sent in a very nice review on the new Riverstone Grill. See our "Thumbs Up" column and you may just want to take her recommendations.
Our sympathy to the families of Angeline M. Amorosi and Helen M. Jarzyniecki who recently passed away. Click Deaths for complete information.

Congratulations to Mary Ann Fancher who was recently honored by Mount St. Mary's for her many contributions as a teacher at the Academy since 1986.

Our advertisers make it possible for us to supply you with all Grand Island news at Isledegrande.com. Check out these spotlighted businesses and support them when you can. Creative Leather Concepts,  Kaiser Funeral Home,   Town Cafe,  and  Aronica and Company, Inc. For information on advertising at Isledegrande.com, email Dan McMahon at Dan@giecom.net.

Be sure to see the front page ad for the Holiday Inn Grand Island. A 4th of July party is being held tomorrow with carnival games, prizes and a beer tent.

The 2nd Annual "BA: Open Golf Tournament is scheduled for today at Beaver Island.••••The Class of '78 will hold an informal gathering at River Oaks this evening.•••• The first town sponsored band concert begins at 7 p.m. this evening.••••Races, the parade, the VFW picnic and fireworks activities are taking place tomorrow, July 4th.••••Six class reunions are taking place this weekend.••••The Leon D. Carr Memorial Disc Golf Tournament and Fundraiser has a 9 a.m. start on Saturday at Beaver Island.••••Tuesday night's band concert features the Dixieland music of the Morgan Street Stompers.•••• See our Calendar of Events for complete details on these and other Island happenings.

"Say a prayer for our guys over there." God bless America.

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