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Our Goal is to help you keep "Track" of your Classmates

Here are links to this years reunion pages with Special Links to the Guestbook.
Class of 1967,    Class of 1977,    Class of 1987,    Class of 1997
IsledeGrande.Com from its inception has been interested in promoting Grand Island as a Community.
We host and maintain webpages for almost every group on Grand Island, posting news to their pages weekly.
We want to Welcome Current Grand Island residents and residents from the Past to "ReUnion Central.
This will be the home base, with links to All Graduating Classes and their News and ReUnion Pages.
On each Class Page we want to link to photos from your yearbook and to a Special Page in our Guestbook, just for your Class.
Check out the
Class of 1967 Page, for an example. We gladly format each year's page with the same links.
The more current the Guestbook Entries are, the less work it will be to organize your next Class Reunion.
Think of how much fun it will be to connect with classmates during years between reunions . . . .
If you are interested in helping with your Class page, please feel free to Email Me, Reg Schopp, publisher of Isledegrande.com
Jodi Robinson is currently maintaining the IsledeGrande Webpage for the newly formed Grand Island Alumni Association.
Please submit any news about your Class including reunion photos to Teddy Linenfelser, Grand Island's Town Historian
and Editor of IsledeGrande.Com.

. . . and last year's reunion pages!

Class of 1966,   Class of 1976,   Class of 1981,   Class of 1986,   Class of 1996

Links to Previous Class Reunion Pages:
Sidway Reunion 2002,    Class of 1972,   Class of 1973,   Class of 1974
Class of 1975,   Class of 1978,   Class of 1979,   Class of 1980
Class of 1982,   Class of 1983,   Class of 1984,   Class of 1985
Class of 1988,   Class of 1989,   Class of 1991,   Class of 1992
Class of 1993,   Class of 1994,   Class of 1995

How about "Instant Reunions"...maybe instant is the wrong word?
Often you might be making a trip home unexpectedly. or to see your parents or relatives for a special occasion?
With the Class List online you could easily email a few friends and connect.
What do you think?
Email Us and let us know.

We will create and host a page for your class with information about your reunion.
What better way to connect with Classmates.
Send us your news releases and we will post them on our Front Page with a link to your class reunion page
Email Preferred, Fax: 716-773-1019, Snail Mail,or Drop Off to:
GIECOM.NET Office, 1871 Whitehaven Road, Grand Island, NY 14072.

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