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by Teddy Linenfelser
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Class of '85

Thursday, December 29, 2005
Happy New Year to everyone. May 2006 be a very good year for all of us.

Hello and hallelujah to Puppet DiTullio. Let's not let any old bugs get you down, Pup!

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This AP photo of VFW #9249 member MAJ Kelly M. Carrigg was circulated around the globe last week. Kelly wrote to friends and relatives (including us), "Donald Rumsfeld was here last night and I did not know that an AP photographer was behind me."    US Defense Secretary Rumsfeld arrived in Iraq Friday night. Kelly, serving our country in Iraq, will be promoted to Lieutenant Colonel on January 1, 2006.

Thanks so much to Bill Costello, Karen Raepple, Diane Hassan, Dick DiTullio and Mel Passarelli (and anyone I may have forgotten) who were a tremendous help with the identification of the football players in the Fall 1966 photo posted last week in the Old Photo Album. Be sure to click that picture for a better view of the team.

Jill Marie Masters and Christopher Gordon Neuhaus were married on Friday, December 23rd and will be living in Buffalo. The bride is the daughter of Bradford and Kathryn Masters, and the groom is the son of Dr. Walter Neuhaus and Ann Wren, all of Grand Island.

Looking Back 60 years - Mr. Frederick W. Schaad, new music instructor at the Island's only school in January 1946, replaced Mrs. Ruth Dunnigan who was on leave of absence.••••Among those ushering in the New Year 1946 at the Sandy Beach Yacht Club were Ken and Doris Kinsey, Charlie and Alice Soch and Albert and Wilma Prentice.••••Emily and Louis Raepple of Love Road held an open house on Christmas day in honor of their son, Al, who was home on furlough.••••Godfrey’s Grand Island Market advertised corned beef (fit for a king) at 39 cents a pound.••••The following ad was running in the local paper published every other week in the 1940s: Ride at Wa-Bak Ranch – open all winter – fine trail – good horses - H. WALTER – Long Road, Grand Island, N.Y.••••The New Year’s party at Hazel and Wally DeGlopper’s Ferry Road cabana was a honey! Bern Dekdebrun came attired as 1945 and Elmer Kaegebein, dressed as a cute little baby (bottle and all), represented 1946. Lyl Finch wore a tux with white shoes and red sox and escorted Glenn Staffen who was disguised as a very dashing femme in a clinging gown of black velvet.

Looking Back 50 years - Richard Titterington and Lynn Sargent (DeJonghe) were crowned king and queen at the teenagers' party at the Sandy Beach Yacht Club December 29, 1955. Ann Goodman was in charge of the annual teen event that included dancing, a grand march and prizes and was attended by over 60 young people.••••From Islander Ollie Howard’s Tel AM Chatter column: "It’s refreshing in this era of changes in television to be able to tune to Channel 4 at 8 o’clock on Friday evenings and visit the Hansen family of San Francisco on the CBS “Mama” show. It would seem a calamity if these weekly visits were denied television viewers. Peggy Woods as Mama, Judson Laire as Papa, Robin Morgan as Dagmar, Rosemary Rice as Katrin, and Dick Van Patten as Nels continue to provide a peaceful, possibly humorous and always sane portrayal of America Life. We hope the Hansens will go on forever."

Looking Back 40 years - Island establishments advertising New Year's Eve parties were Lippens Grill (Marge Lippens), The Villa at 2231 Grand Island Blvd. (John Dietrich), the Bedell House (Charlotte and Tony Guenther Sr.), Ceil and Chucks (Ceil Alt and Chuck Carter), Tom Turner’s River View Inn (Tom Turner), and Carol Lanes (Anthony Trapasso).•••• Highway Superintendent Joseph Roe announced the eminent arrival of a new snowplow by Christmas. ••••Island high school wrestlers who received first place trophies at a December 1965 wrestling tournament were Frank Budwey, Roland Vogel, Terry Von Craigh, Robert Luther and John Dearlove. •••• The Board of Trustees of Emmanuel EUB Church elected President Jack Senn, Vice President David Mesmer, Secretary Frank Tyler and Treasurer Robert White in January 1966.

Looking Back 30 years - Grand Island Figure Skating Club members dressing up for a Christmas skate at the North Tonawanda Sports Center December 21, 1975 included elves Laurie Bennett and Roberta Blok, Scott Thompson (soldier), Karen Grenville (Raggedy Ann), and Judy Bennett and Elaine Blok (clowns). Santa Claus joined the skaters out on the ice and Jim Ray led the singing of Christmas carols.

Looking Back 20 years - The Haller family of Del & Herb’s was advertising New Year’s Eve with Don Burns at the Ragtime piano. ••••A brand new $160,000 fire truck was recently purchased by the Grand Island Fire Company to replace one that has been in service for 25 years.

Looking Back 10 years - The Ferry Village home of the Kenneth Hoover family was destroyed by fire on Saturday, December 28, 1985. Grand Island firefighters under the direction of Chief Peter McMahon fought the blaze for hours, with snow and extreme cold hampering the firemen in fighting the blaze.

Looking Back 1 year - Rev. Kevin Backus was in our Grand Island E-News office one year ago today, shortly after returning from Colombo, Sri Lanka where he spent ten days working with Calvary Reform Presbyterian Chapel in the area extremely hard-hit by the tidal wave. In case you missed his story last year, click Rev. Kevin Backus.

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Our sympathy to the family of Sally Sutter who recently passed away. Click Deaths for complete information.

A reader who witnessed the police chase down Grand Island Boulevard on Christmas Day commented that at least six police cars chasing a driver in a stolen 1993 vehicle at a speed of 90 to 100 mph seemed much more dangerous to Island residents traveling to church or Grandma's house than it was worth. A minister in an E-ZPass lane was nearly driven off the roadway on his way to church on the Island.

Best wishes to Elsie Fleischmann who will mark her 90th birthday on the 31st.•••• Happy birthday to Stephanie McMahon (20 today), Roger Kaiser III (today), Alex Bowerman (8 tomorrow), Sue Salamone (tomorrow), Joan McGraw (cheers tomorrow), Jim O'Connor and Karen Loder (Saturday's the big day), Donna Anderson (Saturday), Dominique Capizzi (8 on Sunday), Ray Whitbeck (75 on Monday), Jacob Burford (10 on Tuesday), Tonya (Tickner) Jackson (Tuesday), Bethany Cherenzia (6 on Tuesday), Hanna Panzica (8 on Wednesday), Joey Kuszczak (6 on Wednesday), and Ellen Martin (Wednesday).••••A belated happy 5th birthday to Kristine Marie Schlifke who celebrated on Thursday, December 22nd and to Marissa Catanzaro who turned 9 years old on Christmas Day.

According to choral director Carolyn Lokken, there's going to be a High School Choir Alumni Sing-In at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, January 4th in the high school chorus room. So if you're "home for the holidays" take a ride over to the school for this fun event.

Attention Class of '96! Members of the GIHS Class of 1996 willing to help out with a 10-year reunion in the summer of 2006 are asked to contact Cheryl Wietan at gi96reunion@yahoo.com.

"Say a prayer for our guys over there."

Thursday, December 22, 2005
Longtime resident Elsie Fleischmann would surely be surprised if we were to fill her mailbox full of cards and notes in honor of her 90th birthday. Elsie, who has remained very active through the years, was born on December 31, 1915.

First and foremost on my mind as I finish this column today is to say what a great Grand Island High School concert it was last night. A tip of the hat to music directors Marty Allen, Carolyn Lokken and Deb Remson for the topnotch, seasonal music. The concert ended with the popular "Sleigh Ride," featuring fantastic clarinets followed by those equally rousing trumpets and the brass along with the clip-clop and whip sounds only to end too soon.

Received a very complimentary note from
Dr. Ron Gasbarro this week. Ron, who now hails from NE Pennsylvania and is a member of the GIHS Class of 1969, remembers moving into a brand new house on Whitney Lane in 1956 for which his parents paid around $7,500 for. Among his memories of growing up in Falconwood were "walking to Mesmer’s Dairy everyday to get milk for our family, riding our bikes the 3 miles to Beaver Island down the bike path," the Grandyle Pharmacy, the grocery store, and Burn’s Barbers at the Love Road plaza, Father Wright at St. Stephen's Church, and many of his teachers at Kaegebein School including Marge Ehde (Anderson), Catherine DiVizio, Ora Glor and his kindergarten teacher, Miss Barbara Kinkel (Bronkie). Ron's subject line in his email? "Love your column!" Thanks, Ron, and Merry Christmas.

Shown above is VFW #9249 member MAJ Kelly M. Carrigg who is serving her country over in Baghdad. She is the Deputy Chief, Supply and Services, C4, for Multi-National Corps-Iraq. The picture is of the Supply and Services Section in front of the Al Faw palace Christmas Tree. Kelly, whose home town is Hamburg, joined the Isle VFW post because of Charles N. DeGlopper. Be sure to click for a much larger view.••••Merry Christmas to each and every American serving his/her country overseas and here at home. Thanks, troops.

Happy birthday to Andrea Moreau (cheers tomorrow), Ryan Vertino (turning 15 on Christmas Eve), Melissa Marlin (a teenager on Saturday), Robert Augugliaro (10 on Saturday), Paul Harper Sr. (93 on Saturday), Jeanne Webb (Saturday), Sean McMahon and Kristen (Franklin) Rosser (Christmas Day), Cayleigh Rose Fitzsimmons (two years old on Christmas Day), Carol Burridge (Monday), Bradley Stone (8 on Monday), Jack Fraser Buzby (3 on Monday), John Wheeler (90 on Monday), Susan Stedman Jackson (very best wishes on Monday), Abigail Dallassandro (9 on Tuesday), Tyler James Nogle (5 on Tuesday), Chelsea Schmidt (8 on Wednesday), Rob Meyer (Wednesday), and baby James Christian Soto (first birthday on Wednesday).

Happy anniversary to John and Sherri Cunningham. Their special day is today!

Congratulations to James Rayhill on being named the Jim Kelly Football Camp Underclassmen of the Year, and to GIHS Football Coach Dean Santorio on being honored with the Joe Foyle Award for large schools. Congratulations also to Ryan Breier and Ryan Harvey on winning the Jim Braxton Award for offensive players of the game. Also honored were Josh Anderson and James Rayhill, recipients of the Ace Cacciatore Award for defensive player of the game.

Looking Back 60 years - From the pages of the local paper just before Christmas 1945: “Oliver Glessner’s wife and two little sons are certainly going to enjoy the Christmas season much more than they expected, because the Army has released their husband and father from duty and everybody is happy once again.” ••••Also from the pages of the local paper: "McNamee’s East River Inn (now San-Dee’s Pub, Ferry Road) is now sporting two new faces, Dick and Dan McNamee. Welcome home boys. Incidentally Dan’s children were so glad to see him they broke one of his ribs with glee." The McNamee boys had recently returned from World War II.••••Highway Superintendent Harold Yensan, speaking to the town board, announced that a snowplow was mounted on a truck owned by Arlington DeGlopper. Also reported at the December 1945 town board meeting was the fact that school busses would vacate the town sheds and that some of these sheds would be used to house the town trucks. The board decided that any necessary alterations to the sheds would be made.

Looking Back 50 years - Holy Communion was celebrated on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day in the nave of the new St. Martin-in-the-Fields Church. ••••Nancy Franklin (Duysters) played one of the leads in the Sidway School play, Red Candles. The performance was directed by teachers Ethel Yuhas and Louise Rybak in December of 1955.

Looking Back 40 years - Jaycees members including President Bill Schaab Jr. and Ron Neal took turns manning the organization's Christmas tree business during the holiday season at the Grand Island Blvd. Plaza in 1965.••••Trimming a Christmas tree in the school foyer was a tradition at Kaegebein School. Decorating of the tree in 1965 was done by the sixth graders attending the Love Road school.••••Parishioners of Bible Presbyterian Church offered their young people the 5th annual teen fun night and musicale on December 28, 1965. The event started with a 6:30 p.m. smorgasbord dinner.••••Out there somewhere is an adorable Grand Island Nursery School photo of the Christmas play presented in Trinity EUB Church and showing Diane Daniels, Amy Wendt, Taz McDole, Marla Couch, Johnny Polizzi, Ruth Loree, Mary Lynn Nutting, Patrick Lockwood and Jimmy Pax.••••Wow, what a bowler, that Susie Cinelli. Sue rolled a 227 in a 515 series with the Grand Island Belles league 40 years ago today.

Looking Back 10 years - Grand Island voters went to the polls December 22, 1995 to vote for or against the bond referendum to purchase the vacant Dunlop building and adjacent land. A well-organized and well-financed campaign to defeat the bond referendum was successful as Islanders gave the issue a resounding "No" vote - 1,514 to 552.

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Our sympathy to the families of Edward Standora Sr., Mary (Honey) Serianni, William J. Berger and former resident Beverly V. Stolfo who recently passed away. Click Deaths for complete information.

Bob Rovison was the lucky winner of the Grand Island Rod & Gun Club's Big Buck Contest with stiff competition of 66 entrants. He got the deer in Ellicottville and a winner it was, with a 10 point deer, and a 16 inch inside spread for a total of 26 points.

Congratulations to Jim Reese Jr. on his 300 game in a 737 series Monday night at Island Lanes. Jim bowls on the Men's A Best Roofing League.

Dean and Sandy Santorio are proud parents of Emma Grace Santorio born December 13th. Click "Emma Grace" for the photos of the new baby and her sister, Morgan Elizabeth, 1 1/2.

Peace Be With You And Yours.
Care deeply. Give freely. Think kindly.
Act gently, and be at peace...
for this is the spirit of the season.
May your holidays be filled with all the things that matter most.

"Say a prayer for our guys over there."

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Happy birthday, Dolly! This dear little tot is Dolly Uonites Dilliot and she's celebrating her 68th birthday today. Dolly is dealing with a serious health concern so if you know her, please keep her in your prayers.

Tim Grotz and Beth Walker Boron, shown in high school photos, are both celebrating a milestone birthday today and wished a great day and a great year.

Principal dancers in the Greater Niagara Ballet Company's The Nutcracker are Island residents Rachael Fraser and Mary Schnepf. For performances and ticket information, click www.niagaraballet.org.

In conjunction with Grand Island High School's 40th anniversary of its first graduating class, the Class of 1966, the Grand Island Foundation (for education) is establishing a Distinguished Alumni Award. If you would like to get involved with the planning and promoting of this event, be sure to read the GI Foundation Distinguished Alumni Award Story.

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Along with a Merry Christmas from Kristin Adamczyk Watson (GIHS Class of '88), I received this adorable picture of her little daughter, Emily. "Merry Christmas, Kristin! I sure do remember you from Teddy's Islettes!"

Looking Back 60 years - The Sidway School operetta, “Where Was Santa?” was performed at 8 p.m. Wednesday, December 19, 1945 under the direction of music teacher Ruth Dunnigan and teacher, Reva Kohn. The lower grades formed a living Christmas tree and sang several sprited Christmas songs. Young soloist was Laurelei West. Taking the leads in the operetta were Kenneth Sommer as Santa, Joan Livingston (Bidell-Fred) as the Wicket Witch, James Ehde as the Crooked Man, Nancy Buckhout (Eddy) as the Queen of Northern Lights and Laurel Waltman (Moher) who sang part of Radiola.••••Among the mothers who sewed costumes for the Sidway Christmas operetta were Mary Gross, Sylvia Burgstahler, Olive Robinson, Isabel Tanner, Irma Dworak, Anna Kruse, Ellie Cullen and Bernice Dekdebrun.••••The Grandyle Village ice skating rink was well underway at this time in December 1945 thanks to Andre Tardiff. According to the local paper, "Assistance in sprinkling the rink at various times would be appreciated."

Looking Back 50 years - Remember watching North Park Sunday Party on Channel 4? It was a weekly children's variety show sponsored by North Park Furniture, and Carol Darby tap danced on the program on December 19, 1955!

Looking Back 40 years - Among Island dancers receiving good and excellent markings on style, technique and theory for their first Cecchetti ballet examination in December 1965 were Lynne Bauer, Sherry Card, Lorie Ehlert, Roberta Gasbarre, Terry Harper, Frances Kearney, Linda Mark, Glenn McNamara, Carol McKeen, Kathleen Robinson and Diane Schnitzer.••••Neisner’s in the Grand Island Plaza was advertising a four-speed, manual record player for $15.66 and a deluxe, high fidelity four-speed, automatic portable record player for $39.66.••••Camp Fire Girls of Grand Island filled stockings for patients at the Buffalo State Hospital. The girls were Amy Varga, Linda Brobeil, Amy Butler, Susan Gilmore, Brenda Krueger, Linda Remmes, Anne Geering and Louise Dietz.••••The new Bells food market at Whitehaven and Old Expressway Highway was rapidly taking shape. The new building sported a huge overhang that was to afford protection to shoppers as they left the store. The store, scheduled to open in January 1966, was built on property now known as the Town Commons.

Looking Back 30 years - "Brothers," a tavern at 1600 East River Road, was advertising the showing of the sports spectaculars on a giant TV screen and live music. Sunday featured folk music by Silver Creek and Thursday featured boogie music by Tin Can Alley.

Looking Back 20 years - Islander Mary Michaels, was crowned the Festival of Lights Queen during the annual Festival of Lights Pageant. Also crowned were 12-year-old Tracey Vickers of Love Road as Little Miss, and Debbie Stamler of Whitehaven Road took the Princess honors.

A major basket raffle to benefit the Grand Island High School musicians is taking place this week and next during three different school concerts. The second raffle was to take place tonight however that High School concert has been cancelled due to the weather. Click "Holiday Basket Raffles" for raffle and concerts information, and be sure to get there early to take some chances on some beautiful baskets! (The High School concert has been rescheduled for Wednesday, December 21st at 7:30 p.m.)

Happy birthday to Savannah Stolzenburg (20 today), Ted Filosofos (78 today), Betty Lantz and Nancy Hayes (tomorrow), Christine Webb (her 20th tomorrow), Jaclyn Elise Coe (Sweet 16 on Sunday), Shelby Bidell (20 on Sunday), Scott Clinton (25 on Sunday), Sonia Steckelberg (cheers on Monday), Chris Gworek (30 on Monday), Ed Weiser (85 on Monday), Pat Gill and Gloria Brown (Tuesday), Alexis Elizabeth and Grace Marie Fredricks (8 on Tuesday), Julie Kowzan (her 20th on Tuesday), David Duysters (the big 7-0 on Tuesday), Janie Martin Hiam (celebrating Tuesday in the family's new home in Georgia) and Nan Haller (celebrating this month!).

Jim and I drove over to the Grand Island Garden Center on Alvin Road Sunday and believe we got the perfect Christmas tree. In fact, they all looked nearly perfect! Gene and Christine Ryshkus and family have a great selection of trees as well as wreaths and poinsettias, and holiday gifts and cards. The store and tree lot are open from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Friday; from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Saturdays and from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Sunday.

Senior citizens, take note! The Veronica Connor Middle School Band, under the direction of Clark Elliott, will perform at the Golden Age Center at 12:30 p.m. Wednesday, December 21st.

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Our sympathy to the families of Stanley J. Kwiatkowski, Patricia Arcouet, Edward Standora Sr., and Lena A. DeFazio who recently passed away. Click Deaths for complete information.

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The McCarthy School of Irish Dance presents its 2nd Annual Celtic Christmas this Sunday in the high school auditorium. The show will feature Seamus Kennedy. Click Celtic Christmas Show for complete information.

"Say a prayer for our guys over there."

Thursday, December 8, 2005

Be sure to click for the entire cast!
Sidway School 9th graders in December 1955 presented the play, The Man Who Married A Dumb Wife, as part of the entertainment for the junior high Christmas party. Shown front are Ben Titus, Frank Miller, Bob House, Janet Radder (Mumm) and Charles Pinkow; (back) Dick Titterington with fiddle, Judy Kuehling (Semler), Henry Ensminger, Eric Reimann, Bob Webb, Spike Vampotic, Larry Bell, Ray DeGlopper, Jerry Bell, Bob Stamler, Margaret Lapine (Webb) and Diana Morrow. Those were the days!

A very happy birthday goes out to Polly Smith (cheers today), to Dan Linenfelser (his 35th today), Amanda Heftka (a teenager tomorrow), Zach Adams (15 on Saturday), Dennis Baumann (a big one on Sunday), Nicholas Peters (21 on Monday), Elisa Osvath (best wishes on Monday), Michael Dollendorf (the big 4-0 on Monday), Jackie "Mangus" Carpenter (her 25th on Monday), Lauren Whitney, Nancy Bolles and Kim Duscher (Tuesday), baby Daniel Liam Donovan (first birthday on Tuesday), Katie Rustowicz (a teenager on Wednesday), Parker Glessner, Sue Whitbeck and Jennifer Pullano (Wednesday) and Carleen Conway (10 on Wednesday).

Brett Kern will be playing football in the GMAC Bowl in Mobile on December 21st when his University of Toledo Rockets team meets the Texas El-Paso Minors. Brett, a sophomore at Toledo and a GIHS graduate, Class of 2004, is averaging 39.7 yards per punt.••••Jon McGinn, who bowls with the Men's A Best Roofing League At Island Lanes, rolled a 289 in a 762 series Monday night. Way to go, Jon!

According to a December 3rd Buffalo News article by Sandra Tan, "the International Railroad Bridge is still considered one of the top five border crossing points in the region for smugglers, along with the North Tonawanda shoreline, West River Road on Grand Island, and Artpark and Lewiston Landing in Lewiston."

Please remember to "Share Your Happiness" by making a tax-deductible donation to the Neighbors Foundation and mailing it to P.O. Box 155, Grand Island NY 14072. Click Neighbors Foundation for more information.

A Football Honor Roll in the News over the weekend lists several Varsity Vikings and many teams are represented. However, only two were listed as Coaches of the Year, those being Al Cavagnaro of Starpoint and our own Dean Santorio. Congratulations, Dean. For the Varsity Vikings named to the honor roll, click GIHS Sports Briefs.

Looking Back 60 years - All Island veterans of World War II were invited to attend a shindig in their honor and planned by Cy Gay at the Bedell House on Thursday night, December 13, 1945. A venison dinner highlighted the occasion, and Ed Tucker played his accordion, Lee Ulilken played the piano and Frank Klocke was credited with keeping the lads entertained. ••••Island taxpayers voted in December 1945 to have the School Board issue bonds for a twenty-year period to cover the cost of building the second story to the Charlotte Sidway School, the first of three major additions. Total estimated cost was in the neighborhood of $105,000.

Looking Back 50 years - Members of the St. Timothy Lutheran Church congregation attended a ground breaking on Sunday, December 11, 1955 at the site of their new church at Staley Road at Stony Point.•••• Winners of the 1955 Christmas Seal Art Poster Project were Marcia Nowak, Barbara Harrison (Ressman), Thasia Goodwin (Woodworth) and Helen Hall (Igoe). The contest was sponsored by the Buffalo and Erie County Tuberculosis Association, and directed locally by Mrs. Dorothy Waltman. Sidway School Art teacher Miss Lyn Mauri (Laman) was in charge of the Art Poster Project.••••Among Eva Schriver's 5th graders at Kaegebein School who participated in their Christmas play, And The Stars Heard, were Colin Lewis as Billy Cooper, Renee Thirion (Wulf) as Mrs. Cooper, my husband, Jim Linenfelser as Mr. Cooper, Gary Reese as Doug, Mike Madia as Peter, Patty McNulty Yensan as Miss Brooks, Sue Mailloux Sica as Ann and Ian Cudmore as Bob. Remember?••••

Looking Back 40 years - Mike Podlucky and Steve Dreyer scored 14 points each when the Varsity Basketball team beat North Collins 51-41 in December 1965 in the high school. •••• The 70-piece Grand Island Jr./Sr. High School Concert Band, under the direction of Derwent Angier, presented its first concert of the season on Monday evening, December 13, 1965. •••• Does anyone remember attending a Christmas buffet at Sidway Elementary on Tuesday, December 7, 1965. Leading the singing of carols were Mrs. John Knapp, Heber Ashley, Bill Troop and William Hennigar. The event ended with an unscheduled basketball game between the Barefoots and the Clodhoppers. ••••Mary Buckley, bowling on the Grand Island Belles league at Carol Lanes, had the high single 219 (170) in a 512 series 40 years ago this week. Mary’s Office Automation team rolled an 808 single game and a 2205 set with help from Joan Boss (186-172) and Peg Malican (168-164). ••••Girl Scouts in Troops 733 and 987 took a bus to Camp Sky High in Orchard Park with five adult leaders. A giant snowman was built, skits were presented around a campfire and homemade fudge and fruit punch were consumed. Some of the scouts attending were Karen Kohlhagen Wallace, Ivy Dillemuth, Maureen Kehoe, Margie Werth, Laura Ellsworth, Anne Conboy, Phyllis Martin, Chris Rayhill, Elizabeth Sciuk, Brooke Wood Raham, Leslie Elias and too many more to mention.••••Tom Turner, involved in boat racing since 1936, took over the River View Inn December 9, 1965 from a guy named Ed Gatke who ran it for less than two years. Tom eventually changed the name to Turner's First Turn In. The well-known tavern is now Turner's Port of Call, run by Tom's son, Don Turner.

Looking Back 30 years - Varsity Viking Center Bill Ziehm and Guard Brian Drainville were selected for first squad, Section VI, Division III All-League Team and wide receiver Mike Masters and Defensive Tackle Jeff Stone were named to the second team.

Looking Back 20 years - Scouts of Troop 254, James Lockett, James Lynch and Jeffrey Thomas, received Boy Scouting’s highest award, the Eagle badge, in the GIHS auditorium December 6, 1985. The ceremony closed with a moment of silence in memory of Bruce Nichols, former adult leader of Troop 254.

Looking Back 10 years - A drug bust on Grand Island Monday, December 4, 1995 was one of the largest drug busts in the north towns area according to Lt. Russell Pecoraro of the Erie County Sheriff's Department Narcotics Bureau.

The Saturday night prime rib dinner is back at The Village Inn, at least is was this past Saturday and it was delicious. We'd like to see it on the Saturday menu all winter!!

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Our sympathy to the families of Jeannette K. Riley and Erin K. Keenan who recently passed away. Click Deaths for complete information.

Amber and Megan Malaney, daughters of the late Jim Malaney who passed away on November 25th, really appreciate all of the personal notes about their father posted on the Buffalo News Guestbook. Friends of Jim are encouraged to post their memories and condolences to the "guestbook" for his family to enjoy.

Jim Klock, GIHS Class of 1979, has been elected president of the Dulles Little League in Louden County, Virginia. Jim, who played Little League here on the Island where he was born and raised, is a member of the United States Secret Service Canine Division.

The Historic Trinity Committee holds its Holiday House Tour and craft show on Saturday. Tickets for the house tour will be available at Historic Trinity, 2100 Whitehaven Road, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. during the craft show.•••• Several holiday concerts are scheduled at Island schools this week and are listed in our Calendar of Events.••••A fundraiser is being held on Saturday for the benefit of Al Salamon's trip to the 2006 Paralympic Games In Torino, Italy. Click "Al Salamone/Paralympic Games" for more information.

Readers would love to send Christmas cards to our troops overseas so please provide us with current addresses, so we can properly thank them for their sacrifices and wish them a merry Christmas.••••If any of our troops are reading this in Iraq, Afghanistan or any other overseas locations, please send us your news, addresses and photos. Our readers want to hear from you via your own personnel stories and pictures on Isledegrande.com.

Peter Hayes, GIHS Class of '74, attended the King Kong opening night in New York City on Monday evening and walked the red carpet! Pete was invited to this major event by NBC Television president Jay Ireland, a fraternity brother at St. Lawrence University.

We would like to post as many photos of the Christmas Lights Around Town as our readers might send us. Click for information.

Just letting you all know that there is no charge to have engagements, weddings, new babies, anniversaries, recognition for accomplishment etc. posted at Isledegrande.com. Older (and not necessarily old) Island photos may also be submitted for consideration in the Old Photo Album. Just email your photos and articles to me at teddy@giecom.net. I look forward to serving you with "good news" in the coming year.

"Say a prayer for our guys over there."

Thursday, December 1, 2005

Happy birthday to former Isle resident Jerry Thomas who grew up on the Island and is celebrating his 70th birthday on Sunday, December 4th. Jerry, who served as secretary for his 8th grade graduating class of 1949 at Sidway School, now resides in Mahopac, NY. The photo is from the 1949 Sidway School yearbook.

Prayers are requested for Glenn Gast, the son of Paul Gast and Lynda Jamieson. Glenn is suffering from some serious health issues.••••A speedy recovery to Hazel Rowe who is housebound for awhile due to a fractured ankle suffered in a fall.••••And a speedy recovery also to Joe Lavango who is in Niagara Falls Memorial Hospital and would enjoy visitors!

While attending Penny and Michael Linenfelser’s annual family get-together last Saturday, a small photo album containing some old family pictures and memories was being passed around. The book was a real hit with everyone, but the pay off was that our sister-in-law Donna Linenfelser, creator of the little album, made not one, but one for each family. A million thanks goes to Donna for this precious gift containing many photos of Dan, Jim, John, Mary, Mike and Paul that most of us had never seen.

Congratulations to Dave Whitney who got his first deer, a doe, late in the day on the opening day of the season. Dave was hunting on his family's property in Zoar Valley in the Town of Collins about six miles west of Springville.

Congratulations to Sarah McMahon, serving her country in Iraq, and promoted to 1st Lieutenant on Friday, November 25th. For pictures, click "1LT Sarah McMahon".

It's that time of year again that brings out the best in Grand Islanders through the good works of the Neighbors Foundation. Please check out the Neighbors Foundation Page for ways to help spread the Christmas spirit to those who are temporarily in need.

Happy birthday to Pat McNulty and Vicki Sadkowski (tomorrow), to Robert Hopkins (21 tomorrow), Tim Phillips (Saturday), Alan Endres (a teenager on Saturday), Melva Booth (special greetings on Saturday), Regina Gicewicz (cheers on Sunday), Robert Augugliaro (10 on Sunday), Kristen Atkinson (turning 7 on Sunday), Emma Lee Schultz (7 on Monday), Marie Basile, Darcey Golde and Gloria Watkins (Tuesday), Bob Bors (a milestone on Tuesday), Scott Swagler (Tuesday), Ruth Stahl (her 80th on Tuesday), Miranda Lea Proctor (5 on Tuesday), Donnie Astridge (his 21st on Tuesday), David Conboy Sr. (Wednesday), and baby Julia Brielle Capage (her first birthday on Wednesday).

Looking Back 60 years - Mrs. Otto Winter was chairman of the Sidway PTA bazaar held on Tuesday, December 4, 1945. The event featured a snack bar, ice cream fountain, white elephant, fish pond, toys and baby apparel, cosmetics, plants, aprons, luncheon bar, baked goods, and a country store. Cub Pack 75’s pop corn, potato chips concession also added to the $400 raised.••••The Fire Company's Ladies Auxiliary Christmas party was held Thursday evening, December 6, 1945 in the Stork Club, Seneca Street, Buffalo. Officers elected were President Virginia Bocksberger, Vice President Eva Wohlfehrt, Secretary Helen Peck and Treasurer Alice Benton. Others serving the Auxiliary were Chaplain Bertha Bucher, Sgt.-at-Arms Mary Fleming and Trustees Dorothy Buckhout, Jessie Loder and Helen Kingston.

Looking Back 50 years - Joanne Carr was in charge of decorations for the annual Parish Christmas Bazaar being held in the new St. Martin’s Church on Saturday, December 3, 1955. ••••Charlie Stack was chairman of a 'Hunters Hop' sponsored by the American Legion Post 1346 and featuring the music of Freddie Flake and his orchestra on Saturday evening, December 3, 1955. Committee members assisting with the dance held in the Legion Hall in Ferry Village included John Lyden, Ted Dunbar, Bob Kaiser, Mike and Dick Meyer and John Scott.

Looking Back 40 years - Cast members in the Island Theater Group’s production of “My Three Angels” on the Huth Road School stage Thursday through Saturday, Dec. 2-4, 1965 included Joe DeCesare, Barbara Carpenter, Tom Carter, Bill Askew, Frank Parker, Joan Ballester, Arlene Billstone, Dick Babbage, Doug Hawkes and Dave Tyler. Ed Baker was director. •••• A new Texaco gas station opened for the first time at Grand Island Blvd. and Staley Road. Owner/operator was Kenneth Lewis. Full-time mechanic was Gerald “Red” Newman. •••• Cub Pack 452, under the leadership of Cubmaster Frank Spinner, met on December 3, 1965 at which time Lion badges were awarded to Cub Scouts Michael Spinner, Robert Robillard and Kevin Brady.

Looking Back 30 years - The new Golden Age Center was off to a good start serving hot meals Monday through Friday at 70 cents for senior citizens. New officers were President Peter Carpenter, Vice President Bill Disbrow, Secretary Gladys Trautman, Treasurer Marge Barth and Sergeant at Arms Nick Roeder.••••Town houses at River Oaks were under construction with Phase I being named “The Landings” at River Oaks.

Looking Back 20 years - Effective December 1, 1985 the minimum age for the sale, purchase and procurement of alcoholic beverages in NYS rose from 19 to 21. •••• High winds Monday morning, December 2, 1985 uprooted a tree on West River Parkway and sent it crashing against a house and car. The wind caused high water on North and South Colony roads, Towerwood, Melrose, Bronson and down in Ferry Village. Residents of the River Lea mansion in Beaver Island Park were temporarily evacuated at one point due to flood waters.

Our Grand Island Holiday Inn threw a welcome home party for the championship GIHS Girls Soccer Team. The Holiday Inn provided pizza, chicken wings and swimming in the hotel pool for the team and coaches last Wednesday. It seems one of the hotel owners has been following the Lady Vikings Soccer Team's successes and wanted to do something special for the team. Hats off the Holiday Inn!

We welcome Isledegrande.com's newest advertiser, Keller Insurance Group. Keller Insurance is conveniently located on the Island with several other branches that may be closer to your place of employment. Spotlighted today are the following Isledegrande.com advertisers: Park Place Subdivision and Justin Tyme Cafe & Catering. Keep them in mind when you are looking for a new place to live or a good meal. It pays to advertise at Isledegrande.com - the voice of Grand Island and the Island's #1 news source, updated daily.

Our sympathy to the families of James J. Malaney, Carmela A. Palumbo, Eldein Godzisz and former residents Veanna Schwanebeck, Dorothy J. Wallace, Marietta R. Ferro and Geelin L. Wong who recently passed away. Click Deaths for complete information.

The Grand Island High School Madrigal Singers will provide the entertainment at the December 6th dinner event at the 31st Victorian Christmas celebration at the Theodore Roosevelt Inaugural National Historic Site. Prepaid reservations are required for all events so be sure to call the site, 884-0095, for further information.

Check out our Calendar of Events for details on the following: Sue Tomkins' Bicycling Across the U. S. at 7 p.m. tonight at the Nike Base; BluesRoot music at the Holiday Inn tomorrow night, Connor Middle School's International Night tomorrow evening, a library event for kids Saturday, Breakfast with Santa at St. Tim's on Saturday, Santa Claus arrives at Town Hall Saturday, and Historical Society's Christmas Open House on Sunday.••••The school concerts are also listed in the Calendar of Events.••••Members of the VFW Post #9249 invite the community to a Pearl Harbor Day Memorial Service at noon on Wednesday, December 7th at the post flag, 2121 Grand Island Blvd.

Something new! Dog Sled races are coming to Grand Island. Details are being worked out for a big, CAN-AM Sledders dog sled race to be held in Beaver Island State Park January 7-8, 2006 with Fuccillo being a major sponsor.

"Say a prayer for our guys over there."

Wednesday, November 23, 2005
Today is Wednesday, November 23rd - the day before Thanksgiving and one day earlier than the Between the Bridges column usually appears.

Happy birthday and happy Thanksgiving on Thursday, November 24th to Westwood Drive resident, Mark Andrew Morgan. A lifelong Island resident, Mark lives in his childhood home with his wife Renee (DeCost), daughters Rachel and Nicole and their famous cat, Larry.

Christine                              Donna
Best wishes to Chris Sipson, celebrating her birthday on Thanksgiving this year and to Donna Rodriguez who will blow out her candles on Saturday. The photo of Chris is from the 1953 Sidway Yearbook and that of Donna is her 8th grade graduating class picture from the 1948 yearbook at Sidway School.

So very sorry to hear that Marcy Buell was injured in a fall. According to her daughter, Barbara Brown, Marcy will have surgery this week and is in a lot of pain with a long recuperation period ahead of her. Cards of cheer may be sent to her home.••••Former resident Gail Burgstahler Rothenberg of Marlboro, Massachusetts recently suffered a ruptured appendix but writes that she is doing fine now. "Hi Gail - hope you are doing fine - and no more trips to the hospital!!"

Did you happen to see the very attractive model on the front page of the Weekend Life section in the Sunday, November 20th edition of the Buffalo News? She's Lindsey Smith, daughter of Karen and Barry Smith of East River Road. A member of Grand Island High School Class of 2003, she is currently a student at NCCC.

Happy birthday to Timothy Miller (his 23rd tomorrow - Thanksgiving Day), Wayne Benton (tomorrow), Alexander Tollner (10 tomorrow), Al Rowswell (his 70th birthday tomorrow), Joe Samrany (70 on Saturday), Gladys Benzing (cheers on Monday), Brandon Antonelli and Patsy Staffen Yell (this week!), Eric Harnden (a teenager on Wednesday) and Christopher Carter (16 on Wednesday).

Very best wishes to Nicole and Greg Butcher who will be married five years on Friday.

Congratulations to Erica and Jonathan Lorence on the birth of Tyler Allan Lorence on Monday. Click "Baby Tyler Allan" for more information.

Looking Back 50 years - A letter to the editor in the town’s weekly paper in November 1955 stated that several teenage girls had been supposedly engaged as babysitters, left their homes at the early hours of 7 or 7:30 p.m. and when they returned, had funds to represent that they had been babysitting as many as six to seven hours. Upon investigation, several teenagers admitted that they hadn’t seen a baby on quite a few of the purported babysitting occasions, that their boy friends had supplied the necessary funds, so that the girls had proof that they were baby sitting. This was 50 years ago.•••• Faced with the possible loss of some $86,000 in assessed property valuation, the Town Board filed a resolution with the State of New York objecting to any further procurement of property by the State along the East River. The State had proposed acquiring additional property for the construction of a golf course at Beaver Island State Park.••••First Sunday services in the undercroft of the brand new St. Martin-in-the-Fields Episcopal Church on Baseline Road were held on Sunday, November 27, 1955.

Looking Back 40 years - Members of the Grand Island Road Knights, a group of young auto mechanics sponsored by the GI Jr. Chamber of Commerce, handed out a card whenever they stopped to assist a motorist by changing a tire or getting a car started. A spokesman for the Jr. Chamber said, “We receive at least one card a month, some from Grand Island and some from motorists on the mainland who have been helped by the Road Knights.” ••••Reported at a school board meeting in November 1965 was the fact that installation of the first escape window posed some problems but as soon as those were solved, the order for the rest would be written. Work on the Huth Road School roof had begun.••••New GIHS basketball coach was Richard Bessel, a math teacher at the school. Paul H. Fitzgerald served as assistant. The varsity team was to be led by Captain Jerry Goodwin.••••The Vikings finished in a three-way tie for the Erie County Interscholastic Conference Division III football race and named an all-star team by the Courier Express. The three all stars were Dan Buenafe, John Dennis and Scott Herlan.

Looking Back 30 years - The Thursday morning Early Birds reported that Betty Kaefer took high game and high series with 200 and 517.••••Fifth graders in the classrooms of Mrs. Elsa Bondar and Mrs. Muriel "Mickie" Chenoweth performed a bicentennial program in November 1975. The announcer was Susan Kennell, and Frank Guidone and Scott Thompson (hilarious antics) stole the show. Among others who performed were Carol Hawley, Tina Webb, Ann Marie Mahiques and Robert Buzby.

Looking Back 20 years - GIHS swimmers qualifying for the state sectionals in Syracuse in November 1985 were Anne Marie Wozniak, Dana Anello (White) and the 400 medley relay team of Dana Anello, Ann Walker, Sue Samland and Anne Marie Wozniak. Sherrie Tsikalas was an alternate. The girls set new school records and the 400 medley relay team came within .5 of the Western New York record.

Thank you advertisers. This week's spotlight is on FX Graphix , Paddock Chevrolet, Sound Choice Audio & Performance, and Holiday Inn Grand Island. It pays to advertise at Isledegrande.com - the voice of Grand Island and the Island's #1 news source, updated daily.

Our sympathy to the families of Helene Mysliwiec, Vernon N. Martell Sr. and former resident Arlene Gates who recently passed away. Click Deaths for complete information.

Sue Berger of Flower A Day Florist would like to congratulate Karen Beacher who is the winner of Sue's recent candy corn counting contest. Karen is invited to pick up her prize, a gift certificate, at the shop on Whitehaven Road from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., or Saturday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Yes, Peter McMahon is our town supervisor and his brother, Dan, is the commander of the VFW #9249 Post on the Island, but "Mayer Dan McMahon?" This recent reference was not published in our paper!!

Our middle and high school students have a day off on Monday, November 28th due to Parent/Teacher Conferences. Huth Road, Kaegebein, Sidway and Connor Middle will have an early dismissal on Thursday, December 1st. High school classes will be in session all day on December 1st.

River Lea, the Historical Society's headquarters, will be all trimmed up for the holidays on Sunday, November 27th. Society members will be on hand from 1-4 p.m. for an open house with refreshments served and a harpist playing throughout the afternoon. There is no charge. The open house will also be repeated on the following Sunday, December 4th. Click Historical Society Page for complete information.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving 2005. Thank the Lord for all we have, and ask Him to lighten the load of sadness that some of our friends and relatives are feeling today.

"Say a prayer for our guys over there."

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Neil                                 Laurie                             Rob
Neil Tetkowski, Laurie Ehlert Wagner and Rob Schooping are all wished the very best on their birthdays this week. Neil's is on Saturday, Laurie celebrates on Monday and Rob has his big day on Wednesday. The photos? An old Grand Island High School yearbook, of course!

Mike                                         Tom
A very happy birthday to Mike Gast and Tom Boehm, who grew up in Grandyle Village, and are celebrating milestones tomorrow and Sunday. The pictures were taken from the 1953 Sidway School yearbook when Mike and Tom were in Mrs. Regina Majdanski's first grade class at Kaegebein School. The yearbook included students' photos from both schools.

A huge happy birthday to Mike Kelly of Kelly's Country Store fame - turning the big 6-0 this week.••••Happy birthday also to Vala O'Boyle, Bobbie McNulty, Jesse Serio and Donnette Rayhill (today), Ashly Cinelli (21 today), Merritt Kinsey and Kathy Podgorny (tomorrow), Joseph Shanor (16 tomorrow), Shani "Smyth" Hunt (mini milestone on Saturday), Ron McNamee (Sunday), Patrick Sexton (15 on Sunday), Florence Duignan (her 89th birthday on Tuesday), Nathan Jayme (his 20th on Tuesday) and Laura Imperi (cheers on Wednesday). ••••David, Thomas, and Christina would like to wish their grandma, Joan Butcher, a happy birthday on November 21st.

Mr. and Mrs. Krist Haag in a photo taken earlier this year
Former Ferry Road resident Krist Haag was married to Evelyn Gallego on Saturday, November 5th in St. Jude's Roman Catholic Parish, followed by a reception in the Arcadian Court in Toronto. Longtime friend Jim Linenfelser served as the groom’s best man. A member of the GIHS Class of 1988, Krist is the son of Pat and Bob Haag of Grand Island. Evelyn is the daughter of Marina and Ruben Gallego of Toronto. The newlyweds are living in Washington, DC.

Connor Middle School 8th grader Alyssa Accardo will be appearing in Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City as part of Camp Broadway's "We Give Thanks Today" program. The parade will be televised next Thursday. For the story on Alyssa, click Islanders In The News.

Sunday is a very special day for Don and Fran Burrows. It is their 40th wedding anniversary. Happy days, folks.••••Best wishes to Chris and Ray Gress on their 30th anniversary Tuesday.••••And last but not least, Vala and Spencer O'Boyle will celebrate their 25th anniversary on Tuesday. The good news for the O'Boyles is that Spencer returned home last Saturday after serving his country in Iraq for the past year.

Miss Debra Remson was recently welcomed back to school by her middle and high school orchestra students. By the way, members of the GIHS orchestra, including our granddaughter, Amy Bidell, are selling Florida Indian River Groves navel oranges and grapefruit to help finance their music trip to Chicago.

Looking Back 60 years - Mabel French suggested at a Grand Island Library Association meeting in November 1945 that the library be dedicated as a War Memorial – a living memorial to those Grand Island young people who have rendered such a highly important service to their community and the country in World War II. The committee decided on the name, Grand Island Memorial Library.••••Horseshoe matches were being held at the Bedell House and at Mesmer’s Grill in November 1945. Teams were Mesmer’s Minute-Men and Bedell House Flippers (or Cy Gay’s boys).••••New Cubs joining Pack No. 75 in November 1945 were Jack Smeller, James Fuller, Jim Roberts, Robert Robinson, Richard Noth, Paul Stack, Charles Heimbach and Donald Bartlett.

Looking Back 50 years - Daniel J. McNamee was named chairman of the Grand Island Democratic Party at a November 1955 meeting of the Democratic Committee at the home of the retiring chairman, Phillip Roe of Staley Road.••••The PTA Recreation Committee sponsored a Jr./Sr. high school party night in the Kaegebein School gym on Saturday, November 19, 1955.••••Grandyle Pharmacy on Love Road was advertising Hallmark Christmas cards at 10 for 29 cents.••••Erie County Extension Service’s first lesson on yeast breads was held Tuesday morning, November 22, 1955 at the Trinity Fellowship Hall and instructed by Isle residents Ellen Turnbull and Annita Kaegebein.••••A Grand Island Cooperative Nursery School card party and fashion show in November 1955 at the Buffalo Launch Club was chaired by Mrs. Raymond Moran and assisted by Mrs. Donald Miller and Betty Clement. Commentator Margaret Goodsole introduced the models including Ruth Holden and Mrs. Harry (Elsie) Stamler.

Looking Back 30 years - Mikes Antenna Service Slow Pitch Softball team won the division and playoff titles in 1975 with attractive trophies presented to Mike Gast, John Gast Sr. and John Gast Jr.

Looking Back 20 years - GIHS Spotlighters annual fall play, “Done To Death” was presented in November 1985 under the direction by Mrs. Magdalene Miller Kennedy. The cast included Steve Stancil, Traci Shubert, Marijane Kennedy, Chris Watz, Chris Currie and Michael Broeker. The price of a ticket was $3 in 1985, just as it is tonight, tomorrow night and Saturday for the Spotlighter's Comedy, “Get Smart.”••••GIHS Cross Country teammates including seniors Todd Moses, John Furgele, Pat Birt, Brian Campbell and Brent “Farmerman” Fred, won their second sectional title with a score of 47-46 over Lockport. Jim “Chip” Dunlop led the way for GI, placing third. GI finished fifth at the State meet at SUNY Binghamton.••••Rusty Boyko led the 1985 Varsity Viking Soccer Team to the Niagara Frontier League championship for the second year in a row. Goalie John Brighton allowed only 11 goals on the Vikings and had ten shutout games.••••Grand Island volunteer firemen, working in shifts, manned main headquarters on Baseline Road day and night for 55 hours when all emergency telephones here became inoperable at 10 a.m. Monday, November 12, 1985 after a cable was severed by contractors working at Sheridan Drive and Delaware Avenue in the Town of Tonawanda.

Looking Back 5 years - A snow storm on Monday, November 20, 2000 had many of us more than a little concerned about our loved ones who were stranded on the thruway for seven or more hours. Remember?

Yesterday's early morning temperature of 68 degrees was unusual to say the least, especially in reference to writing this week's Looking Back 5 years! Grand Island lucked out so far today with no precipitation and lots of sunshine as of 10 a.m., however, it is cold and windy here. Schools were closed south of us due to snow and there's more to come. For a brief mention of Grand Island weather, click Buffalo News story!

Jalapeno Loco, an authentic Mexican cuisine restaurant on Grand Island Blvd., is our newest Isledegrande.com advertiser, and receiving rave reviews. Check out their web site and be sure to stop by soon!•••• Also spotlighted this week are three shining stars on our list of advertisers: Budwey's Supermarket, McMahon's Family Restaurant, and Re/Max-Kathy Aronica.
It pays to advertise at Isledegrande.com - the voice of Grand Island and the Island's #1 news source, updated daily.

Our sympathy to the families of George A. Overs and former residents Gregory Thomas Hajski and Charles R. (Bob) Rexford who recently passed away. Click Deaths for complete information.

Good luck to our Lady Vikings Soccer team who travel to Binghamton today for the state finals.

This is the weekend of the high school Spotlighters' production of Get Smart, as mentioned above. Among the comedy's cast members are Forrest Smith, Caitlin Hall, Vincent Covatto, Pat Sexton, Carissa Bailey and Kyle Patterson. There will be three performances in the high school auditorium at 7:30 p.m. tonight, tomorrow and Saturday. Tickets are only $3.

Click Calendar of Events for Island happenings this week. Auditions for the Parish Players youth performance of "Cinderella" are being held tonight at St. Stephen School, the Friends of the Library used book sale takes place tomorrow and Saturday, and a Turkey Sandwich Day sponsored by the Ladies of the VFW is set for Saturday.

"Say a prayer for our guys over there."

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Bob                                         Steve
Happy birthday to Bob Padlog and Steve Parisi shown above as they looked as students at GIHS. Bob and Steve celebrate milestone birthdays tomorrow.

It is with pleasure that I wish Frank and Jean Guagliano a very happy 40th wedding anniversary. The Guaglianos were married on November 13, 1965.

The kids in the Grand Island Gallopers 4-H Horse Club have decided to collect gift items to be donated to the Neighbors Foundation's Christmas collection. Their plan is to supply the Foundation with things that would appeal to preteen and teenage boys and girls such as hats, scarves, gloves, slippers, sweatshirts, portable radios with headphones, bath items and shampoos for baskets etc. Click the Gallopers 4-H Horse Club News Page for information on how you can help the Club.

A belated happy birthday to Dan Kingston who celebrated a milestone yesterday. Happy birthday to Pat Spadaro (best wishes today), Floyd Doring and Ingrid Kinney (today), to Christopher Sean Swagler (double digits - 10 today), Sherry Watkins (cheers tomorrow), Helen McMahon (4 tomorrow), Carolyn Gentz (tomorrow), Mildred Goldbach (her 85th on Sunday), Pam Whitney (Sunday), Brooke Samantha VeRost (4 on Sunday), Mark Brown (turning 40 on Monday), Aimee Anderson (20 on Monday), Samantha Kuszczak (12 on Monday), Mary Burngasser (Monday), Nicholas Dingey (6 on Monday), baby Sarah Ann Brand (first birthday on Monday), Cyndi Booker (Tuesday), John Gaydica and Kevin Erker (Wednesday), and Sierra Marie Maras (5 on Wednesday).••••David, Thomas, and Christina would like to wish their grandpa, David R. Butcher, a very happy 65th birthday on Monday, November 14th!

Good news! Shelley (Arcouet) Smith and her husband, Bob, are parents of a third son. Click "Baby Jacob Paul" for his picture on our Islanders In The News page.

Looking Back 60 years - Sandy Beach school kids, Ronny Livingston, Jerry and Lee Thomas, Benny Clark and Donna Hawley (Rodriguez), met up with what they thought was a cute little black and white kitten while waiting for the school bus. Discovering the hard way that their new-found friend was a skunk, they were nearly voted off the bus. After they arrived at school, one of the teachers appeared at the office with her coat over her arm and stated that it was either she or the children. The result of an unpopularity poll was that the five kids hit the jackpot and won the privilege of a taxi cab ride to their homes.

Looking Back 50 years - Recent appropriation of funds to build a water main from the end of the water line at Baseline and Love roads to the Army AAA gun sites and Nike establishments on Grand Island brought the Island one step closer to the day when all roads would be served by public water facilities.••••Wallace Simms, Master of the Island's Lodge # 1138 F. & A.M., conferred the first section of the Third Degree on Frederick W. Bauer, Martin Luther Livingston, George Francis Sanders, Frederick W. Bidell and Ralph W. Feindt in Trinity Fellowship Hall in November 1955.•••• The newly formed Sidway Prop Spinners, a model airplane club, held its first contest November 10, 1955. The club was under the leadership of Mr. Henry Fessard and cadet teacher William Ryan. First place went to Donald Bruce, and 2nd and 3rd to Gary Corbett and Stanley Pasek.

Looking Back 40 years - The Fire Company's Ladies Auxiliary held the first chowder sale at the fire hall since the last field days held in August '61. Due to the complete success of the sale, the Ladies were thinking of having another sale, possibly several during the year.•••• “Arsenic and Old Lace,” the first presentation of the Spotlighters' second season was held on a Saturday evening in November 1965. Cast members included Casey Colley (Ebert), Frances Chambers, Robert Hilferding, Charles Satterlee, Tom Walsh, Sylvia McCullough (Dixon), James Carter, Jeff Carr, Pat Leach, Jim Rosensteele, George Sanders, Allan Lee and Randy Chambers.

Looking Back 30 years - The GIHS Spotlighters fall play, Woody Allen’s “Don’t Drink the Water,” was produced by the students under the direction of Miss Magdalene Miller in November 1975. Heading the cast were Louie Vacanti, Jim Whiting, Nettie Hansen and Lyn Aswad. Credit for set design and construction was given to Mr. Peter F. Sloan assisted by student chairman Tom Gormady.••••A letter opposing the erection of a 7-11 store at Ransom and Stony Point was read at a November 1975 town board meeting.••••The Island's Business & Professional Women's Club (BPW) was formed at a meeting in the home of Helen Staley on November 10, 1975.••••The Golden Age Center opened in Nike Base Park and a dedication was held November 15, 1975 under the direction of the late Gladys Smith.

Looking Back 20 years - The Island's Teachers Conference Day in November 1985 included workshops on “Word Processing” and “What’s New in Software,” by Huth Road teacher Jackie Kazmierczak, and “Launch” (Gifted and Talented Program) presented by Launch teacher Anita Romagnoli (DeGlopper). •••• Grand Island Republicans whooped it up at Holiday Inn while Democrats cheered at the Bedell House election night November 6, 1985. Both parties celebrated election victories as the final votes were counted. High vote-getters were Councilman James H. Pax and Daniel A. Linenfelser Jr. who was also elected town councilman. LaVerne Luther beat out Marty Prast for supervisor that year. ••••Playing his final game as a Grand Island Viking, senior quarterback Dean Santorio threw for touchdowns and led the Vikings to a 21-0 victory over Niagara Wheatfield in a Division III game at Harvey Field in Sanborn Saturday, November 2, 1985. Dean passed for 103 yards putting him over the 1000-yard mark for the season. Among other standouts in the game were Chris Wilkinson, Rodney Haynes, Greg Hunt, Cal Jenkins, Marc Castellani and Noel Blair.

Looking Back 10 years - Andrea Moreau seemed to have won the councilman election by nine votes in November 1995 when votes were tallied in town hall. However, the Board of Elections later released figures giving incumbent Gail J. Lazenby two votes more than Moreau. It was confirmed on Wednesday after Election Day that Andrea did, in fact, beat Gail by eight votes.

We welcome Isledegrande.com's newest advertiser, Pinto Disposal Service. Please check out this website and consider doing business with Pinto Disposal Service. Also spotlighted this week are the following advertisers we do so appreciate: Joan Dlugokinski Century 21, "Technology Camp Of America", and Solid Gold Entertainment . It pays to advertise at Isledegrande.com - the voice of Grand Island and the Island's #1 news source, now updated daily.

Our sympathy to the families of Barbara L. Kay, Mildred F. Burgett, Elizabeth M. Squire and former resident Thomas Roberts who recently passed away. Click Deaths for complete information.••••A Mass of Christian Burial will be celebrated in St. Stephen's Church at 10 a.m. tomorrow (November 11) for Dorothy Boyko, mother of Isle resident Michael Boyko. Mrs. Boyko died Tuesday.

A GIHS Class of 1986 reunion planning meeting will be held at 7 p.m. tomorrow, Nov. 11th, at the Village Inn.••••Veterans Day services are being held 11 a.m. tomorrow in Veterans Park followed by an open house at the VFW Post #9249. Click Veterans Day for complete information.••••River Lea in Beaver Island State Park, the Historical Society's headquarters, will be open to the public Sunday from 2-4 p.m. No charge and refreshments will be served.

Last week's response for Halloween photos was especially good and this week, I received several more as shown above. This week's additions include photos of Jeff and Gabriel Wansart, Morgan Santorio, Aidan and Madison MacNeil, Robert Arch and Megan Dzielski. Photos posted last week included Benny and Ava DeFranks, Kevin and Andrew Sander, Joey Martin, Andrew Thompson, Anna Thompson, Evan Banko, Jameson and Jaidan Hiam, Michael Christensen and Evan Linenfelser. There were two groups of girls submitted without names. Check out "Halloween" for larger photos of all the tricks-or-treaters!

Reg Schopp stopped by our editorial office this week with his bag of groceries just purchased at Frank Budwey's Budwey's Supermarket and boasted of the $40 worth of eats costing him only $30! Frank, a former resident and Isledegrande.com advertiser, has two locations, one at 535 Division Street in North Tonawanda and another at 416 Kenmore Avenue. Worth a trip!

The Riverside Athletic Club Connolly Cup Committee's honor roll for Week 10 includes Varsity Vikings Ryan Breier and Ryan Harvey.••••The Trench Trophy honors, as reported in the "Buffalo News," were awarded to linemen of the week for week ten and include Varsity Viking Justin King.

Good luck to the owners of the new Jalapeno Loco! The authentic Mexican cuisine restaurant opened Tuesday at 2800 Grand Island Blvd. just north of Bedell Road. According to my co-worker Dan McMahon who dined there last night with his wife, Sue, and inlaws, Rich and Joanne Lozo, everyone's food was delicious and even though the place only advertised here at Isledegrande.com, Jalapeno Loco was jam-packed with other happy diners!

And in case you heard a rumor that a voting machine in District 11, located in the Grand Island Memorial Library, jammed on Election Day, it wasn't a rumor. However, the problem was resolved before the final figures were posted.

Go Vikings! Members of the Girls Soccer Team and the Varsity Football team are competing in Far West Regional games this weekend. Good luck to all.

"Say a prayer for our guys over there."

Thursday, November 3, 2005

Alice                               Gary
Happy birthday to former resident Gary Long who will celebrate his 60th birthday next Wednesday, November 9th. These school photos of Gary and classmate Alice Gardner were taken from the 1953 Charlotte Sidway Yearbook, when they were in in Mrs. Lillian Shear's 1st grade. Gary now lives in Valley Center, Kansas. Alice, a longtime Island resident, celebrated her birthday on October 24th.

Bill Dunshie, Sidway School Class of 1958, wrote to ask "when" there will be another Sidway reunion. Sidway students of 8th or 9th grade graduating classes 1937 through 1963 who are interested in another reunion are urged to email me at teddy@giecom.net. I do know there is great enthusiasm from a group of Class of '55 gals! For those who do not know the history of the reunions, the first was held in 1990 and attended by 750+. Two more were held in 1996 and 2002 and attended by former students of the Island's only school, opened in 1937, replacing the one- and two-roomers.

Several weeks back, I posted a couple Sandy Beach Park Club parade pictures, submitted by Sandy Beach native Debbie Robinson. I recently had a great conversation with former Greenway Road resident, Sam Aswad, 80, who identified several people in one of the photos. Names added to the caption of that picture are Patricia Aswad, Noreen Aswad, Jean Nyland, Jane Nyland, Randy White and Joyce Hoefner. Thank you, Sam! Click Old Photo Album, then click the photo on the right.

The Grand Island High School Class of 1966 is looking for pictures of the 10th reunion held at the Three Coins in 1976. Email Terry Swain at "tigerterry1@yahoo.com" if you have any to loan the class.

A very happy birthday to Scott Wiesenberg, Doug DeGlopper, Don Livingston, Cheryl Bailey and Mary Carminati (all celebrating today), to baby Anthony Stephen Weis (his first birthday today), Jacob John Schmidt (16 tomorrow), Anthony Scott (30 tomorrow), Casey Carminati (her 15th on Saturday), Jennifer Lenhard (Saturday), Emily Kahn (Sweet 16 on Sunday), Robert David Arch (3 on Sunday), Ian Estenoz (8 on Sunday), Cathie Shaw (the big 4-0 on Sunday), Mary McMahon (Monday), Lois Affuso (Tuesday), Carl Lamancuso (cheers on Wednesday), Becky Mason (special greetings Wednesday), and Lucille Jones (this week).

Cathy and Noel Wilhelm will celebrate their 35th wedding anniversary on Tuesday, November 8th. Best wishes to the Wilhelms. Happy anniversary to Peggy and Bob Hooper, celebrating their second anniversary today.

Former Isle residents Dan and Janie (Martin) Hiam, Class of 1996, and their children, Jaidan and Jameson have relocated to Georgia and we wish them the best.

Kari Lynn Harding and Daniel Klos were married Saturday after which a reception was held in the Beaver Island Clubhouse. The bride is the daughter of Doug and Pat Harding of East River Road and the groom is the son of Brian and Barbara Klos of Webster.••••Matthew D. Remmes, son of Isle residents David and Aileen Remmes, was married Saturday to the former Katie Ann Root. The bride's parents are Linda and David Sweeney of Lewiston and Donald and Diana Root of Town of Tonawanda. ••••Married Saturday and living on the Island are Elizabeth J. Bulera and Ronald J. Anton. Parents of the bride are Jacqueline and John Mousaw of Hamburg and David and Julie Bulera of Grand Island and parents of the groom are Island residents Ronald and Sue Anton.

Looking Back 60 years - The Sidway School first grade class was divided into two parts, with sessions in the morning and afternoon. Mrs. Ruth Irving taught group one and Mrs. Martha Lee, group two. A mid-day snack of milk and cookies was enjoyed by both groups.••••The Town Board approved the Grand Island Volunteer Fire Company's contract be renewed for $600 per year.••••Fire Company members voted Wednesday, November 7, 1945 to purchase much needed fire fighting equipment including fire hose and additional lengths of suction hose to reach considerable distances. ••••Ernie Godfrey’s Grand Island Market was advertising Kellogg’s Variety Pack at 21 cents for 10 packages of cereal.••••Winners of the Sidway School Halloween costume contest in 1945 were Joan Livingston (Fred), Tim Sheehan, Calvin Alt, Ronny Livingston, Carol Schwagler (Brown) and Judy Nailor (Meer). Salads, cake, sandwiches, ice cream and soft drinks were served.••••Credit for the well-attended Grandyle Village Halloween party and parade went to Dick Hogue (chief fire marker), Ted Klingel, John Shimmel, Don Horner and others. The younger set enjoyed cocoa and cookies around the huge bon fire. Martha Tardif and Dorothy Noth were in charge of refreshments.

Looking Back 50 years - The PTA Council of the Tonawandas and Grand Island presented a variety show on Friday, November 8, 1955 at Tonawanda High School. Among the 19 acts were Islanders Daralene Meyers (Jones) and Diane Meyers (Krause) (pantomime act), Connie Godfrey, (dance), and Wilbert Janke and son, Robert Janke (father and son act).

Looking Back 40 years - Cub Pack 425 met in Huth Road School Monday evening, November 8, 1965 for a Space Derby, a contest in which balsa “rockets” were powered by rubber band propellers, and sped along 100 feet of nylon fish line. Arranging the race were fathers, Lyman Baker, John Thompson, John Scott, Peter Hayes, James Ray and John Spivey. Among first and second place winners were Ricky Lundstrom, Joe Trautman, Randy Thompson, Ray Pauley and Tim Spivey.••••DeGlopper Garrison Army and Navy Union held its first installation of officers at the Fire Hall on Saturday, November 6, 1965. Awards were presented to Commander Wilfred G. Rohring and to Pfc. Wayne L. Kinney, an Island Marine who had recently received the Purple Heart for action in Santo Domingo. The new garrison was named in honor of Congressional Medal of Honor winner Pfc. Charles N. DeGlopper, who died in action overseas during World War II.

Looking Back 30 years - Holiday Inn innkeeper Edward Schwannecke announced the River Oaks golf course and clubhouse would continue to be operated by Holiday Inn. He also announced that the clubhouse had air conditioning repaired, new carpeting installed and a liquor license granted. The lounge and restaurant were to open in the spring.••••Rita DeGlopper was elected town clerk for the first time on November 4, 1975 and received the highest overall number of votes.••••Marjorie Bessel, a 6th grader, won national honors in the Road Runners Club of America National Age Group Cross Country Championships at Van Cortlandt Park in NYC. She also won the AAU Cross Country Title at Syracuse for girls in the 10-11 year age group.

Looking Back 20 years - Aries Triangle #131 elected Debra Couch as Beloved Queen and Mrs. Irene Ehde as Jr. Deputy at its fall election dinner in 1985 in the Masonic Temple, Ferry Road.••••Ken Pelletier bowled the high single 279 and Jim Reese bowled the high triple, 751, on October 24, 1985 in the Thursday Major bowling league at Island Lanes.••••Sandy Buell bowled both high single, 267 and high triple, 566 for the Sharpshooters at Island Lanes 20 years ago.

Looking Back 1 year - It was just one year ago today that Meaghan Ann Drexelius Grotz successfully came through her double lung transplant surgery at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center.

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Our sympathy to the families of Opal R. Guenot, Howard W. Juhre, and former resident John J. Stolfo Jr., who recently passed away. Click Deaths for complete information.

Congratulations Coach Dean Santorio and the Varsity Vikings. The Grand Island High School Varsity Vikings beat Hamburg last Saturday and are headed to Ralph Wilson Stadium for the championship game against Sweet Home. The "big one" will be played at 3 p.m. Saturday, November 5th. Go Vikings!

Jim and I attended the wedding of Kari Lynn Harding and Dan Klos last Saturday in the new Beaver Island Clubhouse. We all agreed the new clubhouse is absolutely beautiful and tastefully done. The excellent dinner was prepared by in-house caterer Scipione Catering Inc.

Our grandson, Evan Linenfelser, turning 3 a month from today, was mighty proud of his Spiderman costume and had a great time tricks-or-treating and attending Aunt Vicki Wilkinson's annual Halloween party Monday night. Be sure to see the children's Halloween photos submitted this week and consider sending in your own (children's pictures only!).

Check our Calendar of Events for Island happenings this week, including the Historical Society meeting tonight (Ship Wrecks), a Las Vegas Night at the Knights of Columbus hall, the Rotary Club's Undie Sunday, and the Golden Age Club's Holiday Happenings & Open House. Have a great weekend.

"Say a prayer for our guys over there."

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Dave Conboy with senior US commander LTG Petraeus (Click for larger view)
Welcome home, Dave! Lieutenant Colonel David Conboy, Army Reserves, 98th Division, is back home on the Island with his wife, Karen, and son, David, after spending a year in Iraq. Dave, who was awarded the bronze star, worked for Iraqi General Abadi, and for the Multi National Security Transition Command in the Iraqi Ministry of Defense.

2LT Sarah McMahon is serving in Iraq at Camp Victory with the US Army and will be there until October 2006. She graduated in 2004 from the University of Notre Dame in South Bend, Ind., where she attended on a four-year Army Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) scholarship. Email may be sent to Sarah at sarah.e.mcmahon@us.army.mil She is the daughter of Karen and David Conboy of Grand Island and Tom and Nadine McMahon of Springfield, Virginia.

Emily Zimdahl, a junior at Niagara University and member of Niagara's swim team, won the one- and three-meter diving events when Niagara lost this week to the University of Vermont, 156-76. Emily, who had scores of 193.42 and 221.47, was the only first place finisher for her team. A GIHS graduate, Class of 2002, she swam on the varsity swimming and diving team, was a commended scholar athlete as a member of the swim team, a varsity cheerleader and was named a Universal Cheerleader Association All Star in the summer of 2001.

Merritt Kinsey, GIHS Class of '67, who was featured in our "Islanders In the News" page a few weeks ago, has written to say he's heard from several Islanders and Ex-Islanders due to the article. Merritt also writes that his musical group, The King'n'Trio, has been nominated for a Grammy this year! Good luck, Merritt!

A belated happy birthday to former resident Chris Schueckler who celebrated a big one on October 14th.••••Happy birthday to Paul Soto (today), Eric Raepple and Linda Greenwood Cantwell (a huge happy birthday tomorrow), Matt Linenfelser (tomorrow), Jim Sargent (a milestone birthday on Saturday), Allen Glessner, Dave Wilkinson and our dear daughter, Julie Dee (Sunday), Amanda Ayers (her 20th on Sunday), Penny Panepinto (Monday), Robert Buzby (cheers on Monday), Emily Mary Fred (5 on Tuesday), Sarah Grace Kustich (7 on Tuesday), Carissa Bailey and Laura McDonnell (Tuesday), Carol Nordvik (best wishes on Tuesday), Mandy Liesenfeld (her 10th on Tuesday), Sue McMahon and JoAnn Lozo (the Trautman twins celebrating Wednesday), and Robert Irvine (Wednesday).

A very happy birthday to Christopher Miller who will celebrate his 18th birthday on Saturday. He and his fellow Vikings football players will be playing Hamburg in the first playoff game which they plan to win to advance to Ralph Wilson Stadium the following Saturday. Good luck, Vikings.

Best wishes to Stacey Roeder, daughter of Paul and Cheryl Roeder of East River Road, who was married to David J. Dawson on Saturday in St. Joseph Catholic Church, Niagara Falls.

Do you have discarded eye glasses or hearing aids at your house? Check out the Lions Club News Page for information on a collection of these items taking place on Halloween. The Lions Club is also holding a "children's party" at Tops from 6-9 p.m. on Halloween night.

"Kids Voting" will take place at all of the Island's polling places. Lee Tetkowski is asking for anyone who would like to volunteer to call her at 773-3266 for a shift where you may be needed. For more information, click "Kids Voting"

Looking Back 60 years - An Italian cookery demonstration in Charlotte Sidway School on Wednesday afternoon, October 24, 1945 was given by Mrs. Rocco Rindone. A shuttle bus picked up the ladies in Ferry Village and Grandyle for this Home Bureau event.••••Dick Hogue Sr. and George White were co-chairmen of a Halloween dance given by the Grand Island Fire Company on Saturday night, October 27, 1945. Proceeds were to be used for the building fund for a new fire hall, finally realized in 1953.••••Bea and Vern Mooney were back in circulation in October 1945, having curtailed their California trip because of the gasoline "strike."••••Ernie Godfrey’s Grand Island Market ad in the local paper 60 years ago read: "Top quality meats are scarce. In line with our policy of keeping our patrons informed, there is very little top quality meat on the market at the present time. We will try to provide our patrons with the best beef that is available."••••An editorial in the local paper stated that lack of an adequate water supply was again the deciding factor which prevented firemen from saving the home of Supervisor Reg Long on West River at Staley Road. The house burned to the ground along with the old store where the fire had its origin.••••Representatives from all 11 Island organizations met in Sidway School in October 1945 and formed the Grand Island Library Association. First officers included President Wilma Prentice, Vice President Don Horner, Secretary Alice Soch and Treasurer Mabel Leibinger.••••Members of the Grandyle Village Property Owners Association had a huge bon fire at the north west corner of Love and Stony Point on Halloween night as they did for many years.

Looking Back 50 years - There were 3,102 registered voters on Grand Island in the fall of 1955.••••Grand Island taxpayers, on Saturday, October 29, 1955, rejected by a vote of 256-82, a proposal to purchase 34 acres of land for future town buildings, park and a recreation center. The proposition to purchase site for the land with frontage on Baseline Road and adjacent to Sidway School, was for $25,000.••••The Grand Island Fire Company purchased a new, 180-horsepower, 500 gallon pumper. A three-hour test of the $16,000 truck at the Bedell House was directed by Bert Grothe, representing the NYS Fire Rating Organization, Chief Theodore Klingel and Assistant Chief Arthur Mitchell.

Looking Back 40 years - A Chowder sale at fire hall and run by the Fire Company Ladies Auxiliary in October 1965, was the first of its time since the last firemen's field day held in August 1961.

Looking Back 30 years - The School Board on Monday, October 27, 1975, announced the appointment of Suzanne Stevenson as Department Head of the Business Dept. and Richard Bessel as Math Department Head.••••Work was underway on construction of shoreline protection along East River Road between Broadway and the South Grand Island Bridge. The state improvements were being made at a cost of $1,019,205.••••M&T Bank employees dressed up for Halloween. They included Olive Hawkes, Pat Wydra, Jill Roberts, Betty Gross, Helen Ciechoski, Meg Pelinko, Felicia DeMartin, Ellie Sherman, Marge Watkins, Phyllis Gligora and Edna Sarokon.••••The Thursday Morning Early Birds reported that Mary Kay Patmos took high game and high triple with 215 and 566 respectively.

Looking Back 10 years - Bonnie Remus and Ravi Chawda were named homecoming queen and king respectively at a spirit assembly on October 13, 1995 at the Grand Island High School.

Reg Schopp, our publisher and owner of deSignet International, visited Budwey's Supermarket in North Tonawanda this week and was very impressed. Reg found things on the shelves of this grocery store that he said he would never have found here on the Island. "Worth the trip," Reg says. "Remember how nice it was to have two groceries. . .maybe we could finesse Frank into opening up here on the island," he said. Reg and the Youth Board wish to express their appreciation to Budwey's Supermarket owner, Frank Budwey, GIHS Class of '67, for his donation to tonight's College Fair at the high school.

A new, local business, G.L.P. Free Manufacturing, is our newest advertiser. The local girls, Susan M. Daubney and Joan M. Pedlow, RN, RD, are advertising delicious products that are "OK" and are Gluten/Wheat Free, Lactose/Milk Free, Peanut/Tree Nut Free, Trans Fat Free, Preservative Free, and Casein Free. Check out their website.••••Thank you advertisers. This week's highlighted businesses are Kaiser Funeral HomeTown Cafe, and Aronica and Company, Inc. It pays to advertise at Isledegrande.com - the voice of Grand Island and the Island's #1 news source, now updated daily.

A Memorial Service for Elizabeth Beach will be held at 10 a.m. Saturday, October 29th at St. Stephen's RC Church.

Congratulations, Ryan Harvey! The Riverside Athletic Club Connolly Cup Committee's football honor roll for week eight includes Varsity Viking linebacker Ryan Harvey, so named for the sixth week also.••••The Trench Trophy honors, as reported in the "Buffalo News," were awarded to linemen of the week for week eight and included Varsity Viking Brandon Antonelli.••••Don't miss the article on "former Lady Vikings" Cortney Bota, Lauren Nedwick, Amy Stewart and Kim Walker, now playing on the Daemen Women's Soccer Team.

The GIHS Spotlighters are selling candy bars and hosting a costume dance tomorrow night at the school to raise funds for the Zachary Zarbo Memorial Scholarship Fund. Our granddaughter, Amy Bidell, a member of Spotlighters, has plenty of candy available as do the others in the choral group.

A major College Fair is being held tonight at the high school. Sponsored by the Grand Island Youth Board, the Fair is featuring 18+ colleges, military recruiters, financial information/HSBC Bank as well as prizes (complete computer system), and refreshments. Click "College Fair" for more information.

The Huth Road Playground Committee's Fall Festival, a night of fun for everyone, takes place tomorrow from 5-8 p.m. in the Huth Road School. Click Harvest Festival At Huth
for details.

Halloween hours on Monday, October 31st are from 5-8 p.m. Remember to Email me photos of your costumed kids if you would like to share them with our readers.

Remember to turn your clocks back Saturday night!

"Say a prayer for our guys over there."

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Captain Christopher Reynolds, U.S. Marine Corps, is back home after serving as his company's commanding officer in Iraq for the past eight months. Captain Reynolds, and his wife, Joey, are parents of a son, Max and are shown at a recent welcome home party.

Also back on the Island after serving in Iraq with the Army is Major Mike Slowinski who visited his daughter, Rebecca's classroom at Huth Road School this week.

Best wishes to Alice Gardner who celebrates a big one on October 24th.•••• Happy birthday to Ryan Derek Pinzel (two years old today), Michael Madigan (9 today), Joe Macaluso (cheers today!), Marge Costello (tomorrow's the big day), Danielle Soluri, Ben Franklin, and our daughter-in-law Laury Linenfelser (tomorrow), Debbie Huff Curry (Saturday), Patrick Gallagher (a teenager on Sunday), Kevin Koch (Sunday), Don McLeod (Drum Roll! It's Monday!), our grandson John Charles Bidell Jr. (16 on Tuesday), Mallory DelSignore (6 on Tuesday) and Rich Lozo (35 on Wednesday).

This is new mother, Laci, a pug who just gave birth to eight pups yesterday. Her owners, Scott or Dorothy Bennett, said the pups will be available by Christmas. Click "Classifieds" for a picture of her puppies.

Best wishes to Martha Muller on her retirement after working as a lunch lady at Huth Road Elementary School for the past 34 years. During a surprise party for Martha in the gym of the school, Principal Mary Haggarty announced that Martha had served over 1.2 million lunches over the years. Now that's quite a record!

Good news! Brent and Michelle Fred and their three children, Brent, Andrew and Emily, have moved back to Grand Island and are living on Flanigan Lane.

Happy anniversary to Earl and Rita DeGlopper who will celebrate their 55th anniversary tomorrow, to John and Karen Wenner whose first anniversary is on Saturday, to Sylvia and David Long who will be married 40 years on Sunday, and to Michael and Carolyn Schopp on their first anniversary Sunday.

Looking Back 60 years - The Grand Island Post Office in October 1945 was moved for the second time in six months, from Joe Donovan's home on Love Road at LaSalle Avenue to Ed Sheehan's rambling old home on the north side of Love Road west of Baseline.••••A meeting of the Grand Island American Legion Post held October 24, 1945 in the town hall was organized by Andy Kirkwood. Among charter members attending were Abe Milner, Clem Martene, Harold Long Jr., Ted Salt, Ray Mesmer and LaVerne Kaiser.

Looking Back 50 years - Michael Sceusa played a piano solo during Mr. Tom Madigan’s 6th grade program Thursday, October 13, 1955 in the Sidway gym. Other 6th graders participating were Donna Titterington Leary and Kathy Kinsey (Wilcox) (violin duet), James Conrad (piano solo), David Pinkow, Don Fontana and Don Saunders (horn trio), David Pinkow (French horn solo), Susan Neimeier (Adams) and John Paasch (story).••••It was in October 1955, that Donald Burns Sr. and Robert Woods, of Oakfield Road and Chester Hardt of Williamsville purchased at auction 729 acres of land on the east side of Grand Island (now Holiday Inn) for $305,000. The property on the East River at Whitehaven Road, includes 7500 feet of river frontage and is about a mile deep.

Looking Back 40 years - Gerald and Nell Weingartner of Harvey Road were chairmen of the committee planning the BLC Past Commodores party October 23, 1965. Co-chairs were Mary and Marion Narad.••••Plain & Fancy was the Island Theater Group's October production. Appearing in the lead roles were Jess Tromanhauser and Carol Hastrick. The cast also included Gerrie McKeen, Vince Stouter, Heber Ashley, Sylvia McCullough and Paul Jordan. Also Helen Yensan, Joseph DiCesare, Robert Gasbarre and Mark Stephenson. Among the children in the cast were Vicki Carr, Sylvia Padlog, Diane Schnitzer, Vicki Meredith, Heidi Schnitzer and Holly Stephenson. Alice Doerr and her staff were credited with an outstanding job cutting, stitching and even dyeing costumes to make them as authentic as possible for the Amish musical.•••• Congressman Henry P. Smith III in October 1965 indicated he would study nine-year efforts of the Grand Island Chamber of Commerce to have bridge tolls reduced or eliminated. ••••Valerie Buckley (Swain), 10, took first place in a double baton competition Saturday, October 23, 1965 in Rochester.••••New den mother for Den 3, Pack 423 was Mary Carminati. Cubs learned how to tie different kinds of knots during their first meeting in October 1975. Allen Pearson, Danny Young and James Tomkins were elected Denners, Assistant Denner and Troop Scribe respectively.••••The High School Vikings blanked out Eden on the home field Saturday, October 23, 1965 with a 30-0 score. Viking Scott Herlan scored three touchdowns.

Looking Back 30 years - G-Mart in the Grand Island Blvd. Plaza advertised beef rib roast, 5th to 7th rib, at $1.39 per pound and boneless Delmonico steaks (rib eye) at $1.99.••••“The Sports Scene” by Jeff Stone covered all of the Grand Island High School sports results in the fall of 1975.••••Top Grand Island girls tennis team members in the fall of 1975 were Carol Rees, Linda Ryan, Linda Allen, Judy Posener, Mary Beth Englert, Debbie Geiger, Deb Stone (Hutzler), Barb Wakeley, Kathy Rayhill, Diane Whiting, Karen Ludwig (Figler), Linda Allen, Nancy Pultz, Wendy Deiner and Robin Keller. (Send me the girls' married names and I will post them here.)••••Among the first place winners of the Grand Island Piranas Swim Club that beat the Leibinger Swim Club in the 8 and under division were Anthony Arias (3), Jimmy Thompson (2), David LeChak (3), Missy Worthing, Jimmy Hess and Ann Walker. Piranas members in all other age divisions also took many first place wins.••••The Neighbors Foundation of Grand Island Inc. held its second annual Charity Ball in the Buffalo Launch Club Saturday, October 25, 1975. Grand Island High School students raised $533.43 during the school’s annual Homecoming Weekend in 1975 and donated the money to the Neighbors Foundation.••••Robert W. Bennett was installed Isle Chapter Order of DeMolay Master Councilor at the installation of officers October 19, 1975 in the Grand Island Fire Hall. Miss Deborah Stone (Hutzler) was installed as the new Aries Triangle Chapter Sweetheart by Past Sweetheart Miss Darlene Hanley.

Looking Back 10 years - The chairmen of the Democratic, Republican and Conservative parties pulled their candidates out of the Grand Island Chamber of Commerce sponsored Candidates Night due to the absence of a (neutral) moderator from the League of Women Voters. The forum took place Saturday, October 21, 1995 in the town hall with two candidates taking part - Councilman James R. Sharpe who opposed Supervisor James H. Pax, and Sandra K. Styka who would run against Town Justice Francis B. Pritchard.

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Fire Company's Ladies Auxiliary members will hold their annual fall chowder sale at main headquarters on Baseline Road Saturday. Chowder will be sold by the bowl or in bulk beginning around 11 a.m. or when the chowder is done. Bring your own containers or the girls will provide them. Christine Koch, with assistance from her husband, GIFC Deputy Chief Kevin Koch, is chairman of the event.

Check out our Calendar of Events for details on the following events: Wayne Weis (Class of 1978) fundraiser, Fire Company Ladies Chowder and Bake Sale, Trinity's Tax & Financial Planning Seminar, Intergenerational Community Sing, Hour of Power at St. Stephen's, Youth Advisory Board's College Fair, and a Fall Festival at Huth Road School.

Don't miss our up-coming feature, the 1905 diary of Island resident Martha Kaiser, a one-room school teacher here. The first of three parts will be posted next Thursday, October 27th.

Just a reminder! Halloween hours on October 31st are from 5-8 p.m. Also mentioned here last week - Email me photos of your costumed children if you would like to share them with our readers.

"Say a prayer for our guys over there."

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Birthday girl Paula Tickner (left front) and her sister, Floydette Gannon, with her brother and sister, Skip Uonites and Dolly Dilliot, in the back. Click photos for a larger view
Paula Jean Tickner was the guest of honor at a surprise retirement/60th birthday party on Sunday October 9th. In attendance were her sister, Floydette Gannon, from Florida and brother, Skip, from South Carolina who braved the cooler weather to surprise Paula. Among the 60 friends, relatives and co-workers were her daughter, Bonnie, who returned home from India a week earlier than Paula had expected. Her daughter, Tonya, who orchestrated the surprise party, presented her with a much needed box of tissues!

Life-long Islanders Bob and Lois Kaiser, now residing in New Port Richey, Florida, are celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary today. Happy days to the Kaisers.••••Happy anniversary to Jason and Maureen Weis in Florida, who are married four years today.••••Former resident Betsy (Kinsey) Sims and her husband, Bob, of Trumansburg, NY just celebrated their 40th anniversary. Best wishes to Betsy and Bob.

Merritt Kinsey, who lives with his wife, the former Lois Wheeler, GIHS Class of '67, in Grand Junction, Colorado, wrote this week after discovering Isledegrande.com by doing a Google search. Merritt is hoping to reconnect with childhood friends from Grand Island. To read a little bit about Merritt and Lois, click "The Kinseys".

A big happy birthday to lifelong Islander Jim Kaiser who really did turn 60 this week. Sorry, Jim! Last year's greeting was just a drill!!••••Kathy Hyland turned the big 4-0 yesterday! Happy 40th, Kathy!•••• Happy birthday to Janet Sunderland Bangs (today), Kyle Oursler (16 tomorrow), Ashley Joelle Battaglia (her first birthday tomorrow), Shirley Luther (Saturday), Vickie Wright (cheers on Saturday), Kalli Pedlow (a teenager on Saturday), Margie Cinelli (Sunday), Sue Bauer (Monday), Adam Heftka (10 on Tuesday), Craig Hettinger and Paul Linenfelser Jr. (milestones on Wednesday), Walter Hillock (16 on Wednesday), Lucas Michael Hooper (2 on Wednesday), and June Licence (Wednesday).

Congratulations, Ryan Harvey! The Riverside Athletic Club Connolly Cup Committee's football honor roll for week six includes Varsity Viking linebacker Ryan Harvey.•••• Kim Walker, who plays on the Daemen Women's Soccer Team, scored twice for Daemen for the 6-0 win over Point Park last Friday.••••The University of Toledo Rockets team beat out Eastern Michigan Saturday, thanks to Brett Kern who punted twice for a 43.5 yard average. Brett, a sophomore at Toledo, is a GIHS graduate, Class of 2004 on a full athletic scholarship. He earned 1st Team All State and 1st Team All Western New York honors in his senior year at Grand Island High.••••Lady Vikings Jessica Remmes and Allie Weiser are record holders so far this season in the Niagara Frontier Girls Soccer League. Jessica is the leading scorer with 19 and Allie is first in goalie shutouts with six wins.

Check our calendar of events for details on the following. The Fire Prevention Program at Fire Headquarters, a Cooperative Nursery School open house to recognize Bonnie Janowsky, and a fundraiser for Adam Rivers' college trip to Africa, all take place tomorrow evening. The Historical Society at River Lea is holding Open House from 2-4 p.m. Sunday. Other upcoming events include a Blood Drive, Career and Professional Development Seminar, a Wine Dinner, a fundraiser for the family of Wayne Weis, kidney Donor, the Fire Company Ladies Auxiliary's annual chowder sale and a College Fair.

Looking Back 60 years - The Town Board approved the Grand Island Volunteer Firemen Company’s contract renewal for $600 per year. ••••Hazel Link headed a committee of 40 volunteer workers armed with cards, feathers, stickers and a story of dire need over the entire face of the earth for the annual appeal on behalf of the United War and Community Fund Campaign. The Island goal was $900 and $989.87 was collected by County Day, October 19, 1945.••••Mrs. Grace McMains of Bedell Road entertained the “Thimble Club” attended by Rose Peters, Isabelle Roberts, Alice Fuller, Ida Beam, Ruth Kindred and Margaret Smeller of Grand Island.••••A kerosene stove set fire to a house owned by Supervisor Reg Long on West River at Staley Road on Sunday afternoon, October 14, 1945. A boarder, George Hilliker, about 60, died in the fire. Not only did this house burn, but also the combined store/residence occupied by the supervisor and his wife.••••Lois Irene Killian and Robert K. Kaiser were married in the bride's home in a ceremony October 13, 1945 performed by the Rev. Marvin E. Richert. Dinner was served at the Mary Burns Tea Room off the Island.

Looking Back 50 years - Cast members in the Trinity Church choir's production of “Ma Simpkins of Simpkinsville,” a comedy presented October 13-15, 1955, included Mary Gross, Merton McElroy, Marion Pinkow, Kay Slacer, Jackie Slacer, Carl Kaegebein, Earl McCullough, Carol Kaegebein, Libby Smith, Sally Swalm, Heber Ashley, Margie House and Eric Chedester. The play was directed by Ruth Muck, assisted by Shirley Beck.••••Supervisor candidate Daniel J. McNamee stated that, "I still place WATER (or rather the lack of it) at the top of the list." ••••The majority of Islanders voted in favor of a $1,250,000 school bond issue for a new elementary school at Warner Drive and Huth Road by better than 2 to 1 Tuesday night, October 18, 1955. Votes were 419 yes – 177 against.••••The U.S. Army announced that the guided missile base on Grand Island was manned and ready to fire. Approximately 85 men moved onto the base Friday, October 14, 1955 and it was expected that within a few months there would be over 200 men on the new permanent site. The Ransom Road AAA base was transferred to the National Guard on the same day in 1955.••••Assisting Trinity Church Pastor Rev. J. Franklin Beck, during the Men’s Day 8:30 a.m. worship services Sunday, October 16, 1955 were Albert Ihle, Eldon M. Glor and George K. Albing.

Looking Back 40 years - The English Leathers, an Island band made up of young musicians John Linenfelser, Jerry Cahill, Louie Qualianna and Cliff Greathouse, had been making quite a hit on the mainland when they made their Island debut at a Road Knights record hop at Sidway School in October 1965.••••The Knights of Columbus restored a little chapel on the second floor of their headquarters on East River Road in Ferry Village. A simple altar held a statue of the Blessed Virgin, a vigil light, a few flowers and small white plaques on which were noted the names of deceased members – James P. Dysinger, William Gabarro, Theodore Dunbar and also President John F. Kennedy. A highlight of the décor were two stained glass windows, one of which was inscribed, “In Memory of Our Dear Daddy.” These were originally installed by the Offermann family when they owned and occupied the house. The window was placed in the family prayer room in memory of the late Frank Offermann. The K of C clubhouse was acquired by the State when the land was purchased to extend the golf course in Beaver Island State Park.

Looking Back 10 years - Jason Louth had the fantastic, game-saving play in the GIHS Varsity Vikings Homecoming Game with four seconds remaining. Jason intercepted a Ken-East pass saving the win for Grand Island. Does anyone remember the final score?

Looking Back 1 year - Erie County Executive Joel Giambra's announcement a year ago this week, of the possibility of charging towns extra for the protection of the Erie County Sheriff's Department, was meeting with disapproval from County Legislature Republicans as well as town officials. Click "October 14, 2004" for the complete story.

The next meeting of the GIHS Class of 1976 reunion planners (all are welcome) will be held at the Buffalo Launch Club at 7 p.m. Tuesday, October 18th.

The Grand Island High School's first concert of the year is scheduled for 8 p.m. Wednesday, October 19th in the high school auditorium. Featured will be the Choir, Concert Choir, The Dominant Force, Madrigal Singers, Vocal Jazz and String Orchestra. Please note the time change (8 p.m.)

Wedding Bells! Married Friday, October 7th and living on the Island are Brian Burgin and his bride, the former Lori Nestler. The couple was married by Rev. Abram Dueck in Whitehaven Road Baptist Church.••••Jill M. Rohan and John F. Hasiak were married by Rev. Paul M. Nogaro in St. Stephen Catholic Church on Saturday, October 8th. The bride is the daughter of former Island residents Dr. Dennis and Susan Rohan.

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Our sympathy to the families of Louise C. Boyle and former residents Mary Alice Comer and Robert G. Bennett who recently passed away. Jane Moore Tolsma, a home economics teacher at Charlotte Sidway School in the mid 1950s, passed away on Sept. 14, 2005. A memorial Service for Frank Slish will be held 10 a.m. Saturday, October 15th in St. Stephen's Church. Click Deaths for complete information.

Halloween will be celebrated on Monday, October 31st, as announced by the Town Board. Hours will be from 5-8 p.m. Email me photos of your little, costumed ghosts and goblins if you would like to share them with our readers.

I've heard some great things about the GIHS Junior Varsity Girls Soccer team. Seems seven 7th and 8th grade girls, formerly with the Grand Island Soccer Club's U-12 girls team of '05 are on this JV team. The JV Girls Soccer Team, coached by Christopher Pepper, is undefeated so far.

The Varsity Vikings beat out Williamsville East at last week's homecoming game with a score of 28-27. The Vikings play Kenmore East at Ken-East at 2 p.m. Saturday. Go Vikings!

"Say a prayer for our guys over there."

Thursday, October 6, 2005
Welcome home, Mike! Lance Corporal Mike Mehltretter returns home today from Iraq where he has served for the past seven months with the United States Marine Corps.

Fay Wood spent a few days in the hospital and is now at home resting comfortably. She thanks everyone for their well wishes and prayers.••••Great news! Don Burns is back home and most likely played piano at the Market House Saturday night! Don suffered a broken leg in mid August and has been recuperating ever since.

If you see Bev Mikulski tomorrow, wish her a happy birthday.••••A big happy 40th birthday to Sandi Cunningham who will be celebrating the occasion on Sunday with her husband, Mike, with ice cream drinks on the lovely island of Jamaica.••••Also celebrating this week are Matthew Pietrzak (16 today), Flo Gannon and Genevieve Weber (today), Lorraine Willcox, Carol Ann Weingartner, Mary Jo Soto, Linda “Beach” Richardson and Bob Merritt (all celebrating tomorrow), Eric Craddock (double digits - 10 years old tomorrow), Ryan Ayers (his 16th birthday tomorrow), Jacqueline Kenney and Jerry Page (Saturday), Paula "Uonites" Tickner (the big 6-0 Sunday), Barb Jarzab (Sunday), Carl Lamancuso (cheers on Sunday), Anthony John Guenther Jr. (15 on Sunday), Gary Bartlett and Linda "Duignan" Schneckenburger (Monday), Jacob Mongold (9 on Tuesday), and Dan Mohring and Richard Sander (Wednesday).

Happy birthday, Michael! Baby Michael James Christensen, who weighed in at just over three pounds a year ago, is celebrating his first birthday tomorrow. Michael James, who now weighs over 25 pounds, is the son of Kris and Michelle Christensen of Sandpiper Lane and grandson of Isle residents George and Marianne Christensen of Carter Drive.

Carol and Chuck Dunworth celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary today and are wished the best. Happy anniversary also to Kenneth and Debra Robinson, married 15 years today.

Schools Are Open - Drive carefully. You must stop for a stopped school bus when lights are flashing.

Stacy M. Gibney and Jeffrey R. Green were married Saturday in St. Stephen Catholic Church. The bride is the daughter of John and Elaine Gibney of Grand Island.•••• Daniel J. Pelczynski and his bride, the former Margaret M. Stefko, were married Saturday in Beaver Island State Park by Grand Island Town Court Clerk Maria Burns. Daniel, son of Isle residents Dennis and Dorothy Pelczynski, and Margaret will live on the Island.

It is with extreme sadness that I report the passing of Elizabeth Beach this morning.

For those interested, there will be a Columbus Day 5K Run in Beaver Island State Park beginning at 10 a.m. Monday, October 10th. For further information, call 773-8825.

Congratulations to Michael Konopski who was recently named dean of enrollment management at Niagara University. Michael and his wife, Carolyn, and their three children live on Grand Island.

Grand Island's Brett Kern, a sophomore and starting punter for the University of Toledo Rockets, has averaged 39.8 yards per punt with a long of 57 this season. Brett was shown on national television during the Tuesday, September 27th game against Fresno State when he averaged 41.2 yards on five punts.

Looking Back 60 years - Several of the youngsters on Love Road were attending kindergarten in Kenmore. The kindergarten program at Charlotte Sidway School wasn't added until September 1947.

Looking Back 50 years - Thirty-two homemakers signified their interest in having the Home Extension Service unit (formerly the Home Bureau) meet nights on Grand Island. Kay Valyear, chairman of the daytime group, organized the first evening meeting on Monday, October 10, 1955.•••• Sidway School 9th grade graduating Class of 1956 elected the following officers Friday, October 7, 1955: President John Fontana, Jr., Vice President Larry Bell, Secretary Judith Kuehling (Semler), Treasurer Jerry Bell and Assistant Treasurer Sally Fleischmann (Dinino).

Looking Back 40 years - A darling little Jill Pless, a first grader at one of the Island’s elementary schools, was picture in the paper as she was being tested for tuberculosis.••••Serving as Altar Boys at St. Stephen’s during the Grand Island Fire Company church service were Lance Kohn Sr., Donald Anderson, Levant Becker and Daniel McMahon. Services were also held in the other churches to kick off the Company’s fund raising drive, followed by breakfast in the fire hall.•••• Among the models for the BLC’s "Fashions for Dolls” show held in September 1965 were Barbara Bagdy, Trish Rupp and Joanne Rayhill.••••New teachers introduced at the Junior Senior High School PTA reception September 30, 1965 included Katherine J. Beam, Richard C. Bessel, Joseph S. Chimento, Neil J. Hoffman, Grace E. Stewart and Richard W. Tahara.••••The beautiful, new Trinity E. U. B. Church on Whitehaven Road was dedicated on Sunday, October 10, 1965 at a 4 p.m. service followed by a fellowship hour in the Church lounge.••••The first meeting of the newly formed Grand Island Vikings Boosters Club was held at the high school September 29, 1965 when Jack Herlan of Love Road was elected its first president. Also elected were Vice President Roger Kaiser, Treasurer Michael Podlucky and Secretary Jack Allen.

Looking Back 30 years - An 8,000 pound anchor was raised out of the east Niagara River off Ferry Village on Monday, October 6, 1975. Divers credited with the "find" were Dick Voight, Tommy Stedman and Robert Guenther.••••Leading the Varsity Vikings Football Team to its first win of the season over Nichols, 20-6 were Jim Rodriguez, Rick Stein and Mike Masters.••••Mrs. Meade’s third grade class at Sidway Elementary presented a Bicentennial program celebrating the discovery of America on Friday, October 10, 1975. The main characters were Scott O’Connor as Leif Ericsson, Kelly Chenoweth as an American Indian, and Keith Normandin as Christopher Columbus. Among others in the cast were Peter Taefi, Tricia McGuire (McGuire-Johnston) and Mike McDonald.••••The new Grand Island Golden Age Center was scheduled to open soon but in the meantime October programs were scheduled in the Knights of Columbus Hall on Whitehaven Road.

Looking Back 15 years - The River Lea Quilters Guild was formed in September 1990.

Looking Back 10 years - It was just ten years ago that the Grand Island Memorial Library was brought up-to-date with an on-line public access service and an electronic catalog.

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Our sympathy to the families of Anna May Wagner and Elizabeth Beach who recently passed away. Click Deaths for complete information.••••A memorial service for Alfred "Al" Wasse will be held at 2 p.m. Saturday in St. Timothy Lutheran Church, 1453 Staley Rd., Grand Island.

A program on "Haunting Places of WNY" will be presented at the 7:30 p.m. Historical Society tonight at River Lea, Beaver Island Park. Everyone is welcome and refreshments will be served. Check the Calendar of Events for details and other Island Happenings.

Proud parents! Mary Lynn D. Lenz, daughter of Island residents Genevieve and Richard Dobmeier, has been named as the 10th "most powerful woman in U.S. banking" by U.S. Banker magazine. Over 5000 candidates were nominated.

Gail and Kathy Lazenby received a warm welcome at Saturday's Fire Company Uniform Inspection and reception. The Lazenbys are residents of The Villages, Florida.

Mark your calendars! Grand Island will celebrate Halloween on Monday, October 31st between the hours of 5 and 8 p.m.

Congratulations, Ryan! The Riverside Athletic Club Connolly Cup Committee's football honor roll for week five includes Varsity Viking Senior Quarterback Ryan Breier.•••• Go Vikings! The Grand Island Varsity Vikings beat Albion 30-28 on Friday, September 30th. The Vikings play their homecoming game against Williamsville South at 2 p.m. Saturday on Masters Field.

"Say a prayer for our guys over there."

Thursday, September 29, 2005

This recent photo of Ryan Pinzel and his baby sister, Megan Elizabeth, dressed in their Halloween pajamas, was shared with us by Grandpa Bob Kopf. The babes are the children of Mark and Michelle Pinzel. Ryan will be two next month and Megan Elizabeth is three months old. Be sure to click the picture for a better view!

Good friend Elizabeth Beach is still in need of prayers for her recovery. According to husband, Bob, she is still quite ill but has shown signs of improvement in the last few days.

Nora Klein is recuperating nicely from her September 21st kidney transplant, and doing very well, according to her sister, Patti (Klein) Merritt who stopped by my office yesterday. Please click http://www.unyts.org, to learn about the importance of organ and tissue donation. Let's make our own wishes known.

A big happy birthday to James "Cappy" Cooke who celebrated his 13th birthday yesterday. Happy birthday to Cori Sexton (20 today), Stacey Hamlin Zahradnik (today), Dana Robinson (the big 4-0) today), Lee Cohen and Mary Minton (tomorrow), Kent Webb (cheers tomorrow), Faith Jacqueline Caldwell (first birthday tomorrow), Alicia Marie Fisher (Sweet 16 on Sunday), Jaidan Hiam (5 on Sunday), Betty Jane Penque and Shorty Vanthoff (Sunday), Mark Eberhard (16 on Monday), Shirley Beck (Monday), Marilyn Gratto and Betty Magnuson (best wishes on Wednesday), Dylan Michael Russo (4 on Wednesday), Rebekah Mae Thompson (her first birthday on Wednesday), and Mallory Renee Zilliox (Sweet 16 Wednesday).

Best wishes to Steve and Barb Stouter on their 10th wedding anniversary tomorrow, to Janet and Jack Sentz on their 40th anniversary Sunday, to Donna and Paul Linenfelser on their 20th anniversary Monday and to my husband, Jim Linenfelser, on our 37th anniversary on the 5th.

Looking Back 60 years - Jerry Weingartner of Harvey Road was advertising a Jersey Heifer and a butter churner for sale in the local by-weekly paper. Phone number? Tel. 22-F-21.

Looking Back 50 years - Lee Jones and Harry Olsen and their scenery committee were busy working at all odd moments on the scenery for the Trinity Church choir play, “Ma Simpkins of Simpkinsville,” being presented in the Fellowship Hall in October 1955.••••Two new Explorer troops were organized on the Island for older Boy Scouts. Each Explorer troop carried the same identification number as their parent troop and claimed membership from the same areas.

Looking Back 40 years - Neisner’s Jr. Department Store in the Grand Island Blvd. plaza held its Founders Day Sale 40 years ago this week when it advertised women’s corduroy slacks at 68 cents each and children’s hooded sweat shirts at the same price.••••The Ladies 7 o’clock League's individual high single, a 219, was bowled by Fayne Certo on September 21, 1965.••••About a dozen Grandyle Village Property Owners Association members, half of them charter members of the organization Tuesday evening, October 5, 1965 voted to deed to the town a small parcel of land owned by the Association at the corner of Love and Stony Point roads. The town board named the area the Edward M. Ball Memorial Park.••••The town budget approved Monday evening, October 4, 1965 contained a $10,000 appropriation for purchasing a chemical to treat healthy trees and cost for training a man to apply it, part of the town’s program aimed at combating Dutch Elm disease.••••Bleachers to accommodate 850 spectators at high school games were installed behind the high school on Ransom Road the first week in October 1965. The permanent installation consisted of elevated bleachers, 114 feet long and 12 rows high.

Looking Back 30 years - Sherm Lyke directed his 100-member GIHS band on the terrace of the Town Hall at Bicentennial Flag Raising Ceremony Saturday, September 27, 1975.••••School district faculty member Henry Fessard was in charge of the Outdoor Studies Center, later named Eco Island, when an open house was held in October 1975. At the time, there were two nature trails and a pond for migratory birds and marine life.••••The GIHS Cross Country team’s top five and their times over the 2.8 mile course at JFK on Tuesday, September 23, 1975 were Co-captain Bob Merritt (2nd place) 16:19; Co-captain Jack Steckelberg (3rd place) 16:23; Jim Nugent (4th place) 16:25; Nathan Coleman (6th place) 16:25; and Brian Griffin (8th place) 16:46. The score was GI 23, JFK 33.

Looking Back 20 years - “Safe Homes” was the major focus of G.I.R.O. in September 1985. The Grand Island High School PTA and S.A.D.D. (Students Against Driving Drunk) were also involved in the program where parents sign a pledge that they will not serve alcohol in their homes, that they will be home when there is a party, that they will not allow youngsters to leave a party and then return and that they will not allow liquor to be brought to a party in their home.

Wedding Bells! Jarod Cabin and his bride, Leiana Simon, married Friday evening, September 23rd, will be at home on Grand Island. The bridegroom is the son of Betty Ann Cabin of Grand Island and the late David P. Cabin.••••Grand Island High School and Buffalo State College graduate Erik A. Borkmanis was married Saturday to Jennifer L. Ziehm. Andris and Marga Borkmanis of Grand Island are the groom's parents. Jennifer and Erik will make their home on Grand Island after traveling to Jamaica. ••••Laurie Renee Lepine, daughter of Ronald and Felicia Lepine of Grand Island, became the bride of Shaun Koester on September 10th in St. Stephen's Catholic Church. Mr. and Mrs. Koester are making their home on the Island.••••Jeffrey J. Bialek and Lisa M. Risio were married on July 23, 2005. The groom is the son of Mr. and Mrs. James F. Bialek of Grand Island.

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Our sympathy to the families of Rosie Lee Brooks, Mary Sorce and former resident Ernest M. Jannotte who recently passed away. Click Deaths for complete information.

Island events of note this week are the Chamber of Commerce Grand Opening of its new location at 2257 Grand Island Blvd. being held from 4:30-7:30 p.m. today; our own 5th Birthday Bash from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday; the GIHS Girls Basketball team's Flag Football 4 v 4 Tournament on Saturday to raise funds to travel to California to play in a tournament; Grand Island Crop Walk on Sunday and a "Blessing of Animals" at St. Stephen's Church on Sunday. Check the Calendar of Events for details and other Island Happenings.

Don't miss the short story and picture on Michele Beauchamp who adopted a pup rescued in New Orleans after the hurricane.

Go Vikings! The Varsity Vikings beat Williamsville East 24-21 on Saturday and meet Albion at Albion at 7 p.m. tomorrow night.

"Say a prayer for our guys over there."

Thursday, September 22, 2005
Celebrating milestones today are Dave Haller (left) and Ross Kaiser. David's picture is from the 1953 Charlotte Sidway School yearbook and Ross is shown as he looked as a sophomore at the high school in 1971. Happy birthday, guys!••••Happy birthday, Betsy! On the right is Betsy Schopp Cali who will celebrate the big 3-0 on Saturday.

Please pray for Elizabeth Beach who is quite ill at this time. Cards to Elizabeth and to her family may be sent to her home.•••• A speedy recovery to Shorty Vanthoff, whose health problems became worse last Saturday. Cards of cheer may be sent to his home where he is recuperating.

Happy birthday to Rachel Hamlin (her 25th today), Robin Gibson (today), Jessica Osvath (12 today), Kenny Martina (a teenager tomorrow), Lee Cohen (tomorrow), Forrest Carr (4 on Sunday), Sam Carpenter (2 on Sunday), Christian Rustowicz (4 on Monday), Cameron Rose Kolat (3 on Monday), Corky Carter (You're How Old on Tuesday?), Dave Grant and Dave Burke (Tuesday), baby Jacob Charles Cali (first birthday on Tuesday), and Ron Webb and Bridget Anderson (Wednesday).

Happy anniversary to Frank and Annette (Panepinto) Grandinetti who will celebrate their first wedding anniversary on Saturday and to James and Lynn Panepinto marking their 12th anniversary on Sunday.

Best wishes to Kathleen N. White and Timothy A. Norton who were married in St. Stephen's Church Saturday, September 17th. The Nortons, Grand Island High School graduates, will continue to live on the Island.

Good news department!! Nora Klein, life-long resident and Connor Middle School art teacher who has been on the waiting list for a kidney for over a year, has had successful kidney transplant surgery yesterday. According to her sister, Patti Merritt, Nora and her wonderful friend and donor are doing very well.

Looking Back 60 years - Citizens representing Grand Island in their fight to stop the building of the West River Parkway, met with the Erie County Board of Supervisors and the Niagara Frontier State Park Commission on Friday, September 28, 1945.••••Hazel DeGlopper and Eleanor Cullen assisted Bernice Dekdebrun with a lunch during the Pilgrim Workers Class that met at the Dekdebrun home Friday, September 14, 1945.••••Rev. Franklin Beck of Trinity E. U. B. Church spoke on and urged parental interest in the religious training program at the school during the September 1945 PTA meeting attended by 135 parents in the auditorium of the Sidway School, the town’s only school.••••Leading members of the cast of a minstrel show by the kids in Sandy Beach were Jerry Thomas, Bob Robinson, Clark Howland, Benny Clark, Bob Mitchell,, Kenneth Kunkle, Joan Livingston (Fred), Nan Buckhout (Eddy), Pat Moyer, Sally Staley (Dworak) and Lynn Winter (Duggan).

Looking Back 50 years - Grand Island Motor Courts Association elected the following officers: President Charles Morgan, Cinderella Motel; Vice president John Suchocki, Grand Motor Courts; Secretary-Treasurer Joan Simms, Isle Haven; and Sgt.-at-Arms Edward Kerr, Red Wing Cabins.••••Johnnie Braddell of Bedell Road celebrated his 9th birthday on Tuesday, September 20, 1955 with friends John Beck, Timmie Gross and Tommy Long.••••Ramblin Lou Schriver entertained at the Grand Opening of the new Ford Dealership, Grand Island Sales and Service, on September 24, 1955. Samuel Kurland, proprietor of the new firm announced that the new 1956 Ford line would be on display at the new business located across from what is now the Contract Interiors Plaza on Grand Island Blvd. Paul McCarthy Sr. served as manager.

Looking Back 40 years - Richard D. Voight of East River Road, who was in charge of salvage operations aboard the tug, Island Queen in 1965, believed he found the sunken hull to be that of the Dean Richmond, missing since 1893. The divers found the freighter in Lake Erie waters along with the nameplate of the engine that they hoped to trace back to the Richmond, a 238-foot wood freighter that disappeared October 14, 1893. ••••Work to eliminate the sharp "Ferry Landing" curve on East River Road south of Whitehaven Road was in progress in September 1965. Numerous car crashes, many with serious injuries, happened in that area over the years.••••Haulout Regatta hostesses for the 11th annual Sandy Beach Yacht Club Haulout Regatta in September 1965 included Judith A. Duane, Janet M. Duane, Kathleen Newell, Marcia A. McClelland, Pamela A. Thobald, Marjorie F. Dusel, Christine J. Duchscherer, Kathleen A. McFee and Diane R. Paxhia.••••Readers: Do you have copies of the Tyro football team pictures or photos of the Tyro cheerleaders from 1965 or other years? Would love to hear from you if you have them to share. Names of the cheerleaders in 1965 included Vickie Popular, Carol Costanzo, Lisa Kilmer, Connie Costanzo, J. Dowd, Donna Lovetro, Barbara Muetel, Lana Hazard, Barbara Aqualina, Brooke Wood, Darcey Wood, Maureen Kehoe and Patricia Kehoe.

Looking Back 30 years - Joncaire Restaurant, formerly the Gables Restaurant on West River at Staley roads, was opened Sunday, September 14, 1975 by John and Claire Thomas.

Island response to the
Olivia's Journey Fundraiser, held Sunday, September 18, 2005 at River Oaks was "HUGE" according to the committee who gave much credit to the folks at River Oaks for a wonderful job. Pictures and full story will be posted shortly.

Tiffany Luescher (GIHS Class of 1992) and Kasey Morgan were married Friday September 16th in the Buffalo Launch Club. They are now living in Germantown, Maryland. Tiffany was formerly employed at Relsco Printing and most recently at BCO Enterprises. Kasey, at one time a summer intern in the Engineering Department for the Town of Grand Island, is employed at Tadjer-Cohen-Edelson Associates, Inc. as a Structural Engineer in Silver Spring, Maryland.

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Our sympathy to the families of Frank Slish and former resident Carol G. Hastrich who recently passed away. Click Deaths for complete information.

Jen Breier, GIHS Class of 2002, chipped in 12 kills and seven digs for her Buffalo State Bengals volleyball team in a losing battle with Penn State-Behrend on Tuesday.

Members of the VFW Post 9249 Ladies Auxiliary host a Tailgatin' Chili Cook-Off this Saturday, September 24th at the Post, 2121 Grand Island Blvd. Click "Tailgatin' Chili Cook-Off" for more information.

The collection of items to help the victims of Hurricane Katrina, organized and announced last week by the Grand Island Fire Company and the Town of Grand Island, is continuing. Please do your part. Click Help Katrina Victims Drive for complete information.

Will rudeness prevail in the next generation? A report of the Connor Middle School open house last night in the Little Theater made me think it will. Seems parents were talking among themselves, cell phones with loud and obnoxious rings were going off and people were talking on the phone while teachers continued to try to talk to those who came to listen. Just what example do these parents set for their children?

"Say a prayer for our guys over there."

Thursday, September 15, 2005
Dave                                           Brooke                          Susan

Dave Cole and Brooke "Wood" Raham were classmates at the high school and Sue "Vampotic" Doane was attending Sidway School a few years earlier where these photos were taken. A big happy birthday to Dave (Sept. 13th) and to Brooke and Sue (today).

Click photos for a larger view
Best wishes to Barbara Beck Muratore and her husband, Paul, who are shown during their 40th anniversary party on August 26th. Barb is also pictured above with her mother, former East River Road resident Irene Beck. Mrs. Beck and the Muratores now reside in Rochester.

A fundraiser for the family of 3-year-old Olivia Raye Williams, daughter of Roxanne and Bill Williams, is being held from 1-6 p.m. this Sunday, September 18th at River Oaks Restaurant. Click "Olivia" for details.

Congratulations to Jackie and Jim Carpenter on the birth of Elizabeth Roisin Carpenter, and to Deb Krause on the birth of Eileen Aurora Rose Krause. Be sure to click for "Baby Eliza's Photo" and for "Baby Eileen's Photo."

Welcome, Ava Lyn Brandon. Receiving congratulations on the birth of their first child are Kevin and Leanne Brandon. Ava Lyn was born on Wednesday, August 24th weighing in at eight pounds and 19 inches long. Proud grandparents are Leo and Kathy Ricci, and Robert and Linda Brandon, all of Grand Island.

Happy birthday Michael Ruland and Ryan Norton (7 today), Mike Rayhill and my husband, Jim Linenfelser (today), Sharon Watz (tomorrow), Adam Stoddard (11 tomorrow), Jean Hoover (her 75 on Saturday), Lauren Chadwick (her 5th birthday on Saturday), Carmela Bartolomeo (3 on Saturday), Melissa McCraith (Sunday), Don Burns, Mike Carr, Peter McMahon, Bonnie Sciuk, Vickie Harnden, David Long and Lisa Stoddard (all celebrating on Monday), Christian Mason (8 on Monday), Sandy Arch (cheers on Monday), Tom Duncan (the big 62 on Monday), Chris Soluri, Jeri Schopp and Patrick Foote (Tuesday), Sandy (Smittie) Cunningham (the big 3-0 on Tuesday), and Madison Nowak (4 on Wednesday),

Kristin Danica Fundalinski and Timothy Todd Shea, married Saturday, will live on Grand Island.••••Married Saturday and also living on the Island are Jeffrey Mark Krug and his bride, the former Kelli Lynn Tanzella.••••Amber M. Anderson and John B. Jarvis were also married Saturday.

Happy anniversary! Marian and John Burns will be married 55 years on Sunday and Brooke and Rod Raham celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary on Tuesday, September 20th.

The Grand Island Fire Company and the Town of Grand Island have organized a collection of supplies to "Help the Victims of Hurricane Katrina." Click "Help For Katrina Victims" and do your part!

Looking Back 60 years - Charlotte Sidway School opened Tuesday, September 4, 1945 with the largest initial registration in its history. A total of 265 children were present in the tiny, one-floor, four-classroom school.••••Teachers at Sidway school and number of students in the classroom follow: Grade one Mrs. Martha Lee, 52 enrolled; grade two Mrs. Mary Ellen Diehl, 38; grade 3 Miss Marjorie Ehde, 41; grade four Miss Rosari Foti, 38; grade five Miss Doris Kunze, 40; grade six Mrs. Jocelyn Lawson, 24; and grade seven and grade eight taught by Mrs. Reva Kohn, 21. There were 88 Grand Island pupils registered in high schools in neighboring communities.••••Peter McMahon celebrated his 4th birthday on September 19, 1945 with a party attended by Billy Loth, Dennis Klingel, Dickie Benns, John Grycel, Donnie Moxham and Michael Senf.••••The following list of the Incomes & Expenditures of the Grand Island Office of Civilian Protection was submitted in September 1945 by Franklin L. Klocke, Past Deputy Director of Civilian Protection Town of Grand Island:
O.C.D. Income
From Scrap Drive $112
From Waste Paper $4
From O.C.D. Dance & Drawing $706.56
Total $822.56
Running expenses $5.54
1st Aid Equipment $63.46
Bldg. Annex to Fire Hall Garage $472.33
Party for active O.C.D. members $151.17
Donation: Boy Scouts $25
To Girl Scouts $25
To G.I. Youth Council $25
To G.I. Vol. Fire Co. $55.17
Total $822.56

Looking Back 50 years - The Island's population was 6,000 in 1955. •••• American Legion Post 1346 Women's Auxiliary officers led by President Florence Elsaesser, were Barbara Gardner, Doris Kaiser, Dorothy Loder, Eve Sell and Helen Yensan (Staley).••••The Grand Island Chamber of Commerce revived what had been the annual Harvest Picnic, a family affair held at Edgewater Park on East River Road on Saturday, September 17, 1955. There were movies shown in one of the back buildings, games for the kids, picnic food and a concert in the afternoon by the Grand Island Community Band (of which I was a drummer!). What I remember best of that day is going into the Edgewater Hotel in the evening with my eighth grade friends, including Mary Ellen Milner (Pfohl), and the late Jack Cormick and Mary Rose Haller (Elstrodt). We counted our money, ordered great food, and had an absolutely wonderful time. Unfortunately, none of us took into consideration that a tax would be charged on soft drinks and no one had enough to pay the bill. No - we did not have to do dishes. The nice waitress accepted the change and bills that we had.

Looking Back 30 years - Louis Quagliana caught a 22 pound, 12 ounce, 45 inch muskellunge, his first catch ever while attending the annual fishing expedition of the Grand Island Beer Drinkers and Poker Players Society at Bayfield Lodge, Pointe Au Baril, Ontario. Other Islanders attending were Jon Cooke, John Elwell, Michael Kapitula and John Petersen.

Newest advertiser to Isledegrande.com is Mt. St. Mary's Hospital. Check out this website. Also spotlighted this week are X-Press One Hour Dry Cleaners, Grand Island Garden Center, and deSignet International. It pays to advertise at Isledegrande.com - the voice of Grand Island and the Island's #1 news source, now updated daily.

Have you heard about our 5th Birthday Bash
to celebrate the birth of Isledegrande.com and the Grand Island E-News? The celebration will be held 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturday, October 1st at our location, 1871 Whitehaven Road.

Our sympathy to the families of Ruby Jane Allaire and former resident, Sylvia I. Conklin who recently passed away. A memorial service for Agnes Denler will be held at 10 a.m. Saturday in St. Stephen's Old Church. A memorial service for Cory Webb will also be held Saturday. Click Deaths for complete information.

Congratulations to Kim Walker who scored the first four goals to lead her Daemen College Soccer Team in its win over Mount St. Mary's College of Newburgh, 9-1. Kim has been named AMEC Player of the Week.

The GIHS Class of 1986 reunion committee invites classmates to a 20th reunion planning meeting 7 p.m. tomorrow evening at the Brick Oven.••••The Island's Beach Sweep is scheduled for Saturday.••••The GIHS Varsity Vikings play the LewPort Lancers at 2 p.m. Saturday on Masters Field and the JV team plays at 10 a.m. at LewPort. Go Vikings!••••Our Historical Society's headquarters, River Lea in Beaver Island State Park, will be open Sunday from 2-4 p.m.••••A 30th reunion planning meeting for the Class of '76 will be held in the Lobby of the Holiday Inn Grand Island at 7 p.m. Tuesday, September 20th.••••If your event isn't listed in our Calendar of Events, email the information to me at teddy@giecom.net.

"Say a prayer for our guys over there."

Thursday, September 8, 2005
Word was received Tuesday that Lance Corporal Mike Mehltretter, serving with the Marines in Iraq and a member of the GIHS Class of 2002, sustained a level three concussion and some hearing problems but has already rejoined his unit. Mike's unit was attacked by a suicide bomber, with no one injured seriously. Please keep him and all of our troops in your prayers.

When a request from the U. S. Fire Administration and FEMA for fire service personnel to travel to the Gulf Coast to assist in the disaster relief was announced, at least ten Grand Island Fire Company members began filling out the paper work. However, due to an overwhelming number of applications from the Fire Service personnel, Grand Island's finest will remain here.••••We've heard this week that Mississippi resident Dora Jean Muller Sewell, GIHS Class of 1966, lost her job and her home, but that she and her family are fine.

Happy days to Bob and Judy Schmidt who are celebrating a major milestone. The Schmidts will be married 40 years on Sunday. Best wishes to Bob and Heather Aronica as they mark their 10th anniversary tomorrow.

Wedding bells! GIHS graduate Thomas Leo Shonitsky and Melissa Marie Alvord were married Friday, September 2nd. Matthew H. Hageny and his bride, the former Mary E. Rice were married Saturday. Danielle L. Morganti and Phillip D. Bonnevie were also married Saturday. Tracey Yvonne Gifford and Thomas Henry Harding Jr. were married Sunday and will live on Grand Island.

A belated happy birthday to George Panepinto and daughter, Teresa Panepinto Duffy, who both celebrated on September 2nd.••••A belated happy birthday to Casey Bolles who turned 10 on August 24th.••••Happy birthday to Ryan Enser and Mary Lou Kohlhagen (today), Dylan DeGlopper (5 today), Morgan Goris (7 today), Justine Kirsch (18 tomorrow), Mikayla Claus (6 tomorrow), Michael Englert Jr. (7 on Saturday), Madison Mongold (6 on Saturday), Ted Stewart (Sunday), June Ann Chadima (9 on Sunday), Michael Lombardo (cheers on Sunday), Chris Aronica (Monday), Dave Cole and Dan McMahon (Tuesday), Hazel Nailor and Gert Reimann (both turning 96 on Tuesday), Makenna Elizabeth Scalise (3 on Tuesday), Bethany Jane Kulikowski (her first birthday on Tuesday), and Barb Voegelin, Frank Truesdale and Walter Killian (Wednesday).

Looking Back 150 years - According to an old-timer quoted in a 1965 Island paper, the Town of Grand Island in 1855 had about 85 Democrats and 200 Republicans on the election rolls.

Looking Back 60 years - Grandyle Village resident, the late Ed Ball kept the Island up on "Village" news in the local paper 60 years ago. "That repainted IRC bus, converted to a fruit and vegetable store on wheels that you see around town is the outcome of an idea of three enterprising young men of East Park..." The names were not given but, if memory serves me well, one of the men was George White. Can any of our readers tell us who else was involved?

Looking Back 50 years - A new garden club was formed on the Island on Tuesday evening, September 13, 1955 when the organizers of the Bridgeview Garden Club met at the East Park home of Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Decker. First members included Mrs. Floyd Decker, Annette Brueckmann, Roz Butler, Beryl Kinney and Betty Wheeler.••••A $4300 blaze gutted the second floor of the two-story frame home of Marge and Tom McMahon, of Love Road Monday afternoon, September 12, 1955. Mrs. McMahon and several of their nine children were at home at the time of the fire but the older children had not returned from school.

Looking Back 40 years - Tabulation of September primary election results on the Island in 1965 was accomplished hours earlier than other years due to the use of voting machines.••••The very first Island VFW Post #9249 meeting was held Friday, September 10, 1965 in the town hall.••••Grand Island Tyro Football sponsored a Kickoff Dance Saturday, September 11, 1965 in St. Stephen’s Barn on Baseline Road. Among committee members were Virginia Grimm, Mary Lovetro and Fay Zoldowski.••••Grand Island schools opened Wednesday, September 8, 1965 to about 3,455 students, an increase of more than 350 over the number attending at the close of school in June 1965.

Looking Back 30 years - Championship boat racer, Jerry Hawley, was injured in a boating accident, Sunday, September 14, 1975 while test driving Joe Less’ new 25-foot craft.

Looking Back 20 years - Karen Macumber (Scalise), a Grand Island High School senior, won first place in the beginner division of the Miss Niagara Falls Majorette competition in 1985. She also held the title of Miss Majorette of New York in the senior division, and placed 13th in the national contest at the University of Notre Dame in July 1985.••••The Whitehaven Road Baptist Church was dedicated in ceremonies led by the Rev. James Reidling September 8, 1985 when congregation members from a number of other Island churches attended the service.•••• The Grand Island Vikings opened the 1985 season in rather impressive fashion with a 32-0 blowout of Kenmore West on Saturday afternoon, September 14, 1985 at the high school. Leading the scoring was Todd Petrilla with three touchdowns. Other Viking standouts in this game were Noel Blair and Dean Santorio along with Jamie Eichel and Rodney Haynes. (Dean Santorio is now the coach of the GIHS Varsity Viking Football Team.)

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Our schools opened yesterday under sunny skies and an early morning temperature of 60 degrees with the day's high reaching about 78 degrees.

Our sympathy to the families of Thomas M. Stocklosa, Francis Redding Sr., Leon W. Prusak, Alfred “Al” Wasse and former resident Cornelia Van Son Webb who recently passed away. Click Deaths for complete information.

David Karb of Stony Point Road has a starring role in the Silver Lining Productions and Western Door Playhouse presentation of "Breaking Legs." The show starts 8 p.m. tomorrow evening. For other times, dates and more information, click "Breaking Legs - Dave Karb."

Good news! Nora Klein is scheduled to receive a kidney transplant this month. More details next week.••••More good news! Olivia Raye Williams and her parents, Roxanne and Bill Williams are back home and 3-year-old Olivia is doing fine. Read "today's update" and mark your calendar for a fundraiser at River Oaks on September 18th to help out the family.

A speedy recovery to Rolland Hayes, who by now is recuperating from today's knee surgery.

The Grand Island High School Football Team won their season opener over the Hamburg Bulldogs and will be at Sweet Home on Saturday for a 2 p.m. game. Go Vikings!

This is the weekend of the Antique & Classic Boat Show at the Buffalo Launch Club, the BBC Band Concert at the Holiday Inn and the 911 Vigil at the VFW Post 9249. ••••A primary election takes place from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. on Tuesday, September 13th. Click for more "Primary Day Information."••••Check our "Calendar Of Events" for other Island Happenings.

"Say a prayer for our guys over there."

Thursday, September 1, 2005

Click photo for a larger view
Michele Beauchamp, GIHS Class of 1982, recently spent two weeks vacationing on Grand Island. "The weather was fabulous and we got to enjoy jet skiing, boating, baseball games and even went ice skating with the whole family," she wrote. The photo above is of her family taken at the NU ice rink. Pictured are (left) Maureen and Mike Beauchamp (Class of '81), Michele (Class of '82) and Joey Beauchamp (son of Maureen and Mike), Max Hyland, Michele's sister Kathy Hyland (Class of '83) and Molly Hyland. Michele lives in Lubbock, Texas.

Congratulations Justine, Chris and Andy! The Grand Island High School team of Justine Kirsch, Chris Damiani and Andy Sharpe won the first place prize in the Western New York Chalk Walk Competition for the second year in a row. Grand Island also won the 1st place Juror’s Official Award of $500. The Chalk Walk was held during the 39th annual Lewiston Outdoor Art Festival.••••Congratulations also to 10-year-old Mary Kneer, a winner in the Buffalo and Erie County Public Library essay contest, "Why I Love My Library." Click "Essay Contest" to read Mary's winning essay.

Were you a winner of a prize at the Grand Island Soccer Club's Saturday, August 13, 2005 picnic at Veterans Park? Click "Soccer Winners" and see if your name is on the list!

JoanMarie Pedlow and Susan Daubney, owners of a new and unique business on the Island, have been invited to appear on Linda Pelligrino's PM Buffalo television show sometime between 4-5 p.m. on Tuesday, September 6th on Channel 7. They are the daughters of Penny and George Panepinto.

Looking Back 50 years - Incumbent Republicans swept their opposition in the largest primary vote in Island history in September 1955. Supervisor George Burgstahler took the race by a 3 to 1 vote against Raoul DuQuette.

Looking Back 40 years - Thirty-four new teachers were hired by the school district.••••Isle resident Jerry Gavin was among the group of scuba divers who unearthed a seven-foot, 1500 pound iron anchor, possibly dating back to 1882. The "find" was off Oakfield Road. At the time of the report, the anchor was resting on lawn of Chester Durr, of 9 Bronson Road.••••Grand Island Recreation Center, the bowling lanes off Whitehaven Road, reopened with a new name, "Carol Lanes," under the proprietorship of Anthony Trapasso.

Looking Back 30 years - Members of the Grand Island Teachers Association unanimously ratified a two-year contract with the Grand Island School District Sunday night, August 31, 1975 at the Beaver Island State Park Casino.

Looking Back 20 years - Whitehaven Road Baptist Church held its first Vacation Bible School in August 1985 with a total of 87 children and 40 staff members taking part in the week-long activity. Two contests for Bible memorization and number of visitors brought along were won by 4-year-old Johnny Stickl.

Looking Back 10 years - Dan Rees, 12-year-old son of Judi and Dan Rees, bowled his first 300 game at Island Lanes on Saturday, September 9, 1995.

Congratulations to Randy and Diana Staub, on the birth of a bouncing baby boy, Luke Darius Staub, born Saturday, August 27th weighing seven pounds, five ounces. Proud grandparents are Isle residents Joan and Kip Staub and former residents, Barbara and Parviz Taefi.

Our deepest sympathy to the families of Paul Jarzab and former residents Ellen Fancher and Matthew Quarcini who recently passed away. Click Deaths for complete information.

A very happy 60th to former resident Mary Boyle now residing in South Carolina. Mary will celebrate her 60th birthday over the labor day weekend when the local VFW there will have a birthday bash in her honor.••••Island resident Denise Filosofos whose photo was featured here last week, found herself at her own surprise birthday party last Saturday. It was brother, Mike Filosofos, who made the plans. Their brother, Ted, and his family flew in from Florida to surprise her and parents, Jackie and Ted Sr., visiting Denise until Sunday when they return to Florida, also helped her celebrate.

Happy birthday to Chance Michael-Thomas Luthringer who is celebrating his first birthday today, to Dave Hamlin and Jason Pax (today), George Panepinto and Debbi Robinson (tomorrow), Sean Dinsmore (8 tomorrow), Max Russell (7 tomorrow), Sammy Linenfelser (7 on Saturday), Justin Schmadel (3 on Sunday), Kiersten Carmella Winstel (her first birthday Sunday), Mike Filosofos, Deb Remson, Kyle Kinney, Chris Ramsperger and Peggy Hooper (all on Monday), Michelle Del Zoppo (her 21st birthday on Wednesday), and Collin Michael DeMartin (4 on Wednesday),

A very happy anniversary to Pat and Joan Bridge, celebrating their 50th anniversary today, to Skip and Lisa Mrkall, married five years today, to Bob and Kathy Kaiser, marking their 40th wedding anniversary on Sunday, to our daughter and son-in-law Julie and Don Dee, married seven years on September 5th and to Dan and JoAnn Linenfelser who will be married 37 years on Wednesday. Celebrating first anniversaries this week are Jennifer and Brett Simon (Sunday), and Elgie and Marla (Conn) Kightlinger (Monday). Happy anniversary to the Simons and the Kightlingers.

Michael J. Mroziak, son of Thomas and Mary-Elizabeth Mroziak of Grand Island, was married Friday to JoAnne M. Bleecher.••••Sean M. Govern, son of Eugene and Mary Govern, was married to Erin M. Hunt on Saturday in St. Stephen's Church with a reception following in the Buffalo Launch Club.••••Best wishes to the newlyweds.

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The Grand Island Historical Society's annual potluck takes place tonight at 6:30 p.m. in River Lea, Beaver Island State Park. A program on "Treasures From Our Collections," will be presented. For more information click "Historical Society Pot Luck."

So far, I haven't heard from anyone with Island connections being involved in Monday's devastating Hurricane Katrina. Email me at teddy@giecom.net if you have a story. Erie County Sheriff Timothy B. Howard is advising area residents who want to monetarily help out with the Hurricane Katrina tragedy to be very careful to whom they direct their donations to. Click "Hurricane Katrina: How You Can Help".

Go Vikings! The Grand Island High School Varsity Vikings Football Team, coached by Dean Santorio, will play the first game of the season at 2 p.m. Saturday on Masters Field, 1100 Ransom Road.

It's the Labor Day weekend and schools open on Wednesday, September 7th - drive carefully.

"Say a prayer for our guys over there."

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Wouldn't want to miss the chance to wish Denise Filosofos a very happy birthday and a wonderful year. Tuesday is her big day.

Congratulations to Charlotte Booth on being crowned America's Fair Princess at the county fair. Click "America's Fair Princess" for photos and story.

The rumor all over town last week was that a Save-A-Lot store was coming to Grand Island. Unfortunately the company has confirmed that at this time there are no plans to open a Save-A-Lot store in Grand Island, NY.••••A Tax-Free Week in New York State will take place from August 30th and September 5th. This means a savings on clothes and shoes under $110 as the state and county suspends the sales tax on such items for the week coinciding with the beginning of the school year.

George and Gail Allen will be arriving in town on September 1st to visit friends and relatives and help celebrate their grandson Justin Schmadel's third birthday on the 4th.

Joseph Edward Martin, son of Danielle Hassan and James (Biff) Martin, and Melaina Laurelle Ranger, daughter of Scott and Mandi (Houck-Piccolo) Ranger were born this past week. Danielle and Mandi are first cousins, making the newborns second cousins. Click "Cousins" for photos and details. ••••Also announcing an addition to their family are John and Lisa Fletcher. Click "Sara Margaret Fletcher" for a photo and story of their baby girl, born June 23rd.

Island boat racers did well at the Inboard Summer Nationals held in Hampton, Virginia August 12-14th. Click Inboard Summer Nationals to read about Bob Catipovic, Greg Barker, Ken Brodie II and Art Smith.••••Winners of the Rod & Gun Club's annual fishing contest held Saturday, August 13th were Ron Rezabek Sr. in the largest perch category, Ron Rezabek Jr. for the largest bass and Paul Lewis for largest walleye. Congratulations everyone.

Don Burns remains in Room 211 at Riverwoods Health Care Center (2850 Grand Island Blvd.) where he is recuperating from a broken leg. Visitors are more than welcome.••••Good news is that former resident Gail Burgstahler Rothenberg of Marlboro, Massachusetts and mentioned here last week, was discharged from the rehab hospital Monday and surely on the road to recovery. Keep the cards and notes coming to both Don and Gail!

Looking Back 60 years - A committee was formed by West River property owners to draw up a resolution in protest to the building of the West River Parkway in August 1945. The project had been "hanging fire for several years" and caused much controversy among property owners and town officials.••••Isle residents were also protesting the proposed airport at Bedell and Grand Island Blvd. at the August 20, 1945 town board meeting.••••Blanch McNamee was taking a vacation from her strenuous duties at Davern's Tavern in Ferry Village (now the Niagara River Fishing Club).

Looking Back 50 years - Residents in the Sandy Beach area were complaining to the town board about “brown” water in August 1955. Dr. Norman G. Stessing, town health officer, reported that he believed the water to be bacteriologically safe and could not be considered a health menace. According to Kenneth G. Winters, water plant superintendent, he had been unable to flush out the system because the plant was operating at maximum capacity to supply the district needs. "Water is obtained from artesian wells that are running at a very low level," Mr. Winters said.••••The Grand Island Rod & Gun Club's August fishing contest winners were Nev Hammond of Williamsville for largest game fish, and Dan Linenfelser, largest black bass. Other winners were Wally Davis, 1st for largest yellow pike and Mike Meyer who won a prize for the freak fish, a sheep head. Thirty-two black bass were dressed and cooked for a club dinner.••••Twelve members of Boy Scout Troops 75 and 254 attended the Boy Scout Jamboree at Niagara-on-the-Lake under the leadership of Carlton Mayer and Wilfred Vanthoff in August 1955.

Looking Back 40 years - Supervisor Raymond P. Griffin, a World War II veteran, was elected the first Commander of Grand Island Memorial Post 9249 Veterans of Foreign Wars. Other officers installed were Sr. Vice Commander George J. Bower, Jr. Vice Commander Edward J. Flad; Quartermaster John A. Starzynski; Chaplain Gordon, A. Cannon, Adjutant John P. O’Hanlon; and Officer of the Day Glenn A. Tysinger.••••MaryLou Kohlhagen and her daughters, Susan (Long), Carol (Hamlin) and Karen (Wallace), were counseling at the Girl Scout Day Camp on Bush Road in the summer of 1965.••••Among the children’s game winners at an American Legion Post 1346 family picnic at the Rod & Gun Club grounds Sunday, August 22, 1965 were Denise Stack (Dewey) and Patrick Conn who took top honors in the three legged race for ages 11 to 14.••••The Huth Road and Kaegebein Playground groups competed in many activities in August 1965. Jean Muench and Natalie Bates won the Chinese Checkers match; Brian D’Orazio, Ken Roberts, John Robillard and Allison Wildredge were best in the Foul Shooting contest. Other winners included Patti Rodriguez, Betty Muench, Jim and Mike Rodriguez, Denise Filosofos, Robert and Larry Wilson, Danny Gietz, Virginia Crea and Dennis Gasbarro.

Looking Back 20 years - The former Roxanne’s team and the Contract Interiors team merged in 1985 to win the Monday A Division Women’s Softball League title. Karen Lunsford (Conboy) had four home runs in one game as the girls went on to win the playoff championship.

Back to school means back to dancing! Check out McCarthy School of Irish Dance, our business advertiser being spotlighted this week. Also in the business spotlight are Linda Kutzbach, Realty USA, Niagara's Choice FCU, and Marston Power Equipment. It pays to advertise at Isledegrande.com - the voice of Grand Island and the Island's #1 news source, now updated daily.

Our sympathy to the families of Agnes Denler, Leslie LeBlanc and former resident Lawrence Rathmann who recently passed away. Click Deaths for complete information.

Happy birthday to Arlene Wunsch (her 14th today), Laura Schmidt (today), Dr. Paul Meosky (75 tomorrow), Gail Allen, Virginia Parsons and Sascha Chevez (tomorrow), Marisa Atkinson and Brielle Backland (both turning 9 tomorrow), Sharon Nichols and Bob DeGlopper (Monday), Marie Saskowski (Tuesday), Ken Killian (91 on Tuesday), Eric Sander (11 on Tuesday), JoAnn Miano (Wednesday) and Charlie and Tom Dewey (their 20th birthdays on Wednesday).

Best wishes to Linda and Ed McGowan, married 20 years yesterday, to Lee and Pat Smith marking their 40th anniversary Sunday, and to David and Joan Butcher who are celebrating their 41st wedding anniversary on Monday, August 29th.

Christopher D. Slipko, son of Island residents Alex and Jackie Slipko, was married Friday, August 19th to Heather A. Strible. Heather and Christopher will also live on Grand Island.••••Jennifer K. Murtha and John H. Blendowski Jr. were married Saturday, August 20th and will be at home on the Island. Jennifer is the daughter of Matthew and Lois Murtha of Grand Island, and John is the son of John Blendowski of Riverview, Florida, and Patricia Hachee of Grand Island.••••Grand Island High School graduate Kristen Blackley was married to John William Nixon on Saturday, August 20th.••••Adam Mikols, son of Gerald and Maryann Mikols of Grand Island, was married Saturday to Karen Thiebolt.••••Making their home on Grand Island are newlyweds, Candice M. Clark and William H. Youngman, who were married Saturday.

Who do we know in Vegas? My childhood friend and neighbor, Eric Stefik, spotted a Scion XB on the Maryland Parkway in Las Vegas this week with a New York State license plate advertising Fuccillo Auto Group, Grand Island, NY. Eric, who grew up on Love Road, is now a resident of Las Vegas.

Isle resident Gary Astridge, drummer for the BBC Band, reports that the group will put on another fantastic Beatles concert being held this year at the Holiday Inn Grand Island on Saturday evening, September 10th. Click "BBC Band" for complete information.•••• Among this week's Island events are "Fire of Worship" featuring live music at Whitehaven Baptist Church, St. Stephen's HOOPLA and Cash Raffle, and an old fashioned Peach Festival at Island Presbyterian Church. Details of all Island Happenings may be found in our Calendar of Events.

"Say a prayer for our guys over there."

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Randy Hillock was a 7th grader when the above photo appeared in the GIHS yearbook in 1968. Cheers to Randy who celebrates a milestone birthday on Tuesday.••••Happy birthday to Lisa Dudley and Elizabeth Blundell (today), Sarah Swagler (6 today), Thomas Cauley (7 tomorrow), Molly McMahon (tomorrow), Dave Amato Sr. (his 50th on Saturday), Larry Furnia (Saturday), JoAnn Linenfelser, Richard Schwagler and Tim Kneidel (Sunday), Joelle-Yvette Scheffler (5 on Sunday), Dave Carminati (Monday), Cassie Shickluna (7 on Monday), Lydia Senger (8 on Monday), Justin Podgorney (3 on Monday), Barbara Sobol (cheers on Monday), Nora Butcher (her 92nd birthday on Monday), Brooke Chamberlain (12 on Tuesday), Jean Marie Dragonette (20 on Tuesday), Donna Miller Alway (special greetings on Tuesday), Frederick William Schutt (66 on Tuesday), and TJ Hopkins (a milestone on Tuesday).

This is Olivia Raye Williams, daughter of Roxanne and Bill Williams. Three-year-old Olivia has been through two multi-visceral transplant operations, the second one on June 3, 2005. And from all reports she's doing very well. Details on a fundraiser for the Williams family will be announced shortly. The date of the event is Sunday, September 18th. Click "Olivia's Journey" for her story and more photos.

Former resident Jimmy Arias was inducted into the first class of the Buffalo Tennis Hall of Fame on Sunday, August 14th in the Transit Valley Country Club.

Isledegrande.com has been notified that letters may be sent to Lance Corporal Mike Mehltretter until September 1st and through Motomail until September 15th. However no more packages are to be sent. Mike's current address is:
LCPL Michael Mehltretter
Unit 72125
FPO AE 09509-2125

Ten years ago, on the 50th anniversary of V-J Day in August 1995, I asked my mother, Marion Klingel, what she remembered about the day here on Grand Island. According to her, the Isle taverns were jumpin'. Upon hearing the news of Japan's surrender sometime after 7 p.m., August 14, 1945, she and my dad (Ted Klingel) along with neighbors George and Ellie Cullen, Hank and Anne Boehm, Helen and Ed Ball, the Brosarts and the Shugrues headed over to Roach's which had recently been taken over by Lil and Pete Carpenter (a tavern near the south Grand Island Bridge). From there their gang stopped at McNamees (now SanDee's Pub) and ended their evening of celebration at the Bedell House. Among the many signatures on a beer tray liner my parents brought home that night are those of Frank and Ann Bartram, Kay Valyear, LaVerne Webb, Etta Kaiser, Jack and Marion Ekiss, "Flo and Jim," Ralph Kreger and my late father-in-law, Danny Linenfelser. If you lived on the Island in 1945, let me know what you remember about V-J Day.

Looking Back 60 years - With World War II finally over, the Town Board declared August 22, 1945 a civic holiday, the day of the Island’s Play Day and boat ride. Click "Grand Island Victory Celebration" for feature story.••••Fred Hoefner and Bob Dworak spent a week at the Silver Lake Camp with other members of the Evangelical Youth Fellowship.••••The Roadside Stand on East River at Staley was advertising delicious, creamy milk shakes.••••Mary Cummings opened the "What-Not Shop" (notions, knick-knacks, men's & women's hosiery, infants wear etc.) in Larson's Store on Baseline across from St. Stephen's Church.••••Ray Yensan of Whitehaven, the first to enter the Armed Services from Grand Island, was honorably discharged August 14, 1945 after serving three years overseas. He came home with seven bronze stars, six service stripes, the good conduct medal, prePearl Harbor ribbon and African and European decorations.••••Sgt. Ed Killian, US Army, received the Silver Star in August 1945 for gallantry in action on January 30, 1945 in Saarlautern Roden, Germany. Armed with a bazooka and four rounds of rocket ammunition, Ed, then a Private 1st Class and Company M Action Squad Leader, "moved boldly through hostile mortar and small arms fire to a point overlooking the foes' position and, launching a rocket accurately into the house and three more into the dugout, effectively silenced the hostile riflemen. . ."

Looking Back 50 years - Harold Long, in the appliance business on Grand Island for over 10 years, retired in the summer of 1955. His Service Center was located in what is now the Contract Interiors plaza next to Martin’s Fantasy Island.

Looking Back 40 years - Ninety-eight Island youngsters earned safety certificates by taking the Young Boatman’s Safety Course and passing the required examination offered by the Niagara Squadronettes. Instructors included Virginia Byam, Melva Lexo and Alice Soch. Some of those completing the course were Marla Hagerman (Wilkerson), Jela Hagerman, Douglas Harding, Andrew Cady, Jeff Cady, James Carter, Robert Carter, Mark Hassan and Lela Coulter (Mancuso).••••Manufacturers and Traders Trust Company announced the formation of an advisory board for its Grand Island office. Elected to the board were Robert C. Schutt, Clare Fraser, Daniel A. Linenfelser, Thomas A. McKeen, William S. Sharon, John W. Houck, Jr., and Ralph G. Webster. •••• Grand Island’s total population was 10,774 – 5417 males and 5357 females.••••Some of the Model Car Contest winners entered in the annual contest sponsored by the Highland Boot Shop in the summer of 1965 were Dave Kaiser, Dan Mancuso, Bob Bascomb, Fred Bidell and Rick Elias.

Looking Back 30 years - Winners of the Recreation Youth Baseball League awards were Jerry Gorrell (Rafe Memorial Trophy), Thomas Dworak (Henderson Memorial Trophy) and Mark Waldow (Moran Memorial Trophy).

Looking Back 10 years - The Side Out Restaurant on West River at Staley Road was the new restaurant in town in August 1995. Proprietor Dan Romaneo opened up the bar area into the fireplace room and carried a sports theme throughout.

What a perfect time to give Cathy Thomas a plug for her well known Dance Academy. This week's business spotlight is on Miss Cathy's Dance Academy, McHomes.com/Hunt ERA, AJ's Heating and Air Conditioning, and Martin's Fantasy Island. It pays to advertise at Isledegrande.com - the voice of Grand Island and the Island's #1 news source, now updated daily.

GIHS graduate John R. Phetteplace was married to Kerrie L. Spence on Saturday. They will be living in Middleport.

A fundraiser date has been set to help the families of Wayne Weis, GIHS Class of 1978 and his co-worker Frank Lavia. Details on the Saturday, October 22nd event will appear here as they become available. Save the date! By the way, both men are home and doing well.•••• As of Tuesday, former resident Gail Burgstahler Rothenberg has been transferred to the Whittier Rehabilitation Hospital, 150 Flanders Road, Westborough, MA 01581. According to husband, Doug, Gail has had a very rough week, but has recovered enough to make the move which they expect to be about a 10-day stay. Friends, please keep sending her cards of cheer, and feel free to email me for more information.

Best wishes to Isle residents Lenny and Louise Alessi, owners of the Town Cafe on Grand Island Blvd. Lenny and Louise will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary Saturday, August 20th at the restaurant. ••••Happy anniversary to Mike and Lisa Dudley who will celebrate their 21st wedding anniversary tomorrow. (Please see "Mike and Lisa Dudley" story on our "Islanders In The News" page.)

Our sympathy to the families of Jack McCumber and Betty Hollinger who recently passed away. Click Deaths for complete information.

Members of Grand Island Cadette Girl Scout Troop #1023 are hosting a special summer music program at Island Presbyterian Church for their Silver Award Project, the second highest award a Girl Scout can earn. The project is a Choir Chime and Hand Bell Summer Camp taking place from Monday, August 22nd through Friday, August 26th. There is a $10 registration fee. For complete information, click Choir Chime and Hand Bell Summer Camp.••••If you love peaches, be sure to save Saturday, August 27th for the Peach Festival being held by members of the Island Presbyterian Church on Huth Road. Click Peach Festival for complete information.

See our Calendar of Events for "all Island" happenings, updated daily. The week's offerings include political rallies, the Great American Backyard Campout and a Golf Outing.

I've received several email requests for prayers for our troops with regard to extremely high temperatures in Iraq. High temperatures there have been between 111 and 122 degrees. "Say a prayer for our guys over there." Let us pray for their strength, endurance and safety.

Thursday, August 11, 2005
Great news! Islander Wayne Weis has successfully donated a kidney to friend and co-worker, Frank Lavia of Lewiston. The surgery took place Monday and "was a smashing success!!!!" according to Wayne's wife, Louise. Wayne is a member of the GIHS Class of '78.

Best wishes to Carrie-Anne Badame who was married to John Vieceli at the Beaver Island Clubhouse on Saturday July 9th. Carrie, GIHS class of 1993, is the daughter of Dennis and Janet Badame of Grand Island. Her husband is a Los Angeles native and the son of James and Anita Vieceli. The newlyweds, who honeymooned in Negril, Jamaica, are residing in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Sorry to report that our favorite ragtime piano player, Don Burns, has suffered a broken leg while working on a construction site in Lewiston. He is in Room 211 at Riverwoods Health Care Center (2850 Grand Island Blvd. Grand Island, NY 14072) and visitors are more than welcome.••••Just heard from Doug Rothenberg that his wife, former Isle resident Gail Burgstahler Rothenberg suffered a badly broken arm with other complications. Gail's on the road to recovery now. Friends, be sure to send her a card to let her know you're thinking of her. The Rothenbergs reside in Marlboro, Massachusetts.

Looking Back 50 years - Hurricane Connie whipped through Grand Island Saturday, August 13, 1955 knocking down power lines in the Sandy Beach area. Water Plant Superintendent Kenneth Winters was unable to operate pumps and could not pump water between 4 p.m. Saturday and 8 a.m. Sunday morning. The sewage disposal plant could not operate, therefore water backed up into basements. Hardest hit waterfronts were in the area of East River north of Edgewater were those of Andy Kirkwood, Willard Kress and August Hein. Boats were loosened, battered against their docks or walls of the boat slips or rubbed on the bottom in the low water.••••The Buffalo Launch Club regatta, scheduled for Saturday, August 13, 1955, was cancelled due to 40-mph winds. All of the two-day events were held on Sunday, August 14th. ••••Island girls, Sally Swalm (Hansen), Lynn Cullen (Euse), Margaret Lapine (Webb) and Sue Seavers took the part of cheerleaders in the Grand Island Playhouse production of “Good Housekeeping.”••••Archer Payne and Bill Vanthoff braved Saturday’s storm and transported a large group of teenagers to the WEBR Hi-Teen Show at the Dellwood Ballroom in Buffalo. The group included Judy Schueckler (Hagan), Barry Hamilton, Sharon Lafferty (Thompson), Donna Titterington (Leary), Penny Pedlow (Fischer), Patty Kendall, Margaret Linton (Ciccarelli), Bob Hajski, Eddie Gibbs, Chuck Ford, Tommy Payne, Judy Huff (Froman), Judy DiTullio (Penque), Lynn Sargent (DeJonghe) and Mary Ellen Milner (Pfohl).

Looking Back 40 years - Ron Sepanski, 32, who was running independently for the office of supervisor, opened his campaign with a request to the town Republican committee calling for all Republicans to unite behind him.••••The town's first playground opened on Kaegebein School property with a parade, led off by Teddy's Islettes baton twirlers, on Thursday evening, August 19, 1965.••••The Emmanuel EUB family vacation church school took place in the evenings from August 9-13 in the church at 1136 Baseline Road. The Rev. and Mrs. John O. Mabuce instructed the adult class. Other teachers were Gertrude White (junior high), Faye E. Popeil (juniors), Yvonne Martin (primary) and Diane Dinsmore (kindergarten).•••• A new post charter known as the Grand Island Memorial Post #9249 Veterans of Foreign Wars was instituted Friday, August 6th in the Town Hall. ••••Ferry Village residents held a family picnic Sunday, August 15, 1965 at the Knights of Columbus clubhouse grounds. Thomas Roberts was chairman with Gert Gay, co-chairman. Refreshments were supervised by Harry and Honey Austin. •••• According to Supervisor Raymond P. Griffin, the opening of the Youngmann Expressway on Wednesday, August 11, 1965 "should stimulate commercial and residential growth on Grand Island."

Looking Back 30 years - The Island was experiencing a severe water shortage due to a long spell of hot weather.••••Patty Proctor was the young author of "Kid Talk" in the local weekly paper in the summer of 1975. She reported that Jerry Crawford held the record for sliding down the slide at Kaegebein Playground with 210 times. Bobby Mondoux eventually broke the record at Tower Park with 310 times down the slide. Gordy Welfare established another record at Tower Park by swinging on the swings for one hour.••••Among the kids spending time at the Town Recreation Department's Ferry Village playground at Cox and East River roads were Kristen Group, Robert Group, Kathy Group, Joey Biondo, Heather Biondo, Kevin Birt, Lisa Snyder, Craig Schaffer, Lois Jowsey and Randy Jowsey.••••Mike and Jim Malaney opened "Brothers" in the former Idle Hour Inn on East River Road near the south bridge in the summer of '75 .

Looking Back 25 years - Rob Beach and Jeff Waterson took a one-two sweep in the final round of racing for the Canadian National Championship. Rob walked away from the quarter-mile dirt track in Welland, Ontario with the No. 1 plate for Amateur Speedway class.

Looking Back 5 years - Maureen O'Donnell was receiving congratulations on winning five first place Gold medals in the Empire State Games Masters Swimming competition.

Mike Madia, pictured above, is celebrating a milestone birthday tomorrow. Cheers, Mike!••••Happy birthday to Jane Dowd, Helen Utz, Barbara Birt, Brett Simon and Sally Kaiser (today), John Ryan (18 today), Helen Endres (90 tomorrow), Mathew Aronica (3 tomorrow), William Russell Click (3 on Saturday), Bernie Callahan (Saturday), Michael Podgorny (8 on Sunday), Aerika (Johnson) Backlund (her 31st birthday on Tuesday), Danna Podgorny (Tuesday), Melissa Sipos (her 20th on Tuesday), Marcella Ford (20 on Wednesday), Jean Schlegel, Howard Kaiser and George Bishop (Wednesday), Michael Dyer and Jamie Card (cheers on Wednesday) and Maisie Mrkall (2 on Wednesday).••••A belated happy 50th to Sue Tompkins who celebrated last week.••••Happy birthday to George Smith who just celebrated his 80th birthday and was in his usual good-natured mood at the BLC last weekend.

Click photos for a larger view
Todd Roesch, pictured above, was the overall winner of the 9th Annual Margueritaville Fishing Derby held July 30th at Gary and Carol Roesch's riverfront, "Bullhead Bay." Nearly 100 pounds of bass were caught, cleaned, cooked and devoured.

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Congratulations to the Grand Island Memorial Library team of Dallas Broady, Chris Brownschidle, Michael Chauby, James Cooke, Tim Dyet, Kearney Erhard, Emma Henderson, Taylor Kaufman, Haroon Khawar, Brendan Stone, Meredith Stone and Alyssa Yaeger on winning the championship in the 7th Annual "Battle Of The Books" competition held last Saturday. Click "Island Team Champions!" for the story.

See our Calendar of Events for "all Island" happenings, updated daily. The VFW's Authentic Hawaiian Luau takes place Saturday. It's probably a good idea to call to see if there are still reservations available (773-6343 or 603-4228).••••A "Crop till you Drop" scrapbooking event is scheduled at the Whitehaven Road Baptist Church on Saturday.••••We've got another warm weekend ahead of us. Let's enjoy it!

"Say a prayer for our guys over there."

Thursday, August 4, 2005

Click photos for a larger view
Another great day on the river! Mark and Diane Hassan once again spent a lovely summer afternoon at Grass Island off Sandy Beach. Friends Don and Jill Beaureguard arrived in a canvas blow up boat from Six Mile Creek via tow rope pulled by a Seadoo. After tieing off the Hassan boat, their little dog, Holly, and Mark and Diane's dogs, Dusty and Lucky, made fast friends. The dogs are shown joining Don in his little boat. Diane says, "the name of our boat is "Puppylove"...I think the blow up boat should be named "Puppylove Too."

Wayne Weis, a Grand Island High School graduate, Class of 1978, is donating one of his kidneys to a friend and co-worker, Frank Lavia of Lewiston. The surgery is scheduled for Monday, August 8th in the transplant unit at Buffalo General. Wayne's wife, Louise Weis, is asking "all of the islanders out there to please pray for my husband this week." A fundraiser in October will be held to raise funds for both families and awareness for the need for organ donation.

It was just about a year ago that Jon Brennan and Lisa Dauchscherer opened the landmark restaurant at Love and Baseline roads. Unfortunately, the place closed in mid June of this year, just a week or so after new signs and decorative additions were added to the outside of the building.

Click photo for a larger view
Cousins from left - Marissa Lange, Christopher Bidell, John Bidell, Ginny Wilkinson; (and in front) Jason Wilkinson and Jacob Lange were part of the large group from Grand Island attending Young Life Camp at Saranac Lake last month. The young people had a fabulous time enjoying parasailing, wakeboarding, sailing, water skiing and much more.

Congratulations to Lorraine Willcox who was named the Golden Age Club's Senior Citizen of the Month of July.

Click photos for a larger view
Mary Leigh Burke, Class of 1970, sent the above photos where she is shown on the right at a party at work, and with her friend’s Samoyeds at the “Dog’s Best Friend” race in Palo Alto. The daughter of Marge Dinsmore, Mary Leigh grew up on East River Road, and was Grand Island’s first-year program AFS exchange student to Brazil in 1969. She went on to graduate school in Italian Literature (just short of PhD) in the 70’s, and now works as a technical writer and technical writing manager at Macromedia in San Francisco. Mary Leigh, who is living in Mountain View, CA writes, "I’d love to hear from anybody who remembers me!" Her email address is maryleigh.burke@gmail.com.

Spread the word and come out for a very good time. The Grand Island Alumni Association's "All Island Reunion" during the Blues On the River event at the Holiday Inn starts at 7 p.m. tomorrow evening (Friday). Click "All Island Reunion" for details.

Wedding Bells! Robert R. Voelker, son of Lorraine Voelker of Grand Island and the late Robert E. Voelker, was married Saturday to Lisa A. Glinski.•••• Christopher P. Ignatius, son of Patrick and Susan Ignatius of Grand Island, and Kimberly M. Dollard were married Friday, July 29th.

Laurel Jane Wight celebrated her very first birthday on Saturday, July 30th. Laurel Jane is the daughter of Tim and Jena (Chamberlain) Wight.••••A belated happy birthday to Hannah Linenfelser who turned 8 years old on Monday.••••Happy birthday to Harry Carter (today), to Jack Daniel Bridenbaker (first birthday today), Mathew Riley (15 today), Ian Patrick Diaz (6 tomorrow), Michelle Wing (tomorrow), Alex Turner (6 on Saturday), John Evan Fletcher II and Katrina Elizabeth Linenfelser (3 on Saturday), Dr. Tom Ramming (Saturday), Eileen Webb (Sunday), Leann Vanthoff and Leslie Smith (Monday), Marcy Buell and Millie Weiser (cheers on Tuesday), Wesley Link (12 on Tuesday), Daemon Allen Gatti (2 on Tuesday), Lindsey Smith and Doug Harding (Wednesday), and Joseph Fusco III (16 on Wednesday).

A speedy recovery to Doug Harding who is recovering from knee surgery.

Happy 16th wedding anniversary to Greg and Cheryl Chamberlain who are celebrating today.

This week's Isledegrande.com advertising spotlight is on the Victor J. Gagliardi, Attorney, Liz Wilbert - Century 21, Dental Care Associates and Mike Hachee's Rose Liquor Store. It pays to advertise at Isledegrande.com - the voice of Grand Island and the Island's #1 news source, now updated daily.

Looking Back 60 years - Beverly Fleming (Barril), Sandy Fleming (Bowers), Joanne Rank (Urtel), Carol Keppler (Sugg) and Mrs. Mabel Fleming spent four days at the new girl scout camp, “Sky High,” located in Orchard Park.••••The new Grand Island Market owned and operated by Ernie Godfrey was advertising Henel’s ice cream – cones or bricks.

Looking Back 50 years - Winners of the Fire Company’s Miss Grand Island beauty contest held at their August 6, 1955 field day were Pat Lang (McNamee), first; Barbara DeGlopper (Butterworth), 2nd; and Diane Vigh, 3rd. (Does anyone have a picture of the winners?) The firemen's parade lasted almost an hour as fire companies, auxiliaries and drum corps marched around the block: Baseline Road to Whitehaven, out Express Highway and back to the fire hall. The Grand Island Community Band won best non-fireman’s band.

Looking Back 40 years - Grand Island Fire Company volunteers on the winning Water Wars competition team in 1965 were “Skip” Dworak, Ronald McTigue, Daniel McMahon, Robert Brennan, Andrew Job, Thomas Walker, Robert Hoag, Robert Wilsoncroft, Robert McMoil, George Downs, Arthur Haller, Lance Kohn and Fire Chief William Wood. The Fire Company hosted an event Sunday, August 8, 1965 on fire company grounds.

Looking Back 30 years - Best dressed hobos in a hobo contest at the Huth Road playground were David Newcomer, Kathy Owen and Jeff Richard in first place; Megan O’Hara (Petkewec), Karen Ridge and David Ellingson in 2nd place. Tim O’Neal, Nancy Hoover, Christine Ogvich and Michelle Ogvich 3rd.••••Randy White representing the GI Recreation Track Team won the 12-13 year-old age group 880 yard run in the Jr. Olympic Boys Championship Track and Field Meet. His time was 2:28.1. Jamie Bessel was first in the 7 and under 220 invitational race with a time of 34.9.

Our sympathy to the families of Arthur T. Gilbert and Treva Chism who recently passed away. Click Deaths for complete information.

Parents take note. Before & After School Programs will be available for Island students in elementary and middle school. Be sure to read Before & After School Programs for more information.

A summertime tent belonging to Dan and Lela Mancuso of East River Road was recently blown down with parts found two doors down the road. A tent on Mike Linenfelser's East River property was downed on Tuesday. A microburst is said to be the cause of much damage to both. Tuesday's isolated wind also scattered lawn chairs across the property and brought down many tree limbs.

As mentioned here last week, Laurie McCarthy is the executive producer of the new "Windfall" series soon to be aired on NBC TV. The Island native has made quite a name for herself writing television shows including "Felicity" and "CSI: Miami." This one ("Windfall") is about a group of people who win a big lottery jackpot and the effect their newfound wealth has on their lives.

The Jim Beishline Trio (Grand Island's Jimmy Beishline) with Janice Mitchell will be performing at the steps of the Albright Knox Art Gallery this Sunday from 2-4 in the afternoon. If it rains, the performance will be moved inside the Gallery. "Bring your lawn chairs and friends and have some fun with us," Janice told us. "One of my sets will be dedicated to the music of Ray Charles. I'm looking forward to having the whole band with me this time. We've got Jim Beishline on piano, John Bacon on drums, Jim Kirzdorfer on bass, and a special bonus of Bruce Johnstone on saxophone," she said.

"Say a prayer for our guys over there."

Thursday, July 28, 2005

A very happy 80th birthday to Honey (Austin) Atkins, shown above, who will celebrate on Sunday. Honey lived in Ferry Village for many years and raised her family there.•••• Happy birthday to Bob Dommer (today), Ellie Zarbo, Janet Badame and Joan Chambers (tomorrow), Myrtle Killian (her 99th birthday on Saturday), Tom Cope (18 on Saturday), Sarah Victor (12 on Saturday), Nicholas Panepinto (9 on Saturday), Lee Wheeler (Sunday – see last week’s column for his picture), Lou Macro, Helen Radder and Bruce Gentz (Sunday), Elaine Gorman (cheers on Monday), George McCraith (16 on Monday), Jared Kazmierczak (16 on Tuesday), Ian Scott Harnden (Tuesday), Eileen Drumm (Wednesday) and Alisa Ungaro (24 years old on Wednesday).

Our community National Night Out, chaired this year by Terry Wall, is being held from 6-8 p.m. Tuesday night at the Town Commons. It's a not-to-be-missed event. Click National Night Out for complete information.

Laurie McCarthy, a Mount St. Mary's High School graduate who grew up on Grand Island, will have her new show, "Windfall," on NBC TV. Click "Laurie" for the Buffalo News story of July 26, 2005.

Former resident Morey Cohen and his wife, Sandy, are the proud parents of a son, Nathaniel David Cohen, born Monday, July 18th. Click Islanders In The News for Nathaniel's picture and details.••••James and Lynn Panepinto are parents of a new baby girl. Her name is Lily Panepinto and she was born yesterday (July 27th) weighing six pounds, five ounces. Anxiously waiting to see their baby sister are nine-year-old Nicholas, seven-year-old Charles and five-year-old Isabella. Local grandparents are Penny and George Panepinto.

Shown above are Dolly and Tony D'Orazio who are marking their 37th anniversary today and were assisting with today's Invitrogen’s Global Volunteer Day lunch at the Nike Base.••••Patty and Russ Colosi celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary on Tuesday, July 26th; Michelle and Mark Pinzel will be married five years tomorrow; and Kristen and David Brand celebrate their 3rd anniversary on Tuesday. Happy days, everyone!

Elizabeth Glor Allen was in town this week which prompted a group of us "girls" from the Sidway Class of 1957 to meet for dinner at the Village Inn. Diane (Mistretta) Goupil, Lorraine (Walgate) Willcox, Sandra (Macoomb) O'Hara, Peggy Boettcher Fuller, Kathy Boettcher Stisser and JoAnn (Radius) Vanderheite rounded out our table. Also joining us were Elizabeth's husband, Hugh and Kathy's husband, Ed. Elizabeth's mother, Ora Glor-Newton has been spending a few weeks in her home on Love Road and has enjoyed going to garage sales and visits from her children.

Looking Back 70 years - The American Institute of Steel Construction named the North Grand Island Bridge recipient of its Class A award for being the most architecturally beautiful bridge of large size in the United States, dedicated during 1935. The ceremonies took place at the North Bridge and a Bronze Plaque was placed on the entrance post on the left hand side as you enter the bridge traveling toward Niagara Falls.••••Beaver Island State Park was opened to the public for the first time after dedication ceremonies July 15, 1935. It was also 70 years ago that Buckhorn State Park was dedicated and opened by the State.••••The men of Sandy Beach were busy mowing, cleaning the beach, and building a permanent dock 70 years ago.

Looking Back 60 years - The Grandyle Village Property Owners' picnic, scheduled for Saturday, July 14, 1945 at Stony Pt. and Love Road, was held in St. Stephen’s Church Barn on the 15th due to rain. Winners of the children’s contests were Bryant Moxham (best decorated bicycle), Teddy Klingel (Linenfelser) (best decorated doll carriage), baby Carol Chateauneuf (Stevens) (beauty contest), Libby Smith (Borgese) (girls 3-5 years race), and Billy Loth and Frances Lapine (1st and 2nd boys 3-5 years race). Other winners included “Babe” Phillips, Carol Keppler (Sugg), Frankie Steele and Sally D. Smith (Detally). Winners of the Ladies Shoe Race were Dorothy Lehane and Blanche Lapine. ••••The welcome mat was out on the Tucker front porch in honor of John Gettings who arrived home unexpectedly for a 30-day furlough.••••Bingo was being played every Friday at the Grand Island Rod & Gun Club's new club house on Whitehaven.

Looking Back 50 years - BLC committee chairman Richard Hogue reported that about 320 dinners were served, making the 4th annual Hawaiian Party in July 1955 one of the largest parties for club members in history.••••A recent purchase by the Grand Island Fire Company in the summer of 1955 was a fire truck – for $30. The new truck was a 1926 REO Speedwagon, purchased from the Hooker Chemical Plant in Niagara Falls, where it was used to fight fires before it was sold to the local Fire Company. The truck was to be used in parades and on road collections leaving the newer and more modern truck behind in case of fire. Neil Huff donated an old cow bell which was mounted on its front.••••The Midgets baseball team saw Johnny Gast’s Coronados beat Big Jim DiTullio’s Devastators 7 to 2. A big third inning in which Johnny hit a bases loaded double along with 3 errors in the field gave the Coronados their 7 runs. Jim "Butch" DiTullio pitched a fine game only allowing the double and single by Jeff Downing but 2 walks and the 3 errors lost the game. Butch struck out 6 men, while John struck out 8, allowed 2 singles, both by Dick Sawdey and had no bases on balls.

Looking Back 30 years - Tremendous audience reaction to the group, “Water” justified the Grand Island Jaycees bringing them back for the teen dance on Thursday, July 31, 1975 in the Town Hall parking lot. Admission was $1.••••Gwen Kennedy (147), and Sandy Pultz (152) were the winners in the 18 hole Class A President’s Cup Golf Tournament of the Grand Island Women’s League at Beaver Island Golf Course. 18 hole Class B winners were Mary Hartrick (77) and Betty Seifert (77).••••Del Krause led 13 WNY scouts on a 12-day high adventure expedition over the trails of the rugged Sangre de Cristo Mountains at Philmont Scout Ranch and Explorer Base in the summer of 1975.

Looking Back 10 years - Wild weather including high winds and lightning uprooted trees and caused power outages throughout the Island July 28, 1995.

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Our sympathy to the families of Anne M. Gonda, Francis C. Volante, Anna Bieniulis, Peter K. Courey, Cyrena (Ehlers) Dixon, Leona L. Chapin and former resident Annette J. Wilkin who recently passed away. Click Deaths for complete information.

Brinn Elizabeth Rice and Kyle Matthew Johnson were married Friday, July 22nd in a ceremony at the Beaver Island Clubhouse by Rev. Edward L. McCutcheon of Trinity UM Church. The bride is the daughter of Island residents Greg and Jo Ann Rice.•••• Former resident and GIHS graduate Megan M. Harmon was married to Steven M. Eiss on Saturday. Megan is the daughter of Jeffrey and Sandra Harmon.••••Carl Christopher Koppmann, son of Paul and Peggy Koppmann, was married to Amy Elizabeth Gerbec on Saturday.••••Best wishes, newlyweds.

Be sure to read of the dog rescue in the river by Clayton and Mike Clarke. We heard they made national news! Click "Fluffy Rescued!"

Did you know that if you are 62 years old or older, there is no charge to get into Beaver Island State Park? We didn't either! Just stop at the booth, give your age and ask to sign you name.

Everyone's invited! Mark your calendar for the Grand Island Alumni Association's "All Island Reunion" being held at the Holiday Inn Friday, August 5th during the Blues On the River event. There is no charge. Click "All Island Reunion" for details.

"Say a prayer for our guys over there."

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Tom                               Betty                           Chip                           Lee                           Karen
Recognize them? They are Tom Pedlow, Betty Kerr Olmstead, Chip Schopp, Lee Wheeler and Karen Dilliot Ackerman, all classmates at Sidway School when the photos were taken. A very happy birthday to Tom (Saturday), to Betty and Chip (Tuesday), to Lee (July 31st) and to Karen (July 5th).

Members of the Grand Island Rod & Gun Club will sponsor their annual Tractor Pulls this Saturday and Sunday at the Club at 1083 Whitehaven Road. New this year is an "Outhouse Race." Click Rod & Gun Club Page for complete information.

Those who are writing to LCPL Mike Mehltretter in Iraq, please note. There is a slight change in his US mail address. See LCPL Mehltretter.

Attention members of the GIHS Class of 1986. The first planning meeting for the Class of 1986's 20-year reunion is scheduled for 7 p.m. Friday, July 29th at the Brick Oven.

Click photo for larger view
Former varsity swim team members (left) Kate McDonough (Lenhard), Patty Wirth, Tracy Roesch and Elizabeth Winn Killian got together at Tracy's parents' home on East River earlier this month. The girls, who broke many swim records in 1982-84, were also among the Niagara Frontier League All-Stars during their high school years. Tracy now resides in Anchorage, Alaska. (If the girls will email their married names to me at teddy@giecom.net, I will add them here.)

Be sure to see Michelle and Mark Pinzel's beautiful baby girl, Megan Elizabeth on our Islanders In The News page.

James D. Fleckenstein, son of Marilynn and James J. Fleckenstein was married Saturday, July 16th to Danielle A. Nixon. Best wishes to James and Danielle.

I am looking for an email address for Mary Ann Loebs who so graciously mailed me a photo of the Bedell House Annex which I included in the Bedell House Annex Feature. I was in touch with Mary Ann, however, I seemed to have lost her email address. Perhaps she'll read this and write!

Attention: Island members of the Red Hats! Our newest advertiser, Lady Diane Hats, may just have what you are looking for. Check this interesting website and email me at teddy@giecom.net for major discount information. •••• We also welcome another new and highly recommended Isledegrande.com advertiser, Island Pediatrics. Be sure to click their website.••••This week's Isledegrande.com business spotlight is also on Carl Amato Collision and Care-A-Lot Childcare Centres. It pays to advertise at Isledegrande.com - the voice of Grand Island and the Island's #1 news source, now updated daily.

It was great to hear Fran Wilczek's CD single, "It's Not The Same," over Dan McBride's “Around The Town” on 1300 AM radio last Saturday. Wish there was some way of promoting this song as Fran does a fabulous job of it.

Here's wishing Joe Mash a quick recovery from injuries suffered in a freak boating accident on Sunday, July 10th.••••Also wished a speedy recovery is Bill Wood who spent time in Kenmore Mercy Hospital after a recent fall.

Congratulations to Ted Kessler Jr. on being named "grand champion captain" last weekend during the 4th Greater Niagara BassEYE Celebrity Challenge.

A belated happy birthday to Mark Frentzel who turned the big 5-0 last week. Happy birthday Buck Long (10 today), Joan Tommasulo and Dan Linenfelser (today), Betty Raepple and Victoria Mordaunt (tomorrow), Bill Buckley (Saturday), Mariam Macguire (special greetings on Saturday), Maya Jean Pecoraro (her 2nd birthday on Saturday), Jim Dahlquist (20 on Sunday), Vincent Laible (Sunday), Marvin Zimmerman (21 on Sunday), Lisa Podlucky (Monday), John MacNeil (Tuesday) and Jackie Kew, Dan Buckley and Helen Newkirk (Wednesday). A belated happy 3rd birthday to Luke Austin who turned 3 on Saturday, July 16th.

Happy days to Norm and Charlotte Mrkall who will celebrate their 45th anniversary on Saturday and to Pat and Ron McNamee marking their 25th anniversary on Tuesday.

Looking Back 50 years - The Island was experiencing a serious water shortage in July 1955. Councilman Matt Hall went door to door asking the cooperation of neighbors in Grandyle Village to turn their hoses off for several days and also promoted radio publicity about the shortage. A sprinkling ban continued and after a soaking rain, sprinkling was permitted on weekends between 6 p.m. and 10 p.m. and only if the storage tank was at least half full.••••An estimated five acres of choice wheat was scorched by flames July 20, 1955 as fire swept an estimated 150 bushels of standing wheat and 100 bales of straw on the Fred Grehlinger farm on Ransom Road. Island volunteer firemen were aided by about 50 soldiers from a nearby Army camp.••••Bob Smith and Ed Dunshie, proprietors of Grand Island Lumber and Builders Supply, saw their new "Ready Mix" concrete plant start in operation on Tuesday, July 26, 1955. Starting in business as supplier of concrete for the construction of New York State Thruway, the business lasted for many years, however, the Thruway business died off soon after it started.•••• Baseball teams for boys and girls 7-17 were organized for the children of the Alt Blvd. and Love Road areas (between Baseline and West River). Managers were Tony Kustich, Charles Finley, Lou Bunnell, Cal Colcord, Tiny Moran, Clay Gisman and Elmer Fleischmann. The two teams were the Love Road team and the Alt Blvd. Team.••••Danny Buckley celebrated his 7th birthday with a party on Wednesday, July 27th, 1955. Guests were Jackie and Scottie Herlan, Joe Conn, Jan Baker, Doug Flessing and Jackie Pagan.

Looking Back 40 years - Barbara Harrison (Ressman) was activities chairman for the Sandy Beach Park Club’s annual summer children’s program and parade. Jeff Kirsch was chairman of the teenage portion of the picnic for youngsters 13 and up. General co-chairs were Thomas Gilmore and Marjorie Watkins."•••• The Grand Island Camp Fire Girls' Blue Team won first place in competition held at Beaver Island Park in July 1965 by the Island Camp Fire Girls. Among the team members were Kathy Yensan (Barton), Ruth Dettman, Janet Jones, Susan Tompkins, Kathy Henderson, Kelly Gallagher and Lisa Pearson. Leaders of the three competing teams were Bea Krueger, Bobby Dannels and Mrs. Dettman and Mrs. Nardini. Ruth Jones, Shirley Gilmore, Leah Gollwitzer and Dora Lorimer also served on the committee. Do any of my readers have the photos?••••Evelyn Alt was general chairman and James Lunsford, games chairman of Grand Island Day at Crystal Beach sponsored by the Kiwanis, Lions and Zonta clubs on July 22, 1965.

Looking Back 30 years - Sixteen-year-old Patty Kaiser of Orchard Road was averaging 52 horse shows a year and over a nine-year period amassed more than 700 ribbons, each a tribute to her superb horsemanship.••••Gladys Costanzo made a hole in one at River Oaks on the fifth hole with the ball going 130 yards.••••The new Christian Coffeehouse at 1930 Baseline Road at the foot of Webb Road was in operation. Over $2000 worth of equipment, furniture, and literature was donated and the center has strong backing by the Grand Island Monday Night Prayer Group at Trinity Church. Adult supervisors were Norm Wessel, Chuck Mock, Dave Keefer and Phil Lester. The location is now the site of John and Zdenka Gast's Contractor's Welding.

Our sympathy to the family of Angela S. Gramza who recently passed away. Click Deaths for complete information.••••William Russo, an athletic coach in the Grand Island school district for 28 years, died Tuesday at the age of 82.

The next town sponsored Summer Band Concert in the Town Commons will feature the Grand Island Community Band at 7 p.m. Tuesday, July 26th.

"Say a prayer for our guys over there."

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Be sure to click for a larger view
This little Islander made her first trip to the beach, (Sandy Beach) and according to her dad, she liked it!! The baby is 7-month-old Julia Brielle Capage, daughter of Lisa and Chuck Capage The photo was taken on July 3rd.

Today is our 8th day of 90 degree temperatures or higher. Two 90 degree days is the norm and over the last two years we had none. Let's enjoy it!

Attention kids and adults. Grinders Skate Park on Grand Island Blvd. is now open daily for the summer season. A Wednesday evening special is being offered when cost of skating will be only $5.00 from 6-10 p.m. Check Grinders website for complete information, or better yet, stop by and see for yourself.

So glad to report that Tim Phillips is on his way to recovery from successful cancer surgery in a Michigan hospital. The Southern Ontario Sprint racer is confident he will be back in the race in 2006. See "Tim Phillips Story."

Congratulations to Liz and Greg Barker. Greg's race boat, "The Rewinder," won the 2.5 Litre stock class in Valleyfield this past weekend.

Our niece, Anne Linenfelser, has moved to the Florida Keys. Family and friends said a tearful good bye to Annie on Sunday at a fabulous chicken wing party given by her parents, Mike and Penny Linenfelser, at their riverfront. "We miss you already, Anne!"

Looking Back 60 years - A request was made at a town board meeting in July 1945, for several hundred feet of temporary pavement on Alt Blvd. This was to accommodate five proposed homes to be erected there.

Looking Back 40 years - Members of the Sidway PTA installed officers in June 1965. Among them were Shirley Kaiser, Amelia Funk and Rita DeGlopper. ••••The town's Men’s Softball League officially opened on June 14, 1965 with Peace Justice Don Hawley throwing the first ball of the game. Names in the news were Joe Conn and Joe Conn Jr. of the Rod & Gun Club team who smashed out four home runs between them to help the winners while Ed Hayes and Steve Rzepecki tripled, also for the winners. Mike Madia pitched the win for Tappa Kegga over Tops Markets. Bill Carroll drove in five runs with a pair of doubles and Tom Boehm homered for the winners. Remember?•••• Boat launching facilities by the day were available in the summer of 1965 at the Niagara Frontier State Park Commission’s East River marina just south of Ferry Village. Charge for a day’s docking was 50 cents. Property for the new marina, formerly known as Reuter’s Marina, was taken over by the Commission in 1964 as part of the acreage acquired for a golf course.•••• A two-day Merchants Fair was held at Fantasy Island the last weekend in June 1965 where products and services of Island merchants were displayed. The fair was in conjunction with Grand Island Day at Fantasy Island, sponsored by the Grand Island Chamber of Commerce.

Looking Back 30 years - The local weekly paper featured a picture and story on a high-standing fort erected by Long Road residents Steve Fritschi, 15; Terry Crowe, 14; and Jim Maloney, 16, of Pin Oak Circle. Jim wasn’t shown in the picture as he was injured in a fall from the structure, completely furnished for year-round living.••••Grand Island’s fourth set of traffic signals was installed Monday, July 14, 1975 at Baseline and Whitehaven roads.•••• A beaming Betty O’Dea was pictured with son, Jim O'Dea, a missile officer aboard the submarine USS Lafayette, receiving his lieutenant’s bars.•••• For the 5th consecutive year, the Grand Island Jaycees sponsored summer dances for the teen crowd from 8 to 11 p.m. on Thursday evenings. Co-chairs in 1975 were Bill Wilson and Harry Mills.

Looking Back 25 years - It was in June 1980 that 787 people out of a possible 4500 resident voters showed up at the high school to defeat the $11,033,188 budget, 408 "no" to 376 "yes." Voters again turned down the budget on July 16, 1980 with a vote of 807-678 when almost double the residents turned out to cast their ballots.

Looking Back 10 years - Ground was broken for the road through Veterans Park which was to run from Bedell to Baseline Road, tying in Whitetail Run in the Woodstream Meadows subdivision.

Happy anniversary to Nancy and Bill Linton, married 40 years on Sunday, July 17th.

Happy birthday to Darlene Esack (tomorrow), Carolyn Doebert (Saturday), Mary Kay Patmos and Marie O'Hara (Sunday), Chuck Goris (cheers on Monday), Andrew Sander (10 on Tuesday), Pat Sciandra (special greetings on her 80th on Tuesday), Leah Gollwitzer and Bill Shaw (Tuesday), Russell Certo (a milestone on Wednesday), and Mark Gollwitzer (the big one on Wednesday). A belated happy 50th to former resident Bruce Blakelock who celebrated on July 4th.

Our sympathy to the families of Leonard F. Walentynowicz, Anneliese (Winkler) Irizarry and former resident Joseph N. Moses who recently passed away. Click Deaths for complete information.

Virginia R. (Dunker) Hervey, who taught grades three and four in one classroom when Charlotte Sidway School opened in 1937, passed away Monday, July 11th at the age of 90. She was a resident of Tonawanda.

I'm hoping to get back in touch with Jim Schueckler who has written a very nice article, published in the Spring 2005 edition of the "Airborne Quarterly." Jim grew up on Baseline near Long Road where his parents raised their large family. If you have a current email address for him, please send it to me at teddy@giecom.net.

Click for a larger view
Linenfelser cousins had a good time down at the river with the hose Sunday evening. They are (left) Max Costello, 6, Katrina Linenfelser, almost 3, Maria and Sarah Ramsperger, 7 and 11 and tiny Noelle Linenfelser, 17 months. In the second photo are Katrina, Maria, Max and Sarah. Also playing but not in the picture was Mark Ramsperger, 2.

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The next town sponsored Summer Band Concert in the Town Commons will feature Jack Bacon & The Morgan Street Stompers at 7 p.m. Tuesday, July 19th.

Attention members of the GIHS Class of 1981. A planning meeting for the Class of 1981's 25-year reunion is scheduled for 7 p.m. Wednesday, July 20th at the Brick Oven.••••News websites have been set up at Isledegrande.com for the Class of 1966, Class of 1976, Class of 1981, and the Class of 1986. These classes are planning reunions to be held in 2006. See GIHS Class Reunions for complete information. ••••Looking ahead! An all Island reunion, sponsored by the Grand Island Alumni Association, will be held at 7 p.m. Friday, August 5th at the Holiday Inn - Blues on the River.

"Say a prayer for our guys over there."

Thursday, July 7, 2005

Be sure to click for a larger view
This is James Christian Soto, six months old, and a beautiful and healthy looking baby, despite serious health concerns. James is shown with his parents, Paul and Mary Jo Soto at the VFW picnic just after the parade.

While visiting Lois Morgan's gorgeous hollyhock garden, I spotted a white parakeet with some blue markings in front of her house on East River Road. We tried to catch the bird without success. All I can do for its owners is let them know where the bird was on Friday afternoon, July 1st.

According to GIHS Class of 1975 reunion committee member, Joanne (Glose) Del Zoppo, the 30th reunion was a great weekend and no one wants to wait another ten years. A thirty-fifth reunion will most likely take place in 2010! Reunion photos are coming.••••Those attending the 10-year reunion of the GIHS Class of 1995 were 'treated' to a streaker. No photos, please!•••• Speaking of reunions! A planning meeting for the Class of 1981's 25-year reunion is scheduled for 7 p.m. Wednesday, July 20th at the Brick Oven, and the first reunion planning meeting for the GIHS Class of 1986 is set for 7 p.m. Friday, July 29th, also at the Brick Oven.

It was nice to see former Isle residents Sharon and Cliff Greathouse, Jerry Cahill, Mark Braddell, Greg DeMike and his wife, Beckie and former neighbors Bob Pope and Mary Ann Love at our riverfront over the holiday weekend.••••Seen at the parade from out-of-town were Patrick McMahon, his wife Mary Grace and their children of Middletown, California and Tracy Roesch who is living in Alaska. Also saw Jan "Gast" Hague (GIHS Class of 1975), now living in England and visiting with friends at the VFW.

We have a contest in the works! The prize is a pair of tickets to Sterling Renaissance Festival in Sterling, NY. See our front page headline for the story and how to win.

My very best wishes go out to Kelly Gast and James "Jay" Petrie Jr. married Saturday in Trinity United Methodist Church. Kelly is the daughter of Zdenka and John Gast Jr. and Jay is the son of James M. Petrie Sr., all of Grand Island. The groom is also the son of the late Debra Petrie.••••Newlyweds making their home on Grand Island are Brian M. Hillman and his bride, the former Rebecca L. Nelsen. Mr. and Mrs. Hillman were married Saturday, July 2nd.

Longtime Isle residents Joyce and Bill Good recently celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary with a reception in Island Presbyterian Church. The Goods were married on June 18, 1955, in West Avenue Presbyterian Church, Buffalo.

So sorry to hear that Shannon Robillard broke her arm during the last week of school. Shannon is turning nine years old on Saturday.••••Our sister-in-law, Penny Linenfelser, also managed to break her arm, shortly after arriving in California for the wedding of her nephew Chris Rink, son of Penny's twin sister, Patty Rink. Heal quickly girls.

Happy birthday to Earl DeGlopper Sr. celebrating today (How's that Earl?), to Joanne Carr (today), Brianna Mysliwiec (10 years old tomorrow), Candy Carter (cheers tomorrow), Lois Martene, Bernice Dinsmore and Vivian Smudski (Saturday), Colin Gallagher (16 on Saturday), Ernie Godfrey (Sunday), Abby Englert (her 13th on Sunday), Al Bykowicz (his 76th birthday on Sunday), Norm Machelor (Tuesday's the big day) and Sarah Chamberlain (double digits - 10 on Wednesday).

Celebrating the anniversary of their wedding day are John and Zdenka Gast (35 years today), Katey and Dave Dulak (11 years on Saturday), and Dick and Marla Crawford (9 years on Wednesday). A belated happy anniversary to Nancy and BillyJoe Gorrell who marked their 45th anniversary on July 2nd. Best wishes everyone.

Looking Back 70 years - Though the first Island bridges were officially dedicated on July 15, l935, it was on July 13th of that year that the bridges opened with a celebration by the town's residents. Click "Features Page" for bridge history and photos.

Looking Back 60 years - It was announced to the congregation of St. Stephen’s church that the Sunday mass schedule was changed. Masses would be held at St. Stephen’s at 7:30 a.m. and 9 a.m. only and at 11 a.m. at Mary Star of the Sea through September 1945.

Looking Back 50 years - James Pierson and Muriel Mayer (Lim) were the recipients of the Grand Island Teachers Association's $200 scholarships. •••• Among those ending their dance class lessons in June 1955 and performing in Betty Roger’s Annual Dance Revue were Mark Stephenson, Jacqueline Sceusa (Irovando), Nancy Buckley (Vallone), Mary Agnes Schieve, Sherry Wade (Walsh), Michael Gast, Catherine Haller (Contino), Patricia Killian, Patricia Dower (Hamilton), Judy Dower (Babel), Diane Beck, Mary Ann McCarthy (Coniff), Marilyn Noyes, Kathleen McCarthy (Northrup), and Bonnie Taylor (Ford).••••Nancy Gardner Landroche of Bedell Road celebrated her 16th birthday in June 1955 with a huge party that included 74 teenagers. Thirty-four girls slept over and at 6:30 a.m. the girls walked to Smitty’s (plaza next to Fantasy Island) for breakfast and then back to the house where they finished filling up on pancakes. In the afternoon 48 boys and girls had a swim at “Big Tree” (East River foot of Baseline) and a weiner roast. Now that's what I call a party!••••Among the mothers volunteering their time as teachers for the St. Timothy Vacation Church School in July 1955 were Edith Von Craigh, Gertrude Reimann, and Harriet Kirsch.

Looking Back 40 years - Republican Chairman Philip Fahrer announced the committee’s endorsed candidates as Robert E. Study for town supervisor, Roger E. Kaiser for councilman, Incumbent Richard O. Robinson for Justice of the Peace and Incumbents Joseph Czora Jr. and Arthur G. Wade as town assessors. Also Incumbent Robert K. Kaiser for Tax Collector and Incumbent Joseph Roe for superintendent of highways.••••The cornerstone of Ararat, absent from Grand Island for nearly a century, was returned with a morning ceremony which opened the Grand Island Historical Society’s antique Show in St. Stephen’s Church barn. The stone was returned by the Buffalo and Erie County Historical Society under the auspices of the Island Society and through the efforts of Milton K. Pitts.•••• The Fire Company’s fund raising efforts went into effect with the annual mailing of the coin cards. "Just slip a quarter in a slot on the card each week and you’re contributing to this good cause won’t bother your wallet when firemen knock on your door to collect the card later in the year." This was in the summer 1965. ••••According to the local weekly, Mae Klocke was by far the most outstanding model of the fashion show Saturday, June 13, 1965 at the Buffalo Staler Hilton. ••••Paul Harper was chosen king and Mary Cudmore (Vari), the queen of the very first GIHS Junior Prom held in May 1965.••••Members of the American Legion Post #1346 elected Ronald E. Erhardt of Alt Blvd. Commander for the 1965-66 year.

Our sympathy to the family of former resident Heide M. (Doermer) Stickl who recently passed away. Click Deaths for complete information.

Best of luck to Jim Chamberlain, a member of “The Friends of Harmony” barbershop chorus, competing in the Barbershop Harmony Society's 2005 International Convention in Salt Lake City, this week. Jim sings with the East Aurora Friends of Harmony chapter.

Prayers have been requested for former resident, Laurie Dudley who has been quite ill.

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Jim Schueckler who grew up on Baseline Road, has a most interesting feature article printed in the Spring 2005 Airborne Quarterly, American Airborne Association's magazine. The title of the article is "The Day It Snowed In Vietnam: a true story." I'm hoping to contact Jim and get permission to post his article (Christmas in Vietnam, 1969) here at Isledegrande.com.

Adelphia Cable TV Channel 13 will televise our Independence Day parade on Saturday (July 9th) at 2:30 p.m. and again on Sunday at 2:30 p.m.

A Chicken Barbeque & Silent Auction will be held at St. Martin-in-the-Fields Episcopal Church from 2-7 p.m. Saturday.

"Say a prayer for our guys over there."

Thursday, June 30, 2005
It's June and it's hot! We had three consecutive days of mid 90 temperatures last week and the Niagara River temperature rose to 71 degrees last weekend, unusual for any June I remember.••••Isledegrande.com's Grand Island E-News broke another monthly readership record! Total hits to our site in June are 14,116, up from last month's 12,931.

Be sure to click for a full view
Liz Barker, who took these shots of her nieces and friends off her dock and top deck on Colony Road, wrote, "This is what summer is supposed to be ! HOT!! and kids having fun!!" - Thanks, Liz!

Welcome home to the out-of-town members of the high school classes of 1975, 1980, 1985 and 1995, whose class Reunions are taking place this weekend.

Jeff and Elizabeth (Backlund) Wansart of Virginia are the proud parents of a baby boy, Jeffrey Scott Wansart III, born Monday, June 13th and featured last week on our Islanders In The News page. The baby's parents are both graduates of the GIHS Class of 1999.

Kim Glessner emailed from her new home in Clinton, TN where she and husband, Allan and children have relocated to. Kim writes that she's hoping to visit the Island soon.••••Looking forward to seeing lots of old friends is former resident Floydette (Uonites) Gannon of Pinellas Park, Florida who arrived in town Tuesday evening. Flo will be here until July 26th.

Barbara (Bykowicz) Barbur, GIHS Class of 1967, is recuperating from orthopedic surgery at her home in Oakfield, NY. She broke her ankle last week while exercising at a health & fitness center. Barb, who will be off her feet for at least 6 weeks, said that the TV commercial showing a person flying airborne off of a treadmill is, in fact, very true. Get well wishes may be mailed to: 49 Cary - Oakfield, NY 14125

Happy anniversary to Mary Ann Love and Bob Pope, celebrating their 10th tomorrow, and to Tom and Kathleen DeLoughry, marking their 30th anniversary on Saturday.••••Debra Lynn Killian, a Grand Island school district special education teacher and John Brand Coram were married Saturday, June 25th in Holy Trinity Catholic Church, Niagara Falls.

Happy birthday to Peggy MacNeil and Bill Wood (today), Joey Cali (3 tomorrow), Bob Kopf and Gary Roesch (tomorrow), Margaret Giles (a milestone tomorrow), Chelsea Robillard (7 on Saturday), Mary Fleischmann and Michele Fred (Saturday), Genevieve Dobmeier (cheers on Sunday), Ed McCaffery (Sunday), Kyle Staub (8 on Sunday), Aggie Denler (Monday), Jenna Podlucky and Melissa Rayhill (Tuesday), Karen (Dilliot) Ackerman and Betty Hopkins (best wishes on Tuesday), and Jacob Zimmerman (double digits - 10 on Wednesday).

Our sympathy to the families of John "Max" Hopper, Mary Louise Kline, Louis J. Scozzaro and former resident Lance J. Kohn II who recently passed away. Click Deaths for complete information.

Looking Back 70 years - It was on this date, June 30, 1935, that the Bedell House Hotel, an “elegant and commodious” hotel in Ferry Village, was destroyed by fire. When the flames broke out at 11:30 a.m. as mass at Mary Star of the Sea Church was ending, the clang of a big metal triangle sounded to alert all available help. The new south Grand Island Bridge, scheduled to open two weeks later, was used to bring mainland firemen and equipment to the Island. A Buffalo newspaper reported, “fire fighters from Buffalo, Niagara Falls and Tonawanda Township could do nothing but confine the flames to the buildings, which were leveled to the ground.” Other reports mention members of the Sheridan Fire Company as the first to cross the new bridge, and first on the scene of the fire. “The mystery of how the fire started was heightened by several explosions while the structures were burning.” Plans at the time of the fire were to reopen the Island landmark “with all its old glory and splendor with the opening of the new Grand Island bridges this month.” Curiously, it was on the previous Monday, in the middle of the night, that the barn on the Bedell House property was torched and burned. The Bedell House Annex, or Poor Man’s Bedell House as it was sometimes called, was not harmed on that Sunday morning. It operated for about 110 years, until March 1988 when it, too, burned to the ground. Click for today's Bedell House Feature

Looking Back 50 years - Members of the Grand Island American Legion Post #1346 and the American Legion Auxiliary staged their annual field day celebration and fireworks display at the Grand Island Volunteer Fire Company grounds on July 2-3, 1955 as announced by Commander Ted Dunbar.

Looking Back 10 years - The town Board, 10 years ago, added to Chapter 12 of the town code governing pet sanitation. Commonly known as the "Pooper Scooper Law," it requires dog owners to clean up after their pets when they defecate on others' property.••••Among the Huth Road School students receiving the "H" pin award were Sally Head, Deanna Cole, Brian Kopf, Christy Gibney and Jennifer Breier.

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"Island Happenings," including "KidBiz," sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce, takes place on Saturday on the Town Commons. Click "Island Happenings" for details. Our Calendar of Events is full of all Grand Island events. Check it out.

For a heartwarming story on Jean Marie Dragonette who graduated with the GIHS Class of 2005 last week, click "Jean Marie Dragonette".

LCPL Mike Mehltretter has a new U. S. mail address:
LCPL Michael Mehltretter
3/25 I CO.
Unit 72125
FPO AE 09509-2125
Mike is serving with the U. S. Marine Corps in Iraq. Please drop him a note telling him how much we all appreciate what he and his fellow Marines are doing in Iraq.

See you at the parade! Don Burns will announce the parade participants from the reviewing stand in front of Fire Headquarters along with Christy Gibney. The Independence Day schedule follows:
• 9 a.m. - Dick Bessel Kids Race
• 9:15 a.m. - Dick Bessel Road Race
• 9:35 a.m. - Independence Day Parade
And for newcomers to the Island and a reminder to others, there is a major community picnic at the VFW Post, 2121 Grand Island Blvd., immediately following the parade.••••A fireworks display at Martin's Fantasy Island will begin at dusk Monday, July 4. Grand Island residents with identification are admitted free to the park after 5 p.m.•••• Have a safe and happy 4th of July.

"Say a prayer for our guys over there."

Thursday, June 23, 2005
Congratulations to the Grand Island High School graduating class of 2005. Commencement will be held this evening in Kleinhan's Music Hall.••••And speaking of GIHS classes - there are several class reunions planned for next weekend and the planners really need to know who is coming. Take the time to make your reservation. Click
GIHS Class Reunions for more information.

Roberta Lorence - Be sure to click for a full view
Looks like someone was in Roberta Lorence' corner Monday. Seventy candles graced her yard on Carter Creek in honor of her milestone birthday. And Roberta was happy about the whole thing!

Sue Colcord Mallon's sons are in town to comfort her. Please pray for Sue who is extremely ill at this time.•••• So glad to report that Mary Carminati's recent spinal surgery went very well. Mary is home and being well cared for by her loving children, Bernie, David and Pat. ••••Former resident Toni Colley was involved in a bad car accident and is now home from the hospital. She is still in a wheelchair, looking forward to graduating to a walker within a few weeks, and will be returning to the hospital for surgery to her jaw. "Keep in touch, Toni!"••••A speedy recovery to Mary Dunbar-Daluisio, who has done such a fantastic job of running the Island's Relay For Life to benefit the American Cancer Society. Mary was diagnosed with cancer and hospitalized before the June event and once again immediately after our "Relay," but is home now and doing well.

Topping the birthday list this week is good friend Judy 'Karb' Schneider who celebrates her 60th birthday on Monday. The picture, of course, is not near as old as Judy!!••••Happy birthday to Laurie Williams and Mary Dunbar-Daluisio (today), Keelan Erhard (10 today), Andrew Yarne (10 tomorrow), Nan Nesbitt, Meaghan Grotz and Nancy Valone (tomorrow), Don Brobeil (a milestone tomorrow), Cole Glessner (9 on Saturday), Margie Robillard (Saturday), Hazel Mallwitz (85 on Sunday), Joan Piasecki (cheers on Sunday), Doug Smith (his 70th on Monday), Barbara Mitten Heinrichs (the big 6-0 on Monday), June Wakeley (75th on Tuesday), Wesley Burkman (Tuesday), Tina Rose (a milestone on Wednesday), Max Costello (6 on Wednesday), and Dorothy Solberg (best wishes on Wednesday).

Summer's here! The Village Hot Dog Stand in Ferry Village opens today at 11:30 a.m. and will be open until 6:30 p.m. Stop down and say hello to Sharon Nichols and Barb Zafuto and tell them Teddy sent you!

Wedding anniversaries of note are those of Bob and Mary Kopf (34 years on Saturday), Dick and Gale Sander (40 years on Sunday), Brad and Jodi Robinson (two years on Tuesday), Tommy and Marjorie Tetreault (48 years on Wednesday), and Evelyn and Joe "Luke" Lukasiewicz Sr. (28 years on Wednesday).

Best wishes to Grand Island High School graduate Christopher A. Penrose and his bride, the former Gretchen Lee Dietz, married Saturday in the Chapel at CrossPoint, Amherst.

Looking Back 60 years - A drum corps was being organized by the Grand Island Volunteer Fire Company through the efforts of Walter Markle. A dance, featuring Danny Linenfelser and his orchestra was held June 30, 1945 to benefit the drum corps.

Looking Back 50 years - If you were a member of the congregation of the Emmanuel Church in Ferry Village, you may have attended a Strawberry*& Ice Cream Festival there on June 30, 1955. The little chapel, torn down years ago, was located on Ferry Road near the intersection of East River Road.•••• The Sidway Jr. High School 9th grade graduation was held Thursday evening, June 23, 1955 in the Kaegebein School Auditorium. ••••Sidway graduate Marilyn Ekiss graduated with honors from Tonawanda High and was salutatorian of her class with an average of 95.84. Islander Keith Vanthoff was president of the Tonawanda High senior class.••••About 50 Island citizens gathered in Kaegebein School to discuss with the Island School Board the problems of school facilities in the Sandy Beach area. Foremost in the eye of the taxpayer was the type of construction desired in the new school building. Those who spoke at the meeting predominantly belittle the efforts of School Officials who have been exploring the possibilities of lower cost construction. ••••Well-known Island piano teacher Clara Mueller Pankow presented her piano students in a recital at the Kaegebein School Monday, June 17, 1955. Those performing included Annette Boehm, Helen Hall, Dianne Harding (Swick), Johanna Johnson, Gail Kirby, Sharon Lafferty (Thompson), Phyllis Lafferty (Tanner), Marianne Lehane (Ward), JoAnn Radius (Vanderheite), James Sawdey, Richard Sawdey, Michael Sceusa, Elizabeth Smith (Borgese) and Roger Webster.

Looking Back 40 years - Pandemonium broke out when the Grand Island High School Vikings won the Class B sectional baseball championship in their first varsity season under the coaching of Gene Masters. Mike Podlucky, Dan Carroll, Scott Allan, Billy Costello and Mark Simpson were among the stars in the 6-5 win over Bemus Point played in Gowanda on June 14, 1965.••••Kathy Babowicz and Ivy Dillemuth of Girl Scout Troop 733 completed their Rambler badge by leading the girls in an original nature game. Mothers assisting Troop #733 were Emerine Sharon, Laura Conboy and Dottie Carter.

Looking Back 30 years - Special buses leaving the Grand Island Plaza, Kaegebein School and Huth Road School at 11:15 a.m. provided transportation to Grand Island's Crystal Beach Day on June 24, 1975. A penny scramble, shoe scramble, pie eating contest, water balloon toss, and egg throwing contest, among other fun things, added to the day's entertainment.••••Winner of the first annual Frog Jumping Jubilee sponsored by the Town Recreation Department was David Klock, 8, whose frog, Fred, established a frog leaping record on Grand Island of 6 feet, 9 inches at the event on Saturday, June 12, 1975. Seven frogs were entered. Second place winner was Mike Marino, 6 and his frog, Kermit (5 ft.). Six-year-old Missy Welch, the only girl participant, entered Critter who took third with a jump of 2 ½ feet.••••Voters approved a school budget of $8,977,461 and elected Morton M. Siegel to the board in a five-way race.••••Do any of my readers have a photo of Jr. Girl Scouts dressed for dinner in front of the Greenfield Village and Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Michigan in June 1975? The group included Kim Cridge, Suzy Kennell, Cathy Anderson, Kathy Drum, Debbie Miller, Colleen Fox, Linda Roberts and Beverly Burak, Ann Pascoe, Margie Stevens, Vinette Pascoe, Patty Anderson, Louise Roberts, Joanne Gorenflo, Janine Brighton, Judy Casey, Susan Bianco, Patty Brighton, Susan Domagala, Laura Deiner, Susan Wittholz, Kathie Kendzierski and Kerri Lynn Davey. Adults accompanying the group were Mr. and Mrs. Keith Kresge, Liz Pascoe, Mary Domagala, Bunny Roberts and Audrey Wittholz.

Looking back 10 years - The Grand Island Recreation Department renamed the annual July 4th road race for Dick Bessel, Grand Island High School teacher and coach who founded the race 19 summers before.••••A June 26, 1995 electrical storm disrupted power, downed power lines, caused partial roof collapse at the high school and flooded basements. Live wires fell on two occupied Bedell Road dwellings however no injuries were reported.••••On hand for a ribbon cutting to open the new addition to the Charlotte Sidway Elementary School were Taylor Cool, Lauren Chopra, Steven and Joshua Doermer and Carolyn Boron representing the incoming kindergarten class.

Henrietta Hunt - Be sure to click for a full view
Not sure of the exact day but know Henrietta Hunt has recently turned 97 years young. The photo was submitted by a friend and was probably taken in the early '80s. A very longtime resident, Henrietta is holding her handmade clown doll, just one of many crafts she has enjoyed over the years.

The Connor Middle School 8th grade class really shined last night (June 22) during the 35th annual middle school class night in the high school auditorium. Congratulations to all of the 8th grader, including our granddaughter, Amy Bidell, who received several honors.

Our sympathy to the family of Walter J. Cowan and Hazel (Kaegebein) DeGlopper who recently passed away. Click Deaths for complete information. A memorial service for Hazel DeGlopper will be held tomorrow, June 24 at 1 p.m. in Trinity UM Church.

Sue McMahon, who was recently helping out at McMahon's Family Restaurant,, met her husband, Dan's favorite Irish vocalist, "Seamus Kennedy," who gave Sue an autographed copy of his "On The Rocks" CD. Stop by this favorite Island eating place. Who knows who you'll meet!

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Be sure to attend the school district budget vote on Tuesday, June 28th. Polls open 8 a.m. in the Grand Island High School gymnasium and remain open until 9 p.m.

This is the weekend of the huge Grand Crafts On the Island craft show and sale taking place at the Town Commons Saturday and Sunday. The event features crafts, food, music and fun.••••A chicken barbeque fund raiser to benefit the Zachary R. Zarbo Memorial Scholarship Fund will be held from 4-8 p.m. Friday at the Knights of Columbus, 1841 Whitehaven Road.••••A Mighty Niagara Yard Sale takes place at the Niagara Sailing Club, 3619 East River Road, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday. Click our Calendar of Events for a complete list of Island activities including the GIHS reunions scheduled for next weekend.

"Say a prayer for our guys over there."

Thursday, June 16, 2005
Lieutenant Colonel Terry Crowe, father of Jeremiah and Clara, was buried this morning. The Island resident was killed in action Tuesday, June 7th by small arms and rocket-propelled grenade fire while conducting offensive operations in Tal Afar, Iraq. Our deepest sympathy to his family and thank you to Terry, and also to all those "over there" who continue to fight for our freedom.

Roberta Lorence - Be sure to click for a full view
A big happy birthday to Roberta Lorence who is turning 70 on Monday, June 20th. The birthday girl was a proud member of the Kensington High School Drill Team when this photo was snapped. Roberta and her husband, Harry, are 40-year Island residents now living on Carter Creek Dr.

Happy days, Peter! Pete Coppola was surprised with a recent retirement party given by his family. He has worked for the Erie County Health Department for the past 32 years.••••Be sure to see Joe and Heather Hill's new baby, Jason Peter, born June 3, 2005 and featured on our Islanders In The News page.

Kevin McGuirk, Grand Island High School Class of 1982, will be in town for a few days and wants to know "who's still around." Friends may email Kevin at mcguirks113@elltel.net

Several really nice couples are celebrating wedding anniversaries this week. Don and Karen Scalise, and Bill and Cathie Shaw are married five years today, Pam and John Whitney mark their 23rd anniversary on Saturday, Gail and George Allen will be married 35 years on Sunday, and Sue and Randy Hillock will celebrate their 25th on Tuesday.

Happy birthday to Evan Busch (16 years old today), Shane Yensan and David Dzielski (milestones today), Colleen Kowzan (cheers tomorrow), baby Morgan Elizabeth Santorio (her first birthday tomorrow), Gary Conschafter (tomorrow), Jacob Olszewski (his 18th on Saturday), Kester Bleich (Saturday), Judy Loder (special greetings on Sunday), Carleen Gerber, Reg Schopp and Omar Sortino (Sunday), Nancy Dahlquist (8 on Sunday), Justin Hoover (21 years old on Sunday), our son Jim Linenfelser (36 on Monday), Savannah Kustra (her 13th birthday on Monday), Paula Callahan, Bob Beach and Carl Pinzel (Monday), John Frentzel (12 on Monday), Jamie Tranter (Tuesday), Matthew Carlson (5 on Wednesday), and Dan Goris (Wednesday).

A speedy recovery to young Andrew Sander who has just had extensive surgery at Buffalo General Hospital. "He's such a trouper and incredibly brave," his grandmother, Diane Hassan said this week.•••• I had the pleasure of meeting Jim Roberts' mom, Nancy Roberts over the weekend. Jim is working very hard at his recovery process. Please keep him in your prayers.••••Cards of cheer are in order for longtime resident Betty Hollinger who is ill.

Looking Back 60 years - The Sidway School 8th grade graduates held their banquet on Wednesday evening, June 20, 1945 at Tuyn’s Restaurant in Buffalo with a movie to complete the evening. The class of 21 students attended graduation exercises in the Sidway School auditorium/gymnasium Friday, June 22, 1945.••••Willard Ehde, former game protector for Grand Island, announced the establishment of his Grand Island Marine and the fact that he was sales agent for Dunphy, Penn-Yan and Century Boats. Power lawn mowers and garden tractors were also for sale.••••Kenny Webb was proprietor Cy Gay’s right hand man at the Bedell House 60 years ago. "Kenny's the best worker I’ve got regardless of size," Cy said back in June 1945.•••• A band called the Three Treys stopped at the Bedell House on a Saturday in June 1945 to do a little fishing but when the gang spotted them, they demanded music and the boys really put on a show. With Giff at the guitar, Marsh at the clarinet and Jimmy at the piano the crowd got the thrill of a lifetime. At that time the boys were on WGR every night at 6:30 p.m. •••• The town board tabled a communication read at the May 21, 1945 town board meeting from Franklin Klocke, recommending that the siren stationed between the town hall and fire hall be transferred to the Grand Island Volunteer Fire Company.

Looking Back 40 years - Hazel Link was among the 20 “Beautification Ambassadors” greeted by Ladybird Johnson in the Rose Garden of the White House. The campaign was inspired by publication of an article, “Let’s Beautify America!” by the first lady that appeared in the May 1965 Reader’s Digest.••••John Grimm, 11, of 1030 Stony Point Road, pictured in the weekly paper, was one of 230 boys and girls participating in the Jaycee bike rodeo at Kaegebein and Huth Road schools. Winners in the various boys’ divisions were Robert Davis, Russell Beyer and Michael Mesmer. Winners in the Girls Divisions were Joanne Vendetti, Jennifer Hoxie and Kathy Wilson. Jaycee Richard J. Smith was chairman of the rodeo.••••The former Reuter's Marina property, taken over by the state as part of the acreage acquired for the Beaver Island golf course, was reopened as the East River Marina in June 1965. Boat launch facilities by day were available at the Marina just south of Ferry Village.

Looking Back 30 years - Paul Cardarella and Edward O’Dea were co-chairmen of the Knights of Columbus chowder and baked goods sale on June 21, 1975 in the K of C Hall on Whitehaven Road. Paul and Ed used the Island's "famous" Bill Kaegebein recipe.••••The Grand Island High School Vikings Baseball Team won the 1975 Section VI Class BB Baseball Championship. Randy Shoemaker was GI’s top hitter and Glyn Lipp was pitcher.

Looking Back 10 years - Stephen J. Bradley was named St. Stephen's Holy Name Man of the Year for dedicated service to God, home and community.••••Jack & Jill preschoolers who took part in a graduation ceremony in June 1995 included D.J. DeMarco, Taylor Cool, Bailey DeGlopper, Alexandra Weiser, Lauren Braun, Nicole Nash, Jaffer Syed and Sam Clark. Teacher/director was Nina Tortorice.

Army Reserve Pvt. Matthew Pangborn, son of Therese Pangborn of Grand Island and James Swann of Buffalo, has graduated from nine weeks of basic combat training at Fort Jackson, Columbia, S.C. Pvt. Pangborn is a GIHS graduate, Class of 2002.••••Air National Guard Airman 1st Class Michelle R. Fox, daughter of Daniel and Maria Fox of Grand Island, recently graduated from basic military training at Lackland Air Force Base, San Antonio, Texas. She is a member of the Grand Island High School Class of 2004.

Our sympathy to the families of Hazel (Kaegebein) DeGlopper, Earl "Sam" Long Jr., Ann E. Emerson, Jeffery Reszetucha and former residents Frank Wohlfehrt and Sherry A. (Fritz) Duchman who recently passed away. Click Deaths for complete information.

If you recognize any of these names, you may want to go back and take a second look at the 1977 North/South Lane photo in our Old Photo Album!
- Susan Osinski, Matt Osinski, Kerry Fisher, Kevin Fisher, Margaret Oliverio, David Brand, Christopher Hejmanowski, Mark Dzielski, Josh Boyko and David Squires. Thanks to former South Lane resident Christine "Miller" Besancon for identifying the photo this week.

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Congratulations to everyone who took part in last Friday night's Relay For Life when an unofficial $85,000 was raised. Grand Islanders can always be counted on. Be sure to read and consider the letter from Patti (Klein) Merritt, sister of Connor Middle School Art Teacher Nora Klein in our Letters To Editor column. Somewhere, out there . . .

Looking for things to do this weekend? Dance students of Miss Cathy's Dance Academy will be performing in her annual recital on the high school stage at 7 p.m. tomorrow and Saturday night. "Congratulations, Cathy Thomas, on your 35th anniversary show."••••The VFW Post 9249's Ladies Auxiliary will host a Flea Market from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday.••••A Chiavetta's Chicken Barbecue will be held from 4-7 p.m. Saturday, June 18th at Trinity United Methodist Church.••••The annual Boulevard Sweep to clean up Grand Island Blvd. in time for the town's Independence Day parade will be held at 9 a.m. Saturday, June 18. Everyone is invited to help and enjoy pizza and soft drinks afterwards.

Our grandson, Evan, playing with daddy, Jim Linenfelser
Happy Father's Day. Sunday's the day. Enjoy it, dads!

"Say a prayer for our guys over there."

Thursday, June 9, 2005

Terry's going away party October 22, 2004 - Click for larger view
It was a sad day yesterday as news of the tragic death of Lieutenant Colonel Terry Crowe reached the Island. Terry gave his life for our country while fighting in Iraq. (Story)

Lee Dahlberg has recently been recognized by the 914th Airlift Wing for what she has done for our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. As part of a VFW Post #9249 project, Lee has sent 52 packages over to Islanders and relatives of Islanders, all members of the 914th. She has received support in this effort from the DAV and the American Post on Grand Island. Lee is a longtime member of the Ladies Auxiliary of the Charles N. DeGlopper Memorial VFW Post 9249.

Congratulations to longtime and good friend, JoAnn Vanderheite. Click our Islanders In The News Page for the story on JoAnn.

Happy birthday to Gary Glessner (a big one today), Tony Dragonette, Dorothy Bascomb, Nathan Cook and Jeanette Courey (today), Ora Glor Newton (93 tomorrow), Paul Malecki (best wishes on Saturday), Randy Whitbeck (the big 5-0 on Sunday - enjoy your day Randy!), Matthew Lange and Linda Pinzel (Sunday), Dorothy Ahern, Danielle Hassan and Kim Nestark (Monday), Justin Brzyski (10 on Monday), Kayla Lee Staub (five on Monday), twins Caroline Grace and Gabrielle Marie McGavisk (first birthdays on Monday), David Conboy (11 on Tuesday), David Fleischmann (a big one on Tuesday), and Betty Ashley and Stephanie Beyer (Wednesday).

Celebrating their 55th anniversary tomorrow and wished the best are Ralph and Jean Hoover. The Hoovers were married on June 10, 1950.

Nathan Lange and his bride, the former Angela Cammardo, were married Saturday, June 4th in Trinity UM Church, followed by a reception on the East River. The wedding ceremony was performed by the groom's grandfather, Rev. Jim Lange. ••••Michelle Lynn Mays, daughter of Mark and Lori Mays, was married Saturday to Matthew Taylor Sanborn. The newlyweds will live in Woodbridge, Virginia.••••Married Saturday and living on the Island are Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Rizzo. The bride is the former Amy Elizabeth Hermann.

Looking Back 70 years - In May 1935, Colonel Charles H. Morrow, Commandant at Fort Niagara, who was in charge of Civilian Conservation Corps camps in Western New York, announced that work would start within a short time on the construction of the building for the C.C.C. camp on Grand Island. The first occupants in the camp in Buckhorn Park were young men and later it was occupied by veterans of the war, numbering 142.

Bernie Glor (Pagliaro)
Looking Back 60 years - Young dancers from the Island taking part in the June 7, 1945 “Stars of Tomorrow” dance recital of Miss Helen Finnerty were Joan Livingston (Fred), Libby Smith (Borgese), Sally Smith (Detally), Nan Gravener (Utter), Patty Howard (Bachert), Clark Howland, Joanne Perry (Ward), Benny Clark, Chris Blaydon, Joanne Rank (Urtel), Ann Weingartner, Beverly Fleming (Barril), Ethel Kress (Rusch), Janet Webb, Lynne Winter (Duggan), Joan Hanna (Johnston) and Mary Ann Kruse (Arsenault). Also Bernice Glor (Pagliaro), Bryant Moxham, Jean Markle, Janet Lee Sunderland (Bangs), Judy Daggett, Marianne Lehane (Ward), Cathy Lanning, Barbara Soch (Russell), Bobby Robinson, Donny Bartlett, Lynn Cullen (Euse), Marilyn Dinsmore (Serfass), Pat Gravener (McAllester) and Judy Nailor (Meer).••••Ernie and Edith Godfrey, formerly of Tonawanda, moved to the Island with their twin girls, Carole (Wiesinger) and Connie (Millkan) and opened a complete self-service market in the former John Schutt location (now the Town Commons) in June of 1945. The building, built in 1907, had a ‘buggy room’ on the second floor with a big elevator and hoist to carry the carriages to this display room. The Godfreys found lots of farm stock in the store which the Schutts carried, such as big brass rings for bulls’ noses and a variety of oil lamp chimneys. ••••Norma Weber and Charlotte Sayles (Guenther-Roesch) attended a USO dance at the Island's M. P. camp and "are still talking about the fun they had." It seems that the M.P.’s were genial hosts and went all out to show the gals a good time. "The kids report that the boys don’t think much of GI – in fact they wonder if it’s inhabited!••••It was reported at the May 14, 1945 town board meeting that the Superintendent of Highways was authorized and directed to secure 500 feet of 12-inch tile, sufficient to tile the east and west sides of Baseline Road at the town hall for additional parking space, if permission is granted by the Erie Co. Highway Department.••••Members of Boy Scout Troop 75 were meeting Tuesday nights in St. Stephen’s Church Hall in 1945 and among their favorite games were Poison Blocks and Billy Buck Buck. Remember?

Looking Back 50 years - Parishioners of the new St. Martin-in-the-Fields Church attended a cornerstone laying ceremony on Sunday morning, June 12, 1955.••••A new Goodyear Store opened next to the Esso Station on Express Highway (Grand Island Blvd.) 50 years ago.

Looking Back 40 years - Parishioners of Trinity E. U. B. Church entered their new church for first services Sunday morning June 6, 1965. Worship, which began in the older building, was continued in the new one following a procession from one church to the other. •••• Marine Pfc. Wayne I. Kinney, 18, hitch-hiked home on Friday from Camp LeJeune, NC with a Purple Heart ribbon in his pocket and two healing bullet holes in his back. He was awarded the Purple Heart on June 2, 1965 for wounds suffered while fighting in Santo Domingo.

Looking Back 30 years - The GIHS Class of ’74 held its first annual “summer reunion” Sunday June 15, 1975 in Beaver Island State Park. Picnic organizers were led by Barb LiVecchi (Lyke).••••Randy Shoemaker hit two triples and a single, knocked in three runs and scored twice himself in leading the Grand Island Baseball Vikings to a come-from-behind 5-3 victory over the Cleveland Hill Eagles Monday, June 2, 1975 in Section VI playoff action. Other Vikings helping the team to win were Mike Masters and Glyn Lipp.••••Lauren Kroening was awarded Highest Honors at the 24th annual NYS Science Congress for her entry titled, “Natural - The Only Way to Dye.” ••••Early entries in the Island’s first Frog Jumping Jubilee held Saturday, June 12, 1975 were Kermit owned by Michael Marino, 6, of Laurie Lane; Critter owned by Missy Welch of East Park; Kenny owned by Richard Brace of Crescent Road and River Jokes by Michael Buell of Whitehaven Road. This was a Town Recreation Department event.

Looking Back 20 years - Jim Sharpe was launching a Republican primary campaign for the race for the Island's Town Supervisor's seat, held for the past six years by Bunny Luther who was seeking re-election.

Our sympathy to the families of James W. Blum, Charles W. Marlin, Terry Crowe and former residents Dixie Lee (Cobado) Gull who recently passed away. Our sympathy to Maria DelSignore whose brother, Anthony F. Marchioni Sr., died Thursday, June 2nd and to the family of Edward F. Bugno, a member of the Grand Island Rod & Gun Club and the Niagara River Fishing Club who passed away June 4th. Click Deaths for complete information.

Grand Island High School senior and lacrosse player Adam Ungaro, a member of the Western New York League Stars had three goals and was named MVP for the WNY Team during the Senior Exceptional boys lacrosse game at Sweet Home. WNY lost to the ECIC Stars 6-5.

Bella, a golden retriever puppy, is the newest pet of Dana Foote and her family who are now residing in Sarasota, Florida. The former Dana Hayes is a member of the GIHS Class of 1983.

Cindy Bull
A belated happy birthday to Cindy Bull, GIHS Class of '78. Long time friend Beth Hamilton~Boening and Cindy traveled to Destin, FL to celebrate Cindy's 45th birthday. Beth, who sent the photo, says, "If this picture is any indication of what 45 is like, I can't wait!!"

Best wishes to twenty-year Island residents Martin and Carol Pizur of White Tail Run who just celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary on June 7th. They are the parents of Bob, Leanne and Marty (Erin) and the grandparents of Hayley J. Pizur.

We welcome Isledegrande.com's newest advertiser, Sterling Renaissance Festival. This week's business spotlight is on Wavelengths, Village Inn, and Sheldon Studio It pays to advertise at Isledegrande.com - the voice of Grand Island and the Island's #1 news source, now updated daily.

The Island's really big "Relay For Life" event behind the high school begins at 6 p.m. tomorrow night. Be sure to read the "Relay Entertainment" article and make an effort to spend some time there to benefit the American Cancer Society.••••The 4th grade girls from Huth Road Elementary School are operating their "Alex's Lemonade Stand for Childhood Cancer" on Saturday from noon to 4 p.m. in front of Maria's Hallmark in the Grand Island plaza.••••The Islettes Elite will host a spaghetti dinner from 4-7 p.m. Saturday at Trinity UM Church.••••A Chicken BBQ dinner is open to the public from 3-7 on Saturday at the Post and sponsored by the VFW Men's and Ladies Auxiliaries.••••McMahon's Family Restaurant Customer Appreciation Day is Saturday from noon to 4 p.m.••••For details on the weekend events, click Calendar of Events.

"Say a prayer for our guys over there."

Thursday, June 2, 2005
Visitors to Isledegrande.com broke a record in hits to our site for the month of May with a total of 12,931 hits. The same thing happened in May 2004. At that time the record was 11,556 hits.

So happy to announce the arrival of Sean Maxwell Mesmer on Friday, May 20th. He is the son of Russell and Erin Mesmer and weighed in at eight pounds, six ounces. Be sure to click
"Baby Sean Maxwell" for his picture in today's E-News.••••George and Penny Panepinto have been blessed with a set of twin grand babies. Details to follow!

Jill Murray and Greg Kuppinger were married Saturday, May 7th. Jill, a GIHS graduate, Class of 1989, is the daughter of Isle residents Robert and Joan Murray.••••Jamie Lynn Fiegel, daughter of Barbara and Douglas J. Fiegel of Grand Island, became the bride of Patrick Louis Maddalena on Saturday, May 28th in St. Stephen's Church.••••Best wishes newlyweds.

Grand Island High School track star Kara Black will be making her third trip to the state championships in Syracuse this weekend after winning the 100 meter (12.39) and 200 (25.39) in the Section VI Track & Field championships. Kara remained unbeaten in those races this season.

A belated happy birthday to Mia (Fontana) Sample who celebrated a milestone yesterday and happy birthday to Mark and Jay Raepple (today), Christopher Bidell (his 16th tomorrow), Richard Pachter (his 75th tomorrow), Brendan Sheehan (7 on Saturday), Karen Vanthoff, Rebecca Cunningham and Alexandra DeMita (Saturday), Eric Ackerman (cheers on Saturday), Victoria Aronica (6 on Monday) and Ryan Osvath (a teenager on Wednesday).

Looking Back 60 years - The school board's decision to send Island high school students to Riverside High School in the fall of 1945 brought about much dissention from those who didn’t attend the meeting to voice their opinion in favor of Tonawanda High School. At a special meeting June 5, 1945 Tonawanda High School was designated as the high school where Island students would be transported by the school bus.•••• Rev. J. Franklin Beck was the newly appointed pastor of Trinity Church, taking over for Rev. Martin E. Rickert.•••• It was reported at the May 7, 1945 town board meeting that School #5 was sold and was to be removed. A communication was read from Mrs. Martha Sidway Adams giving the Town of Grand Island full permission to fill in the hole left by the removal of the school house at the corner of the Baseline and Bush roads.

Looking Back 50 years - The Tonawanda District of the Boy Scouts of America held a three-day Davy Crockett Camporee on Grand Island from June 3-5, 1955. The property for the camp was donated by the Mesmer Estate and the water tank truck by Mesmer’s Dairy. Milk was also furnished by the Dairy. The Grand Island Explorers, under Explorer Advisor Tom Hogan, had charge of the recreation for the 200-250 boys expected to attend. •••• Tonawanda High School students took part in poster contest to encourage Tonawandans to vote on the issue of the new schools in that town. First prize winner was Islander Ronald Livingston who won $5. Doris Harding of Grand Island received honorable mention. Other Islanders who entered were Gerald Sommers, Lynne Cullen, Mary Malecki, Faye Ehde, Keith Vanthoff and Bud Link. ••••Miss Lucy French, the Island's school nurse, announced at the end of the polio vaccine inoculations at Grand Island schools in June 1955 that 329 first and second grade youngsters had received their first injection. •••• The Sidway School field day Tuesday June 7, 1955 was won by the 7th grade with 210 points including 65 points for selling the greatest number of booster tags. Among the long list of winners were Charles Pinkow (Boys Sack Race), Barbara Beck (Muratore) and Carol Killian (Munsie) (girls 3-legged race), Bobby Stamler (boys 100 yard dash), Carol Goodsole (girls 50 yard dash) and Trudy Reimann (O'Connor) (girls basketball shoot).

Looking Back 40 years - The Sr. High School’s student body elected the following Student Council officers: President Jerry Goodwin, Vice President Janice Michaels (Marsi), Recording Secretary Bonnie Householder (King), Corresponding Secretary Mary Cudmore (Vari), and Treasurer George Phelps. ••••William Allaire, Sr. of Oak Harbor Road was the designer of Grand Island’s first historical marker, a memorial to the mythical city of Ararat unveiled in May 1965.••••Joseph Czora, president of the Lions Club, hosted the annual inter-club dinner on June 9, 1965 in the Buffalo Launch Club. Other clubs participating were the Zonta, Kiwanis and Rotary clubs.••••Twenty-two members of Teddy’s Islettes marched in the Kenmore Memorial Day Parade in May of 1965.••••The Colleens, Toni Colley and Kathleen Crowell, won first prize for female vocal groups in the 7th annual Teen-Age Parade of Bands at Niagara Falls High School and brought home a trophy. The girls sang a Civil War lullaby for the competition. ••••On Sunday morning June 6, 1965 parishioners of Trinity E. U. B. Church entered their brand new church for first services. Worship began in the older building was continued in the new one following a procession from one church to the other.

Looking Back 30 years - The musical comedy, “Welcome to New York,” presented by pupils of St. Stephen’s School and Cathy’s School of Dance took place May 30 and June 7, 1975. Cathy Parisi (Thomas), director and choreographer, presented Jayme Nesbit, home on leave from performing with the Grande Ballets Canadians. Among the dancers were Tina Krzes, Cheryl Baer, Debbie Fike, Debbie Taylor, Judy Mondry, Liz Leitner and Dawn Marcolini.•••• Cub Pack 510’s Kite Flying Contest at Trinity Church May 30, 1975 included the following winners: Dean Wittholz, Bill Beiling, Scott McCarthy (largest), Robert Buzby and Scott Carlson (smallest), John Bidell and Mike Clark (patriotic theme), and Dean Wittholz (fastest up).••••Pat and Melvin Rupp Jr. of East River Road opened their home to 11-year-old Don Burns, who traveled to the Island from a hostile district of Belfast, Ireland. Don joined the Rupp children, Chip, 16; Cheri, 13; and Michael, 12, for the summer of 1975.

Vivian P. Runions, a member of Trinity United Methodist Church, died Thursday, May 26, 2005 at the age of 93.

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Keep up with Grand Island happenings with our all Island Calendar of Events. This year's "Relay For Life" teams have many events planned including a Spaghetti Dinner and two garage sales this weekend.

Is your loved one on this list of Islanders serving their country at home or overseas? Click "In The Service" for more information.

"Say a prayer for our guys over there."

Thursday, May 26, 2005
Our invaluable computer technician here at Isledegrande.com, Josh Lange, and his bride, Sarah Thies, were married on May 15th. Best wishes newlyweds. Be sure to click
Thies - Lange Wedding for photos.

That's what sisters are for! Surely that's what Linda Berlinger is saying today - her 40th birthday! Be sure to click the photo for the whole shot. Linda's sister is returning the favor as Linda "got" her last year. Happy birthday Linda!

Flo Gannon is asking everyone to keep her daughter, Karen Geng, in their prayers. A former Island resident, Karen, 42, has been very ill and is now in Buffalo General Hospital recovering from a five-hour surgery.

The Hayes sisters, Dana Foote, Jodi Robinson and Karen Smith and former Islander Joanne 'Paczynski' Sparcino, along with cousins, recently met in South Beach, Florida for Dana's 40th birthday celebration. It was a girls' weekend with plenty of sun, fun and fabulous food, according to co-worker, Jodi, who returned to work with a tan to envy.

Best wishes to Matthew Dennis Horan and his bride, the former Nicole Marie English, married Friday, May 20th and living on the Island.••••A very happy 30th wedding anniversary to Sandy and Fred Arch, married on May 30, 1975.••••Nicole Beslian, GIHS Class of 1995, was married to Antony Daly on Friday, May 20th at St. Stephen's Church. The couple will be at home on Grand Island.

According to Coach/Director Heidi Sue Mumm, sixteen members of the Islettes’ Elite have qualified to represent Grand Island as All Stars at the National Baton Twirling Championships in South Bend, Indiana this summer. To help with expenses the Islettes are holding a hot dog sale beginning tomorrow and running right through Monday. For details, click "Islettes Elite Page."

Looking Back 60 years - High winds in May 1945 leveled the barns of Fred Steffan Jr. on Whitehaven and one on the southwest corner of Stony Point and Staley.••••Cy Gay's Bedell House was being advertised as the "Gayest Spot On The Island."

Looking Back 50 years - Barbara Beck (Muratore) and Bonnie Taylor (Ford) of Girl Scout Troop 209 were working on their radio and television badges when they presented a quiz program on Girl Scout history to the troop in May of 1955.••••Bob Wright opened the Clown House for the first time next to the ESSO station on Grand Island Blvd. offering everything from thick shakes and sundaes to beef burgers and grilled cheese. ••••Rodney Alt of Whitehaven Road was the winner of the Teen-age Bike Road-E-O sponsored by the Grand Island Junior Chamber of Commerce, and received an all expense trip to Oswego to compete in the State finals. Other winners were Richard Smith of Wallace Drive (2nd) and Jack Hawley also of Wallace Drive (3rd). Judges were Peace Justices Harold Long and Donald Hawley and Constables James Welfare and Arthur Stuck.•••• The Charlotte Sidway School 9th grade graduating class and their guests attended their banquet on Thursday, May 26, 1955 at the Sidway School. About 150 students and faculty were present to enjoy the dinner at 7 p.m. and the dance from 8:30-11:30 p.m. “Moonlight and Roses” was the theme and music for dancing was furnished by the Joyoy Trio.••••The Home Bureau's Achievement Night in May 1955 featured projects such as fabric bags, basketry, copper/brass trays, sewing screens and a flower display. Entertainment by Martha Clark Neilans included pianist Ellen Mayo, soloist Martha Davison and Barbara Ellen Fox, 12-year-old Island dancer.

Looking Back 40 years - In a girls badminton invitational in May 1965, Grand Island beat Cardinal O’Hara. Leading GI by winning six out of six games were Sheila Kelley and Joanne Hugill. Winning two out of three games were Linda Guenther, Kathy Conn, Meg Allen (Pietras) and Terry Lang.••••The GI track team took first place in 10 out of 14 events and defeated the West Seneca High School B squad by a score of 65-56 May 6, 1965. First place winners for Grand Island were Paul Luippold – 100 yard dash; Mike Wiedemer – 440 yard run; Dave Schaeffer – 180 high hurdles and 120 low hurdles; Dan Gregory – half mile; Jack White – High jump; Colin Smith – Broad jump and triple jump; and Paul Kaegebein – shot put.••••Grand Island Jr./Sr. High School's “first” Junior Prom was held May 28, 1965 in the new high school. Jackie Pritchard (Mordaunt) wore a white chiffon skirt with decorative tiers of embroidery and a sleeveless yellow bodice, Linda Johnson wore a pink chiffon A-line dress with spaghetti straps, Chris Glover was attired in a bouffant chiffon skirt, topped by blue taffeta with a white lace overlay and Corinne Dusenbury wore a yellow dotted Swiss in the Empire style and accessorize with yellow shoes and white gloves.••••Girls' married names will be added here if submitted.

Looking Back 30 years - Kevin Brady, a Fredonia State student, was back at the Golden Nugget Saloon at Fantasy Island in the spring of 1975. Kevin was doing a song and dance act and Michelle McGraw, a Buffalo State student, was the glamorous 19th century dance hall singer. Sal Andolina was also employed at the park as a sax player.••••Barbara Pearson, Terry Samland, Audene Bowman (Affuso), Heidi Zarbo, Christa Samland and Sue DeLong were among the 30 Camp Fire Girls who took a 16-mile bike hike from Clarence Center to Akron Park in May 1975. The Island girls were accompanied by their leaders Ellie Zarbo and Christa Samland. ••••Young men from Grand Island hired under the Federally funded CETA program and working directly under Town Hall Custodian Cy Diebold were Terry Wendel, Bob Sepanski, Paul Linenfelser, Bill Mancuso and Gil Clarke.•••• State Park parking fees including those at Beaver Island were raised to $1 per vehicle over the 1975 Memorial Day Weekend.•••• Sixteen-year-old Thomas Collins, Jr. was the bugler for the Memorial Day ceremonies that followed a parade from the Town Hall to the Charles DeGlopper Memorial Park in 1975.

Happy birthday to Monsignor Richard Cahill (75th today), Stacy Edwards (20 today), to David Linenfelser and Cathy Worrall (tomorrow), Molly Mason (4 tomorrow), Pat Shaw, Carlton Schutt and Diane Darmofalski (Saturday), Liam Dodd (his 12th birthday on Sunday), Pam Fries (Sunday), Rachael Fraser (21 on Sunday), Zachary Bowerman (10 on Sunday), Jim Rayhill (16 on Sunday), Arlene Swan (cheers on Monday), Bob Backlund (31st birthday on Tuesday), Christine Sander (30 on Wednesday), Terry Swain, Jason Gonda, Christopher Steckelberg and Greg Barker (Wednesday) and Adam Schopp (16 on Wednesday).

Our sympathy to the families of Alice E. Griem and former resident Marion D. Birtz who recently passed away. As announced in this column last Friday, Dr. Francis "Doc" Carr passed away on the 19th. Click Deaths for complete information.

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"Say a prayer for our guys over there."

Thursday, May 19, 2005
Hilde Nachbaur will celebrate her 100th birthday on May 22nd. Cards may be addressed to MCH Health Care Center, 4830 Kennett Pike, Wilmington, DE 19807. Hilde, a longtime member of Trinity Church, raised her family, including daughter Elly Zarbo, on Grand Island many years ago.••••Happy birthday to Beth Salt, Sandy Caffery and Elvira Lyden celebrating milestones today, to Pattie Frentzel (today), Dr. Dave Johnson (tomorrow), Kate Endres (Sweet 16 tomorrow), Sydney Mae Dworak and Christopher O'Connor (both turning 4 tomorrow), Don Beyer and Trudy O'Connor (Saturday), Denny Yakam Jr. (cheers on Sunday), Mike McDonough (the big 5-0 on Sunday), Gayle Piershalski (wished a great day on Tuesday), Hans Beyer (Wednesday), Cole David Smith (10 on Wednesday), and a belated happy 14th birthday to Nicolette Fadel who celebrated last week.

Best wishes to Kristen and Joe Kuszczak who will celebrate their 7th anniversary on Sunday, and to Colleen and Mark Kowzan and Judi and Dan Rees marking 25th anniversaries on Tuesday.

Ruth and David Slepian have a new granddaughter. For a darling photo of Carly Frances Passaro, born last month, click

So sorry to report that Hank Burak is on the sick list. He would probably enjoy some cards of cheer from his many friends.

Looking Back 50 years - Grand Island Home Bureau Achievement Night was held in the fire hall on Tuesday, May 24, 1955 where films of the 1954 achievement night, the picnic and the Christmas Party were shown. ••••Bob Buzby, Jim Pierson and Bill Linton received their varsity letters at Tonawanda High School. Bob and Jim were members of swim team and Bill was a member of the basketball team.••••The Grand Island school band, orchestra and glee club participated in the New York State Music Association’s Spring Festival at East Aurora and "brought honor and glory back to the Island." Between performances the Sidway School students enjoyed a picnic lunch at Emory Park.••••Grand Island Court 173, Order of the Amaranth, received its charter and had its first officers installed on Saturday night, May 21, 1955. Among them were Ruth K. Elgar, Jean Claus, Mary K. Downs, Rosalie Landel, Irma Dworak, Eva Sitzman, Gertrude Mote.••••The Major-General’s Wards, appearing in the Community Chorus production of “The Pirates of Penzance” in May of 1955 in the Kaegebein School auditorium included Margaret Webster, Mabel French, Dorothy Waltman and Marion Pinkow. Clara Mueller Pankow directed.••••Supervisor George Burgstahler, following the recommendation of John Dohn, chairman of the Recreation Committee, appointed the following to a recreation committee: Ken Kinsey, Sam Teubner, Carlton (Joe) Killian, and Robert Campbell.

Looking Back 40 years - Ten-year-old Valerie Buckley (Swain) walked off with two trophies at the Genesee Valley Baton Competition. A 4th grade student at Kaegebein School, she won first place in the NYS Novice contest and second in the National Open Novice class.••••Joe Rizzo's of Rizzo Barber & Beauty Shop was advertising his three expert beauticians: Nancy Franklin (Duysters), Bernie Carminati (Franklin) and Sharon Whitmeyer 40 years ago.••••Richard J. Couch was elected president of the Grand Island Chamber of Commerce. Also elected were first Vice President Clare Fraser and 2nd Vice President Donald Metzen. Jessie Reese was re-elected treasurer and Dr. Bernard P. Giordano, secretary. ••••The town board unanimously appointed Frank Rodriguez as recreation director.••••The Golden Age Club’s May 1965 Vaudeville Show in the High School auditorium featured a long list of acts, including Island baton twirlers - the Islettes, soloists Glenice Lloyd, Maria Havens and Jack Costanzo, a modern jazz number by Patti Griffin, a tap jazz number by Paul Griffin and Laurie Soda and a monologue bu Eleanor Mulcahy. William Askew emceed the show.

Looking Back 30 years - Carol Pownall, who served the Sidway PTA in many ways, received the Twin Projects PTA life membership for her outstanding service to the welfare of children and youth through home, school, business or community.•••• Winners of the Bike Rodeo and Safety Check were Todd Roughsedge, Jeffrey Cobado, Richard Kobza Jr., Tina Grimes, Alfred Wasse, Kim Kobza, Valerie Bush, Jean Galbreath and Michael Litzel.••••The Island's third traffic signal at Whitehaven and Grand Island Blvd. was put into operation on May 22, 1975.

Our sympathy to the families of Carol LaVonne Jones, Francis S. Carr M.D. and former resident Norma E. Chateauneuf who recently passed away. Click Deaths for complete information.

Thanks to all of our advertisers who make Isledegrande.com possible. They include The Beach House Restaurant, Contour Financial Planning, L.L.C. Copy Cat Print Center, and Blue Water Marina. It pays to advertise at Isledegrande.com - the voice of Grand Island and the Island's #1 news source, now updated daily.

Koressa Sickles of Whitehaven Road and her family will hold a benefit in honor of her sister, Johanna Hart Thomas, who died May 2nd of AML, a form of Leukemia. A "Basket Auction" along with an "Antique Auction" will be held Sunday, June 5th in honor of Johanna and her year-old son, Sammy. Isle residents who would like to donate merchandise or any other donation may contact Koressa at 775-5366 for complete information.

Congratulations to Corey Angelo who was second runnerup in the 2005 Organ and Tissue Donation Poster Contest. Corey is a senior honor student at Grand Island High.

Check out our Calendar of Events - all Island events! The list is long and includes a variety show, hot dog sales, a chowder sale, a chicken and biscuit dinner, Little League Opening Ceremonies, music at Trinity, a Relay For Life car wash and a steak dinner fundraiser! And if your event isn't on that calendar, it's only because you didn't send it in to us!!

"Say a prayer for our guys over there."

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Miss Mauri - Sidway School - 1955
When Lyn "Mauri" Laman began teaching art classes at Sidway School in 1952, it was hard to tell if she was a student or the teacher! She's turning a very youthful 75 on Saturday and we wish her the best birthday yet.

Being that the month of May is National Tavern Month, if you have any old photos of our local taverns that you would like to share, send them to me at teddy@giecom.net or drop them off to be scanned while you wait.

It is sad for many of us to hear that Ben and Bernie Franklin will be moving from the Island as soon as they sell their Carter Drive home. To read about a party given in Bernie's honor, click "Surprise Party".

Congratulations to Gary Asbach, a member of the UB Men's Track & Field Team. Gary was presented with a team award in recognition of being named most outstanding athlete.

Adult soccer players take note! According to Bryan Flynn, a Co-Ed Over 30 summer soccer league will get underway at Vets Park on Sunday, June 5th and is open to teams and individuals. Sign up is on or before May 22nd. Click Over 30 Soccer League for complete information.

Best wishes to Molly L. Jacobs, and Eric P. Burt who were married on Saturday and will be at home on the Island after traveling to the Bahamas.

Happy birthday to Judy Buzby and Kathy Pollard (tomorrow), to Gretchen Beyer, Mark Braddell and Carol Volk (Saturday), Barb Brzyski, Shirley Runckel and Gene Glor (Sunday), Joe McMahon, Russ Kaegebein and Ginger DeMita (Monday), Barb Kirsch (cheers on Tuesday!!), Stephanie Senn (her 11th birthday on Tuesday), Tina Arthur (Tuesday), Frank Pinzel Sr. and Marion Pinkow (Wednesday), Elizabeth "Betty" Ehde (special greetings on Wednesday), and Chase Ruth-Sue Luthringer (3 years old on Wednesday).

Happy 4th anniversaries to Jeremy and Jennifer Pullano today and to Paul and MaryJo Soto, celebrating on Wednesday, May 18th.

Dr. Francis "Doc" Carr is ill and I'm sure he and his wife, Betty would appreciate cards and notes of cheer at this time.

Looking Back 60 years - The 7th War Loan got underway May 14, 1945 – “Although V-E Day was celebrated last week, with the fall of Germany, only half the job is done.” ••••Mr. and Mrs. Lester Goodchild received the Purple Heart from the War Department, awarded posthumously to their son, SGT Francis King Goodchild. SGT Goodchild was reported killed in action in France on March 13, 1945. •••• In an ad for Alice and Carl Larson’s Grand Island Diner, located across from St. Stephen’s Church: “That soda or sundae after a trip to town or a hard day in the field is the highlight of your day.”

Looking Back 50 years - Dan Linenfelser's Wayside Furniture held a warehouse liquidation sale of inventory in a huge tent erected in front of the store where $32,000 worth of merchandise was drastically reduced. The store was located in what is now the Contract Interiors building next to Martin’s Fantasy Island.••••Carl Cobernus open his new Carl’s Home & Auto Supply Store on May 12, 1955 on Connecting Blvd. (Grand Island Blvd.) in a new building just north of the Clown House which was also about to open for the first time.••••The American Legion Post 1346 elected Theodore Dunbar commander. Others elected were 1st Vice Commander John Lyden, 2nd Vice Commander Regis Shannon and 3rd Vice Commander Edward Kinney. Also serving the Legion were Adjutant John Scott, Treasurer Howard Grimes, Sgt-at-Arms Kenneth Webb, Chaplain Charles Stack and Historian Don Loder.

Looking Back 40 years - Beaver Island State Park golf course opened for its first full season and among the early Saturday morning golfers were Harry Simpson, Jack Piehler, Lloyd Peterson, Dr. Robert Miller, Mike Hulbert and Al Moss.••••The following Island students qualified for honors in the 1965 National Spelling Bee: Ronald Gasbarro and Janice Gburek (Jr./Sr. High School); David Burke and Lawrence Burch (Huth Road); Ann Hoffman and Kristine Meritt (Kaegebein); and Kathy Dineen and Lynne Williams (Sidway).••••Suzanne Stewart, Catherine Pfeil and Linda Evert performed “Burn Fire, Burn” a Camp Fire song, during the Grand Council Fire, April 30, 1965 for all Camp Fire Girls of GI, Kenmore and Tonawanda.••••The high school Spotlighters presented “The Diary of Anne Frank” on May 15 1965 in the high school auditorium. Mary Jo Hoffman and Jeff Carr had the leads. The cast included Janet Sturtz, Casey Colley, Bob Hilferding, Colleen Kilpatrick, Tim Ehde, Tom Walsh, Fran Chambers and Ed Parker.••••Peter Bellanca’s 5th grade class at Sidway School presented “The King’s Creampuffs,” a comedy set in the Middle Ages, for the 4th through 6 grade pupils at the schools. Those with lead parts included Debbie Crawford, David Bright, Darrell Franklin and Susan Murdock. ••••Alt Chevrolet was celebrating its golden anniversary of 50 years serving Grand Island’s automotive needs. The Niagara Frontier’s oldest Chevrolet dealer was the forerunner of Fuccillo Chevrolet.

Looking Back 30 years - Three Island school district music groups took top scores at NYSSMA (New York State School Music Association) competition. The Senior High concert band, under the direction of Sherm Lyke, scored 118 out of 120 and received an A+ rating in grade 6 music, the most difficult. The 17-member string ensemble under the direction of Herb Nasgowitz received a perfect 120 for a 6A +. Manuel Alvarez, directed the Middle School Gold Band in its first appearance at the competition, in grade 5 music. The Gold Band received an A+ (116 points). Among those receiving A ratings in solo competition a week earlier were Lorrie Volk, Randy Kramer, Jamie Pultz, Sally Ridgeway and Tom Yuhas.

Advertisers in our Isledegrande.com spotlight today are Grand Island Auto Tech,    Louis A. Macro - Optician at Grand Island Optical,    River Oaks Restaurant
and Gross Plumbing & Heating. It pays to advertise at Isledegrande.com - the voice of Grand Island and the Island's #1 news source, now updated daily.

Our sympathy to the families of Lydia Endres and former resident Richard "Ricky" Schnitzer who recently passed away. Click Deaths for complete information.

A fundraiser is being held tomorrow evening for Jim Roberts, seriously injured in January. For details, click "Jim Roberts Fundraiser" and help out his family if you can.

Isle events going on this week are the Bus Drivers ("Bus's Are Us") Relay For Life Team's bake sale tomorrow at the bus garage behind Sidway School, a Homecoming Party for our soldiers returning from Iraq on Saturday at the Moose Lodge, Gram's Garage Sale at the Nike Base on Saturday, the Historical Society's open house at River Lea on Sunday, the Junior Vikings Hot Dot Sale at Tops market on Sunday, and the high school Relay For Life Team's chicken BBQ at the school on Tuesday. Check our Calendar Of Events for a full list of Island happenings with times and places.

"Say a prayer for our guys over there."

Thursday, May 5, 2005
Looking for something special for Mother's Day? Captain Rick Deegan is hosting Mother's Day Cruises on the Grand Lady from noon to 2 p.m. and again from 4-6 p.m. this Sunday. Moms cruise for half-price and receive a gift. Contact Captain Rick Deegan at 716-774-8594 for reservations. For more information, click
Mother's Day Cruises 2005

To see how well this Grand Island girl did at the inaugural "Miss America’s Outstanding Teen" pageant, click "Carissa Bailey."

Be sure to see Sherry Schimley's Letter To The Editor about our school musicians. How nice of Sherry to write!

Best wishes to Terry and Mike Endres, married 20 years on May 11th and to Greg and Liz Barker celebrating their 31st on the same day.

Happy birthday to MaryElisabeth Rustowicz (her 6th birthday yesterday), Colin Lewis (a milestone today), Kevin Minton and Eric Ackerman Jr. (both turning 8 years old tomorrow), George Minton, Jodi Robinson, Kim Manzo, Janet Goodsell and Georgia Cole (all on Saturday), Barb Gill (drum roll on Saturday!!), Kari Harding (Sunday), Paul Gorman (the big 4-0 on Monday), Mike Braddell, Greg DeMike and Donny Dee (Tuesday), Mike Buell and Dana Foote (both born on May 10, 1965!), Ava Grace Ackerman (4 on Wednesday) and Richard Garlapow and Barbara Swagler (cheers on Wednesday). ••••Happy 16th birthday today to Elise Loiselle who is in town with her family. Be sure to see her picture on our front page.

Looking Back 60 years - Hot topic of the school board 60 years ago was the choosing of a high school for our Grand Island students. Tonawanda High School was charging the school board $25 per pupil annually while the Buffalo school board had set the tuition to Riverside High School somewhere in the neighborhood of $70. However, the fee had recently been reduced to $13.50 because of reduced enrollment at RHS.

Looking Back 50 years - Island voters passed the school budget of $602,791.00 with 118 yes votes, 1 no, 1 blank and 1 defaced. ••••Trinity Church Choir members elected Shirley Luther, president; MaryLou Kohlhagen, vice president; and Earl McCullough secretary-treasurer.••••A report by Grand Island Water Commissioner Kenneth Winter, in cooperation with Town Engineer Charles Soch, showed conclusively that the present water plant facilities in Water District #2 (Grandyle & Oakfield) could not possibly be expected to supply enough water to get by the summer days of 1956. ••••Beatrice Claire Martin celebrated her 6th birthday on May 7, 1955 with a party at her home on Stony Point Road. Among her guests were Ellen Blakelock Martin, Curtis Weller, Bruce Wichmann, Roslyn Ortolano and Michael Prange.

Looking Back 40 years - The Jr. Sr. high school's 8th grade chorus musical comedy presented the musical comedy, “Marrying Marion,” at an assembly program as part of the Arts Fair held May 5, 1965. Stars of the show were Libby Rindone, Carol Podlucky, Claire Lagakis, Donna Kester (Phillips), Kenneth McCollough, Susan Harris, Kevin Kerr and James Sugar. Among the supporting roles were Editha Hillock (Kapoor), Cheryl Ferro (Stott) and Sharon Killian. Send me married names and I'll post them immediately.••••Joe Rizzo's Barber & Beauty Shop advertised the following 40 years ago: “At Last! Every man can have his hair cut at his convenience whether he’s 2 or 92. Hair cuts by appointment.” ••••Mrs. Eva Schriver’s 5th grade at Kaegebein School produced a play titled, “Our Neighbors To the North and To The South” with parts of the dialogue in French and Spanish. Some of those taking part were Margaret Barr, James Bates, Judy Blackmore, Patrick Conn, Mike Dowd, Susan Kaiser, John Podlucky, Mike Mongan and Mary Ann Carter.

Looking Back 30 years - High School junior Jeffrey W. Stone was installed Master Councilor of Isle Chapter Order of DeMolay. Robert W. Bennett was installed Sr. Councilor and James W. Davis Jr., the new Jr. Councilor.••••Girl Scouts from Mrs. Barbara Brzyski's Troop 732, Mrs. Barbara Ruthel's Troop 204, Mrs. Audrey Wittholz' Troop 337 and Mrs. Barbara Nutting’s Troop 437 were given an overview of theater production by Elizabeth Beach, director of the Grand Island Theater production of “The Miracle Worker” May 2-3, 1975.

Looking Back 20 years - The Grand Island High School Saxophone Quartet performed for the Bells Spirit of Music Showcase, televised on May 4, 1985 on Channel 7. Quartet members were Ken Quinn, Sandy Lare, Jon Jerge and Jeff Cobado.

Looking Back 10 years - A group of Grand Island organizations came out to clean up parts of the Island on the 25th anniversary of Earth day in 1995. Those from Cub Scout Pack 510 who collected and piled up "a mountain of debris across from Tops plaza," were Jeffrey and Brett Bullock, Andrew and Jeremy Davis, Doug Ingraham, Andrew Boron, Jason McInerney, Chris Dziwulski and Richard Pozluzny.••••NYNEX activated state-of-the-art digital call-switching equipment at the company's Grand Island central office which was serving about 8,000 customer lines in the 773, 774 and 775 exchange.

Our sympathy to the families of Mildred C. Grimm, Kelly Carminati-Levere, Patricia E. (O'Reagan) Gaiser, former resident William S. Wilson and former Island school teachers Georgia Mehl and Eleanor T. Thomas who recently passed away. Click Deaths for complete information.

Randy White, GIHS Class of '70 and Fred Aswad, Class of '69, shown above, did their annual Grand Island buddy trip last month. They flew to Los Angeles and drove a convertible up the coast, visiting friends in Sacramento as well. "While in LA we saw a Tonight Show taping and had dinner with Ellen (Hopkins) Faber, GIHS Class of '71, and her lovely family. We had a great time and proved once again that old friends are the best friends!" Randy and Fred are shown at Bixby Creek Bridge, Big Sur, California. Click the photo for a full view.

This week's business advertising spotlight is on Carol and Chuck Dunworth's of X-Press One Hour Dry Cleaners,    Michael Anthony Rossi Attorney At Law,    Gene and Christine Ryshkus' Grand Island Garden Center,     and Tim and Paula Callahan's Tim's Sunoco Station. Click for their websites and see what they have to offer. It pays to advertise at Isledegrande.com - the voice of Grand Island and the Island's #1 news source.

Island resident Tim Phillips has dropped out of racing since being diagnosed with prostate cancer. Let's keep him in our prayers for a full recovery. See story on the Sports Page. ••••A speedy recovery to Dave Dulak who we missed seeing last Saturday night at the Village Inn. According to Dave's wife, Katie Dulak, who took over for Dave, he suffered a fairly serious cut to his hand. Congenial owner Mike Carr seemed to be enjoying the meeting and greeting of a full house of familiar patrons.••••Get well wishes also to Lydia Endres and Ralph Barker.

Congratulations to B.A.'s 2 on winning the Men's A Best Roofing League championship on Monday, April 25th at Island Lanes. Team members are Ken Carter, Dave Arch, Jon McGinn, John Mallwitz and Harry Carter.

The Grand Island Historical Society has what sounds like a very interesting program scheduled for 7:30 p.m. tonight at River Lea in Beaver Island Park. A speaker will tell about the Underground Railroad. The meeting is free and open to the public.••••The is the weekend of the Hanging Flower Basket Sale sponsored by the American Legion Post #1346 and being held tomorrow (May 6) and Saturday (May 7) from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. at the VFW Post, 2121 Grand Island Blvd.

"Say a prayer for our guys over there."

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Be sure to click photo for a larger view.
Happy, happy birthday to Sandie Rall Smith who will celebrate her 50th on Wednesday, May 4th. Why not send her a fabulous 50 greeting. Her email address is sandie@mydax.com. Sandie just got back from Maui, Hawaii, a gift from her sister, Margie Rall Hunter who accompanied her. "It was a once in a life time gift! We had a great time shopping, hiking, snorkeling and of course eating! It was beautiful," Sandie said.

Proud father, Dale Berger, emailed me the following. "My daughter, Tori Berger, will be graduating on May 14th, with a four-year degree from Buffalo State College. On April 28th she will receive an award for being the "outstanding student" in the Political Science Department. After a short time off, she will go back to school, probably in Georgia or Arizona, to become a lawyer. Unfortunately I can not be there for the award, however, come hell or high water I will for the graduation." Congratulations, Tori!

Michelle Elmer Przybyl and her husband, Paul of Bedell Road are happy to announce the birth of their first child, Zachary Joseph Przybyl, born at 2:49 p.m. on Sunday, April 17, 2005. Zachary weighed in at seven pounds, seven ounces and is 21 1/2" long. Michelle, a member of the GIHS Class of 2001, is an E-5, Staff Sergeant in the U.S. Air Force and she and Paul, also in the Air Force, are on Active duty at the Niagara Falls Air Force Base. Proud grandparents are Daniel and Debbie Elmer of Stony Point and Victor and Sharon Przybyl of Depew. The baby's great grandmother is Beverly Elmer also of Stony Point Road.

Neil Tetkowski, GIHS Class of 1973, and his wife, Olga, are in Korea, where Neil has an exhibit of his work and is participating in demonstrations of his ceramic techniques. His daughter, Kristina, GIHS Class of 2001, will graduate from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY in May with a degree in Interior Design.

Happy birthday to "V.J." Freeman, Jr. who is celebrating his 5th birthday today, and graduating from Jack & Jill preschool next month.••••Happy birthday also to Rita Hagerman, Robert Goris and Kim Glessner (today), to Patrick O'Dea (a big one today), Samantha Warden (11 tomorrow), Jim and Joe Kerr, Margie Prange and Gayle Derigo (tomorrow), Jan Pedlow (cheers on Saturday), Ava Anita DeFranks (2 on Saturday), and Mark Cunningham (Wednesday).

The University at Buffalo men's track and field team won 10 events in the annual UB Open last Saturday with Gary Asbach of Grand Island winning the long and triple jumps.••••Dan Misko of Grand Island, a sophomore on the Niagara University golf team, was among 10 Niagara student-athletes placed on Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference All-Academic Teams last week.

Looking Back 80 years - St. Stephen's Altar Society was formed in May 1925 and among charter members were Mrs. Lavina "Vinnie" Anderson, Bertha Bucher, Kate Redinger and Lillian Tucker.

Looking Back 60 years - The Grand Island Youth Council Basketball League champs in May 1945 were the Eagles. The team members were Charles Rexford, Richard Rank, Richard Meyer, Emory Webb, Ernest Brown and Bob Dworak.•••• Ed Sheehan was appointed as Grand Island postmaster by President Harry Truman.

Looking Back 50 years - J. Dale Janes Jr. was named the exclusive sales agent for the Mohawk Homes Inc. Falconwood project in Grandyle Village where 242 homes would be built by the end of the year. Janes Jr. followed in his father's footsteps - it was J. Dale Janes Sr. who developed the original Sandy Beach subsivision.••••The Chamber of Commerce was selling white oak seedlings in bundles of 5-10 for 14 cents a tree, to be picked up at Fred Miller’s Poultry Farm on Express Highway (GI Blvd.) ••••Newly elected officers of the PTA were President Mrs. Harold (Julia) Long, First Vice president Mrs. Edwin C. Allen, 2nd Vice President Elsie Killian, Recording Secretary Agnes Schieve (Fuhr), Corresponding Secretary Mrs. Robert A. McKown and Treasurer Miss Marilyn Mauri (Laman).••••The success of the Polio Vaccine Field Trials of 1954 was announced and those who received the actual polio vaccination were also announced and included Diane DiTullio (Muscoreil), Lowell Anderson, John Braddell, Nancy Luther (Sandford), James Schueckler, John Hillock, Richard Yensan and Sherry Exley. ••••Island voters passed the school budget of $602,791.00 with 118 yes votes, 1 no, 1 blank and 1 defaced. ••••Robert Smith and Edward Dunshie, partners of Grand Island Lumber and Builders Supply, announced Monday, May 2, 1955 that equipment had been received for the start of operation of a full scale concrete transit mix service. The $35,000 plant was to be in operation in 60 days. ••••Jimmy Kerr, David Kean and Billy Loth enjoyed a weekend at Boy Scout Camp Ti-Wa-Ya-Ee in Holland, New York fifty years ago. ••••Barbara Ianni of Elsie Lane, hosted a 15th birthday celebration for twins Jim and Joe Kerr.

Looking Back 40 years - Mary Heyden (Ognibene) wrote of skate boards in her April 22, 1965 “At Random” column including the fact that Kathy Minton, 10, had fallen off one and broke her ankle and Susan Pellitieri had a similar accident and broke her leg.••••Donald and David Henderson, Craig Wood, Stanley Clifford, Jeff Denler, John Watkins and Mark Dearlove were members of the Grand Island Recreation Commission’s championship Pistons basketball team, undefeated in regular play and undefeated in play-off action.

Looking Back 30 years - Christmas trees from Claude and Edith Marin's tree farm on Kirkwood Drive were transplanted to the Nike Base by Grand Island High School teacher Mike Mazza's students in April 1975.••••High School junior Jeffrey W. Stone was installed Master Councilor of Isle Chapter Order of DeMolay thirty years ago. Robert W. Bennett was installed Sr. Councilor and James W. Davis Jr. Councilor.

Looking Back 20 years - The high school's Spotlighters presented "Guys and Dolls" on May 3-5, 1985 in the high school auditorium. Stars of the show were Pat McMahon, Alaina Rowswell, Jim Kendall, Kirsten Cooke, Rossano Galante, Jerry Crawford, Phil Buchanan, Steve Stancil, Shirley Tokash and David LaDuca.••••Grand Island won the GI/FL softball game in Deerfield Beach, Florida in April 1985. Team members were Bill Allen, Bob Hamberger, Doug Hamberger, Dave Hennigar, Grant Hennigar, Neil Hennigar, Jim McDonnell, Mike McDonnell, Bill Rohring, Jack Senn, Dave Spiesz and Rich Widdicombe. The team brought along wives, children and parents who were most appreciative of Scott, Donnie and Bill Hennigar's hospitality during this "first" event.

Looking Back 15 years - The founding members of the Quality Quest Coalition, including Lynn Daniels, can be very proud of what they started. The organization is now 15 years old.

Thanks to Phil Killian who most often has the answers regarding names for the "Looking Back" section of this column. Today he called Emory Webb who confirmed that he did indeed play in the 1945 basketball league on the Island. "We had quite a chat about old times as we probably hadn't seen each other in 25 years," Phil said.

My sister and brother-in-law, Mary and Jim Stewart arrived back on the Island last weekend after spending at least 10 years in California. Mary called me from the top of the South Grand Island Bridge to tell me she was "home."

Thank you advertisers! This week's Isledegrande.com spotlight is on Reg Schopp's deSignet International, Art and Mary Mallwitz' Mallwitz's Island Lanes, Bill Costello and Mark Frentzel's Costello & Frentzel Attorneys, and Chris Weaver's Anchor Marine. It pays to advertise at Isledegrande.com - the voice of Grand Island and the Island's #1 news source, now updated daily.

A "Meet the School Board Candidates Night" will take place from 6:30-9 p.m. Monday, May 2nd in the Connor Middle School Little Theater. Be sure to click Candidates Night for further information. Check our Calendar Of Events for a full list of Island happenings.

Congratulations to Miss Deb Remson and the members of her Connor Middle School orchestra on being awarded a gold medal for their presentation today at the New York State School of Music (NYSSMA) Festival.

"Say a prayer for our guys over there."

Thursday, April 21, 2005
The Grand Island High School athletic department has announced its new
"www.highschoolsports.net" website which features Grand Island High School sports schedules and information. This is a great way to find out when and where your favorite GIHS team is playing. By the way, it is GIHS Lacrosse Coach Steve Steck who has had a great deal to do with setting this site up. I asked Steve for a little information via email this week and here is his response: "I have been collecting all of the history and statistics for Grand Island lacrosse for years, and it is a great way to organize and publish the information. It has also been a great way to hear from past players and share their memories of playing lacrosse at Grand Island with the current players." Thanks, Steve - great job.

Congratulations to little baton twirler Emelie-jo Scheffler who won the Miss Majorette novice division, ages 0-6 in the Miss Majorette of New York competition last weekend. Emelie-jo is a member of Heidi Sue Mumm's Islettes Elite and the daughter of Lisarenee Guagliano-Scheffler and Eric Scheffler. More Miss Majorette winners from the Island will be announced as the information becomes available.

Army Black Knights lacrosse team captain Jim Wagner, an attackman for the West Point team, scored four goals for the Army who lost to Navy 12-9 before a crowd of over 12,000. Click Jim Wagner Feature for a great Buffalo News story on this GIHS graduate.

BA's 2 won the Men's A Best Roofing League championship on Monday night. Team members are Harry Carter, Ken Carter, Dave Arch, Mike Mallwitz and Jon McGinn. Congratulations to Jim Reese and Bill Gerfin who both rolled 300 games at Island Lanes with the same league.

Just a reminder - the fundraiser for East Oakfield Road resident Jim Roberts will be held from noon to 6 p.m., Sunday at the Elks Lodge in Niagara Falls. Click "Jim Roberts Fundraiser" for complete information.

The Greater Buffalo Track Club Half-Marathon is being held on the Island at 9 a.m. Saturday, April 23rd beginning at 2121 Grand Island Blvd. The Buffalo News Runner of the Year event is a 13.1 mile race.

Looking Back 60 years - An impressive memorial service was held in the Sidway School gym in tribute to the late President Franklin D. Roosevelt who died on April 12, 1945. Joyce Sheehan, an 8th grade student, led the assembly in the responsive reading of the Twenty-third Psalm. Religious songs and prayers were included in the program. Daniel Kaegebein, also in the 8th grade, played taps on his trumpet as the colors were retired.••••George Christman was appointed caretaker for the town grounds for the year 1945.••••Davern's Tavern, now the Niagara River Station #1 Fishing Club, had already had its spring opening by this date in 1945.

Looking Back 50 years - Construction of the "new" bridge over Burnt Ship Creek between Buckhorn Island and Grand Isand was was completed 50 years ago.••••Fifty years ago the housing development, Falconwood Manor, was named after the old Falconwood Club of Island fame. "242 houses will be completed by the end of 1955. Plans called for an additional 239 in 1956 and possibly 219 the following year."••••Colony Road residents attended the Monday, April 4, 1955 town board meeting to protest the construction of a private club on East River Road near their homes that never materialized.••••The Buffalo Launch Club opened its season with a newcomers dinner dance in April 1955. ••••A photo of Brownie Troop #429’s first birthday included Patty Dower (Hamilton), Debbie Robinson, Susan Barrett (Tahara), Lydia Todd (Long), Mary Fahrer (Grant), Diane DiTullio (Muscoreil), Alice Young (Lance), Janice Jasper (Thornblom) and Rhea Ann Hawkes. Do any of my readers have this picture or others from their Brownie or Girl Scout troops? ••••The Island was walloped with a snow storm on Sunday, March 27, 1955.••••Newly elected officers of the Island's PTA were President Lucille Long, First Vice president Mrs. Edwin C. Allen, 2nd Vice President Elsie Killian, Recording Secretary Agnes Schieve Fuhr, Corresponding Secretary Mrs. Robert A. McKown and Treasurer Miss Marilyn Mauri (Laman).

Looking Back 40 years - Kay Haller rolled a 206 for Lippens Grill on April 7, 1965 at Island Lanes and Joyce Ott had a 188 for Colley Builders.••••Grand Island Rod & Gun Club member Hollis Boss won the Al Boyd Trophy for the third time as high overall gun at both trap and skeet.••••Grand Island Zoning Board of Appeals Thursday, April 15, 1965 turned down the request by Charles Lalloz of the Isle Shooting Club for a variance which would have permitted a private sportsman club on Alvin Road.•••• Leonard Riordan, James Moynihan, Neil Huff and Ray Zilliox completed the auxiliary police training under auspices of the Buffalo Police Department in preparation for appointment to the Grand Island Constabulary.••••Twenty-eight boys and ten girls hiked ten miles in three hours on April 19, 1965 in a town sponsored hike led by Recreation Director Mike Niland. Hikers, ages 7 to 13 years, included Susan S. Chiappone, Heidi Schnitzer, Greg Costanzo, Bob and Jim Carter, Rick Schopp, Mike Spinner, Keith Sciandra, Kim Sciandra, Chris Ferguson and Barbara Cornwell.

Looking Back 30 years - The high school’s 95-member concert band and 18 musicians of the string orchestra performed on the WBEN Musicthon April 19-20, 1975 to benefit the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra. Among the Island musicians were Charlene Aird, Timothy Egan, Tracy Wakefield, Mary Louise Geering, Joseph R. Zoeckler, Daneen Certo (Gallagher), Sally Ridgeway and Albert J. Courey.••••Grand Island's MacDonald's sold 10,101 hamburgers on Sunday, April 20, 1975.••••The old green and silver Grand Island Transit Corporation buses were being taken over by the Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority. NFTA's operation of the route between Niagara Falls and Buffalo, via Grand Island began at midnight Saturday, April 19, 1975.

Looking Back 10 years - Announcement was made that the West River Restaurant was for sale - and it still is!

What a great show the men of Trinity Church put on, on Sunday evening. Above is our grandson, John Bidell, who was not a contestant but took a small part in the "Miss" Trinity pageant much to our delight! Click "Miss Trinity Pageant" for pictures of all the contestants. Congrats to the deserving winner, Jim Ellson!!

Happy birthday to Sam Akinbami, Kim Staub and Kim Domagala (today), Conner Trieskey (7 tomorrow), Kevin Kud, Erin Fred and Mae Klocke (tomorrow), Nancy Heftka and Fred Spiller Jr. (cheers tomorrow), Genna Baldassare (6 tomorrow), Mark Ramsperger (two tomorrow), Linda Kutzbach (Saturday), Alexandra Dzielski (9 on Saturday), Brad Robinson (a big one on Sunday), Mary O'Brien (Sunday), and Lisa Braun (her 13th on Tuesday).

Best wishes to Eleanor and Ted Kessler who will celebrate their 55th wedding anniversary tomorrow.

Our sympathy to the family of Mary Ann Brown who recently passed away. Click Deaths for complete information.

Support your Island businesses. It's good for our community. Today's featured Island advertisers are Cinderella Motel & Campsite, Mark's Island Tree Service, McCarthy School of Irish Dance, and Linda Kutzbach, Realty USA. It pays to advertise at Isledegrande.com - the voice of Grand Island and the Island's #1 news source, now updated daily.

Play ball! The Town Recreation Department is looking for teams to play co-ed softball. To sign up or for more information, contact Director Linda Tufillaro at the Recreation office, 773-9680.

And lastly - a little credit where credit is due. The Historical Society's 4th grade tours are taking place with one more to go and I would like to mention the tour guides who have volunteered their time for this wonderful event. They are Joe Synakowski, Mary Cooke, Mary Burngasser, Harvey Long, Curt Nestark, Eric Reimann and Hank Carroll. For a picture/story, click 4th Grade Historic Tour.

"Say a prayer for our guys over there."

Thursday, April 14, 2005
The Island once again has reached out in a big way to help residents in need. Funds raised at Sunday's "Christine's Garden of Hope," for Christine and Gene Ryshkus, came from the hearts of Grand Island to the tune of almost $20,000.

Many of my readers have helped with this week's feature story, "Memories Of That Daily Trip Off the Island To High School." Click
Features Page to read the numerous memories they have contributed to this article.

Congratulations to all of the 2005 Pride of the Island award recipients especially our granddaughter, Amy Bidell, and our grand niece, Maria Ramsperger,. I would also like to mention Jill Greinert, Sydney Quarantillo and Jessica Young whose names were inadvertently left off the original list of winners. Click "Pride Of The Island" for this year's winners.

Mike Blocho, playing on the men's lacrosse team for Canisius College, tied the recent Canisius-Mount St. Mary's game at 2-2 in the second quarter however Mt. St. Mary's came out on top. Mike is a graduate of Grand Island High School, Class of 2004.

Looking Back 60 years - Elmer Webb’s application for a franchise granting him permission and consent to use the streets, highways and public places in town of Grand Island in connection with the transportation and delivery of natural gas, was approved at the April 2, 1945 town board meeting.

Looking Back 50 years - Willard Ehde turned over his expanded Grand Island Marine business on Whitehaven Road to his son, Ron, who had recently returned from the service. ••••Danny Carr celebrated his second birthday with several other 2-year-olds including Tommy Prast, Sue Vorm, Davey Schmidt and Sandy Coffee, in his Elsie Lane home. ••••Mabel and Bill Lafferty and their children, Joan (Kivett), Phyllis (Tanner) and Sharon (Thompson) of Fix Road, spent their Easter vacation in Washington, D.C.

Looking Back 40 years - The Island's Zonta Club, for the second year in a row, collected over 300 spring hats which were distributed to women and children in a Buffalo hospital. Co-chairmen for the project were Mabel French and Vera Reiner.••••After finishing a current events session, Miss Camille Kuznia’s 3rd graders wrote stories concerning space. “The Planet Made of Swiss Cheese,” was submitted by Beth Walker (Boron), Lynn Kaiser wrote “The Moon Pills” and Janet K. Meredith titled her story “My Thought About the Moon.” (Miss Kuznia is now Camille Starck, a Connor Middle School teacher.) ••••Linda Mark and Carol McKeen, both of Red Jacket Road, were first place and runner-up winners in a class competition judged by Michael Maule, premier danseur of the New York City Opera And Metropolitan Opera Company. The girls were members of Norma Ferrara' Young Dancers Workshop.

Looking Back 30 years - The Huth Road School PTA held its installation luncheon at John’s Flaming Hearth, Niagara Falls on April 16, 1975. Officers were President Dawn Hillock, 1st Vice President Marilyn Smith, 2nd Vice President Lee Harris, Recording Secretary Elizabeth Reimann, Treasurer Pat Bessel and Council Delegates Carol Roesch and MaryKay Patmos. PTA Life Memberships were presented to Walter Kelly and Mrs. Patmos.•••• Among the long list of talent in the Huth Road School PTA’s "Parade of Stars" presented on April 11, 1975 were Babette Blair, Mimi Long, Christina Scalise, Mike Dallessandro, Diane Dallessandro, Sudha and Uma Bommaraju, Sandy Wiedemer and Lori, Linda and Louis Schriver. (Married names will be added if submitted.)

Looking Back 20 years - Darlene Russell (Passarelli) was installed Beloved Queen of Aries Triangle on April 11, 1985 in the Masonic Hall on Ferry Road. In her court were Chaplain Rene Ehde, Junior Lady-in-Waiting Heather Liddell, Senior Lady-in-Waiting Deborah Couch and Guardian Sue Passarelli.

Happy birthday to David Backlund (his 30th today), baby Nicholas Aronica (first birthday today), Jim Stewart Jr. (today), Curt Nestark (tomorrow!), Carole Linenfelser (tomorrow), Sharleen Raepple (Saturday), Jeffrey Sullivan (30 on Sunday), Arnie Beck (cheers on Monday), Mark Hassan (Monday), Lela Mancuso (Tuesday), Margaret Villano (88 on Wednesday), Jacob McMahon (nine on Wednesday), Barb Macaluso (Wednesday), and Ingrid Dahlberg (her 20th on Wednesday). A belated happy birthday to Rolland Hayes and Roman Jurga who celebrated on Monday.

Celebrating their 39th wedding anniversary today and wished a happy day are Agnes and Stu Becker.••••It gives me great pleasure to announce the wedding of Scott Duscher and Kim Roggow on Friday, April 8th. Scott is an active volunteer firefighter and is a captain in the Grand Island Fire Company.

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A fundraiser for twenty-year-old Jim Roberts, seriously injured in an automobile accident on January 17th, will be held from noon to 6 p.m., Sunday, April 24th at the Elks Lodge in Niagara Falls (behind the Prime Outlet Mall on Factory Outlet Blvd.). Jim, who was in a coma for approximately three weeks, worked at the Grand Island Small Animal Hospital and it is his co-workers who are planning the benefit to help assist his family with medical expenses. Click "Jim Roberts Fundraiser" for complete information.

A Memorial Mass will be celebrated Saturday at 10 a.m. in St. Stephen's Church for Kay Haller. Kay passed away on March 25th. Our sympathy to the families of Maryann Monaco and former resident Janice E. Siegel who recently passed away. Click Deaths for complete funeral information on Kay and Maryann.

Congratulations to long time music teacher, Clarke Elliott, who was presented with the Richard Snook Outstanding Band Director Award for 2005 during the NYS Band Director's Association Conference last month. Clarke is currently teaching at the Veronica E. Connor Middle School.

John Simon is leasing his Super Gas property at 2024 Grand Island Blvd. to Family Express Mart, so we may see some changes there. Word has it that a Long John Silver or a KFC may be added.

What do these guys have in common? Paul Robinson, Tom Pollard, Jim Lange, Bill Pioli, Dave Wilkinson, Jim Ellson, Tom Burkman, Jake Lange and Edward McCutcheon. They will all be contestants in the "Miss Trinity 2005" competition being held at the church on Whitehaven Road to benefit this year's Workcamp in Tennessee. Admission is $5 and votes are 100 for $1. The fun begins at 6 p.m. Sunday at the church. See you there!

The Grand Island Historical Society will hold an open house at its headquarters, River Lea in Beaver Island State Park from 2-4 p.m. Sunday. The weather is supposed to be beautiful, a perfect time to check out this typical Victorian farmhouse overlooking the east Niagara River, and filled with Grand Island history. There is no charge. Click "River Lea" for more information on this landmark building and the history of the Society.

"Say a prayer for our guys over there."

Thursday, April 7, 2005
Yes, we had snow, and a whole lot more than expected after the first of April. Saturday and Sunday provided us with snow fall around the clock, bringing out town highway crews who hopefully plowed for the last time this winter.

Good news! Jimmy Roberts has been released from the hospital and is improving on a daily basis. Jim was seriously injured in a January 2005 auto accident.

Happy birthday to Nathan Busch and Sarah Griffin (teenagers today), Joey Beauchamp, Janet Sentz and Justin Inscore (today), Don Portik (a big one today?), James Rustowicz (10 tomorrow), Kaitlyn Renee Affuso (entering her teens tomorrow), Vincent Alfred George Ricotta (two tomorrow), Billy Rupp (60 on Sunday), Rhett Bradley Robinson (4 on Sunday), Cheryl Janowsky, Susan Hackett and Dodie Meyer (all on Sunday), Evan Daniel Ackerman (two on Sunday), Arlene Ehde and Rob Shoemaker (Monday), Max Hyland, Ed Lang and Charlie Markarian (Tuesday), our granddaughter, Amy Bidell (14 on Tuesday), and Mark Kingston and Ann Dahl (cheers on Wednesday).

Happy 10th anniversary to Kim and Al Glessner, now residing in Clinton, Tennessee and celebrating on April 8th, and best wishes to Dorothy and Al Rowswell on their 50th wedding anniversary on Saturday.•••• Danielle Ahrens and Kevin Lesika have announced their engagement. Click
Ahrens - Lesika Engagement
for their picture.

The Grand Island Historical Society will meet 7:30 p.m. this evening in River Lea, Beaver Island State Park. The program will feature the continuing restoration of the Darwin Martin House and everyone is welcome.••••Other Isle events this week include St. Stephen's Parish Players' production of "Dial M for Murder," Friends of the Library Used Book Sale, Jennie's Spaghetti Dinner at the VFW Post, the Lions Club's Spaghetti Dinner and the Women's Club Fashion Show (by reservation). Check our Calendar of Events for details.

Please pray for all of the sick in our community, especially Christine Ryshkus. "Christine's Garden of Hope," a fundraiser for the Ryshkus family takes place Sunday from 2-6 p.m. at the BLC. Entertainment will be a "A Battle of the Bands - Jazz at its Best" and will feature the Barroom Buzzards, Custode & Parisi and Dr. Dave Johnson's Grand Island Jazz Workshop. For complete information, click Rotary Club Page.

Several readers have asked, "What happened to the Orleans?" after reading my feature story about it in the March 17th E-News. (Click "Orleans"). I ran across this bit of information over the weekend. The Orleans also operated as a ferry to Canada from the foot of West Ferry Street in Buffalo. An ice jam (one of three!) sealed the doom of the ship, which was in passenger service on the St. Lawrence River, following years as a ferry when it was owned by Captain Patty Fix of Grand Island. "Torches were used to cut up the estimated 200 tons of iron," the media reported at the time the century old steamer was dismantled. "The balance was hauled on to the beach and burned." I have just added a seldom seen, down-river view of the March 1955 "crash." Click "Orleans" above to view.

Looking Back 60 years - Forty-one scouts attended the celebration of Girl Scout Troop #337's fifth birthday on March 23, 1945. Five-year pins were presented to Beatrice Ashley, leader and founder of the troop and to Girl Scout Luella Landel (Wike). New member Joanne Rank Urtell was welcomed into the troop. Records show that the late Betty Lyden McNamee was responsible for the troop's formation. An 8th grader in 1940, she persuaded Mrs. Ashley to begin a unit of the Girl Scouts here on the Island. ••••Clint Buehlman and Bob Smith of the “Early Date At Hengerers” program came to Sidway School April 10, 1945 at 8:15 p.m. Tickets were 75 cents. ••••A wolf hunt was held in the Grehlinger woods of Ransom Road Sunday, April 8, 1945 and sponsored by the Grand Island Rod and Gun Club. Over 300 hunters from all over Western New York took an active part. Hunters gathered at the fire hall at 8 a.m. to receive instructions from Club President Leon Peck. They were divided into squads of watchers and drivers. One female wolf about 40 pounds was shot and killed. The State Conservation Department referred to the animal as a Brush Wolf (coyote).••••Pfc. Charles A. Smith, 29, was killed in Germany on March 19, 1945 shortly after his 3-week stay in a Paris hospital after being wounded in February 1945. His brother, Lt. George E. Smith, also serving his country during World War II, was killed less than four months before.

Looking Back 50 years - It was announced in April 1955 that the Ransom Road Battery of the 606th would be moved off Grand Island and replaced by “D” Battery of the 44th Guided Missile Battalion. “D” Battery was to train for the day it would take over the Grand Island Guided Missile (Nike) site on West River Road. At that time the Army was to turn the Ransom Road site over to another branch of the service. The announcement said, "The Army will not operate the Ransom Road site after the summer of 1955. The Headquarters and “D” Battery of the 606th which has been on Grand Island for several years will remain in position for some time."

Looking Back 40 years - Crystal Beach Day committee members Evelyn Alt of the Zonta Club, James Lunsford of the Kiwanis Club and Milton Pitts of the Lions Club chose a date of July 22, 1965 for Grand Island’s Crystal Beach Day when they met in April 1955.

Looking Back 30 years - Members of the Grand Island Lions Club held their 5th annual Spaghetti Day in the Holiday Inn on Monday, April 7, 1975. The committee included Charles Meyers, Paul Bissette, Louis Paar, Ed McCaffery and Hecky Goldbach.

Looking Back 10 years - Weather was mighty wintry on Wednesday morning, April 5, 1995. My column of ten years ago reported that we had wind, snow and cold with a wind chill factor of 11 degrees below zero. ••••The brand new Island Fun Center on Grand Island Blvd. opened on April 1, 1995.

Rachel Judkins Gascon, GIHS Class of 1994, and her husband, Tony are the proud parents of a set of twins - Mackenzie Renee and Sarah Nicole. For the babies' pictures and more information, click "Gascon Twins".

Grand Island High School senior Colin Thompson has been named to the Niagara Frontier Wrestling League All-Stars, 2004-2005 - First Team.•••• The University of Buffalo Men's track and field team placed fourth in the Ohio Invitational on Saturday when Gary Asbach of Grand Island won the long jump at 22 feet, 1 1/2 inches and the triple jump at 44 feet, 1 1/4".••••Morgan Perry scored twice for the Buffalo State Bengals women's lacrosse team's victory over Allegheny, 13-5.

Our sympathy to the families of infant Cameron Michael Caudill and former residents Paul Scheu Murphy and Dorothy (Flessing) Carlson who recently passed away. Click Deaths for complete information.

Thanks to all of our loyal advertisers. Readers, please support then as often as you can. Today's business spotlight is on Miss Cathy's Dance Academy, McHomes.com/Hunt ERA, Metro Town Center Realty, and M.O.G. (Medically Oriented Gym). It pays to advertise at Isledegrande.com - the voice of Grand Island and the Island's #1 news source, now updated daily.

"Say a prayer for our guys over there."

Thursday, March 31, 2005
Welcome Home, Troops!

Click "In The Service" for complete story.
US Air Force Staff Sergeants Patrick Buell (GIHS 1981) and Jim Balcom (GIHS 1996) will arrive at the Greater Buffalo Niagara Airport tomorrow at about 6:50 p.m. They are returning home from Iraq, along with two other members of the 107th Air Refueling Wing and it is hoped that a good number of Islanders will be at the airport to cheer and thank them. "Thank you boys, and thank you everyone 'over there' doing their part for the United States of America."

Welcome new baby! Joel Guagliano, Class of '84, and his wife, Sofia are the proud parents of a baby boy, Martin Rasmus Adevag Guagliano, born Monday. Click "Baby Martin" for photo and details.


Extra special good wishes to Zoe Dodd who will be 10 years old on Monday and is celebrating this week in Florida and later with birthday party at her house.•••• Happy birthday to Allison Dinsmore (her 21st today), Janet Osborn (96 today), Jon Hale Nichols (35 today), Don Portik (cheers today), Fay Rech McDonald and Gene Hasselbeck (celebrating tomorrow), Kathy Czaplicki (Saturday), Sam Long (drum roll . . . It's Sunday), Theresa West (5 on Monday), Natalie Baldassare (her 9th on Monday), Jon H. Holler and Nancy Mote Sayre (Tuesday), George Smith (80 years young on Tuesday), and Nicholas Andrew Ratajczak (3 on Wednesday).

Daylight Savings Time begins this Sunday morning at 2 a.m. That means it's time to turn your clocks ahead one hour on Saturday night and don't forget to replace the batteries in your smoke detectors!

Best wishes to Dustin J. Spalla and his bride, the former Wendy Kuyper Horton, who were married Thursday, March 24th on Maluaka Beach, Maui, Hawaii. Parents of the bride and groom are former Island residents Jan and Louise Kuyper and Jay and Lynne Spalla.

Did you happen to see the live Easter bunnies waving to the traffic in front of Parkside Candies on Military Road in Niagara Falls on Saturday? The little bunny was Katie Rustowicz and the taller bunny, our granddaughter, Amy Bidell. The girls made a few dollars and had fun doing it. Island residents Joe and Cindy Buffamonte own the candy store.

Be sure to click photo for a larger view.
Grand Island's weather was near perfect for Easter Sunday. It was a beautiful day for lots of family gatherings, including that at Mike and Penny Linefelser's where four of the Linenfelser families and extended families got together for a dinner that included a ham and a deep fried turkey. The photo is of our son, Jim and daughter-in-law Laury and our grandson, Evan, taken just before brunch was served at their house.

Looking Back 60 years - The Post Office moved from Tucker’s Store in Ferry Village to the home of the acting Post Master Joseph Donovan at 44 Love Road on April 1, 1945. •••• High scorers for the Youth Council basketball league as of April 1, 1945 were Bob Rexford with 71 points and Ed Mesmer with 62.

Looking Back 50 years - Kaegebein School 4th, 5th and 6th grades presented the operetta “Laughing Star of Zuni” on April 1, 1955 starring Ron McNamee, Pam Collins, Craig Gushue, Catherine Hatch, Michael Nierenberg, Robert Harper and Donald O’Connor.••••Prizes were awarded during the Hard Times Dance at Sidway School. Winners were Marilyn Rader (Sprague) and Dennis Guilfoil (most original costumes) and Victor Schueckler and Ruth Conrad (Dunlap) (funniest). Prizes were scrapbooks for the girls and pen and pencil sets for the boys.••••Millicent Ball of Love Road headed the entire Riverside High School list of honor students with an average of 98.66%. Sally Swalm of East Park Road took second place with 98.16 % and John Hall, also of East Park, was in 7th place with an average of 97.2%.

Looking Back 40 years - Were you in the Huth Road School’s “Mighty Mammoth Minstrel Show” on April 3, 1965 in conjunction with the Huth Road Carnival of Fun? Do you have a photo of this event? Mrs. Earl Rhodes was the director. Virginia Crea, Patrick Marquis, Arthur Evans and Earl Rhodes were pictured in the local weekly paper with Mrs. Rhodes, Mrs. Onalee Knapp, Ruth Baker and Dorothy Holland.•••• About 200 people attended the Hat and Wig Show sponsored by the Monday Night Ladies League at Island Lanes Thursday, April 1, 1965. Models, all members of the league, were Eva Wohlfehrt, Margo Walters, Nancy Franklin (Duysters) and Mary Laedlein.••••The Grand Island Theater Group presented the comedy, “Come Blow Your Horn” April 1-4, 1965 in the Community Center at Fix Road and Legion Dr. Walter Hastrich had the lead role and the cast included Chris Wright, Dorothy Young, Heber Ashley, Linda Job and Arlene Billstone.

Looking Back 30 years - Revco Drug Store made its appearance in the Tops Shopping Center when a give-away drawing was held with prizes of a GE AM/FM Stereo Phonograph, two Bianchi Ford Fold-a-Bikes, a GE Toaster Oven and six Sanyo electric digital clocks.

Happened to catch some of Dan McBride’s Around the Town radio show on Saturday over WXRL 1300. Dan’s broadcast was taking place at Kelly’s Country Store. Dan's music is great and included one of my all-time favorites, Oh Baby Mine, one of the Four Knights' biggest hits in 1954.

      Kay Haller
Our sympathy to the families of Catherine "Kay" DeGlopper Haller, Dolores Williams, Jean A. D'Amico, Jonathan D. Louth, Doris C. Moran and former resident William F. Burk who recently passed away. Click Deaths for complete information.

Jim and Mary Stewart have decided to move back to the Island and take up residence at their former LaSalle Avenue address. Jim and my sister, Mary, expect to relocate here in a month or two.

This week's Isledegrande.com advertising spotlight is on the Raepple brothers' John's Pizza & Subs, Elderwood At Riverwood, Dental Care Associates in Wheatfield and Mike Hachee's Rose Liquor Store. It pays to advertise at Isledegrande.com - the voice of Grand Island and the Island's #1 news source, now updated daily.

Good luck to St. Stephen's School student Meredith L. Stone who is competing tomorrow for the honor of representing New York State in the national Geography Bee to be held May 24-25 in Washington, D.C. Meredith is the daughter of Eileen and Jeff Stone.

Those Monday night bowlers at Mallwitz's Island Lanes are fabulous!! Congratulations to Ken Carter who rolled a 300 in a 753 series. Bowling on the same Men's A Best Roofing League and having a great night were Rick Archambault with a 290-742 and Ken Pelletier with a 277-737. Men's A Best Roofing League has had at least six perfect games since the first of the year.

As announced here two weeks ago, the "Battle of the Bands - Jazz At Its Best," a fundraiser for Christine's Garden Of Hope in support of the Ryshkus family, is being held from 2-6 p.m. Sunday, April 10th in the Buffalo Launch Club. Tickets are available from and Rotary Club member including Denny (Ann) Dahl at 773-1452. From all reports, this is going to be a sell-out crowd. See you there.

The Grand Island High School Class of 1995 reunion committee would like to borrow a copy of the class photo taken outside and in the shape of 1995. Email me at teddy@giecom.net if you can help.

"Say a prayer for our guys over there."

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Be sure to click photo for a larger view.
This is Shampoo Volk doing one of her favorite things. She loves to watch "Animal Planet" on television just as often as it is on for her. Shampoo, who celebrated her first birthday on March 4th, is the much loved pet of Carol and Thom Volk. Carol's Hairitage Hair Salon is right next to the Isledegrande.com office and Shampoo is a frequent visitor to our newsroom.

After reading my "Orleans" Crushes Bedell House Pier feature story regarding an event that happened here exactly 50 years ago, Isle native Phil Killian wrote me the following note: "I got a big kick out of your write up on the time that the Orleans smashed into the Bedell House. Johnny Lyden, Howie Kaiser, and myself were there at the time. We were watching the 11 p.m. news on the TV and they told about the boat hitting the Bedell House and severely damaging "the grand ballroom." We had a hearty laugh over that and Lou Meyer laughed the loudest. Anyone who remembers that large front room on the river with the old, uneven, sloping, wooden floor, would be very unlikely to refer to it as "a ballroom."   Thanks, Phil. I agree - It may never have been a "Grand Ballroom," but oh, the good times we had there. Click "Orleans/Bedell House Feature" for the story.

Welcome to new baby Kaylee Marie Montana, born February 10, 2005 to Island residents Pete and Cyndi Montana.•••• A belated happy 50th anniversary to Joan and Don Papaj who were married on February 16, 1955.

Jamie DiSarno, a Fredonia State College student, is among 14 artists whose works will be featured in "Rumble at the Rock" opening with a public reception at 7 p.m. April 8th, in the Rockefeller Arts Center Art Gallery Lobby at the school. The exhibition will remain on display through April 17th. Jamie, a painting and sculpture major, is the daughter of Joseph and Bonnie DiSarno.

Looking Back 60 years - Sidway School 4th graders were doing soap carvings and the best carvers included Jack Wohlfehrt, Ed Redinger, Patricia Howard (Bachert), Melvin Sommer and Harry Barrett.••••Children at Sidway School saw the full length movie, “The Biscuit Eater” and a cartoon, “Popeye Meets Sinbad The Sailor.” Each child brought 5 cents to help cover the cost of the movie. ••••William Kaegebein, chairman of the school board, outlined the proposed plans for an addition to the present school building during a March 1945 PTA meeting. ••••The town board, due to complaints, requested that the school board take action regarding the old School #5 building at Baseline and Bush roads. Reports were that children have been entering the old schoolhouse.

Looking Back 50 years - School and community band members gave a concert under the direction of Bill Pinkow on March 26-27, 1955 in the Kaegebein School Auditorium to raise the last of the necessary funds for band uniforms. ••••The Idle Hour Inn, located near the south Grand Island Bridge, was advertising a free picnic grove with catering if desired. ••••The dock at the foot of Love Road and East River that the Cullens, Boehms and Gearys worked so hard on, disappeared sometime during the Island’s stormy weather in March 1955. ••••Island students selected by audition for the Erie County Music Educators Association Concert March 20, 1955 were Roy Campbell, Kenneth Sterner, Robert House, Carlton Schutt, John and Donald Fontana, Eric and Trudy Reimann (O'Connor), Dennis VanNort, Diane Harding (Swick), Phyllis Lafferty (Tanner), Teddy Klingel (Linenfelser), Douglas Kutzbach, Margaret McMahon (Prange), Kathy Kinsey (Wilcox), Betsy Kinsey (Sims), Frank Miller, Noreen Miller (Brent), Barbara Glor (Martin), Elizabeth Glor (Allen), Gary Corbett, Jack Strother, Thomas Pierson, Susan Turnbull, Diane Hamilton (Mossman), David Ames, Myron Ortolano and Charles and David Pinkow. Bill Pinkow of Grand Island directed the band. ••••The Island’s March 1955 storm made Florida's St. Petersburg News, complete with a picture of the Orleans and Bedell House on the front page.

Looking Back 40 years - East River Road residents decided spring was officially here after seeing Ray Lippens running up and down the river in his boat on the last two days of February. ••••Top hoopster in the town basketball league seemed to be Mark Livezey of the Barons. Mark had 29 points for the 51-28 win over the Nats in March 1965.••••Huth Road School Americanism Essay and Booklet Contest and Buffalo Evening News spelling contest winners included Paul Linenfelser, Fred Bidell, Dan Corbett, Dawn Livezey, Stephen Tyrrell, David Livingston, Bonnie Smith, Mary Eileen Gill and Patricia Ford.•••• The local paper carried a rehearsal picture of the Island Theater Group’s Come Blow Your Horn which opened April 1, 1965. Does anyone have the photo showing cast members Arlene Billstone, Linda Job and Chris Wright? •••• Winners of the Americanism Essay Contest sponsored by the American Legion and Buffalo Evening News were 7th grader Jane Rogers, 8th grader Michael Linenfelser, and 11th graders Pam Thorne and James Rosensteele.••••Joseph Chimento was the new guidance counselor at the Jr. Sr. High School.

Looking Back 30 years - Dr. Edward “Ted” Rayhill instructed 40 members of the Grand Island Fire Company in the symptoms and care of strokes, heart attacks and spinal injuries. •••• The local weekly paper was not only reporting calls for the Sheriff’s Department but listing the crimes such as DWI, who passed a bad check, the name of a boy who skipped school, and the address where 16 quarts of rum, two quarts of Cold Duck and six packs of beer were listed as stolen!••••The Madrigal Singers, formed in 1973 and under direction of Kenvin Moreau, left on Monday, March 24, 1975 for the 5th annual International Choral Festival March 24-April 1, 1975 in Rome. ••••Fantasy Island general manager James M. Searns, reported an expenditure of $450,000 in park improvements, including the new “Devil’s Hole” ride.••••Grand Island 4-H Saddle Syndicate members elected the following officers: President Barb Bensman, Vice President Tammy Long (Geblein), Treasurer Michelle Hanson, Secretary Joanne Houck and News Reporter Patty Kaiser.•••• Winners of the Jaycees Easter Egg Hunt in 1975 were Brian DeGlopper, Sarah Englert, Christine Boehland and Tina Schottmiller.

Happy birthday to Michael Christopher Brown (8 tomorrow), Elsie Killian (her 80th on Saturday), Jim Driscoll (cheers on Saturday), Cheryl Chamberlain (her 37th on Saturday), Glenn Holler (20 on Sunday), Ed Burns (75 on Sunday), Arlene Clarke (the big 5-0 on Sunday), Cory Clare Rathmann and Annalea Masiello (Monday), Terry Mesmer (the big one on Monday), Marianne Christensen (Monday), Sarah McMahon (Tuesday), Travis Kelley (8 on Wednesday), and Tom Arch (the big 4-0 on Wednesday).

Speaking of birthdays, Evelina Schopp who turned 96 last week, made a new friend at her birthday party. Janet Osborne, friend of Evelina's son, Reg, was invited to the celebration and had a great time talking with Evelina. By the way, Janet is also turning 96 on March 31st.

Danielle (Bennett) Raffa and her daughter Kayla Michelle have returned to Grand Island for a surprise Easter visit from Ramstein AFB, Germany. Danielle is a graduate of Grand Island High School, Class of 1997 and joined the service after graduation. Welcome Danielle & Kayla!

Our sympathy to the families of Phyllis C. (Ahrens) Bota, Lisa (Ward) Crawford and former resident James Shear who recently passed away. Click Deaths for complete information.

Adelphia Channel 13 will show the finals and championship rounds of the Grand Island Corporate Bowl on Saturday, March 26th at 1:30 p.m. We watched this Sunday night and thoroughly enjoyed the high school students in action.

We welcome Isledegrande.com's newest advertiser, Care-A-Lot Childcare Centres . Be sure to check out their website at http://www.care-a-lot.net/. Also spotlighted this week are the following advertisers we do so appreciate: Gagliardi & Wright , Liz Wilbert - Century 21, Grand Island Home Construction, and Fuccillo Chevrolet. It pays to advertise at Isledegrande.com - the voice of Grand Island and the Island's #1 news source, now updated daily.

The kids at Connor Middle School, including our granddaughter, Amy Bidell, did a great job of "Snoopy, The Musical," on Tuesday night in the high school. Much credit for the perfection of the performance goes to music teacher and play director, Deb Remson. For play pictures taken at a rehearsal, click "Snoopy."

I really hope Tuesday night's power outage didn't cause any real serious problems for anyone. We thoroughly enjoyed the quiet and the candles. Of course getting to the flashlights and candles in the first place was a bit confusing in total darkness, even though we knew exactly where they were!

Happy Easter.

"Say a prayer for our guys over there."

Thursday, March 17, 2005
Jane                                           Geraldine                    Rick

Jane "Leckie" Kowzan and Rick Yensan were classmates at Sidway School and Geraldine "Mrkall" Serba also attended Sidway a few years earlier where these photos was taken. A big happy birthday to Jane (tomorrow), Geraldine (Sunday) and Rick (Wednesday).

Be sure to click photo on the right for a larger view.
Randy White sent these photos taken at Lone Star Steakhouse in Phoenix where Sam Aswad celebrated his 80th birthday. From left are Sam, Richard Aswad (current Island resident and Sam's younger brother, also known as Father George, retired Greek Orthodox priest), Mindy White (Randy's daughter from Michigan), Randy White (GI Class of 70), and Fred Aswad (Sam's son, GI Class of '69). A great time was had by all. According to Randy, "Sam and Fred are regulars at the Lone Star and the management and staff treated us well. We even sang the real "Happy Birthday" song. Don't tell the publisher OK?"

Congratulations to Rich Freer on his 300 (822) game bowling with the Men's A Best Roofing League At Mallwitz's Island Lanes. Team secretaries - send me your scores!

Fun email from Isle resident Tamie Matthews this week regarding clothing styles! "Oh my gosh...too funny!! Ahh, yes, the fashions of the 70's and 80's! I have a gorgeous black velvet "vintage" shrug, that was my mom's from the 50's, and I love it! Not that I really ever "go" anywhere, but if the occasion should arise... I am ready! I remember wearing elephant leg pants, and the polyester bell bottoms, with embroidery going down the leg.... going to the mall, and buying t-shirts with the iron on transfers. Butterfly blouses, and ponchos. And, the funniest thing? I went shopping with my sister to Penney's, to get my niece some clothes...whoa! It was like going through a time warp..... there were the bold "mod" style dresses, funky clothes from the 70's, and all the glittery clothes that I adored so much in the 80's! Those were the days! Approaching 41, most of those things are just fond memories, but I can relive my childhood through my three nieces! Having two boys, they just don't have the cool stuff like we girls did! Thanks for taking me back to the "good old days"! And thank you, Tamie, for your memories.

Be sure to click photo for a larger view.
Very, very surprised! That's what Peter Fahrer was on his recent 40th birthday when he came home from work to see his mom who actually come back up north in the freezing cold for his big birthday bash. Thanks to his mother, Flo Gannon (And I mean "FREEZING COLD!") for the photo.

Looking Back 50 years - Karen Hillman (Lloyd), a 7th grader in Mrs. Joyce Yuhas’ classroom at Sidway School, was the Grand Island winner of the Buffalo Evening News spelling bee. George DeGlopper, a 7th grader in Mrs. Dorothy Dillemuth’s room, was the alternate. Runners-up were Patty Williams (Meyer) and Jeanne Marie Dinsmore (Ensminger).••••The first copy of the Chamber of Commerce newsletter was distributed in March 1955. ••••A Hard Times Dance for 7th, 8th and 9th graders was held in the Sidway School gym on the evening of March 19, 1955 when Jim Fleming served as master of ceremonies.•••• The real Aunt Jemima appeared at Kaegebein School on Friday morning, March 18, 1955 to entertain the 4th, 5th and 6th grade students from Sidway and Kaegebein schools with a program of music and songs. Aunt Jemima was sponsored by the Quaker Oats Company. ••••High winds tore down light and telephone cables and ice broke the old ferry, the Orleans, from its moorings at the Bedell House in Ferry Village, causing extensive damage. Click "Orleans Smashes Bedell House Pier" for feature story and photos of the March 1955 incident.••••JoAnn Carr was mistress of ceremonies for the Girl Scout birthday party on Friday, March 18, 1955. ••••Girl Scouts on the Island were attending roller skating lessons at the Rainbow Roller Rink in 1955 and mothers were invited. Helene Kerr reported lasting for over an hour. Completion of the 10-week course entitled the scouts to the roller skating badge.

Looking Back 40 years - Among those appearing in the second annual performance of “Evening of Plays” on March 19, 1965 in the Grand Island Jr. Sr. High School auditorium were Frank Vacanti, John Kipping, Karen Kohlhagen (Wallace), Mira Tetkowski, Teresa Lang, Melissa Clement (Hill), Duane Hastrich and Melanie Ciszek••••.Top winners of the Huth Road School Buffalo Evening News Spelling Bee in March 1965 were Paul Linenfelser and Deborah Johnston.

Looking Back 30 years - Real Estate Broker Loraine C. Campion, added Alice Duncan and Charles and Agnes Morgan to her staff.

Birthday greetings to Daniel Patrick O'Brien (today), Ryan Matthew O'Neil (7 today), Connie Shaw (cheers tomorrow), former Island science teacher Mildred Saltzman (75 tomorrow), Carol Sharpe (Saturday), Ian Cap (his 21st on Sunday), Sarah Berlinger (4 on Sunday), Evelina Schopp (96 on Sunday), Pat Dunlop and Suzanne Geis (Monday), Carol Galbreath, Sandra Heberlein and Charlotte Mrkall (Tuesday), and Pat Harding and George Christensen (Wednesday). A belated happy birthday to Meaghan Malaney who celebrated yesterday.

Our sympathy to the families of Helen B. Reynolds, Patricia A. Bessel, Lillian Chiasera and former residents Theresa "Terri" Martin-Stewart, James R. Shear and Lee A. Forster who recently passed away. Click Deaths for complete information.

My sister and brother-in-law Mary and Jim Stewart are on the island for two weeks. Unfortunately, the visit is due to the death of their daughter-in-law, Terri Stewart who passed away Sunday following a long illness.

This week's Isledegrande.com business spotlight is on Carl Amato Collision, diPaolo Builders, Park Place Subdivision and Justin Tyme Cafe & Catering. It pays to advertise at Isledegrande.com - the voice of Grand Island and the Island's #1 news source, now updated daily.

Adelphia Channel 13 will show the finals and championship rounds of the Grand Island Corporate Bowl on Saturday, March 19th at 12:30 p.m., again on Sunday, March 20th at 7:30 p.m. and also on Saturday, March 26th at 1:30 p.m. Thanks to Councilman Mary Cooke for sharing this information.

Just heard that Island native Kay Haller who is now residing in California, has had emergency surgery. Cards and prayers from her many friends would surely be appreciated.

As of this morning at 7 a.m. Veronica E. Connor Middle School raised $10,522 for Roswell Park Cancer Institute. Congratulations students. A story, including the names of the top fundraisers, (Matthew Killian $816.25) appears elsewhere in today's E-News.

An Ecumenical service sponsored and led by the Grand Island Ministerium, will begin at 12:15 p.m. next Friday, March 25th at St. Stephen's Roman Catholic Church, Baseline Road.

Hey, kids! The Easter Bunny will be at Top on Saturday. Click Recreation Dept. Page for details.

Members of the Historical Society are now accepting reservations for their Victorian Tea. Call Dottie, 773-5025 or click Historical Society for information.

"Say a prayer for our guys over there."

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Diane                                           John                    Karen

Happy birthday today to Diane "Yakam" Nesbitt, and to John Sarokon and Karen "Anderson" Webb, celebrating next Tuesday and Wednesday respectively. The threesome were classmates at Sidway School when these photos were taken.

Now this sounds like a good time for a good cause! "Battle of the Bands - Jazz At Its Best," a fundraiser for Christine's Garden Of Hope in support of the Ryshkus family, is being held from 2-6 p.m. Sunday, April 10th in the Buffalo Launch Club. Tickets are available from the Rotary Club members.

Grand Island's Brianna Wik, 7, is this year's celebrity child for the 2005 Variety Club Telethon. Brianna and her dance class will perform during the televised program on Sunday morning at 9 a.m. Seven-year-old Gabby Robinson, also of Grand Island, attends the dance classes with Brianna at Step-In-Time Studio of Dance. Brianna is the daughter of Ron and Deanna Wik of Bush Road and Gabby's parents are Brian and Dana Robinson of First Street. For Brianna's story, click "Brianna - Celebrity Child"

Good news! Jimmy Roberts' condition has been raised to fair. He has made tremendous progress since his January 17th car accident when his friend, John Stark of First Street on the Island, was killed during a heavy lake-effect snowstorm in the Southern Tier. Jim is now in Room 818 at ECMC and will probably be there another month or so.

Jim Reese Jr. bowled not one 300 game at Island Lanes Monday, but followed it up with another perfect game. Congratulations Jim.

Received a note from Pat Hepfer of Sarasota, Florida who is the aunt of former Island school teacher and Historical Society president, Pat Bulan. Pat, now legally blind, is living near her niece at the following address: 743 S. Beneva Road, #407, Sarasota, Florida 34232. She is 85 years old and would surely enjoy hearing from old friends. According to Pat Hepfer, the only photo her Aunt Pat wanted to bring with her when she moved was of River Lea.

Former resident Holly Whitford Best and her husband, Barry, are very proud of their son, Michael, who was recently recognized at Bishop Elementary School in Englewood, Colorado. He is one of the "Spotlight Students" for 4th - 5th graders and was honored for his work in class. He received an "olympic" medal for his performance in gym class, especially for kick ball!

Looking Back 60 years - Sidway School sixth grader Joan Livingston (Fred) reported her class news in the local weekly. “Things are a “clippin” and a “buzzin” in our room lately.” The “clippin” . . . was the cutting of shamrocks to paste on napkins to be sent to soldiers’ hospitals for St. Patrick’s Day in 1945.

Looking Back 50 years - The second World Day of Prayer Service of Protestant Women was held at St. Martin-in-the-Fields and well attended. ••••The children of Alt Blvd. held their 5th annual carnival in the Esack yard with white elephant donations from the neighbors. It was reported that $12.40 was collected and taken to Children’s Hospital in 1955. A letter of thanks was received by George and Marge Esack’s children, John Esack and Mary Ann Esack (Hunt). ••••The Chamber of Commerce annual Sports Night on March 15, 1955 in the Buffalo Launch Club was attended by over 100. Program planners were Jerry Thirion and Dorothy Howard. Dave Meyers named Ernie Hoefner Athlete of the Year for his free style and relay (swim) team work at Tonawanda High School.••••The Grand Island Masons served over 300 fish fries in the Buffalo Launch Club on Friday, March 11, 1955. ••••Diane Yakam (Nesbitt) turned 10 in March 1955 and celebrated with a birthday party attended by Joanne Haller (Miano), Susan Vampotic (Doane), Maryann McCarthy (Coniff), Debbie Dixon, Betty Kerr (Olmstead), Carol Chateauneuf (Stevens), Kathy Cotter (Little) and Donna Yakam (Krehl).

Looking Back 40 years - A year-end report of the Grand Island Memorial Library listed the facts that 58,600 books were circulated and approximately 3303 residents made use of the facility in 1964 (still in basement of former two-room school).

Looking Back 30 years - “Brigadoon,” Grand Island High School’s 6th musical, was performed on March 13-15, 1975. Rosemarie Eichel and Alan Dally had the leads. Others taking parts were Paul Zoltoski, Ray Carter, Carol Meier, Vicki Jones, Michele Radecki, Dave Fix and Mark Ace. Photos anyone? ••••100+ staff members of Grand Island Schools celebrated an early “Wearing of the Green” Thursday, March 13, 1975 in the Buffalo Launch Club. Teachers, administrators and school personnel from all five of the District’s schools attended the St. Patrick’s Day party. Miss Debbie Croft was mistress of ceremonies for the after-dinner program that began with a floor show in which everyone had a chance to “get into the act.” Helping with arrangements were Ethel Yuhas, Nick LaMonte, Joan Droit, Kay Tyson, Bob Piatek and Tom Charlton.

Happy birthday to Joe McNamee (a milestone today), John Watkins (today), Emily Bolles (a teenager tomorrow), Tiffany Turner (14 tomorrow), Barbara Anderson and Annie Linenfelser (tomorrow), Katie Doane (her 20th birthday tomorrow), Patti Kratz (her 50th on Saturday) Michele Beauchamp, Dan Robillard and Carol Dusenbury (Saturday), Madison Elizabeth MacNeil (3 on Saturday), Sam Aswad (turning 80 on Sunday), Karen Smith (Sunday), Adam Kratz (his 21st on Sunday), Bethany Ann Sirianni and Sharon Ullrich (Sunday), Cortny Frank (Monday), Mindi Kratz (Tuesday), Rod Raham (50 candles on Tuesday), Doris Kaiser (special greetings on Tuesday), Paul Bidell (his 40th on Wednesday), Jeanne Szczkutowicz (Wednesday), and last but not least, Richard Harnden turning 65 on Wednesday.

Our sympathy to the families of Esther D. Whitford, Barbara C. Brennan and former residents Kathy (Schoenle) Bibeau and Walt Youngs who recently passed away. Click Deaths for complete information.

A very happy anniversary to Rick and Helga (Oliphant) Steinlein of Lockport who celebrated their 30th anniversary on March 8th. Helga is a GIHS graduate - Class of 1974.••••Best wishes to Vicki and Ian Harnden, celebrating their 20th anniversary on Wednesday, March 16th.

After reading my column last week, Peggy McNulty Hooper wrote to offer some good memories of clothing from the 50s era including nothing blouses, Jamaica and/or Bermuda shorts, Pop-eye pants, angel blouses, and hip-stitched skirts. Peggy asks if teens still get working papers as she and her sister did. Peggy's sister, Patty McNulty Yensan, worked at Richard Ray's in the plaza on the Boulevard after coming back to the Island from Tonawanda High School. Thanks, Peggy.••••If you were living on the Island and going to high school off the Island at any time before our high opened, send me your memories of the "bus ride," bus drivers and anything else you remember about leaving the Island for high school. Memories may be sent to me at teddy@giecom.net. Thanks to those who have already written.

Please patronize our advertisers. Our long list includes The Grand Lady, Paddock Chevrolet and Sound Choice Audio & Performance., and Holiday Inn Grand Island. It pays to advertise at Isledegrande.com - the voice of Grand Island and the Island's #1 news source, now updated daily.

That wonderful batch of gals in the Zonta Club are holding their 35th anniversary antique show at River Oaks Friday from 6-9 p.m. and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. River Oaks Restaurant
will be open for dinner on Friday evening and lunch and dinner on Saturday.••••A Corned Beef and Cabbage Dinner will be served at the VFW Post by the Ladies Auxiliary this Saturday from 4-7 p.m. and there'll be 50s, 60s, and 70s music by Rock Bottom. Take-out will be available.••••Don't forget the Relay For Life meeting Tuesday at 7 p.m. in the high school cafeteria. Get involved and have fun all for a great cause.

"Say a prayer for our guys over there."

Thursday, March 3, 2005

Gary Conschafter           Keith Kinney                     Jim Mulcahy

Three local kids make good! This year's Sandy Beach Yacht Club commodore is Dr. Gary Conschafter who grew up at 1285 West River. The Commodore of the LaSalle Yacht Club is Keith Kinney who grew up at 2920 Fix. Jim Mulcahy is the Commodore at the Buffalo Canoe Club and grew up at 1295 West River. Their properties abutted each other and the boys were all good friends.

Be sure to click this 1970s photo for a larger view of Todd and his dad.
Gary and Carol Roesch's first born turns 40 today. Happy birthday to Todd Roesch on his milestone birthday.••••Happy birthday also to John Simon, Jeff Denler and Mike O'Dea (today), Jane Goris (tomorrow), Fran Jensen (Saturday), Hayden Backlund (4 on Sunday), John Derigo (Sunday), Linda (Mielke) Hamilton (Tuesday), Grace Dorothy Wenner (her 2nd birthday on Wednesday), Chandler Cole (7 on Wednesday) and Joanne Hartmann (special greetings on Wednesday).

Payback time? Happy birthday to Cindy (Austin) Zurek who is celebrating her 54th birthday this Friday, March 4th.

Life-long resident Peter Fahrer, current chef at the Pepper Mill Restaurant, is turning the big 4-0 tomorrow. His sister, Teresa (Fahrer) Gormady (left) turns 39 the very same day and Peter's cousin, Kevin Dilliot was also born on March 4th, 1966 making him 39 as well. Happy birthday, everyone.

(Left) Shari and Rex Seitz of Gregory Ln., Michele Beauchamp of Lubbock, Texas, and Gary and Gail (Hollinger) Conschafter of Calvano Dr.
More news from Lubbock, Texas and Michele Beauchamp, Class of 1982. David Seitz, son of Shari and Rex Seitz of Gregory Lane, has joined his longtime friend and Islander, Shawn Conschafter, and signed with the Lubbock Cotton Kings professional hockey team for the remainder of the 2004-2005 season. David played his first game as a Cotton King on Thursday, February 24th, and helped his team to a 3-1 victory over the Corpus Christi Rayz. "I had a great treat at the game last night: not only are there two "Islanders" on the team, Shawn Conschafter and David Seitz, but both of their parents attended the games over the long weekend," Michele wrote this week. She is shown in the photo with the Conschafters and the Seitz in the Lubbock Municipal Coliseum after Saturday night's game where there was a reported 5,385 people in attendance. (Click "Lubbock Cotton Kings" for previous story.)

Islander Barry Conway's previous appearance on "Emeril Live" will be re-broadcast on Thursday, March 10th at 8 p.m. and midnight on the Food Channel. Barry's recipe for Taco Pot Pie is featured with three other recipes as the winners of Emeril's Pie Contest.

Good luck to our fantastic Girls Basketball Team who will play Honeoye Falls-Lima in the Class A State Playoff Competition at 3 p.m. Saturday at ECC-City.

Very best wishes to former resident Renee Thirion Wulf on her special day tomorrow from all of your many friends here on the Island and across the nation.

The Emmanuel Community Bible Church, previously holding services in the former Emmanuel Methodist Church on Baseline Road, is now meeting at 10 a.m. Sunday mornings in the Holiday Inn.

Looking Back 60 years - The production department of the Grand Island branch of the American Red Cross boasted 15 sewing and knitting groups and over 2000 work hours in seven months to support the war effort.

Looking Back 50 years - Mike and Florence Popeluk opened their new business, Island Radio TV Service on Saturday, March 5, 1955 in the Reese Building. •••• Ernie and Edith Godfrey’s Variety Store was advertising girls flannel-lined dungarees at a $1, Girls and Ladies flannel shirts at a $1 and $1.25 and Men’s ties at 50 cents. ••••Jack Boehm, Bill Loth, Jim and Joe Kerr, Penny Ball, Marianne Lehane (Ward), Barbara Ianni, and Sally Swalm were taking 10 free ballroom dance lessons from the Arthur Murray studio in the Dellwood Ballroom, Main Street, Buffalo beginning March 4, 1955.

Looking Back 40 years - The Grand Island Historical Society, formed in 1962, held a meeting on March 4, 1965 in River Lea shortly after a contract for use of the landmark had been signed. The Society was to begin restoration plans. Members, who were requested to bring folding chairs to the meeting, were giving a tour of River Lea that evening. ••••Hazel Link, chairman of the Island beautification project of promoting the sale and planting of flowering crab and plum trees, received a letter of thanks from First Lady - Lady Bird Johnson in March 1965. Members of the East Park, Bridgeview, Sandy Beach and Cinderella Isle Garden clubs were credited with the sale which took place here for many years. Mrs. Johnson later invited Hazel to Washington to attend an all day conference in connection with the Beautification Program the president's wife was sponsoring at the time.

Looking Back 20 years - Grand Island's Smoke Detector law went into effect in March 1985, the county sales tax rose "temporarily" from 7% to 8%, Ilona Lang was the Grand Island Chamber's new president and first woman to hold that office, and Father Richard Cahill was the new pastor of St. Stephen's Church.

Reading the Sears ad last week was like a trip back in time. The flyer showed a full skirt printed with a lot of design all over it and the model was also wearing a shrug. It was 50+ years ago that I received a pink shrug for Christmas and it was in the mid 1950s that we wore the fuller, patterned skirts. My husband, Jim, commented on seeing sharply pointed toe shoes recently and how long the points were. Doesn’t he remember what we (the girls) wore in our dating days? Another thing that is back from the same era is coats in patterned material. What we didn’t see much back then were dungarees. That is what ‘jeans’ were called. And being a girl, I wouldn’t be caught dead in a pair with the zipper in the front. I remember receiving a pair in a bag of hand-me-downs from a neighbor. I spent much play time trying to hold the zipper front over to the side so no one would know that I had on boys’ dungarees. Send me your clothing stories. The younger adults will surely have tales to tell about what was in in the 1970s. Those colored slides don’t lie!!!

Our sympathy to the families of Paul Facklam Sr., Raymond F. Turner, Mary Haller and Betty Jean Ross who recently passed away. Click Deaths for complete information.

Congratulations to Mike Johnson who rolled his fourth 300 game (782) this year while bowling with the Men's A Best Roofing League at Mallwitz's Island Lanes on Monday night. Congrats to Mark Raepple on his 300 (726) on the same night.

We are happy to welcome newest advertiser Frank Budwey's Budwey's Supermarket - a short drive to North Tonawanda - "where you never have to wait for a sale." Remember! It's advertisers like Budwey's, McMahon's Family Restaurant, Joan Dlugokinski - Century 21, Rosemary Hill Beadwork, and "Technology Camp Of America" who support Grand Island's #1 news source at Isledegrande.com. Please support our advertisers whenever you can. It pays to advertise at Isledegrande.com - the voice of Grand Island and the Island's #1 news source, now updated daily.

The Historical Society is holding an open meeting tonight at 7 p.m. in the Grand Island Memorial Library featuring an "Antiques Appraisal & Show and Tell," and the Island's World Day of Prayer is scheduled for 10 a.m. tomorrow at Island United Presbyterian Church. Our Calendar of Events is full of all Grand Island events including 15 entries for this week alone! Check it out.

Think Spring! It's only 17 days away.

"Say a prayer for our guys over there."

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Sueanne                               John                          Donny                    Jim                          Kathy
Recognize them? They are Sueanne (Austin) Miller, John V. Ekiss, Don Loder, Jim Fuller and Kathy (Grycel) Farmer - all celebrating milestones this week. Sueanne turns the big 5-0 on Saturday, John's natal day is February 26th, Don was born on February 28th, Jim entered the world on March 1st and Kathy celebrated last Thursday, February 17th. Happy birthday, everyone.

Look who is turning 16. Happy birthday to Jessica Lew on her Sweet 16th birthday today.••••Happy birthday also to baby Sophia Catherine Black (her first birthday today), Jack Boehm (65 today), Bob Gesl (tomorrow), Ron Gasbarro and Lynn Dingey (Saturday), William Madigan (double digits - 10 years old on Saturday), Kristyn Marie Dowd (21 on Sunday), Kevin Koch Jr. (3 on Sunday), David Padowski and Rebecca Sobol (Sunday), Kevin Sander (5 on Monday), Arthur Krehan (cheers on Monday), Michael Rayhill (a teenager on Tuesday), Jane Olivia Cooke (her 10th birthday on Tuesday), Karie Michaelene Stedman (3 on Tuesday), Gail Click and Phyllis Martin (Tuesday), Mike Ficorilli (special greetings on Tuesday), Matthew McNaughton (8 on Wednesday), and Michelle Pinzel (Wednesday).••••A belated happy birthday to little Sheila Kathleen Strott who celebrated her first birthday on February 8th.

Received a nice note from Mike O'Dea who writes that he and his siblings, Marty, Jim, MaryJo, Patrick and Kathy met in Englewood, Florida on Sunday, February 12th for their mom's birthday party. Betty O'Dea-Carr turned 85 on Valentine's Day. Also attending were her husband Francis "Doc" Carr, Norm and Willa Dusenbury from the Island and Betty's old high school friend, Ding DeGlopper from Buffalo, all living near Betty in Florida. Several grandchildren also made the trip to see her, as well as local Florida friends. Charlie Dillemuth, Dorothy's son, who Mike hadn't seen since 1966 was also there. "Charlie and I went to Seneca Vocational HS together back when they shipped us off the Island for high school," Mike wrote. "Charlie's connection to Mom was that she took us both to the train station when we headed off to Navy boot camp together in the summer of 1965," Mike said.

A belated happy anniversary to Betty and Vince Phillips who celebrated their 58 wedding anniversary on February 14th.••••The River Lea Quilters Guild was formed 15 years ago with 20 members. The originators of what is now one of the largest organizations on the Island, were Betty Barrett, Carolyn Doebert, Betty Clement, Lydia Moorse, Ruth Stahl and the late Doris Rees.

Grand Island will be well represented when the Niagara Regional Theatre Guild offers the musical farce, "A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum" starting this Friday night at 8 p.m. at the Historic Riviera Theatre, 67 Webster St. North Tonawanda. Click "Islanders" to read who's who in the cast and for days and times of other performances.

Looking Back 60 years - A son was born to Dorothy Loder and her husband, Pfc. Donald Loder on February 28, 1945.•••• Grandyle’s younger set accompanied by Alice Wolf and Irma Dworak attended the “Early Date at Hengerer's” program on Washington’s birthday. Irma was a contestant in the “Holding The Bag” contest and received a delicious cherry pie for her participation. She managed to consume a "six-cent pie" in 20 seconds and was cheered on to victory by the Island groups. •••• Included in the local paper's “With Dottie on the Party Line” column was the fact that Bill Mahnk was planning to train his three sons, Eugene, Jerry and Jack, to be horse-shoe pitchers and carry on the family tradition.

Looking Back 50 years - The Grand Island church women held their second annual World Day of Prayer Service in St. Martin-in-the-Fields Church on February 25, 1955. Women from St. Martin’s, St. Timothy, Emmanuel Chapel and Trinity Church participated in presenting the service, a world-wide observance.•••• The town board voted to buy the Landel Coal Truck for $100 for use by the Grandyle Village sewage plant. The vehicle was said to be the newest thing on the Island 25 years before. ••••Eighty-five Grand Island Boy Scouts visited an open house at Battery D, 606th Anti-aircraft Artillery Battalion on Staley Road on Saturday, February 26, 1955. Troops attending were #75 and Scoutmaster Bill Vanthoff and #254 and Scoutmaster Art Fancher. Other adults were neighborhood chair Howard Swan, Chair of Troop 254 John Loth, and Explorers Advisor Tom Hogan. The visit was arranged by Sam Teubner, Institution Representative. ••••Guests at a surprise party for Jack Boehm’s 15th birthday were James Kerr, Joe Kerr, Marilyn Brick, Marianne Lehane (Ward), Jerry Thirion, Sally Swalm (Hansen), David Yakam, Barbara Ianni (Osborne), Phil and Alan Anderson, Millicent Ball and Jack and Annette Kerr.

Looking Back 40 years - Jerry Hawley won the Outboard Stock Hydro award and was honored in the Courier Express Niagara Frontier Boating Hall of Fame selections for 1964 at the Boat Show.

Looking Back 30 years - The Grand Island Telethon Satellite was held at the Knights of Columbus Hall on Whitehaven Road in 1975 when our community raised $4,700. Heading up the Telethon committee for Grand Island were Jerry Dubiel, Mike Kelly, Bob Urtel and Marty Brennan.••••Erie County Parks Department basketball shooting contest winners in 1975 were John Sullivan, (junior boys crown, and divisional champion), Linda Reiter (junior girls championship), and Mary Sullivan, (girls intermediate winner).

Looking Back 20 years - King and queen of Mrs. Kathy Fik's second grade Valentine's party at Kaegebein School in 1985 were Tim Norman and Anne Barker.

Our sympathy to the families of Ruth P. Albing, Thomas R. Gilmore, June J. Kalinski, George W. Shaw, Corrine Johnson-Walker, Rose Kimiak, Jeanette Nowinski and former resident Michelle L. Nesbitt who recently passed away. Click Deaths for complete information.

Congratulations to Bob MacKellar who had an especially good night last Friday while bowling with the Friday Night Businessmen's League at Island Lanes. Bob's scores were 257-279-279-815.••••Congratulations also to Steve Kessler who rolled a 300 (663) with the Labatts Men's league at Island Lanes on February 15th.

The Ladies Auxiliary of VFW Post 9249 will host a Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser from 4-7 p.m. this Saturday at the Post. A sound system will provide music.

Perhaps many of our readers who visit the Isledegrande.com site on a certain day of the week, are not aware that the news is often updated on a daily basis. Major news will be posted on the current E-News page long before the next issue of the Grand Island E-News is ready for publication.

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"Say a prayer for our guys over there."

Thursday, February 17, 2005
Why are we in Iraq? Click
http://www.mensnewsdaily.com/archive/k/kraft/2005/kraft012905.htm. This was sent in by a reader and though it is lengthy, I feel it is something everyone should take the time to read.

Received a really nice letter from A1C Delene Collins Helman who is serving with the United States Air Force. Click "In The Service" for her letter.

Congratulations to Erie Community College swimmer Glenn Holler who won the 3-meter diving competition at the Region III meet at Monroe CC last week.••••D'Youville College student John Colosi had 10 kills for his D'Youville Volleyball Team on February 10th, however the team took a loss to Medaille. He led the D'Youville scoring with 12 kills on Tuesday against Mercyhurst, but still no win. D'Youville had a win on Wednesday over Hilbert when John again led the scoring with 7 kills.••••Damien Dolce bowled a 300 in a 766 series with the Men's A-Best Roofing league at Island Lanes on Monday.••••Wende Wood bowled some good games on Tuesday night with the Sharpshooters at Island Lanes. She had a high of 243 in a 658 series.

Friends of Del Haller can send cards of cheer to his home, 2315 12th Ave. W, Bradenton FL 34205. Del is wished a speedy recovery back to good health so we can hopefully say hello to him over the July 4th weekend as usual.

Our sympathy to the families of Raymond E. Hale and former resident Joseph W. Anderson who recently passed away. Click Deaths for complete information.

Happy birthday to Arnie Dilliott on his 75th birthday today, to Kathy Grycel Farmer and Tom Giambra (today's their big day), Sean Ford (his 21st today), Hank Fessard and Kathy Garlapow (today), Christopher Heftka, Michelle Gast, Bob Dworak and Anita DeGlopper (tomorrow), Dorothy Rowswell, Phyllis Wesolek, Pat Bruno and Bobby Wright (Saturday), Jan Marie Phillips (30 on Saturday), Tommy Smith (9 on Sunday), Hailey Lorence (two on Monday), Marilyn Kinney (Drum Roll! It's Tuesday!), Jim Zilliox (18 on Tuesday), Kathy Ringler and Janet Saltzman (Tuesday), Christina Kolkmann (7 on Wednesday), John Whitney (Wednesday), Sophia Catherine Black (her first birthday on Wednesday), Marion Passarelli (cheers on Wednesday) and Vera Dutka (her 75th on Wednesday).••••Happy birthday to Bryan Smith, celebrating his 22nd birthday on Sunday while serving his country with the United States Navy in California.

Congratulations to Melissa and Byron Okelberry who are the proud parents of a son, Cody James, born on February 6th.

A very happy wedding anniversary wish to Lee and Mary Becker who will be married 55 years tomorrow.

Norman Froman, who performed across the nation including the Island Lanes and Fantasy Island, under the stage name of Tiny Ted Williams, passed away Friday, February 11th. He played guitar, drums, trumpet and tuba and sang with a long list of country legends. Ted, 53, was the husband of former resident Judy Huff Froman.

Looking Back 60 years - Ken Kinsey, Youth Council basketball leader, announced on February 19, 1945 that a basketball league had been formed for intramural competition with four teams in the league. A jukebox was purchased for the Youth Council’s use in the school and on Friday, February 23, 1945 the Red Cross hosted the Council at a movie, open to the public. Youth Council donations at the time total $363.22. ••••The Youth Council basketball league started Thursday, February 22, 1945. Eddie Mesmer’s “Oilers” outscored the “Eagles” under Bob Rexford 24-14 while Rog Harrington’s “Thunderbolts” lost to Bill Stack’s “Jets,” 28-16. Mesmer and Rexford tied for high scoring honors with 10 points apiece. Phil Killian was runner-up with 8. Ted Kumlander led scoring for the Jets with 12 points. ••••Four new members of the Grand Island Janes were Irene Noras (Thompson), Mary Lou Zahm (Kuozynski), Alice Kress (Oetinger) and Louise Merrill (Sprankle). New treasurer to handle the Red Cross funds was Diane Stubinger and Marion Lyons (Olds) was the treasurer of the Grand Island Janes. Among the group's many projects was a very successful party for 18 U.B. Air Cadets held February 10, 1945.

Looking Back 50 years - Miss Mae Sickman of East River Road, was announced the winner of the first Susan B. Anthony award by the Inter-club Council of Western New York at a luncheon in Hotel Lafayette Ballroom on Saturday, February 19, 1955 “for outstanding and inspiring championship of women’s rights through the years.” She was the first woman elected a member of the Board of Directors of the Erie County Bar Association.••••Patricia Geary gave a “Powder Puff Party” for her 8th birthday on February 18, 1955 when guests included Pam Ball (Fries), Ellen Blakelock (Martin), Rosalind Ortolano (Moore) and Deane Wadon (McGloin). ••••Boy Scout Troop #75 held its Court of Honor in the Sidway gym Thursday, February 17 1955. Among those moving up a rank were 1st class scout Gerald Mayer; 2nd Class scouts Clyde Mayer, Robert Roberts, Edward Gibbs and James DiTullio.••••The Town Board Monday evening, February 21, 1955, voted to purchase another voting machine. Town Clerk Elsie Stamler said records for 1954 showed that a total of 2929 persons voted in the Island’s three election districts. Among other things, the town clerk’s report for 1954 included the issuance of 24 restaurant licenses, 281 building permits and four motel licenses.••••Donald Anderson held a re-organization meeting of the Grand Island Fire Company Drum Corps. Thirteen young men and women, all past drum corps members, met at the fire hall February 22, 1955. Membership was open to anyone over the age of 16.

Looking Back 40 years - Library board members reported 58,600 books were circulated and approximately 3303 residents made use of the facility in 1964 when the library was still located in basement of the former two-room school. ••••Old-timer Lillie Webb of Grand Island Blvd. spoke to the weekly newspaper editor, saying that she was in favor of a new town hall on the same site where it’s been for years and years. Mrs. Webb had been a resident since 1906 and her husband’s family, represented here for over 150 years, at one time owned and farmed most of Love Road.

Looking Back 30 years - Jean Beyers was named Grand Island High School’s Betty Crocker Family Leader of Tomorrow.••••Joseph Zoeckler, a senior at Grand Island High School, was selected to perform as a first violinist with the All-Eastern Conference High School Orchestra composed of top music students throughout the Eastern United States.••••Dorothy Bitner was appointed to the Traffic Safety Advisory Board by the town board.••••Springville Hardheads won the 1975 Team-Free-For-All Basketball Championship Friday, February 21, 1975 with a score of 85-67 over the Grand Island Hackers. Highlight of the evening was after the game when the Island's spectator bus could not make a sharp turn out of the Springville parking lot due to the parking position of a fan’s car. The JV Vikings led by Randy Kramer, Kyle Salley, Troy Salley, George Ihle, Artie Harper and Brad Davis, responded quickly, lifting the 1975 Pontiac Catalina and moving it three feet over, allowing the bus to exit.

Looking Back 20 years - Jamie Bessel, senior co-captain of the GIHS wrestling team, won the 132-pound class wrestling title of the Niagara Frontier League Individual Meet held in February 1985.••••Members of the local Knights of Columbus discontinued their popular bingo games, a fixture on the island for the past 25 years.

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An "Anger Management" course will be held at Island United Presbyterian Church on Monday evenings beginning February 28th. Check our Calendar of Events under Feb. 28th for more information.

Island bird watchers may be interested in the Great Backyard Count taking place February 18-21th. Complete information is available by going to the World Wide Web site, http://www.birdsource.org/gbbc/

A chili cook-off challenge will be held at the Moose Lodge #180, 2524 Grand Island Blvd. from 4 p.m. to ? Saturday.••••A Red Cross Blood Drive will be held from 1-7 p.m. Tuesday, February 22nd at the Knights of Columbus Hall.••••Ecumenical Lenten Luncheons are taking place on Wednesdays at Trinity UM Church.••••Discarded books are being collected on Saturday at the Library by the Friends of the Grand Island Memorial Library.••••Check our "Calendar of Events" for more information.

"Say a prayer for our guys over there."

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Eileen Dowd and Kathy Barton, pictured above, are celebrating a mutual birthday on Monday. The girls, both members of the Grand Island High School Class of 1973, are wished the very best. Monday's their big day.

I just heard that young Jim Roberts of East Oakfield Road is still in a coma in ECMC. Cards may be sent to him at ECMC, 462 Grider Street, Buffalo NY 14215. Jim was seriously injured in an automobile accident on January 17th. Let's say a prayer for his complete recovery.•••• Friends of former resident Del Haller of Florida will want to keep him and Nan in your prayers. Good news is that Del is on the road to recovery.

Hats off to the members of the Grand Island Moose Lodge #180 for their $1000 donation to the Grand Island High School band to help the students with their trip to a music convention in Maryland. Click Moose Lodge for details on an appearance by the GIHS Brass Choir during the Moose open house next Wednesday evening.

Darcy J. Caldwell was married Saturday, February 5th to Kevin M. Stadelmaier. The bride's parents are Amos and Lisa Caldwell and Sharon and William Burns, all of Grand Island.

Alice Olrogge has a new great granddaughter and a new great grandson. The twins, Madeline Nicole (five pounds, seven ounces) and Aidan Michael Domster (six pounds, three ounces), were born Tuesday, January 18th to Darin and Nicole (Olrogge) Domster of Hamburg, NY. The babies are also the great grandchildren of the late Daniel and Helen Hassan and Henry Olrogge and the grandchildren of the late Michael and Dana (Hassan) Olrogge.

The A-Best Roofing League had some great bowling at Island Lanes Monday night. High series was rolled by Jim Reese Jr. (789) and Mike Johnson had another perfect 300 in a 740 series. This would be Mike's 14th 300 game.••••John Colosi had 15 kills for the D'Youville Spartans Men's Volleyball Team to lead the Spartans to their win over Nazareth in four games in a North East Collegiate Volleyball Association contest this week.

Congratulations to Paul Michaud, GIHS Class of 1995 and his wife, Jamie, on the birth of a third son, Andrew Michael, on February 7, 2005. Click Islanders In The News for a photo of baby Andrew and his little brothers.

Happy 60th anniversary to Herman and Nell Roberts, married February 11, 1945. Best wishes to Pete and Karie Hayes celebrating their first anniversary on Sunday, and to Merle and Maisie Dommell and Claire Ann and George Bishop marking their anniversaries on Tuesday and Wednesday respectively.

Best wishes to former resident Charlotte Swalm who brought up her family on East Park Road. Charlotte celebrates her 90th birthday on Saturday.

A belated happy birthday to Ann Gonda who celebrated her 80th birthday last Friday.•••• Happy birthday to Don Hughes (today), Richard "Dobby" Dobmeier, Dom Affuso, David Bell and Bill Schulz Jr. (tomorrow), Hazel Berard (her 90th tomorrow), Jagger Robert Click (5 tomorrow), Jayce Claus (4 on Saturday), Cody Clarke (20 on Sunday), Mitchell Keith Matthews (first birthday on Sunday), Jackie Filosofos (72 on Valentine's Day), Eric Linton (his 30th on Tuesday), Deanna Cole (21 on Wednesday) and Grace Olszewski (10 on Wednesday).

Our sympathy to the families of Marjorie Masters, Joseph D’Ingillo, Viola Pitts and former resident Tom Colley who recently passed away. Click Deaths for complete information.

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Looking Back 60 years - The Sidway PTA's Executive Board attended the “Early Date At Hengerers” program on Tuesday, February 13, 1945 when Esther Livingston was awarded a corsage from the Statler Florist for having the youngest son in the service. •••• The Dottie On The Party Line column in the Island newspaper reported that "The grapevine tells us that Carol Ann Senn (Dusenbury) sent a Valentine to Tinker Cloudy." (Do any of my readers remember "Tinker?")••••Jerry Thomas, 4th grade Sidway School news reporter, wrote that his class had a huge jeep chart in the room and each time the students bought a certain amount of War bonds and stamps, they pasted a part of the jeep on. “We have almost completed one jeep so far,” Jerry said. •••• The Town Board voted the supervisor be compensated $2300 for the year 1945.

Looking Back 50 years - Grand Island Fire Company Auxiliary president Alice Benton appointed Ceil Titterington and Flora Benns Chaplain and Sgt.-at-Arms respectively. Due to the fact that the Auxiliary would be serving about 200 members of the Sheridan Volunteer Fire Company in February 1955, the Auxiliary purchased more dishes and chairs. •••• A Sidway Jr. High roller-skating party was held Thursday, February 10, 1955 at Rainbow Rink with busses leaving Sidway at 7 p.m. Remember those?••••Rev. William Wagner was the pastor of Emmanuel Chapel on Ferry Road near East River roads. The Evangelical United Brethren denomination held church school and morning worship at 10 a.m. ••••Stewart Adams, Bill Linton and Phillip Simpkins qualified for the County-wide Youth Basketball Shoot held at UB's Clarke Memorial Gymnasium in February 1955.

Looking Back 40 years - The 10th grade at Grand Island High School elected the following officers: President Thomas Lawrence, Vice President Sandra Greathouse, Secretary Mary Jo Hoffman, and Treasurer Lois Wheeler.••••Jim Rogan, Bells IGA Manager, won a pen and pencil set and a birthday cake on Friday, February 12, 1965 via a WKBW daytime program. ••••According to Girl Scout Troop 356 scribe Nancy Wonacott, the Troop had a Valentine’s party and Marion Edwards donated use of her record player for the party. Leaders were Yvonne Martin, Betty Plazio and Mrs. Culver.

Looking Back 30 years - The Grand Island Hockey Vikings scored their 8th win Friday, February 13, 1975 “whipping” North Tonawanda 8-3 in the Tonawanda Recreation Center. Senior winger Ian Stapley scored three goals, Howie Robinson scored twice and Rick Stein, John Stein and Dean Gallagher added one apiece. Dennis Platts was strong in goal stopping 30 shots as NT out-shot GI 33-30. •••• Islanders given recognition at the Niagara Frontier Boat Racing Association dinner in February 1975 were the new president, Mike Endres, Gary Roesch, John Wackerman, Jim Lewis, and Howie Benns.

More photos of the cast of the high school's musical production, Seussical have been added to the High School Page. We attended last Thursday's performance and agreed that it was an absolutely fabulous show.

How very gracious of Billy Fuccillo and his Fuccillo Chevrolet dealership on the Island to donate such a fantastic raffle prize to the Relay For Life event. Click Relay For Life for the story.

Congratulations to Julie S. Becker of Grand Island and Michael Frazier of Lubbock, TX , the winners of the Isledegrande.com/GiNews.net customer appreciation drawing of a $100 jewelry gift certificate from deSignet Jewelry.

Tomorrow night is the first of the famous St. Stephen Lenten fish fry dinner served from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. in St. Stephen School. Click St. Stephen Fish Fry for details.

Happy Valentine's Day. Remember those you love!

"Say a prayer for our guys over there."

Thursday, February 3, 2005

This picture and three others were taken yesterday behind our building on Whitehaven Road by my co-worker Nathan Cook. Heavy morning fog over the past few weeks has created some natural beauty around the Island but it just doesn't last long enough! Click the photo to see the other photos.

So sorry to hear of the very serious snow boarding accident involving Kimberly Whitbeck on Friday evening at Chestnut Ridge. Cards to Kimberly, her parents and grandparents would surely be appreciated.

Congratulations to Jaclyn and John A. Connell of Tracey Lane on the birth of a baby girl, Kaylee Ann on January 20, 2005. This is the first baby we have heard about, born in 2005. Gossip has it that at least two others were born earlier last month but no one has come forward with the details.

Our sympathy to the families of Louise S. Ackerman, and former resident Flora Arnst who recently passed away. Click Deaths for complete information.

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Topping the birthday list and wished a happy one are Dick Byron (his 80th today), Ann Gonda (80 tomorrow), Bill Bagdy (80 tomorrow) and John McCaffery (the big 4-0 on Monday). Happy birthday also to Peter Kuehne Jr. (20 today), Ilene Dee, Tom Zarbo, Rita DeGlopper and Herb Sullivan (today), Andrew Carlson (7 today), Mike Sandford (tomorrow), Sally Head (20 tomorrow), Christopher Drew and Alissa Pioli (18th birthdays tomorrow), Kip Staub and Tom Dingey (Saturday), Erin Russo (her 30th on Saturday), Michael Podlucky (8 on Sunday), baby Noelle Marie Linenfelser (her first birthday Sunday), Paul Bauer, Athena Xanthos and Rene Gerber (Monday), Glenn Skelly (11 on Monday), Robert Podlucky (20 on Tuesday), Grace Giambra (8 on Tuesday), Jadon Garman (3 on Tuesday), Carleigh Jane Rodriguez (her first birthday on Tuesday) and Lisa Eley (Tuesday).

Looking Back 60 years - Grand Island Horse Shoe Club tournament winners were Bill Mahnk and Obbie Schlueter.•••• Jerry Thomas reported 4th grade Sidway School news including the fact that the main bulletin board in his classroom had several snow men with red, white and blue hats placed in a "V" with the students’ best papers placed inside.

Looking Back 50 years - Home Bureau Garden Club met February 3, 1955 (Thursday) in the Fellowship Hall of Trinity Church when Eva Wellsford showed movies of the Home Bureau Christmas party.•••• Trinity Church representatives of the Jr. and Sr. High Youth Fellowship, Carlton Schutt, William House and Judy Campbell, assisted the pastor in leading in the opening worship and Joan Lafferty (Kivett), Ronald Livingston and Gail Burgstahler (Rothenberg) presented original sermonettes on the theme, “One Fellowship In Christ.” •••• Miss Bertha VonCraigh, David Dusenbury and Leroy Franklin presented the meditation during the St. Timothy Youth Sunday on January 30, 1955. •••• Rob Roy MacLeod was elected vice president and chairman of the Advisory Board of the Council of Churches of Buffalo and Erie County at its annual meeting Friday, February 4, 1955. •••• Boy Scouts of Troop 254 under the leadership of Scoutmaster Arthur Fancher, decorated Strauss Shoe Store window in the Love Road plaza in celebration of the 45th anniversary of the Scouting movement. They were Jim and Joe Kerr, Jack Boehm, Bill Loth, Dave Keane, Don and Dayton Fancher, Fred Olsen, Dick Prange, Joe Hughes and Jack Hall.••••Chet Hardt was the new commodore of the BLC for the year 1955.

Looking Back 40 years - Marion Young was elected president of the Historical Society for 1965.•••• Best bowlers 40 years ago this week: Al Raepple, 236 and BJ Harding, 200, her third this year.••••Students Rita Robillard and Betty Pitts were learning Braille under the instruction of Betty Tiffany and Vi Remde. The four women volunteers of the Xavier Society for the Blind transcribed school texts for kindergarten through high school. The machines they used were $95 each and donated by the Lions Club.••••The newly installed ice boom was in its infancy in the winter 1965 to the tune of $500,000.

Looking Back 30 years - Shirley Jankowski of Harvey Road, speaking from the floor at the Monday, February 3, 1975 Town Board Meeting, requested a motion be made to extend the supervisor’s term from two to four years. This did not happen for another 14 years.•••• A new library service was the borrowing of clothing patterns for a one-month period. ••••Girls in Brownie Troop 429 and their proud mothers dined at the Knights of Columbus Hall on Monday, February 3, 1975 for an investiture ceremony conducted by Diana Migliore, Jackie Pyc, Yvonne Reitmulder and Teresa Fahrer. Twenty-four Brownies received their World Association pins under the direction of Shirley Jankowski, Denise Bonsack and Bonnie Kobza. The troop was awed by the mystical tricks of local magician Dan Linenfelser Sr. of Wayside Furniture.

Looking Back 20 years - It was just 20 years ago that Jackie Ekiss, Marlena Litzel and Sandy Lare were selected to carry the torch from downtown Buffalo to Chestnut Ridge Park, a 20-mile run in the cold, wind and snow that kicked off the 12th annual Winter Carnival, co-sponsored by the Erie County Parks Department and Goldome Bank.••••The annual town sponsored Winter Weekend held here in 1985 had plenty of snow and cold weather and the best attendance thus far. Glancing at a list of results for that 1985 event, the Lintons were among the winners in the Cross Country Ski Race. Mom, Nancy Linton took first in the 50 and under, Kristen Linton took first in the 12 and under, Erik Linton was first in the 14 and under and Jason Linton came in 6th in the 14 and under.

Good news! Lola, the little lost dog who disappeared last Thursday, was returned to her happy owner, Michelle on Saturday.

If you would like to view the home page of school teacher Marie Hartz and her kindergarten students in Room 211 at Sidway School, simply click Sidway Room 211.

Our "Calendar of Events" is loaded with things to do over this weekend including the High School musical, "Seussical." I'm looking forward to attending tonight's performance with my granddaughter. Heading up the long list of cast members are Melissa Affuso, James Czora, Sean Driscoll and Noelle Pietras.

"Say a prayer for our guys over there."

Thursday, January 27, 2005
Sunday's snow piled up between 8 and 12 inches and the temperature was 5 degrees and sunny when Diane Hassan took the photo on the left. She took the picture on the right a year ago - Sunday morning, January 23, 2004. The temperature here today at 2:25 p.m. is 10 degrees and expected to drop considerably.

Did you or a family member graduate with the Grand Island High School Class of 1985? Classmates are planning a 20th reunion for this summer. They have a great website which lists, among other things, all of those that they have no way of locating. The names on the list are all very familiar so take a look and see if you can give the planners a hand in getting in touch with everyone from the Class of '85. Just click www.grandislandclassof1985.com. By the way, some of those working on the committee are Brenda Guy-Calhoun, Sue Hughes-Argy, Shirley Tokash-Verrico, Keith Normandin and Dale Dulniak.

Our sympathy to the families of Sterling Haslam, Dorothy Jill Farquharson, James E. Rossney, MaryLou Lunsford, Patrick J. Coughlin and former residents Raymond L. Deeter, John Patrick Harrison and Carmela McKnight Mondo who recently passed away. Click Deaths for complete information.••••Retired Grand Island Middle School principal Ronald N. Franke passed away on December 16, 2004. His death notice is on our deceased page and also at http://www.legacy.com/buffalonews/LegacySubPage2.asp?Page=LifeStory&PersonId=3053589 where a guestbook for messages to his wife, Janet, of Sarasota, Florida, may be added.

During the holidays I received numerous emails from friends who sent this link however, for some reason I could not open it. Recently successful in my last try, I wanted to share it with you, though at the rate it was sent to me, many of you have already seen it. Thanks to all who passed it on. Click http://www.icq.com/img/friendship/static/card_16961_rs.swf

A speedy and complete recovery to Jim Roberts of East Oakfield Road who was seriously injured in an automobile accident Monday, January 17th while driving with a friend, to Holiday Valley to do some snowboarding. His friend, John Stark, who lived on First Street on the Island, was killed in the accident during the heavy lake-effect snowstorm.••••Get well wishes to Donn Perry, our school district building and grounds superintendent, who suffered a broken ankle in a fall.

Looking Back 60 years - George H. Alt of Grand Island, NY received the privilege of the exclusive use of the name “Niagara” as a herd name in registering his purebred Holstein-Friesian cattle as announced January 26, 1945 by the Holstein-Friesian Association of America.••••Jr. Red Cross meetings were being held in Sidway School and open to anyone in grades 6th and up. Officers were President Olwyn Jones, Secretary Joyce Sheehan (Evans), Treasurer Florence Webb, Hospitality Chair Nancy Buckhout (Eddy), Production Chairman Sally Staley (Dworak), Publicity Chairman Nanette Gravener (Utter). Projects started were bean bags in the shape of a kitten, small balls, wash mitts, bibs and pen wipers which were to be put in gift boxes and sent to children in Europe. Anne Buzby was the leader of the sewing group.

Looking Back 50 years - Among the large group of community minded residents who met to decide that another new school (Huth) was a necessity were Charles T. Dale and Margery Stratton from the Jr. Chamber of Commerce; Gladys Sloan and Eleeta Hughes from the PTA; William W. Wallace and Charlotte Lewis from the Kiwanis Club; Supervisor George J. Burgstahler, as well as representatives from all Island organizations.

Looking Back 40 years - The 2nd Annual Icicle Ball was held at the high school on January 30, 1965 after the Grand Island – Hamburg basketball game and was opened to parents, teachers and students in grades 9th to 11th, as well as 12th graders who attended off-Island schools. PTA President Jane Senn and Program Chairman Janet Milkey listed their committee as Lee Krueger, Eva Webb and Mrs. William Britt.•••• Al Ackerman, president of St. Timothy Church Men’s Club, sponsor of the new Cub Pack 423, received the Pack's first charter. Den #1 members taking part in a skit presented at the Friday, January 29, 1965 Pack meeting were Bob Funk as New York State Governor Tompkins and Paul Glassman as Red Jacket, Chief of the Seneca Indians.•••• June Marble rolled a 227 with the Grand Island Bells League at Island Lanes. Other high games rolled at Island Lanes 40 years ago were those of Dan Buckley, 225; Betty Jane Harding, 215; Lil Robinson, 186; Jackie Filosofos, 181; and Mary Buckley, 180.

Looking Back 30 years - Boys Basketball Team leaders thirty years ago this week were Glyn Lipp, Mike Masters, Troy Salley and Don Lee.••••Winners of Cub Pack 510’s pinewood derby in January 1975 under the direction of Mr. Bob Buzby included Jim McCarthy, Brett McCutcheon, Jim Witschard, Scott McCarthy, Andy Posluszny, John Bidell, Billy Beiling and Dean Wittholz.•••• DeMolay on the Island grew from its initial 25 charter members to 92 boys in 1975 “mostly because of Larry Runions’ inspiration." Larry was presented the DeMolay Medal of Appreciation in January 1975 in the Buffalo Launch Club because of his unique accomplishments with this young men’s organization.•••• Cub Pack 423 held its Pinewood Derby on Friday, January 31, 1975 at St. Timothy Church. Winner was Markus Beck and semi finalists were Mark Brown, Scott O’Connor and Leo Wrench.

Looking Back 20 years - A winter storm in 1985 hit the Island with a vengeance Sunday, January 20, 1985 and continued through Tuesday when Grand Island Highway Department crews worked continuously for 52 hours and Fire Company volunteers also worked round the clock.

Happy birthday to longtime friend Sue Radder, shown above at her GIHS 30th reunion, and born to Rollie and Helen Radder on January 31, 1955. Sue, a member of the GIHS Class of '73, is residing in Florida.

A belated happy birthday to Sally Riggs who celebrated her 81st birthday yesterday.••••A very happy birthday to Danielle Quider, Joanne Rayhill, Susan Benns, Tony Bruno, Arlene Soluri and my sister, Mary Stewart all celebrating today. Happy birthday also to Amy Forbes (21 today), to Carol Chateauneuf Stevens and Sue Neimeier Adams (celebrating special birthdays today and Saturday respectively), Kelly Greene (tomorrow), Cindy (Mason) Shields (Saturday), Debby Laramee and Diane Lipp (Sunday), Dave Lantz (cheers on his 75th on Sunday), Hailee Clayton (8 on Monday), Mary Sommer (Monday), Mandy Malaney (Tuesday), Sydney Mazur (4 on Tuesday), Ryan Pecoraro (3 on Tuesday), Lee Richard (19 on Wednesday), Barbara Backlund, Beth Bates and David Hennigar (Wednesday), Maria Ramsperger (7 on Wednesday), Samantha Ruotsi (10 on Wednesday) and last but certainly not least, Dr. Norm Courey, celebrating his 75th on Wednesday.

Isle native Tim Phillips has an interesting contest in progress, especially for those interested in car racing. Tim is offering a nice prize to the winner of the best design for the team's paint scheme for 2005. Good luck to Tim, with his "TP Racing Team" this year and good luck to the artists entering the contest. Deadline is February 10th. Click Tim Phillips Design Contest for the story.

Best wishes to Isle residents Shirley and Robert Arkeilpane who celebrated a 50th wedding anniversary with their family in Daffodil's Restaurant. The Arkeilpanes were married November 25, 1954 in All Saints Catholic Church in Buffalo and are parents of six children and grandparents of 17 grandchildren.

Today's spotlighted advertisers are David Ziehm's Ziehm Real Estate, Sue Berger's Flower A Day Florist, Tim Mordaunt's Mediation Center and Don Burns. It pays to advertise at Isledegrande.com - the voice of Grand Island and the Island's #1 news source.

Terry Swain stopped by the office yesterday in regard to the high school's first graduating class of which he is a member, and told us a bit about its 40th reunion taking place in July 2006. Specifics on the event will be announced soon. The preliminary plans really sound fabulous. Stay tuned! And for an interesting story on this first class to graduate from the high school, click the Class of 1966 news page and scroll down!

Our January contest drawing takes place Monday, January 31st. Click "January Contest" and enter now.

"Say a prayer for our guys over there."

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Donny                                     Sharon D.                    Sharon M.
These school days pictures are in honor of special birthdays being celebrated by Don Kutzbach (today), Sharon "Dinsmore" Herrald (tomorrow) and Sharon "McMahon" Tokash (Wednesday). The threesome spent their first year at Sidway School together in Miss Betty Corkery's kindergarten class. A very happy birthday to Sharon, Don and Sharon.

In case you were wondering, we got around 8 inches of snow yesterday according to the Buffalo News. What a difference a week makes!

The Niagara Frontier Region of New York State Parks is offering a program, "Beaver Island Cross Country Ski," in Beaver Island State Park from 2-4 p.m., Saturday. Registration may be made by calling 826-8895.

Our sincerest sympathy to the families of John David Stark, George Fuhrman and Andrew Pacioni who recently passed away. Click Deaths for complete information.

Happy birthday to Andrew Masiello (9 today), Josh Lange and Fran Burrows (today), Bob Thompson (cheers today), Jason Moore (30 tomorrow), Jack Gorman (9 tomorrow), Margie "Rall" Werner, Carol Hamlin, Jamie Mangus and Marion Bradley (Saturday), baby Jonathan Francis Minton (first birthday on Sunday), Joan Raab and Ted Bates (Sunday), Sherrie Houck (special greetings on Monday), Sarah Ramsperger (11 on Monday), Benjamin Paul DeFranks (3 on Monday), Jessica Melgar (her 10th birthday on Monday), Kyle Greene and Chris "Johnson" Gallagher (Tuesday), Jason James MacClelland (3 on Tuesday), Michael Giambra and Sam Clarke (both turning 10 on Wednesday), Paul Long (Wednesday) and Kenneth Dinino (the big 4-0 on Wednesday). A belated happy 22nd birthday to Mackenzie Hassan who celebrated yesterday.

A belated happy birthday to former Sidway School science teacher, Matthew Cyran. Mr. Cyran celebrated his 80th birthday on December 16, 2004. For those interested in writing to him, contact me "by email" for his address.

Looking Back 60 years - Husbands and wives of the Grandyle Village Property Owners Association went on a very cold sleigh ride Saturday, January 20, 1945 followed by "weenies and kraut" at Mesmer's Ox Yoke Tavern at Baseline and Staley roads.•••• John Gast Sr. was looking for musicians to start a band in Grandyle Village.•••• The first official meeting of the newly formed Girl Scout Committee of Troop 337 was held in Sidway School in January 1945. Committee members included Anne Buzby. Troop leader was Beatrice Ashley and her assistant was Mabel Fleming.

Looking Back 40 years - Grand Island Cooperative Nursery School presented the movie, "Alakazam, The Great," an award winning color cartoon, on Saturday, January 23, 1965 in the Huth Road School and later in the day at Kaegebein School. Members of the ticket committee were Ellie Zarbo, Ruth Padlog, Elva Reiter and Margaret Sedler.••••The Island Pantry on Grand Island Blvd. next to Bells IGA opened on Friday, January 22, 1965 and featured cold cuts, bakery items and gourmet sandwiches.••••First place winners for the Grand Island Swim Team when they beat Depew 67 - 28 were Ted Milkey (200 Free Style), Ed Sargent (200 Individual), Dave Wunsch (Diving), Sargent (100 free style), Ken Coulter (100 back stroke), Milkey (400 free style), Joe Weber (100 breast stroke) and the 200 medley relay team of Coulter, Webber, John Lexo and Jeff Kirsch.

Looking Back 30 years - A new group of the Christian Service Brigade, "Battalion," for boys 12 through 18, began in January 1975 in Bible Presbyterian Church. Battalion leaders were Tom Ott, Dave Waite and Ray Milholland.•••• Genius Package Award Winners were announced January 24, 1975 when Cubmaster Robert Wilkin’s Cub Pack 630 met at St. Stephen’s Church. Approximately 23 Cub Scouts and Webelos displayed their masterpieces made from string, wood, paper, egg cartons and various other materials. Winners were Bob Doran, 1st, Viking ship; Randy Howe, 2nd, alligator; Todd Broad, 3rd, Fort; Tim Howe, 4th, barge; Steve Dietrich, 5th, caged animal; Kevin Klein, 6th, bird feeder.

Looking Back 10 years - Assemblyman Sam Hoyt cut the ribbon to officially open the Grand Island office of E-ZPass on January 20, 1995.

Today's spotlighted advertisers are The Beach House Restaurant, Grinders Skate Park, Serenade Music Services and Contour Financial Planning, L.L.C. It pays to advertise at Isledegrande.com - the voice of Grand Island and the Island's #1 news source.

Greg Gesl continues to bowl up a storm. He had two beautiful games and a high series of 287-289-779 on Saturday, January 14th while bowling at Manor Lanes with American Brass and a 706 series on Tuesday in the Airport Classic league at Airport Lanes.••••An article in yesterday's Buffalo News featured St. Francis High School football player Doug Worthington who plays defensive end. The fact is that Worthington is Western New York's first Parade Magazine All-American in 12 years. The last Parade All-American from Western New York was lineman Mark Nowicki, a Grand Island High School graduate, Class of 1994!••••Congratulations to Islander Rob Berry who took two firsts to help his Erie Community College swim team to a 106-55 win over Jamestown CC.

Like to cook? Like to eat? If you haven't already visited our Let's Talk Chow page, you're in for a treat. Jodi Robinson and Barry Conway, Grand Island's most famous chef to date, are the authors. Feel free to write them with your own recipes. By the way - Barry will be on "WNEDCooks" at 11 a.m. Saturday, January 29th demonstrating "Make-Ahead Ooey-Gooey French Toast!"

The VFW Post #9249 Ladies are sponsoring a wine tasting at the Post tomorrow evening beginning at 7 p.m. and featuring music by East Side Sounds. Everyone is welcome at no charge.••••The NCAA/NIRSA Men's College Volleyball game to benefit the High School Boys Varsity/JV Volleyball teams, starts at 7 p.m. tomorrow evening in the high school gym. Teams are D'Youville and UB and admission is only $2 for adults and $1 for students.

"Say a prayer for our guys over there."

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Robert and Debbie Brennan have emailed the identify of this barn, featured over the last several months without a location. The barn is on their property on Love Road between Alt Blvd. and West River Road. It was formerly owned by Harry and Lavina (Vinnie) Anderson. According to Debbie, the barn/house was moved from Bedell Road near West River Road in the 1930s, and the barn, originally connected to the house, was separated when it was moved. Debbie says the picture was a present for Lavina Anderson from Bob and Barbara Brennan and Joyce Birk. My sister, Mary Stewart was the photographer. Thanks, Debbie!

This is John Fletcher II who helped his dad build the biggest snowman on the Island last Saturday. Click Huge Snowman for the picture!••••And now, five days later, the temperature has reached 65 degrees. Bye, bye snowman!

Have you heard about a New Year baby? First babies of the year have been recognized on the Island at least as far back as 1957.

This Saturday, January 15th, has been proclaimed Chad Patrick Kelly day here in New York State. To read about 10-year-old Chad, nephew of the famous Jim Kelly, click "Chad Kelly Story"

This sure sounds interesting to me! Girl Scouts in Theresa Quider's Troop #958 are presenting a unique Gold Award project to children in grades 3 through 8. It is a theater camp that will take place over a nine-week period starting this Saturday (Jan. 15). Click Theater Camp for complete information.

Sorry I missed Jack Gorman's 75th birthday last week. Happy birthday and happy year to Jack who celebrated on Friday, January 7th and a very happy 85th birthday to Bud Pritchard marking the big day on Saturday.••••Happy birthday also to Michael Rustowicz (14 tomorrow), Judy Link (tomorrow), Marlene McCarthy and Bill Vaine (Saturday), Adam Mazenauer (21 on Saturday), Joan Buchanan and Jim Tranter (Sunday), Adam Peters (cheers on Sunday), Virginia Drake (85 on Sunday), Irene Ehde (Monday), Nicholas Kingston (21 on Monday), Jenna Saltzman (10 on Monday), Heidi Pitcher (her 20th on Tuesday), Lance Kohn Jr. (the 4-0 on Tuesday), Charles Panepinto and Travis Mikulski (both celebrating 7th birthdays on Wednesday), Kristyn Taylor (4 on Wednesday), and Henry Kloes (Wednesday).

Ken and Debbie Kennedy Rogoza are celebrating their 15th wedding anniversary today. Happy days to Ken and Debbie.••••So happy to announce one of our newest Islanders, Julia Brielle Capage, born to Lisa and Chuck Capage on Tuesday, December 7th. Click for "Julia Brielle's Pictures"

Looking Back 60 years - A Youth Council movie and dance was held at Sidway School on Thursday, January 18, 1945 with a 35-cent admission for children and adults.•••• After a 3-hour fight, Grand Island Fire Company volunteers Sunday night, January 14, 1945 extinguished a gas well fire on the Oakfield Road property of A. G. Perkins of Warsaw.••••Sidway School students submitted school news to the local weekly paper in the new year of 1945. Serving as the news editor was Donna Anderson (Walker) and the associate editor was Ray Loder. Reporters were Robert Dworak (7-8 grades); Elizabeth Nachbaur (Zarbo) (6th grade); Kenneth Webb (5th grade); Jerry Thomas (4th grade); Leona MacDonald (Stevens) (3rd grade); Marilyn Ekiss (Fries) (2nd grade) and Gifford Peck (1st grade).••••The Fire Company’s Ladies Auxiliary Christmas dinner party, postponed due to bad weather, was held Tuesday, January 16, 1945 at McDoel’s Restaurant in Buffalo and the remainder of the evening spent at the Town Barn.••••Bill Loder proved his worth as a uke player at the Bedell House on a Sunday night 60 years ago this week. The Island's local paper reported that, "A trio of Rita Moyer, Ceil Morrison and Helen Cloudy accompanied him and the spectators had a hilarious time."••••And From the Across The Mahogany With Willie column in the Island Dispatch in January 1945 was the following: "The City of Toledo, a former Fort Erie Ferry Boat, is making an attempt to become a permanent part of the Bedell House derelict fleet." The boat was being pushed up against the pier.

Looking Back 50 years - Twelve Grand Island Cooperative Nursery School children appeared on Helen Neville’s TV program, “2 For Lunch” on January 13, 1955 with the school’s teacher/director Mrs. David Kinton. The students included Meg Allen (Pietras), Jon Jasper, Ellen Martin, Cecilia Schieve and Melissa Clement (Hill) and her pet mouse, Mincemeat.

Looking Back 40 years - When town board and Chamber of Commerce members met with Thruway officials in January 1965, it was admitted that a reduction was justified if it could be shown that bridge tolls have held back the Island’s growth and reducing them would increase the use of bridges to the extent that the lowered fees would not affect total Authority revenues. •••• The new Colonial Liquor Store in the Grand Island Plaza was opened by Joseph R. Masters on Tuesday, January 19, 1965. It was located next to the Open House Restaurant.

Looking Back 30 years - New officers of the Fire Company Ladies Auxiliary, installed in the fire hall on Wednesday, January 15, 1975 were President June Byron, Vice President Sue McMahon, Recording Secretary Rita Hagerman, Corresponding Secretary Beverly Kroetsch, Treasurer Carol Roesch, Chaplain Mary Becker, Sgt.-at-Arms Cheryl Klocke and trustees, Susan Benns, Barbara Anderson and Mary Barth.•••• The GIHS Girls Basketball Team won the ECIC Division Championship Tuesday, January 14, 1975 against Hamburg with a score of 50-26. Twins Meg Sullivan and Mary Sullivan led the scoring with 16 points and 12 points respectively.

Our V.F.W. Ladies Auxiliary has a Souper Soup Night planned for this Saturday at the post beginning at 4 p.m. and continue until the soup is gone. The gals are providing All The soup, salad, and bread you can eat for a $5 bill. Quarts of soup for take-out will be available. What kind of soup, you ask? Turkey Noodle Soup, Beef Barley Soup, and Potato Ham Soup!

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The Grand Island Memorial Library will be closed on Monday, January 17th due to the Martin Luther King holiday.

Congratulations to Mike Johnson on his 300 game in a 793 series while bowling with the Men's A Best Roofing League at Island Lanes. This was his 13th perfect game.

Recently heard from former resident Dave Burke who is residing with his wife, Brenda, in Panama City, Florida. Dave's son, Army Specialist Corey Burke is on the ground at Baghdad Airport for the next year. Dave, a member of the Grand Island High School Class of 1971, says "I'm sure he'd be grateful for any greetings or whatever he might get as the son of a former native." Both Dave's and Corey's names link to their email.

Our sympathy to the families of Louis W. Taylor, Richard T. Grotz, Lydia Tawil, James M. Sutherland and Todd Shea who recently passed away. Click Deaths for complete information.••••Sorry to report the passing of Charlotte Kaiser, mother of Carol Roesch. Charlotte, who spent much time on the Island, died on Tuesday, January 11th.

Isledegrande.com/GINews.net is holding a customer appreciation contest in the form of a drawing taking place on January 31st. Click "January Contest" for an Entry Form on a chance to win a $100 Jewelry Gift Certificate from deSignet located in our building at 1969 Whitehaven Road.

"Say a prayer for our guys over there."

Thursday, January 6, 2005
If you are looking at Between the Bridges for the first time in awhile and would like to go back to the columns from December 2004, just click
"Between The Bridges 2004".

Welcome to the Island, Francine Hirtreiter. Francine, who has recently moved to Grand Island from Fort Erie, Canada, has just signed our guestbook and is singing her praises of our town and schools.••••We've had 18 Islanders sign the guestbook in the past two weeks. Bill Smith, a drummer, left a reminiscent note regarding Chuck Carter and Ceil and Chucks Restaurant (now B.A.'s Saloon) but doesn't say where he is now residing. Check out the guestbook and see if your old friends have signed on.

For a picture of the winners of a recent chili cook-off in the home of Peter Fahrer and Judy Knab, click Family Chili Cook-off. Peter, by the way, is the chef at The Pepper Mill Restaurant on Grand Island Blvd.

Happy anniversary to George and Dr. Stacey Ann Watt Jr. who were married a year ago on December 27, 2004.

Island resident Norm Lichtenthal has written an interesting view on the Peace Bridge project. Click http://www.buffalonews.com/editorial/20050105/2018066.asp to read what he has to say. The link will only work for about ten days.

Congratulations to Tory Strada, a novice level ice skater, who won the free skate program at competition in Skaneateles. Tory is a member of the Niagara University Skating Club.•••• Congratulations also to Mike Johnson who rolled a 300 (793) with the Men's A Best Roofing League Monday night.

Our sympathy to the families of former residents Sharon Kubik and Joann Bindert who recently passed away. Click Deaths for complete information.

So sorry to read of the death of Christina M. (U'Ren) Zimbardi on January 3rd. Only 21 years old, she was the daughter of Richard and Marilyn (Rutherford) U'Ren. Rick and his family are former Islanders, and Marilyn worked at BA's for many of years. The family will be present tonight from 7-9 p.m. and tomorrow from 2-4 p.m. and 7-9 p.m. at the Lane Funeral Home, Inc., 8622 Buffalo Avenue, Niagara Falls, where Funeral Services will be held Saturday at 9:30 a.m. Memorials may be made to the ASPCA.

Thank you Isledegrande.com advertisers. Readers, please remember our advertisers. This week's spotlight is on Carol and Chuck Dunworth of X-Press One Hour Dry Cleaners,    Michael Anthony Rossi Attorney At Law,     Grand Island Auto Tech    and    Brick Oven Pizzeria. Click for their websites and see what they have to offer. It pays to advertise at Isledegrande.com - the voice of Grand Island and the Island's #1 news source.

Looking Back 60 years - Virginia Bocksberger of Sandy Beach was elected president of the Fire Company’s Ladies Auxiliary for 1945.•••• The town board held a public hearing on December 18, 1944 for Cecelia M. Alt who was asking for a change of classification on her property at Colony and East River roads from residential B to D to permit use of the property for a restaurant. Ceil and her husband, Andy, were finally able to open “Ceil & Andy’s” in the spring of 1948. ••••Though I recently mentioned the new Grand Island Diner opened by Alice and Carl Larson across from St. Stephen’s Church in 1944, I just read in a copy of “The Islander," dated December 1, 1944, that the couple purchased one of the Army barracks and were rebuilding it into an attractive lunchroom. “The Islander," by the way, was a two-page printed newspaper sent to all of our Island troops overseas during WWII in an effort to keep them informed of news on the Island and how their buddies abroad were doing. The young girls on the staff were Shirley Kreger Luther, Edna Schutt Delaney, Katherine Killian Long and Gertrude Cannon Wilson.

Looking Back 50 years - The Sidway School Glee Club of 7th through 9th grade students under the direction of Mrs. Carol Thompson, enjoyed the Club’s 3rd annual dinner-dance in December 1954. For a couple "low quality" Glee Club dance photos, taken from the Charlotte Sidway School's 1955 yearbook, click Old Photo Album.•••• It was in December 1954, when I was a 7th grader at the Sidway, that most of us Jr. High girls sewed jingle bells under our skirts. Our fun was short-lived but a very happy memory. The noise in the hallways during the changing of classes was more than our principal, Miss Veronica Connor, could put up with and we had to take the bells off of our skirts before the next school day.

Looking Back 40 years - Milton K. Pitts was elected president of the Grand Island Taxpayers Association.••••Gail Fries (Petrie) and Kathy Stamler were taking reservations for a St. Stephen’s CYO toboggan party scheduled for later in the month of January 1965.

Looking Back 30 years - Dave Sutor of the Grand Island Viking Swim Team broke a record in the 200 yard individual medley with a time of 2:21.5 at the high school pool on January 10, 1975. Grand Island's team beat Iroquois 50-33. Sutor had two firsts and George Barker, Rob Ludwig, Tim Miller and Lee Allen also won races.

Happy birthday to John Bidell Sr. (39 and holding today), Rachel Steckelberg and Bob Click (today), Brian Rosman (tomorrow), Becky DeMike (44 tomorrow), Walcott Drake (85 tomorrow), Sarah Burns and Kyle Podgorny (both turning 5 on Saturday), Maggie Rustowicz (8 on the 8th), Karen White, Ramona Blackmore, Hank Carroll, Bernie Glor Pagliaro and Philip Killian (all celebrating on Saturday), Alexandria Francesca Anderson (3 on Saturday), Jeff Sipos, Caryl Kershner, Adria Ryan and Michelle Becker (all celebrating on Sunday), Derrick Schutrum (9 on Monday), Susan Head (a teenager on Tuesday) and Helen “Hall” Igoe (Tuesday).

This is Skippy Uonites who I had the pleasure of sitting next to in Miss Catherine DiVizio's 4th grade a few years ago at Sidway School. I never knew he played the guitar though. Happy birthday to Skip who will turn 64 on Tuesday. Wonder what the family photographer will send next year in the line of fun photos!!

Jim and I decided to go out for dinner Sunday night, and not wanting to spend a fortune, we drove down the road to our old standby, the Village Inn. We were disappointed to find it closed on Sundays but it gave us the perfect opportunity to go back to Brennan’s, formerly Del & Herb's, where we had another excellent meal. If you pay a visit to this newer place, be sure to tell them you saw this note in "Between The Bridges" at Isledegrande.com.

The Mount Union Choir from Mount Union College in Alliance, Ohio will appear at 7:30 p.m. tomorrow evening at Trinity UM Church. To read more about this group, click Trinity Concert.

"Say a prayer for our guys over there."

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