"Between the Bridges"

by Teddy Linenfelser

Photo courtesy of Diane "Bykowicz" Hassan 
Class of '70

December 27, 2001
Snow! That was the word on Christmas Eve when the Island was covered with at least two feet. Former resident Nicole "Dee" Hoffman, now in Florida, reports that Grand Island, NY was mentioned on CNN in regard to the snow storm. And as the Between The Bridges column "goes to press," we're getting another heavy hit!

A website with a complete listing of our ancestors who came to this country through Ellis Island was added to the internet months ago. However, when I mentioned it here at the time, heavy traffic made it difficult to get to. Click
Ellis Island
for a most interesting site.

Welcome little Islander Brooke Samantha VeRost who arrived on November 13, 2001 weighing seven pounds, 13 ounces. She is the daughter of Scott and Stacy VeRost and the baby sister of Madison and Jake VeRost. Proud grandparents are Isle residents Lee and Barbara Pelczynski and Gary and Arlene VeRost.

Mary Grace and Patrick McMahon of Middletown, California are the proud parents of a baby girl, Helen Ashleigh McMahon born November 11, 2001 weighing seven pounds, 11 ounces. Grand Island grandparents are Mary McMahon and her husband, Pete, our Supervisor.~~~~Most of the McMahon clan, by the way, got together on Christmas Eve at Sean and MaryAnn McMahon's home on Love Road. The late Tom and Marge McMahon had 10 children including our supervisor and now they, of course, have children and their children have children. Sounds like quite a crowd, doesn't it?

While watching television Christmas Eve I spotted Jim and Sharon Watz singing in a choir at the Riviera Theater. Didn't catch the name of the group, but the music was wonderful.

In recognition of their exceptional achievement on the college-level AP exams taken last spring, Eric Vivier, David Robida and Cory Black have been named AP Scholars by the College Board. They are students at St. Joseph Collegiate Institute.

Eric A. Salvalzo and former resident Robert B. Tackaberry passed away last week. For further information click Death Notices.

The Grand Island High School Girls Basketball Team continues its winning streak, and is now at 7-0. The team beat Nichols for the second time with a final score of 57-44. Sally Head led with 22 points and 10 rebounds and Savannah Stolzenburg added 11 points.~~~~High rollers on the Friday Night Businessmen's League at Island lanes were Mike Mallwitz with a 279 (754) and Jeff Ehde with a 267 (702).

Looking Back 50 years - The bi-weekly "Island Dispatch" mentioned the Bedell House changing hands January 1, 1952, Mesmer's on Baseline at Staley Road closing for the winter, and the only horseshoe court open was the one in the fire hall bar.~~~~Charlie Benzing was "receiving verbal orchids" from Grandyle Village neighbors during those snow-bound December 1951 days. Charlie cleared numerous driveways with his snowplow jeep.~~~~Phone booths were installed in Coldbrook Estates by the New York Telephone Company in response to the requests of area residents unable to obtain phone service for quite some time.~~~~Among new students boarding the Sidway School bus at Love Road and Stony Point the first week in January 1952 were Maury McFee (Davidson) (Mrs. Radius' 3rd grade), Kathy Zavodny (Brehm) (Mrs. Miles' first grade), Ronald Mueller (Miss Long's 4th grade), Wendy Holden (Gaydica) (Mrs. Kennelly's 5th grade), Harry Roberts (Miss Ehde's 3rd grade), Carol Roberts (Fischer) (Miss Cady's 5th grade). Their families and many more had just moved into their new homes in the Coldbrook Estates on Stony Point Road over the Christmas holidays.

Happy birthday to Margie Walker (today), Abigail Joy Dallasandro (5 today), Tyler James Nogle (his first birthday today), William Garrison (his 20th today), Chelsea Schmidt (4 tomorrow), Rob Meyer, Val Swain and Connie Ford (tomorrow), Stephanie McMahon (Sweet 16 on Saturday), Jennifer Raham (19 on Saturday), Danny Dinsmore (a teenager on Saturday), Yvonne Martin (85 on Saturday), Megan Ayers (18 on Saturday), Alex Bowerman (4 on Sunday), Christopher Podlucky (11 on Sunday), Nick Pelosi, Elsie Fleischmann, Karen Loder, Jim O'Connor and Kathy Lazenby (all celebrating a birthday on New Year's Eve), Elaine Clarke (New Year's Day), Chie Doring(Wednesday), and twins Scott and Matthew Wallace (20th birthdays on Wednesday).

Doug and Carol Martin Neill will celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary tomorrow, December 28th. Former resident Jeffrey Johnson, who left the Island in 1977 and his wife, Leslie of Woodlands, TX will celebrate their 10th anniversary with the Neills. Have a great anniversary day, folks.

St. Stephen's Church will host the Miami of Ohio University Men's Glee Club tomorrow (Jan.4) at 7:30 p.m. For more information, click St. Stephen's News.

December 20, 2001

This Sidway School safety patrol picture appeared in the "Sidway Log" in 1956. For a larger view click
"Old Photo Album." I picked it out especially for "birthday boy" Dick Robinson who will celebrate his 60th on Saturday. Shown front left are Ann Wallace (Arlessi), Roberta Roy, Susan Neimeier (Adams), Jim Conrad, Judy DiTullio (Penque) and Billy Harrison; (back) Jerry Bell, Ruth Landel, Dick Robinson, Peter McMahon, Jerry Thirion and Kathy Kinsey (Wilcox). Dick and his wife, Linda, own The Shirehouse Bed & Breakfast in Palm Coast, Florida (35 miles north of Daytona on the ocean) and would love to see former Island friends on their way south.

Ann Kruse will celebrate her 94th birthday tomorrow in Elderwood Health Care at Riverwood here on the Island. Let's remember her with cards of cheer and let her know we are thinking of her.~~~~Dick Lovelee will also spend Christmas in Elderwood. Take the time to stop by and wish him happy holidays.

Masses at St. Stephen's Church will be celebrated at 4:30 p.m., 6:30 p.m. and midnight on Christmas Eve and at 7:30 a.m., 9 a.m. and 11 a.m. on Christmas Day.

Fifty years together is worth cheering about. Happy golden anniversary to East River Road residents Robert and Ruth Stahl who were married on December 22, 1951.

We are so sorry for those who have lost loved ones recently, especially the families of Vi Remde, Ed Elstrodt, Antoinette (Liberto) Ricotta and Donna Paxhia (Sander) Ebersole and former residents Frances M. Huer and John Phillips. For more information, click Death Notices.

Best wishes to the following who are celebrating special birthdays this week: Evan Green (a teenager today), Gloria Brown (today), Julie Kowzan (Sweet 16 today) and Lori Clinton (tomorrow).~~~~Happy birthday to Glenn Smith, Hollis Busch, Pat Gill, Deanne "Monti" Giambra, David Duysters, Janie Martin and Jerilyn Karb (all celebrating today), and to twins Alexis Elizabeth and Grace Marie Fredricks (4th birthdays today), Lynn "Gaydica" Wuertzer and Arliss Lantz (Saturday), and Nancy Samrany, Millie Vanthoff, Andrea Moreau and Karen Lloyd (Sunday).

Looking Back 40 years - Roadside mailboxes were removed by Grandyle Village residents in September 1961 when the Post Office and Postmaster Heber Ashley Jr. inaugurated door to door service.

Looking Back 30 years - The High School Spanish Club held a New Year's raffle with the following prizes published in the local weekly paper: $5 cash from Mesmer's Dairy, $5 gift certificates from the Pattie Mae Shop and the Cameo Children's Shop, pizza from Reidy's, and a set of drink tankards from Wayside Furniture.~~~~A flu epidemic caused the closing of the Island's public and parochial schools.

Congratulations to Mark Doel who bowled his first 300 game (725 series) with Men's A-Best Roofing league at Island Lanes.~~~~High games bowled with the P. J. Garbeymen League at Island Lanes were those of Mike Mallwitz, 279 (726), Sean Vaine, 275 (687) and Pat Garbey, 264 (682).~~~~Grand Island's Kelly Beatty (241 points) has been named to the Niagara Frontier League's girls swimming All-Star Team in diving, and Grand Island junior Kera Sauer made the second team in the 100 backstroke. Congratulations, girls!

Gelose Flowers has recently been taken over by Jim Rotterman, a Canisius College graduate who has been renovating both the Grand Island and Tonawanda locations. Elizabeth Sarkovics is the store manager. Stop in and welcome them.

The Village Inn will be open from 8-11 a.m. Christmas Eve morning. Treat the family to breakfast. Sounds good to me!

Peace Be With You And Yours. For this blessed holiday season, I offer you the following lines sent to me a year ago by a relative in Michigan - author unknown. Thanks, Ardie!
Care deeply. Give freely. Think kindly.
Act gently, and be at peace...
for this is the spirit of the season.
May your holidays be filled with all the things that matter most.

December 13, 2001
Harvey and Katherine Killian Long, both a wealth of old Island information, will probably reminisce a little over their wedding in Trinity Church 57 years ago, December 17, 1944. Happy day, folks.

Congratulations to Grand Island High School soccer star Chris Martello on being named to the All-Western New York boys soccer team. Chris is credited with 24 goals and 13 assists for the season.~~~~Island Lanes was the scene of some top-notch bowling this week. Whitey Dlugosz bowled a 279 (700), Dave Arch bowled a 276 (699) and Mark Doel's high game was a 275 (738).

Our sincere sympathy to the families of Jack Roth, Wendy Misenheimer, and former resident Edward J. Killian. For more information, click Death Notices.~~~~Harry "Fred" Thompson, 61, of Pendleton, husband of former resident Sandy "Schlegel" Thompson, died suddenly on December 10th. Services will be held at 11 a.m. Friday in John O. Roth Funeral Home, 25 William St., City of Tonawanda.

Tom and Linda McDonough and their children are all moved into their Ferry Road house, right around the corner from where Tom grew up.~~~~~The Occidental Chemical/Hooker Chemical building on Long Road has been sold to Islechem Lic. for $375,000.~~~~Looking for a new business venture? Adrian's Custard & Beef is for sale.

Belated birthday greetings to Joan Staub who celebrated on December 7th. Joan, who has a new computer, just got "on line!"~~~~Today is the day of several milestone birthdays including Tom Ryan's 50th, Kori Loder's 10th, and the 20th birthdays of Beth Glessner and Brandon White. Happy birthday everyone. Happy birthday also to Savannah Stolzenburg (Sweet 16 on Saturday), Ted Filosofos (74 on Saturday), Matthew Foote (8 on Saturday), Betty Lantz, Alma Senn and Nancy Hayes (Sunday), Kara Black and Christine Webb (Sweet 16 on Sunday), Joey Guenther (8 on Sunday), Lisa "Pauley" McLeod (a big one on the 17th), Art DiMartile (Monday), Shelby Bidell (Sweet 16 on Tuesday), Scott Clinton (21 on Tuesday), Patty (Bykowicz) Turner (her 34th on Wednesday) and Sue Braun, Bill O'Connor and George Shaw (Wednesday).

Hey, isn't that chocolate faced baby cute? He's none other than Jeff Bykowicz - and the baby, shown with his dad, Al Bykowicz, will turn the big 4-0 tomorrow - December 14th. Happy 40th Jeff!

Looking Back 50 years - John Grycel and Ray Kaiser were the Christmas clowns in the Sidway School Christmas play directed by our 4th grade teacher, Catherine DiVizio in December 1951. My classmates and I also took the parts of pixies, Christmas spirits and toy soldiers.~~~~The Grand Island Drum Corps' singing quartet, made up of Connie Rexford (Lewis), Pat Rexford (Anderson), Irene Perkovich (Smith)and Geraldine Mrkall (Serba) won a $25 award for their performance in a talent show on television.~~~~A building permit was issued listing the cost for the new town garage on Whitehaven Road as $25,000.

Looking Back 40 years - Ninth graders at Sidway Junior High School held a Christmas party December 18, 1961 with music by "The Profiles." Twist contest winners were Karen Wallace and Gary Clor.

Looking Back 20 years - Grand Island High School Cheerleaders came home from the Erie Community College South Campus competition in December 1981 with the New York State Divison B champs "Spirit Award." Captain and Co-Captain were Jill Bates Smedley and Paula Samrany (Miller)and teammates were Lisa Samland, Maria SantaLucia, Donna Seaman, AnnMarie Mahiques-Westerhuis, Lisa Valenzuela, Nancy DeBole, Loretta Condino, Patty Leszczak, Sandy Tortorete, Rashmi Pandya and Laura Myers.

Fans of the Bedell House and the late Charlotte Guenther Roesch are asking friends to help finance a memorial ad in the Sesquicentennial Program Book by dropping off $10 per person to the Isledegrande.com office, 1871 Whitehaven Road (14072) or mailing it to the same. At this writing 15 more donations are needed. Call our office at 773-6789 if you have questions.

A Blood Drive is scheduled from 1-6 p.m. Tuesday, December 18th at the K of C Hall on Whitehaven Road. ~~~~Santa Claus will be at the town hall tomorrow evening, from 6-8 p.m. to visit with children ages toddler to 5th grade.~~~~A public E-ZPass meeting will be held tomorrow at 5 p.m. in the Town Hall.~~~~A Winter Holiday Craft Program for children in grades K-5 is scheduled for December 19th at the Memorial Library. For details, click Library Web Page.~~~~Have a wonderful weekend, and just maybe the warm temperatures will carry over to Saturday and Sunday.

December 6, 2001

Our hearts go out to the Mitch Stessing family whose East River Road home was destroyed by fire Monday night.

Lefty Kendzierski is celebrating his 85th birthday today. Happy days, Lefty!~~~~Happy birthday to pretty baby Miranda Lea Proctor (her first birthday today), Mike Cole (21 today), Courtney Donner (a teenager today), David Conboy (a big one tomorrow), Sydney Khreis (3 on Sunday), Agnes Morgan (Monday), Dave Hammond and Kathleen Loncher (Wednesday) and Jackie Mangus (21 on Wednesday).

Our sincere sympathy to the families of Loretta Weaver, and former residents Bennett Michael Jacobi, 10 and Howard J. Jackson. For more information, click
Death Notices.

Good news! Dick Lovelee, who has been in the ICU at Buffalo General Hospital for the past three weeks, has been moved into a regular room - room 1405w and is getting better every day.

Best wishes to William Patrick Petrilla and his bride, the former Christine Margaret Ganey who were married Saturday December 1, 2001.

Many people we talk with about the Sesquicentennial celebration next year are asking what is a "pageant." According to the dictionary a pageant is a "mere" show, an ostentatious display, an elaborate colorful exhibition or spectacle often with music that consists of a series of tableaux, of a loosely unified drama, or of a procession usually with floats. It also refers to pageantry. The Centennial Pageant in 1952 was produced on a stage built behind the St. Stephen's Barn just for that occasion. It showcased the Island's history in five episodes with decendants taking the part of those who played major roles in our town from 1852-1952. Elizabeth Beach will direct a very similar production during the Sesqui celebration next summer. More information on auditions will be announced soon.

Though it may seem early to be planning a float for the 2002 Independence Day parade, it really isn't. All churches, organizations and Grand Island High School classes are encouraged to start making plans for their participation in the parade. The Sidway School Reunion group - Sidway Graduation Classes 1937 - 1963 has already begun to put the pieces in place and are asking the appropriate "students" to participate.

Congratulations to Grand Island High School senior Sally Head who earned Most Valuable Player recognition after her 24-point, 11-rebound performance lifted GI to a 64-48 win over NT for the title of the Sweet Home Tournament on Saturday, December 1, 2001. Jamie Dougherty was the Island team's second highest scorer with 16 points.~~~~Congratulations to Jeff Ehde on his 300 game while bowling with the Friday Night Businessmen's League at Island Lanes.~~~~Congratulations to Grand Island High School volleyball star John Colosi on being named to the Niagara Frontier League's All-Star First Team. John, a middle hitter, is a junior at the high school.

Looking Back 90 years - The wooden passenger and excursion steamer, the Idle Hour (or Ideal Hour), built in 1893, burned December 8, 1901 while in winter lay-up off Grand Island.

Looking Back 50 years - St. Stephen's Altar Society Christmas Party on December 10, 1951 featured entertainment by the Altar Society Symphonettes Kitchen Band and a comedy skit by Mae Klocke, Betty Dunbar (Blackstock), Mildred Schnitter and June Pinzel.

Looking Back 40 years - The Junior Chamber of Commerce' home decorating contest was chaired by George L. Klopp assisted by Robert Orchard and Richard Harris.

Looking Back 35 years - Rosemary Whiting and Joan Bidell (Fred)'s Girl Scout Troop 337 entertained a group of underprivileged Buffalo girls at a Christmas party in Trinity Church in December 1966. Troop Scribe Sally Cahill reported that the scouts did skits, led carol singing and served and joined their guests for supper. The scouts, including Becky and Marcy Bidell, Winanne and Connie Whiting, Susan Radder, Karen Swain, Joanne Ward and Mary Bassot, earned money and bought and wrapped gifts for each guest.

We heard the news on Tuesday that our Odds' N' Ends store in the Grand Island Blvd. plaza is closing. According to our neighbor, Carol Volk, the bargains are fantastic and we found that out by visiting her Hairitage Hair Salon to see her Christmas tree with trimmings all purchased at rock bottom prices. The Odds' N' Ends closing is another misfortune for Island consumers.

Teddy's Islettes twirlers will practice again 6:30 p.m. tomorrow evening (Dec. 7) at Miss Cathy's dance studio. If you know of someone who twirled with this group between 1961 and 1987, please let them know that all former members are invited to take part in the Teddy's Islettes reunion in anticipation of the Sesquicentennial/Independence Day Parade 2002. For more information, click Teddy's Islettes Web Page.

Please be sure to read GIECOM'S Systems Analyst Josh Lange's Virus Alert story which begins on today's Front Page.

November 29, 2001

Welcome, Jose' Luis Neyra, born October 25, 2001 to Julio Cesar and Patricia Neyra of Redway Road. Jose' Luis weighed in at six pounds, 11 ounces and has one sister, Carissa, 3. Proud grandparents are Joseph and Jennifer Jaegers of Grand Island and Rosa and Luis Neyra of Lima, Peru.

Sadly, Diane "Tetkowski" Pokorski, who had recently made some progress with her debilitating illness, has had a serious setback. Please remember her and her family with cards and notes of encouragement.

Our sympathy to the families of Raymond A. Yensan, Kay Long, Salvatore L. 'Larry' Grisanti, Richard 'Poppy' Curthoys and former resident Marie L. Moreland. For more information, click
Death Notices.~~~~Our condolences to Judy Buzby whose mother, Doris Chapin died November 22nd in Kenmore Mercy Hospital after a three-month illness. Mrs. Chapin was a 40+ year member of the Sandy Beach Yacht Club.~~~~Retired Erie County sheriff's deputy Charles Kisloski, 73, died November 21st. He served 23 years on Grand Island with the Sheriff's Department Marine and Parks Division.

"Grandpa" Peter Glor is shown with his first grandchildren, twins Brittney and Trevor Glor, born October 22nd to Steve and Kourtney Glor of San Diego. Peter, a Grand Island resident from 1944-67 and a member of the Sidway School Class of '59, now resides in Santa Clarita, California.

For those who have been wondering what the digging was all about on Ransom Road near Stony Point, the Woods Creek Day Care project is underway.~~~~A sad scene on Baseline Road this week - two huge real estate signs advertising the sale of the Emmanuel Church.

Looking Back 50 years - A Chamber of Commerce dinner party was held December 1, 1951 at the Buffalo Launch Club where two new heaters had just been installed on the porch of the clubhouse "to add to the comfort of the patrons in case of a very chilly night."~~~~Officers elected by the Grand Island Rescue Squad were Captain Jack Nuttall, Co. Captain Mel Kohlhagen, Treasurer Gert Smith,and Secretary Marion Klingel.

Looking Back 40 years - Ken Maurer and Mel Kohlhagen were elected president and vice president respectively of the Grand Island Sportsmen's Club. Other members were Ray Jones, Al Raepple, Ed Kruse, Roy McKinnon, Salvatore G. Capizzi, William Wood, Don Horner, Paul McTigue, Neil Huff, Thomas Walker, Earl Eastman and Arthur L. Mitchell.

Looking Back 20 years - Marj Bessel took several top honors for cross-country including being named an All-League Star, "Runner of the Year," Female High School Athlete of the Year by the Kenmore Knights of Columbus Athletic Association and "Most Valuable" at the Grand Island High School Cross-Country Awards Banquet.~~~~Among the restaurants in business on the Island 20 years ago were Shelby's Cafe on Grand Island Blvd., Joncaire Restaurant on West River at Staley, and River Port Inn near the south bridge who advertised ten cent wings.~~~~Floyd Doring, who ran his real estate business at the corner of Baseline and Staley Roads for seven years, moved to the Wayside Furniture Building, just north of Fantasy Island.

It gives me great pleasure to wish Kathryn Sheehan a very happy 95th birthday. Her birthday is tomorrow, so let's keep the birthday cards coming all week!~~~~Others celebrating milestones this week and wished a happy birthday are Susan "Smyth" Hahn and Dr. Barbara Stouter (Sunday), Ashley Ann Brzyski (10 on Sunday), and Jeff Rogan and Brad Shoemaker (Monday).~~~~Happy birthday to JoAnn Radius Vanderheite celebrating today, to Eric Harnden whose 9th birthday is tomorrow and to Alfred Perry having his cake on Tuesday.

Congratulations to Dan Pilon on his 300 game in a 721 series at Island Lanes. Dan was bowling with the Thursday Labatt's Men's League.~~~~Congratulations to the Connor Middle Schoolers who were recently accepted into the Mathletes Club, especially to our grandson, sixth grader John C. Bidell.~~~~Congratulations to Lee Tetkowski and others who are credited with Grand Island again being named #1 in Kids Voting in Western New York.

As a special favor for a special friend, I'm asking my readers if anyone who taped the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade would be willing to make a copy of it for my friend.~~~~Former members of Teddy's Islettes 1961-1987 will practice tomorrow evening. For more information, click Teddy's Islettes.

The Women of the Moose are presenting a "Friday Fun Nite" beginning at 7 p.m. tomorrow evening (Nov. 30) and open to all local Moose Lodge members and their respective guests only. Featured will be theme basket raffles, 50-50 split raffles and music by "Niagara Connection."~~~~The Holiday House Tour and Craft Show sponsored by Friends of Historic Trinity takes place Saturday. Click Historic Trinity
for more information.~~~~Historical Society members will get together Saturday night for their annual Christmas party, and then from 1-4 p.m. on Sunday, they will present "Sounds of the Season" Open House at River Lea in Beaver Island State Park. River Lea will also be open again on Sunday, December 9th.~~~~Santa and Mrs. Claus will make an appearance at the St. Timothy Lutheran Child Care Center's pancake breakfast on Saturday. For more information check our Calendar.~~~~A chicken and biscuit dinner to benefit SABAH will be held at the K of C Hall, Wednesday, December 5th from 4:30 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Are your parents about to celebrate a special wedding anniversary or are you having a wedding in the family? Do you have a friend or relative celebrating a milestone birthday? Do you know someone who bowled a 300 game, landed a good job, had a new baby, or received special recognition? If you would like to contribute to this column, I would be happy to share your news with our readers.

November 22, 2001

A very happy anniversary goes out to Carl and Jackie LaMancuso celebrating their 50th anniversary on Saturday, November 24th and to Ted and Jackie Filosofos marking their 50th on Sunday, November 25th.~~~~Best wishes to Nicole and Greg Butcher celebrating their first anniversary on Sunday and to Carol and Dave Hamlin who will be married 30 years on Monday.~~~~Congratulations to Evelyn Ragnar and Bob Barclay who were married October 6, 2001.

Our sympathy to Dr. Paul Fields on the death of his father, Carl C Fields on November 17th.~~~~A Memorial Service will be held for Millie Facklam on Saturday, December 8 in Trinity UM Church.~~~~Our sympathy to the families of Dorothy M. Saltzman and former East Park resident Ruth M. Stuck who both passed away on Sunday, November 17th. For more information, click Death Notices.

Isle native and well-known sportscaster Mike Schopp turned 30 on November 7th. Many happy returns of the day, Mike.~~~~Happy birthday Bob McNamee and Carol Ullrich (today), Nathan Jayme (16 today), Ashley Hollinger (18 today), Alexander Tollner (6 on Saturday), Doris Rees (special greetings on Saturday), Ryan McDonough (18 on Sunday), Jerome Viola (20 on Tuesday), and Alma McTigue (turning 82 on Wednesday).~~~~If you would like to see "your" birthday or that of a friend or relative, just let me know a week in advance.

A very happy 3rd anniversary to Stephen and Lorrie "Pownall" Savas of Franklin Lakes, New Jersey. Lorrie, a former senior twirler with Teddy's Islettes, is among the long list of "twirlers" planning to march with the reunion group in the Island's Independence Parade next summer.

Looking Back 50 years - Members of the Grand Island Drum Corps celebrated their first anniversary November 24, 1951 in the fire hall. Entertainment included vocal solos by Alonzo Simms and Mike McNulty and a short comedy skit by Irene Perkovich (Smith), Joan Perkovich (Burd) and Geraldine Mrkall (Serba). ~~~~A new student in Mrs. Jocelyn Lawson's 6th grade was Margie ("Susie") Kovacsev (Cinelli) from Kenmore. "Susie" moved to East Park on the Island with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. James Kovacsev and siblings Barbara (Johnson) and Jimmie.~~~~Ray Staley was given a building permit to erect a $6,900 dwelling at 333 Elmwood Rd.

Looking Back 40 years - Johnny Dietrich at Riverhaven Lodge was looking for a good, used piano.~~~~For the 4th consecutive year the Protestant churches, St. Martin-in-the-Fields, St. Timothy, Island United Presbyterian, Trinity and Emmanuel, united in a cooperative Thanksgiving Worship Service on Thanksgiving Day.

Red, white and blue Christmas lights? That's what I've heard. There may even be a category in the Chamber of Commerce Holiday Lighting Contest. Stay tuned!

Jan & Mort Siegel are now living in Bayonet Point, FL. Friends may e-mail the Siegels by simply clicking "The Siegels."~~~~So very glad to report that Dick Lovelee is improving rapidly.

Mark your calendars. Historic Trinity's Holiday House Tour takes place Saturday, December 1st; the Historical Society's Christmas Party in River Lea is scheduled for Saturday, December 1st at 7 p.m.; and the Historical Society Open House titled "Sounds of the Season" at River Lea in Beaver Island State Park will be held Sundays, December 2 and December 9th. Please see the organization web pages for more details.

Members of the VFW will be serving the traditional turkey dinner with all the trimmings tomorrow (Thursday) for those less fortunate and for those who would just like some company on the holiday. Have a blessed Thanksgiving.

November 15, 2001

Where did the time go? Happy anniversary to Mark and Diane "Bykowicz" Hassan, who are celebrating their silver anniversary on Tuesday, November 20th.

Our sincere sympathy to the families of Martha Georgeson, longtime residents Mildred A. Facklam and Theresa Arent and former Island resident Carol G. (Sledziewski) Mack who died this past week. Click for complete Death Notices.

John P. Redmond and his bride, Erica J. Olijnyk were married on July 27, 2001 in Whitehaven Road Baptist Church. Carolyn S. Ferro and Scott M. Drews were married November 10, 2001 in the Church of the Advent Episcopal Church, Kenmore. Best wishes, newlyweds.

A speedy recovery to Dick Lovelee who is Buffalo General Hospital and would surely appreciate cards of cheer.~~~~Ann Kruse is still recuperating in Riverwoods Health Care Center where visitors would be welcomed.~~~~Gary Lechner is much better and hoping to be back to work on light duty in a couple of weeks.

Happy birthday to Cyndi Booker, Mike Dommer and Jacob Kreutz (today), Brian Kopf (18 tomorrow), baby Sierra Marie Maras (her first birthday tomorrow), Sara McMoil (10 on Saturday), Judy Penque and Sonja Hill (Saturday), Janet Webb (cheers on Sunday), Jeanine Robinson (Sunday), Shani "Smyth" Hunt (Monday), Rebecca Rae (18 on Tuesday), Bill Weis and Ron McNamee (Tuesday), Kenny Shobert and Beverly Benton (Wednesday), and Benjamin Kose (10 on Wednesday).

Our Grand Island Girls Soccer Team, previously undefeated and ranked #4 in the state and #1 large school in The Buffalo News' poll, lost to the Section V powerhouse Mercy, 2-0 in the Class A state quarterfinals last week. The girls did a great job all season, and were possibly the first GI soccer team to go to the State competition.~~~~Congratulations to Terry Eichler who bowled his career first 300 at Island Lanes with the Saturday Night Mixers. Terry had a perfect score in a 721 series.~~~~The Raepple twins made the Buffalo News this week. Jay Raepple bowled a 725 series and Mark bowled a 279 in a 723 series.

Looking Back 50 years - Ed Oberkircher was elected supervisor over encumbent Dan McNamee in the 1951 election and served only seven weeks in office before his untimely death.

Looking Back 30 years - The Chamber of Commerce sponsored an Industrial Appreciation Night in the Buffalo Launch Club on November 18, 1971.~~~~Miss Janice Guzzetta's 4th grade at Huth Road School was spending some of the school day listening to tapes prepared by Miss Gazetta and played on her tape recorder. A picture of the kids in headsets appeared in the local, weekly paper.

The next Teddy's Islettes baton practice is scheduled for Friday, November 30th at 6:30 p.m. All former members are invited to attend in anticipation of our appearance in the Sesquicentennial/Independence Day Parade next year. For more information click Teddy's Islettes Web Page.

Another great time was had over at the VFW Post on Sunday when the members opened their hall for a brunch and music following the Veterans Day Ceremonies. This Saturday the VFW Ladies are sponsoring a pie contest and turkey raffle which is open to the community. More details may be found on the VFW Web Page..~~~~ And speaking of the calendar, check out our "Calendar of Events."
for details on other events happening this weekend.~~~~ A Used Book Sale takes place at the Library tomorrow night and Saturday, the Co-op Nursery School has a basket raffle tomorrow night, and the Island's Historical Society in Beaver Island Park will be open on Sunday.

November 8, 2001

Welcome, Kelly Lynn Salimi, born November 3, 2001 to Deborah and Hamid Salimi weighing seven pounds, 11 ounces and 19 inches. Mother and baby are doing fine. Proud grandmother is Barbara Ochs.

Island history buffs, take note! I would like to correct the "Spooky, Stubborn Stones" story that appeared in the November 2, 2001 edition of the Island Dispatch. The writer refers to the "Stone House" and states that demolition crew bulldozers could not knock it down, and, according to lore, the structure owes its strength to the spiritual world. The truth is that the stone house, possibly a smoke house, was saved by the developers of the Holiday Inn, taken apart, stone by stone, and later moved and restored to its present site.

Our sympathy to the family of Isle resident Emrys W. Hughes who died on Tuesday. Former residents Barbara A. Bosworth, James Kimbrough Jr. and Jennifer A. Falzone Mazurek recently passed away. Click for complete
Death Notices.

Nancy and Ron Webb's interest in Webb family genealogy continues to turn up more and more family history. Most recently mentioned in their interesting emails are the old Island names of Alonzo Stoddard who married Hattie Blackmore in 1874; Ada Dinsmore Van Son Spivey and her mother, Ada Stoddard Dinsmore; and Betty Forsythe Killian's mother, Stella Stoddard who married Clark Forsythe. Internet sources that the Webbs have used include "Ancestry.com"

Saturday's high school playoff game against Iroquois was a 14-3 heartbreaker but we will continue to think of the Varsity Vikings Football Team of 2001 as champs through and through. Thanks for a wonderful season, boys.~~~~Grand Island High School's Girls Soccer Team, undefeated all season, came out the winners of the Section VI Class A soccer final. Among the lead players of the 2001 season were Savannah Stolzenburg, Jamie Dougherty, Jenny Rogan and Courtney Bota. Congratulations, girls and good luck in Friday's 5 p.m. game at Honeyoe Falls-Lima High School against Section V Champs Mercy High School. For recent game results and a "Who's Who" on the girls soccer team, click Lady Vikings.

Happy birthday to Kevin McNamee (today), Alyssa Miller, Floyd Doring and Mildred Dingey (Saturday), Sherry Watkins (Sunday), Kelly Elizabeth Williams (10-years-old Monday), Dan Hoffman (Monday), Joseph Sheehan and Elaine Fields (Tuesday), Aimee Anderson (Sweet 16 Wednesday) and Samantha Kuszczak (8 on Wednesday).

Looking Back 50 years - The Erie County Sheriff's office reported six automobile accidents on the Express Highway or the bridges between November 3rd and 11th, 1951.

Looking Back 40 years - Ken Michaels and Peter Sloan of Boy Scout Troop 510 attained the rank of Eagle.~~~~Pat and George Shaw and 6-year-old daughter, Sherry Shaw (Watkins) made Grand Island their home 40 years ago.

Looking Back 30 years - The Grand Island Art Society held its first holiday corner in the Harris Ballroom, now the home of TrueValue Hardware on Whitehaven Road. Chairman Richard Brzyski was assisted by Shirley Schultz.

The New York State Parks Department has completed a new overlook on the north end of the West River Parkway. Click Quality Quest for a little more information.

Sunday's Veterans Day ceremonies will begin at 11 a.m. in Veteran's Park. Members of VFW Post #9249 have announced that the observance will be immediately followed by a brunch and music by Diamond Sound 2-6 p.m. at the Charles N. DeGlopper VFW Post, 2121 Grand Island Blvd. No school Monday in honor of Veteran's Day.

November 1, 2001

Here he is!
Thanks to Diane "Bykowicz" Hassan, Class of 1970, I received an answer to last week's inquiry about the small, stuffed dog wearing a sweater with a GI logo. According to Diane, the dog in question was "earned" when a magazine subscription fundraiser was held at Grand Island High School sometime between 1968 and 1970. The size of the stuffed animal increased in direct proportion to the amount of subscriptions a student sold. "As a matter of fact, I earned the largest stuffed animal offered."

Please continue to pray for Diane "Tetkowski" Pokorski whose address at ECMC is Erie County Medical Center, 468 Grider Street, Buffalo, NY 14215.~~~~A speedy recovery to Donn Perry who has had recent eye surgery, and to Skip Fred who injured his hand over the weekend.~~~~Maura Rustowicz, mother of Michael, Katie, James, Maggie, Mary and 5-week-old Sean Christian, is recuperating from a broken foot. Rumor has it that there are five broken feet over at town hall. Any truth to the rumor??

For an idea of just how busy members of our Grand Island Fire Company were on the windy October 25th, check out the
"Fire Report." I've included the times for that date that show the Company was called upon to responded to a total of 15 calls.

Do any of my readers have a good photo of the "Clown House," circa 1955? Let me know by e-mailing "Teddy."

Island native Esther M. (nee Webb) Kaiser of North Tonawanda passed away on October 24, 2001. Former resident Mercedes (Vargas) Joshi passed away at age 35. Sally J. Bennett died Monday following a long illness. Click for complete Death Notices.

Happy birthday to Emily Mary Fred (her first birthday today), Sarah Grace Kustich (3 today), Carissa Bailey and Michael Dlugokinski (teenagers today), Laura McDonnell (Sweet 16 today), Mandy Liesenfeld (6 today), JoAnn Lozo and her twin sister Sue McMahon (tomorrow), Mary Carminati (her 80th on Saturday), Diane "Loder" Baker (cheers on Sunday - born during a Sunday snowstorm!), Robin Csendom and Peter Burrows (Tuesday) and Joshua Less (5 on Tuesday).

Celebrating their silver wedding anniversary on November 5th and wished many more years together are Dave and Sally Goris. Happy anniversary to Shaun and Tabatha Senger, married five years on Wednesday.~~~~Michael T. Connell and his bride, the former Melissa J. Calhoun were married October 5, 2001 in Full Gospel Tabernacle and are at home in Tonawanda. Best wishes, newlyweds.

The Varsity Vikings Football Team, with its 2001 season dedicated to the memory of Coach Gene Masters, shut out Lake Shore 13-0 last Saturday. Good luck to the Vikings as they enter the playoffs with a 2 p.m. game on their home field against Iroquois. See our "Sports Page" for Homecoming pictures including Homecoming King and Queen Ryan Homa and Michelle Cammarano and their court.

Looking Back 45 years - The New York State Thruway opened to traffic across the Island on November 6, 1956.

Looking Back 40 years - The new high school plans in 1961 called for a fallout shelter of adequate thickness for fallout protection which was to be provided in an area to be excavated under the gymnasium. Pumps, air conditioning and food supplies were not contemplated at that time. However, school officials hoped state or federal aid would be forthcoming for this phase so it would not have to be financed through the bond issue. The fallout protection area was to be large enough to house the school enrollment but not of sufficient size to care for the town's entire school population, the Island Dispatch was informed in October 1961.

Looking Back 30 years - Among the standouts on the team when the Varsity Vikings took the Division V football championship in 1971 were Bill Ward, Chuck Bagdy, Paul Wiedemer, Mike Rodriguez, Mike Dowd, John Podlucky, Mike Cap, Daryl Smith, John Martini, Terry McDonald, Mike Costello and Ron Sepanski.~~~~Den 8, under the direction of Den Mother Alice Carlson was added to Cub Pack 452 on Friday, November 5, 1971. Cubs in the new den were Ian Harnden, Joseph Gadawski, Richard Green, Roy Kemsley, Todd Davis, Jeff Gorrell and Chris Wendel.

A most interesting article on Island resident Joann M. Hale was included in the Saturday, October 27, 2001 feature, Answering the Call in Section D in the Buffalo News. Joann has been a volunteer with the National Council of Churches and has responded to disaster relief for 13 years. She spent three weeks in NYC following the September 11th WTC tragedy.

Teddy's Islettes twirlers will practice tomorrow night at 6:30 p.m. at Cathy Thomas' dance studio. For more information, e-mail Teddy. This "new" marching unit of "old twirlers" will perform in the Sesquicentennial Parade down Grand Island Blvd. on the 4th of July 2002.

Mary Ann Arsenault is in town and will be for awhile as she keeps her mother, Ann Kruse's spirits up. Ann, who recently broke her wrist and injured her leg, is staying in Riverwood Healthcare Center where she is working on physical therapy.~~~~Ted and Jackie Filosofos who will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary on November 25th, spent nearly a month in Maui, Hawaii with friends. Ted and Jackie moved to Grand Island 50 years ago this month and are now residing in Florida.~~~~Check out "Ducati" to see what Nicole "Dee" Hoffman has been up to lately!

The Historical Society will meet at 7:30 p.m. this evening at River Lea in Beaver Island Park. John Percy, Associate Professor of History, Canisius College will present a program on "Pierce Arrow Cars."~~~~The Kaegebein PTA's 12th annual Craft Show/Sale will be held Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the school. Sesquicentennial t-shirts and key chains will be available as well as the opportunity to register for a patron ad in the Sesquicentennial Historic Program Book. For more information on the Craft Show, click "Kaegebein School Page."~~~~Don't forget to exercise your right to vote on Tuesday - and then consider attending the "Voices of Freedom" concert being presented in the high school auditorium.Click Huth Road School for further information.

October 25, 2001

A speedy recovery to 94-year-old Island native Ann Kruse who broke her wrist this week. Let's all fill her mailbox with notes and cards. Won't she be surprised?

On Sunday, October 28 at 2:00 a.m., we set our clocks back one hour and return to standard time. Now is also a good time to check the batteries in your smoke detectors. The practice of changing the time began during World War I, so Americans could use as much natural lighting as possible and conserve energy needed for war production.

Wednesday's Trick-or-Treat hours on Grand Island are from 5-8 p.m. Town officials advise that parents accompany children as they go door to door and carefully scrutinize all candy collected.

The appointment schedule for flu shots to be given on November 5th at the Golden Age Center is completely filled. Check with local drugstores for other flu dates.

Can any readers tell me when the Island's Aries Triangle disbanded? Click
Aries Triangle/Demolay for an interesting website and be sure to sign on if you were a member of either group.~~~~An old friend is trying to locate Pat or Michael Buell. If they are interested in the correspondence, e-mail Teddy.~~~~I've had a request for the origin of a small, stuffed dog with black glasses and a white hat, a sweater with a GI logo for Grand Island and a blue vest? The toy is made by Mascots, Inc. Mass.

The Varsity Vikings Football Team won another game, this time a 7-6 win over Pioneer. Check out Viking Sports for a full report. Good luck, boys, with this Saturday's 2 p.m. homecoming game against Lake Shore.~~~~What a game! Pat Scott bowled a 275 (678) on October 13th with the Belles & Beaus at Island Lanes.~~~~For those interested in Hydroplane Racing, members of the Niagara Frontier Boat Racing Association invite you to their meetings which are held on the 2nd Wednesday of each month at the Dome Stadium, 200 Main Street, Tonawanda beginning at 8 p.m. For further information call 693-7117.

The Ararat Stone is on permanent exhibit at the Buffalo and Erie County Historical Society in the "Neighbors: The People of Erie County" exhibit. A major piece of Grand Island history is the fact that Major Mordecai M. Noah became the owner of 2,555 acres of land on Grand Island. Though it never materialized, his plan was to make the Island into a large and flourishing city and refuge for members of the Jewish race. The Ararat stone was to be the cornerstone for Major Noah's enterprise.

Our sincere sympathy to the families of Aline E. Volk, Richard N. Chartrand and former resident Jeannette E. Collins. Click for complete Death Notices.

Best wishes to Christopher J. Klein and his bride, the former Julie A. Hoefner who were married at 2:30 p.m. Saturday in Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church in Akron. The Kleins will reside on Grand Island.

Family affair! The Fire Company's Ladies Auxiliary held a split club drawing in conjunction with its chowder and baked goods sale last Saturday. President Brooke Raham's daughter, Jennifer, who was home from college for the weekend, drew the winning ticket - her father's. Congratulations, Rodney Raham.

A very happy birthday to Alice Gardner (yesterday), Mallory Katherine DelSignore (her 2nd birthday today), Agnes Becker (today), our grandson John Bidell (12 today), Karen Lascelle (very special greetings today), Norma Weast (Friday), JoAnn Hugill (Saturday), Paul Soto (25 on Saturday), Nancy (Boettcher) Rishkofski (Cheers on Sunday), Christine Stange (Tuesday), John Fontana (a big one one this week) and Amanda Ayers (Sweet 16 on Tuesday).

Looking Back 50 years - A huge pile of crating lumber, compliments of East Park Road resident Art Stuck, was unloaded at the north west corner of Love and Stony Point for the Grandyle Village Property Owners' bon fire on Halloween night 1951. Even more fun were the days before when we set up the crates to make what seemed like miles of mazes. Remember?

Our Grand Island, NY internet newspaper is a year old. "Don't keep Isledegrande.com a secret! Let your relatives living right here on Grand Island, NY know about our Island website and newspaper."

Those vivacious, fun-loving Zonta Club gals, headed up this year by Aggie Becker, will hold their annual Hot Dog Sale this Saturday, (Oct. 27) from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Grand Island Garden Center on Alvin Road.~~~~The Sesquicentennial's first event, the Scuba Duck Regatta, takes place 9 a.m. this Saturday (Oct. 27) when the numbered, little yellow ducks will be released in the Niagara River. Winners will be announced at the Holiday Inn. Boaters out in the river on Saturday morning to capture the duckies will be Gary Roesch, Butch Meyer and Dave Deuble, according to chairman Linda Tufillaro.~~~~Don't forget the Historical Society's general meeting on Thursday, Nov. 1st when John Percy, Associate Professor of History, Canisius College will give a program on "Pierce Arrow Cars." The meeting starts at 7:30 p.m. and will be held in River Lea in Beaver Island State Park.

October 18, 2001

It has been a month since I mentioned the seriousness of Diane (Tetkowski) Pokorski's health problems. She is now in rehabilitation at ECMC. Please keep Diane and her family in your prayers, as they go through this extremely difficult time.

Our Grand Island Varsity Vikings beat Williamsville East Friday night with a 21-0 shutout. The Buffalo News reported the following: "Juniors Pat McCarthy and Terry Benton led a defensive effort by the No. 5 large school Vikings. McCarthy finished with 15 tackles and Benton added 12. Grand Island broke open a tight game with a pair of touchdowns in the second quarter, one on a pulsating 57-yard run by Jim Blocho, the other on a 23-yard TD pass from Mick Gallagher to Mike Feathers. Blocho finished with 125 yards while Gallagher passed for two touchdowns.~~~~Wow! What a bowler! Brian Sander bowled a 299 (748) with the P. J. Garvey Men's League at Island Lanes.

Brian and Erin Russo are proud parents of a baby boy, Dylan Michael Russo born October 5, 2001 weighing seven pounds, 12 ounces. For more details, click
"Russo Baby"

A tip of the hat to the VFW for purchasing 50 ducks to be entered in the Scuba Duck Regatta on the 27th. See the Sesquicentennial Page for information on how to enter and support the Sesqui events of 2002.

I just posted a 1976 photo of a group of children from Emmanuel United Methodist Church on Baseline Road in my "Old Photo Album"
. I recognize Darlene Russell Passarelli and her sister, Dawn but would appreciate hearing from someone who can identify the others.

Congratulations to Karen and Mike DeMartin on the birth of a son, Collin Michael DeMartin, born September 7, 2001 weighing seven pounds, 11 ounces. Baby Collin was welcomed home by big sister, Allison, 2 1/2. Proud grandparents are Marge and Al Craddock of Jenell Dr. and Evert and Felicia DeMartin of West River Road.

This girl is good! Amy Morgan was featured in the guest editorial spot in the Buffalo News on Sunday, for the second time in a little over a month. Her writing may be viewed by clicking Begrudging Rainbow.

We heard that the Octoberfest at Trinity UM Church on Saturday was chocked full of neat things to eat and buy and featured a silent auction where Sarah Webb, 7, won a musical, porcelain doll. Sarah, her mom and dad, Donna and Kent Webb and her brother, Mark also attended St. Stephen's chicken BBQ and bazaar on the same day, where numerous auction items were being announced. The Webbs were also lucky winners at St. Stephen's.

I announced George Pollock's birthday last week but was not aware that it was his 80th birthday. "Happy 80th, George, and by the way, I just found a 1956 program for a Grand Island Community Band Concert where it listed 'Pollock Plumbing and Heating' among the advertisements!"

Looking Back 50 years - Plans for the Island's 1952 Centennial celebration started just 50 years ago when Chamber of Commerce members heard a "Centennial Promotion" representative who said, "Grand Island has a big problem in that there is no centralized business district; this is overshadowed by the abundance of available space on both land and water."

Looking Back 10 years - Harbor Towne Centre on Baseline at Alvin Road opened on October 24, 1991.

Members of the Niagara Frontier Boat Racing Association, sponsors of next summer's hydroplane races tentatively set for June 22-23, 2002, are having a "fund raiser" on November 24th at Papa Joe's, 2546 Niagara Falls Blvd. The event will start at 6 p.m. and the cost is $10.00 and includes beer, food, and a chinese auction. Call Luanne Monnette at 693-7117 or Anne or Liz Barker at 773-1191 for tickets.

Stephanie M. Zaremski and Brandon E. Depp were married Friday, October 12th in St. Stephen's Church. The bride is the daughter of Agnes and Michael Zaremski Sr. of Grand Island.~~~~Island residents Maureen Rotella and Jason Weis were married Saturday in St. Stephen's Church and are living in Florida. Both couple are wished a long and happy life together.

Happy birthday to Adam Heftka (6 today), Alexandra Mason (10 today), Jim Milne (tomorrow), Danielle McGuire (10 on Saturday), Michael Madigan (5 on Saturday), Joe Macaluso (Saturday), Robert Stahl, Marge Costello, Danielle Soluri and Laury Linenfelser (Sunday), Megan Kaleta (a teenager on Sunday), Brianna Lee Hadden (5 on Monday), "Puppet" DiTullio and Debbie Huff Curry (Monday), Jaime Heftka (her 20th on Monday), Vicki Wright (this week), and Kevin "Skee" Zoldowski who really turns the big 5-0 on the 24th.

Our sympathy to the families of Marie A. Davis, John L. Syms, Bernard 'Barney' Gingrich, Annie 'Nancy" Stabell and former resident Rev. Marvin E. Rickert. Click for complete Death Notices.

Looking for things to do this weekend? The Fire Company's Ladies Auxiliary fall chowder and baked goods sale takes place on Saturday in the main truck house, 2275 Baseline Road. Chowder will be sold when ready, around 11 a.m. and may be purchased by the bowl or for take out for those who bring containers.~~~~The Historical Society will hold an open house at River Lea in Beaver Island State Park from 2-4 p.m. Sunday, October 21st. Let's all show the Society members a good turnout in appreciation for all that they are doing to preserve our history.

I will remind you again next week, but you may want to jot down the hours for children's Tricks-or-Treating on Halloween night. They are from 5-8 p.m. Wednesday, October 31th.

Trivia question of the week: Just what was Peggy Butler's whimsical duck rendition, and where can we see it?

October 11, 2001

We join the rest of the community in extending sympathy to the family and all of the friends of Gene Masters who passed away on Monday, October 8, 2001 in St. Stephen's Church. Gene had ridden his bicycle to church for morning mass as he so often did.~~~~ Our sympathy also to the families of Marie Meyer of Love Road and former resident 'Floss' Justa . Click for complete Death Notices (photos etc.).

The correct address for former resident Gary Leckner is 415 Briarwood Road, Venice, FL 34293. According to his friend Bill Williams, Gary, who has since broken his hip from a fall after the heart attack, is progressing slowly.

Chris Dennis recently scored a 288 (706) while bowling with the Labatt's League at Island Lanes and Rich Freer had the same 288 score (772) while bowling with the Men's A-Best Roofing league at Island Lanes.

Congratulations again to our Varsity Vikings Football Team. The boys beat Williamsville South 20-0 last Saturday when Chris Sica had two touchdowns in the 2nd quarter. Other standouts on the Grand Island team were Mike Blocho (ran 15 times for 134 yards, caught a 20-yd. TD pass from Mick Gallagher), Mick Gallagher, Jim Blocho (carried 16 times for 88 yards, and linebacker Terry Benton (10 tackles). Grand Island (4-0) is playing at Williamsville East (3-2) 7 p.m. Friday evening.

Please pray for Nancy Stabell who is very ill.~~~~Our best wishes for a speedy and complete recovery to West River Road resident Tom Flaherty, a captain with the Erie County Sheriff's Department, who was seriously injuried in an accident following Sunday's Buffalo Bills game.~~~~Certainly hope Helene Kerr's hospital stay is a very short one. Get well, Helene!

Happy birthday to Mike Braun who celebrated yet another birthday with the entire Fire Company Saturday evening. Nice to see Mike's wife Sue Braun getting around so well on her crutches.~~~~Six-year-old Zoe Dodd is having to take it easy since having her tonsils out last Wednesday. If you know Zoe, why not send her a card in the mail.~~~~A tip of the hat to Sue McMahon who served well over 950 breakfasts last week to kindergartners and grandparents in the Sidway School lunch room.

Camarillo, CA resident Ellen Hopkins Faber and her family spent the past week on Grand Island, where her sons saw where their mom grew up. Ellen, a member of the Class of '71, had a good time visiting with Lydia Endres, Liz and Greg Barker, Mike Endres and his family and her longtime 'Class of '71' friend Mary Quinn. "Thanks for the flowers, Ellen. Your visit and your compliments to our Isledegrande.com site made my day."

A wish for a great day goes out to Danna and Mark Podgorny who will celebrate their 5th anniversary on Friday, and to Bobby and Ilene Dee celebrating their 12th on Sunday. A belated happy 30th anniversary to Lori and Wayne Clinton.

If you see Michael Wasson, ask him about that special birthday he's celebrating today.~~~~Happy birthday, Mike. Happy birthday to Stephanie Hopkins (her 13th today), Jacob Mongold (a big 5 today), Mary Witherspoon and Kathy Bowerman (Saturday), Stephanie Voyzey (her fifth birthday Sunday), John Thomas Turner (7 on Sunday), Shirley Luther and Vickie Wright (Monday), Tamara Proctor (special greetings on Tuesday), Tammy "Tolbert" Benz (cheers on Tuesday), Carol Pownall, Karen Figler and Elizabeth Foks (Wednesday), and Marissa Booker (her 10th birthday Wednesday).

Mike Podlucky's thoughts on Coach Masters in his note in our guestbook today were truly heartwarming. I'm sure there will be others. Be sure to check out the guestbook from time to time and sign in if you haven't already. It's a perfect way to stay in touch with high school friends from the football team, the band, and the Island.

Looking Back 50 years - Televisions were very new 50 years ago and the newest show was "I Love Lucy," premiering on October 15, 1951 on WBEN-TV.~~~~Fifth graders in Mrs. Adamine Kennelly's class put on a talent show for some of the other classes in the Sidway School. Among the acts were a puppet show by Martin O'Dea and Don and Dayton Fancher, baton twirling by Betty Jane Gardner (Penque), Rosemary Loth (Fischer) and Judy Kuehling (Semler), and jokes being told by Dick Titterington and Bill Vampotic.~~~~Sidway School students, from the kindergartners to the ninth graders, were delighted and very excited over seeing the new Grand Stride, the swings and the jungle gym on the school playground.

Looking Back 30 years - Cannon Partnership's new Island facility was under construction.~~~~The Grand Island Fire Company held its first annual inspection and open house on Sunday, October 10, 1971.~~~~Howard Killian, a native Grand Island farmer, produced about 3,400 bales of hay on his Whitehaven Road farm in 1971. He also raised oats and wheat which were sold to local horse owners, estimated by some to exceed over 100 horses.

Teddy's Islettes is alive and well. Several former twirlers of the majorette corps recently practiced together and literally twirled up a storm. Everyone who paraded with the group between 1961 and 1987 is invited to the next practice, Friday, November 2nd at 6:30 p.m. at Cathy Thomas' dance studio. For more information, e-mail Teddy. The plan is for the former twirlers of Teddy's Islettes to perform in the Sesquicentennial Parade on the 4th of July 2002 down Grand Island Blvd.

Such a deal! Patriotic placemats in red, white and blue are available at no charge at Island Pools on the Boulevard.~~~~The Grand Island Snowmobile Club will meet at 7:30 p.m. on Wednesday October 17th at LoVerdes Bar & Grill on West River Road at Staley. For more Club information, click GI Snowmobile Club.~~~~St. Stephen's annual chicken dinner is set for Sunday, October 14th from noon to 5 p.m. A bazaar and auction will be featured.~~~~For a really pretty website, check our our own Maria's Hallmark. By the way, Maria DelSignore is one of our Isledegrande.com business sponsors. Thanks, Maria.

October 4, 2001

Darrell and Debbie (Stamler) Nowak are the proud parents of a new baby girl. Madison Reese was born September 21st weighing 9 lbs. 12 ozs. and welcomed home by her sister, Hallie, 7.~~~~Welcome, Forrest Michael Carr, born to Mike and Christine Carr of Ferry Road on Tuesday, September 25th weighing five pounds, 12 ounces. The baby boy is the grandson of Bob and Joanne Carr of Grand Island and Harry and Christine Smith of Tonawanda.~~~~Maura and Kevin Rustowicz of Tracey Lane were blessed with baby #6 with the birth of a son, Sean Christian who was born September 26, 2001 weighing eight pounds, five ounces. Proud grandfather is Dick McCowan of West Oakfield Road.

I am so sorry to report that former resident Gary Leckner suffered a heart attack several weeks ago. Cards may be mailed to Gary at 415 Briarwood Road, Venice, FL 34293.~~~~A speedy recovery to Sue Braun who recently fractured her foot, and to Richard Hartman who has been injured in a fall. Richard and Joanne's move from Grand Island is on hold for the time being.

Our sympathy to the families of Alyce A. Janik, Eugene Kozek and former residents Colleen M. Combes and Eleanore Campbell. Click for complete
Death Notices.

Congratulations to Frank DelSignore who had a hole-in-one on the 171-yard 4th hole at Bridgewater Country Club with an 8-iron.~~~~And congratulations to the Grand Island High School Varsity Vikings on a fantastic win over Lewiston-Porter with a final score of 44-7. Breaking our high school field goal record was sophomore Mike Feathers who kicked a 45-yarder.

"Where'd the time go?" A special happy birthday to Margaret "Lapine" Webb who celebrates on Saturday. She is shown in back on the left. For a larger view of the photo with all the names, click "Old Photo Album"
.~~~~Happy birthday to Jennifer Wenner (her 30th today), to Lauren Kalisz (a teenager today), Margie Walker (today), Mallory Zilliox (12 tomorrow), Doug Fearon and Bonnie Allen (Saturday), Eric Craddock (6 on Sunday), Mark Webb (a teenager on Monday), and Dick McCowan and neighbor Tom Lajos (both celebrating a milestone on Wednesday).~~~~George Pollock will celebrate his birthday on October 8th and he and his wife, Loretta will mark their 14th wedding anniversary on October 7th. Happy days to the Pollocks.

Sarah White, a graduate of Grand Island High School and Long Island University, became the bride of Joseph Piacente III on Saturday, September 29, 2001 in St. Stephen's Church. The newlyweds will make their home in Cheektowaga following a trip to Jamaica.

Looking Back 50 years - The Trinity EUB Church Choir presented "Belle Of The West" to raise funds for carpet in the church chancel. A chorus of ranchers, miners and girls of Roarin' Creek included Carol Kaegebein (Gates), Marilyn Dinsmore (Serfass), Mrs. Norman Hause, Marion Pinkow, Ralph Westerman, Len Staub, Roger Dohn and Eric Parish. Wallace Sims was director and Marion Pinkow, chorus director.~~~~Jim and Susan Neimeier and parents were newcomers to Sandy Beach and Grand Island 50 years ago.

Looking Back 40 years - Marion Klingel was appointed editor of the Island Dispatch and replaced James Roche on the Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors.~~~~A large sign, "Grand Island Town Hall," was painted by Vince Staley and erected on town hall grounds facing Grand Island Blvd. in the fall of 1961.

Looking Back 20 years - Dominick Affuso of Baseline Road tuned into the first Cable TV reception on Grand Island on September 23, 1981. Michael Gast was president of Island Cable Inc. on Baseline Road when it became a reality through the operations of a 120-foot tower with an 8-foot microwave antenna.

The Historical Society's 7:30 p.m., meeting "tonight" at River Lea will feature a slide program of the town's 1952 centennial.~~~~Professional, elite and amateur cyclists will compete in races at the south end of the Island on Saturday and Sunday. Click DuTriSports
for more information.~~~~Just a reminder to all Island residents - First planting of 4000 daffodil bulbs, and an undetermined amount of tulip bulbs along Grand Island Blvd. will begin next Saturday morning, October 13th. Let the Sesquicentennial Committee know of your willingness to help with this project by calling Peggy McNulty at 774-8916.

September 27, 2001

Cheers! Dan Mancuso turns the big 5-0 tomorrow, the 28th. Friends may want to email Lela with a message of congratulations! I'm sure she will forward your notes to Danny.~~~~Happy birthday to Dave Grant (today), Anthony Ramirez (13 tomorrow), Jim Dinsmore (tomorrow), Nicholas Dodge (his 21st tomorrow), Cappy Cooke (9 tomorrow), Joshua Kahn (double digets - 10 years old on Saturday), Stacey Zahradnik and Nancy Blundell (Saturday), Scott Steimle Jr. (3 on Saturday), Aaron Beauregard (18 on Sunday), Lee Cohen and Carol Dunworth (Sunday), Jackie Kowzan (19 on Sunday), Allison Walker and Ariel Brucato (both turning 10-years-old Monday), Linda Faletto, Tom Ott Jr. and Don Turner of Turner's Port of Call fame (all on Monday), Jaidan Kheara Hiam (first birthday Tuesday - don't miss her picture on our front page), Steven Gormady and Shorty Vanthoff (Tuesday), and Leah Nagler (her 13th on Tuesday).~~~~A belated happy 20th birthday to Paul Baer who celebrated on September 20th.~~~~Ben and Bernie Franklin will celebrate her birthday on the 1st, his birthday on the 2nd and their 37th anniversary on the 3rd. Happy days to the Franklins.

Best wishes to Lisa and Chuck Capage who celebrated their second wedding anniversary on Tuesday, September 25th.~~~~Wedding bells! Maria Frattaroli and Angelo Congi were married Saturday in St. Stephen's Church, and the wedding of Tammi L. Von Wryeza and Jason E. Ras took place Saturday in Christ the King Chapel, Canisius College. All will live on Grand Island.

Our sincere sympathy to the families of Ann Mitchell, Dick Couch, Don Argy Sr. and former East River Road resident Ruth M. (Pollock) Dinnocenzio. Ann, who has lived on the Island 60+ years, thoroughly enjoyed two parties in celebration of her 90th birthday last weekend. Details of Dick's activities on the Island may be read by clicking below. Don was the father of nine children and an active member of St. Stephen's Church. Ruth belonged to the Fire Company's Ladies Auxiliary and its marching unit in the 1960s. Click for complete Death Notices.

Congratulations to Fred Lew who beat out the rest of the runners in the men's 50-59 age group last weekend in the Habitat Run 2001 at Westminister Presbyterian.~~~~Dave Grant and friends raised over $5,000 for the ECMC Trauma Unit last Saturday at the Launch Club.

Looking Back 65 years - It was 65 years ago today that Harrison Corky "Ugly" Carter celebrated his 1st birthday with a party attended by Mary Ann Kruse (Arsenault), Billy Fleming, Dave Mesmer and Georgie Fitzpatrick, among others. Corky took a nap and had to be aroused to blow out his candle! "Happy birthday, Corky!"

Looking Back 50 years - Miss Evelyn Jordan's kindergarten class visited the Henry Schutt farm on Stony Point and Bedell roads 50 years ago today. Among the students taking the short school bus ride from Sidway School to the farm were Christine Pinkow (Sipson), Johnny Joe Esack, Michael Gast, Gary Long, Dawn Merrill (Hillock), Elaine Stedman, Peter Mazenauer and Tommy Boehm.

Looking Back 30 years - After serving 19 years as an elected official, Don Hawley resigned as town justice.

Looking Back 1 year - After a four-year run with rave review's, the Grand Island Record, a totally Grand Island newspaper, free and Island-wide every week, was forced to stop production with its September 28, 2000 edition.

Thanks again to Penny Ball for making me aware of a very good web site for kids - "TIME for Kids"
. The site offers updated news stories on the September 11th tragedy, contextual maps, photo essays, information on how to help and much more.~~~~Have a wonderful weekend.

September 20, 2001

As some of my readers may have already noticed, news items are and will be added to the front page throughout the week. Also check out our guestbook for old friends who are continuously signing on.~~~~We've heard from Marianne and Jim Tranter who have a new email address - JET22@MFI.net. Click The Tranters to email them.

Best wishes to Carla Beth Rader and Andrew James Gasiewicz who were married Saturday, September 15th in First Presbyterian Church, Niagara Falls. The bride was the third generaton in her family to be married in that church.

Our own Mandy Malaney here at Isledegrande.com is the writer of "A Celebration," being used to inform the residents of Grand Island of the need for their immediate support of the Sesquicentennial celebration. Click "A Celebration" and don't miss out on a chance to be a part of the historic, pictorial program book being reproduced, just as it was in 1952.~~~~Saturday's Treasures was a community spirited event under sunny skies and warm temperatures. Our granddaughter Amy Bidell, her cousin, Marissa Lange as well as Katie Hillock were among youngsters who had booths in the KidBiz section. From what we hear, they all made a nice profit.~~~~Our daughter Julie Dee, who was attending the Brad Paisley concert at the Majestic Theater with her husband, Don on Saturday night, had the thrill of being called up on stage by the star of the show! Did any of my readers see her?

A belated happy 75th birthday to Lee Becker who turned 75 on September 8th. Happy Birthday to Lisa Dollendorf, Christopher Soluri, John Braddell and Jeri Schopp (today), Rachel Hamlin (21 Saturday), Nicole Walker (Sweet 16 on Saturday), Ann Mitchell (Saturday), Walter Hughes, and the Gorton twins - Jim and Becky (Sunday), Betsy Cali and Susan Hillock (Monday), Julie Anna Amato (14 on Monday), David Rodriguez (4 on Monday), and last but certainly not least, Kevin "Skee" Zoldowski, Class of '70 and now residing in Billings, Montana turns the big 5-0 this week.

Marianne Christensen is thrilled with the results of her recent eye surgery.~~~~Fire Chief Skip Mrkall, who sustained painfull injuries in a fall last spring, is getting along a lot better now.~~~~Get well wishes to Laurie Long who has recently been fighting pneumonia.

Our sympathy to the families of Benjamin A. Spiesz, Joseph Esack, and former residents Florence L. Browning, 99, and Gerald A. Mahnk who passed away this week. Click for complete Death Notice.

Looking Back 50 years - MaryEllen Klingel (Stewart), Wendy Holden (Gaydica), Louann Bucknam (Farrell), Betty Jane Gardner (Penque) and Judy Daggett were among members of Girl Scout Troop 437 who spent a weekend camping at Sky High Girl Scout Camp in Orchard Park. Miss Lucy French and Mrs. Janet McCann were their leaders.

Looking Back 30 years - Scoutmaster Tom Ott and Assistant Scoutmaster Roger Dudley were in charge of Boy Scout Troop 254's Court of Honor which was accented by three campfires in Beaver Island Park on September 23, 1971.

Thanks to West River Road resident Betty Johnson who was credited with bringing bagpipper Scott Calhoun of Williamsville to the Sunday Night candlelight vigil. Scott is the husband of Betty's niece.

A spaghetti dinner for Grand Island Moose Lodge #180 members, their families and friends will be held from 4-7 p.m. this Saturday (September 22) at the lodge, 2524 Grand Island Blvd. Click Moose Lodge News for more information.

Primary election voting, postponed from Tuesday, September 11th, will take place from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. Tuesday, September 25th at your regular polling place. All voting machines will be reset for voting and votes cast on September 11th will not be counted.

The next planning meeting for the Sesquicentennial is 7 p.m. Tuesday, September 25th in the Grand Island Memorial Library on Bedell Road.

September 13, 2001

Our community continues to pray along with others around the world, for those affected by Tuesday's catastrophic events in NYC and Washington. The Island has responded to Tuesday's terrorism with prayer services yesterday and in the immediate future. Thanks to the Connections Program and Tom DeLoughry for passing on the times of services. (See our front page).~~~~Rus Thompson has dedicated a page on his website to Tuesday's tragedy. Click God Bless America for stories and pictures.

Island resident Dave Grant is coordinating a fund raiser event to benefit the Erie County Medical Center Head Trauma Unit. Music and fun will take place at the Buffalo Launch Club Saturday, September 22nd. For details on how this came about, click ECMC Story

Our sincere sympathy to the family of Cathy Hetherly. Click for complete Death Notice.

Happy birthday to Russ Anderson Jr. (the big one today), to Dave Cole, Kate Cady and Danny McMahon (today), Frankie Truesdale (16 tomorrow), Ryan Norton and Michael Ruland (both turning 3 on Saturday), Mary Ellen Hau Nemo (special greetings on Saturday), Veronica Connor and Robert Grycel (Monday), Bethany Allsop (her 13th on Monday), Millie Weiser and Zdenka Gast (Tuesday), "Prof." Don Burns and Bob Buzby (Wednesday) and Rebecca Goelz (Sweet 16 on Wednesday). A belated happy birthday to Sharon El-Behairy who celebrated on Tuesday.

Happy birthday, Pete! Can you spot Supervisor Peter McMahon in his first grade class photo? Check out our "Old Photo Album"
for his name and names of all his classmates. The supervisor celebrates a milestone on Wednesday, September 19th and I want to be first to wish him a very happy birthday.

Nice to see Mike O'Dea in town enjoying the sights and sounds at the Antique and Classic Boat Show with his brother, Jim. Also at the show with an antique boat of his own was former resident Kenny Kohn and family. The Buffalo Launch Club grounds were filled with boats and antique cars of every vintage. The view of the Niagara River, the beautiful, hot and sunny weather, along with the Route 66 band made for a perfect day.

Congratulations to talented writer Amy Morgan of Sandy Beach Road, a recent a guest editorialist in the Buffalo News. Her writing may be viewed by clicking Buffalo News.

Thanks to the following who helped identify the 1996 Sidway School reunion photos that I posted several weeks back: Fred Schutt, Jerry Thomas, Margaret Ann Haller, Dorothy Dillemuth and Wayne Baumler. The class of 1961 photo has been added and hopefully someone will come through with the Class of '60 picture to complete the set.~~~~For those of you who heard about our son, Jim Linenfelser Jr's Labor Day accident, he's back to work at town hall, still sore but none the worse for wear!!!

Looking Back 50 years - Mr. and Mrs. Robert Smith, Bobby and Charlotte were one of the first residents to move into the Coldbrook homes on Stony Point Road in 1951.

Looking Back 40 years - Linc and Barbara Nutting were newcomers to the Island 40 years ago when they moved into their Bruce Lane home.

Looking Back 30 years - A family picnic at Trinity Church on September 18, 1971 drew over 300. Stan Ellson led the group in an exciting afternoon of events for all ages. The Bidells and Hasselbecks provided pony rides and Jean Wholahan, Gert Cotter, Vivian Smudski, John McClellan and Leslie and Sylvia Todd presented a musical medley on recorders. Remember?

Looking Back 25 years - Bible Presbyterian Church on Love Road opened its grade school in September 1976.

My sympathy to the congregation of Emmanuel United Methodist Church. The very last church service was held Sunday, September 9, 2001. Emmanuel United Methodist was founded as a mission in a one-room school house on Bush Road in 1910. Eventually a Chapel was built on Ferry Road and in 1957 the present church was built on Baseline near Love Road.

For a very interesting website click "America: the Good Neighbor" a 1973 editorial by Gordon Sinclair. Thanks to Penny Ball for this.

Attention, Teddy's Islettes! As you may have noted from this week's front page of the Grand Island e-News, I am making every effort to contact all of my former baton twirlers who marched with Teddy's Islettes from 1961 through 1987. Credit for the idea to march in the July 4, 2002 Sesquicentennial Parade goes to Cheryl Goris Kloesz, a former senior twirler who still impresses her family with her fire baton twirling! Please get in touch with your daughters, sisters, mothers and grandmothers if they were a part of my Teddy's Islettes. A meeting will be held 6:30 p.m. Friday, September 21st at Miss Cathy's Dance Academy, 2488 Grand Island Blvd. (next to Martin's Fantasy Island). Members unable to attend are asked to email Teddy "Klingel" Linenfelser to express your interest. Out-of-towners - we need you, too!~~~~The response to a Teddy's Islettes email notice I sent out last night to all available addresses brought immediate responses from Gail Hoag Ide, Uma (Bommaraju) Hoffmann, Patty Bykowicz Turner, Vicky Huer Lynde, Tina Krzes Arthur, Alyssa Miller, Holly Whitford Best and former student/teacher Marcia Witte Robison.

Chamber of Commerce members will offer their Treasures Festival and KidBiz this Saturday when Whitehaven between Baseline Road and the Boulevard will be closed to traffic and filled with tables and booths of crafts, food, garage sale items and more. Activities begin at 9 a.m. and the American Red Cross will hold a sign-up for blood donations.

September 6, 2001

Former East River Road resident Nicole Dee Hoffman and her husband, Jeff of Port Orange, Florida are into motorcycle racing, big time! Click to view their team website, Draganee Racing. Both are active racers in the Southeast Region of the Championship Cup Series. Nicole's dad, Bobby Dee and his Northeast Machine & Motor Supply Inc. sponsors the racing team. Happy anniversary to Jeff and Nicole who will celebrate their first wedding anniversary on Sunday.~~~~Cheerleader Arlene Wunsch, 10, was featured in the Metro Community News this past week. Arlene, daughter of Cheryl and Dave Wunsch, has been cheering for three years, and recently competed with her team at the Cheer-A-Thon at Martin's Fantasy Island.~~~~Gregg Gesl added yet another 300 game to his long list of perfect scores. Gregg bowled his most recent 300 in a 773 series in the Labatt Major Trio at Manor Lanes.

Former residents John and Carol Jean Linenfelser of Brockport, NY are first time grandparents. Their daughter, Sarabeth gave birth to a seven pound, 12 ounce baby boy on Monday, September 3, 2001. John is a member of the Grand Island High School Class of '66 and Carol Jean graduated from the high school in 1968.

Our very best wishes to Claudia McGinty and John Papai who were married July 15, 2001 in Colorado Springs, Colorado.~~~~David J. Gottler and his bride, the former Lisa J. Boynton will be at home on Grand Island following a trip to Jamaica. The Gottlers were married Saturday, September 1, 2001 in St. Amelia Catholic Church, Town of Tonawanda.

Our sympathy to the families of Donald F. Mesler, former owner of the Islander Restaurant, former residents Chester H. Webb and Arthur G. Merrill and Isle resident Paul M. Albert. Click for complete Death Notices.

Happy birthday to Angela Amato (21 today), Margaret Ann Haller and Lisa Mrkall (today), Jerrett Fancher (a milestone tomorrow), Mary Lou Kohlhagen (her 80th on Saturday - see last week's column for party plans), Ryan Enser (21 on Saturday), Dylan Russell DeGlopper (his first birthday Saturday), Cheryl Hyman (a big one on Sunday), Mikayla Ann Claus (two on Sunday), Ted Stewart and Leona Ruth MacDonald Stevens(!) (Tuesday), June Ann Chadima (5 on Tuesday) and Jessica Walsh (Sweet 16 on Wednesday).

Looking Back 60 Years - It was on September 8, 1941 when nearly 1000 people attended WBEN's party on Grand Island. It was the 11th anniversary of WBEN, when formal dedication of the station's new 5000 watt transmitting plant and directional antenna system on Beaver Island Parkway and Bush Road took place. According to the Buffalo Evening News, "The sounds of merrymaking at the party held in the Beaver Island Casino were heard coast to coast." Among the guests listed were tiny Donna Staley (Mesmer), Mrs. Henry Ackerman and her granddaughter Alice Benton and little great granddaughter Joan Benton (Templeton).

Looking Back 50 Years - Four bus drivers, Tom Benton II, John Wagner, Fred Miller and John Suchocki, were transporting the 723 students registered for Charlotte Sidway School, the Island's only school in September 1951.

Looking Back 20 Years - Members of the Grand Island Home Bureau Chapter I celebrated the 65th anniversary of the organization in the Fire Hall, long a meeting place for the homemakers' group. Scrapbooks, five of them dating back to 1914, were on display. Among those in attendance were charter members Elsie E. Stamler and Eva DeGlopper, President Gladys Kiefer, Vice President Catherine Long, Secretary Ann Kruse and Treasurer Mary Miosga.

A tip of the hat to Fred Schutt and Karen Vanthoff for forwarding historic pictures to be considered for inclusion in the Historic Sesquicentennial Program Book.

Don't miss this weekend's Niagara Frontier Antique & Classic Boat Show, Raceboat Reunion and River Cruise at the Buffalo Launch Club.

August 30, 2001

Longtime Island resident Mary Lou Kohlhagen will be honored with a 80th birthday party from 2-4 p.m. Sunday, September 9th in the Islandview Apartments Family Room, 2136 Baseline Road. Mary Lou is a life member of the Grand Island Fire Co., a member and former Sunday School teacher at Trinity United Methodist Church and has been a Girl Scout leader for over 40 years. She is a Kaegebein School PTA life member, past Matron of Grand Island Amaranth, Triangle Supervisor and past Chamber of Commerce Citizen of the Year. Friends are more than welcome to attend and wish Mary Lou a happy 80th birthday.

Just for the record, we will be adding current news to the front page as it becomes available. Readers do not necessarily have to wait for Thursday to see what's going on! As an example, a school board story and death notices appearing on our new front page today, were added earlier this week to last week's front page.

A very happy first anniversary to Skip and Lisa Mrkall on September 1st and best wishes to Nancy and Joe Samrany who are celebrating their 45th on the same day. Jay and Karen Raepple mark their 30th anniversary on September 4th. Happy days, folks!

Our sincere sympathy to the families of Martin H. Doebert Jr., Eugene J. Linsmaier and Agnes Hartley. Click for complete
Death Notices.

Susan M. Wozniak and Ryan M. Dee were married Saturday, August 25, 2001 in St. Stephen's Church. Much happiness to the Dees who will make their home in Kenmore.~~~~Best wishes to newlyweds Patrick J. Flynn and the former Jaime M. Hallock who were married in Whitehaven Road Baptist Church on Friday, August 24, 2001.

Happy birthday to Eric Sander (7 today), Charlie and Tom Dewey (16 tomorrow), Tom Thomas and JoAnn "Haller" Miano (tomorrow), Sally Dinino (special greetings tomorrow), Dave Hamlin and Roy Hawkes (Saturday), Ashley Bowerman (Sunday), Cindy Kaiser (Monday), Samuel Joseph Linenfelser (3 on Monday), Bob Dee and Tom Crawford (Tuesday), Dale Gruber (a big one on Tuesday), and Marla Crawford, Chris Ramsperger, Peggy McNulty and Renee "DeCost" Morgan (Wednesday).

Looking back 50 years - Service Center Appliance was celebrating a 5th anniversary on September 2, 1951 by its owners Harold and Julia Long. Miss Cathy's Dance Center, Jaco's Pizza and Contract Interiors are now located in the building where the Longs ran their appliance business.

Looking back 40 years - Debbi Robinson celebrated her birthday with other members of the Island's Islettes majorette corps with a trip to Niagara Falls and a ride on the Maid of the Mist. Happy birthday, Debbi.

Looking back 30 years - Parking rates in Beaver Island State Park rose from the original fee of 50 cents to a dollar.

Former residents Gail and George Allen, now living in Florida, will be in town September 1st and will stay through the 10th while they help their daughter with her move to Florida.

A question came up at Tuesday's Sesquicentennial meeting regarding the burying of a time capsule during the Centennial celebration in the summer of 1952. To my knowledge and through reading all of the news clippings of that time, no mention was made of the burial. Can any of our readers who were here at the time clarify this point? Are there any pictures out there?

Among new faces in the various Island schools will be Grand Island High School graduates Josephine Lockett Hegarty, Kevin Murray, Diana Lipp, Jeanne Percival and Julie Roth.

School opens on Tuesday. Drive carefully and have a wonderful Labor Day Weekend!

August 23, 2001

Former resident Pat "Williams" Meyer in Ohio wrote this week that she asked her brother, Mike if he could remember an Isle teenager of the 1950s, tagged "Stump Jumper." Mike says he's pretty sure the boy's name was Jay Heckman. Does anyone remember?~~~~Sidway School music teacher, the late Carol Thompson coordinated a movie titled "A Day At Sidway" in 1953. Do any of my readers know if it is still around?

Please say a prayer for Diane Tetkowski, Class of 1970. Diane is recovering from a serious health problem.~~~~A speedy recovery to Dick McNamee who, I hear, is getting along fine. Dick has had the pleasure of his daughter, Mary Giordano's company while she is in town during his recuperation.~~~~A speedy recovery to Lorrie Markarian who is recovering from recent back surgery. "Hi Lorrie! Hope you can be out and about real soon."

Our sympathy to the families of Georgia F. Claffey, Christopher P. Martin, Kenneth F. Sommer, Richard D. "Dickie" Taylor Sr. and Donald H. Alt who recently passed away.~~~~A memorial service is being held 10 a.m. Saturday in Whitehaven Road Baptist Church for Ronald Dahlberg. Click for complete
Death Notices.

Looking back 50 years - The Dispensation of the Grand Island Lodge was presented August 27, 1951 at Trinity Fellowship Hall.

Looking back 40 years - Mrs. Robert A. Graham of Whitney Lane won the "Name The Business" contest with her "Bridgeview Produce" entry. The market opened on Grand Island Blvd. August 24, 1961.~~~~Members of the Rotary Club and the Recreation Commission's adult dramatics class cleaned up the Grand Island Playhouse and grounds in August 1961. The Playhouse was the site of the Rotary's 3rd annual auction that year, and plans were to revive amateur theater on the old stage in September 1961.~~~~Buffalo Launch Club members competed for the best, worst and funniest decorated boat awards in their annual boat parade Saturday August 26, 1961.

Looking back 20 years - Bill DeGlopper was named Outstanding Soap Box Derby Race Director in the U.S. for 1981 and at the same time, son Bill who did very well in the 44th All-American Soap Box Derby, was awarded a trophy for the Most Original Car Decoration.

Happy birthday to Frederick Schutt of Coalstrip, Montana and Randy Hillock (today), Jean Marie Dragonette (Sweet 16 today), Sara Orsolits (11 today), Gregg Roesch (best wishes on the big 3-0 tomorrow), Arlene Wunsch (9 on Saturday), Sascha Stopa-Chevez (21 on Sunday), Gail Allen (Monday), Sharon Nichols (cheers on Wednesday), Jamey DiTullio (Wednesday) and Katie Swain (21 on Wednesday).

If you or someone you know is looking for a home with in-law apartment on the Island in an extremely nice neighborhood, I may be able to help you find it.

I recently heard from Tamie Matthews who reports that her dad, former resident George Pollock just purchased a computer. I'm sure he would enjoy hearing from old friends from the Island. For those who don't know, just click on George's name to e-mail.

All Isle ninth graders are invited to Reality Cafe', 3278 Whitehaven Road, where a picnic will be held from 6:30-11 p.m., Friday, August 24, 2001. Hot dogs and drinks will be provided.~~~~Hunting licenses are on sale in the Town Clerk's Office at Town Hall with additional hours from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday, August 25, 2001.~~~~The next Sesquicentennial planning meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, August 28, 2001 at 7 p.m. in the Grand Island Memorial Library community room. Everyone is welcome. Please click Sesquicentennial Page
for more information.

August 16, 2001

Attendance at Beaver Island State Park last Thursday was three times what it usually is on a typical August Thursday (usually 300-350 cars). The increase in attendance was due to Gov. George Pataki waiving the $6 parking fee due to the heat wave. Anyone remember the 50 cent admission - that seemed to expensive to our parents??~~~~Monday's rain storm brought more than enough needed rain to Grand Island - and more rain here than anywhere else in the area. I also heard that lawns on Long Road and north to Sandy Beach were ice-covered due to the tremendous amount of hail that fell.

Weddings announced this week are those of Sarah Zilliox and Rob MacNeil on August 4, 2001. The MacNeils honeymooned in London, England and Paris and are living on the Island.~~~~William Jonathan Click and his bride, the former Danielle Marie Restey were married Saturday, August 11, 2001 in St. Stephen's Church and will live on Grand Island.~~~~The wedding of Andrew J. Dulak to Brandy A. Robins took place Saturday, August 11th in Whitehaven Road Baptist Church.~~~~Andrew and Brandy will live on the Island. Danielle M. Turner and Kyle J. Greene's wedding took place Saturday, August 11th in St. Stephen's Church and they will also live on the Island.~~~~Making their home in Columbia, S.C. are Tami Kay Ewert and Brian Michael Boyle, who were married on Saturday, August 11th in Kenmore United Methodist Church.~~~~Danielle M. Hassan and Jared A. Sander were married at River Oaks on Sunday, August 12, 2001 and will reside on the Island. Best wishes, newlyweds.

Looking Back 50 years - According to the Grandyle Village column in an August edition of the Island Dispatch, "Little Mike Gast fell off his bike and broke his nose last Monday (August 20, 1951)."

Looking Back 30 years - The Grand Island Retired Teachers Association was formed in August 1971 when 24 retired teachers including Rose Abate, Mabel Leibinger, Christine McMahon, Lillian Tranter, Mildred Ortolano and Edwina Meredith met with Richard Meredith who offered his assistance in organizing the group.

Looking Back 20 years - Karen Vanthoff and Debbi Robinson headed up the committee for the August 22, 1981 reunion of the Sidway School 9th Grade Graduating Class of 1961. The place? The Bedell House, of course!~~~~Junior Division winners at the Erie County Fair in 1981 included Island residents Jeff Rech, Michael Rech and Becky Metz.

Our sympathy to the families of Betty' (Stack) Blackstock, Ina M. (nee Gray) Gordner, David E. Eberl and Patricia Ann (Lee) Conn who recently passed away. Click for complete
Death Notices.

Happy birthday to Danna Podgorny and Dorothy Blakelock (today), Scott Steckleberg (16 today), Melissa Sipos (Sweet 16 today), Marcella Ford (Sweet 16 tomorrow), Letti Dahlquist (cheers tomorrow), Molly McMahon (Sunday), Ryan Colosi and Brad Sisson (20 on Wednesday), Dave Carminati (Wednesday), Sarah Ali (her 10th on Wednesday), and Cassie Lynn Shickluna (3 on Wednesday).

A very happy wedding anniversary to Andy and Debbie Beyer who are still wining, dining and having fun as they celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary tomorrow. Best wishes to John and Deanne Giambra who will mark their 5th anniversary tomorrow, August 17th.

Those steers (not bulls), sighted roaming on East River near Staley Road are now in the Pfohl freezer.

Tuesday's concert, featuring "All that Jazz" (Big Band Jazz and Swing) at the Town Commons is the last scheduled concert of the summer season. Music starts at 7 p.m. and in case of rain, the event will be postponed to Thursday.

Residents, businesses, organizations, churches and everyone - don't miss this chance to be a part of the historical and commemorative program book being put together as a keepsake for the town's Sesquicentennial. Very similar to the treasured Centennial Program Book of 1952, but with a more extensive Island history and photos, the book is being supported by your advertising. We especially encourage our former Island residents who still consider the Island their "home," to make sure they are remembered in this one-of-a-kind piece of the Island. Please click Sesquicentennial Page
for complete details on how to be sure you or your group will be included.

August 9, 2001

Former resident Butch Glasgow of Bradenton, Florida has the honor of being the first to purchase a full page ad in the Sesquicentennial Historic Program Book. Thanks, Butch and thanks to Paul Malecki who is the second ad buyer but first Island resident to come forward. Visit the Sesquicentennial Page for ad prices.

Thanks to Peggy McNulty for identifying one of the scouts pictured in last week's "Between The Village" column. Reane Swanson, Sidway School Class of '61, is shown on the right below (August 2) and is also identified in the group picture of Boy Scout Troop 50 in our "Old Photo Album"

Welcome home to the out-of-town members of the Class of '91 who are most likely very appreciative of the planners of their 10-year reunion being held this weekend.~~~~Congratulations to Lauren Kucharski, Marvin Pawlowski and Alicia Fisher who were the overall champions of the recreation department's summer field day today. Their picture appears on our Recreation Department Page.

If you happen to see Doug Harding at the Holiday Inn's "Blues On the River" tomorrow night, wish him a happy 50th. Scott Hennigar also turns the big 5-0 on Tuesday, August 14th. Send him an email and let him know you care! Steve Morgan celebrates a milestone Monday so click his name and wish him a happy 40th! Best wishes to all three guys.~~~~Happy birthday to Millie Weiser (today), Lindsey Smith (Sweet 16 tomorrow), Clark Nesbitt (tomorrow), Joe Zarbo (10 tomorrow), Mike Heftka and Betty Clayton (Saturday), Betty Pachter (special greetings on Tuesday), Joanna Goulah (Sweet 16 on Tuesday), Dick McNamee Sr. (Tuesday), Mikey Podgorny (4 on Tuesday), Carson James Suffoletta (3 on Wednesday) and Michael Scott (his 20th on Wednesday).

Army 2nd Lt. Paul Matthew Michaud and Jamie Marie Leith were married Saturday, August 4, 2001 and will live in Rockville, Md. Aaron C. Sylvester and Kelly A. Curtin were also married on August 4, 2001 and will make their home in West Seneca. Best wishes, newlyweds.

Looking Back 50 years - The first meeting of the Grand Island Republican Club, held 50 years ago today, was attended by 54 interested residents. First president was Harold Beck of East River Road.~~~~Tiny tot twins Nancy and Johnny Hopkins of Wallace Drive won first place in the Sandy Beach Park Club's children's parade, and Peggy Minton won first place for the best decorated bike.

Looking Back 40 years - Jim O'Dea was honored at a surprize party August 8, 1961, just before leaving for Great Lakes Naval Training Center where he began a long and impressive Naval career.~~~~Wilma and Glen Greenwood received 17 blue ribbons at the Erie County Fair where they exhibited their "crested ducks."~~~~Kathy and Linda Stamler, daughters of Harry and Elsie Stamler of Whitehaven Road exhibited ducks, geese, hens and roosters. The girls took four first place ribbons and two seconds.~~~~One hundred and fifty teens attended the Islettes summer record hop in the firehall. The dance featured Doug Hawkes, Tom Boehm, Lowell Anderson and Bob Finley in a band called "The Profiles."

If you or someone you know is looking for a home with in-law apartment on the Island in an extremely nice neighborhood, I may be able to help you find it.

Our sympathy to the families of Sam Andolina, Christopher J. Sylvester and Robert 'Bobby' Hoelscher. Click for complete Death Notices.

A plaque will be presented to the Buffalo Naval Park 11 a.m. Wednesday, August 22nd by the USS Kidd Association Destroyer Squadron 48. This group consists of nine ships - the Stembel, Chauncey, USS Kidd, Erben, Black, Bullard, Walker, and Abbot. Webb Road resident Don Swain, the presenter, tells us that the ships were together throughout World War II. The public is invited to attend.

Steve and Amy Morgan and son, Abe recently visited Steve's brother Dale (GIHS Class of '76) in Somerville, Alabama. The Morgans had a great time with Greg DeMike and Tim Giesenhoff and other GIHS alumni who were all recently home for the 4th of July reunion. Unfortunately, on his way back to Alabama, Tim needed emergency surgery, but according to Steve, he's doing fine and will be back up to speed soon.

The 7th Annual Old Fashioned Car Show will be held Sunday, August 12th at Martin's Fantasy Island. Check out our Calendar of Events for things to do this week.

August 2, 2001

Charlotte Guenther Roesch's death on Monday, July 30, 2001 brings an end to an era for many of those who knew her. Our sympathy to her family and friends.~~~~Our condolences to the families of Leopold C. Helbig and former residents Robert H. Huer and Antonia R. 'Toni' Potenza. For more information, click
Funeral Arrangements..

Congratulations to Grand Islanders Robert Podlucky and David Bentley who played on the Western New York Men's Scholastic Division Hockey Team at the Empire State Games July 26-29 in Morrisville, NY. Both young men contributed to the team by dominating the opposition and capturing the gold medal in the competition.

Welcome, babies! Patrick and Tracy Dworak are the parents of Sydney Mae Dworak born May 20, 2001 weighing 4 pounds, seven ounces. Proud grandparents are Ed and Mary Adams and Thomas and Charlene Dworak Jr. of Grand Island.~~~~Emily Mae Klein weighed in at seven pounds, ten ounces on June 24, 2001. She is the daughter of Eileen and Mark Klein and granddaughter of Gale and Dick Sander and Betty and Jim Klein of Grand Island.

So much talk and planning for the Island's Sesquicentennial reminds me of former Fix Road residents Bob and Jean Bennett who ran the first 4th of July parade here in 1969. Bob and Jean were very active in the Grand Island Skating Club, DeMolay, and Amaranth among other things. They were honored during the County's Bicentenial and received a Chamber of Commerce Citizen of the Year award. Bob has had his share of health problems but we've been told that he's in another period of remission from cancer. Click on The Bennetts and drop them a line. I'm sure they would be happy to hear from old Island friends.

Those cows mentioned here last week are bulls belonging to Dennis Bauman.

Happy birthday to Sarah Lynn Williams (7 today), Brittany Bush (Sweet 16 today), Suzanne Grafinger (special greetings today), Marie Klocke, Maureen Glor and Dr. Parviz Taefi (tomorrow), Tommy Schmidt (a milestone tomorrow), Sheri Lynn Ackendorf (a teenager on Saturday), Mathew Riley (his 11th on Saturday), Alex Gentry Turner (2 on Monday), Richard Smith (Tuesday), Ben Hoover (his 20th on Wednesday), and last but not least, a big happy birthday to Doug Kutzbach Jr. who will celebrate a big one on Wednesday.

Best wishes for a happy day to Bob and Elizabeth Beach who are celebrating their wedding anniversary today.

Looking Back 50 years - Reg and Mary Long opened their delicatessen on West River at Staley Road 50 years ago. According to the Island Dispatch, "A luncheonette will open soon and the bowling alley should be ready for use by November 1951." ~~~~As usual, Bill Kaegebein and Clarence Schutt were in charge of the chowder for the 1951 Firemen's Field Day.

Looking Back 40 years - The Grand Island Fire Company hosted its last firemen's field day on August 5, 1961.~~~~An 8 oz. package of Philadelphia brand cream cheese was advertised at 10 cents.~~~~Members of the Lions Club staged their third annual handicapped picnic July 26, 1961 at the Buffalo Launch Club. Roy Hawkes and Fred Angelo chaired the event attended by 65 blind and visually handicapped children.

Looking Back 30 years - The barn, erected in 1878 on John Schutt's property on Stony Point at Bedell collapsed in 1971.

Looking Back 20 years - Mike Endres drove "Orange Crush" to his first 7-litre national championship.~~~~Familiar names in the results of the annual Downriver Swim on August 8, 1981 included Doug Ford who finished in 54 minutes, 49 seconds in the swim from the Buffalo Launch Club to the Holiday Inn. Fastest female in 61 minutes, 51 seconds was Kelly Valone Maurer.

I've posted a picture of Boy Scout Troop 50, circa 1958 in our "Old Photo Album"
and identified the faces I wasn't sure of, from Sidway School yearbooks of that era.

If you were a member of the troop or related to a Troop 50 scout, check out the photo and let me know if you can identify any of those I missed. Corrections are more than welcome, too! Oh, and don't forget to click on the photo for a larger view!

Among "oldtimers" enjoying the Fire Company's 30th annual "Old Timers Party" last Saturday evening were Ann Kruse, 93, Ann Mitchell, and Elsie Fleischman, 85, who was escorted by her 91-year-old brother, Harold Moreland.~~~~Cathy & Jim's at Love and Baseline roads reopened Wednesday, August 1st.~~~~A tip of the hat to Ron Livingston who passed on a news clipping regarding the June 30th Kaegebein reunion held at the First United Methodist Church in Batavia. Former Isle resident Mildred Grehlinger, 95, who attended the reunion, tells much of her family history in a feature story published June 29, 2001. Click for Kaegebein Reunion Story.

The Town Recreation Department's summer playground program will feature a field day at Beaver Island State Park 9 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Thursday, August 9, 2001. Call the Recreation Department for further information.

July 26, 2001

Our very best wishes to Myrtle Killian who turns 95 on Monday. Look for Ruth Stahl's Treasures, featuring Myrtle's life on the Island in next week's Grand Island e-News.

Our newly created webpage where all Sesquicentennial 2002 car shows and auto race information will be posted, may be viewed by clicking
Race Car/Car Show Page. The artwork was created by Sesqui Chairman Mike Schneider.

Beth Dietrich,currently an exchange student in Australia, has lost a lot of her e-mail addresses. She is hoping that those whom she was in contact with will write her at her new address.~~~~Gary Long is trying to locate old pictures of Marty's Mobil Station. Hey, Gary - if this notice brings you a photo, will you share it with the rest of us?

Wedding Bells! Northwood University graduates Angela Santa Lucia and Gregory Bielec were married Friday, July 20, 2001 in St. Stephen Catholic Church. The Bielecs will live in Ottumwa, Iowa where they are employed at Vaughn Motors.~~~~Jeanna M. Brant and Joseph D. Karb were married in St. Stephen's Church on Saturday, July 21st.~~~~Carolyn M. Morin and Mark T. Williamson were married on Saturday in St. Stephen's Church and will be living on the Island following their trip to the Caribbean.~~~~Steven P. Steck and Kimberly A. Wolentarski were also married Saturday in St. Louis Catholic Church. Best wishes, newlyweds.

All of us who knew Kay Page of Morningside Drive were saddened to hear of her sudden death. She was a most dedicated employee of the Island Dispatch for 31 years.~~~~Our sympathy to the families of the following who passed away this week: Joseph M. Russo, Evelyn M. Fecher, William J. Sheley, Timothy S. Spratford and Christine C. Patrick. Click for Funeral Information..

Happy birthday to Lindsey Spiker (5 today), Liz Reiman and Jim Fleming (today), Diane "DiTullio" Muscoreil, Ruth Englert, Bob Schmidt, Helen Newkirk, Cheryl Kloesz and Dan Buckley (all celebrating tomorrow), Casey Dahlstrom (a teenager on Saturday), John A. McCarthy and Jane "Costin" Rocks (Monday), Jenna Hutzler (turning 10 on Tuesday) and Ed Pfohl and Lou Macro (Tuesday).

Looking Back 50 years - Russell Kaegebein helped his grandfather William M. Kaegebein on July 28, 1951, with the first shovel of dirt at the ground breaking ceremony for the William M. Kaegebein School on Love Road.

Looking Back 40 years - A weather station was installed at the water filtration plant No. 2 on East Oakfield in the summer of 1961.~~~~Traffic jams were due to the record crowd of 30,000+ at Beaver Island State Park. The previous record, 25,000, was set in 1958.

Looking Back 20 years - George Smith of East River Road purchased the River Oaks Golf Course and club house and was restoring them to their former status as part of one of the most outstanding recreation complexes in the area.~~~~Grand Island's Jimmy Arias, 16, won the $125,000 Mutual Open at the Orange Lawn Tennis Club 20 years ago, beating Ilie Nastase 1-6, 6-3, 7-6 in a two-hour match. "This is, by far, the greatest win of my life," he said.

Teenagers take note! Reality Cafe will be open tomorrow evening (July 27) from 7-9 p.m. but will be closed on Saturday night.

Several people reported seeing two black cows eating grass on the side of East River Road near Staley Road. Sheriff's Deputies as well as one of our photographers were on the scene almost immediately after hearing the report but found nothing. Can anyone shed a little light on the cows?~~~~Former residents Blake and Jason Stinner are in town with their dad visiting the Cohens and other old friends.

Tuesday's 7 p.m. concert at the Town Commons features the Grand Island Community Band. In the event of rain, the concert will take place on Thursday.~~~~An American Red Cross Blood Drive will be held from 2-7 p.m. Wednesday, August 1st in St. Stephen's Church (Old Church Basement), 2100 Baseline Road.

July 19, 2001

Hats off to our VFW Post 9249 and Post Commander Ralph Lommer for getting the word out to thousands of residents who attended the Vets 4th of July picnic. The word? "Celebrate G.I.'s 150th Birthday Next Year!" The way they did it was by offering those long, tall beer glasses on a red, white and blue lanyard. There are about 200 left if anyone is interested in having the souvenir.

The following Islanders passed away this week: David Pietrzak Jr., Emily (Kin) Papai, Michael A. Keitz, and former resident Ossian W. 'Osh' Bedell. Our sincere sympathy to their families. Click for
More Information.

Looking Back 40 years - Anthony Serto leased the Arner property at Grand Island Blvd. and Staley Roads in the summer of 1961 and was converting the restaurant, formerly part of the tourist cabin project, into a fruit and vegetable market.~~~~The Grand Island Playhouse on Baseline at Bedell failed to open for the first time in ten years. A picture of the theater appears on our Sesquicentennial Page.

Looking Back 30 years - The Fleischman home at 2547 Staley Road burned on July 9, 1971. The 130-year-old farmhouse was built around 1840 by John Fleischman, grandfather of Lawrence and Joseph Fleischman who had lived in the house until their deaths. The Fleischman farm was once known for its dairy industry.

Happy birthday to Lou Schriver, Pat Sciandra, Jean Bartholomew and Tim Ehde (today), Kevin Kloesz (18 today), Andrew Sander (6 today), "Buck" Long (6 on Saturday), Joe Menter (21 on Saturday), Bill Buckley and Bil Loth (Monday), Mary Grace Egloff (her 10th birthday on Tuesday), Marvin Zimmerman (17 on Tuesday) and Jim Dahlquist (16 on Tuesday).

"Route 66" should draw a good crowd at the Moose Lodge, 2524 Grand Island Blvd., at 7 p.m. tomorrow evening. For more information, call the Lodge at 773-6655.~~~~The Tuesday, July 24th, concert at the Town Hall Gazebo will feature "Fiddlesticks" (Old Time Fiddling) at 7 p.m. Bring your lawn chairs or blankets, and come out and enjoy the music.

Members of the Sesquicentennial Committee have accepted the art work of student artist Rob Hopkins, and the finished Sesquicentennial logo is ready to be incorporated wherever the need arises. Congratulations, Rob. Click Official Logo,
and let us know what you think!

Last, but certainly not least, the seventh planning session for the Town's Sesquicentennial--taking place next summer (2002)--is scheduled for Tuesday, July 24, 2001, at 7 p.m. in the Grand Island Memorial Library Community Room. All groups, organizations, churches, etc., should have been contacted. If your group has been inadvertently overlooked, please call Peggy McNulty, 774-8916. Every group and resident is invited to become a part of the planning.

July 12, 2001

We have heard rave reviews about the Grand Island Rod & Gun Club this week coming from members of the Class of '81 who held their reunion there on Friday night. Evidently, the Gun Club members were very gracious hosts and the place was ideal for this type of get-together. By the way, the Gun Club's membership stands at 584+ and counting! One of the oldest and possibly the largest organization on the Island, the Club makes donations to many worthwhile causes including the Grand Island Little League, Grand Island Soccer Club, Grand Island Neighbors Foundation, Grand Island Fire Company, GIFTS (Grand Island Family, Town, Schools), Reality Cafe and three Boy Scout Troops on the Island.

Our sympathy to the families of LaVerne (MacArthur) Rossney and former resident Walter E. Zielinski who died this past week. Click for
More Information.

Best wishes to the following who are celebrating milestones this week: Fred Jarzab (Saturday), Richard Gerspach and Charlie Cole (Sunday), and Fran Havens (Tuesday).~~~~Kerry "Sciandra" Erling of Allen, Texas celebrates her big 4-0 today so email her with your good wishes.~~~~A very happy birthday to Larry Braddell this Saturday. Stop by the Pepper Mill Restaurant on the Boulevard and wish Larry a happy 50th!.~~~~Belated greetings to Lisa Capage on her birthday, yesterday. Happy birthday to Norm Machelor (today), Ashley Dragonette (5 today), baby Taylor Marie Benton (one year old tomorrow), Pat Kaiser (Saturday), D. J. Anderson (a teenager on Sunday), Patrick Morrison (17 on Monday), Carolyn Doebert and Leah Hill ( Monday), and Marie O'Hara (Tuesday).~~~~An extra special happy birthday to Sarah Webb who just turned 8 years old yesterday.

Celebrating their 5th wedding anniversary tomorrow and wished the very best are Marla and Councilman Dick Crawford.~~~~Happy anniversary to Dick and Marilyn Couch, who are in town for the summer and marking their 48th anniversary on Wednesday.

Looking Back 40 years - First services at the new Bible Presbyteran Church were held July 16, 1961. The congregation was founded in 1955.~~~~A storytelling hour and arts and crafts program in Beaver Island State Park was under the direction of JoAnn Radius (Vanderheite). E-mail JoAnn if you were attending in the summer of '71!

For Island events taking place this weekend, check our "Calendar of Events."

July 5, 2001

Welcome home to the members of the classes of 1976 and 1981 who are in town for their class reunions this weekend. Congratulations to the Class of '81, the winner of our Isledegrande.com Graduation Directory contest with a total of 68 classmates signed on. We are happy to announce that the Class of '81's prize this year is $200 in gift certificates to local restaurants.

Happy birthday to Melissa Rayhill (her 18th today), Jenna Podlucky (Sweet 16 today), Jacob Zimmerman (6 on Friday), Anthony Gugino (ten on Saturday), Joanne Carr, Autumn Kaiser and Earl DeGlopper Sr. (all celebrating Saturday), Doug Kutzbach (a big one on Saturday), Christopher and Alexandria Avery (10th birthdays on Sunday), Jordan Tripi (her 10th on Sunday), Brianna Mysliwiec (6 on Sunday), Matthew Brady (13 on Sunday), Shannon Robillard (5 on Monday), Joan Group (cheers on Monday), Alfred Bykowicz (Tuesday), and Lisa Lozo (Tuesday).

Our sympathy to the families of the following who recently passed away: Jean T. Kinney, James A. Prince, Grace A. Gaul, Frank E. Scheuing, and former Sidway School teacher Jocelyn A. "Jo" Lawson. Click for
More Information.

Best wishes to Kevin M. Murray and his bride, the former Kateri M. Braselton who were married in Whitehaven Road Baptist Church on Friday, June 29, 2001.~~~~A very happy anniversary to Italo and Kim Baldassarre married eight years on the 10th, to John and Rachel Braddell celebrating their third anniversary on July 11th, and Supervisor Peter McMahon and his wife, Mary, marking 39 years on the 11th.

Looking Back 50 years - Thirty-two Boy Scouts from Troop 75, including Ben Clark Jr., Mike Costin, Roger Dohn, Jackie Hawley, Billy Linton, Bob Buzby, Jimmy Pearson, George Mayer, Ernest Marin, Buddy Link, Allen Howland, Stewart Ellis, Robert Kindred, Glenn Marin, and William Kirk, camped at Ti-wa-ya-ee in July 1951.

Looking Back 40 years - In the second race of the July 1961 International regatta at the Buffalo Launch Club, a Canadian boat cut across the bow of the 48-cu.-inch hydro driven by Gary Roesch who was thrown from his 10 1/2 foot racer, "Lost Week End."

Looking Back 20 years - Pete Sparks opened Sparks' Trading Post on Bedell Road - and is still offering a good deal on horseback riding.

So sorry to read that Charles Pinkow's wife, Kathleen died suddenly on July 3, 2001. The Pinkows have been residing in Churchville, PA.

A speedy recovery to Bernie Huff who was taken to the hospital when she became ill during her visit to the Island for the holiday.

The town's first band concert of the summer is scheduled at the gazebo next to town hall this coming Tuesday evening. Check our "Calendar of Events"
for details.~~~~Once again the members of the VFW and its Ladies Auxiliary provided a fabulous get-together on the 4th for thousands of Isle residents. Thanks, everyone! All of your hard work and time is most appreciated.

June 28, 2001

Happy 60th, Jan! Jan Bailey celebrated her 60th birthday in style with a large group of close friends in the Buffalo Launch Club Friday night. By the way, "Smooth As Silk," mentioned here last week, was absolutely fabulous. This band is going places.

Celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary tomorrow are longtime residents Audrey and Adrian Pollock, and today marks the 15th anniversary for Tootie and Kenny Maurer and the 48th for Tom and Shirley Gilmore. Here's to a great day and lots more years together, folks!

Our sympathy to the families of Ronald E.Dahlberg and Richard M. Mangin who recently passed away. Click for
More Information.

A belated happy birthday to Andrew Yarne who turned 6-years-old on Sunday, June 24th.~~~~Happy birthday to Mary Martin and Dick Crawford (today), Sue Mallon and Dorothy Solberg (tomorrow), Maxwell Costello (2-years-old tomorrow), Justine Vanthoff (10 tomorrow), Katie Smith (15 tomorrow), Nicole Clark (Sweet 16 on Saturday), Gloria Worley (cheers on Saturday), Elaina Bolles and Jacqueline Kehoe (4 on Saturday), Eddie Redinger, Joyce Jones Stoorza, C. Donald O'Connor, Pat Colosi, Noreen Burke, Robert Stewart and Gary Roesch (all celebrating on Sunday), Jason Davis and Joey Khreis (both turning 10 on Monday), Chelsea Robillard (3 on Monday), Mary Fleischmann and Michele Fred (Monday), Dee Zilliox and Ed McCaffery (Tuesday), Kyle Staub (4 on Tuesday), Mike Gallagher and Nancy Steckelberg (both celebrating a big one on Tuesday), Katerina Fees (Wednesday) and Helene Kerr (93 on Wednesday).

Looking Back 90 years - Mary Star of the Sea Catholic Church in Ferry Village (corner Orchard Road) was dedicated on July 4, 1911. The church was built to accomodate the Island's increased summer population. And 25 years ago on the 4th of July, the bells at Mary Star of the Sea were rung during the National Bell Ringing of our country - 1776-1976.

Looking Back 50 years - The Kiwanis Club held a Bike Rodeo at Sidway School June 30, 1951. Winners in the girls division were Judy Daggett, Diane Harding (Swick),Carleen Alt (Taylor) and Gail Burgstahler (Rothenberg). Winners in the boys competition were Carlton Schutt, Noel Dilliot, Loyd Glasgow and John Grycel.~~~~The Smith Estate, formerly the Oakfield Club on Oakfield Road, was the Tirnanog Day Camp 50 years ago, directed by Mr. and Mrs. Rob Sexton and operated by Canisius College.

Looking Back 40 years - Henry Alt's Grandyle Mart sponsored a fishing contest in the summer of 1961. Charles "Chip" Schopp won the junior division Black Bass competition with a two pound, two ounces black bass and Paul Dingey won the senior division with a three pound, two ounce black bass.

Best wishes newlyweds. John C. Sentz and his bride, the former Melissa Ann Qualey were married Friday, June 22nd in St. Stephen's Church. Mr. and Mrs. Sentz will be at home on the Island, following their trip to the Dominican Republic.~~~~Jessica Anne Coppola became the bride of Derek C. Eastwood on Saturday, June 23rd in a wedding ceremony in the First Presbyterian Church, Buffalo.~~~~Lynn Marie Romano and Michael J. Greer were married Saturday in St. Paul Catholic Church, Kenmore.~~~~Jennifer Lynn Tumiel and Kilby N. Ruiz were married in St. Stephens Church Saturday and will live on Grand Island.

Family reunions! With Kay Haller and daughter, Arthura "Haller" Vanheerde in town from California, much of the Haller clan, including Kay's other children, Cathy Contino and Art Haller and spouses, a couple grandchildren and a great granddaughter along with Eleanore Haller and daughters Carolyn "Haller" Williams and JoAnn "Haller" Miano got together Friday night for dinner out and socializing back at Art's house afterwords.~~~~Nice to see Dr. Francis Carr and wife, Betty (O'Dea) Carr out and about with various children and grandchildren including Jim and Chris O'Dea, Mary Jo and Patrick, in the Village Inn this past week.

Welcome home to all of the out-of-towners who are "home" for the Grand Island High School Class of '71 reunion. - have a great weekend.

Good luck, pie bakers! Tomorrow's the day for the annual Independence Day Pie Baking Contest, sponsored by the Grand Island Women's Republican Club. Pies in disposable (or non returnable) containers may be entered at noon tomorrow at the Golden Age Center, 3278 Whitehaven Road.

Hey, kids - and parents, too! The town's recreation department opened its playground programs yesterday. Supervised playgrounds include Kaegebein (Love & Parkway), Ed Ball Park (Love & Stony Pt.), Tower Park (Love Rd. duplex area), Colonial/Driftwood, Havenwood, Huth Road (elementary school), Ransom Village (Ransom Rd.) and Veterans Park (Bedell Rd.) See our "Calendar of Events"
for details and times.

Hopefully, a large contingent of community volunteers will be out in force this Saturday (June 30th) to cleanup Grand Island Boulevard. If you would like to join in on the clean-up project, please meet at the town hall parking lot at 9 a.m. For more information click Boulevard Cleanup.

We have been experiencing some technical problems with our Grand Island e-News. Thanks to our computer guys, Bruce Marinus, Josh Lange and Mike Mehltretter, the glitches are being solved as they occur. Sorry for any inconvenience you have incurred.~~~~Show your patriotism, fly your flag, come out and cheer our parade participants - and have a great 4th of July.

June 21, 2001

It is with deep sadness that I report the sudden death of Harold Barth. Never a status seeker, he quietly spent many hours of volunteer work, year in and year out with the Grand Island Fire Company and St. Stephen's Church. Our deepest sympathy to Harold's family.

Summer's here and we're all happy about it but it does seem to bring about minor accidents with kids. Hopefully those who tell me about summers past where trips to the ER were almost at the same rate as attendance at church will have better luck this summer of 2001. A speedy recovery to our granddaughter, Amy Margaret Bidell, who suffered a broken ankle this past weekend while playing where she's played 100 times before!

Happy days are here again!! Happy retirement, Nancy Hayes. Longtime resident Nancy is ending a 44-year teaching career that includes teaching special education students, the GED course at adult education, and serving as a substitute teacher in the middle and high school for the past 32 years.

Congratulations to Jim Dunlop who won the 21st Annual Corporate Challenge for the sixth consecutive time last Thursday, June 14th. Jim's time was 18 minutes, 24 seconds over the 3.5 mile course. The heat of the day had a lot to do with the fact that it took him nearly a minute longer than last year when he finished in 17:30. For Buffalo News Sports Reporter Greg Bishop's complete report of the Challenge, click Buffalo News.~~~~Viking tennis player Steve Asbach has been chosen as a Niagara Frontier League All-Star on the second team for singles. Also recognized with an honorable mention for singles are Matt Waddington, Adam Kaiser and John Crossley

Our sympathy to the families of Joan L. Brennan who died on June 14, 2001, and former resident Robert E. Bartlett, 91, who passed away on June 14, 2001. Click for Complete Information.

Wedding bells! Best wishes to Gary Thomas Chislett and his bride, the former Sharon Marie Certo who were married Saturday, June 16th in St. Stephen's Church and to Jason Travis James Anderson and his bride the former Ann Margaret Corridori who were married Saturday in St. Mary Catholic Church in Poughkeepsie, NY.

If you see Charlie Smilinich tomorrow, wish him a very happy 80th birthday. Happy birthday, Charlie.~~~~Happy birthday to Frank Brusino and Pat Arcouet (today), Kim Swain (17 today), Stephen Ruotsi (his 13th birthday today), Alison Peters, Laurie Williams and Marilyn Johnson (Saturday), Barb Brown (Sunday), Beckie Goodwin (special greetings on Sunday), Cole Allan Glessner (5-years-old on Monday), Nancy "Buckley" Valone, Susie Suffoletta and Margie Robillard (Monday), Patty "Griffin" Smith (special greetings on Tuesday), Josh Billica (Tuesday), Tina Sparks (her 13th on Tuesday), Jenel Stoorza (Sweet 16 on Wednesday), and Eric Billica and Judy Schneider (Wednesday).

Our very best wishes to Frank and June Pinzel who are celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary today, to Lee and Sid Cohen on their 39th on Sunday, and to Dianne and Rick Victor marking their 20th anniversary on Tuesday, June 26th.

Looking Back 50 years - Jim and Joe Kerr, Dave Kean, Ray DeGlopper and Gary Bartlett graduated into Boy Scouts during their last Cub Pack meeting on June 27, 1951 in Beaver Island Park.~~~~The Grand Island Drum Corps under the direction of Bill Pinkow took top honors in its very first appearance - Kenilworth Volunteer Fire Company's parade on June 17, 1951.~~~~The singing voices of Janice Lamb (Bennett) and Sally Staley (Dworak) were heard over Martha Clark's radio program on Saturday afternoons in 1951.

Looking Back 40 years - Grand Island's population increased by 210% from 1950 to 1960 according to preliminary census figures.~~~~Sidway School's 9th grade graduation was limited to mothers and fathers only, due to the size of the graduating class (129). Graduation exercises were held in the Sidway gym on Thursday, June 22, 1961.~~~~Between 7000 and 8000 paid admissions to Fantasy Island were reported after the grand opening of the new park on Saturday morning, June 24, 1961.

Looking Back 30 years - Grand Island won the Erie County intradivisional track and field meet with 88 points. Among the winners for the Vikings were Sally Oberkircher (Foks), Donna Lovetro, Linda Deeter (Tufillaro) and Shelley Lutz.

Islanders Fran Wilczek (soloist) and Barb Gatti (keyboard) will be performing with their band, "Smooth As Silk" Friday evening beginning at 7 p.m. in the Buffalo Launch Club.

Best wishes to Alma McTigue on her retirement. Alma, who has worked for the school district for over 40 years, not only worked in the school cafeterias but did much of the baking for all of the schools.

Please check out the Contract Interiors sponsor page. Nick and Dave Pelosi at Contract Interiors are just one of our newest sponsors. We hope you will support the Isledegrande sponsors and if you have an Island business, give some thought to coming on board.

I did mention here last week that hydroplane races will take place on the Niagara River this weekend. Check our "Calendar of Events"
for more information.

Cathy "Parisi" Thomas, director of Miss Cathy's Dance Academy, is celebrating her 30th anniversary of dance instruction on Grand Island with a two-day dance recital in the high school auditorium 7 p.m. on Monday and Tuesday evening, June 25 and June 26. Dancers from 3 to 80 will perform. Doors will open at 6:30 p.m.

June 14, 2001

Hydroplane racing will be back on the Niagara River June 23rd and 24th with some boats expected to exceed the 170-mph mark. The fund-raiser for the United Way of the Tonawandas will take place outside North Tonawanda's new Gratwick Riverside Park. Featured will be the Grand Prix, Unlimited Lights, and Grand National boats. Shuttle service will deliver spectators from parking lots to the riverfront park. A $1 donation will be collected.

Our sympathy to the families of James A. Prince, Betty L. Kennedy, Stephanie "Stella" Gondek and Almon H. Volk, who died this past week. Click for
Complete Information.

Best wishes to Jonathan C. Taylor and his bride, the former Tina M. Rastelli, who were married Saturday, June 9th, and to Jennifer Paladino and Jerry Marsala, also married Saturday in St. Stephen's Church. The Taylors will make their home on Grand Island.~~~~Tom and Debbie Dzielski are celebrating their tenth wedding anniversary tomorrow, and Don and Karen "Macumber" Scalise will mark their first anniversary on Sunday. Happy day, folks!

Congratulations to Bob Catapovic, graduate of Tonawanda High School's Class of 1979; he was recently honored with five others as "Distinguished Alumni" of Tonawanda High. Bob is President and Co-owner of Tonawanda Limb and Brace and lives with his family on East River Road.~~~~Congratulations to Sarah Zilliox, who made the Dean's List at Niagara Community College for the spring 2001 semester.

California residents Kathy "Grycel" Farmer and her husband, Don, were in town this past week, expressly to visit Kathy's childhood neighborhood, Grandyle Village, and to check out the places she remembered as a child. These included the bridge hill where we all sledded and the Niagara River at the foot of Love Road, where her brothers, John and Bob, and others rebuilt a makeshift dock every summer. This was Kathy's first trip back since her family left the Island for the West Coast 45 years ago.

Looking Back 40 years - Jim Shear of Sunset Drive was a consistent winner in the sanctioned drag races held in 1961 in Dunkirk, NY; Pennsylvania, and Ohio. He won awards and trophies driving a 1960 economy model V-8 Chevrolet, a stock model which was purchased, tuned up and set up by Alt Chevrolet.~~~~Carol Kohlhagen (Hamlin) won a library award at the Kaegebein School Awards Assembly in June 1961. She has been working as a Senior Library Clerk in that same library for 13-1/2 years.

Happy birthday to Kristin Zilliox (her 18th today), David Conboy (7 today), Michael DelZappo (13 today), Tommy Dzielski (8 tomorrow), Betty Ashley, Stephanie Beyer and Charlie Benzing (tomorrow), Evan Busch (12 on Sunday), Shane Yensan and Karen Wallace (Sunday), Samantha Dinsmore (11 on Monday), Jacob Olszewski (14 on Monday), Gene Master, Nancy Linton and Kester Bleich (Monday), Christopher Stessing (9 on Monday), Jaime Dougherty (Sweet 16 on Tuesday), Nancy Dahlquist (4 on Tuesday), Ann Williams and Judy Loder (Tuesday), Savannah Kustra (9 on Wednesday), Jacob Rowles (10 on Wednesday), Paula Callahan and Bob Beach (Wednesday), and Justin Frentzel (8 on Wednesday).

The Class of 1971's "final" reunion schedule has been posted on the Class of 1971 reunion page.

If you want to know "what's cookin'" over this weekend, check out our "Calendar of Events."
Among other things are the Rotary Hot Dog Days, the VFW Flea Market and Craft Sale, the Grand Island High School Soccer Booster Club Car Wash and Hot Dog Sale, and a Chicken Barbeque at Trinity UM Church. Be thankful for the nice weather we're having, and have a great weekend.

June 7, 2001

Richard and Betty Pachter will mark their 50th wedding anniversary on June 9th. Happy Anniversary, folks.~~~~Married here in St. Stephen's Church 31 years ago, Bill and Susan (Haen) Willard just celebrated their wedding anniversary yesterday, June 6th, in hot and sunny Florida. "Once an Islander, always an Islander. It doesn't matter how far you go, home is the Island," Susan writes. Cheers to the Willards - wish you were here!~~~~Best wishes for a happy day to our son and daughter-in-law Jim and Laury Linenfelser, celebrating their 4th anniversary today.

Our sympathy to the families of Joyce Dannels and Dorothy Dee, who passed away June 4, 2001.

Topping our birthday list is Melva Alt, who is celebrating her 90th birthday today. If you know Melva, send her a birthday greeting. Bet she'd love to hear from you!~~~~Happy Birthday to Victoria Aronica (2 today), Russ Colosi and Carol Barnhart (tomorrow), Jim Hallett (hitting a milestone on Sunday), Christopher Golde (his 20th on Sunday), Jeff Stone and Ora Glor Newton (Sunday), Lynn Schutt and Tim Mordaunt (Tuesday), Clip Class and Danielle Hassan (Wednesday), Justin Thomas Brzyski (6 on Wednesday), Ryan Harnden (11 on Wednesday), and baby Kayla Lee Staub (her first birthday on Wednesday).

Looking Back 50 years - An interesting editorial by Island Dispatch Publisher George Pagan regarding party lines and the Fire Company appears on our
"Features" Page.

Looking Back 40 years - The Grand Island Boating Association's Second Annual Regatta at Riverhaven Lodge was held Tuesday afternoon, May 30, 1961. Local winners in the B Stock Outboards were Al Colley, 1st; Mike Sceusa, 2nd; and Mike Olrogge, 3rd.~~~~Stony Point Road residents Mr. and Mrs. Desmond Gallagher and their daughter and three sons were newcomers to the Island.~~~~Grand Island PTA Council was formed in 1961.~~~~"The Fairytale Dramatic Club," made up of all sixth grade girls, produced its first play Saturday, June 10, 1961, at 33 Crescent Road. Linda Schnitzer wrote and directed the production, and Joyce Wolanske was in charge of scenery, costumes and props. Other members were Pam Lansberry, Diane Schnitzer, Diane and Marcia Zimmerman, and Joyce and Trude Wolanske.

Looking Back 30 years - Sally Oberkircher (Foks), Donna Lovetro, Linda Deeter (Tufillaro) and Shelley Lutz were among the Grand Island girls who helped their team win the Erie County Intra-divisional Track & Field Meet in June 1971.~~~~Niagara Fancy Bakery opened in the plaza across from St. Stephen's Church thirty years ago.

Welcome Ava Grace Ackerman, daughter of Eric and Geanna Ackerman and granddaughter of Joe and Linda Grasso, all of Grand Island, Dan and Casey Powell of Tonawanda and Jim and Joan Ackerman of Florida. Ava, who arrived on May 11, 2001, weighing six pounds, eight ounces, was welcomed home by her big brother Eric Jr., 4.~~~~Newest Isle native is Molly Constance Mason, who weighed in at six pounds, five ounces on May 27, 2001. First-time parents are Becky and Adam Mason. Proud grandparents are Isle residents Barbara and Bill Wilson and Don Mason.

The deadline for the Town of Grand Island's Sesquicentennial Logo Design Contest is next Thursday, June 14. Worthwhile prizes are being offered for the best entries. For more information, click on "Sesquicentennial News."

This is the weekend of St. Martin's and Island United Presbyterian's Rummage/Lawn Sales. Check our "Calendar of Events" for details.

May 31, 2001

Very interesting! The 2000 census figures show the Town of Grand Island with a population of 18,621. The 1990 census figure for the Island was 17,561. Check out the New York State Data Center Website for further census information.

Michael J. Ross submitted this satellite photo of the Island (click for larger view), and, I must say, we have no problem with lack of green space! Thanks, Rosco!

This photo was submitted by Randy White, Class of '70, who is now living in Indianapolis, Indiana. Randy is shown with Peter Noone of Herman's Hermits! "A brush with greatness" and "close encounters with the British Invasion," says Randy. (Click photo for larger view)

Don and Julie (Ransom) O'Connor are the proud parents of a baby boy, Christopher James, born May 20, 2001, weighing seven pounds, 15 ounces. He was 21-3/4 inches long. Grandparents are Mary Ann Hayes of Williamsville and Kum Bun O'Connor of Tonawanda. Christopher James was welcomed home by his two-year-old sister, Claire.

My sister, Mary Stewart, and her husband, Jim, are looking for a large, collapsible stroller for their disabled grandson, Jimmy Stewart. Eight-year-old Jimmy is spending time with his grandparents while they are on the Island for the summer.

Looking Back 50 years - Isle volunteer firemen under Assistant Chief John Dilliot were in the process of building a platform for installation of a modern civil defense warning siren.

Looking Back 30 years - Among the fifth grade stars in a Sidway play about the history of Grand Island were Deborah Kowzan, Jane Rankin, Denise Norman, Darla Carter and Laura Strachan. The girls were in the 1912 Eagle Park Disaster scene.

A speedy recovery to
Dick Couch, who is recuperating from major surgery.

Island names I recognized in the 27th Annual Carl Roesch Memorial Western New York Classic track meet held Saturday, May 26th, were Mark Hajnos (pentathlon, 3,203 points) and Jenny Rogan, a double winner in the 100 meters (12.2) and 200 meters (25.3).

Tomorrow, June 1st, brings a special birthday to a very special person. Happy birthday June Byron and have a great day! Happy birthday also to Chuck Ford, Greg Barker and Terry Swain (tomorrow), Jason Gonda and Christopher Steckelberg (16th birthdays tomorrow), Joshua and Ryan Miller (7th birthdays on Saturday), Pat "Rexford" Anderson (Sunday), Joe Podlucky (16 on Sunday), Michael Playfair (13 on Sunday), George Rowe, Lisa Sorvelli and Sid Cohen (Sunday), Valerie Sirianni (20 on Sunday), Brendan Patrick Sheehan (3 on Monday), Karen Vanthoff, Rebecca "Bidell" Paesonesse and Janet Mumm (Monday), Cheryl Klocke and Sue Tranter (Tuesday), Daniel Olszewski (8 on Wednesday), Frank Kustra Jr. (a teenager on Wednesday) and Peter Coppola (Wednesday).

Best wishes to Paul and Tamara Procter on their 5th anniversary tomorrow, to Linda and Peter Coppola on their 30th anniversary on June 5th, and to Linda and Glen Greenwood and Ken and Sue Carter celebrating 20th anniversaries on June 6th.

Our sincere sympathy to the families of Paulette (Sterner) Vanderbliss, Marion G. (DeGlopper) Coates, Lisa M. Bystrzak and Ruth S. Eldredge, who all recently died. Click for Complete Information .

Heather Jane Lonberger and Joseph Arthur Hill II were married Saturday at River Oaks Clubhouse and will make their home on Grand Island.~~~~Mary M. Jones and Mark A. Homa were married in St. Martin-in-the-Fields Church on Saturday.~~~~Mandy Rowan Phillips and Brian Douglas Greenfield were married in St. Timothy Lutheran Church on Saturday and will also make their home on the Island. Best wishes newlyweds.

Congratulations to former resident Sue Dobmeier who is the new Commodore of the Niagara Sailing Club on East River Road.

According to Martin's Fantasy Island's website , the park will provide July 4th fireworks and will be open free of charge to Island residents with identification after 5 p.m. (Thanks, Kurt!)

Have you or your family members entered our Independence Day coloring contest? Twelve-year-old Anthony Michael Hughes, son of Patti-Jo (Yakowenko) Hughes of Ashland City, TN submitted his entry via email today. Deadline is June 25th. Let us hear from you!

The award-winning High School Wind Ensemble will perform on Wednesday, June 6th, at 7:30 p.m. in the High School auditorium. The concert is free and open to the public.

May 24, 2001

Robert D. House Jr. of Tempe, AZ, is looking for any old photos of a motel on Grand Island Blvd. owned by his grandparents, William and Mary Sterner in the 1940s and 1950s. His paternal grandparents William and Emily House moved to Grand Island in 1940 and purchased 3050 Grand Island Blvd., which was a bakery at some point before that. Can anyone shed any light on the bakery? Bob's parents, by the way, are Bob and Beverly (Sterner) House who grew up on Grand Island. Check out our "Old Photo Album" for a photo of the House property.

Our sincerest sympathy to the family of Bill Costello Sr., who passed away Tuesday evening.~~~~David Hubbard, a Quarter Master at VFW Post #9249 here on the Island died on May 20, 2001.

I had a wonderful lunch this week at the 'new' Casa D'Italia at 2800 Grand Island Boulevard, just north of Bedell Road. If you're looking for great Italian food right here on the Island, this is the place!

Baseball season is in full swing, and Kester Bleich is in his 45th year of coaching ball teams on Grand Island. Kester began coaching here in 1957. Best wishes to Mrs. B. on her retirement. Jean Bleich is winding up her 21-year career at the Chocolate House this month.

Looking Back 50 years - "C of C Declares War On Mosquitos" was the headline in the Island Dispatch when Chamber of Commerce members were seeking funds for "Insects-Grand Island." Approximately $3,000 was necessary to complete the job in 1951.~~~~School winners in the town's Clean Up, Paint Up, Fix Up Contest were Larry Bell, Trudy Reimann O'Connor, Margaret Glose, Roger Killian and Albert Close.

Looking Back 40 years - The Island Theater Group and its dramatic classes were under the direction of Elizabeth Beach in the spring of 1961.~~~~Catherine Sheehan was Chairman of a restoration drive for St. Stephen's old church.

Looking Back 30 years - Mary Meier, 5, and Kristin Lorence, 4, appeared on Channel 29's Romper Room.

Looking Back 20 years - Judy Schmidt took top honors in the Women's Division, Pistol and Rifle Events of the Grand Island Rod & Gun Club's Pentathlon in May 1981.

Best wishes and good luck to Judi and Dan Rees, who are celebrating their 21st anniversary today and will soon be moving from the Island. Celebrating 44 years tomorrow and wished the best are Pat and Hal Arcouet. Karen and Mike DeMartin probably can't believe 10 years have gone by since they said, "I do" on May 25, 1991. Happy anniversary to the DeMartins and also to Linda and Chuck Berlinger celebrating their 2nd anniversary on the 29th.

Happy birthday today to Catherine Long, Larry Harpster, Gayle Piershalski, and Courtney Booker. A big happy birthday to Ray Nesbitt on his special birthday today. Happy birthday to Marissa Cooney (19 today), Hans Beyer and Cathy "Haller" Contino (tomorrow), Stacy Edwards (Sweet 16 on Saturday), Sarah Lipp (her 13th on Saturday), Joshua Stoddard (10 on Saturday), Lee Tetkowski (Saturday), Stephanie Affuso and David Linenfelser (15 on Sunday), Eric Booker, Jim Rodriguez, Larry Rall, Bob Trautman and Nancy Aydelotte (all celebrating Sunday), Kay Haller (her 85th on Monday), Liam Dodd (8 on Tuesday), my good friends Pam Fries and Sharon Bauer (Tuesday), Zachary Bowerman (6 on Tuesday) and Arlene Swan(Wednesday).

Best wishes to Paul Soto and our niece MaryJo Linenfelser who were married last Friday in St. Stephen's Church. The Linenfelsers are living here on the Island.

The Town Board will hold a public hearing at 7 p.m. Thursday, May 31, in the Grand Island High School auditorium. The hearing is in regard to the proposed Wilson Farms project at Stony Point Road and Ransom Road.~~~~Members of the Zonta Club are holding a Hot Dog Sale 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. this Saturday (May 26) at the Island Garden Center on Alvin Road. Proceeds from the sale of hot dogs, baked goods and drinks will be used to finance the Club's service projects.~~~~ Memorial Day Services at DeGlopper Park at Baseline and Grand Island Blvd. will begin at 10 a.m.~~~~The award-winning High School Wind Ensemble will give a free concert at 7:30 p.m. June 6 in the High School auditorium.~~~~Have a great weekend!

May 17, 2001

Luke Edward, a catcher for Erie Community College's baseball team has been named to the all-Regional team.~~~~Congratulations to Peter Cummings on coming in first in the men's cycling 29-39 age division of the recent Grand Island 20K Time Trial.~~~~Congratulations to David Jayme. Invitrogen Corp. of San Diego has named Dr. Jayme director of cell culture research and development at its Grand Island site.

Our sincere sympathy to the families of
Mary Gross and Vernon H. Stewart who recently passed away.~~~~ Welma E. (Ziehm) Dornfeld 79, a Grand Island native, died Friday May 11, 2001 in her Cape Coral, Florida.

Wedding bells! John Sugier McGinty and Aimee Lynn Dombrowski, and Jeremy and Jennifer Pullano were married on Saturday, May 12, 2001.~~~~Best wishes to Jack and Margie Walker on their 20th anniversary on Tuesday, and to Kristen and Joseph Kuszczak who will be married three years on Tuesday. Not sure of the exact date but Pat and Sam Akinbami are marking their 35th anniversary this week. Happy anniversary to everyone.

Happy birthday to the following who are heading up this week's birthday list: John Loncher, David Karb, Don Beyer and Ellie Pritchard, all celebrating major milestone birthdays on Monday. Other milestones are those of Scott Delbert Zuchowski (his 30th today), and Vickie Lynn Soluri (20 on Tuesday). Also celebrating this week are Barb Kirsch and Tina "Krzes" Arthur (today), Amanda Goris and Marion Pinkow (tomorrow), Stephanie Fike (15 on Saturday), Harry Gibbs, Lillian Wosilait and Terry Turnbull (Monday), Dan Bowerman (Tuesday), and Tom Fleming (Wednesday). A big happy birthday to everyone.

Congratulations to Darlene Sprague who has been honored by the Greater Niagara Frontier Council of Boy Scouts of America for her service as District Commissioner and for the countless hours she volunteers to support many District and Council events.

Looking Back 50 years - Margaret Mary Kerr and Danny McMahon, members of St. Stephen's First Communion class, placed the crown of white garden flowers on the Statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary during the May Crowning in the Church.

Looking Back 40 years - "Debris Again Pollutes River," was the headline in the April 27, 1961 Island Dispatch. Several Colony Road residents reported it as being the worst yet.~~~~James Olmstead was chairman of the "Operation High Fly" kite flying contest held May 13, 1961 and sponsored by the Grand Island Kiwanis Club at the Sidway School athletic field.~~~~First service in the new Island United Presbyterian Church on Huth Road took place on Sunday, May 6, 1961 with a dedication ceremony on May 21, 1961. The congregation was formally organized the previous year by Rev. Harold Tyson.

Looking Back 30 years - Cub Pack 423 of St. Timothy Lutheran Church under the leadership of Cub Master Don Ridge, presented a "Friday Night Review" with Dave Doebert and Greg Lewis serving as master of ceremonies and Jimmy Costanzo and Teddy McCaffery demonstrating the problems of dressing a storeroom dummy!~~~~Tom Fischetti played the title role of "Oliver" in the Middle School musical May 21-22, 1971.~~~~James J. Moynihan, who joined the Postal Service in1960 as letter carrier, was appointed Grand Island Post Master in the spring of 1971.~~~~Betty O'Dea was awarded a special pin in honor of her 40 year membership and service to Girl Scouting.

Riverlea, the Grand Island Historical Society's showcase headquarters in Beaver Island Park, will be open to the public this Sunday, May 20th from 2-4 p.m.~~~~Members of our VFW Post #9249 are offering their 5th annual chicken barbecue from 4-7 p.m. this Saturday to benefit the Grand Island Neighbors.~~~~The Chamber's Business Expo begins at 9 a.m. Saturday at the Bible Presbyterian Family Life Center, 1780 Love Road and concludes at 5 p.m.~~~~A planning meeting for the Sesquicentennial (2002) will take place Tuesday at 7 p.m. in the meeting room of the Memorial Library on Bedell Road. Check out our Sesquicentennial News Page

May 10, 2001

Class reunion chairmen, take note! Isledegrande.com is again offering a prize of certificates for a Grand Island establishment, to the graduating class with the most classmates signed on our graduating class directory. Still leading the pack is the Class of 1980 with 109. The winning class will be decided June 29, 2001 so e-mail your classmates and direct them to the top of our Graduates E-Mail Directory.

Our sincere sympathy to the family of infant Christine Rosemary Trinidad.

During the month of May the Village Inn is accepting coupons for a free beverage, printed from the Village Inn website at our sponsor, GIECOM.net. Click here to look for your "coupons"
and print them out.

I found this Ice Boom website very interesting and maybe you will, too!

Pat "Williams" Meyer in Avon Lake, Ohio is proud of her niece Kelly Elizabeth Williams, who received the Pride of the Island award. Kelly is the daughter of Dave and Laurie Williams.~~~~Welcome home, Barbara Anderson. We've missed you!

Happy birthday to Greg Golde, Erin Frieday and Jennifer Ahr (all turning 18 today), Greg DeMike (43 today), Donny Dee, Dr. Paul Fields and Barbara Study, (today), Shirley (Kean) Rengel (special greetings tomorrow), Nikki Fadel (10 tomorrow), Courtney Callahan (her 20th on (Saturday), Matt Osinski (30 on Saturday), Winnie Zarbo (Woo! Woo! 80 on Sunday), Teressa Meyer (9 on Tuesday), Gene Glor (Tuesday), Daniel Sledziewski (a teenager on Wednesday) and Brian Andrew Minton (his first birthday on Wednesday).~~~~A belated happy birthday to Diane McDonough who celebrated yesterday.

Looking Back 50 years - Lou Stark was the newly elected president of the Sandy Beach Property Owners Association.~~~~Johnny Meyers, 9, was finally home with his family after a two-year illness.~~~~Ray Zahm, stationed at Great Lakes Naval Training Center, received an 18' letter from Isle friends. The letter originated at Larson's on Baseline, a store almost across the road from St. Stephen's Church.~~~~The Eagle Certificate of Honor, the highest award a Boy Scout may attain, was presented to Terry Turnbull, Chris Blaydon and Ben Clark Jr. on May 15, 1951 in Amherst Central High School.

Looking Back 40 years - President Carmen Gligora and the Grand Island Community Council, April 20, 1961, pledged to cooperate with any organization willing to publish a new, local telephone directory and to continue to support the Chamber of Commerce in its fight for reduced bridge tolls.~~~~ "Skip" Helbock opened her "Golden Thimble" fabric show on Monday, May 1, 1961 in the Grand Island Plaza. ~~~~The Grandyle Marina lunch menu featured fresh lobster salad at $1.50 and luncheon cocktails at $.50.~~~~Boy Scout Troop 575 under leadership of Scoutmaster Carlton Mayer held a scrap drive.~~~~First proposed by Councilman Robert E. Study, the Secretary of State approved a certificate of incorporation which established the Grand Island Community Development Corporation.~~~~Boy Scout Troop 254 members, sponsored by Trinity Church planted 2000 trees on the Whitehaven Road church property. ~~~~Frank Zimmerman was party chairman for a Grand Island Rod & Gun Club charcoal steak dinner and dance attended by 92 members. John Gast's orchestra provided the music. Club President Gil Mangrum presented Past President Chris Kruse with a tackle box and cooler in recognition of a job well done.~~~~Isle Flower Restaurant opened Friday, May 5, 1961 at 2529 Grand Island Blvd. by Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kleeman.

Looking Back 30 years - Cub Pack 425 held a log-sawing contest with two-man saws at Huth Road School 30 years ago. First place in 9 seconds were Bob Schindelbeck and John Posch;2nd place in 10 seconds, were Jonathan Gligora and Paul Stoddard; and in 3rd place, Dennis Lunney and Robert Wendling.~~~~Elizabeth Beach played the title role in the Island Theater Group's production of "Auntie Mame" on May 14-15 and May 21-22, 1971.

The School District Trustees/Budget Vote takes place at the High School on Ransom Road Tuesday, May 15 from from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. Grand Islanders will be voting on a $34,964,063 school budget, a $308,659 bus proposition, and for the two incumbents, trustees Myrna Blair and Jeri Schopp, on Tuesday, May 15.~~~~The Knights of Columbus will hold a Mother's Day Pancake Breakfast from 8:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the K of C Hall, 1841 Whitehaven Road. Mother's are special. Remember her!

May 3, 2001

Vince Martello is receiving congratulations on his 50th birthday today. Happy birthday, Vince and happy birthday to Richard Freer celebrating the same milestone on Monday!~~~~Happy birthday also to Art Bascomb (today), baby Stephen M. Stouter (a year old today), Kathryn Rose Hillock (her tenth today), Kimberly Jean Walker (Sweet 16 today), Mary Rustowicz (2 tomorrow), Rev. Paul Robinson and Sandie Rall Smith (tomorrow), Emily Harnden (6 on Saturday), Kevin Thomas Minton (4 on Sunday), Georgia Cole (her 30th on Monday), Jodi Dodd, Kim Haag and Barb Gill (Monday), Denny Hutzler (Tuesday), Kari Lynn Harding (her 20th on Tuesday), and Judy (Lovelee) Kenyon (Wednesday).

Members of the Fire Company's Ladies Auxiliary thank everyone who purchased chowder, baked goods and split club tickets this past Saturday. The lucky winner of a generous check was "me!"

Wedding bells! Tracy A. Simon and Ramon R. Hernandez Jr. were married Saturday, April 28, 2001 in Holy Angels Catholic Church.~~~~Martin and Carrie Sheehan are wished the very best on their 10th anniversary today. Penny and Mike Linenfelser will celebrate their 27th tomorrow.

Congratulations to my niece, Jamie L. Mangus on receiving the Pride of the Island Award. Jamie is the daughter of Paul and Donna Linenfelser of Ferry Road.

Our sincere sympathy to the families of Evelyn V. (Smith) Kohn and Anne H. (Lipiec) Kosikowski who passed away last week.

Looking Back 50 years - The Grand Stand at Love Road and Stony Point, a fantastic little refreshment stand, was open for the season by Love Road resident Ida Stanley.~~~~Mrs. Charles (May) Thomas, PTA Spiritual Values Chairman, opened the May 8, 1951 Sidway School PTA meeting with a "Mother's Home Prayer."

Looking Back 25 years - The Tonawandas District of Boy Scouts of America presented its highest award, the Award Of Merit, to Island volunteer scouters Abram Davis, Del Krause and Joseph Weber in March 1976.

The many friends of the late Tom Benton may want to mark their calendar for a memorial service being held at 3 p.m. on May 19th in Trinity Church. ~~~~ Though it was received too late for last week's edition, a complete obituary appears on our
Deaths page for John Leitner.

My sister Mary Stewart, her husband, Jim and their son Bill have been in town since our mother's death on April 20th, and will be spending the summer on Grand Island. Sympathy cards for Mary may be mailed to my home address, 2098 Ferry Road (14072) in care of "Linenfelser."

The Historical Society will meet tonight at 7:30 p.m. in River Lea when antique dealer Barbara Padlucky invites each member to bring in one item for appraisal.~~~~"Smooth As Silk" is the name of a new band debuting at Harry's Harbour Place, 2192 Niagara Street, Buffalo from 7-11 p.m. on Thursday, May 24th. Islanders in the group are lead soloist Fran Wilczek and Barb Gatti, vocals and piano.~~~~Play Ball! Opening Day ceremonies for Grand Island Little League softball and baseball begin at noon Saturday, May 5th at Veterans Park, Bedell Road. Have a wonderful weekend.

April 26, 2001

Happy birthday Butch Glasgow who celebrates a milestone next Wednesday. For a photo of Butch singing in the boys choir at Sidway School, check out our "Old Photo Album". ~~~~Happy birthday to twins Jessie and Cole Remmes (teenagers today), Dan Harding (today), twins Travis and Craig Perno (10-years-old today), Lisa Braun (her 9th birthday today), Mike Schneider (Sunday), Jessica Bykowicz (10 on Monday), Tony Piccolo (11 on Monday), Jason Hildebrant (Tuesday), Kay Page and Kathy Drumm (Wednesday), Catherine Mary Navagh (5 on Wednesday), and Brent Fred Jr. (7 on Wednesday).

Congratulations to golf pro and Island resident, Rob Luthringer who shot a hole-in-one Sunday, April 22nd at River Oaks Golf Club. Rob used a 7-iron at the 5th hole which is a 190 yard par 3.

Our sympathy to the family of John Ludwig 'Hans' Leitner who died on April 21th, 2001 and Dr. Nelson L. Blackmore who passed away on April 24th.

A speedy recovery to Betty (O'Dea) Carr who thanks everyone for their thoughts and prayers. Cards of cheer may be mailed to her at 1986A Massachusetts Ave, Englewood, FL 34224.~~~~A speedy recovery to Ray Zoldowski of 21 Evelyn Ct. who is recovering from recent knee replacement surgery. "Ray, Get well soon. Your bowling buddies miss you!"

Looking Back 50 years - State thruway "plans" called for three lanes in each direction and no new bridges constructed at the time.~~~~Danny Linenfelser was seriously injured on April 26, 1951 when struck by a car in front of his house on East River Road. He and his brother Jimmy were playing cowboys with their neighbors David Butcher and Peter Fahrer.~~~~Glen Smith, organizer of a fire company first aid class, announced that the Grand Island Rescue Squad "is now being formed." According to Glen the class was the largest in history of Grand Island and had 104 persons enrolled who were expected to graduate. Over 90% of the Fire Company at that time had completed first aid training.

Looking Back 30 years - The Grand Island team of Mike LaJoie, Mike Schoenle, Rodger Jordan, and Dennis Gonzalis took 2nd place in boys "C" division of the 2nd annual NYS Jr. Bowling Association Team Championship Tournament.

Looking Back 20 years - The traffic signal at Whitehaven and Stony Point roads was put into operation for first time at 3 p.m. Tuesday, April 21, 1981.

Looking Back 10 years - River Oaks Marina opened on May 1, 1991.

It's chowder time at the firehall this Saturday. The Fire Company Ladies Auxiliary will offer baked goods and chowder which will be available when ready, around 11 a.m. See our calendar of events for more information.

Thank you Grand Island for your outpouring expression of love for my mother, Marion Klingel. She recently expressed how greatful she was for her long and wonderful life here on Grand Island.

April 19, 2001

Memory Lane! Randy White, Class of 1970 has just passed on some "fun" web sights that brought smiles to our faces here at the Grand Island e-News. Check out "Old WKBW Radio Shows" and "Crystal Beach Amusement Park"
. Thanks, Randy. My entire office just sang along with the Tommy Shannon theme song!

A speedy recovery to Kaegebein School librarian and Love Road resident Carol Hamlin who had knee surgery over Easter vacation.~~~~My mother, Marion Klingel is very happy to be back on the Island and residing in Riverwood Healthcare Center. She is most appreciative of the cards, flowers and visits from her friends.

Our sincere sympathy to the families of Emily Pasek and Charles Carter who recently passed away.

"How time flies!" Check out our "Old Photo Album" for a picture of Roger O'Connor and Eddie Hardison. By the way, Roger just celebrated a milestone on the 14th.~~~~Best wishes to my brother-in-law Jim Stewart marking a milestone birthday today and to Bruce Burridge and Joan Howe who will both celebrate tomorrow.~~~~Happy birthday to Andrew Fix (10 tomorrow), Gregory Voyzey (his 13th tomorrow), Jacob McMahon (5 tomorrow), Ingrid Dahlberg (Sweet 16 tomorrow), Kim Staub (Hi Kim! Saturday's the day), Samantha Banas (10 on Sunday), Mae Klocke (Sunday), Genna Baldassare (2 on Sunday), Alexandra Marie Dzielski (5 on Monday), Marion Young (94 on Monday), Bill Moreland (Monday), John Williams (special greetings on Tuesday), Dean Bentley (10 on Tuesday) and Nicholas Bull (his 20th on Wednesday). A belated happy birthday to Terry Von Craigh.

Best wishes to Larry and Rita Hagerman celebrating their 32nd anniversary today and to Dick and Dorothy Lovelee marking their 26th anniversary today.

Looking Back 50 years - A Public Hearing was held on April 18, 1951, for Harold Graham to build a barn for stabling more than two horses at an approximate cost of $3000.~~~~The town board approved the purchase of 12 rattan brooms to be used by the Fire Company for grass fires.~~~~Island resident and artist James Montanari wrote "A Hymn To The Niagara" which was played at a concert in Trinity Church in April 1951.

Looking Back 40 years - Members of the Sandy Beach Park Club planted 2000 scotch pines on Club owned property off Warner Dr., as a future fundraiser for community programs.

Looking Back 30 years - Winners in a neighborhood Easter egg hunt at the Long Road home of Nancy and Jim Schiffauer were Susie Posch, David Schiffauer and Brian Sullivan in the 1-4-year-old group and Christine Utz, Cindy Coppolina and Christopher Pye in the 5-9-year-old group.~~~~Lou Macro opened his Grand Island Optical in 1971.

Looking Back 25 years - Formation of the Grand Island Business & Professional Women took place in 1976.

Jim Schueckler has let me know that the photos of Marty Prast are now on line. Thanks, Jim.

A new website with a complete listing of our ancestors who came to this country through Ellis Island has been added to the internet this week. Click Ellis Island and be prepared to try, try again!

River Lea in Beaver Island Park will be open from 2-4 p.m. this Sunday, April 22nd. Headquarters for the Grand Island Historical Society, the Lewis F. Allen farmhouse has much to offer in the way of Island history in photos, furnishing and memorabilia. Society members will be on hand to answer questions and offer information.

April 12, 2001

While reminiscing through e-mail with John Grycel who grew up here in the 40s and 50s, we traded memories of Mesmer's Dairy on Love Road with the great ice cream sundaes, sodas and burgers and good cook Flora Benns behind the counter keeping us kids from misbehaving. Our question is "what was the real name of a kid the teenagers up at Mesmer's Dairy called "Stump Jump." Does anyone out there remember?

Talk about eye-openers! In a recent conversation with Lyn Laman, she told me of just discovering that her own MG was one of the race cars in the Grand Prix that took place here in 1952! Lyn is part of a committee looking into recreating that race during the town's Sesquicentennial celebration in the summer of 2002.

My mother, Marion Klingel is critically ill. However, she is comfortable and constantly thankful for her long and wonderful life. Cards for Mom would be most appreciated and may be sent to my home. Thanks to everyone for their concern.

Shannon and David Mazur of Alt Blvd. along with Tucker, the family golden retriever, are so happy to announce their new baby, Sydney Victoria Mazur, born February 1, 2001 weighing seven pounds. The new baby's picture appears on the front page of today's Grand Island e-News and also on our
page.~~~~First Street residents Dana and Brian Robinson and daughter, Gabrielle, 3 have a new baby in the house. Rhett Bradley Robinson was born April 9, 2001 weighing eight pounds, 12 ounces. Proud grandparents are Bette and Clair Wisler of Jamestown and Gerald Robinson of New Port Richie, Florida.

Looking Back 40 years - Norma Somer, Marjorie Murdock, Eva Collins, Peggy Dyers and Jan Vorm made the arrangements for the St. Martin's parish supper on April 6, 1961.~~~~The Islettes majorettes held their first record hop in the firehall April 7, 1961 to raise money for uniforms.~~~~A Gay Ninties cast and crew included Mark Langdon, Mabel French, Dick Utts, Chris Cotter, Marge Gilbert and Jim Cannard. The production took place April 14 and 15, 1961 with the Community Chorus being directed by Mrs. Robert (Elizabeth) Beach.

Looking Back 20 years - The Grand Island Officials Association kicked off its third season Sunday, April 5, 1981 in the Nike Base Community Center with the following elected for a third term: President Paul Kaegebein, Vice President Ed (Zeus) Disnmore, Secretary/Treasurer Bill Rohring Jr., Assigning Agent Ray Billica and Rules Interpreter Joe Osinski.

Today is Sherrie Wendling's birthday and we hope it is one of her very best! Ed Lang celebrates his 85th birthday today. Happy birthday, Ed. Max Ruotsi and our granddaughter Amy Bidell are turning ten-years-old today, Craig Wood marks a milestone tomorrow and Stephanie Hunt and Andrew Stange turn 10 on Tuesday and Wednesday respectively. Happy birthday everyone and happy birthday also to Sue Kupiec (today), Bill Linton (tomorrow), Aaron Wood (11 tomorrow), Nicole Butcher (tomorrow), Jim Stewart Jr., Roger O'Connor and Lisa Foley (Saturday), Megan Coulter (Sweet 16 on Saturday), Amanda Piccolo (her 20th on Sunday), Sandy Lare (Monday), Bill Call (Monday), Jeremy Pullano (Tuesday), Christopher Monoco (16 on Wednesday), and Jane Duffy and Mark Hassan (Wednesday).

Our very best wishes to former longtime residents Frank and Nora Butcher who celebrate their 65th wedding anniversary tomorrow. Get well cards are in order for Frank and for old friends who might want to send an anniversary card on this special occasion, the Butchers' address is 36 Hanover Street, Tonawanda, 14150.~~~~Celebrating their 5th anniversary tomorrow are Paul and Mary Minton and married 35 years on Saturday are Agnes and Stuart Becker. Have a great day, folks!

Our sincere sympathy to the family of Richard L. Brady who passed away on March 15, 2001.~~~~A memorial mass for Maxine McNamee will be celebrated Tuesday, April 17th at St. Stephen's Church at 10 AM.

Sixth grade Connor Middle School teacher Nicole Nowakowski became the bride of Robert G. Oursler on Saturday, April 7th in First Assembly of God Church in Niagara Falls. Our best wishes to the Ourslers who will reside on Grand Island.

Response to our coloring contest has been positively overwhelming, with a steady stream of kids, moms, dads and grandparents dropping off coloring contest entries all week. I would be remiss if I didn't mention the efforts of our newest addition to the Grand Island e-News staff, Jodi "Hayes" Dodd, who has taken charge of our Global Coloring Contest. Winners' names will appear on our front page and the winning entries will appear on the Coloring Contest page on Saturday.

Reg Schopp, Godfather/director of GIECOM/Isledegrande.com, is again offering a prize to the Grand Island High School class with the most members signed on Isledegrande. Check out the notice on our Graduation Directory and then ask your classmates to sign on!

For kids looking for something fun to do during their spring break, a basketball clinic has been planned by St. Stephen's Holy Name Society and is listed in our "Calendar of Events".

April 5, 2001

A very happy birthday to Jerry Livingston (left) and Michael Linenfelser who are celebrating milestone birthdays this week. Special good wishes to Anne Ehlert who is having a birthday Friday, April 6th.

For the many Islanders who knew Marty Prast, you may want to check out this website - http://www.vva.org/TheVeteran/2000_07/marty.htm. My thanks to former resident Jim Schueckler, webmaster of www.VirtualWall.org who has not only informed me about the site but is adding some pictures of Marty.

Sarah Elizabeth Berlinger is on our front page today and also on our Islanders page. She's the beautiful, new baby daughter of Mike and Kerry Berlinger.

Dan and JoAnn Linenfelser's granddaughter is one of the recipients of a Pride of the Island award. We are all so proud of you, Sarah Ramsperger! Sarah is the daughter of Vince and Chris Ramsperger of Regency Court.

Congratulations to Mike Cole who has been named the Niagara County Community College athlete of the week for March 12. Mike is a member of the men's volleyball team and has led the team in digs per game (5) in its last three tournaments.~~~~Congratulations to Mark Raepple on his 300 game (689 series) with the Men's A Best Roofing league at Island Lanes.~~~~Congratulations to Kin-Tora Judo Club members Anthony Verdi, Robert Vanthoff, Richie Vanthoff, Christina Martinez, Zakary Wojnar and Andrew Gugino who won trophies and medals at the March 11th novice judo tournament held at the Kin-Tora Judo Club in Buffalo.

Our sympathy to the families of Keith John Conrad Sr., Florence M. Robinson, Richard A. 'Dick' Pifer Sr., and James M. Burns who passed away last week

John E. Brunner, a member of the Niagara River Station Fishing Club here on the Island, died on April 2, 2001. ~~~~ Herman J. Holler, founder and life member of the Niagara Sailing Club of Grand Island, passed away on April 2, 2001.

Happy birthday to Amanda Marie Szarzanowicz (4 today), Clark Nesbitt, Nancy "Mote" Sayre and Kay Milne (today), Rachel Spiker (8 tomorrow), Joanne Spiker and Martin E. Goss (today), Nathan Busch (8 on Saturday), Isaac Richard Swenson (a year old Saturday), James Rustowicz (6 on Sunday), Trevor Matte (a bit 10 on Sunday), Mary Arsenault and Wayne Kinney (Monday), Susan Hackett, Cheryl Janowski, Dorothy Dillemuth and Stew Becker (all celebrating Tuesday), Joe Blum (21 on Wednesday), Rob Shoemaker (16 on Wednesday), Andrew Michael Cerrillo (his 10th on Wednesday), and Melissa Affuso (a teenager on Wednesday).~~~~A belated happy birthday to Liza Bowman who turned 6 on March 28th, to Zoe Dodd who turned 6 years old on April 4th and to Joe Thomas who celebrated another birthday with his wife, Helen and daughter, Mary in the Buffalo Launch Club.

Best wishes to Mike and Christine Smith Carr who are celebrating their third anniversary today (April 5th).

Looking Back 50 years - Dick Hogue Sr. of East Park served as president of the Chamber of Commerce.~~~~Basements of the new Duplex houses at the Parkway and Love Road were flooding on a regular basis in the spring of 1951.~~~~Fred Miller was the driver of the newest School Bus #7 on the road for the first time on April 6, 1951.~~~~St. Martin-in-the-Fields Sunday church services began to be held in the Legion Hall at Ferry and Orchard roads.~~~~Penny Ball, a contestant in a television show, was the winner of a pedigreed cocker spaniel that she named "Cinders."~~~~Al and Betty Raepple purchased their new house on Stony Point Extension at Love Road in the spring of 1951.~~~~Work began on a second lane to Beaver Island Parkway, a 24' wide pavement on the east side of the present road at an estimated cost of $373,817.75.

Friends of my mother Marion Klingel may want to send her a card of cheer. I will keep you all posted as to her improvement.

Beth (Kaefer) Czerwonka Grand Island High School Class of '89, has opened a gift shop at 3472 Walden Avenue in Depew. It is called the Country N' Calico Gift Shop just like the shop her mom, Betty Kaefer of Creekside Drive ran on Grand Island Blvd. and is in conjunction with her husband's family bakery. By the way, Beth carries our own Kelly's Country Store Easter chocolates and Betty is back in the crafts business, so if you are out that way, stop by and say hello.

This week's "Between the Bridges" column is a little late hitting the presses! My mother, Marion Klingel, has been ill and I've gotten behind in my work here. Sure hope Saturday's Easter Egg Hunt sponsored by the Town Recreation Department in Vets Park wasn't rained out.~~~~Kids ages 8 to 14 are invited to take part in the Holiday Action Days, sponsored by the Recreation Department from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Wednesday (Apr. 11) at the Knights of Columbus Hall. There will be supervised activities, games, and - no fees or registration.

March 29, 2001

Best wishes to these three schoolmates who are celebrating special birthdays: (left) Margaret "Linton" Ciccarelli, Martin O'Dea and Wendy "Holden" Gaydica.~~~~Belated happy birthday to Heidi Zarbo Hayward of Virginia Beach, VA who celebrated on March 21st.~~~~Special greetings to former resident Jan Brady (today), Marjorie Gilmore (her 80th tomorrow), and Susan Snyder (April 4th). Happy birthday to Sarah McMahon and Rachel Wilkinson (both turning 18 today), to Monica "Prast" Sikora (today), Travis Kelley (4 tomorrow), Michael Norris(16 tomorrow), Sharon Wright (tomorrow), Scott Duscher, Rick Fuller and Jon Nichols (Saturday), Kelly "Hugill" McKinney (special greetings Sunday), Jennifer McLeod (Sweet 16 on Sunday), Jean Haller (Tuesday), Theresa Velma West (one year old Wednesday), Harold Killian (we think it's Wednesday!), and Natalie Baldassare (5 years old on Wednesday).

Sgt. John N. Graesser, U.S. Army was inadvertently left out of my "Desert Storm"
feature. Click to Review.

Our sympathy to the families of the following who have passed away this week: Maxine McNamee, Mary (Hayes) Aitken-Affleck, Richard J. Erling, John N. Sadowski and Dr. Jerome J. Maurizi.

Looking back 50 years - Merton McElroy chaired the annual Chamber of Commerce Clean Up -Paint Up - Fix Up Campaign. Emphasis was on improving conditions of rural mail boxes.~~~~The new Senior Girl Scout Troop #37 was under the direction of Mrs. R. M. Miller and Mrs. Gerald Dinsmore. Members Barb Soch, Sandra Fleming and Marilyn Dinsmore received their First Class badges at the Girl Scout Birthday Party in Sidway gym.~~~~The Kiwanis Club purchased equipment and announced plans to sponsor youth baseball for boys 10-19 years old.

Looking back 40 years - Voters cast 1543 for and 841 "against" the building of a $3,787,000 junior/senior high school on the Island.

Looking back 30 years - A Community Drug Council was formed.~~~~Though it never materialized, plans were announced for the building of the Island's first motion picture theater in Grand Island Plaza.~~~~Webelos Den #71 beat Den #81 and #51 in Cub Scout Pack 452's swim night in the high school pool 30 years ago. Winner of the coaches' race was Marty O'Dea of #51.~~~~Chamber President Gerald K. Youngs asked the town board to set aside $2500 and to set up an Economic Development Committee to help "Sell Grand Island" and attract new businesses.

A belated happy birthday to CJ Matthews who turned 8-years-old on March 14th and little leap year baby, David Matthews, CJ's brother, who just turned one!

We are again running a contest with a prize given to the Grand Island High School class who has the largest number signing on Isledegrande.com by June 29, 2001. Last year's winner, Class of 1980, is still in the lead with 109. Contact your classmates and ask them to sign on.

Sesquicentennial committees are forming rapidly but there are still many ideas and events in need of chairmanship. The next meeting is 7 p.m. Tuesday, April 24 in the Grand Island Memorial Library meeting room. Plan to attend and see just what your or your organization's part in the 2002 celebration might be.

On our "Calendar of Events"
this weekend are a fish fry, open gym, Reality Cafe anniversary, 50s party and Tribute to Dorothy Rowswell. Click to view!

March 22, 2001

Best wishes to Dan and Barbara Ann Moralito who recently celebrated their 50th anniversary. The Moralitos were married March 14, 1951 and renewed their wedding vows on March 10, 2001 in St. Stephen's Church.

Celebrating special birthdays this week are Diane Lunney (today),
Martin O'Dea (60 on Sunday), Wayne Bidell (this week), Paul Swain (Wednesday), and Cheryl (Ferro) Stott (this week). Check out our "Old Photo Album"
for a picture that includes Wayne, Paul and Cheryl with their kindergarten Class of '57.

Happy birthday to Pat Harding, Leo Ricci and Mike McNulty (tomorrow), Nancy Sandford, Larry Hagerman and Jack Mahnk (Saturday), Nicholas Kristopher Daniels (2 years old on Saturday), Jillian Marie Sheehan (5 on Saturday), Michael Christopher Brown (happy 4th birthday Sunday from Grandpa and Grandma Soluri vacationing in Atlanta), Nicholas X. Masiello and Jimmy Mysliwiec (both turning 8 on Monday), Glenn David Holler (6 on Tuesday), Diane Bell (Tuesday), Morgan Green (7 on Wednesday), Kelly Mongold, Marianne Christensen, Marilyn Randolph and Diane Dohn (all on Wednesday) and last but not least, Kathy Lanning who celebrates on Wednesday. The Sidway School reunion committee would like to know where she is residing. She would have graduated from 9th grade in 1952 and has a brother Dan and a sister, Margaret.

Sebastian Alexandre Koschuk was born on February 28, 2001 to Mindy and Jason Koschuk. Proud grandparents are Ellie Wiant of Grand Island and Alex and Tracy Koschuk.

Our sympathy to the families of the following who have passed away: Thomas Benton , Wayne N. Tolbert , Rev. George Haley and John T. Williams Sr. For more information "click" on the names.

Congratulations are in order for Ronald D. Moscoe, an Island resident who was recently promoted to vice president and director of operations at Multisorb Technologies in West Seneca.

The engagement of Sarah L. Myers to Patrick W. Tierney has been announced by Sarah's parents, C. Richard and Florence D Myers. Sarah, who is residing in Wilmette, Illinois, is a Harvard College graduate, magna cum laude.

Looking Back 50 years - The Fire Company's anniversary party April 14, 1951 in the firehall was preceded by a turkey dinner served by the Trinity Church Brotherhood in Trinity Church.~~~~The Shrine Circus Daddy's Club, for the first of many times, treated 180 youngsters from the 4th, 5th, 6th grades at Sidway School to a trip to the Shrine Circus in Buffalo's Memorial Auditorium on March 28, 1951. The school board furnished buses.

Looking Back 40 years - A carillon was installed in Emmanuel EUB Church on Baseline Road as a memorial to the late Col. Heber Ashley Sr. Rev. Eldon Snyder, pastor, said chimes and sacred music would be played several times each day.~~~~Thomas Calderone, a 6th grader in Mr. Joseph Oliva's class, won the Kaegebein School's Buffalo News National Spelling Bee on March 24, 1961. Runner up was Penny O'Connor, a 5th grader in Mrs. Martin's class. And in the same contest at Huth Road School the winner was Marion Guz, a 6th grade in Mrs. Mary Fontana's class. Runner up was James Burns, a student of Gertrude Reimann's 6th grade.~~~~Post Advisor Hans Boettcher accepted the Grand Island Explorer Post 258 charter on March 28, 1961 at a family supper at the Edgewater Hotel with 18 boys registered.

Looking Back 30 years - Penny O'Connor was heading to Europe 30 years ago to study French in France and German in Germany.~~~~The "Romper Room" series, first live program from WUTV Channel 29 on Whitehaven Road, began on March 22, 1971 with Elaine Murphy of Grand Island as Miss Elaine. Featured on the first show was 4-year-old Elizabeth Wozniak, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Wozniak of East River Rd.~~~~According to a Jaycees article in the March 24,1971 Island Dispatch, parking rates in Beaver Island State Park were raised from 50 cents to a dollar effective "the beginning of this year."

Looking Back 20 years - St. Stephen School's Eagles Basketball Team, which included Mark Dzielski, Jamie Corrao, Tim Cummings, Dale Franklin, Billy Conboy and Kevin Fisher, had an excellent 1981 season.

Kaegebein School fifth graders, their teachers and room reps traveled to the University of Buffalo on Tuesday to see the ballet production of "Cinderella." After the performance everyone enjoyed lunch at the Home Style Buffet where an older gentleman asked one of the mothers where the group was from. When he was told they were Kaegebein School students, the man remarked that since they were all so well behaved, he thought they were from a private school!

March 15, 2001

Entries have begun to come in for our World Wide Coloring Contest. There is a nice prize for the largest number of entries from one family. No doubt the McMahons, the Hennigars, the Sciandras, the Braddells, the Carrs, the Grycels etc. have the edge but entries do not necessarily have to be submitted from immediate family members. Start calling. Start coloring. Click here Global Coloring Contest

Back from a super 10-day vacation in Hawaii are our daughter and son-in-law Julie and Donny Dee, but not until after Mike Stahl, driving Don's "01" midget racer, won the season's high point championship Saturday night and received the Jiffy-Tite/Jerry Gradl Fast Time Award. Bob Dee called his son in Hawaii from the Niagara Falls Convention Center where the races took place, to tell him the good news. Donny was awarded the Doug Duncan Memorial Trophy of Excellence as Outstanding Race Mechanic of the Year. Click here for the complete TQ Midget race results: Castrol Cup

Good luck to Sofia Syed, an 8th grader at Connor Middle School. Sofia, who is a finalist in the Buffalo News Spelling Bee, will compete against 19 other top spellers on Sunday.~~~~Congratulations to Stephanie McGinn on winning the March 4, 2001 Tonawandas Junior Bowling Association Singles Tournament with a 231-606. A senior at Grand Island High, she was crowned the 2000-2001 All-Events Champion for the second year in a row - this year with a 1787 scratch total for the three (team, doubles and singles) qualifying TJBA tournaments.

Fred L. Corey, 73, passed away on March 8, 2001. The husband of former resident Cheryl (Seifert) Corey, he ran the Clown House, now known as the Islander, for several years.

Our sympathy to the families of Tom Benton, Pearl (nee Fitzpatrick) (Cobado) Todd, Glyndon H. Crocker Jr., Robert S. Gilson, Betty B. Long and Donald F. Rowe. Click for Funeral Arrangements Cards for Tom Benton's wife, Beverly may be mailed to 606 Sycamore Square, Lady Lake, FL 32159.

Looking Back 40 years - Bob Sumbler started his Isle Cab Company taxi service on the Island.~~~~Bill and Marilyn Gratto and their children Sabrina Marie and William Arthur moved to Broadway on the Island. Mr. and Mrs. Ted Sobolewski and children, Susan and Ted were also new residents.~~~~Newly elected officers of the Rotary Club in 1961 were President Salvatore G. Capizzi, Vice President Thomas Tierney and Treasurer Harry Baker.

Looking Back 30 years - Buffalo Launch Club Commodore Bill Bagdy and his wife, Barbara were honored at the Commodore's Ball on Saturday, March 20, 1971.~~~~Island gymnasts taking part in the Buffalo Turners 43rd annual circus, "It's A Small World" in March 1971 were Kim Custodi, Tammy Custodi, Nicky Custodi, Bobby Beauregard, Jimmy Beauregard, Daneen Certo (Gallagher), Russell Certo, Jeffrey Certo and Siobhan Wright.~~~~Army Sergeant Philip C. Taylor, 21, received the Air Medal for meritorous service near Di An, Vietnam and Sgt. Mark M. Stewart, an air traffic controller, received the Air Force Commendation Medal for meritorous service in Vietnam.

An interesting weekly newsletter, "Scouting Way", that shares stories with Scouts and Scouters has been brought to my attention. Click to view. I have linked it to Cub Pack #254 and Boy Scout Troop #630's web pages. Scout troops on the Island (boys or girls) will automatically be given a web page when troop articles are submitted for our Grand Island e-News.

Congratulations to Tom and Gale (Sander) Podsiadlo of Cheektowaga who became the proud parents of Elizabeth Irene Podsiadlo, born January 26, 2001 weighing 8 pounds, 4 ounces. The baby's proud grandparents are Gale and Dick Sander of Stony Point and Frank and JoAnn Podsiadlo of Cheektowaga.

For those who are patients of The Island Medical Center at 2279 Grand Island Blvd., the medical practice will close as of March 30, 2001.

Young Timothy Watts of Grand Island will be part of the Niagara Falls Little Theatre's cast of "Mame" which plays at the Niagara Falls Convention Center this month. Islander Dawn Marcolini Newton will be directing. Call 284-6358 for ticket information.

Best wishes to Don and Mary Ann Mesler and their family who are leaving The Islander Restaurant they have been running for nearly 22 years. Best of luck to the new owners, Roy and Barbara Becker.

Welcome aboard to 57-year Island residents Torg and Mac Fadum who recently signed on the Isledegrande.com guestbook.

A very happy birthday to Martha Martin, John Sarokan, Rod Raham and Ed Sargent (all celebrating today), to Sally Black (tomorrow), Bob Tranter, Nancy Anderson , Sandy Hingston and Nonnie Carroll (all on Saturday), Ryan Matthew O'Neil (3 on Saturday), Adam Missert (5 on Sunday), Connie Shaw (Sunday), Delorous DiTullio, Carol Sharpe, Bob Kindred and Robin Boutet (all celebrating on Monday), Rachel Morgan (15 on Monday), Jim Stockman (18 on Tuesday), Margaret "Linton" Ciccarelli (a very special birthday on Tuesday), Evelina Schopp (92 on Tuesday), Evelyn Till (Tuesday), Peggy Bauman and Paul Roeder (Wednesday) and Meredith Ruland (3 on Wednesday).~~~~A belated happy birthday to Karen "Hayes" Smith who celebrated on Tuesday, the 13th.

Check out our "Calendar of Events". Saturday's offerings include the Hot Shot Basketball Challenge for boys and girls, and a St. Patrick's Day Dinner from 4-7 p.m. at the VFW Post #9249.

March 8, 2001

Very special greetings to Island native Hazel DeGlopper who will celebrate her 90th birthday on Sunday. Let's surprise her with a mailbox full of birthday cards. E-mail me if you need her address.~~~~Hazel and her husband, Walter DeGlopper, also born on Grand Island, are celebrating their 65th wedding anniversary on Wednesday, March 14th - another reason to celebrate. The DeGloppers have been Ferry Road residents since 1945.~~~~A big happy birthday to Pete Xanthos who will celebrate a milestone on Tuesday.

If any of my readers have a Charlotte Sidway School Yearbook, 1947 they are willing to part with, I would gratefully accept it. I am hopeful that none of these sets of yearbooks (1947-1958) from our first central school are being discarded.

Looking Back 50 years - It was just 50 years ago that the Sidway Junior High students put on an operetta, "Molly Be Jolly" in the gym/auditorium. Marilyn Dinsmore (Serfass) played "Molly," Jim Fuller called the square dancing, Joan Anderson (Dekdebrun) and Vera Jo Mote (Mann) were inside the blanketed horse and Marilyn Ekiss (Fries) was the snake charmer. Carole Godfrey (Wiesinger) and her twin sister Connie Godfrey (Millikan) twirled their batons and Roberta Miller led the band. Danny Heimbach played the piano and Stanley Ziomek played his accordian between acts. Remember?~~~~Civil Defense meetings for Air Raid Wardens and Civil Defense Police were announced by Franklin Klocke in the by-weekly Island Dispatch. The Friday evening police classes in town hall were scheduled from 6:30-8:30 p.m. so they would not interfere with watching the "fights" on television "as many expressed the desire to do."

Looking Back 30 years - Dog Warden Calvin Milkas picked up an Irish Setter in Beaver Island State Park after Ron Webb rescued the dog from the river thirty years ago.~~~~The following members of Coach Russo's Class A, Section VI Championship Swim Team were recognized at the high school Winter Athletic Awards Assembly in March 1971: Mike Endres, Fred Rumsey, Mike Breier and Chuck Bagdy. John Podlucky was singled out for his outstanding contributions to the basketball team.

Hey, kids! Big kids, little kids, kids of every age, that is! Be sure to check out our Global Coloring Contest
. The deadline for entry is April 9th.

Grand Island High School's mock trial team of Kristina Tetkowski, Michelle Kalisz, Anna Czapla, Jack Burns, Kristia Gatti, Chris Smith, Diana DeLorenzo and Shawn Goss lost to Sacred Heart Saturday, March 3rd. Those in attendance were completely surprised at the judge's decision as the team was superb. Their advisors, Mr. Mike Murray and Ms. Lynn Makowski, and their legal coach, Attorney Tom Jebb must be mighty proud of these teens.

Kristin Rotella was a finalist in the Miss Buffalo 2001 Scholarship pageant Sunday, February 18th in Rockwell Hall at Buffalo State College. As fourth runner-up, she is the recipient of a $200 scholarship. The pageant is an official preliminary for the Miss America pageant.

A belated happy birthday to Chris Learman who celebrated on Monday. Happy birthday to Jason Bleisten (yesterday), Mike Hann (25 today), baby Joseph Andrew Gizzo (his first birthday today), Bud Link (today), Chandler Cole (3 tomorrow), John Watkins, Mike Anelli and Diane Nesbitt (Saturday), Emily Bolles (9 on Sunday), Kaitlyn Little, Tom Shimmell (where is he?) and Barbara Anderson (Sunday), Tiffany Turner (10 on Sunday), Anne Linenfelser (20 on Sunday), Katie Doane (Sweet 16 on Sunday), Dan Robillard and Joan Kilmer (Monday), Kathy (Bell) Olszewski (Tuesday) and Jamie Jablon (20 on Tuesday).

This is the weekend of the Zonta Club's antique show and sale at the Knights of Columbus. Check out our "Calendar of Events" for details on this and also St. Stephen's Lenten Fish Fries, the Huth Road PTA Bazaar and a Sunday Family Swim.

March 5, 2001

Today, Monday, we are getting a pretty good blast of winter weather and everything is covered with snow again. Some of us like it and some of us don't! If you have thought about entering the town's Recreation Department sponsored Snow Sculpture Contest , and haven't done so yet, you still have a good chance to get in on the competition. Who knows? You may even win!

Best wishes to Kathleen (Katie) McDonough and Joseph D. Lenhard who were married Friday, March 2, 2001.

Kathleen Ford will celebrate her 50th birthday tonight with her dance class friends. Happy birthday, Kathleen.~~~~Gals from Miss Cathy's Monday night dance class are urged to get to practice as we've begun to practice for Cathy Thomas' 30th annual recital to the tune of "Anything Goes."

Happy birthday to Tim Moriarty (14 today), Fran Jensen, Rene "Thirion" Wulf, Jennifer Peresie and Bob Haag (all celebrating today), Kara Duysters (her 20th tomorrow), Karen Hutzler (15 tomorrow), AJ Beyer IV, Judy Henderson and Kelly Gast (tomorrow), Valerie Funk, Morey Cohen, Reginia Guenther and Karen Bullock (Wednesday), Rebecca "Lare" Jordison (special greetings Wednesday) and Ginny Wilkinson (15 on Wednesday).

Best wishes to Helen and Joe Thomas of East River who celebrated there 55th wedding anniversary with family in the Buffalo Launch Club Saturday night.

Donny Dee's midget racer is the pick of the crop to win the championship in this Saturday night's NASCAR race in the Niagara Falls Convention Center. His driver, Mike Stahl, will be interviewed tonight at 7 p.m. on ESPN2. Good luck, Mike! Saturday's Time Trials get underway at 1 p.m. with the program starting at 7 p.m.

Looking Back 50 years - Charlotte Guenther (Roesch) and Jeannie Flynn won six straight games of horseshoes 50 years ago this week at the Bedell House. Bet Charlotte would love to hear from old friends. E-mail me for her address.

Looking Back 20 years - School Board members in a 4-3 vote decided to hold all kindergarten classes in the morning and to expand them from 2 1/2 hours to 3 hours beginning in September 1981.~~~~Court Clerk Sybil Kennedy attended the Association of Towns meeting February 15-18, 1981 in NYC where she taught other New York State clerks about the updated forms and procedures relative to civil process in town and village courts.

Be sure to check out our guestbook. Among a long list of recent "sign-ons" are former residents Ralph Gabarro of Maine, Mike Czora of Minnesota and Kathy "Grycel" Farmer of California.

Our sympathy to the families of Betty Owens, Michael J. Dyer Jr. and Richard L. McCullough who passed away this week. Click for Funeral Arrangements

A special service of praise and worship will be held at St. Stephen's Old Church 7:30-8:30 p.m., Wednesday, March 7. The community is invited.~~~~Lenten Luncheons begin Wednesday in the Whitehaven Road Baptist Church. For further information call Grand Island Ministerium President and Pastor of Trinity Church Rev. Paul E. Robinson at 773-3322.

The next "Between The Bridges" column will be posted this coming Thursday and the column will go back to a Thursday date from now on. Remember to e-mail your birthdays, anniversaries, new baby, successes, and general gossip etc., that you would like to see in the column.

February 26, 2001

It's hard to tell by the pictures that these two young ladies are exactly the same age. Danna "Kirsch" Moles (left) hits a milestone birthday on March 2nd and Cindy "Austin" Zurek's special day is March 4th. Bet both gals would love to hear from old friends this week!

Our sympathy to the families of Paul W. Buell, Toni M. (Whitefield) Spencer, and Geraldine DeCost who passed away this past week.

Looking back 50 years - Sidway School PTA President Claire Hall presented a life membership to Ginny (Mrs. Leo) Costin on February 27, 1951.

Looking back 40 years - A public rally was held on March 1, 1961 at Kaegebein School to launch the Citizens Committee's campaign for a junior-senior high school. The rally was opened by citizens committee chair Lee Tetkowski.

Looking back 30 years - Betty Hollinger and Bobby Dannels chaired the "As You Like It" fashion show to benefit the high school PTA on March 1, 1971.~~~~ Dedication of the Kaegebein School Library to Beatrice Cady, retiring first principal, was made on March 2, 1971. Mrs. Kenneth Sutter began her duties as new principal on March 8th of that year.~~~~According to Supervisor Raymond P. Griffin, there was "Extreme Flooding Conditions last weekend," and that town employees were working on the problem. High winds added to the situation forcing drainageways such as Woods Creek to flow up stream."~~~~Kay and Karl Long were collecting loans of Indian relics, school pictures, and other heirlooms 50 years old or more to display during the Island's celebration of Erie County's sesquicentennial.

We have just posted a new Sidway Reunion Web Page
with the announcement of a reunion of classmates and friends from the classes of 1937-1963. The date is July 6, 2002 which coincides with the town's Sesquicentennial. A missing persons list will be posted soon and we ask that you look it over and then let us know if you have information or clues to anyone on the list.~~~~The Grand Island High School Class of '81 will be posting a missing persons list with in the week. 1981 Classmates, please take a look and help out your reunion committee.

Very best wishes to Diane and Clark Nesbitt celebrating their 35th anniversary today and the same to Glenn and Wilma Greenwood who will be married 46 years tomorrow.

Our Grand Island's girls basketball team won the Class B-1 prequarterfinals with a 43-41 score over Lew-Port. Katie Remus led Grand Island with 14 points. The girls went on to win their Class B-1 quarterfinal with a score of 46-34 over Starpoint last week. Leading the scoring was Savannah Stolzenburg with her season-high 18 points and Val Gasbarro with 14. The girls lost by one point, 38-37 in their semifinal match against top-seed Williamsville East. Katie Remus led the GI scoring with 12.

Happy birthday to John V. Ekiss, Donna Titterington Leary, Dan Drumm, Debbie Kennedy Rogoza and Sueanne "Austin" Miller (today), Ron Gasbarro (see last week's column!), William Madigan (6 today), Jim Porter (the big 3-0 tomorrow), Deb Hutzler (tomorrow), David Steggs (10 on Wednesday), Patrick McMahon and Don Loder (Wednesday), Linda Herrmann and Bob Goulah (Thursday) and Bob Mortenson, Todd Roesch, Mike O'Dea and Eric Stone (Saturday).

The Grand Island Historical Society
has a very interesting meeting planned for 7 p.m. Thursday (Mar. 1) in the Grand Island Memorial Library. See the Society's web page for more details. The public is welcome and refreshments will be served.

Best wishes to James M. Robinson and his bride, the former Melanie A. Bernier who were married Saturday, February 24, 2001 in Trinity UM Church.

Grand Island Zonta Club members will appear on "The Weather Outside" at 6 p.m. Friday, March 2 on Channel 7. They will be promoting their Antique Show and Sale which takes place March 9-11 at the K of C Hall.

February 19, 2001

Happy birthday to 1969 Grand island High School graduates Richard Morgan and Dale Kutzbach who are celebrating milestone birthdays today and Sunday respectively and to Ron Gasbarro who hits the big 5-0 on February 26th.~~~~Happy birthday to Alyssa Bowerman (14 today), to Jennifer Watkins (her 15th tomorrow), Madeline Porter (7 tomorrow), Tommy Smith (5 tomorrow), Pat Hitcho and Jack Kennell (Wednesday), Mike Podlucky and Allison Rae (Thursday), Christina Elizabeth Kolkmann (3 on Friday), Sherry (Oberkircher) DeBruyn (Friday), Kerri Lynn Peper and David Sipos (teenagers on Friday), Lauren Elizabeth Braun (her 11th birthday on Saturday) and Tom Turner (Saturday).~~~~If you are a first timer to the Internet and our community webpages, you may want to be reminded that each name or place in "blue" may be clicked on to e-mail a friend or get to another part of our e-News.

Fred and Kelly Claus and baby daughter Mikayla, 17 months, are receiving congratulations on their new baby, Jayce Reyner Claus born February 12, 2001. For those of you reading this for the first time, the new baby is pictured on the front page of the February 15, 2001 edition of our Grand Island e-News.

The Sesquicentennial meeting Tuesday, February 13th went very well (see article) and since then Mike Schneider of Harvey Road has come forward to chair the celebration for which we are all very grateful.

Our boys' basketball team is fantastic this year. Let's just not talk about their second meeting with Niagara Wheatfield. Our girls' team on the other hand beat the NW girls 64-18 when Erin Frieday had a career best with 23 points. The boys went on to beat Kenmore West, 47-31 with John Steele, the high pointer with 14. The girls suffered a loss to Ken-West 48-47. So sorry, girls.

Looking back 50 years - Little Wayne Kinney, 3, emptied his piggy bank into the miniature iron lung at Batsfords in Sandy Beach 50 years ago last week.

Looking back 40 years - Among winners of the Grand Island Road Knights model car contest in February 1961 were James Hill, Russell Hill, Peter Glor, Dick Bunnel, Fred Schutt, James Kaiser, Ken Seymour and Jarman Benns.~~~~Newcomers to the Island 40 years ago were Carol and Art Sasala and their little son and daughter, David John and Nancy.

Looking back 30 years - New uniforms were worn for the first time by the 100-member Grand Island High School Symphonic Band at a concert Thursday evening, February 11, 1971.~~~~With Bob Zuchowski at the helm, participation in the Recreation Commission's activities rose 35% for his first year.~~~~The Middle School Girls' Basketball team won the Division I title on February 17, 1971.

Our sympathy to the family of Mary Ann Pannullo who died on February 16, 2001.

If you read our e-News on Thursday, you may want to go back and read Lee Cohen's school board stories. All three were added to the left column of this week's paper on Friday.

A very happy anniversary to Virgil and Arthura "Haller" VanHeerde who just celebrated their 30th anniversary and to Stephen and Kathy (Bell) Olszewski who are celebrating 14 years on Wednesday.

Good luck to Mike Fetzer who recently relocated his Gold Fever Jewelry and Design to 1741 Baseline Road.

Congratulations to Tamika Adams, Kelly Astridge, Katie Bates, Josal Diebold, Amanda George, Sara Hilliard, Jamie Mallo, Kelsey Novits and Johanna Turnwell, members of Lynn Astridge's Cadette Girl School Troop #835 who earned their Silver Award. The girls hard work and dedication over a three-year period included 25 hours of community service and a food drive for the Council of Churches.

Of interest to a lot of Islanders is the Isle Chapter, Order of DeMolay and Aries Triangle Virtual Reunion Website,
courtesy of Don Gress

Details on this week's Soccer Club registration, the Republican Committee's Patriots' Day Reception, the Lions and Rotary Clubs' Las Vegas Night, Stephen's Parish Players' Alice In Wonderland, a Sunday Family Swim and more may be found in our "Calendar of Events."~~~~Have the planners for the classes of 1972, 1977, 1982 and 1992 given thought to scheduling their Class Reunions to coincide with the sesquicentennial? Just wondering! We here at Isledegrande.com are more than willing to set up your reunion pages at any time. It might be a way to start locating your classmates across the world.

February 12, 2001

Congratulations to Bob Miller and the former Rhonda Adams who were one of 97 couples married Friday, February 9th during the 97 Rock Annual Valentine Wedding Celebration at the Radisson Hotel in Buffalo.

Grand Island's Viking Boys Basketball Team beat Nichols, 58-49 last week when Gary Asbach led with 15 points followed by a 47-34 win over Kenmore East when Mark Hajnos contributed 16 points.~~~~Though the girls team lost to Nichols, 51-54, Sally Head made a good showing with 12 points and Savannah Stolzenburg had 11.

We were so very sorry to hear that Derek Haller, 20, passed away February 6, 2001. Our sincere sympathy to Art and Patty and the rest of the family.~~~~Our condolence to the families of Geraldine (Staffen) Schutt who died on February 3, 2001 in Sarasota, FL, Daniel M. 'Mickey' Gramza, who passed away on February 11, 2001 and to Isle resident Richard M. Robak Sr. whose son "Rick," 25 was killed in a military training exercise at Fort Benning, Georgia.

Looking back 50 years - Sidway School's banking program began on February 15, 1951 when 52.4% of the students participated. First bank day mothers assisting were Marion Tranter-Kirby, Mrs. Lester Reitz, Margaret Esack, Mrs. Marshall Sawdey, Mrs. Fred Strauss, Claire Hall and Ellen Turnbull.

Looking back 40 years - The American Legion Post 1346 named land at Baseline and the Blvd. the Charles DeGlopper Memorial Park and renamed its post for our World War II hero.~~~~Dorothy Bascomb was appointed director of the Grand Island Golden Age Club, replacing Eileen Coulter who moved from the Island.~~~~Colony Discount, a clothing store in the Grand Island Blvd. plaza was holding a going-out-of-business sale.~~~~A World Day of Prayer was celebrated February 17, 1961 in St. Timothy Church.~~~~Newcomers to the Island 40 years ago were the Jim Rogan and Daniel Hassan families.

Looking back 30 years - Larger stop signs were erected at Whitehaven and Baseline roads.

Looking back 20 years - Charles N. DeGlopper Memorial VFW Post #9249 was honored by the Chamber of Commerce as the Organization of Year on February 27, 1981.

Best wishes to the following, all born on Valentine's Day: Betty O'Dea Carr, Kathy Barton, Ross Cohen, Shirley Martin, Jackie Filosofos and Mary Ann "Gross" Bishara. Kellie Lynn Kehoe will be 10 years old, Steven Mrzygut becomes a teenager and Emily Ann Cole who will be 7 on Valentine's Day.~~~~Happy birthday to Kim Baldassari, Dorothy Lovelee, Carol Roesch, Penny Linenfelser and her twin Patty Rink (all celebrating today, the 12th), Jaime Holka (14 today), Steve Meyer (his 20th today), Cody Clarke (16 tomorrow), Lynn (Mortenson) Walters and Tom Grycel (tomorrow), Anthony Martello (21 on Thursday), Marianne "Lehane" Ward (big milestone on the 16th), Marion Klingel (my mom, turning 94 on Friday), and Jessica Leigh Perry (her 13th on Sunday).~~~~Happy birthday to Missy "Bell" DeLaria celebrating a special birthday this week and a belated happy birthday to Sarah Bethany Molnar who turned 20 on February 10th.

Check out our
"Calendar of Events"
which includes details on a Sesquicentennial meeting tomorrow evening in the town hall, a winter ski hike behind Sidway School on Saturday, Little League signup on Saturday, a spaghetti dinner at the VFW on Saturday, and the used book drop for Friends of the Library on Saturday.

News for the Between the Bridges column may mailed or be dropped off at 1871 Whitehaven Road or e-mailed to Between The Bridges.

February 5, 2001

Barbara "Glor" Martin is celebrating her 60th birthday on February 11th and we wish her a great day. A photo of her 6th birthday party has been added to our "Old Photo Album".~~~~Other milestone birthdays are being celebrating this week by Rich Shaw and Rob Phillips today, Frank Calabro tomorrow, Athena Xanthos on Wednesday, Lorraine Webb on Thursday, Marie Moreland and Al Raepple on Saturday, Charles Swalm on Sunday and Torgeir Fadum on Sunday. Happy birthday, everyone and the same to the following who are celebrating their birthdays this week: Erin O'Brien (10 tomorrow), Michael Podlucky (4 tomorrow), Brent Minet (his 20th tomorrow), Glenn Skelly (7 on Wednesday), Sarah Klock (10 on Thursday), Grace Giambra (4 on Thursday), Austin Graber (5 on Saturday), Mike Endres (Saturday), Rus Thompson, Richard Dobmeier, James Hassan, and Harold Arcouet (all celebrating on Sunday) and Bill Schulz Jr. (his 21st on Sunday).~~~~A belated happy birthday to Rita DeGlopper who celebrated on Saturday.

The Vikings beat North Tonawanda in a close 50-47 basketball game. Jon Steele led with 19 points, a dozen of which he scored in the first quarter. Wish we'd have been there! Gary Asbach added ten to the score.~~~~The girls basketball team continues its winning streak with a 45-41 victory over North Tonawanda. Leading the scoring was Katie Remus and Jamie Dougherty with 10 points a piece.~~~~Brian Sander had the high single, 277 and high series, 747 for the Friday Night Businessmen's Bowling League.

Our sympathy to the families of Norine Lawrence, Damon Paul Garis and Kathryn L. Lutz. (Complete Death Notices).

When Arlene Soluri turned 50 on January 27th, she not only was surprised with a party but also a visit from her brother who flew in from Atlanta to help her celebrate. Congratulations to Arlene and husband Bob on another grandchild. "A beautiful baby girl," Kristyn Taylor, was born January 19th to their daughter, Danielle.

If you see Long Road resident Joe Macaluso, ask him about his stage debut at Kleinhans Music Hall. Seems while he and Barbara were attending the Diva concert, Joe was invited to help out the singing star.

Looking back 40 years - Jim Farrell and Elaine Carlson were featured in the JCs minstrel show February 10th at Kaegebein School and February 11th in the Huth Road School.

Looking back 30 years - Upwords of 100 Cub Scouts from Cub Master Doug Smith's Pack 452 attended the Blue & Gold Dinner at the Buffalo Launch Club Thursday evening, February 11, 1971.

Looking back 20 years - Marj Bessel received the highest honor of her running career when she was named to the All-American Girls' High School Cross Country Team. Only 50 girls from across entire nation were selected.

A very happy anniversary to Ed and Cindy "Austin" Zurek who are celebrating their silver anniversary on Wednesday, February 7th.

The Town Recreation Department's Winter Fest 2001 for adults and kids is scheduled for Saturday, February 10th from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Nike Base. Check our Around The Town calendar for more details.

The following have signed our Isledegrande.com guestbook this past week where you will find their email addresses and current locations: Sally "Sutter" Dischner, David Slade, Jerry Thomas, Sally "Gorton" Rosenthal, Edwina Piszczek, Nancy "Edwards" Washburn, Jennifer "Kerins" Vosburgh, Sue "Black" Utz, David Muller, Paul Smyton, Dave DeZutter, Jennifer Eastman, Kristin "Adamczyk" Watson, Dorothy "Robinson" Haynes and Michael Grabowski.

January 29, 2001

Our son-in-law Donny Dee's 3/4 midget racer #01, for the second time in a row, won the feature in Saturday night's Northern Motorsports NAPA/NResearch Indoor Midget Racing Championship Series in the packed Niagara Falls Convention Center. His driver, Mike Stahl, stayed ahead of the 22-car pack for the entire 50 laps. Dee's car is sponsored by Northeast Machine where he and his dad, Bobby repair and supply engines for customers around the world. The next race takes place March 10th in the Niagara Falls Convention Center.

David Franckowiak, Jon Steele and Gary Asbach had great games last week as Grand Island beat the O'Hara Basketball team 54-45. Dave led with 17 points, Jon added 11 and Gary racked up another 10 points and 10 rebounds. In the Viking Boys most recent game, Mark Hajnos led the team with 21 points over Lockport with a 51-42 win. Congratulations, Vikings!~~~~The Viking girls basketball team continues to have a good season with another win over Lockport 58-48. Val Gasbarro scored 16 points and Jamie Dougherty had 12.

Looking back 50 years - The East River Taxpayers Association dinner dance was held Saturday, January 27, 1951 at the Buffalo Launch Club. Officers were President Herbert Laidman, First Vice President Harold Beck, Second Vice President Doug Kutzbach, Treasurer Frank Pinzel, Secretary Jerome W. Luippold. Dance music was provided by the "rhythmic strains of Johnny Gast's Orchestra."~~~~Edward C. Oberkircher of East River Road was appointed by the town board to fill the unexpired term created by the resignation of Andy Kirkwood.~~~~Cyril Diebold was the newly elected president of the Grand Island Fire Company.

Looking back 40 years - A reorganization meeting was held by committee members of Boy Scout Troop 254 in the home of William R. Elias of Red Jacket Rd. ~~~~Toni Colley was chairman when her Girl Scout Troop 221 held a Beatnik Hop February 3, 1961 in the Sidway gym to benefit a trip to the Girl Scout Cabana in Mexico. Music was by the fabulous Continentals led by Doug Hawkes.

Looking back 30 years - Dawn Hillock bowled the high single, 221 in the Thursday Morning Early Birds January 21, 1971.~~~~Islanders taking first place in their class at the Speed & Sport Show in Toronto were Bud Link and his 1934 Ford roadster and Ron Webb with his 1923 Model T Ford.

Looking back 20 years - Bob Bonsack was elected president of Chamber of Commerce and Harry Simpson was named the Chamber of Commerce Man of the Year.~~~~Mary McDonough was setting swim records at Buffalo State College.

Special greeting to Eric Sharpe on his 10th birthday today, to Julie Swain turning 30 on Friday, to Tom Zarbo on his milestone birthday on Saturday, to Andy Beyer V on his 30th birthday Sunday, to Juliette Marie Caprio celebrating her 10th birthday Sunday and to Chris "Benton" Ward on her special day Sunday, February 4th.~~~~Happy birthday to Julie Elizabeth Schopp (8 today), Floyd Anderson and
Art Haller (tomorrow), Barbara "Barnes" Bucknam and Carol Kobza (Wednesday), Hailee Clayton (4 on Wednesday), Krystal Martell (a teenager on Wednesday), Conner Bolles (7 on Wednesday), Helen Hassan (her 79th on Thursday), David Williams (Thursday), Beth Bates, Harvey Long and Norm Courey (Friday), Maria Ramsperger (3 on Friday), Samantha Ruotsi (6 on Friday), Ilene Dee (Saturday), Andrew Carlson (3 on Saturday), Peter Kuehne Jr. (16 on Saturday) and Michael Sandford (Sunday).

Our sympathy to the families of Ada H. (nee Van Son) Brauer, 81 who died on January 25th and Dr. John Fontana, 97, who passed away January 26th. (See Deaths)

Hats off to the Town Recreation basketball coaches who are doing a fantastic job at the Saturday morning Basketball Club in the Sidway gym. Nice to see such a good turnout of kids taking advantage of this top-notch program which is being coordinated by the Grand Island High School Girls Basketball Coach Jenepher Banker. Coaches for the 9- and 10- year-olds we watched this past Saturday are Dale Kunze, John Palumbo, Marie Ross, Amber Killian, Mr. Robinson and Pat Lovetro.

The Class of 1971 is planning a 30th reunion and has listed those classmates for whom they do not have addresses. Take a look at the Reunions Page connected to the Graduation directory and see if you might be able to help with locating some of the Class of '71.

The musical, "Wizard Of Oz" will be produced by Grand Island High School students this Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Little League registration will be held Saturday in the Library and St. Stephen School hosts its annual Carnival Day on Saturday. Check our "Around The Town" calendar for further information.

January 22, 2001

Best wishes to Maureen Schumacher of Stony Point Road who was completely surprised at a party Saturday evening in honor of her 50th birthday. Family and friends greeted Maureen at the Sandy Beach Yacht Club and had a great time in the process.

Sister Marian Judy Baumler is celebrating a big birthday on the 26th and we hope it is one of her happiest. Brother Wayne Baumler celebrates a lesser birthday on the same day!~~~~My "older" sister Mary Ellen "Klingel" Stewart is celebrating her 60th birthday on January 27th in Sunnyvale, California. "Have a great day, Mary!"

Congratulations again to the Lady Vikings Basketball Team on another win, this time over Niagara Falls. Katie Remus led the 56-38 victory with 16 points.

Looking back 60 years - The first PTA was organized by Mrs Heber (Beatrice) Ashley at the Island's only school, Charlotte Sidway, on January 28, 1941.

Looking back 50 years - The Dixieland Minstrels featuring an all Grand Island cast, was sponsored by Charlotte Sidway PTA and presented at the school January 25-26, 1951. Rehearsals for the show, written by Jinny Barnes and assisted by Chris Cotter, were held in old fire hall. Charles Bridge had the lead as Old Interlocutor. Among the end-men and end-ladies were Chris Cotter, Al Barnes, Bill Wallace, John Knapp, Gert Radius and Ethel Yuhas. The show was said to be the first of its kind in 23 years. According to the 1951 Sidway Log yearbook, "Our own Miss Veronica Connor provided a laugh filled ten minutes as Amber, the proud possessor of 18 children."~~~~Helen and Edward M. Ball of 1514 Love Road in Grandyle Village were one of the first Island residents to become an Iroquois Gas Company customer when gas service was supplied to their home in January 1951.

Looking back 40 years - Announcement was made of a land purchase of 209 acres for the building of a golf course in Beaver Island State Park.~~~~The Grand Island Boating Association installed Commodore Rollie Radder at the Buffalo Motor Boat Club January 28, 1961.~~~~Harry Waltman of Alt Blvd. was flooding the Beaver Island State Park ice rink on a daily basis. The rink was drawing 150 skaters a day.~~~~Among Kaegebein School band members selected for the Erie County Music Festival were Mike McNulty and Terry Von Craig. Reg Schopp and Jeff Lesinski were among those chosen from the Huth Road School band.

Looking back 30 years - Sal Andolina received the highest score, a 6+, of the 42 Grand Island High and Middle School students participating in the all state and all county music competition at Clarence High School in January 1971.~~~~The Chamber of Commerce postponed its annual citizen awards, started in 1965, in order to keep the awards meaningful and in respect for past recipients. The Chamber Board indicated it would prefer to make the awards on a two-year basis.

Our sincere sympathy to the family of longtime resident Levi A. Ferguson, 78. Unfortunately, Levi suffered a bad fall on the ice that led to his death on January 18, 2001. Please see our Deaths
page for more information.~~~~A memorial service will be held for Robert McMoil Sr. on Saturday, January 27th in Trinity United Methodist Church at 11 a.m.

In our Thursday, January 18th edition of the Grand Island E-News I recognized our servicemen and women from Grand Island, NY who were involved in the Desert Shield war 10 years ago. My list of those serving "over there." was incomplete and therefore I ask you to read the article and let me know if you know of anyone who should be included in the list.~~~~For those who so often ask how former Grand Island Record editor Joelle Logue is doing, she is enjoying her retirement and has three major trips planned.

Best wishes to Denny and Ann Dahl who are celebrating their 35th wedding anniversary today.

A speedy recovery is wished for little Kyle Podgorny who just turned a year old this month. Kyle, son of Danna and Mark Podgorny and baby brother of Mikey of Bush Road, had major surgery and is home now and "walking" all over the place. (Mommy took his walker away so he would slow down!)~~~~Also recuperating from surgery is "Stormin" Norman Mrkall. Heal quickly, Norm.~~~~Our prayers go out to Delorous Quinn who we hear is quite sick.

Happy birthday again to Carol "Kohlhagen" Hamlin who celebrates today and to Jamie Mangus who turns 18 today. Happy birthday also to Bev Thomas and Sherry "Oberkircher" DeBruyn (tomorrow), Allison Boron (10-years-old tomorrow), Christopher Lemke (5 on Wednesday), Sarah Cathleen Ramsperger (7 on Wednesday), Peter Glor and Ray Dlugokinski (Thursday), Michael Giambra (6 on Friday), Peter Garrison (12 on Friday), Sam Clarke (6 on Friday), Rosemarie Ziehm (Friday), Arlene Soluri, Brent Minet Sr. and Amy Dzierba (Saturday), Elizabeth Gardell (7 on Saturday) and last but not least former resident Joanne Hughes (Sunday).

It's chili time! The Rotary Club's annual chili dinner takes place Saturday, January 27th from 11:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. in the Grand Island High School cafeteria. Sit down for a good meal or take some home.~~~~Just a reminder to all residents and representatives of the various Island organizations, the Island's sesquicentennial celebration will take place in 2002 and a planning meeting is set for 7 p.m. Wednesday, January 24th in the town hall.

January 15, 2001

Congratulations to the Vikings Basketball Team on their 74-67 victory over Niagara Wheatfield. Mark Hajnos, a senior, led the scoring with 29 points.~~~~Congratulations to Cub Pack #254's Pinewood Derby winners. The derby took place at the high school Friday night with the following results. First grader Matthew Foote came in first, fifth grader Jeremy Chopra took 2nd and fifth grader Ryan Wolfslayer was third.

Happy birthday and good wishes for a great year to Sheila "McCowan" Donovan (special greetings today), Adam Mazenauer (17 today), Sam Russo (50 tomorrow), Jim Tranter, Nancy Duysters and Phil Grycel (all celebrating tomorrow), Jason Sexton (his 13th tomorrow), Peter Minton and his twin Paul Minton (35 on Thursday), Rachael McBride (a teenager on Thursday), Charles Panepinto (3 on Friday), Chelsea DeGlopper (a teenager on Friday), Mackenzie Hassan (18 on Friday), Terry Benton (18 on Saturday), Abram Morgan (12 on Saturday), Andrew Masiello (5 on Saturday), Josh Lange (20 on Saturday), Mary Cooke, Carol Hamlin, Sharon "Dinsmore" Herrald and John Thomas (all on Sunday) and Jamie Mangus (her 18th on Sunday).~~~~A belated happy birthday to Bernie "Glor" Pagliaro of Santa Barbara, California who celebrated January 8th with her family including her mother, Ora Glor-Newton.

Happy anniversary to Lefty and Arvilla Kendzierski who are celebrating 48 years on Wednesday.

Hats off to eighty-seven-year-old Ann Manuse. Ann, who is 87-years-old, has been traveling every morning, five days a week (weather permitting) to public school #24 in Niagara Falls where she helps tutor the children as a volunteer grandparent.

Floyd T. Simpson died on January 8, 2001 and Ruth Boettcher passed away January 10, 2001. Our sincere sympathy to their families. Please see our
page for more information.

Looking back 40 years - While Fantasy Island was being built in 1961, the Birthday House in Richard Ray's Restaurant in the plaza was promoting the new park with birthday parties and shows for children. Entertainment was provided by Norma Ferrara's dance students including Penny Tranter (Croot), Jane Holcombe, Rori Fadum (Petros), Jackie Pritchard (Mordaunt), Judy Huff (Froman), Arthura Haller (Vanheerde) and Patricia Wiedemer. Arthura and Patricia were featured in a parakeets and poodles number.~~~~Stony Point Road resident Earl Rankin, a former professional hockey player was supervising youth hockey at the Kaegebein rink on Saturday mornings.~~~~The town board, on Monday, January 16, 1961, approved a ten cent per hour raise "across the board" for all town highway employees.~~~~The Grand Island Fire Company installed Paul McTigue as fire chief and Nicholas Hy as assistant chief in the fire hall January 21, 1961 when local singer Elaine Carlson entertained the firemen and their wives.

Looking back 30 years - Robert Fraser of Boy Scout Troop 575 was presented scouting's highest award, the title of Eagle Scout, by his scoutmaster DeLoss Krause at the troop's mid year court of honor 30 years ago.~~~~Isle Chapter Order of Demolay was the winner of a membership contest sponsored by New York State Chapter of Demolay. The Isle Chapter initiated 31 new members.~~~~The first meeting of the new Grand Island Art Society was held in the home of Janet Danielson on West River Road January 20, 1971 and drew 27 interested Island artists. Kay Long was elected the Art Society's first president.~~~~The new Grand Island Snowmobile Club elected its first officers January 5, 1971 in the Buffalo Launch Club: President Paul Buell, Vice President Jerry Livingston, Secretary Bud Long, Treasurer Jim Hawley, Sgt.-at-Arms Rod Alt and Bob Benton and directors Fred Bidell, Paul Long and Jim Tompkins.

John Bidell Jr.
had a thrill of a lifetime on Saturday night, January 6th when the 3/4 midget racer #01, owned by his stepdad Donny Dee and driven by Mike Stahl won round two of the Northern Motorsports NAPA/NResearch Indoor Midget Racing Championship Series in the Niagara Falls Convention Center. Our grandson John, 11, is part of the #01 racing team sponsored by Northeast Machine and does everything from changing tires to measuring the stager.

Supervisor Peter McMahon has set 7 p.m. Wednesday, January 24th for the next Sesquicentennial meeting in the town hall. All Grand Island residents who are interested in the 150th birthday celebration of the town in 2002 are invited to attend.

January 8, 2001

Jim Hawley (left) hits a big milestone tomorrow. Wonder if he remembers his 5th birthday party when Jimmy Bradell, Jerry Livingston, Allan Howland, Lee Thomas, Dick Robinson,and Billy and Peter Carmody helped him celebrate.~~~~Happy birthday, Skip, Jerry and Bob! Skip Uonites(center picture) was born on January 11, Gerald Lazarczyk on the 12th, and Bob "Ox" Stamler (right) on the 14th - and they are all celebrating the same big one this year!~~~~Extra special greetings to Ramona Blackmore who is celebrating today and best wishes to Sigmund Gicewicz who celebrates his 75th birthday tomorrow.~~~~Happy birthday to Kyle Joseph Podgorny (his very first birthday today), Betsy Tranter, Dan Tranter and Lee Randolph (today), Maggie Rustowicz (4 today), Nicholas McBride (his 13th today), Adria Ryan (21 tomorrow), Don Tranter (tomorrow), Derrick Daniel Schutrum (5 on Wednesday), Elizabeth Prast (Wednesday), Joyce Neill and Jean "Willer" Pecoraro (Thursday), Kim McMahon (her 20th on Friday), Christina Englert (her 13th on the 13th), Don Hoover, Linda Uonites and Tracey Bryan (Sunday), Michael Rustowicz (10 on Sunday) and Carolina Luciani (10 on Sunday).

Eight bus-loads of Grand Island students and chaperones traveled to Holiday Valley for a day of skiing and snow boarding Saturday. The 400 member ski club, Holiday Valley's largest this year, is now skiing from 3 p.m. to 8 p.m. every Saturday. How much nicer for the parents who pick them up a little earlier than the midnight+ runs we remember.

Welcome new babies! Kristine Marie Schlifke was born to Ron and Cathy Schlifke on December 22nd and Tyler James Nogle is the first baby of Kathy and Jim Nogle, born December 27, 2000. Both newborns appear on our <"Island News">

Congratulations to our own granddaughter, Amy Margaret Bidell, 9, who did relatively well in the local Elks National Hoop Shoot Free Throw competition Saturday. She tied for 3rd place several times in the basketball contest for 4th grade girls at the new Niagara Falls High School. Eventually the tie was broken and she was resigned to take the 4th place spot.

Ed Kruse of Kirkwood Drive died on Saturday, December 30th. Our sincere sympathy to his mother, Ann, and the rest of his family.~~~~Our condolences to the family of former residents Robert McMoil Sr. who passed away in Florida on December 25th and Olivette C. Lay of Kenmore who died on December 26, 2000. I was sorry to hear of the death of Lucille M. Vaught who attended the Golden Age Club on a daily basis. She died January 4th. Please see our Deaths page for more information.

Hello and happy new year to Patty Dower Hamilton who reads our Grand Island E-News in Australia. Patty, cousin of Debbi Robinson, was back in the "states" in the fall for her dad's birthday. John Dower celebrated his 90th birthday in Denver, CO where he now resides. The Dowers lived in Sandy Beach for years and Cousin Debbi still lives on Wallace Dr.

The entire Island was truly a Festival of Lights this season with home after home decorated simply, completely, or traditionally. My favorite? Alice Gardner's on Baseline Road next door to Emmanuel United Methodist Church.

Cards of cheer are in order for Ruth Boettcher who has suffered a badly broken hip. They may be sent in care of her daughter Mrs. Ed (Kathy) Stisser.

Looking back 50 years - This was published in the local weekly paper's "With Dottie on the Partyline" column 50 years ago: "Mixed doubles horse-shoe matches being held at the Bedell House are getting better and better. Dorothy Merrill (Lovelee) took the honors last Friday, Jan. 12, 1951 when she walked her erstwhile partner a game and beat him!"

Looking back 40 years - Richard G. Buzby, clerk of the school board since 1947, was appointed business manager of Grand Island Central School District 1 in January 1961.~~~~Fron an editorial in the January 1961 Island Dispatch: "...The official returns show that Mr. Kennedy's margin over Mr. Nixon was under 112,000 votes - out of a total which approached 70 milion. The President elect's edge was the smallest in relation to the total vote in all of our history..."

Looking back 30 years - The town board created two new, full time, salaried positions at its reorganizational meeting in January 1971. Albert Sargent was appointed zoning officer and Lee L. Randolph, assistant engineer.

Looking back 20 years - Patti Gross shot a red fox in a fox hunt set up by George Gross and Vince DeCarlo in the woods behind the high school and Channel 29.

Looking back 10 years - Curb recycling began on Wednesday, January 2nd and Thursday, January 3rd. About 50% of all homeowners had picked up the bright, yellow containers.~~~~Twenty-five year resident Marlene L. McCarthy was appointed Receiver of Taxes by the town board upon the resignation of Lois Kaiser.~~~~The Island's newest organization, Quality Quest, scheduled its second meeting Tuesday, January 8, 1991 in the library. "Preserving the quality of life on the Island is our overall goal," Lynn Daniels, one of the co-founders said.~~~~A long list of Islanders serving their country in the Persian Gulf was published in the Island Dispatch so residents here could keep the mail going over there to cheer them.

Wedding Bells! Beth Helene Sentz, daughter of John and Janet Sentz, was married Saturday, December 30th to Dr. Ramiro Mireles Jr.

Hey! With all the snow that we've had, keep in mind the Recreation Department's snow sculpture contest. It is on going. Call the recreation department for details which include having a representative come out and take a picture of your entry.

January 1, 2001

Welcome to the year 2001!~~~~If you see Betty Cook, ask her what she's grinning about. Best wishes, Betty!~~~~Congratulations to Shorty Vanthoff who has been working since March 1956, with only three weeks of unemployment in all those 44 years. Shorty is now among the Island's retirees. "Hey, Shorty - does that mean you have lots more time to spend on getting our Sidway reunion off the ground?" ~~~~Cards of cheer are in order for Lois Morgan and may be sent to her home. "Hope you are feeling better, Lois!"~~~~We were so very sorry to hear of the house fire Christmas day while the Richard Bergstrom family was out visiting.

A very happy birthday to Wayne Benton who hit 50 on the 29th of December. Happy birthday to Dominique Angelina Capizzi (3 today), Jessica Mae Conrad (a year old today), Sebastian Stopa-Chevez(23 today), Stephen Olszewski (tomorrow), Joseph Peter Kuszczak (a year old on Thursday), Tim Gorrell (his 30th on Thursday), Ellen Martin (Thursday), Jennifer Wallace (her 20th on Thursday), Dana-Grace Busch and Kathy Boettcher Stisser and her twin, Peggy Boettcher Fuller (Friday), William Sommer (his 13th on Saturday), Kathy McNulty (Saturday) and Brian Rosman (21 on Sunday).

Have you visited our <Guestbook> lately? Some of those who have signed on this past month are Phil Grycel (Santa Maria, CA ), Karl Brobeil (Warren, Michigan), Kathy "Brobeil" Cichocki (Austin, TX), Lynne "Bauer" Kuhns (Orlando, Florida), Jennifer "Parisi" Goodman (Ithaca, NY), Peter Perkovich ('67), Colleen "Pynn" Perkovich ('80), Duncan Smith ('88), Stacy Sandusky ('91), Michele "Kaczmarek" Rathmann ('80, Orlando, Florida), Timothy and Marijane Smith ('85 & '86), Tony Rastelli ('92, San Antonio, TX) Mary Lee "Wunsch" Widdicombe ('76, Coral Springs, FL), Tom and Carol Nogle, Kristina Watts ('94, Bloomington, IN), Paula "Bell" Nakayama (Sidway '62, Colorado), Ruth "Owens" Lougen (Sidway '62, Troy, MI) and Richard Owens (Yardley, PA).

Our sincere sympathy to the family of Charles J. Lindquist who died on December 29, 2000 and to the Wunsch family on the death of Betty <See Photo> on December 17, 2000 in North Port, Florida. Complete death notices appear on our Deaths

Looking back 50 years - Architect Roswell E. Pfohl's drawing of the proposed Love Road elementary school appeared in the Island Dispatch shortly before residents voted 188 to 32 approving the construction of the new school.

Looking back 40 years - Ice skating rinks in Sandy Beach and Grandyle Village were flooded over the holidays and used by skaters in those areas. When work on lighting and a shelter house is completed supervision was to be provided by members of the Chamber of Commerce.~~~~Teddy's Islettes had its beginning when baton twirling classes started in the Fire Hall on Saturday morning, January 7, 1961. The marching unit originally paraded with the fire company at field day parades. Girls in junior high grades 7-9 were eligible for those first lessons. A photo of that original group of girls should show up in our "Old Photo Album" this week!

Best wishes to George and Pat Shaw who will celebrate their wedding anniversary tomorrow, January 2nd and to their daughter Sherry and her husband John Watkins who are looking forward to their anniversary on January 4th.

John Brennan, our favorite and famous chef at Cathy & Jim's, is now at the Best Western Inn on the River in Niagara Falls, New York. ~~~~Congratulations to Kelly, Fred and baby Mikayla Claus who have moved to their first new home on Marilyn Drive where they happily rang in the new year.~~~~We are happy to get reacquainted with Heath Mazenauer, Class of '85, who is back in town after residing out west for several years.

My wish for everyone is for a heathy, happy and safe new year.

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