"Between the Bridges"
by Teddy Linenfelser
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Class of '85

Thursday, December 28, 2006
Happy New Year. May 2007 be a good year for all of us.

Dorothy Ahern, who is recovering from surgery, is back on Grand Island at the Riverwood Health Care Center and would surely enjoy visits from her many friends. ••••Puppet DiTullio, still recuperating at ECMC, is now in room 557 on the fifth floor. He can be reached at 898-1552. If you know Puppet, give him a call.

Happy birthday to Val Swain (today), to Molly Hyland (Sweet 16 today), James Christian Soto (two years old today), Jennifer Ungaro, Laurel Waltman-Moher and Lily Johnston (tomorrow), Yvonne Martin (her 90th tomorrow), Jim Sharpe (cheers tomorrow), Christopher Podlucky (his 16th birthday on Saturday), Elsie Fleischmann and Donna Anderson (Sunday) and Jeffrey Nordvik (20 on Sunday), Sandy Krecisz (Monday), Ray Whitbeck (Tuesday), Jacob Burford (his 10th birthday on Tuesday), Sarah MacNeil (Wednesday), and Bethany Rose Cherenzia (6 on Wednesday).

Looking Back 50 years - The subject of supplying water to the Army’s guided missile installations on the Island was being talked about due to the possibility of another housing project on the Island for personnel manning the Nike installation. ••••Mesmer’s Supper Club on East River Road advertised a buffet supper for $1 per person at its open house on New Year’s Eve.••••In compliance with the town’s new house-numbering ordinance, the numerals 2255 were posted on the front of the town hall on Baseline Road.••••When Fire Company Dispatcher Marion Klingel answered a call on January 2, 1957 for a report of rubbish burning near a house under construction on East River Road, she sent firefighter Art Haller to investigate. According to Marion's notebook, Art extinguished the blaze with snow.••••Bill Payne and Norine Miller were chosen king and queen respectively by the youth of Sandy Beach at their annual dance party held the day after Christmas at the Sandy Beach Yacht Club. About 100 teenagers witnessed the previous year’s royalty, Lynn Sargent and Dick Titterington, take charge of the crowning ceremony. A hayride preceded the dance, sponsored by the Sandy Beach Property Owners Association.•••• An editorial in the Island Dispatch began with the following paragraph: "From where we sit on the sidelines and from our point of view it is quite apparent that Grand Island desperately needs a new Post Office. . . This year’s Christmas mail jam was only one more blow to Grand Island and one more indication why a new building is absolutely necessary. Anyone who looked into the crowded room that serves as the Federal government’s only public facility on Grand Island, must have wondered what in tarnation is the matter.” The Post Office was located in the Love Road home of former Post Master Ed Sheehan.

Looking Back 40 years - Harry Jerge, Joseph Soares, Jim Moynihan, Robert Kingston, Lee Smith, Don Loder, Robert Weatherbee, Betty Rogers, Evelyn Knapp, Dorothy Loder and Eleanor Colcord were among the busy Grand Island Post Office workers in December 1966. Heber Ashley and Eleanor Dinsmore served as postmaster and assistant postmaster respectively when the Post Office was still located in Ernie Godfrey's store.•••• Elected to lead the Fire Company Ladies Auxiliary in 1967 were President Val Gardner, Vice President Barbara Anderson, Recording Secretary Mary Sue Kohn, and Corresponding and Secretary Arlene Wilsoncroft. Mary McMahon was named reservation chairman of the New Year’s Eve party.

Looking Back 30 years - A letter to the editor in the Island's weekly paper stated that on December 16, 1976 the Personnel Department of the County of Erie, sent out notices of upcoming lay-offs in the Sheriff’s Department. It stated that, “unfortunately,” this was necessary, because of a lack of funds in the department budget.”••••The United States Tennis Association Inc. announced that Jimmy Arias of Grand Island, New York held first place in the nation for the Boys 12 Singles.••••The Grand Island Skating Club held a party at the Tonawanda Sports Center, featuring Santa and helpers Madeline Litzel and Kathy Sweeney and toy soldier, Jimmy Thompson. ••••The town sponsored youth center at the Nike Base had its grand opening December 27, 1976 at 1 p.m. The center was open from 1-8 p.m. Monday through Friday during the holidays. The former barracks had been redecorated with new lights, games, food vending machine, stereo system and plenty of tapes.

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Send us a little snow, Holly! Heard from Holly Whitford Best who wrote this week from her home in Englewood, CO and enclosed this photo of her dog, Fancy, taken during the recent snow storm there. Click for a better view.

Our sympathy to the families of Herold Blain, Ruth Willett, Edward Jensen and former resident Perron Villano who recently passed away. Click Deaths for complete information.

Hey, Class of '87! Can you believe it's been twenty years since you graduated from Grand Island High? Click "Class of '87" for reunion information or email Deanne Monti Giambra.

The youth of Island Presbyterian Church will host a New Year’s Eve Party for all youth on the Island. The party will take place from 6 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. Sunday, December 31st at the church, 1822 Huth Road. Click "New Year's Party" for more information.•••• Past members of the high school's Concert Choir are invited to join in song at 7:30 p.m. on Wednesday in the High School Choir Room. Click "Concert Choir Sing" for more information.

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"Say a prayer for our guys over there." God bless America.

Thursday, December 21, 2006
Be sure to take a ride around our beautiful Island and view the awesome displays of Christmas lights. A drive east on Ransom Road after the high school concert last week reminded me of just how outstanding our homes look at this time of year.

Special thanks to Recreation Director Linda Tufillaro for the delicious pizza from
John's Pizza & Subs. This gal sure knows how to make our day!

Congratulations to our GIHS Girls Soccer Team. The following is from a sports article in Saturday’s Buffalo News by Keith McShea: "They’ve been rivals for the last several seasons, and their latest sectional final was Western New York's Game of the Year. So it's no surprise that eight out of 13 girls soccer players on the All-Western New York team came from Grand Island (Jessica Kuehne, Jaclyn Coe, Alicia Barnaby and Catie Hilliard) and Williamsville East. For the complete story, click "All Western New York Team."

Rita Class couldn't be happier with the news that son, John Cunningham will be on leave from the US Navy and on the Island from December 22nd to the 28th. Joining him will be his wife, Sheri, and their children, Laura and Nicholas. The Cunninghams would love to hear from old friends.

The Grand Island High School music department's holiday concert last Thursday evening was as enjoyable as ever. All of the pieces by the string orchestra, choirs, the band, and the wind ensemble were beautiful music to my ears but my favorite would have to be Deb Remson's orchestra playing Leroy Anderson's The Typewriter with a movie of a rendition of the same by 1950s comedian, Jerry Lewis

Alice Gardner had surgery on Friday and is home and doing well. Now that's good news! More good news! Al Raepple is home from the hospital and getting better every day.

Looking Back 70 years - The Grand Island News, first published on Friday, February 14, 1936 by Editor John McWilliams and Business Manager Wesley E. Link, had its last issue printed on December 18, 1936.

Looking Back 60 years - Fred Redinger played Santa Claus when Island Boy Scouts, including Bob Riggs, Ed Smith, Dave Knab, Norm Smith, Terry Turnbull, Tim Sheehan, Jim Fleming and Ray Beningo had a Christmas party at the fire hall where they enjoyed hot dogs, cookies and pop. A scavenger hunt with games played afterwards rounded out the evening.•••• The annual Christmas party for the children of Grandyle Village was held Thursday evening, December 19, 1946 at St. Stephen’s Hall. Chairman Dorothy Noth was assisted by Marion Klingel, Helen Ball, Hank Boehm, Jerry Thirion, Joseph and Ann Kean, Bill Noth and Dick Hogue. The program consisted of the singing of carols, movies, a tap dance by Marianne Lehane (Ward) and the arrival of Santa Claus who distributed gifts and candy. Cameraman Hank Boehm took movies of Santa and the children. ••••Al Raepple received his discharge on December 21, 1946 in time to spend the holiday season at home with his parents. ••••Marion Staley of Orchard Road entertained the operators of the local telephone office at a Christmas cocktail party in her home on Tuesday, December 24, 1946. Attending were Rose Kern, Henrietta Kaiser, Alva Stamler, Marion Ekiss, Helen Ball, Jane Davern and Margaret Lyden.

Looking Back 50 years - Glen “Tubby” Smith closed his Express Highway restaurant after operating it for four year, in order to devote full time to his disc jockey duties on WHLD. Tubby’s newest radio show was a daily program, Sunrise Serenade. ••••Idle Hour Inn proprietor Bo Otto was running a mobile snack service. “Some of my customers come by rowboat,” Bo said of the crewmen aboard a barge in the East River who were test drilling along the route of the intake tunnel for the proposed Northwestern New York water system. The crewmen were among the many customers on Island construction jobs that welcomed the sight of Bo Otto’s yellow truck dispensing coffee and doughnuts. ••••The Fellowship Hall at Trinity Church was filled to capacity on Sunday evening, December 23, 1956 when the children presented a Christmas service for their parents and friends. Taking parts in the pageant, “And A Little Child,” written and directed by Ruth Muck, were Gail Luther (Click) as the child, Carol Kohlhagen (Hamlin) as the Littlest Angel, Sharon Dinsmore (Herrold) as Mary, Peter Sloan as Joseph, and Timothy Beck as the Innkeeper.

Looking Back 40 years - The town board officially adopted the new 4-year term for tax collector, voted for in the November 1966 election. ••••The 2nd annual New Year’s Eve celebration at Carol Lanes was being advertised. Hats, horns, noisemakers, games, prizes and discotheque music at $12 per couple also included a smorgasbord served shortly after midnight. The bowling lanes on Whitehaven Road later became Island Lanes.••••Grand Island High School’s first Homecoming dance took place December 21, 1966 when Sheila Kelly was elected Queen and those in her court were Marion Cornwall, Bonnie Corbett, Alice Dial and Carol Kohlhagen (Hamlin).

Looking Back 30 years - The long awaited youth center opened Monday, December 27, 1976. The center offered activities from 1-8 p.m. Monday through Friday during Christmas vacation week. The renovated barracks on the former Whitehaven Road Nike Base was “ready for action” with games, food-vending machines and a stereo system.

Looking Back 20 years - Members of the band “Full Fury,” Dave Satterlee, Randy Wuest, Mike Mathews, Bob Jackson and Rick Lechner, were going strong in 1986. The group played at the Music Mart’s annual Christmas party at the Riviera Theater 20 years ago. •••• Students Patricia Perkovich, Anil Nathan, Eric O’Laughlin, Ashley Leimkuehler and Sam Folson took part in the Grand Island Christian School’s 19th annual Christmas program “Christmas 2001: A Space Adventure.” The school was located on Love Road and was part of the Bible Presbyterian Church.

Looking Back 5 years - The closing of all Odds' N' Ends stores, including the Grand Island Blvd. plaza store, was announced in December 2001.••••The Island got two feet of snow on Christmas Eve 2001 and by Thursday, December 27th, a full-blown, lake-effect storm left an estimated three feet or more.

Cute idea? This sign is in the Bedell Road backyard of Doug Lowe and Heather Syms. The photo was taken during the October storm. Click the picture for a larger view.

Happy birthday to Dick Robinson (tomorrow), Nancy Samrany (cheers on Saturday), Ryan Vertino (16 on Christmas Eve), Bud Yensan (Christmas day), Marissa Catanzaro (10 on Christmas day), Cayleigh Rose Fitzsimmons (3 years old on Christmas), Bradley Stone (9 on Tuesday), Jack Buzby (4 on Tuesday), Noel Smith (the big 4-0 on Tuesday), Allison Hill (her 4th birthday on Tuesday), Abigail Dallassandro (10 on Wednesday), Tyler Nogle (6 on Wednesday), William Garrison (25 on Wednesday), Bob McMoil (happy 60th on Wednesday) and Jim McFee (95 on Wednesday).

Best wishes to Robert and Ruth Stahl celebrating their 55th wedding anniversary on Wednesday, December 27th and to Larry and Dawn Hillock, married 40 years on Wednesday.

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Members of the Knights of Columbus are running a new fundraising program through paper recycling. This is a painless way to help out a great local group. Click "Knights Recycling Program" to find out more.

Please pray for the ill, the homebound, and the less fortunate, that they, too, may enjoy the holiday season.

"Say a prayer for our guys over there." And to all of our troops in Iraq, overseas and in the states, we truly appreciate the sacrifices you are making for our great country. God bless you and keep well.

Thursday, December 14, 2006
It's the season for Christmas parties and I must say Maura and Kevin Rustowicz put on a fantastic children's party Saturday at Fire Headquarters. Hard to say who had more fun, the children and grand children of the volunteer firefighters or the large group of teens who helped out throughout the afternoon.

A belated happy 80th birthday to Fr. George Richard Aswad, a retired Greek Orthodox priest and longtime Island resident who celebrated his birthday on December 7th.•••• Happy birthday to Parker Glessner, Jennifer Pullano, Jim Brown and Jeff Bykowicz (all celebrating today), Katie Rustowicz (14 today), Katie Nordvik (Sweet 16 today), Sue Whitbeck (very best wishes today), Carleen Conway (11 today), Savannah Stolzenburg (21 tomorrow), Dolly Dilliot (tomorrow), Matthew Foote (a teenager tomorrow), Betty Lantz and Alma Senn (Saturday), Paul Parwulski (a milestone on Saturday), Joseph Guenther (his 13th birthday on Saturday), Gregory Worczak (cheers on Saturday), Heather Goris (Sweet 16 on Sunday), Shelby Bidell (21 on Monday), Wende Wood (Tuesday's the big day), Sue Braun (Tuesday), George Daniel Wenner (his first birthday on Tuesday), Gloria Brown (best wishes on Wednesday), Julie Kowzan (her 21st birthday on Wednesday) and Janie Hiam and Jerilyn Karb (Wednesday).

Best wishes to former residents Val and Hank Gardner who recently celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary.

Ellen Blakelock Martin couldn't be happier with the news that her daughter Janie, and son-in-law Dan Hiam and grandchildren, Jaidan, 6, and Jameson, 19 months, will be home on the Island for Christmas. Dan and Janie, both members of the GIHS Class of 1996, relocated to Georgia just a year ago.

So very sorry to report that Al Raepple has recently had some serious health concerns. Let's keep Al and Betty and their family in our thoughts and prayers.

Looking Back 60 years - Ollie Howard wrote the following in his column, Round the Island, in the Monday, December 20, 1946 edition of the Island Dispatch: "We think that the people of Grand Island are willing to pay their way as long as the charges are just but we feel that the time is at hand to request our Town Board to ask for a reduction in bridge tolls. The original costs of building the bridges has been more than half recovered and we folks are still paying thirty-six dollars per year for the privilege of using two bridges which benefit the whole of the Niagara Frontier. Naturally we expect to pay a reasonable fee for this privilege but there are many of us who must use the bridges more frequently and as a consequence are taxed considerably more. We would suggest that a equitable flat rate be established on a yearly basis. ••••When no one showed up for the annual Grand Island American Red Cross meeting in June 1946, it was decided that the community was no longer in favor of continuing active participation in Red Cross activities “now that the war is over.” Local officers included Bernice Dekdebrun, Emma Staffen, Mabel French and Chairman Ellen W. Ness.••••The kids in the Sandy Beach neighborhood raised a “tidy sum” from a turkey raffle held Saturday, December 14, 1946 at Batsford’s Store. Bob Robinson won a dollar for selling the most raffle tickets (12 books) and Ken Kunkel was a close second with 10 books sold.

Looking Back 50 years - Heber Ashley Jr. of Orchard Road took over the post of acting postmaster in December 1956, succeeding Edward T. Sheehan of Love Road, who held the post since 1945. ••••Sarah Watkins was elected president of the Grand Island Fire Company’s Ladies Auxiliary and her husband, Joseph, was elected president of the Fire Company. Other Auxiliary officers elected to serve in 1957 were Vice President Betty O’Dea, Recording Secretary Betty Hollinger, and Corresponding Secretary Mary Lou Kohlhagen.

Looking Back 40 years - An Island-wide chorus under the direction of Marion Pinkow, presented a performance of “The Messiah” on Sunday afternoon, December 18, 1966 at Trinity EUB Church. “Considered a Christmas gift to the community, everyone is invited to attend,” the weekly paper stated. Soloists for the 60-voice chorus included Gary Burgess, Heber Ashley, Eleeta Hughes, Helen Crago, Ethel Druschitz and Onnolee Knapp. Kay Slacer played the organ accompaniment.••••Thomas Volk and Kathy Conn co-chaired the junior class party on Saturday, December 17, 1966 at the high school. The Christmas party included a smorgasbord, dancing and swimming.••••Rosemary Whiting and Joan Bidell Fred's Girl Scout Troop 337 entertained a group of underprivileged Buffalo girls at a Christmas party in Trinity Church in December 1966. Troop Scribe Sally Cahill reported that the scouts did skits, and led carol singing and everyone had supper. The scouts, including Becky Bidell (Passanese), Marcy Bidell (Lange), Winanne and Connie Whiting, Susan Radder, Karen Swain (Clark), Joanne Ward and Mary Bassot earned money and bought and wrapped gifts for each girl.

Looking Back 30 years - The “first” Mistletoe Ball, a formal jazz happening, sponsored by the middle school’s choral organization, "The Notables," was held Saturday, December 18, 1976. Choral directors were Donald Bish and Thomas Charlton. ••••Randy Kramer, a senior, won the cookie-eating contest at the GIHS’s annual Student Council “Toys for Tots” Christmas party on December 15, 1976 in the school’s cafeteria. $700 worth of toys were collected. Mary Jo McDonald won a prize for guessing the identity of the faculty Santa Claus, Miss Magdaline Miller, an English teacher who also directed the GIHS plays. Bonnie Depew was the musical chairs winner, and Cathy Hall won the door prize. Student Council president was Sally Merritt.

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Our sympathy to the families of Lloyd Charlton, Suzanne Cichon, John Oshirak Jr. and former resident Anna Dinsmore Scott who recently passed away. Click Deaths for complete information.

Former resident Bob McMoil writes from Mound, Minnesota to say "hi" and wish everyone on Grand Island a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and a Happy Hanukkah. Thanks, Bob. Merry Christmas to you, too and thank you for the nice compliment on the Isledegrande.com site.

The Grand Island High School's winter concert will be held at 7:30 p.m. this evening and includes a basket raffle. Students of Connor Middle School will present their winter concert Tuesday night at 7:30 p.m. in the high school auditorium. This concert will also feature a basket raffle.

Students of the McCarthy School of Irish Dance, including many Island residents, will present their annual "A Celtic Christmas" tomorrow evening. Call Maura Rustowicz at 773-1335 or macorust@adelphia.net to purchase tickets. Click www.mccarthyschoolofirishdance.com for complete information about the show and the Island dancing school.

The Grand Island Community Chorus will present a Christmas mini concert in Trinity UM Church at 7 p.m. Sunday evening.

Island groups, churches and organizations are more than welcome to submit events to be posted in our Calendar of Events.

Email your notes, announcements and corrections for this column to Teddy Linenfelser. Include your full name, email address and phone number.

"Say a prayer for our guys over there." God bless America.

Thursday, December 7, 2006
Today is Pearl Harbor Day - December 7th - "A day that will live in infamy." A memorial service is being held at the Charles N. DeGlopper Memorial VFW Post #9249 at noon. For a most interesting remembrance of the day, click
Pearl Harbor Remembrance by U.S. Navy Journalist Michael J. Owen.

Best wishes to Sue Anstett and Pete Marston who were married on Saturday, November 25th. The bride is the daughter of Jean and Wayne Anstett and Pete is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Peter Marston, all of Grand Island.

Rain here last Thursday and Friday had to be close to a record soaking. Shoreline docks were under water for the most part. Speaking of weather, my childhood friend and neighbor, Eric Stefik said in an email that he checked the Grand Island site about 8 a.m. recently when it was 62 degrees on the Island and 28 degrees in Las Vegas where he lives.

For all of our readers who have been asking about Rob Roy MacLeod's Cinderella Island, the Chamber of Commerce is having the book reprinted and it should be available soon. For those who don't know, the book, published in 1950, is an exceptionally good history of Grand Island.

Looking Back 70 years - Our local Postmistress Miss Charlotte Tucker, was notified by the Post Office Department that she was to cooperate with the Social Security Board in assisting in obtaining information from employers and the assigning of Social Security account numbers to employees covered by Title II of the Social Security Act. Application blanks and further information could be secured by calling at the local post office, to which completed forms were to be returned not later than December 5, 1936.

Looking Back 60 years - Members of the Grand Island Volunteer Fire Company’s baseball team, winners in the Niagara Frontier Firemens Association Baseball League, were Ken Maurer, Charlie Stack, Walter Killian, Ken Zukowski, Harold Long, Bill Altschaft, Elmer Weyland, Art Haller (coach), Norm Meyer, Joe Anderson, Ed Tucker, John Lapine, Ed Zukowski, Ed Kruse, Norm Webb, Don Horner and Mel Alt.••••It was in 1946 that a company by the name of NOMA first sold their Bubble Lites. Click www.oldchristmaslights if you are interested in more information.

Looking Back 50 years - Philip Simpkins, who achieved Eagle Scout status, was the third Grand Island Boy Scout in history to earn the rank. The others were Terry Turnbull and Benny Clark.

Looking Back 30 years - Co-chairing the Bicentennial Dance at the Holiday Inn on Thursday, December 9, 1976 were Doris Ryan, Sybil Kennedy and Bill Wilson.•••• Girl Scout leaders Barbara Ruthel, Gladys Gibbon, Barbara Brzyski, Wendy Gaydica, Brooke Wood (Raham) and Kathy Wohlfehl led Girl Scouts and Cadettes in the construction of gingerbread houses at the Huth Road School on December 8, 1976.

Looking Back 20 years - GIHS won the Niagara Frontier League girls volleyball tournament Saturday, December 13, 1986. Among the outstanding players for GI were Jennifer Gast, Debbie Gesl (Dzielski), Paige Joslyn, Darlynn Passarelli, Dawn Porter, Rachel Hazelet and Kynia Austin.••••Fire Company members re-elected Peter A. McMahon to the office of fire chief.

Looking Back 10 years - The Grand Island Middle School was renamed the Veronica E. Connor Middle School on December 9, 1996 in honor of the Island's first principal and supervising principal, who served the district from 1936-1973.••••Supervisor James H. Pax, in a resolution presented to the town board on Monday December 2, 1996, requested the state agencies "to immediately initiate the necessary traffic surveys and feasibility study" of the need and alternate methods for providing additional access to Grand Island, "including both additional bridges and a possible tunnel."

Our grandson Evan Linenfelser turned 4 years old on the 3rd and celebrated with family and friends at a party at the home of his grandparents, Joan and Skip Fred. When opening one of his birthday cards that held a bill, he exclaimed, "I got paid!"

Happy birthday to Julia Brielle Capage (two today), Sydney Khreis (8 on Saturday), Robert Killian (a milestone on Sunday), Jennifer Loder (Sunday), Vickie Lynn Kowzan (Sweet 16 on Monday), Kim Duscher, Kori Loder and Lauren Whitney (Wednesday), Daniel Liam Donovan (two on Wednesday) and Emma Grace Santorio (her first birthday on Wednesday).

Former resident Wayne Baumler and his wife, Judy will mark their 40th wedding anniversary on December 10th. Wayne wrote this week saying, "We have been given an all-expense paid trip to Scottsdale, Arizona by our two wonderful daughters and spouses."••••Dan and Janie Hiam are celebrating their fifth anniversary tomorrow.••••Danielle and Jim Martin are about to mark their first anniversary on Sunday.••••And celebrating a 20-year anniversary are Mickey and Robin Vertino, married on December 13, 1986. Best wishes, everyone.

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Our sympathy to the families of Lloyd E. Charlton and former residents Megan Makowski-Rossi, Dorothy (Voetsch) Fahrer and Donald A. Fahning who recently passed away. Click Deaths for complete information.

Grand Island residents 18 years of age and older may cast their ballots for the school district's capital improvement bond vote on Tuesday from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. in the Grand Island High School main foyer, 1100 Ransom Road.

The town sponsored "Welcome Santa" program begins at 4 p.m. Saturday. Breakfast With Santa at St. Stephen School runs from 8 a.m. to noon on Saturday. A major blood drive is being held from 1-7 p.m. Tuesday at Fire Headquarters. And there are several concerts at our schools between now and Christmas. Check our Calendar of Events for details.

Email your notes, announcements and corrections for this column to Teddy Linenfelser. Include your full name, email address and phone number.

It's the holiday season and members of the Neighbors Foundation are making a special effort to help less fortunate Grand Island families with large baskets of food along with gifts for the children involved. Click "Neighbors Foundation" for details on how you can help.

"Say a prayer for our guys over there." God bless America.

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Dorothy Blakelock, who has a record 45 years working in the Kaegebein School cafeteria, first as a cook and later as manager, will retire next month. Now an amazing 82 years old, she moved to the Island with her husband and family in 1952. Congratulations and good luck, Dorothy!

Get your skates out! According to Town Recreation Director Linda Tufillaro, the town's natural ice rink at Vets Park on Bedell Road will be maintained as soon as weather conditions allow. Could that be this weekend?

Diane and Mark Hassan, shown above, were completely surprised last week when they returned home after being out for dinner to celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary. While they were out, their family set up a surprise party for the couple, complete with some of those who attended their wedding in 1976.

Former resident Bernie Franklin is in town visiting her mother, Mary Carminati, for a few days. Welcome, home, Bernie.••••Nice to see former resident and "always an Islander" Mike O'Dea last week at the Sidway School reunion meeting. Mike who was in town with his wife, Carol, says he was back for, among other things, the fish fries, Molson's Golden, and beef on weck!

Wedding bells! William Michael Breier was married Saturday to the former Nicole Lee O'Connor. The groom is the son of Michael and Crystal Breier. The newlyweds will live on the Island.

Happy birthday to Michael Hillock (16 today), Eric Harnden (14 today), Brandon Antonelli (his 18th today), Donna (Pollock) Johnson (cheers tomorrow), Sal Andolina (a milestone on Saturday), Tim Phillips and Craig Gushue (Sunday), Kristen Atkinson (8 on Monday), Emma Lee Schultz (8 on Tuesday), Emily Englert (her Sweet 16th birthday on Tuesday), Miranda Proctor (6 on Wednesday), and Jamie Raepple (Sweet 16 this week).

Looking Back 70 years - The children of No. 9 school visited the new Charlotte Sidway School, still under construction, on Tuesday, December 1, 1936. Some of those 3rd and 4th graders who walked from their school house on Baseline Road where today's town hall stands, were Tom Benton, Ed Mesmer, Bob Kingston, Shirley Tucker Runckel, Dorothy Lyden Lovelee, Joanne Daigler Hasselbeck, Betty Welfare Phillips, Earl DeGlopper, Ray Mesmer and Dorothy Waltman Dillemuth.

Looking Back 60 years - A Girl Scout court of awards was held at the fire hall on December 6, 1946. Among those receiving badges and honors were Joan Burgstahler (Bridge), Patricia Howard (Bachert), Donna Hawley (Rodriguez), Mary Ann Kruse (Arsenault), Laurel Waltman (Moher), Jean Webb (Bleich) and Diane Moore.••••The annual Christmas program at Charlotte Sidway School had to be cancelled in 1946 due to construction work being done. A second story was being added to the original four-classroom school.

Looking Back 50 years - Arthur L. Mitchell, former assistant chief, was elected fire chief of the Grand Island Volunteer Fire Company, and Joseph Watkins was elected president on Wednesday, December 5, 1956.••••Over 200 attended the Island Lions Club Charter Ceremony on December 1, 1956 at a dinner meeting in Creighton’s Edgewater Hotel on East River Road.••••"Hot Dog Jeannie" Balas, a 52-year-old widow, was the proprietor of the Bedell House in 1956.

Looking Back 40 years - A large group of teenagers enjoyed the Grand Island Recreation Commission sponsored dance Friday night, December 2, 1966 at Sidway School. Dave Heist and His Dimensions provided the music. Adults chaperoning included Chris and Jim Sugar, Phyllis Wohlfehrt, Dorothy Ragner, Jean Stamler, Donna and Frank Rodriguez, Joseph Rizzo and Louis Calabrese. Also in attendance were Commission members Eileen Coulter and Laverne Luther.

Looking Back 30 years - Gary Roesch was elected fire chief on December 1, 1976.••••Brad Bowman, Eric Pavis, John Furgele and Kevin Savory of Cub Scout Den 5, Pack 425, built a barn puppet theater as a community service project and donated it to the Jack & Jill Cooperative Preschool.

Everybody's friend, Billy Aydelotte continues to face serious health problems. Please remember him with a visit, a card or a phone call.

Grand Island Garden Center,    Top's, and deSignet International are our spotlighted businesses this week, continuing to support Isledegrande.com. For our complete list of advertisers and links to their sites, click "Isledegrande.com Advertisers."••••Be sure to check our "Holiday Gift Guide" for your holiday needs.

Our sympathy to the families of Paul G. Dyck, Lloyd E. Charlton and former resident Eleanor Corbett Kachurek who recently passed away. Click Deaths for complete information.

Among this week's events are Connor Middle School's annual "International Night" tomorrow, and a Pearl Harbor service next Thursday at noon. Check our Calendar of Events for details.•••• There are at least six school concerts scheduled for this month. Click "School Concerts" for dates and times.

Fourteen-year-old Hayley Metro will dance in “The Nutcracker,” being presented in the Performing Arts Auditorium at Niagara Falls High School on Saturday, December 9th at 2 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.

Email your notes, announcements and corrections for this column to Teddy Linenfelser. Include your full name, email address and phone number.

"Say a prayer for our guys over there." God bless America.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006
Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. We should all give thanks for the benefits we have of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness along with the warmth of family and friends near and dear to us.

Congratulations to Andy and Stacey Chambers of
ARC Iron Creations on being selected to forge and fabricate a bronze gate for the new visitor center at the Capitol building in Washington, DC. This gate will enclose the pedestal that statesmen and presidents are laid to rest on in the rotunda.

Regarding the Looking Back 70 Years section and the G.L.F mentioned here last week, Phil Killian has come through again with information. Phil surfed the internet and found that in 1920 the New York State Grange, the Dairymen's League, and State Farm Bureau combined to organize the Grange League Federation or G.L.F. "In 1964, this became what is known as Agway which is based in Syracuse," Phil wrote. "This gives farmers more financial power in buying farm equipment, fertilizer, and a myriad of other farm products. A large organization has far more bargaining power than individuals," Phil explained.

Happy anniversary to Ray and Marilyn Mesmer (51 years on Friday), to Carl and Jackie LaMancuso (55 years on Friday), Ted and Jackie Filosofos (55 years on Saturday), and Carol and Dave Hamlin (35 years on Sunday).

A very happy birthday to Norma Fred, Carol Ullrich and Erik Volk (today), to Nathan Jayme (his 21st today), Nick Tomkins (tomorrow), Mark Morgan (cheers on Friday), Timothy Miller (his 24th on Friday), Lois Morgan (Saturday), Jacqueline Currie (her 21st birthday on Sunday), Gordy Vanthoff (the big 4-0 on Monday), Joan Droit (Monday), Don Loder (Tuesday) and Josal Diebold (20 on Tuesday), Jordyn Giambra (9 on Wednesday), and Traci Roesch Williams (extra special greetings Wednesday).

Looking Back 150 years - Frederick Huth for whom the Huth Road School was named, came to Grand Island with his wife and children in 1856. He farmed land here for 52 years until his death in 1908 at age 97. Huth Road bordered Huth’s farmland and the road was so named sometime after the Huths came to Grand Island.

Looking Back 70 years - Mrs. Clarence (Maude) Fix entertained at a party on in honor of her granddaughter, Patsy Maud Staffen’s first birthday. Patsy’s guests included Billy Good, Bobby DeGlopper, Jackie Staffen, Earl Long, George Fitzpatrick Jr., Maud and Georgie Newman and Wesley Link III. Sandwiches and ice cream and cake were served and each "kiddie" was presented with a toy.••••Ground was broken for the $190,000 sewer and water system on Grand Island, construction of which was to be followed by the first large-scale residential development - 250 low-cost houses in what would be known as Grandyle (Love Road/East Park). Supervisor John L. Mesmer Jr. presided at the ground breaking. Also present were Town Board members George Alt Jr., George Neilan and Herbert Henry.

Looking Back 50 years - Firemen’s Day was observed in two Grand Island churches Sunday, November 25, 1956. Services were held in St. Stephen’s Church and St. Martin-in-the-Fields Church at 4:30 p.m. followed by a coffee hour for the firemen and their wives at the fire hall. •••• Service station owners whose gasoline sales dropped 25% to 30% with the opening of the Thruway, were opposed to reclassification of land along the highway at Baseline Road to permit the erection of another service station.

Looking Back 40 years - Island voters approved the proposed new middle school and the $2,610,000 bond issue to build it in a 582 to 233 vote on Monday, November 21. •••• Serving as the officers of the White Oak Chapter of the Grand Island Yorkers were President James Robillard, Corresponding Secretary Michele DeQuittner, Recording Secretary Charles Brown, and Treasurer Sandra Huer. Kathleen Deneen was appointed to the position of archivist. The club’s major project for the 1966-1967 year was concerned with the compilation of the history of the Grand Island bridges. •••• Members of the GIHS Senior Drill Team under the direction of Advisor Miss Drusilla Rose included Clair Dixon, Carol Kohlhagen (Hamlin), Patty Killian, Denise Blackmore and Suzanne Somer.••••Selected to the All-Star football team of the Erie County Interscholastic Conference Division III in November 1966 were Bob White, outstanding guard for the Vikings, and backfield running star Colin Smith, both seniors.

Looking Back 30 years - Starvin’ Martin’s was completely and beautifully remodeled and opened on East River Road at the corner of Broadway by owners Marvin Kapus and George Hoffman along with Manager Phil McGuire, on Wednesday, November 24, 1976. The restaurant, built in 1949, originally opened as the Grandyle Marina Boat Club and was later known at the Figurehead.

Looking Back 20 years - Jay Hopper, Jim and Daryl “Kutzbach” Schaefer, Carol “Kohlhagen” Hamlin and Bob Weaver kicked off the plans for their 20th class reunion to be held in July of 1987 for the Class of 1967. •••• Larry Braddell was advertising a Thanksgiving dinner at $6.95 including pie and coffee at his West River Restaurant that he opened in August 1986.

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As mentioned here last week, won't you please provide our readers with current mailing addresses of our troops who will not be home for the holidays? Email to teddy@giecom.net.

Congratulations to Steve and Amy Samplinski on the birth of Savannah Jane Samplinski on September 27th. Be sure to click "Baby Savannah" for her picture and story.

Our sympathy to the family of former resident Charles R. Staly who recently passed away. Click Deaths for complete information.

"Say a prayer for our guys over there." God bless America.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Joshua McMahon, 2, was a little leprechaun on Halloween night when he got together with his cousins. He is the son of Isle residents Jim and Sherri McMahon. Click "Joshua" and scroll down for his picture and one of Joshua and his cousins all dressed up for trick-or-treating.

A very happy wedding anniversary to Mark and Diane Hassan who will be married 30 years on November 20th. Click Old Photo Album for more names and old photos of their special day.

Four-year-old Natalie Fahrer is in the hospital where she is having much needed surgery. Her great grandmother, Floydette Gannon, is hoping that Natalie will receive lots of cards to cheer her through this ordeal. Be sure to click for "Natalie's picture/story".

Beverly                                    Elaine
Happy birthday to Beverly "Billica" Benton (Tuesday), and to Elaine Stedman who celebrated this past Sunday. Beverly and Elaine were in Mrs. Marguerite Willick's second grade at either Sidway or Kaegebein school when these photos were taken.

As a favor to our troops who will not be home for the holidays, won't you please provide our readers with current mailing addresses? I'm sure many Isledegrande visitors would like to send these men and women cards and notes over the holiday season. Email those addresses to teddy@giecom.net.

Happy birthday to Sierra Marie Maras (her 6th birthday today), Scott Kalman (cheers today), Capt. Kevin "Buzz" Erker, U.S. Marine Corps (today), Sonja Miller, Jon McGinn and Donnette Rayhill (tomorrow), Fred DeCost (the big 5-0 on Saturday), Bill Weis (cake and candles on Monday), Ron McNamee (Monday), Patrick Sexton (his 16th on Monday), and Tyler Allan Lorence (his first birthday on Tuesday).

Best wishes to Carol and Greg Swan on their first wedding anniversary on Saturday.

Those who knew Thom Hatch, a well known author who grew up on Grand Island, will want to check out the History Channel on November 26th when Thom will be featured. Click "Thom Hatch" for a more information.

Grand Island High School graduate Elisabeth Lynne Carroll was married on October 21, 2006 to Timothy Charles Probst. The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William J. Carroll of Grand Island.

Looking Back 70 years - The November 20, 1936 issue of the Grand Island News extended an invitation to the ladies to come to the Town Hall for a "G.L.F." Patrons and Friends event that would include speakers, special features and refreshments. Prizes would be awarded and dividend checks presented to patrons who were entitled. "Come and learn more of this great farm organization and how it can make more money for you. Movies of mill operations will be shown," the paper said.

Looking Back 60 years - The Whitehaven Inn, operated by Fred Mesmer along with Mrs. Alice Reed, opened for business on Monday, November 18, 1946, however the name was changed to Mesmer's Supper Club one week later. The restaurant's specialties were steak dinners and fine drinks.••••Permission was granted to the Buffalo Launch Club and Frank Schutt to connect their premises with the public water system of Grand Island District No. 2.

Looking Back 50 years - A request to the state by the City of Niagara Falls for permission to use sections of Buckhorn Park on Grand Island as a refuse dump in November 1956 brought heated protest from Peace Justice Harold L. Long, who charged the state had neglected the promised development of the park. ••••A nine-classroom addition and a cafeteria at a cost of $300,000 was being constructed at the Kaegebein School. Construction on the Sandy Beach school was shut down for the winter months.•••• Foundation work was going on at the regional shopping plaza being built at the corner of Baseline and Grand Island Blvd. by developer Basex Realty Inc. ••••An advertisement for Harold Goldbach’s new Grand Island Liquor Store on Express Highway, announced the sale of three bottles of Virginia Dare Wine, specially boxed, for $1.20. •••• A card party and style show sponsored by the Grand Island Cooperative Nursery School was held Friday night, November 16, 1956 at the Grand Island Fire Hall. Among merchants donating door prizes were the Adelaide Shop, Carline’s Market, Long’s Delicatessen, Mesmer’s Dairy Bar, Mesmer’s Supper Club and Strauss Shoe Store. The executive board was headed by Lee Tetkowski.

Looking Back 40 years - The first production of the 1966-67 school year by the Grand Island Jr. – Sr. High School Spotlighters was “Everyman Today,” presented in the high school auditorium on Saturday, November 19, 1966 at 8 p.m. In lead roles were Charles Satterlee, Chris Deschermeier, Sue Kipping, and Pete Stovall. ••••Young Roger Kaiser Jr. correctly spelled hippopotamus on a local radio station to the tune of a $150 prize in November 1966.

Looking Back 30 years - At least 25 residents of Ferry Village wanted the town master plan changed to make sure any future business construction there conformed with the “turn of the century character of the area.” •••• Steve D’Addieco and Peter Sham were double cast as the filthy, careless Oscar Madison, and Nick Koscielnick and Terry Kimmel were double cast as Felix Ungar (each performed two nights) in the GIHS production of “The Odd Couple.” The Spotlighters presented the play on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, November 18-21, 1976.

Looking Back 20 years - Members of the Grand Island Business and Profession Women celebrated their 10th anniversary Wednesday evening, November 19, 1986 in the Buffalo Launch Club. Leading the club at that time was President Mary Anne Shea and Charter Members attending the anniversary celebration included Wilma Wilson, and Past President Kay Tyson.•••• Grand Island’s oldest retail store, Grand Island Wayside Furniture, was in the process of going out of business after 41 years of dedicated service to the community. The store at 2488 Grand Island Blvd. was originally opened and continued to be run by Daniel Linenfelser Sr. and his family. •••• The Edgewater Area Preservation Association was formed by Edgewater area neighbors and friends in opposition of the possibility of a 116-boat marina being built by Bob Weaver at the old Edgewater site. Pro-tem offices elected were President Walt Neuhaus, Vice President Tom Johnson, Treasurer Bob Schooping, and Secretary Marilyn Johnson.

Did you attend Sidway School as part of the graduating classes 1937-1963? If so you are invited to join the Charlotte Sidway School Reunion planners who are meeting at 6 p.m. Tuesday at Terry Swain's residence, 1890 Webb Road. For more information, click Sidway School Reunion Meeting

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Our sympathy to the families of Dorothy M. Ehde, Robert L. Hardy and Esther Murzynowski who recently passed away. Click Deaths for complete information.••••A memorial service for Lenny Riordan
will be held on Saturday. Click for information and a complete obituary.

If you've been wondering about the construction on Baseline Road between Love and Staley, it is a second residence adjacent to the Heritage Centers property at 1360 Baseline Road. This is good news for my sister Mary Stewart and her husband, Jim, whose special needs grandson, Jimmy Stewart, 14, will be living there when the home is completed.

Brent Fred, a 7th grader at Connor Middle School, led the BAC Pink Panthers over the Fuccillo Chevrolet Avalanche with two goals. Final score for this Grand Niagara Hockey League Pee Wee game was 3-0.

News for the next issue of Isledegrande.com and notes, announcements and corrections for this column should be sent in by Wednesday morning, November 22nd. Next week's news will be published on Wednesday due to the Thanksgiving holiday. Send your news to teddy@giecom.net and include your full name, email address and phone number.

The high school band, choral and orchestra students are winding up their annual fruit sale to benefit trips to national competitions. To order Florida oranges and/or grapefruit, contact our granddaughter, Amy Bidell, or any member of the GIHS music department by this Sunday.

Events this weekend include a used book sale at the library, the GIHS Spotlighters' play, the Honor Society's spaghetti dinner, a turkey sandwich dinner at the VFW Post, a craft show at the Knights of Columbus Hall, and the annual Grand Island Ecumenical Thanksgiving Service at St. Timothy Church. Check our Calendar of Events for details.

"Say a prayer for our guys over there." God bless America.

Thursday, November 9, 2006
Congratulations to Ken Carter who bowled a 300-755 with the A- Best Roofing League on October 30th and rolled another 300 this past Monday night. Also bowling on the A Best Roofing League were Mark Doel who had a 299-738 on the 30th and Jim Reese Jr. who turned in a fabulous 299-846 on Monday night.

Happy birthday to Tom Rayhill (20 today), to Floyd Doring and Ingrid Kinney (tomorrow), Bob Willer (cheers on Saturday), Helen McMahon (turning 5 on Saturday), Jeffrey Stange (his 18 birthday on Saturday), Elaine Stedman (very best wishes on Sunday), Maria Burns and Bryan Fred (Sunday), Pam Whitney (Monday), Brooke VeRost (5 on Monday), Samantha Kuszczak (a teenager on Tuesday), Aimee Anderson (her 21st birthday on Tuesday), Mary Burngasser (Tuesday), Nicholas Dingey (7 on Tuesday), Sarah Ann Brand (2 on Tuesday), Mike Dommer (cake and candles on Wednesday), and Cyndi Booker and Jake Kreutz (Wednesday).

Just receive the news that Billy Aydelotte is seriously ill. Let's keep B.A. and his family in our prayers.••••A speedy recovery goes out to Dorothy Ahern who has just had surgery.

Murray L. White and Jennifer A. Kupiec were married Saturday at the Chapel at CrossPoint in Getzville. Murray is the son of Mark and Diane White of Grand Island.

A meeting of the Charlotte Sidway School Reunion planners will be held at 6 p.m. Tuesday, November 21st at the Swain residence, 1890 Webb Road. Classmates are encouraged to join the committee as it begins to plan a reunion for July 2008 for the Sidway School classes 1937-1963. If you have questions, email Chairman Judy (Lexo) Schmidt at

For the many people who have been asking about Jason Vandusen, he is now home from the hospital, and still recuperating from injuries suffered in a serious accident on August 12th. Click "Jason Is Home" for an update.

Looking Back 110 years - At midnight November 15, 1896, Mayor Jewett threw a switch and Niagara Falls surged through newly-strung power cables to Buffalo. A local paper reported that, "The city buzzed with excitement over an event which crowded out news of McKinley’s election to succeed Grover Cleveland.

Looking Back 70 years - The ladies of the Home Bureau, at their November 1936 meeting heard Dora Kaegebein, Home Management Leader, read a pamphlet on “How to Prevent Fatigue on Wash Day.” Fatigue is one of the greatest enemies of happy family relations. It is caused through exercise by the breaking down of cell tissues into poisons which are produced more rapidly than they can be burned up or changed into harmless chemical products. Mrs. Kaegebein placed before the women the following figures to emphasize the importance of frequent change of apparel. There are 398,000 germs per square inch on an undershirt after it has been worn one day and at the end of a week this number has multiplied to the extent of 9,000,000 per square inch.

Looking Back 60 years - Catherine DiVizio began teaching in Charlotte Sidway School in the fall of 1946. A favorite 4th grade teacher to many of us, she eventually became principal of Sidway School.

Looking Back 50 years - Voters on Election Day 1956 approved the Highway Superintendent’s term from two to four years by a 19-vote majority.••••Island voters on Election Day 1956 gave Dwight Eisenhower 2414 votes and Adlai Stevenson, 604 votes.••••It was a very mild Saturday in November 1956 when Peter McMahon and I teamed up, as well as a lot of other Isle teens, to go door to door asking residents to fill out cards for the first Grand Island Chamber of Commerce phone directory.

Looking Back 40 years - According to the local weekly paper, "Talent and beauty will be featured in a synchronized swimming show presented November 9-10, 1966 in the "natatorium" of Grand Island High School." The girls included Debby Temples, Kathy Biafora, Barbara Brant, Lonnie Boss, Denise Altshaft, Becky Bedell (Passanese), Shelly Lutz, Valerie Sanders and Virginia Crea.••••Coach Gene Masters’ 1966 Viking football squad shut out St. Francis of Athol Springs 19-0 in a non-league game at GIHS Saturday, November 5, 1966. GI ended with six wins and two loses after their regular season the previous Saturday. Outstanding Vikings included Colin Smith, Don Becker, Dan Carroll, Bill Costello, Frank Budwey and George Phelps.••••Lucky Danny McMahon was pictured in the local weekly paper walking his newly acquired goose on a leash. He won the bird in the Sheridan Park Firemen's raffle. Remember?

Looking Back 30 years - Swine Flu and swine flue clinics were in the news. •••• The residents of Grand Island voted 460-20 to approve the renovation of Sidway School in the fall of 1976.

Looking Back 20 years - The West River Homeowners Association (Friday, Nov. 7, 1986) elected the following five directors at a dinner meeting in the Beaver Island Park Casino: Floyd Doring, Robert Beach, James Waldron, Richard Brady and Louis Minervino. President of the 200 member organization was Al Glassman.••••The Island's M&T Bank in the Grand Island plaza added a Drive Thru Quick Bank with a grand opening on Monday morning, November 10, 1986.••••Jon Nichols, Dan Koelemeyer, Shawn Koelemeyer, Tim Nocere, Mick Fancher and Don Kostenbauder, members of Hal Pierce’s Explorer Scout Troop, sorted UNICEF coins. This was the 10th year Hal's scouts took on the job.••••The Grand Island Democratic Women’s Club was going strong under the leadership of President Joan Hein. Joan announced at a membership tea in the Buffalo Launch Club that 13 new members had just joined.

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Our sympathy to the families of Mary Lou Woodside, Brian W. Ireland, James "Jack" Breier, Lorraine Criddle and Irene H. Carter and former resident Leonard Riordan who recently passed away. Click Deaths for complete information.

A Veterans Day Service will be held at 11 a.m. Saturday at the Veterans Park Memorial Wall. The Syracuse University Singers and the Grand Island Concert Choir will perform Saturday evening at Whitehaven Baptist Church. The Historical Society will be open to the public on Sunday afternoon. Check our Calendar of Events for details.

Email your notes, announcements and corrections for this column to Teddy Linenfelser. Include your email address and phone number.

"Say a prayer for our guys over there." God bless America.

Thursday, November 2, 2006

Susanne and Joanne
and Marie Trautman were receiving congratulations on not one, but two baby girls born November 2, 1946. Happy 60th birthday to Sue Trautman McMahon and to Joanne Trautman Lozo, life long residents of Grand Island.

Congratulations to Kelly and Fred Claus on the birth of Cheyenne Autumn Claus yesterday morning, November 1st. Cheyenne is featured on our Islanders In The News page.

Barry Conway, now famous for his Bear-Man Specialty Sauces and Seasonings, is exhibiting at the Metropolitan Cooking & Entertaining Show at the Washington Convention Center in Washington, D.C. For more information on the show, running from November 3rd through November 5th, click www.metrocooking.com. For those who don't know, Barry brought Grand Island into the limelight when he was one of four winners of Emeril Lagasse’s “Pie Contest” featured on a Prime Time episode of “Emeril Live” in September 2003.

Happy birthday to Anthony Stephen Weis (turning two tomorrow), Jared Billica (his 16th birthday on Saturday), Mary West (cheers on Saturday), Casey Carminati (Sweet Sixteen on Sunday), Shirley McNulty (Sunday), Ashley Braddell and Ryan Proctor (teenagers on Sunday), Robin Csendom (very best wishes on Sunday), Joshua Less (10 on Sunday), Robert David Arch (four years old on Sunday), Helen Radder (Sunday), Michael Schopp and Mary McMahon (Monday) and Pat Smith (cheers on Wednesday).

Best wishes to Peggy and Bob Hooper on their third anniversary tomorrow, to Krist and Evelyn Haag celebrating their first anniversary on Sunday, to Sally and Dave Goris marking their 30th wedding anniversary on Sunday and to Shaun and Tabatha Senger who will be married 10 years on Tuesday.

Like to sing??? The Grand Island Community Chorus is recruiting anyone who likes to sing and can meet on Sunday evenings at 7 p.m. at Trinity UM Church, 2100 Whitehaven Road, for brief rehearsals. There are no auditions.

Looking Back 70 years - The Christian Endeavor Society, a Trinity Church youth group, held a Harvest Social at Town Hall in October 1936. The admission of 20 cents included pie and coffee and ice cream. Sixty young people enjoyed many interesting games and contests. The Hall was appropriately decorated with cornstalks and pumpkins.••••Theresa Trautman emerged victorious in the corn husking contest at the Husking Bee held at Philip and Helen Killian’s on the Transit Road. The Island folks carried off the honors with Louise Killian taking first prize in cards. A number of Islanders were present including Howard and Myrtle Killian, George and Delia Webb, George and Catherine Dinsmore and Louise and Horatio Killian.••••According to the Grand Island News of 1936, "The great rank and file of the American people marched to the polls on Tuesday, November 3, 1936, and overwhelmingly declared their confidence in President Franklin D. Roosevelt, thus culminating one of the most bitterly fought political battles in our history."••••The annual Halloween activities of the youngsters in Ferry Village were even better in 1936 due to an invitation from Mrs. F. J. Offermann in behalf of her children to come in and have cider and doughnuts. The group included June, Buddy, Norma and Jack Senn, Doris, Shirley and Edward Tucker, Emery Ashley, Alex and Irene Santo, Robert and Rita Glavy and Harold Bortz

Looking Back 50 years - Robert E. Study, a Republican appointed to the town board to fill out the unexpired term of Matthew A. Hall, won the seat in the November election. Opposing him was local Democrat Daniel J. McNamee.••••Though published as opening on October 15, 1956, the Island's section of the Thruway officially opened Thursday, Nov. 8, 1956 at 11 a.m. The scheduled opening was delayed due to the necessity of replacing defective concrete slabs by the contractor in certain parts of the road.••••Island voters gave President Dwight Eisenhower 2414 votes and Adlai Stevenson 604 votes in November 1956.••••Approved locally was the Highway Superintendent’s term from two to four years by a 19-vote majority.••••The local paper reported that the new Sheridan Drive-In Theater by the South Bridge had very effective heaters easily installed in automobiles.

Looking Back 40 years - Les Chambers and John Jasper won trophies and Grand Island finished second in a field of 15 teams in the Section Six championships of the NYS Public High School Athletic Association held November 5, 1966. The team wound up a successful season with a 34-6-1 record.••••Barbara "Barbi" Lare, classified "A," was ranked 11th nationally in fencing. Click "Barbi Lare - 1966" for the story.

Looking Back 30 years - Stephen Posluszny and Mark Zarbo of Boy Scout Troop 510 were presented the Eagle Scout award on October 21, 1976 in Trinity UM Church.

Looking Back 20 years - The GIHS Vikings made it into the 8th annual Section VI Football Federation playoffs at Rich Stadium on Saturday, November 8, 1986. Marc Castellani scored from 34 yards out and tight end Greg Nowakowski threw the key block to spring Castellani. Unfortunately, Brett Buzby's extra point attempt hit the left upright. The final score was 27-6 in favor of the Lackawanna Steelers.

Looking Back 10 years - Kids Vote, a program to make young people aware of the importance of using one's right to vote, was new on Grand Island and across the nation. Kids Vote, still going strong, was expected to bring out many parents who may not otherwise make the effort to vote.

This is our grandson, Evan Linenfelser, on Halloween night dressed in his Army fatigues. The complete outfit was sent to him by his aunt, 2LT Erin Fred, while she was serving in Korea. If you look closely, you can even see his official name tag on his shirt. Erin has returned to the states much to the relief of her family.

We welcome newest Isledegrande.com advertiser Grand Island Chiropractic.
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Our sympathy to the families of Richard P. McBride, Geraldine Koppmann and Hazel Nailor who recently passed away. Click Deaths for complete information.

The Historical Society meets tonight at River Lea, in Beaver Island State Park. The program is titled "Cinema Under the Stars," a history of the drive-in movies.••••A Fall Festival will take place on Saturday at Trinity UM Church.••••The Historic Trinity Committee will present a Craft Show on Saturday.••••Members of the Golden Age Club will host their annual Holiday Happenings and Open House on Sunday.••••The Moose Lodge #180 will hold a Gun Raffle on Sunday.••••Don't forget to vote on Tuesday, Election Day.••••See our Calendar of Events for details.

"Say a prayer for our guys over there." God bless America.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Walter and Elsie Killian are celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary today and I wish them many more good years together. In confirming the date with Phil Killian, I got a great story from him, as usual. Phil writes, "I remember being at their wedding and reception in 1946. He and Elsie were planning to drive to Rochester after the reception and staying there overnight before proceeding on their Honeymoon. We found out where Walter was hiding his car in someone else's garage and packed limburger cheese on the manifold. When they were driving to Rochester and the manifold heated up, it gave off a terrible odor, They had to drive with their heads out the window much of the time to avoid the smell. Needless to say they weren't too happy with the whole thing." Phil sent the above photo taken several weeks ago at the Grand Island Golden Age Center when most everyone was without power. From left to right are Harvey and Catherine( Killian) Long, Phil's wife Jean Killian, Kenneth Killian, Elsie and Walter Killian, Phil, Donald Loder, and Phil's sister-in-law Dorothy Killian (wife of his late brother Robert). Be sure to click the photo for a larger view.

The Jr. Viking Football cheerleading teams competed on Sunday, October 22nd at the Medaille Cheerleading Competition and came home as first place winners. The three cheerleading groups are coached by Traci Goc, Michelle Green, Angela Polley, Amanda Busch and Meghan Busch. Congratulations girls and coaches.

Former resident Nancy Duysters of Naples, Florida has written about seeing Island storm photos on CNN and Dorothy Rowswell recently wrote about nearly losing out on a trip to Peru, Chile, and Argentina. Sherrie Bierbrauer read about the storm while vacationing in Budapest where she and husband, Dan, were visiting their daughter and family. Click "Storm - Chapter II" for their stories.

Wedding Bells! Married Saturday and making their home on Grand Island are Kelly Lynn Caito and Erik Marcello Fromme.••••Also married Saturday and living on the Island are Megan J. James and Joshua A. MacConkey.••••Stephen J. Lestingi and his bride, the former Erin Danielle Hoepflinger, were married Saturday.

Best wishes to Dan and Kari Lynn Klos, celebrating their first wedding anniversary on Sunday.

A very happy 30th birthday to Paul Soto, celebrating tomorrow, and to Nikki Zimmerman (a teenager on Saturday), to Ashley Remmes (her 20th on Saturday), our daughter Julie Dee (Monday), Morgan Proctor (3 on Tuesday), Emily Fred (6 on Wednesday), Sarah Kustich (8 on Wednesday), and Carissa Bailey (her 18th birthday on Wednesday).••••Happy 91st birthday to Norma Weast celebrating today. For those who would like to send a card, Norma's address is Bassett Manor, Room 70, 245 Bassett Rd., Williamsville, NY 14221.

And last but not least, happy 19th birthday to Christopher Miller celebrating this Sunday. A 2006 graduate of Grand Island High School Christopher is attending SUNY Brockport as a meteorology major and is on the Brockport football team.

Students attending Sidway, Kaegebein and Huth Road elementary schools have a day off tomorrow due to teacher conferences.

Looking Back 70 years - The Grand Island Distributing Company on East River Road at Edgewater Drive, operated by Phillip Fahrer, advertised Phoenix Beers and Moffats Ale in 1936.

Looking Back 60 years - Winners of the Grandyle Village Halloween treasure hunt were the teams of Bob Dworak, Dick Beningo, Bob Phillips and Fred Bidell in first place, and Carol Keppler, Winnee Jones, “Rick” Rank and Don McVittee in second place.••••Winners of the Sidway School Halloween costume contest were Donna Staley Mesmer (prettiest), Richard Smith (funniest), and Ernest Marin (most original).

Looking Back 50 years - In charge of arrangements for the Halloween party held in the Isle Teen Town youth center in 1956 were Janet Mistretta (Goodsell), Marilyn Radder (Sprague), Barbara Sharpe (Clark), Marianne Shear (Tranter), Gail Kirby, Judy Schueckler (Hagan), John Meyers, Cliff Busch, Mike Williams, Vic Schueckler and Bill Payne. A new addition to Isle Teen Town was a bowling game donated by Dan Linenfelser of Wayside Furniture Company.•••• Serving as community chairman and co-chairman from Grand Island for the Agricultural Department of the Erie County Extension Service membership drive for 1957 were George Alt and John DeGlopper respectively and community committeemen included Zalmon Peck, Raymond Schutt and Ira Varney.••••Ramblin’ Lou Schriver published his first list in a series of the popular music and records of the day. Fighting for #1 were Elvis Presley’s “Love Me Tender” and Jim Lowe’s “Green Door.” The list was provided by sales in his "Ramblin’ Lou Record Ranch" at 7618 Buffalo Avenue in LaSalle.

Looking Back 40 years - The New York State Thruway Authority crammed an unpopular Grand Island bridge toll plan down commuters’ throats 40 years ago and immediately brought down the rage of town officials and the majority of commuters alike. The Thruway adopted Plan A of a three-plan questionnaire distributed to 26,000 Grand Island bridge commuters in September '66 and preferred by the majority of the 3,912 questionnaires returned to them. Plan A extended, effective midnight October 27, 1966, the 30-trip, 30-day commutation book to 90 days. In addition, the plan raised bridge tolls on motorcycles, car or truck with trailer, tractor-trailers with three axles and those with four or more axles. It also discontinued 25-trip calendar year books for automobiles and 25-trip discount books for trucks.••••A large and interested audience attended the “Grand Island Youth Speaks Out” meeting on Thursday evening, October 27, 1966 at Grand Island Jr./Sr. High School. The youths particularly emphasized the lack of adequate recreation facilities for them here.

Looking Back 20 years - The town board in October 1986 agreed to place a moratorium on excavating soil and removing it from the Island until the local law covering digging could be revised to prevent such procedure.••••Town officials on Monday, October 20, 1986 voted to deny a request for rezoning the Edgewater waterfront, thereby disallowing construction of a 112-boat marina and four acres inland along Gun Creek from R-1A to B-2 for a parking lot.

We have been informed that life-time Island resident Bruce Whitford, GIHS Class of 1975, has been reported missing. Will keep you posted. See "Missing" for a little more information. Please keep this family in your prayers.

Your website could be spotlighted here. Rates are more than reasonable so check with Dan McMahon, who is in charge of marketing and advertising, for complete information. Keep these businesses in mind when you need their services: John's Pizza & Subs,    GLP Free Manufacturing Corp.,    Rose Liquor Store,   and M.O.G. (Medically Oriented Gym). For our complete list of advertisers and links to their sites, click "Isledegrande.com Advertisers."

The McMahon family was surprised by a visit from their sister, Margie Prange, who recently flew in from Florida with her granddaughter, Tory. The big family was expecting a visit from Tory but when Margie followed her into McMahon's Family Restaurant, it turned into a very happy family occasion. Most of the local siblings got together there for dinner that same night.

Our sympathy to the families of Arnie Dilliot, Robert A. Meyer and former resident Douglas C. Northrup who recently passed away. Click Deaths for complete information.

Just a reminder that Tuesday, October 31st from 5-8 p.m. has been designated by the Town of Grand Island for Tricks-Or-Treating. Also keep in mind that if you e-mail pictures of your children or grandchildren in costume, I will most likely post them next week. For a peak at last year's adorable Halloween pictures, click "Halloween 2005".

A cheery hello and good wishes to Dorothy Ahern who has had some serious health setbacks lately. "We're all rooting for you, Dorothy."••••Glad to report that Rita Hagerman is home after a short stay in the hospital.

Our neighbor, 87-year-old Bob Clement, unable to sit still during the aftermath of the storm, began clearing up his yard, dragging the limbs to the road when he fell and suffered a broken shoulder. Can't keep a good man down, right Bob?

Artie and Mary Mallwitz and Aimee Anderson are hosting a fundraiser for Jason Vandusen this Sunday beginning at 1 p.m. at the Island Lanes. Jason was severely injured in an automobile accident August 12th and is without health insurance. Click "Benefit For Jason" for more information.

A benefit for Sheri Robinson-Cooney, devoted mother of four and unable to work due to breast cancer surgeries and chemotherapy, will be held from 1-4 p.m. this Sunday at the Grand Island Rod & Gun Club, 1083 Whitehaven Road. This is a family event and includes a basket raffle. Click "Benefit For Sheri" for more information.

The Grand Island Youth Board's College Fair & Career Night takes place tonight in the Grand Island High School's large cafeteria. The Fire Company Ladies Auxiliary's Chowder & Baked Goods sale includes a Basket Raffle on Saturday. A children's Harvest Party takes place at Whitehaven Baptist Church on Saturday. And remember to turn your clocks back Saturday night. For complete details, see our Calendar of Events.

"Say a prayer for our guys over there." God bless America.

Thursday, October 19, 2006
According to National Grid's report on the early morning news, Grand Island still has 540 homes without power. This is disappointing because we were under the impression that all power had been restored.••••Due to the fact that many of us did not have power to keep us informed of news of the Island's storm, I would like to pass along that the Town of Grand Island issued a "State of Emergency" on Friday, October 13th that continued through 8 a.m. Saturday. The Town's press release also stated that many town roads had been closed due to downed trees and powers lines.

So very sorry to report that Arnie Dilliot is critically ill. Let's keep Dolly and Arnie and their family in our thoughts and prayers.••••A speedy recovery to Bob Beach who is home recuperating from a recent heart attack. Take it easy, Bob.••••Good news! Jason Vandusen is expected to come home next Friday to continue his recuperation. For the time being, we can continue to check the
"www.caringbridge.org/visit/jasonvandusen" site where Jason's mom, Sandy, continues to keep us all updated on Jason's progress. Please keep him in your prayers.

Congratulations to Lisa and Skip Mrkall on the birth of their second baby. Marissa Ann Mrkall, who weighed in at seven pounds, one ounce on Wednesday, October 11th, was welcomed home by her sister, Maisie, 3.

A very happy wedding anniversary to Fred and Janet Mumm celebrating 40 years on Sunday, to John and Karen Wenner on their 2nd anniversary on Sunday, and to Michael and Carolyn Schopp marking their second anniversary on Monday.

The picture of the 1977 National Honor Society that ran on the Thursday, October 5th front page, drew a lot of help in naming those GIHS students in the photo. Thanks, everyone. Click Old Photo Album
for the picture.

Hats off to Joe and Fran McMahon! On most Mondays McMahon's Family Restaurant is closed and no one is around for even a glass of water. The storm devastation left many Island residents still without power and no way to cook. Joe and Fran decided to open their doors, on their one day off, and offer free pancakes and coffee to one and all. There isn't a count of the number of pancakes served, but those who stopped in said they couldn't believe their eyes at the size of the huge pancakes. Even WGRZ-TV Ch 2 heard about the free offer and sent a film crew to the restaurant to confirm the report with a segment about the restaurant airing during the evening news. Joe and Fran just wanted to help everyone who has been stressed during the recent storm and loss of power. When asked why, their response was "We just wanted to help out in someway."

Happy birthday to Matthew Heyden and Stephen Bradley (today), Lucas Hooper (3 today), Ryan Pinzel (3 tomorrow), Michael Madigan (double digits - 10 years old tomorrow), Rom Figler (cheers on Sunday), Anthony Daubney (16 on Sunday), Mary (James) Post (Wednesday), our grandson, John Bidell (17 on Wednesday), and Karen Clark (best wishes on Wednesday).

Looking Back 50 years - The first accident on the Grand Island portion of the newly opened New York State Thruway happened Sunday morning, October 21, 1956. State troopers reported that a car failed to make the sharp curve in the Beaver Island Parkway clover leaf near the south Grand Island Bridge, steered off the road and turned over several times.

Looking Back 40 years - The latest census in October 1966 showed Grand Island with a 17.6 percent increase in population since 1960, up to 11,294 from 9,607.••••Grand Island Postmaster Heber Ashley announced 40 years ago that arrangements had been made with the post office building owned by Ernest Godfrey for continued rental of the "present" facility, but on a month to month basis. A new post office building was to be constructed on Whitehaven Road east of Grand Island Blvd.

Looking Back 30 years - Models for the Jack & Jill Cooperative Preschool's fashion show on October 21, 1976 in the Buffalo Launch Club were Anne Bobo, Joy Mesmer, Maureen Glor, Lela Mancuso, Jean Derrick, Jeanine Mazur, Linda Ramchand and the school’s teacher, Gail Newbury.

Looking Back 20 years - Rusty Boyko was making news with the GIHS Soccer Team in October 1986. He scored 30 goals in 12 games.••••Brett Buzby scored three touchdowns leading the Varsity Vikings Football Team to a 22-0 shutout over Tonawanda.

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Our sympathy to the families of Jack Brown and former residents Fenton G. Strickland and Leroy "Ike" Trautman who recently passed away. Click Deaths for complete information.

Islander Brian Geldin, who is a New York film publicist, has created a blog for filmmakers. If this is of interest to you, take a look at www.thefilmpanelnotetaker.com

Karen Sorbello submitted photos of our storm to CNN and they may still be available on the website http://www.cnn.com/2006/WEATHER/10/13/ny.snow.ap/index.html. Look down the left hand side, bottom of the page under Gallery: ireporters dig out. Click that and another window will pop up and you'll see some photos along the bottom of the window. Count seven from the left. "Those are mine," Karen says.

A Charlotte Sidway School Reunion planning meeting (graduates of classes of 1937-1963) is being held at 7 p.m. Monday, in the Community Room at the Grand Island Memorial Library. For further information, email "jasch427@aol.com".••••The Grand Island Youth Board's College Fair & Career Night takes place a week from tonight in the Grand Island High School's large cafeteria.

Longtime bowler Dave Arch just got a brand new bowling ball and proclaimed to team mates Monday night at Island Lanes that he was going to roll a 300 game. And that's just what he did - in a very nice 792 series. Congratulations to Dave who was bowling with the Monday Night A-Best Roofing League.

If you would like to add your interesting, funny or traumatic storm stories to our Columbus Day
Storm Stories
, send them to me at teddy@giecom.net. Be sure to include your name, street address and photos to be considered for the story.

Halloween is just around the corner so I'd like to remind you that I will be posting photos of children and grandchildren in their costumes the Thursday after the "big night." They may be emailed to me at teddy@giecom.net. By the way, Tuesday, October 31st from 5-8 p.m. has been designated by the Town of Grand Island for Tricks-Or-Treating.

"Say a prayer for our guys over there." God bless America.

Thursday, October 12, 2006
Today I would like to thank my most wonderful doctor, Dr. David Johnson, for his care and concern while I was hospitalized for five days. Illness certainly makes us so much more appreciative of the little things in life we take for granted. Also thanks to my husband, Jim, and children Jim Jr. and Julie Dee and friends who have taken the time to call, email, or have sent cards.

Kathryn Claire Schiavone
Kathryn Claire Schiavone, the daughter of Salvatore and Patricia Schiavone, was married to Christopher J. Steckelberg by the Rev. Paul M. Nogaro on Saturday, October 7th in St. Stephen's Church. The groom is the son of Jack and Jacqueline Steckelberg. The newlyweds are graduates of Grand Island High School and living on the Island.•••• Bethany Erin Cap, daughter of Michael and Bobbie Cap of Grand Island, was married to Paul Donovan Hannan Saturday in Trinity United Methodist Church.

Congratulations to Scott and Kimberly Duscher on the birth of their baby girl, Taylor Felicia, on October 9th.

Tim Blevins, a mechanic and member of the Grand Island School Related Professionals (SRP) Association, was featured on the cover of the October 5th issue of New York Teacher Magazine.

Thirty-three-year-old Staff Sgt. Maurice Shivers of Grand Island has recently returned to the Island after serving our country in the Middle East with the U.S. Air Force. The Staff Sergeant was welcomed home by his wife, Christina, and their children, Alexia, 7, Alicia, 2, and Alex, 1, and his parents, Maurice Sr. and Georgia. The Airman serves as a loadmaster with the 914th. In case you didn't see the article in the Buffalo News, click Welcome home, Staff Sgt. Shivers.

Go Vikings! Our Varsity Football Team defeated Lew-Port on Friday night, September 29th by a score of 14-9. The defense was led by Senior Captain James Rayhill who recorded 12 tackles and 3 sacks. Starting quarterback Matt Klock unfortunately broke his leg on the third play of the game which gave Joe Oliverio control of the offense for the rest of the night. Unfortunately, the Vikes lost to Sweet Home by a score of 42-14 on Saturday, October 7th. Next up is the Homecoming game against Lockport on Masters Field at 2 p.m. this Saturday.

Ninety-six golfers participated in the recent St. Stephen's Golf Challenge. The day's top foursome, shooting a 64 in a Best Ball Scramble, was the team of Sean McDonnell, Jim McDonnell, Bill Taglis and Charlie McDonough.

Happy birthday to Benjamin McDowell (20 today), Christopher Conway (10 tomorrow), Stephanie Voyzey (her 10th on Saturday), Ashley Joelle Battaglia (two on Saturday), Erik Robinson (21 on Saturday), Shirley Luther and Mike Yensan (Sunday), Margie Cinelli (Monday), Carol Pownall (Tuesday), Stephanie Kowalak (10 on Tuesday), and Jenna Giambra (4 years old on Tuesday).

Best wishes to Joanne and Bob Urtel, married 50 years tomorrow; to Jason and Maureen Weis, married five years tomorrow; and to Dolly and Arnie Dilliot celebrating their 48th wedding anniversary on Wednesday.

Looking Back 70 years - President Roosevelt Stops Here Enroute to Buffalo was the headline on the front page of the Grand Island News: The story follows: "Despite gray skies and a dreary looking day, excitement reigned at the "lower end" of the Island as the time approached for the President’s arrival here. Approximately thirty cars of admirers and supporters of Roosevelt had come to Buckhorn from Buffalo and vicinity. . . Islanders in the main watched the procession from other parts of the Island but some of them were on the spot including our Supervisor John Mesmer, Tom Fleming, Mrs. Henry Hardy, Mabel French and family, Joe Stack and Mary Stack. The lineup of C.C.C. men completed the picture and lent an impressive air to the scene."••••A Grand Opening in October 1936 was held by Mary Cumming in her new Watt-Knott Shoppe on Express Highway in the Service Center Building, where Contract Interiors is now located. The little store carried such things as notions, drugs, sundries, and infants’ and children’s wear. ••••A Harvest Dance at Charlie Davern's Tavern in October of 1936 featured a floor show of hometown talent including acrobatic dancing by Pete Neilan, and a buck and win dance by Andrew Bishop. Davern's was right on the river at the ferry landing in Ferry Village, and is now the home of the Niagara River Station Fishing Club.

Looking Back 50 years - It was on October 15, 1956 that the New York State Thruway opened across Island for the first time.••••The first Jr. High Roller Skating party of the year was held on Thursday, October 11, 1956 at the Rainbow Rink in North Tonawanda. Four buses transported 173 students, three teachers and nine chaperones to the rink, including adult supervisors Ben and Ceil Titterington.

Looking Back 40 years - Among those taking the leads in the Island Theatre Group’s musical comedy hit, “Li’l Abner” opening October 14, 1966 were Jackie Pauley, Richard McDole, Gloria Tartock, Doug Hawkes, Roberta Gasbarre, Linda Homes, Roy Hawkes, and Linda Brion.

Looking Back 30 years - Elected homecoming king and queen in October 1976 were John McDonough and Karen Ludwig. Leading the Vikings when GI beat Niagara Wheatfield 6-3 were Don Lee, Bob Costanzo and John Black. Homecoming float winners were the Freshman class float, “Three Little Pigs” in first place. The senior class “Wizard of Oz” float took 2nd, and “Cinderella,” the sophomore class float was 3rd.

Looking Back 25 years - Dedication of Portraits of Island Supervisors took place Sunday afternoon, October 18, 1981 in the Town Hall. An Invocation was given by Rev. John Weatherwax of Trinity UM Church, the welcome was given by Supervisor Laverne C. Luther, Councilman George Sullivan served as MC, and Father Peter Judge of St. Stephen’s Church gave the Benediction. Credit for the huge project goes to Shirley Luther.

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Our sympathy to the families of Emma M. Call, Gary L. Wolinski and Patricia Roberts who recently passed away. Click Deaths for complete information.

Please check the Calendar of Events for details on the Fire Company's exciting open house tomorrow, a benefit for the family of the late George Backlund on Sunday, and Island Crop Walk on Sunday.

"Say a prayer for our guys over there." God bless America.

Thursday, October 5, 2006

Olive and Charlie Robinson were proud parents of their first born, a son named Robert James Robinson on October 8, 1936. The photo is Bob's 9th grade Sidway School yearbook picture, circa 1951 when he was already an export sailor on the Niagara River. Happy 70th birthday, Bobby, and here's to many more.

Jason Vandusen is still improving, in small ways like trying to speak, working hard in therapy, and loving visits from his friends. His mom, Sandy, writes about Jason's progress each day. Click "www.caringbridge.org/visit/jasonvandusen.".

Jeanne Marie Ensminger seemed pleasantly surprised upon walking up to the Rod & Gun Club pavilion Friday night. It was her 64th birthday and the surprise party was given by a few family members including her brother, Jim Dinsmore. Happy birthday, Jeanne.

Erin Fred
2LT Erin Fred, GIHS Class of 2000, has been awarded the prestigious Army Commendation Medal. Click "2LT Erin Fred" for the story.

Married Friday, September 29th and living on the Island are Alice E. Cunningham and Steven M. Milleville.••••Jill O. Ochtyun, daughter of Island residents John and Vicki Ochtyun, was married to Harold B. Wolf on Saturday.

Happy birthday to Betty Magnuson (today), to Dylan Russo (his 5th birthday today), to Rebekah Mae Thompson (2 today), Margaret Webb and Flo Gannon (tomorrow), Robert Merritt and Mary Jo Soto (Saturday), Michael James Christensen (2 on Saturday), Linda “Beach” Richardson (cheers on Saturday), Rosemary Ryan, John Linenfelser and Gale Podsiadlo (Sunday), Mark Webb (his 18th on Sunday), Marion Assenza, Barb Jarzab, Paula Tickner, Sandi Cunningham and Diane Hassan (all on Monday), A. J. Guenther (16 on Monday), Tom Lajos and Dick McCowan (born the same day and year and celebrating on Tuesday), and Jacob Mongold (10 on Wednesday).

Looking Back 70 years - Twenty men from the Buffalo District enrolled in the Island's C.C.C. camp and on Wednesday, October 7, 1936 all officers of this district met at the Grand Island camp. Plans for the day included a tour of inspection, a meeting, and dinner. New furniture was installed in the Recreation Hall to add to the comfort of the camp’s guests and men stationed there.••••The Home Bureau Library was moved from Ehde’s Store to the home of Margaret DeGlopper, corner of Base Line and Fix roads. A sign was soon to be in place and several new books had been added to the large collection.••••The young people of Trinity Church reorganized their Christian Endeavor society and elected to office President Dorothy Killian, Vice President Mildred Webb, Secretary Walter Killian, and Treasurer Harold Long.••••David A. Yensan was advertising Milk, cream and stillicious chocolate in the Grand Island News in October 1936. David offered daily deliver on the Island.

Looking Back 60 years - A surprise birthday party was held Thursday, October 10, 1946 in honor of Garry Paul Bartlett, who was turning 6 years old. Among his guests were Nancy Benton, Paul Geschwender, Russell Anderson, Shirley Webb, Donald Bartlett and Sally Ann Fleischmann (Dinino).•••• The Emmanuel Chapel on Ferry Road and East River opened for service on Sunday October 13, 1946. No services had been held there for several years due to disturbing times accompanying the war. The minister, the Rev. J. Franklin Beck, announced 9 a.m. worship service would be held each Sunday morning .

Looking Back 50 years - Supervisor George J. Burgstahler broke ground for the Island’s first super-plaza at Express Highway and Base Line Road Sunday, October 7, 1956. Nu-Way Inc. and Lane Drug Co. will be among the stores located in the plaza.•••• New voices were being sought in October 1956 by the Grand Island Community Chorus for its concert season, according to Mildred Ortolano, a group spokesman. Community Chorus director Clara Mueller Pankow announced an ambitious program including the major features, “Down in the Valley” by Kurt Weil and “Trial By Jury” by Gilbert and Sullivan. The chorus, sponsored by the Adult Education Department, was meeting each Thursday night at Kaegebein School.

Looking Back 40 years - A ground breaking ceremony took place Sunday, October 2, 1966 for the new Niagara Sailing Club quarters on East River Road. •••• Colin Smith scored three touchdowns when GI beat Springville 24-0 on Saturday, October 8, 1966. Credit was also given to Rod Passerelli who blocked a Springville punt and recovered it inside the loser’s 10-yard line to set up the game’s first score.

Looking Back 30 years - Maisie Dommell, social chairman for the Historical Society’s 10th annual Silver Tea on Sunday, October 10, was assisted by Marion Steffen, Sylvia Shaffer and Maryann Traun. Society President Bruce Nichols announced at that time that the “Burnt Ship Creek Memorial Marker,” dedicated Sept. 12, 1976, would be moved to the site of the North Bridge as soon as the weather permitted. •••• Middle School students elected the following student council officers Friday, October 1, 1976: President Peggy Crowe, Vice President Dawn Carlisi, Treasurer Lori Tolbert, Corresponding Secretary Lynn Tolbert and Recording Secretary Tim Bessel.

Looking Back 20 years - Kevin M. Koch, a member of Boy Scout Troop 575 was advanced to Eagle Scout, the highest level of achievement in the scouting program.••••Jean Willer performed a front handspring onto the vaulting horse with a ½ turn into a back flip off the horse onto a 4” landing pad, a vault no other GI gymnast had ever done before. Her Viking Gymnastic Team defeated Lancaster and Sweet Home. Jean scored an all time high of 8.85, the highest score a GI gymnast had ever scored in this event. •••• Senior quarterback Paul Houston ran for two touchdowns and passed for another while senior running back James Scott did the same in leading the Grand Island Vikings to a 30-0 victory over the LaSalle Explorers in a section VI Division III football game at Grand Island Saturday, October 4, 1976. Leading the interceptions were Kent Martin, Mike Braddell and Henry Grunzweig.

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Our sympathy to the families of JoAnne Petrilla and Robert C. Desimone who recently passed away. Click Deaths for complete information.

Former Grand Islanders, Joanne and Rich Hartman, recently hosted a family and friends reunion at their daughter, Mary Beth's photo studio, Channel One Media in Clarence, N.Y. Among the guests were Islanders Susan Andrews, Joan Compo, Bev and Jack Mikulski and Jeannette and Jim Ray. The Hartmans retired to Haines City, Florida five years ago after residing on Grand Island for 35 years.

The Historical Society's "Trash to Treasure Sale" at Historic Trinity begins at 9 a.m. Saturday. Among other things, Hazel Rowe will be selling her prized collection of Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls and accessories. For table space, call 773-2421.••••An auction is being held at the Knights Hall on Whitehaven Road tomorrow night, and a Blood Drive is being held Tuesday in the Knights Hall. Check the Calendar of Events for details.

"Say a prayer for our guys over there."

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Jeff and his bride, the former Susan Joy Kohlhagen - (right) Sue and Jeff's family
Very best wishes to Sue and Jeff Long who will be married 40 years on October 1st. Longtime Island residents before moving to Nunda, N.Y., Sue and Jeff renewed their vows and celebrated their 60th birthdays at a family reunion on September 3rd. Among those attending with children and grandchildren from the Kohlhagen and Long families were George and Kathie Gillespie, Chris and Jim Sugar, Bud and Lucille Long and Carol and Dave Hamlin. Also in attendance were Bob and Sherry Wendling who were in the wedding 40 years ago. ••••Karen and Barry Smith, returning today from a glorious week-long vacation with Karen's family, are marking their 25th wedding anniversary on Tuesday.

Congratulations to Tom Turner on his second 300 (686) game rolled Friday night with the Businessmen's League.

This sounds interesting and the date is coming up fast! Grand Island Historical Society members are offering a "Trash to Treasure Sale" at Historic Trinity on Whitehaven Road. The event begins at 9 a.m. on Saturday, October 7th. For those interested in table space for selling trash or treasures, call 773-2421.

Had a nice visit with Ron McNamee who stopped here in the Isledegrande.com office last week. Ron and Pat, who are now residing in Apache Junction, Arizona, are spending time on the Island visiting friends and relatives.

Congratulations to the parents, grandparents including Judy Dinsmore, great grandparents and the great great grandmother of DeVonte' Mali'q Johnson, born September 18th. Click Baby DeVonte' for story and photos.

Happy birthday to Jim Dinsmore and Danny Mancuso (today), Jean Marie Ensminger (tomorrow), Cori Sexton (her 21st birthday tomorrow), David Breier (cheers on Saturday), Faith Jacqueline Caldwell (two on Saturday), Jaidan Kheara Hiam (6 on Monday), Shorty Vanthoff (Monday), Mark Eberhard (Tuesday), and Lynn Polizzi (cake and candles on Wednesday).••••A belated happy birthday to SPC Ryan Woodring, home on leave from Afghanistan. Ryan turned 21 on Sunday.

Looking Back 100 years - Boat races were held on September 15, 1906 by the members of the Buffalo Launch Club. The first event was for cabin boats, sixteen miles up the river to the mouth of the Niagara, around the dummy light and return. The Gweogar, owned by Ellsworth Frick of Buffalo, won first place and Laura, owned by L. Lindenschmidt, of Buffalo, took second. Time, 2:27:12. For more on this event, click http://www.lesliefield.com/races/1906_buffalo_launch_club_septemb.htm

Looking Back 70 years - The 1936 Grand Island News headline stated: "Work Progressing on School Grounds." According to the story, "Things are humming on the school grounds these days. The tennis courts are completed. A unit of three ovens, protected from the weather, is all ready for use. The artificial lake boasts about one and a half foot of water and high grade shady lawn grass has been sown in the grove and a road is being started to give access to the tennis courts, the grove and the parking space, which it is estimated will be able to accommodate from fifty to one hundred cars."

Looking Back 60 years - The Edgewater Park Hotel was advertising its grand opening set for Saturday and Sunday, Sept 28-29, 1946 and featuring continuous music by The Red River Ramblers.•••• Classes in week-day religious education resumed at Sidway School on October 3, 1946 under the supervision of Father Edward Schwegler and Rev. Franklin Beck.••••From the pages of the 1946 Island Dispatch: While driving around Grand Island on a fall day in 1946, a gentleman who preferred to remain anonymous, was forced to stop when his 1938 Dodge automobile developed mechanical difficulties. He was unable to repair the trouble and pushed his car into the barn of a nearby farmer. He took the bus to Buffalo and when he returned to the Island, he forgot where he left the car. To this day the car is still missing because the driver is unable to remember where he left it. I haven't read so far that the car was found but have to assume that it was. •••• From the local paper's column, Across the Mahogany with “Willie”: Now that beer has returned . . . where in hell are the customers that swarmed around in search of it last summer? That, friends, is the $64 question.

Looking Back 40 years - New and successful attempts by local parishes to better understand each other’s faiths and practices included the Tuesday night sample services which were followed by a discussion period at a different church each week. The first program took place at Island United Presbyterian Church on Huth Road. The only parish unable to participate is Bible Presbyterian, Love and East Park. "A salute of John W. Prast of Stony Point Rd. who has worked long and hard for this."••••Further pollution of air on Grand Island by Fly ash will be controlled after the town board took preliminary steps to do so at the Board meeting Monday night, October 3, 1966. The board ordered all dumping of fly ash on the Island temporarily stopped and will require all ash already dumped here to be immediately covered by at least two feet of dirt.

Looking Back 30 years - As part of the Island's celebration of the country's bicentennial, a Farmers Market was held in Long's Barn on Bedell Road at Baseline on October 2, 1976. Lucille Long thanked the Boy Scouts of St. Stephen’s, especially Gregory and David Dietrich for their many hours of hard work getting the barn ready for the exhibitors – all from Grand Island.••••The enrollment in Grand Island schools in 1976 was down by 151 pupils from 1975. A school district Advisory Committee projected the decline to continue to 1980 when growth of student enrollment would begin to rise.

Looking Back 20 years - Roxanne’s Restaurant on Grand Island Blvd. north of Bedell Road was advertising a Sunday special - a prime rib dinner for two at $12.95.••••Viking gymnasts defeated Ken-West due to outstanding performances by Renee Taefi, Jean Willer (Pecoraro) and Dawn Nowak.

Please pray for former resident Doug Northrup who is suffering from lung cancer.••••A speedy recovery to Harry Jerge who was recently injured in a fall.••••Dorothy Ahern is wished a complete recovery from her recent surgery.

Attention high school sophomores, juniors and seniors! The Chamber of Commerce is accepting applications for its Youth Ambassador program with two students to be selected. Deadline is Friday, October 6th so check out the Chamber News Page for complete information.

Wedding Bells! Jennifer Gagliano, daughter of Bennett and Jane Gagliano of Grand Island, was married to Jeremiah Davie on Saturday.

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Our wonderful Grand Island Community Chorus is resuming rehearsals at Historic Trinity at 7 p.m. this Sunday. New singers are more than welcome to join this fun group.

As mentioned here last week, a meeting is taking place Monday at 7 p.m. "sharp" in the Grand Island Memorial Library community room for those interested in hearing about a Sidway School reunion for the classes of 1937-1963. Click "Reunion Planning Meeting" for details. Don't be shy - join us, please!

Parishioners of St. Stephen's Church will present a Fall Festival from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. this Saturday. Click Fall Festival for the long list of all-day events.••••For information on St. Stephen's Golf Challenge set for this Monday, click "Golf Challenge."

"Email me" your news, your cares, concerns, successes, and your birthdays and milestone anniversaries.

"Say a prayer for our guys over there." God bless America.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Mike                                    Mike                                    Walter
Mike Rayhill, Mike Rodriguez and Walter Hughes were sophomores when these photos appeared in the Grand Island High School yearbook in 1972. The "boys" are all wished a very happy birthday. Mike Rayhill celebrated last Friday and Mike Rodriguez and Walter were born on the 21st and 23rd of September respectively.

A speedy recovery to Carol "Turner" Faulkner who is home and recovering from surgery.••••Glad to report that Jason Vandusen, so seriously injured on August 12, is improving little by little and smiling and understanding what is going on around him. He is now in a rehab area of ECMC and will be working from three to four hours each day to help himself get better. Nancy Anderson is selling Entertainment Books 2007 as a fundraiser for Jason and his family. Click "Entertainment Books for more information.

Happy birthday to Madison Nowak (5 today), Nicole Walker (her 21st tomorrow), Annemarie Bykowicz (20 tomorrow), Jessica Osvath (a teenager tomorrow), Jim Gorton and his sister, Becky (Saturday), Eric Stefik, Ann Manuse and Susan Hillock (Sunday), David Rodriguez (9 on Sunday), Rick Pelham (cheers on Monday), Forrest Carr (5 on Monday), Sammy Carpenter (3 on Monday), Kristen Marie Burns (20 on Tuesday), Sean Christian Rustowicz (5 on Tuesday), Nick Csendom (16 on Tuesday), Sara Dzielski (entering her teens on Tuesday), Cameron Kolat (4 on Tuesday), Margaret Merrill (Tuesday), Sandy Dee and Gail "Edwards" Herskovits (best wishes on Wednesday) and Jacob Cali (2 on Wednesday).

A belated happy anniversary to Michael and Eileen Torrence, married 20 years on September 13th.

Joel Guagliano, Class of '84, and his wife, Sofia, are the parents of a baby boy. See our front page for a picture of new baby, Lukas, and his year-old brother, Martin.

Looking Back 70 years - A Harvest Card Party in the big barn at St. Stephen's Church grounds took place on Saturday, September 26, 1936 to benefit St. Stephen's and Mary Star of the Sea churches.

Looking Back 60 years - A device known as the automatic exploder was demonstrated to a group of Grand Island farmers on Sunday, September 22, 1946 by the Erie Co. Farm Bureau. This device was regarded as a experimental measure to control Starlings that had been destroying as high as 50 percent of the Erie County corn crops. The "exploder" operated automatically by igniting carbide gas from a small cylinder, emitting an explosion approximately every three minutes for a period of 12 hours. Firing just above the corn, the blast chased the birds away.

Looking Back 50 years - Franklin L. Klocke, Island Civil Defense Director, issued an invitation to those interested in protecting life and property in time of enemy attack.••••Carleen Alt Taylor’s photo was featured in an issue of Photorama in September 1956. According to the article, Carleen was enthusiastic about swimming, sports cars and riding her own horse, Rusty. Carleen “drives her own Chevrolet from Alt Chevrolet on Grand Island, N.Y.”••••“Rock ‘n Roll music provides a stimulus that is as destructive to the personality as the illegal use of drugs.” This was part of an article by the women of St. Martin-in-the-Field's Church in 1956.••••.More than 400 parents and teachers who came to attend the Tuesday night, September 24, 1956 PTA meeting, crowded into the Kaegebein School auditorium and overflowed into the hallways.

Looking Back 40 years - Telephone customers on the Island were able to dial their own calls to an overseas point for the first time without the assistance of an operator. Direct distance dialing between the continental United States and the U. S. Virgin Islands was formally inaugurated Sept. 19, 1966. ••••The annual Communion Breakfast for Grand Island volunteer firemen took place in September 1966. Catholic firefighters attended Communion service in St. Stephen's Church and others attended the service in St. Martin-in-the-Fields Episcopal Church. All enjoyed a breakfast in the firehall on Baseline Road.

Looking Back 30 years - First place winners of the September 26, 1976 Knights of Columbus Punt, Pass and Kick competition included Noel Blair, Jim Thorton, Mark Adair and Chris Hall, who were 8, 9, 10 and 11 years old respectively. •••• Boy Scout Troop 254, sponsored by the Kaegebein School PTA, began its year on Tuesday night, September 21, 1976 under the direction of scoutmaster Halbert Pierce. Assistants to the troop were Bruce Nichols, James Carlson and Thomas Charlton. Committee chair was Harold Jessop.•••• Freshman Dave Pettit, running in only his second race for the Grand Island Cross Country Vikings, set a new school record while finishing eighth in the Grand Island Invitational Run. Petitt ran 12.50 to better Jim Chambers’ 1970 mark by 8 seconds. •••• Scoring for the Grand Island Soccer Vikings Monday, September 27, 1976 were Keith Zimmerman and Doug Hughes, giving the team a win over Williamsville North, 2-1. Grand Island also won the September 22, 1976 game over Lancaster, 3-2 with two goals by Cheek Certo and another by Scott Simpson. The Vikings also won the Division III opener against Iroquois 4-1 when Charles Cote, Ozzie Squires, Scott Simpson and Tim McInerney scored goals.

Looking Back 20 years - An arts and crafts show along with a Trash and Treasures table was held at River Lea by Grand Island Historical Society members in September 1986. The event featured works by the Grand Island Art Society. ••••Varsity Vikings Marc Castellani, James Scott, Rich Dworak and Mike Braddell chipped in on the Vikings' 20-0 victory over the Niagara Falls Power Cats in a game at Sal Maglie Stadium on Saturday, September 20, 1986.

Patti Merritt has written a special article about kidney donations. She credits her sister, Nora Klein's transplant one year ago today, to an article that appeared here at Isledegrande.com. Click for "Patti's Story".

Please support these Isledegrande businesses who continue to advertise with us here at Isledegrande.com: Park Place Subdivision,    Paddock Chevrolet,    Sound Choice Audio & Performance   and Holiday Inn Grand Island.••••Isle businessmen and women - consider advertising with us - the Island's #1 news source, updated daily, and the very best advertising deal in town. Our readership just keeps growing - click Record Breaking Months to see how we've grown.

Our sympathy to the families of George W. Backlund, Frances M. Ficorilli and Charles W. Truitt who recently passed away. Click Deaths for complete information.••••Friends of the Late George Backlund are sponsoring a "fundraiser" for his family from 1-5 p.m. Sunday, October 15th at the Charles N. DeGlopper Memorial VFW Post 9249.

Great news! The benefit held Sunday at the VFW Post #9249 for Island resident Shelagh Korman, has raised $20,000, and donations are still being accepted. Click for "Benefit Story."

Island events this week include a parents' open house at the high school tonight, a Cub Scout open house tomorrow evening, Community Education registration on Monday night, and the Home Bureau's Membership Tea on Tuesday. Check the Calendar of Events for details.

There has been much talk from folks in town and across the nation about another Sidway School reunion being held at some point. Mesa, Arizona resident Bill Dunshie, Class of '58, wrote me in November of last year, hoping to hear that we might plan just one more reunion. Unfortunately, Bill passed away on Tuesday, April 11th of this year. A meeting will be held Monday, October 2nd at 7 p.m. in the Community Room of the Grand Island Memorial Library to see if there are enough interested people to help with the planning. The school classes involved are those of 1937 through 1963.

The GIHS Varsity Vikings are picking up speed after their opening game loss to Albion when the visitors ended on top of the 12-7 score. Grand Island went on to shut out Williamsville South with a 28-0 win followed by last Saturday's 27-14 victory over Kenmore East. Leaders of the Varsity Vikes' 2006 season include team captain James Rayhill and Christian Nestark, an inside linebacker. The Vikings meet Starpoint at Starpoint on Saturday at 2 p.m. Go Vikings!

"Say a prayer for our guys over there." God Bless America.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Jeff                                    Bob                                   John                                    Butch
Happy birthday to Jeff Long, Bob Buzby, John Braddell and Butch Meyer. Jeff leads the pack tomorrow, Bob celebrates on Tuesday and John and Butch mark the same milestones on Wednesday.

A very happy 85th birthday to Walter Killian who is celebrating today. Birthday greetings to Gert Reimann (her 97th birthday today), to Frankie Truesdale (21 today), Kim Sciandra Hoffa (today's the big day), Ray Mesmer, John Loss and my husband, Jim Linenfelser (tomorrow), Mike Rayhill (cheers tomorrow), Michael Ruland and Ryan Norton (8 tomorrow), Ray Griffin and Mark Kowzan (cake and candles on Sunday), Jean Hoover (Sunday), Lauren Chadwick (6 on Sunday), Carmela Bartolomeo (4 on Sunday), Vickie Harnden, David Long and Peter McMahon (Tuesday), Rebecca Goelz (21 on Tuesday), and Christian Mason (9 on Tuesday).

Newest arrivals! Mark and Victoria Sadkowski have a new son, Christopher Joseph, who weighed in at eight pounds, 13 1/2 ounces on Tuesday, September 12th. Christopher joins two older brothers.•••• Julia Marie Bielec was born July 29, 2006 to Island residents Greg and Angela Bielec. Click Islanders In The News Page for her picture!

The 29th Annual Antique & Classic Boat Show & Race Boat Reunion held last weekend at the Buffalo Launch Club on Grand Island, NY was a fabulous show, bigger and better than ever, thanks to organizer Rich DeGlopper and his committee. For a wrap up and photos of the Boat Show, click http://www.vintageraceboatshop.com/Buffalo2006Photos.htm. or Bill DeGlopper's "Boat Show/Race Boat Reunion Story."

Thanks to the generosity and brainstorm of Lee Zeplowitz, GIHS Class of '76, the Grand Island Foundation (for education) was recently the recipient of a $2000 donation. Lee made the initial $1000 donation to start a fund raising effort for the Foundation when plans for his class reunion were in the works. Classmates raised another $1000 at their July reunion. Wouldn't it be nice if the reunion planners of the future followed suit.

Looking Back 60 years - Voting on the approval of the resolution by the Town Board opposing the Niagara Frontier Planning Board’s efforts to locate an airport on the Island ended with 354 approval of the Board’s action and 30 for disapproval. ••••Dan McNamee’s Army Command car with four wheel drive was attracting a lot of attention around Ferry Village 60 years ago. Dan said that he thought it would come in hand in the winter time for pushing a snow plow.••••Ernie Godfrey’s ad in the local paper said, “This is it – unless the meat situation levels off at once, we will close our meat department this week until further notice. We refused to sell fresh meats at “over the ceiling” prices. Indications point to the fact that we will be unable to purchase fresh meats in the open market at prices that will allow us to resell at ceiling prices. We may have available a limited amount of sausages and cold cuts.

Looking Back 50 years - Among Adult Education classes held in either the Kaegebein or Sidway school and offered in September 1956 were Hi-Fi Sound Reproduction and Millinery.••••The Staley Road overpass over the NYS Thruway was opened.

Looking Back 40 years - Bob Beach flew his wife, Betty, Lottie Suchocki and Marion Klingel to a Jamestown, N.Y. Inter-City Zonta Club Dinner held in the Moonbrook Country Club in September 1966. Bob gave the local gals an additional thrill by flying over Niagara Falls on the return night flight. •••• Top GIHS cross country team scorers given credit for the win over Eden High School, 29-30 in September 1966 were Scott Whiting, John Williams, Les Chambers, Bob Tyrell and Bob Rycroft.

Looking Back 30 years - The Island’s newest school opened September 8, 1976 at Bible Presbyterian Church on Love Road. The school, under the direction of Headmaster Rev. Fenton G. Strickland, was to have two kindergartens for four and five-year-olds and a combined class for grade one and two. ••••Dan Martinez and Edith Sutor teamed together to defeat Diane and Nick Pelosi in the final, 7-5, 6-0, to win the first place trophies in the mixed doubles event during the Whitehaven Tennis Club championships. ••••Raymond P. Griffin celebrated his 50th birthday on Friday, September 17, 1976 when the town’s bicentennial park on East River Road was dedicated at a 4 p.m. ceremony. Chairman of the project that involved Boy Scouts clearing the 10-acre site was Shirley Jankowski.••••Paul Kaegebein, Dan Walgate, Pete Dinsmore and Ray DeGlopper, members of the T.C.’s Cream Ales, won the Bicentennial Games Beer Keg Throwing Contest held in Beaver Island State Park on Saturday, September 11, 1976.

Looking Back 20 years - The PTA Council sponsored a welcome reception for new School Superintendent Lee Cravotta. PTA presidents Sharon Watz, Shirley Serafin, Ann Agnello, Cheryl Laible and Lee Cohen were in charge of arrangements.••••According to Gert Gay's Potpourri column, Charlie's Place, located in what is now the Town Hall Plaza, ranked 14th in chicken wing sales in Western New York in 1986.••••Mesmer's Dairy Store on Love Road was advertising Mesmer 2% milk at 79 cents a half gallon.••••Town officials Dan Linenfelser, Marion Fabiano, James Pax, Bob Swan and Supervisor Bunny Luther cut the ribbon for the opening of Riverwoods Drive, the Island's newest road.

Best wishes newlyweds. Christopher M. Czaplicki and his bride, the former Nicole T. Insalaco were married Saturday and are living on the Island. Nicole is the daughter of Island residents Thomas and Maria Insalaco.••••Gretchen M. Scholes and Carmen Giardina were married Saturday and are also living on the Island.

We welcome newest advertiser, Chateau Motor Lodge - please check out their website. Spotlighted this week are three other Island business: McMahon's Family Restaurant,   Kelly's Country Store,   and Joan Dlugokinski - Century 21. Please support these Isledegrande businesses, and consider advertising with us - the Island's #1 news source, updated daily, and the very best advertising deal in town.

Our sympathy to the families of former residents Gordon Wilsoncroft and Hazel A. Kranzmann who recently passed away. Click Deaths for complete information.

This week's Calendar of Events includes a special benefit on Sunday at the VFW Post for Shelagh Korman, and the Historical Society's Open House from 2-4 p.m. Sunday at River Lea in Beaver Island Park.

"Say a prayer for our guys over there." God bless America.

Thursday, September 7, 2006
Monday is the fifth anniversary of the nation's worst-ever terrorist attack. Can we make this the best flag-flying community in the nation on that day? Please fly an American flag (at half staff) on Monday. I'm counting on you!

Rich                                    Leona
A very happy big 6-0 birthday to Richard Lozo celebrating on Sunday, and best wishes to a sweet Leona (MacDonald) Stevens, marking her milestone birthday on Tuesday.

Our schools opened yesterday under sunny skies and an early morning temperature of 60 degrees with the day's high reaching about 75 degrees - just like last year!

Happy birthday to John Moore (cheers today), Brianna Catanzaro (a teenager today), Collin DeMartin (5 today), Anna Hammond (2 today), Mary Lou Kohlhagen (85 tomorrow), Lee Becker (80 tomorrow), Dylan DeGlopper (6 tomorrow), Morgan Goris (8 tomorrow), Mikayla Ann Claus (7 on Saturday), baby Elizabeth Roisin Carpenter (her first birthday on Saturday), Michael Englert Jr. (8 on Sunday), Madison Mongold (7 on Sunday), June Ann Chadima (10 on Monday), Don Allen (special greetings on Tuesday), Jessica Walsh (21 on Tuesday), Dalton Pitts (12 on the 12th), Dan McMahon (Wednesday), Rachel Olszewski (Sweet 16 on Wednesday), Matthew Wellence (9 on Wednesday), Makenna Scalise (4 on Wednesday), Bethany Jane Kulikowski (2 on Wednesday) and Hazel Nailor (her 97th birthday on Wednesday).

Judy and Bob Schmidt have just returned from a fabulous, two-month trip to Alaska and other points west. The Schmidts "camped" all the way in their 30' trailer. Judy described the landscape as breathtaking, "but it's good to be back on the Island."

Retired State Trooper David R. Rott, and his bride, the former Lauren A. Gauthier, an assistant Erie County district attorney, were married Saturday, September 3rd. Following a trip to Hawaii, Mr. and Mrs. Rott will reside on the Island.••••Kristin M. Saj, daughter of Donald and Dorine Saj, and Jason P. Gigliotti, were married Saturday in St. Stephen's Church.••••Mark Jeffrey Hinkle and Mary Elizabeth Watson were married Saturday and are living on the Island.

Received a note today from Becky and Alicia Sommer of the Relay For Life Team, the Jr. Polka Dot Chix, letting us know that the winner of the autographed Jim Kelly football, donated by The Buffalo Bills organization, is Grand Island resident Ellen Alli, who purchased $30.00 worth of tickets! The Polka Dot Chix raffle raised $800 for Relay For Life.

Jason Vandusen's mom, Sandy, continues to write daily updates on Jason's progress at "www.caringbridge.org/visit/jasonvandusen.".

Looking Back 70 years - The following is from the 1936 Grand Island News: Commodore J. L. Eicus of the Columbia Yacht Club of New York arrived at the Buffalo Launch Club, Grand Island, N.Y. on board his 97-foot yacht 70 years ago. Commander James Morrow of the Stanford Yacht Club of Connecticut and Mrs. Morrow were also part of the party. Also paying a visit to the BLC on the East River Road in the fall of 1936 were Commodore and Mrs. William A. Kinnie of the famous New Britain, Connecticut Yacht Club and their son, Burton, who were aboard their 120-foot steel yacht known all over for being the most beautiful boat of its kind in America.

Looking Back 60 years - Grand Island's Early Date Fan Club attended the Early Date broadcast at Hengerers in Downtown, Buffalo on August 28, 1946. Members included Barbara and Don McVitty, Martin Livingston, Duana Prentice (Lennert), Pat Moyer, Sally Staley (Dworak), Jack Bower, Joan Buckhout (Vendely), Nancy Buckhout (Eddy) and Ted Kumlander.••••Some of the winners of the Sandy Beach Property Owners children’s parade were Martha McGarvey, Jerry Livingston, Dave Johns, Barbara Soch (Russell), Pat Moyer, Bobbie Robinson and Albert Prentice.••••Bobby Dworak was third place winner in the intermediate division of the Erie County Bureau Horseshoe Pitching Tournament held at the Hamburg Fair Grounds. ••••The Grandyle Village picnic was held Sunday, September 8, 1946 at St. Stephen’s Church barn. Winners of the younger children's running races were Peter McMahon, Annette Boehm, Dennis Klingel, Jackie Boehm and David Kean.•••• Columnist and editor Ollie Howard went on record in the Island Dispatch as favoring the establishment by the planning board of a site or sites for a small airport to be devoted to private flying, chartered sales and service of light airplanes. “This is the trend of the times and is foresight for the convenience of Grand Island aircraft owners.”

Looking Back 40 years - New owners of Colony Kitchen Restaurant on Grand Island Blvd. near Staley Road were Sarah and Joe Watkins, who were serving "delightful homemade cake to Wednesday night patrons."••••Martha Martin of Kirkwood Drive was the new teacher at the Grand Island Cooperative Nursery School. ••••Tops on Love Road was advertising 14-ounce Banquet Cream Pies at 19 cents.••••Members of Tiny’s Softball Team, managed by Tiny Moran, won the Recreation Men’s Softball playoff championship in 1966. The team included Ray Jones, Ron Weise, Tom Doohen, Desi Gallagher, Dave Robillard, Bunny Luther, Bob Luther, George Harsch, Ken Hillman, Paul Lorimer, Jack Burke and Ronnie Moran (bat boy). Does anyone have a photo of this team?••••The newly created Grand Island Home Bureau met on September 13, 1966 in the Fire Hall when 59 Island women turned out for the first meeting. First officers were Chairman Phyllis Beyer, 1st Vice Chairman Lucy French, 2nd Chairman Olive Robinson, Secretary Alva Hildebrandt and Treasurer Katherine Goss.

Looking Back 10 years - The Sidway School reunion, held August 17, 1996 at Fantasy Island, was still the talk of the town in early September of that year. The event brought together nearly 500 classmates, spouses, teachers, staff and guests of the classes 1937-1963. Marcy and Paul Malecki hosted a picnic for the reunion committee at their East River Road home in September '96 where the reminiscing continued on.

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Our sympathy to the families of Robert L. Morris and Wilbur J. Pless who recently passed away. Click Deaths for complete information.

One of the Island's largest events, the annual Antique and Classic Boat Show and Race Boat Reunion will be open to the public at no charge from 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Saturday at the Buffalo Launch Club. There is a $5 parking fee. The event is hosted annually by the BLC membership. Refreshments will be available.

Following a recent election of officers, Ashley Rupp is serving as president of her senior class at Holy Angels Academy. Congratulations, Ashley.

My husband, Jim, and his five siblings and their spouses (and the Hardings, too), enjoyed a delicious prime rib dinner on Saturday night at Mike and Penny Linenfelser's house where the family grew up. Just like old times, minus their parents! The occasion was a long overdue visit by sister Mary Linenfelser Cooke.

The Grand Island Historical Society meets tonight as 6:30 p.m. for a pot luck dinner at River Lea in Beaver Island State Park. The program is old fashioned parlor games.••••The Island's American Legion poppy drive takes place this weekend. ••••An open house is being held at Miss Cathy's Dance Academy from 10 a.m. to noon on Saturday at the studio at 1917 Staley Road at Baseline Road.••••Parishioners of "Whitehaven Road Baptist Church", 1290 Whitehaven Rd., are offering a free event Saturday evening.•••• An open house at McCarthy School of Irish Dance is scheduled from 2-4 p.m. Sunday, September 10th at the dancing studio, 2055 Baseline Road.•••• The Grand Island Community Chorus will present its first concert of American music 7 p.m. Sunday at Historic Trinity. Check our Calendar of Events for more details and also information on several 9-11 remembrances.

Family and friends of long-time Island resident Shelagh Korman who is seriously ill, want to remind our readers of a benefit featuring live entertainment and more taking place September 17th at the VFW on Grand Island Blvd. Mark this one on your calendar and click Shelagh Korman Benefit for complete information about the event and where to send donations.

"Say a prayer for our guys over there." God bless America.

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Sue                                    Debbie                                     Peggy
These girls all lived on the Island in 1953 when the above school photos were taken. Happy birthday to Sue Kohlhagen Long who celebrated Sunday, to Debbi Robinson, Saturday's her big day, and to Peggy McNulty Hooper who we hope slows down and celebrates on Tuesday! Judy "Lexo" Schmidt, born on September 7th, also grew up with these girls but her photo wasn't available. Sorry, Judy! Have a great birthday.

Jason Vandusen, severely injured almost three weeks ago, remains in the intensive care unit in the hospital but is now breathing on his own and improving all the time. His mother, Sandy, keeps everyone updated on a daily basis through the website, "www.caringbridge.org/visit/jasonvandusen." Please keep Jason and his family in your prayers.

Click photo for larger view!
Thirteen-year-old Jordan Arthur took this picture in the back yard of the Holiday Inn. According to his mom, former resident Tina Krzes Arthur of Boulder, Colorado, Jordan had to hold still for 20 seconds to get the shot. Mother and son spent a few days this month at the Holiday Inn and then stayed with friends and relatives around the area. Tina also wrote that she loved the article and photos on Miss Cathy, saying that she danced with Miss Cath for 10 years and also taught for her. Tina is a GIHS graduate, class of 1978.

Click photo for larger view!
This will be the last weekend (including Monday) that the Village Inn Hot Dog Stand will be open. If you're looking for a unique Island post card, Barb Zafuto and Sharon Nichols, who have been running the "stand" for the past few years, have picture post cards featuring the hot dog stand - a nice piece of Island history.

The band, Livewire, certainly kept the party alive at the Buffalo Launch Club's Hawaiian Party Friday night. Lots of Hawaiian shirts and blouses etc., an excellent buffet, and dancing made for an memorable evening. A tip of the hat to our daughter-in-law, Laury Linenfelser, who had everyone at our table dancing the night way – including the impossible – my husband, Big Jim!

A very happy birthday to the Dewey twins, Charlie and Tom (21st birthdays today), Clinton Webb and JoAnn Miano (today), Mike Sexton (tomorrow), Chance Luthringer and Daniel Senn (both turning two tomorrow), Dave Hamlin ("You're How Old tomorrow???), Justin Figler (10 tomorrow), Michael Butcher (25 on Saturday), Sammy Linenfelser (8 on Sunday), Ilona Lang (83 on Monday), Zachary Scheuing (16 on Monday), Justin Schmadel (4 on Monday), Bob Dee (Monday), Kiersten Carmella Winstel (2 on Monday), Marla Crawford and Deb Remson (Tuesday), Collin DeMartin (5 on Tuesday), Mike Filosofos (cheers on Tuesday), Jean Leiner (Wednesday), Jack Hugill (a big one on Wednesday), and Lisa Mrkall (Wednesday).

Best wishes to the following Island couples, not previously mentioned here and celebrating major wedding anniversaries earlier this summer: Margaret and Jerry Schwartz (55 years), Eleanor and Clifford Smith (50 years), and Virginia and David D. Fisher (50 years).••••A wish for many more happy years together goes out to Nancy and Joe Samrany whose wedding picture, taken just 50 years ago, appears on our Islanders In The News Page. Don't miss it!••••Happy days to our daughter and son-in-law, Julie and Don Dee, celebrating their 8th anniversary on Tuesday, and to Jim and Shirley (Tokash) Verrico, married 10 years yesterday.

Looking Back 70 years - Island children went back to the one- and two-room schools on September 3, 1936 and all were transported by buses! One hundred and ten children were registered, shattering all registrations for the past seven years. Miss Veronica Connor, for whom our middle school is named, came to serve as principal and teacher in the new school that wasn't ready yet, and began her Island career in the schoolhouse on Bush and Baseline roads.

Looking Back 60 years - My sister, Mary Ellen and I, ages 5 and 4 respectively, were at the opening of the Grand Island Memorial Library in the basement of the town hall on Wednesday afternoon, September 4, 1946. Pat White, Dorothy Waltman and Lois Roesch were at the Library to greet the guests and explain the library system of borrowing books.••••Harold L. Long’s Service Center Appliance store on Express Highway advertised: “See these hard-to-get items – G.E. – Refrigerators – washers – vacuum cleaners, 1946 radios and more." •••• The Grand Island Market was advertising Rice Sparkies at 13 cents, Wheat Sparkies at 11 cents and Wheaties at 10 cents for an eight-ounce box.••••Dr. Norman G. Stessing contacted the NYS Dept. of Health requesting a recommendation on the installation of septic tanks in the Delcourt Housing Project on Alt Blvd. •••• Sidway School opened Tuesday, September 3, 1946 with enrollment of 318 elementary pupils. Students in grade 7 met in the gymnasium, which was equipped as a regular classroom during the over-crowded period before the second floor was completed. New teachers included Ethel Woof (Yuhas) and Joyce Thomas (Yuhas).

Looking Back 50 years - Bob Wright of the Clown House was offering the very latest development in ice cream, “freezer fresh soft-serve!” Among those working for Bob in the Clown House in the summer of ’56 were Mary Ford, Julia Merrill, Charlotte Smith (Mrkall), Nancy Gardner (Landroche), Joan Lafferty (Kivett), Anita Staley and Janet Braddell (Redinger).••••Establishment of the first package liquor store on Grand Island was authorized by the New York State Liquor Authority, and proprietors Millie and Harold Goldbach were given the go-ahead to open after October 1, 1956.••••The second annual Harvest Picnic at Creighton’s Edgewater Park, East River Road on Sunday, September 9, 1956 was chaired by Gus Hein and sponsored by Grand Island businessmen in co-operation with the Chamber of Commerce. During the Fire Company’s demonstration, Marilyn Radder (Sprague), who was selected from the crowd, was supplied with a fireman’s coat and hat, given firefighting equipment and sent to extinguish an oil blaze! Ronald and David Grazen and Richard Garlapow gave a water ski performance and Don Less, driver of the prize-winning hydroplane, Mama’s Mink, drove for the performers. I was among the community band members, under the direction of Bill Pinkow who gave a band concert during the afternoon. ••••There were approximately 200 more students enrolled in the Island’s two schools, Sidway and Kaegebein, than in 1955 with the total figure around 1425 students. New faculty members included Alice Goodwin and Dorothy Pierson. •••• Senn’s Trading Post in Ferry Village was renting boats at $2 day.

Looking Back 40 years - Jack Martin was supplying buses to Buffalo Bills home games from the Figurehead Restaurant on East River at Broadway.

Looking Back 30 years - Teddy's Islettes Baton and Drum Corps participated in many of the area's parades in 1976. Click Teddy's Islettes for photos of the summer festivities in celebration of the Bicentennial of our nation.

Looking Back 20 years - It was just twenty years ago that Julie Carvana, Sarah Carvana, Daniel Ragner, Peter Ragner, Jason Marshall and Cindy Gratten set up a Kool-Aid stand in their LaSalle Avenue neighborhood and sold their drinks for 5 cents.••••High ranking swimmer Anne Marie Wozniak was named All-American, listed as 18th overall, and the first all-American swimmer for GIHS.

Our newest Isledegrande.com advertiser is Sandi's Family Restaurant. Welcome aboard folks. Also spotlighted this week are Isledegrande.com advertisers Kinetic Kitchen & Bath,  Riverview Chiropractic,  and Priority Computer Services. Please support these Isledegrande businesses, and consider advertising with us - the Island's #1 news source, updated daily, and the very best advertising deal in town.

Our sympathy to the families of Stella Hess and Bruna F. Tominich who recently passed away. Click Deaths for complete information.

BluesRoot will give a free admission “fan appreciation” Friday night concert at the Holiday Inn. A fundraiser is being held at the VFW Post 9249 tomorrow night for 1988 GIHS graduate Chris Schorb, diagnosed with cancer, a stage-three brain tumor. The Grand Island Moose Lodge #180 offers a Labor Day Bash on Monday. Check our Calendar of Events for details.••••It's the Labor Day weekend. Eat hearty, play safe and remember schools open Wednesday.••••A reminder to parents and spouses of our troops serving here and abroad - News of your loved ones is important to all of us. Keep it coming! Airman Brian Judkins and STS2 Sonar Technician Jeff Wansart are featured on our "In The Service" page this week.

"Say a prayer for our guys over there." God Bless America.

Thursday, August 24, 2006
Kim Ludwig had a recent thrill to say the least. She certainly has a flare for good photos and when the opportunity arose on a spring vacation with her family, she shot a winner. The photo, "Boys Will Be Boys," was selected and shown on the Kodak screen at Times Square in New York City on August 13th. To see her pictures and read more, click
"Islanders In The News."

Recognize her? She's Cathy Parisi Thomas, longtime Island dancing teacher. Check out her story on our "Business Page."

Justin Sondel's feature story, "Little Bit Of Country," headlining on last week's front page drew a lot of "unique visitors" to our features page. What's next, Justin?

Happy birthday to Gregg Roesch (today), Andrew Boron (20 today), John Kilmer (a milestone today), babies Ava Lyn Brandon and Melaina Laurelle Ranger (first birthdays today), Marisa Atkinson and Brielle Backland (20 on Saturday), Timothy Rurkowski (16 on Sunday), Desire' Link (Sweet 16 on Sunday), Sue Kohlhagen Long (cheers on Sunday), baby Luke Darius Staub (first birthday on Sunday), Jennifer Badame (Monday), Sharon Nichols (Tuesday), Bob DeGlopper (cake and candles on Tuesday), Joe Kobza (16 on Wednesday), and Taylor Cool (Sweet 16 on Wednesday).

Best wishes to Tom and Carol Volk, married ten years today. Tom's gift to his bride is a beautiful ring created at Reg Schopp's deSignet International. Happy days, folks.••••A belated happy anniversary to Andy and Kim Tranter and to Deanne and John Giambra. Both couples celebrated 10th anniversary last Thursday.

Former resident D. J. Foote, pictured on today's front page, graduated from Naval Basic Training last week. D.J. is the son of Dana and Dave Foote of Nokomis, Florida. There are a tremendous amount of Islanders serving their country here and abroad. Be sure to submit photos and information to be added to our "In The Service" page.

Tracy Ann Kammerer became the bride of John Nicholas Falkowski on Saturday, August 19th. Tracy is the daughter of Isle residents Henry and Grace Kammerer and the late Patricia Kammerer.

Well known Islander and piano player Brent Minet was selected to be the full-time music teacher at the new Niagara Charter School that opened this week in the Town of Niagara.

Looking Back 80 years - Grand Island's annual harvest picnic was held September 1, 1926 at Bedell House Park. The program listed numerous old Island names including chairman Mr. Heber Ashley and secretary, Miss Marion Long (Young). Events of the day were a greased pig contest, a work horse race (work horses 1,100 lbs. and over eligible and must be driven by owner or member of his family), an auto race for young ladies, free-for-all for married men, and a beauty contest for selection of Miss Grand Island. The evening hours featured a snappy vaudeville act, exhibition Charleston dancers and the prize waltz. The last boat was to leave the Island side at 11 p.m.

Looking Back 70 years - The town's annual Harvest Picnic was held August 26, 1936 at Edgewater Park and featured games, and races with dancing, both old and new fashioned in the evening. Albert Morgan was chairman. Others on the committee were Elsie E. Stamler, Charles Stoddard, John L. Mesmer Jr., George Bartram, Joseph Roe and William Voetsch.••••From an editorial in the Grand Island News: "We regretted exceedingly that it was necessary for us to suspend publication of the Grand Island News during the past six weeks. Change in management and the settlement of various matters made it impossible for us to go to print."

Looking Back 50 years - A new model Nike capable of blasting a fleet of enemy planes out of the sky with one shot is expected to be ready for defense of the Niagara Frontier within two years. A spokesman of the 2nd AAA group at Ft. Niagara, which mans our Nike base, confirmed that the new missile to be known as Nike B will be armed with an atomic warhead. It will have considerably greater “explosion capability” than the present Nike.

Looking Back 40 years - James Mondoux, 12, was named the 1966 recipient of the Donald Henderson Memorial Trophy awarded each year to the outstanding player in Grand Island Little League in memory of the late Donald Henderson, outstanding manager and league official.••••Mary Lou Kohlhagen was the camp director and Barbara Nutting, business manager of a two-week Girl Scout Camp in session at the Bush Road campsite. The Scouts and their leaders treated Grand Island Kiwanians, who owned the property, to a cookout dinner.••••Winners of the Recreation Commission tennis tournament were Richard O’Brien (singles champ), Scott Whiting/R. O’Brien (doubles), Joyce Roberts (singles runner-up), and Chip Henderson and Joe Sheehan (doubles runners-up).

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Our sympathy to the families of Dawn (Gworek) Becker and Walter E. Berton who recently passed away. Click Deaths for complete information.

Joanne Ambrose is hoping to find a contact so that she may possibly purchase any watercolors that may be available by the late Dolores Rogers. Email to Joanne if you can give her any information.

Torrential rains fell on the north end of the Island Tuesday afternoon, so much so that we could hardly see across Whitehaven Road from our office windows. I was amazed to see my husband sitting in the sun out on our front deck when I arrived home after work. It hadn't rained a drop on the south end of the Island.

Repercussions of the GIHS Class of 1966 fortieth reunion - seems at least four people who attended the reunion are now house hunting for a home on Grand Island - and not only the classmates are wanting to return, but their spouses want to become Islanders, too!

Members of our Grand Island High School Varsity Vikings Football Team are selling discount cards, good at area merchants. Andy Czerwonka, accompanied by his adorable little sister, Abigail, was selling the cards the good old fashioned way - door to door. Andy made a sale at our door an gets an A+ for salesmanship and personality. By the way, The Vikings' first game is at home on Masters Field, 2 p.m. Saturday, September 2nd against Albion. Go Vikings!

In last week's Between the Bridges I included a fundraiser planned to benefit Chris Schorb, GIHS Class of '88. Planners, please email me with any further information to be shared with our readers.

Just a reminder - the Fire of Worship Community Event featuring the music of live worship bands is being held outdoors tomorrow evening at the Whitehaven Road Baptist Church. A Peach Festival at Island Presbyterian Church takes place Saturday afternoon. Check our Calendar of Events for details.

"Say a prayer for our guys over there." God bless America.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Click photo for larger view!
That's Sandie Rall-Smith and Don Burns at a recent mini reunion at the Ferry Village Hot Dog Stand. Sandie and her family were in town visiting friends and seeing the sites at the Falls, attending the fair and boating out on the Niagara River. Click for a "family photo."

A fundraiser will be held at the VFW Post 9249 from 7-11 p.m. on Friday, September 1 for 1988 Grand Island High School graduate Chris Schorb. Chris, who has no health insurance, was the victim of two grand mal seizures in March and at that time a "mass" was discovered, and he was diagnosed with cancer, a stage-three brain tumor. Financial donations may be made by visiting Chris' website, "www.goodtimekidfund.org." I will pass along more information as it becomes available.

Please pray for Jason VanDusen and his family. Jason was critically injured in a tragic accident last weekend where his good friend, Andy Dlugosz, lost his life. Aimee Anderson, a family friend, has created a site for friends of Jason where they may leave comforting messages for him and his family. The site is "www.caringbridge.org/visit/jasonvandusen.". Be sure to click "Journal" to see how Jason is doing.

The Grand Island Historical Society's historic Ferry Village walking tour Tuesday evening, led by Sharon Nichols and Barbara Zafuto, was very interesting and informative for the large group in attendance. Call 773-2421 if you would like to take the tour this Tuesday evening. Cost is $5 for Society members and $7 for non-members.

eBay often has interesting items up for bid. Last week's Burns Trucking ashtray, circa early 1960s, sported Don Burns' logo, "moving the earth." For those who don't know, Don is a well known Islander and ragtime piano player.

Happy birthday to Maisie Mrkall (her 3rd birthday today), to Marcella Ford (21 today), George Bishop (cheers today), Sarah Swagler (7 tomorrow), Thomas Cauley (8 on Saturday), Molly McMahon (Saturday), Jessica Laurendi and Jason Hollinger (20th birthdays on Saturday), Joseph Edward Martin (first birthday on Sunday), JoAnn Linenfelser (Monday), Dave Carminati and Tim Gross (milestones on Tuesday), Cassie Shickluna (8 on Tuesday), Lydia Senger (9 on Tuesday), Dottie Roehrig (Tuesday), Justin Podgorny (turning 4 on Tuesday), Nora Butcher (93 on Tuesday), Sara Orsolits (Sweet 16 on Wednesday), and Brooke Chamberlain (entering her teens on Wednesday).••••And last but not least - A belated happy 40th birthday to Tracy Senn who celebrated on July 20th.

Good news! Dottie Roehrig, recovering nicely from surgery, is out and about and busier than ever with the Grand Island Historical Society.

Congratulations to Jeff Stange, a June 2006 graduate of GIHS who has been honored with a $1000.00 scholarship from the Erie Professional Teachers Association and a $300.00 scholarship from AFSCME Local 2567. Jeff will be entering NCCC in the Computer Information Systems Program in a couple of weeks.

Best wishes to Andy and Debbie Beyer celebrating their 15th wedding anniversary today, to John and Marlene McCarthy marking their 50th tomorrow, to Louie and Linda Tufillaro celebrating 15 years on Saturday, Mary Ann and Roy Campbell looking forward to their 40th on Sunday, and Paula and Jeff Miller, married 20 years on Wednesday.

Looking Back 70 years - The cornerstone of the new Charlotte Sidway elementary school was laid Thursday, July 30, 1936. Contents of the copper box included a copy of the July 24, 1936 issue of the "Grand Island News," two Evangelical Church bulletins, and a number of 1936 coins. For some interesting old photos of the construction of the Sidway School, click Old Photo Album ••••Carlton Alt received the contract for furnishing slag for Westwood Dr. in Herbert Henry's Westwood Subdivision. According to the Grand Island News at the time, “The unusually large size of these lots has been a determining factor in securing people of a fine caliber in this section and people who plan to build permanent homes here.”

Looking Back 60 years - The Red & White Superette operated by Bernie Brackett and Johnny Tunnell in the store across from St. Stephen’s Church was advertising ground steak at 39 cents a pound and sugar cured corned beef at 47 cents a pound. •••• Prefabricated homes were being built in the Alt Blvd. area and some neighbors were complaining to the Town Board.

Looking Back 50 years - First service in the new St. Timothy Lutheran Church was held Sunday morning, August 19, 1956. Clarence Davis was chairman of the building committee and LeGrand Meyer was chairman of the dedication committee.••••The Hooker Electrochemical Corp. received the green light from the town board Monday evening, August 20, 1956 to go ahead with plans for a research laboratory on Long Rd.

Looking Back 40 years - Island girls, Claire Dixon, Corinne Dusenbury, Pat McMahon, Jill Cook and Carol Kohlhagen (Hamlin), all members of the Grand Island Youth Volunteers, were spending their summer vacation as volunteers at Buffalo General Hospital. The teens’ duties included social services and library work.

Looking Back 30 years - Boy Scout Troop 510 took an Erie Canal Canoe Trip August 6-15, 1976 from Lyons, NY back to Grand Island's Holiday Inn. The following was reported in the local paper: The Holiday Inn’s Bavarian Band began to play and 250 friends, parents and interested spectators were filled with excitement watching Troop 510’s 15 canoes coming to shore from their Canal trip. Thirty-eight scouts, five adults and troop leader Tom Zarbo took part in the trip. Other adults involved were Peter Myers, John Polizzi, Bruce Gentz, Al Emery and Dave Birt.•••• The Fernwood area had its second annual block party on Sunday, August 1, 1976. Mike Anelli was games chairman and led the parade with a circus float, Bill Taylor was in charge of the smorgasbord spread, and the day featured square dancing.•••• The initial phase of 26 town homes in the $250 million River Oaks Development on Grand Island was completed and already several had been sold. The Landings at River Oaks, a townhome-for-sale community, is located on the west side of East River Road facing the northeast corner of the Golf Course. •••• August 15, 1976 saw the opening of a new venture on Grand Island, Rick Yensan’s Rocking “R” Stables on Bedell Road.

Congratulations to my sister and brother-in-law, Mary and Jim Stewart on the arrival of a baby grandson yesterday. Jackson Scott Stewart, weighing in at seven pounds, 13 ounces, is the son of Ted Stewart and Cyndi Adams.

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Our sympathy to the families of Andrew Dlugosz, Gerald G. Combes, Bob Brennan, Irma Dworak and Audrey F. Yehle who recently passed away. Click Deaths for complete information.

Check our Calendar of Events for details on St. Stephen's Rummage Sale and Craft Show on Saturday, the Rotary's Golf Tournament on Monday, the Ferry Village Historic Walking Tour Tuesday evening, and more Island events scheduled for the days to come.

"Say a prayer for our guys over there." God bless America.

Thursday, August 10, 2006
Thankful is what we are or ought to be for these beautiful summer days as we move into mid August.••••Jim and I spent a delightful hour down at the Village Hot Dog Stand in Ferry Village last weekend eating delicious hot dogs and hamburgers and talking history and reminiscing about the village with sisters Sharon Nichols and Barb Zafuto. Joyce MacDonald Neill who spent much of her childhood in Ferry Village, joined us in remembering who lived where. Though I'm hoping to come up with a photo and more information, I do want to mention the fact that the Nichols house on the corner of Cox and Elmwood was built exactly 100 years ago. According to Sharon, her children are very proud of the historic old home. Getting back to the Village Hot Dog Stand, it will remain open for another four weekends. Barb and Sharon are there Thursday through Sunday from 11:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.

Carlin Hartman, an outstanding basketball player at Grand Island High School, had 12 points to help the Blue team win the fifth annual 411 All-Star Game played in Koessler Center at Canisius College on Sunday, August 6th. A crowd of abut 850 fans watched the game that ended in a 113-110 win for Carlin's team.

Happy birthday to Mitchell Wendling (a teenager today), Lindsey Smith (21 today), Mike Heftka (cheers tomorrow), Barbara Birt, Sally Kaiser and Betty Clayton (tomorrow), baby Eileen Aurora Rose Krause (first birthday tomorrow), Mathew Aronica (a big 4 on Saturday), William Click (turning 4 on Sunday), Betty Pachter (Monday), Joanna Goulah (her 21st birthday Monday), Michael Podgorny (9 on Monday), Carson Suffoletta (8 on Tuesday), Amy Stewart (20 on Tuesday), Robert Arsenault (a teenager on Tuesday), Danna Podgorny (Wednesday) and Christopher Sexton (entering his teens on Wednesday).••••A belated happy birthday to Dana (Anello) White who celebrated on Tuesday.

Looking Back 60 years - The fifth annual Aquagatta of the Mercury Power Boat Club and the Grand Island Post American Legion was held off the Grand Island course July 27-28, 1946. Charlie Shuler of Hamilton, Ohio with his Sea-Sled V captured the Fix Trophy for unlimited runabouts, Al Brinkman of Grand Island was the victor in the Island Dispatch Sweepstakes and Bob Stein of Dayton, Ohio won the 135 cubic inch title and points toward the Jafco Trophy.•••• In a protest over suggestions that the United Nations Organization make Grand Island the permanent meeting place and that an airport also be located on the Island, the Grand Island Town Board in August 1946 adopted a resolution “Opposing all activities by the United Nations Organization and the airport as advocated by the Niagara Frontier Planning Board.” This resolution, introduced by Peace Justice Andrew W. Kirkwood, was aimed at outside interests "who at the present time go about planning for Grand Island without consulting the people of the Island."

Looking Back 50 years - Members of Cub Pack 452 visited the Staley Rd. base of the 606th AAA Bn. (Nike Base) on Saturday, August 11, 1956. Cubs taking part were Robert Burkhard, Thomas Boehm, Barry Flint, Thomas Grycel, Robert Palmatier, Jimmy Avenell, John Barrus, Grant Barrus, Charles Dillemuth, Garry Burnworth, Tommy LaBrake, Donald Crowell, Ricky Whitmire, Karyl Reinauer, Michael Gillow, Joe Gary Liston and Jan Charles Baker. Parents accompanying the group included Donald Crowell, Cubmaster George Flint, Everett Reinauer, Glen Gillow, Irwin Dillemuth and Ronald Whitmire.•••• Grand Island’s Faye Ehde (Valone) was on the cover of the July 21, 1956 issue of Photorama, “WNY’s Most Exciting Publication,” with three more photos inside. Faye was spending the summer as water ski instructor at The Fulton in Old Forge, N.Y. with Connie Godfrey (Millkan) assisting her.

Looking Back 40 years - Two Grand Island beauty shops installed the latest in hair coloring and tinting equipment in the summer of 1966. Rizzo Beauty Shop at 1970 Grand Island Blvd. added the Colormaster by Helene Curtis, and Mr. Carlo, (Carl Lamancuso) whose shop was in the Grand Island Plaza, added Color – Excel by Martin, a slightly more elaborate machine.••••Kids in the Sandy Beach area raised $12 for the Muscular Dystrophy fund on August 13, 1966. The carnival was held at the Spiller and Filosofos residences on Wallace Drive. Those involved were Diane, Cheryl and Freddie Spiller, Denise and Mike Filosofos, and Ricky and Nettie Hansen. •••• The Island Theatre Group held a party Aug. 13, 1966 in the home of Irma and Roy Hawkes of 1226 East River Rd. Members honored at the time were Doug Hawkes for Most Outstanding Newcomer, Joe DiCesare for Best Supporting Actor and Gerry McKeen for Most Promising Talent.

Looking Back 20 years - Approximately 200-300 runners took off at 7 a.m. on Sunday, August 11, 1986 on a 26.2-mile course beginning at Beaver Island State Park signifying the start of the 1986 Empire State Games Marathon. Meet Director was Dick Bessel and among those assisting the event were Pat Bessel, Sharon Kane and Richy Bessel, along with members of the David Rogers, Ken Orlowski, James Mazza, Francis Fred, John Lunney, Andrew Dannels and James Dunlop families.••••Larry Braddell and his sister, Edna opened The West River Restaurant and Lounge at the corner of Staley and West River roads on August 4, 1986.•••• Buffalo Sabres and an Isle All Stars team played a softball game at the Nike Base on the evening of August 15, 1986 with an impromptu party at the Bedell House after the game. Planners of the event were Larry Playfair and Councilman Dan Linenfelser Jr. The GI All-Stars won 10-9 over the Buffalo Sabres. Among the winning team members were Doug Harding, George DeGlopper, John Braddell and Dale Rosene. The Sabres crew included Ted Darling, Jerry Korab, Fred Stanfield, Jim Schoenfield, and Larry Playfair.

A cheery hello to Jean Cooper who is recuperating from surgery, and to Marty Lewis who has been experiencing health problems.

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Our sympathy to the families of Johanna Zakrzewski, Dolores Quinn, and William Gondek Sr. who recently passed away. Click Deaths for complete information.

The Grand Island Republican Picnic will be held on Saturday, and the Historical Society has a Ferry Village Historic Walking tour planned for Tuesday. Check our Calendar of Events for details on these Island Happenings and more.

"Say a prayer for our guys over there." God Bless America.

Thursday, August 3, 2006
Hank and Nonnie Carroll are celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary and are wished many more great years together!••••A belated happy 50th anniversary to former Grand Island residents Paul and Jackie Drainville, now residing in Port St. Lucie, Florida. The Drainvilles were married on June 9, 1956. Click
"50th Anniversary" for story and photos.••••Happy days to Patty and Dale Kratz who will mark their 25th wedding anniversary on August 7th.

East River Road residents Karen and Barry Smith spent a week at the Sagamore Resort in Lake George, NY last month to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary (October 3, 1981). Click these cute photos for a larger view of Karen and Barry!

Island history buffs, take note! The Grand Island Historical Society is offering Ferry Village Historic Walking Tours this month. Click "Historical Society Page" for information. I promise you, you will be delighted with this event!

A very happy birthday to Maureen Glor (today), Alisa Ungaro (25 today), Heather Figler (cheers tomorrow), Jim Kehoe (tomorrow), Mathew Riley (16 tomorrow), Jack Daniel Bridenbaker (2 tomorrow), Ian Diaz (7 on Saturday), Michelle Wing (Saturday), Alexis Victoria Ouchakov (first birthday Saturday), Connie (Rexford) Lewis (best wishes on Sunday), Alex Turner (7 on Sunday), Katrina Linenfelser and John Fletcher II (4th birthdays on Sunday), Richard Smith (cake and candles on Monday), Ben Hoover and Doug Kutzbach Jr. (Tuesday), Danny Dinsmore Jr. (8 on Tuesday), Shannon Becker, Wesley Link and Mary Pietrzak (entering their teens on Wednesday), and Marcy Buell and Sybil Kennedy (Wednesday).

Click photos for larger view!
Speaking of birthdays, Myrtle Killian thoroughly enjoyed her 100th birthday party on Sunday. Thanks to her granddaughter Debbie Killian Coram and daughter-in-law, Judy Killian, who were a tremendous help in providing the story that appeared on last week's front page of Isledegrande.com. In case you missed Myrtle's story, click "100th Birthday"

Married Friday, July 28th and living on the Island are Alan M. Frydrychowski and his bride, the former Heather S. Sowder.•••• Rachel Marie Fenner and Edwin Javier Arteaga were married Saturday, July 29th in St. Joseph Cathedral. The bride is the daughter of Gary and Barbara Fenner of Grand Island.••••Be sure to see the pretty wedding picture of Islanders Kevin Lesika and his bride, the former Danielle Ahrens by clicking Ahrens-Lesika Wedding.

Click photos for larger view!
This past week has been as hot as I can ever remember, and Saturday's wind and rain storm left power out in about 1,600 homes on the north end of the Island. Last I looked at the dockside thermometer, the river was up to 81 degrees and still seemed very refreshing. Linenfelser cousins, Noelle, Katrina, Sammy, Hannah and Evan, along with their parents enjoyed the family's riverfront over the weekend, staying cool in their own little pool as well as the Niagara River.

Fernando Cabral wrote this week to ask if I could connect him with anyone from the Krueger family. Fernando was a Brazilian AFS exchange student to Grand Island in 1967-68, (GI class of 68) and stayed with the Robert and Lee Krueger family. "E-Mail me" if you can help.

Looking Back 50 years - The three finalists in the Fire Company's beauty contest held on the first Saturday in August 1956 and sponsored by Chuck Thress of the Grandyle Pharmacy on Love Road were first place winner Diana Barrie, Miss Grand Island 1956, Sharon Reese (2nd place), and Diane Vigh (3rd place). Along with the contestants in the Miss Grand Island event held during the Fire Company picnic, were "also rans" Mrs. Jean MacKendrick (Miss Oughta Nobetter former Miss GI 1910) and Mrs. Francis Wolf (Miss Sheesa Has been, former Miss GI 1909)

Looking Back 40 years - Among the Superior “A” and “B” award winners of the Alfred DiRocco Music Studio’s annual piano and organ examinations were Christine, Charles and David Bagdy, Lela Coulter (Mancuso), Cathy Parisi (Thomas), Steven Parisi, Christine Ferguson, and MaryBeth Englert (Bush). The students’ teacher was Mrs. Dean E. Little.••••The Beaver Island State Park summer crafts program was led by Peggy Cotter (Will) and Darlene Anthony. A full fledged “Christmas in July” party took place in July 1966. Among the kids attending were David Murek, Ralph Weis, Paulette Alberti and Marie Roberts.••••Sheila Kelley, competing in Junior Olympic track at a qualifying meet on August 1, 1966 in Hamburg, NY, won first place in the 100 yard, 220 yard and 440 yard races. Mike Rodriguez took a first place in the softball throw of 145 feet. The Intermediate four-girl relay team of Sheila Kelley, Gail Depew, Sue Benzing and Betty Muench took a 2nd place and Mike Rodriguez was 2nd in 50-yd. dash.

Looking Back 30 years - At least 60 swimmers braved the chilly air and choppy waters to participate in a Cross River Swim sponsored by the Grand Island Recreation Department on August 7, 1976. Winner of the event was Bob Jarosz. Isle winners were Al Rogers (boys 12-13) and Jim Breier (40 & over).

Thanks to everyone, including Kevin "Skee" Zoldowski, Nancy Buckley Valone, Dave Wunsch, Karen Vanthoff and Sandra Watkins, who wrote with names of the Tyro football players pictured in our Old Photo Album last week.

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Our sympathy to the families of Richard F. LaPress and former resident Mark Dearlove who recently passed away. Click Deaths for complete information.

A Free Family Fun Night is being offered to the community by the Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPS) group at 6:30 p.m. Wednesday, August 9th at Whitehaven Road Baptist Church, 1290 Whitehaven Road. Click Free Family Fun Night for more information.

Since many Islanders attended Kenmore West, it's most appropriate to announce the "All School" fifth annual "Under the Tent Bash" tomorrow night at 7 p.m. at River Oaks. There is no cover charge. A cash bar is available. Call Dianne Janus at 743-1129 for more information.

Island native Phil Killian, proud grandfather of twins, Kaylee and Kyrstin Lekki, reports that the girls, members of the elite 16U Amherst Lightning Gold, just returned from Ohio where they competed against 113 teams from all over the Eastern U.S. and Canada, winning 11 straight games and the National Championship (2006 Pony National Champions).

There is a long list of events in our Calendar of Events - too many to mention, except for the "The Masters Memorial Golf Tournament - The Legend Lives" on Monday and a Special Election on Tuesday. Click above and check out the Island Happenings.

Get well wishes to Bob Clement and Delorous DiTullio who are now recuperating at home.

"Say a prayer for our guys over there."    God Bless America.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

2001 photo
Myrtle Killian, who spent most of her life living on Grand Island before moving to Briarwood Manor in Lockport, New York, will celebrate her 100th birthday on Sunday, July 30th with a party for friends and family. Cards may be sent to her at 1001 Lincoln Ave., Lockport, NY 14094. For a complete story and photos, click "Happy 100th Birthday, Myrtle"

Diane                                    Barb                                     Sandra
These Sidway School photos are always fun to look back on. That's Diane DiTullio Muscoriel and Barb Kaiser Spaulding when they were in Mrs. Margaret Webster's first grade. On the right is 9th grader Sandra Fleming Bowers, Sidway School Class of 1951. Happy birthday to Diane and Barb celebrating a birthday today and to Sandy who will celebrate hers tomorrow.

My brother-in-law, Dan Linenfelser, was serenaded throughout the day with the Beetles song, When I'm 64! Happy birthday, Dan, who turned the big 6-4 on Friday, the 21st.

Lifelong Island resident Ronae Shamrock and Mark Zaifert, also of the Island were married July 8th overlooking the beach at Beaver Island. Ronae is the daughter of Diane Smith of Grand Island and Ron Lagattuta of Cape Coral Florida. Richard Zaifert of Amherst and Karen Zaifert of Alleghany are the groom's parents.••••Carmella M. Martinez and Samuel T. Campbell were married Friday, July 21st. ••••Kristen A. Pastore, daughter of Gregory and Patricia Pastore was married Saturday to Michael J. Capuana in St. Stephen's Church.

Best wishes to Nan and Del Haller who will celebrate their 45th wedding anniversary on Saturday.

A big happy birthday to Bob Schmidt who is celebrating today, Marcia Hagerty (today), Janet Badame (Saturday), David Tornabene (16 years old on Sunday), Sarah Victor (a teenager on Sunday), Nicholas Panepinto (10 on Sunday), Bruce Gentz (his 75th on Monday), Lisa Cummings (a big one on Tuesday), Francesca Kustra (20 on Tuesday), Marissa Lange (Sweet 16 on Tuesday), Thomas Kalman (entering his teens on Tuesday), Hannah Linenfelser (9 on Tuesday), and Tyler Wunsch (13 on Wednesday).

Looking Back 70 years - A Water Power and Control Commission hearing was held Tuesday, July 28, 1936 regarding Grand Island Water District No. 2, a $137,000 project that would cost the property owners of the second water district 55% and the government an outright gift of 45%.••••Dr. A. G. Baitz of Buffalo, a dyed-in-the-wool Island weekender was thinking seriously of hanging out his shingle at the end of Charlie Davern’s dock on Saturday and Sunday for pursuing the dental profession here. When Dr. Baitz docked his boat at Davern’s Tavern, he was hailed by a sufferer of a toothache. He produced his kit of instruments which he carries with him at all times and set to work on the dock to relieve the poor fellow’s suffering. Before the weekend was over he worked on two more patients.

Looking Back 60 years - A feature of the July 27-28, 1946 Aquagatta was the competition for the Jafco Marine Trophy, sponsored by John A. Frauenhein of the Jafco Marine Basin as a point accumulative prize for 135 cubic inch hydroplanes. Sponsors of the third regatta in this series, held off the "Grand Island Marine Stadium" course on the East River were the Grand Island American Legion Post and Mercury Power Boat Club.••••The local paper reported that the law was called out on Sunday, July 28, 1946 to unsnarl the traffic jam on the bridge caused by Sunday drivers who stopped in the middle of the bridge to view the races.

Looking Back 50 years - The annual Girl Scout/Brownie two-week day camp began on July 30, 1956 in the woods behind Sidway School. ••••Groundbreaking ceremonies for the new $1,250,000 elementary school being built on Huth Road were held on Tuesday, July 31, 1956. School board members Fred Turner, Charles Soch, Walt Tanner, LaVerne Harding, Richard Buzby, Richard Hogue, and Board Chairman Dr. John Fontana were in attendance. “On this ground from which once came wheat, the staff of life, will spring new generations to carry forth the ideals in which we believe,” declared Dr. Fontana.••••The 16 charter members of Explorer Post 258 who were granted a charter on Tuesday, July 24, 1956 at Isle Teen Town were Ford Cowden, Fred Cowden, Edward Gibbs, Gerald Mayer, James P. Neimeier, Robert Payne, Richard Robinson, David Salt, Phil Simpkins, Richard Titterington, Floyd Uonites, Dale J. Velie, David Velie, Jerry Bell, Larry Bell and Richard Collins.

Looking Back 40 years - Marshall Rick & Annie Oakley of the Texas Coral and Island Pantry, 2024 Grand Island Blvd., announced an "all new Pizza" in the summer of '61.••••Charlie Ahr’s Tavern at Ferry and Elmwood roads was fast becoming the “fun corner” on the Island, thanks to great weekend entertainment including Howard Zimmerman’s famed cards and dice tricks, the singing of Russ Cairone, and the fun music of the Happy Tones. •••• 300 Islanders attended Grand Island's Crystal Beach Day held July 28, 1966 and sponsored by the Kiwanis, Lions and Zonta clubs. Among numerous winners were Russell Certo (penny search), Daneen Certo (Gallagher) (shoe scramble), and Dana James (100-yard dash).

Looking Back 30 years - News of the day in July 1976: The elimination of jobs in the Sheriff’s Department will cause the shut down of sub-stations throughout the county. It is a well known fact that the State Police have already begun reducing their personnel in this area. The proposed elimination of Sheriff’s Dept. personnel would leave more than 15 communities in the county without even minimal police protection. It is obvious that this would lead to lawlessness and crime. The article was written by John J. Evans, President, Local #2060 AFSCME, AFL-CIO. Editor's note: It seems everything old is new again!

Looking Back 20 years - Dr. Paul Fields was appointed Middle School assistant principal and Gerald Hale became the high school assistant principal. ••••Costume winners in the Sandy Beach Park Club’s annual kids’ parade in July 1986 included an Arab Harem by the Krause family who won first prize. Other winners of the day were Mike Lazarro, Rebecca Piatek, Laura Fik, Donald Silversmith, Jarin Vincent, Clip Class and Frank Vacanti.••••A new business on the Island, Class Athlete, at 1713 Grand Island Blvd., opened next to Spectrum Video with a full line of pro baseball jackets, varsity jackets, Grand Island corduroy jackets, Vikings shorts and much more.

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Our sympathy to the families of Deborah Jacobs-LaLiberty, Doris “Dj” Kuntz, Jane M. LaRiviere and former resident Melva Alt who recently passed away. Click Deaths for complete information.

Jim Brown of White Oak Lane, a longtime boxing enthusiast and treasurer of the RING 44 of the Buffalo Veteran Boxers Association is in charge of reservations ($35) for the organization's 10th annual Hall of Fame Dinner at 6 p.m. August 11th in Salvatore's Italian Gardens. To be honored are the late George "Big Boy" Brackey, heavyweight who boxed between 1934 and 1946; the late Monsignor Franklin Kelliher, boxer, promoter, trainer, 1938-1973; Dick Topinko, light welterweight, 1968-1971; Danny DiLiberto, lightweight, 1957-1959; the late Charlie Murray, promoter, 1900-1950, and the late Ted Whitfield, welterweight, 1964-1968.

The 5th Annual "Dick Pendleton Memorial Super Cruise" is being held Sunday at the Charles N. DeGlopper Memorial VFW Post #9249, 2121 Grand Island Blvd. from noon to 4 p.m. One of the features of the afternoon will be the live music of "Big Wheelie and the Hub Caps."

Grand Island's own “Ramblin’ Lou Family Band” will play at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday at the Town Commons, and the Zonta Club is sponsoring a “Beef-on-Weck” Dinner ($6) from 5-8 p.m. "National Night Out" will also be staged in the same area.••••National Night Out is also being held from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. on Tuesday at the Town Hall Gazebo.

"Say a prayer for our guys over there."

Thursday, July 20, 2006
Gerrie Andolina, topnotch sales rep for Century 21 - Winklhofer, has announced a chicken BBQ taking place at the Century 21 office, 1770 Grand Island Blvd., today beginning at 4 p.m. Tickets are $8.00 and take out is available. The BBQ benefits Habitat for Humanity.

Wedding Bells! Deanna Marie Garvey and Scott Allen Butcher were married Saturday. Parents of the bride and groom are Patrick and Pamela Garvey of Grand Island and John and Karen Butcher of Tonawanda.••••Joseph L. Viola was married to Ashley Fenwick-Naditch on Saturday. The groom is the son of Jocelyn M. Viola of Grand Island and Jerome P. Viola of Golden, Colorado.••••Married Saturday, June 10, 2006 in St. Stephen's Church were Carrie Nicole DeCarolis and Patrick Michael Hernly.

Tom and Ellie Zarbo are wished the very best on their 50th wedding anniversary tomorrow.••••Matthew and Kate "Crowe" Olin were married 20 years yesterday. Happy anniversary Kate and Matthew.

Berlinger Front Yard - click for larger view!
Happy birthday to Chuck Berlinger (the big 4-0 tomorrow),Paul "Buck" Long (11 tomorrow), Jean Anstett (tomorrow), Victoria Mordaunt (Saturday), Bill Stratton (cheers on Sunday), Maya Jean Pecoraro (3 on Sunday), Kady Liesenfeld (8 on Monday), Jim Dahlquist (his 21st birthday on Monday), Sandy Peper (Tuesday), Lindsey Spiker (10 on Wednesday), and Eleeta Hughes (Wednesday).

Our news on the Samplinski family last week arrived in an email a year late. Click "Samplinski Baby" for the story and new photo!

Looking Back 70 years - Parishioners of St. Stephen’s and Mary Star of the Sea churches held their annual lawn fete and dinner at the St. Stephen’s grounds on Saturday, July 25, 1936. Music was provided by the Boys’ Band of the German Roman Catholic Orphanage with musicians ranging in age from 9 to 14 years. Chairing the summer event were Eugene Bucher and Mary Roe.

Looking Back 60 years - A horseshoe tournament in conjunction with the Erie County Youth Bureau took place at Sidway School Friday, July 26, 1946. Winner in the junior division was Charles Marlin who defeated Howard Killian, the runner-up. Robert Dworak was the winner of the intermediate division with Jim Ehde, the runner-up.

Looking Back 50 years - Wallace Drive resident, Bob Robinson, a 19-year-old UB student, captured two trophies during Sunday races at the Sandy Beach Yacht Club. New sails on his Lightening Debby J helped him win the Art Little trophy series. ••••Oliver and Elsa Glessner were issued a license to sell beer at retail in their grocery store, Riverview Food Shop, at East River and Kirkwood Drive. ••••Dan McNamee Jr. suffered a fractured foot when steering apparatus broke on his outboard race boat during a race Sunday, July 22, 1956. During his trip to Columbus Hospital, the ambulance he was riding in collided with a motorcycle driven by a Deputy Sheriff.••••Two nuclear bombs, each equivalent to millions of tons of TNT, were supposedly dropped in the Buffalo area July 20, 1956. “Air raid sirens on Grand Island will whine out their warnings as local civil defense organizations are activated in the nationwide training exercise,” the local paper reported. Among those very involved in Civil Defense on the Island at time were Franklin L. Klocke, Clarence R. Dixon and Dr. John Fontana. •••• Approximately 4,000 visitors toured the six model homes open to the public at the Grand Opening and Sales program of Falconwood No. 2 on Sunday, July 22, 1956. The houses, located on Love Road across from Mesmer’s Dairy, remained open on a daily basis.

Looking Back 40 years - Lois Martene was not only celebrating a milestone birthday 40 years ago but also received the title of “Strawberry Queen” after picking 33 quarts of strawberries. Lois celebrated her 90th birthday on July 9th of this year.••••Acme Markets advertised a 3-ounce package of cream cheese at 10 cents. •••• Tops Market was leading the Recreation Softball League as of July 11, 1966 but only by a half a game. Tiny’s remained as half game out after outlasting Tappakeggas, 11-7. Bunny Luther led the hitting parade with 3 hits and 4 RBI. George Harsch had 2 hits and 3 RBI. Ron Weise picked up the win, striking out nine. For the losers, Scott Herlan smashed a 2-run homer and Art Ciechoski contributed 3 hits.

Looking Back 30 years - The New York Telephone Company introduced a new service, “Call Forwarding” and new Touch-Tone pushbutton phones were available on the Island with this option.

Looking Back 20 years - More than 200 Wheelmen and their 100-year-old bicycles converged on Grand Island at the Holiday Inn for their 19th annual national meet July 24-27, 1986. •••• A flashing yellow light for pedestrian crossings was erected at the intersection of Broadway and the South Parkway. ••••The Grand Island Fire Company sponsored a simulated accident with multiple injuries on Industrial Drive, west of Grand Island Blvd. that began at 8 a.m. Saturday, July 20, 1986. ••••Larry Furnia and his co-chairmen, Ralph Brown, Jim Ehde and Bob Bonsack made sure nearly 1000 handicapped youngsters and their counselors had a good time at the 28th annual Lion’s Club picnic at the Buffalo Launch Club. Among others helping with the outing were Lou Macro and Jim Kennedy.

Congratulations to Bill DeGlopper who earned the Silver Cup in the Celebrity skiff event during the recent Detroit Gold Cup races. The Detroit River Regatta Association (DRRA) hosted the fastest growing division of the American Power Boat Association, the Vintage & Historic Racing Division, in its 2006 Chrysler-Jeep, Superstores Detroit APBA Gold Cup festivities. Ken Brodie is also to be congratulated on his second place in the Unlimited Lights race.••••Congratulations to Billy Scherrer, a former major league baseball player and scout who was recently inducted into the Greater Buffalo Sports Hall of Fame.

We welcome our two newest advertisers, Tricia Vacanti-Belter - Attorney at Law and Kelly Petrie - Coldwell Banker - Chub Real Estate. Also spotlighted this week are Grand Island/Olcott,
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Our sympathy to the family of Clifford H. Jones and George B. Smith who recently passed away. Click Deaths for complete information.••••John Lummen, organist at Trinity UM Church on Grand Island, died on July 14, 2006. A memorial service will be held at 3 p.m. Sunday, July 23, 2006 at the church, 2121 Whitehaven Road.

The Tonawanda High School Class of 1951, which includes Islanders from the Sidway School 8th grade graduating class of 1947, will hold a 55th reunion on Sunday. Contact Sue (Barbas) Toth at 693-4120 for more information.••••Islanders who are a part of the Kenmore East High School Class of 1966 should be aware that there is a 40th class reunion planned for this weekend. A happy hour will be held at the Holiday Inn Grand Island tomorrow night and a dinner dance is scheduled for Saturday evening at the Buffalo Launch Club. For more information, call 831-7201.

The town sponsored band concerts at the Town Commons continue every Tuesday evening. You might want to jot this one down on your calendar! “Ramblin’ Lou Family Band” will play at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, August 1st which is also the Island's “National Night Out.” Skip dinner and take advantage of the Grand Island Zonta Club's “Beef-on-Weck” Dinner during Ramblin' Lou's concert! Sounds like a good idea to me.

"Say a prayer for our guys over there."

Thursday, July 13, 2006
Wedding bells! Kevin P. Lesika and Danielle J. Ahrens were married Saturday. Their parents are Donald and Bonnie Ahrens, Dennis Lesika and Linda Hall, all of Grand Island.••••Amanda Becker was married to Jason B. Myers on Saturday. The bride is a Spanish teacher in Grand Island High School, and daughter of Donald and Kathleen Becker of Grand Island.••••Somer D. Mayer was married to Sean G. Soper on Saturday. Pamela and Charles H. Mayer Jr. of Grand Island are the bride's parents.••••Gina Mansour became the bride of Alan E. Govern on Friday, July 7th. The groom is the son of Mary and Eugene Govern Jr. of Grand Island.••••Julie A. Roth, daughter of Jon and Jean Roth of Grand Island became the bride of James J. Neville on Saturday.••••Jason A. Trunzo and Marla M. D'Aloise were married May 20th. Jason is the son of Marie Trunzo of Buffalo and Anthony and Lisa Trunzo of Grand Island.

Congratulations to Steve and Amy Samplinski on the birth of their third child, Mitchell Stephen Samplinski, on May 28, 2005. Click
"Baby Mitchell" for his picture and story.

Happy birthday to Beth Fancher and Gail "Jacobs" Howe (today), Sarah Chamberlain (her 11th birthday today), Taylor Benton (6 today), Fred Jarzab (tomorrow), David A. Anderson II (18 on Saturday), Tammy Anderson and Ben Titus (Saturday), Joe Edel (16 on Sunday), Betty Clement (wished a glorious birthday on Sunday), Brett Bullock and Fran Havens (Monday), Andrew Sander (11 on Wednesday), and Leah Gollwitzer, Bill Shaw and Bill Speidel (Wednesday).

Looking Back 100 years - July 14, 1906 marked the formal opening of the spacious, new three-story Buffalo Launch Club clubhouse and completion of an L shaped, sheeted pier that formed a harbor dredged to eight feet. On the club grounds were tennis courts, croquet and quoit (shuffleboard) fields, accented by terraces, shrubbery and flowers. The building was 106 feet in length with a depth of 42 feet and featured wide verandas on three sides. Wide doors from the lower veranda opened into a reception hall with a massive fireplace and winding staircase. The building on East River Road eventually burned and was replaced with the present day clubhouse.

Looking Back 60 years - Edward Kinkel applied to the town board for "permission to construct a timber pile bent dock and two cluster piles in the east branch of the Niagara River on the easterly shore of Motor Boat Island."

Looking Back 50 years - Joseph Pitts, president of the Sandy Beach Park Club, expressed extreme disappointment over the poor attendance and rude behavior of several of the teenagers at July 1956 meeting held in the Sandy Beach Yacht Club. The meeting’s purpose was to discuss with the young people and their parents the 10 p.m. curfew to be imposed at Sandy Beach beginning next week.••••Army officials met on Friday, July 13, 1956 with Islanders at the town hall who claimed the Nike and anti-aircraft installations here on the Island were causing them inconvenience. Among complaints were constant noise of a camp generators, blaring of a public address system at the Nike site, and parking problems.

Looking Back 40 years - Near record crowds of close to 30,000 jammed Beaver Island over the July 4th weekend in 1966, keeping Beaver Island Parkway heavy with traffic. Park police reported, "No traffic problems developed, thanks to the existence now of two south Grand Island bridges."

Looking Back 30 years - Walter Kelly, Kelly’s Country Store proprietor, purchased School #5 and had it moved to its present location.••••The Business and Professional Women’s Club of Grand Island held its charter luncheon Saturday, July 10, 1976 at the Holiday Inn. Among those listed as charter members were Shirley Luther, Doris Rees, Susan Schaefer, Helen Staley, Joan Droit, Kay E. Tyson, and Audrey Mondry.••••Michael Martineck portrayed George M. Cohan in a song and dance routine accompanied by a chorus when music teachers Dorothy Egan and Marge Egan conducted a program of American music in the summer of 1976. Sherry Balser, Mary Jankowski and Tina Rose did a Charleston dance; Alaina Rowswell, Wendy Fredenburg, Rossano Galante, Michelle Becker and Karen Jamison performed in a Sesame Street number.

Beth Hamilton-Boening, GIHS Class of 1979, wrote this week about her visit to the Island. Her son, Jacob, was tickled to death to find his favorite book, Where The Sidewalk Ends, at a Fernwood Lane garage sale and made "mom" take his picture! "The KOA was tickled to see and meet him and they gave him a free paddle boat ride," Beth said. Scroll down to the Thursday, June 22, 2006 column for a previous KOA story and photo of Jacob.

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Our sympathy to the families of Donald Deschamps, William S. Wilson, Constance J. Gilbert, Walter Kelly, Skip Trautman and former residents Roy W. Sexton Jr. and David Prentice who recently passed away. Click Deaths for complete information.

The annual Canal Fest being held just across the Niagara River opens Sunday. The parade will be held on Main Street at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday and is themed "Rock "N" Roll 60's 60's 70's." Click Canal Fest 2006 for complete details.

Among the long list of happenings on the Island this week are the "Friends Of Lynnette Auction and Bike Tour," St. Stephen's "Hoopla," St. Martin's Chicken BBQ and Silent Auction, Historic Trinity's Garden Tour, a benefit for Barbara Coady, car show at the Moose Lodge, a Blood Drive, and the Tuesday night band concert which will feature the Historical Society's "Root Beer Float Social. Click Events Calendar for more information.

"Say a prayer for our guys over there."

Thursday, July 6, 2006
This year's July 4th parade was one of the best especially in regard to bands and musical groups. The Niagara Frontier Concert Band, whose members include Peter and Paul Minton, was a new addition to the line-up this year. One of the Island's favorites, the Islettes Elite, were saved for last and were well worth the wait. Grand Island's parade will be televised on Adelphia 13 at 4:30 p.m. Saturday, July 8th and again at 8 p.m. Monday, July 10th.

Those who attended the Class of '66 reunion events will surely be talking about this weekend for a long time. Terry Swain - you rock! Reunion photos will be added to Isledegrande.com in the upcoming weeks.

Barb Zafuto and her sister, Sharon Nichols are back at their summer hot spot, the Village Hot Dog Stand in Ferry Village. How very nice of the girls to keep this historic piece of Grand Island alive. The Village Hot Dog Stand is open from 11:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. Thursdays through Sundays.

Happy birthday to Jacob Zimmerman (11 today), Lois Boettcher, Doug Kutzbach , Earl DeGlopper Sr. and Joanne Carr (all celebrating tomorrow), Autumn Kaiser (Sweet 16 tomorrow), Matthew Brady (18 on Saturday), Shannon Robillard (double digits – 10 on Sunday), Lois Martene (her 90th on Sunday), Joan Group (Sunday), Dan Heimbach ( a big one on Sunday), Al Bykowicz (Monday), Mark Frentzel (Tuesday), Sarah Webb (a teenager on Tuesday), and Ashley Dragonette (10 on Wednesday).

Very Best wishes to John and Carrie-Anne Badame Vieceli who will celebrate their first wedding anniversary on July 9th. Happy Anniversary to John and Zdenka Gast, celebrating 36 years tomorrow.

Looking Back 70 years - The Catholic Daughters of America sponsored a card party and supper at 3 p.m. Saturday, July 11, 1936 in St. Stephen’s Church Barn.••••Edgewater Park on East River Road was advertising its Merry-Mix-up, a new ride, just installed.

Looking Back 60 years - A teen reporter wrote the following in the local paper, published every other week: “A July 11th wiener roast and game night at Trudy Nachbauer’s has been cancelled because we couldn’t get wieners. In its place we will have a swimming party at Beaver Island at 8 p.m. •••• Bill Dekdebrun Jr. was fined $10 by his dad for breaking windows in their carriage house. Billy was quite unhappy about this, as he was saving to buy a boat.

Looking Back 50 years - Commander Ted Dunbar of the American Legion Post 1346 was in charge of the annual field day being held on July 7th instead of the usual July 4th. This picnic was held on the fire hall grounds and fireworks were shot off on the vacant land across Baseline Road.••••Two skeletons and a third skull were unearthed by NYS Thruway workmen in a gravel pit on the Express Highway near the West River Parkway overpass. The skeletons, of Indian decent, had apparently been in a deteriorated box made of inch pine boards.

Looking Back 40 years - Grand Island Memorial Library Librarian Ethel Kaiser was promoting the summer Vacation Reading Club for kids in grades 3-6 in the summer of 1966.

Looking Back 30 years - The cupola off the "old" Town Hall was moved into place at Kelly's Country Store by Earl Long and Sons Landscaping. The 'move' was in conjunction with the old school house display in recognition of the Bicentennial Celebration. The tower was to be refinished, windows replaced, painting done and the dome returned to the original gold appearance. ••••Girl Scouts Holly Smith, Kim Crawford, Lorrie Pownall and Michele Franz painted the hydrants along the parade route on Grand Island Blvd. for the July 4th parade. ••••Among the winners in the Jaycees Bike Rodeo on Saturday, June 12, 1976 were David D. Green, Tina Grimes, Robert Noble, Alfred Wasse and Anthony Wade.••••108 runners participated in the road race when Kevin Foley of Grand Island took first place. The 1976 parade was organized by Jean and Bob Bennett.

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Our sympathy to the families of Jamie Alan Smith and Patricia (Webber) Majtyka and former resident Wilma Denler who recently passed away. Click Deaths for complete information.

The lack of power boats on the river, usually packed with boats over the 4th of July weekend, is probably due to the high price of gas. It didn't seem to effect the number of waverunners out there or the young people who operate them. Actually the river these days looks more like it did in the 1960s!

A "Spirit Auction" takes place Sunday at Trinity UM Church. Check our Calendar of Events for details and other Island happenings.

"Say a prayer for our guys over there."

Thursday, June 29, 2006
Reg Schopp, owner of
deSignet International right here on Whitehaven Road, is featured in the June 23, 2006 issue of Business First in regard to his custom jewelry creations. Stop by deSignet International and talk to Reg about designing jewelry for you or for your special someone. Reg is also the reason we are so fortunate to have Grand Island's only online newspaper here at Isledegrande.com.

Congratulations to Stacy and Jeff Khreis on the birth of their daughter, Raven Sienna on Tuesday, June 14th. Raven Sienna weighed in at seven pounds. Proud grandparents are Islanders John and Corrine Simon and Ihbraham and Sheila Khreis.

This is Miss Megan Elizabeth Pinzel, the daughter of Michelle and Mark Pinzel and celebrating her first birthday on Sunday. Happy birthday, Megan!

Click photo for larger view with Daddy.
In case you didn't see her on the front page of Isledegrande.com last week, Maria Regina Pawelczyk was born Thursday, June 8, 2006 to Island residents John and Siobhan Pawelczyk. Maria joins her one-year-old brother, Joseph.

Jean and Ralph Hoover celebrated with David Anderson, the last of their seven grandchildren to graduate from Grand Island High School. Grandpa Ralph sports the graduation cap, a family tradition!

Judy Buzby gave a beautiful Eulogy at her dear friend, Christine Ryshkus' funeral and I have been asked to share it with you. Click for "Christine's Eulogy".

Michael P. Knab, a graduate of Grand Island High School and the Nascar Technical Institute, was married to Kathryn A. Reagan on Saturday, June 24th. The groom is the son of Isle residents William and Ines Knab.

Click photos for larger view.
Bridget and Molly McMahon (in pink) let it rip at the Caribbean Luau at Sunset Bay Beach Club this past Saturday. The girls were on stage with the Key West Express who provided the Jimmy Buffet music.

Happy birthday to Alicia Ann Ellson and Brian Lipp (today), Janice Becker (special greetings today), Gloria Worley (tomorrow), Joey Cali (4 on Saturday), Michele Fred and Town Councilman Gary Roesch (Saturday), Chelsea Robillard (8 on Saturday), Kyle Staub (9 on Monday) and Bill Wood (his 80th on Tuesday).

Celebrating their golden wedding anniversary are Dave and Donna Staley Mesmer. The Mesmers were married in Trinity Church on Saturday, June 30, 1956 with a reception held in the Grand Island Fire Hall. Happy days, Dave and Donna!•••• Best wishes to Mike and Lisa Gallagher on their 20th wedding anniversary on Wednesday, July 5th.••••And last but certainly not least, Kelly and J Petrie will mark their first wedding anniversary on Sunday! Have a great day J and Kelly.

Looking Back 70 years - It was announced in the July 3, 1936 edition of the Grand Island News that according to the Board of Education the new Grand Island grade school would be known as the Charlotte Sidway School. This was in appreciation of a gift of $1,600 for the installation of complete kitchen equipment on the part of Mrs. Sidway’s estate.

Looking Back 60 years - On June 27, 1946 a new grocery and meat market opened at the site of the former Pinkel Food Store on Baseline Road across from St. Stephen’s Church. The new venture was to be known as the Red & White Superette and was operated by Bernie Brackett and Johnny Tunnell.••••The local paper’s Across the Mahogany With “Willie” column noted that the lack of beer and food was keenly felt by all the taverns over the previous weekend due to the unprecedented crowds who made their appearance on the Island. Everyone was in search of fresh air, beer and food – and fresh air was the only thing there was a lot of. The article estimated 13,000 people invading the Island on Sunday and reported many of the Islanders stayed home and “let the city folks take over – and they did!” Ziggy, the restaurant on the corner of Baseline and Love, closed that same Sunday due to lack of food and also to conserve on beer.

Looking Back 50 years - An unused stable on the Frank J. Offermann estate on East River Road was destroyed by fire Saturday evening, June 30, 1956. Firemen unable to save the building concentrated on preventing flames spreading to a nearby garage and apartment occupied by Karl J. Offermann, his wife, and six children. •••• A trail of downed trees, power blackouts and near-escapes from drowning and death was left on the Island by a severe thunder squall of near hurricane force on Sunday, July 1, 1956. A huge traffic congestion in the Grand Island Blvd./ South Parkway resulted from the storm as a near capacity crowd of 18,000 at Beaver Island Park fought its way homeward through the gusts of thick dust sweeping the highways. •••• Grand Island’s own Tubby (Glenn) Smith and his Pennsylvania Ridgerunners entertained the town’s teenagers at the Youth Center on Baseline Road 50 years ago this week.

Looking Back 40 years - The Town Recreation Department provided a mobile playground that visited in the areas of Edgewater, Harvey and East River roads, and West River and Fix roads.•••• Modern, colonial style apartments were under construction at Whitehaven and Baseline roads as part of a multi-million dollar development of Lawrence A. Grant, president of Mid-Island Properties Inc. Frank Klocke’s barn was still standing on the property at 2025 Whitehaven Road, approximately 50 years old and was built by John Schutt.••••The July 4, 1966 weekend at Beaver Island State Park brought a near record crowd of close to 30,000.

Looking Back 30 years - The first road race, a 2-mile race on Grand Island Boulevard from the South Grand Island Bridge to the reviewing stand in front of the fire hall was held July 4, 1976.

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Our sympathy to the families of Kathryn L. (Vanthoff) Raby and Paul F. Kane who recently passed away. Click Deaths for complete information. Click also for information on the July 1st memorial service for Betty O'Dea-Carr.

Three of our favorite, family fishermen, spent Saturday morning out on Lake Erie with Charter Captain, avid fisherman and good friend Ted Kessler who certainly knows where to take the guys to reel in the big ones!

Two-year-old Abby Jackson broke her leg last week "doing what toddlers do - jumping around and having fun!" I'm sure Abby would enjoy some get well cards. She is the daughter of Tonya and Adam Jackson of 4th Street and granddaughter of Jean Tickner and Carol and Gary Jackson all of G.I.

Attention singers!! Don't forget that the first rehearsal of the newly organized Grand Island Community Chorus takes place at 7 p.m. Wednesday, July 5th in Historic Trinity Church, 2100 Whitehaven Road.

For information on the GIHS Class Reunions, and Independence Day events, click the Isledegrande Events Calendar

"Say a prayer for our guys over there."

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Click the photo for a larger view.
Wedding Bells! Married Saturday in Trinity Church were Rachel Wilkinson and Mark Marinucci. Parents of the bride and groom are David and Vickie Wilkinson and Bob and Elaine Marinucci. The reception was held at Klock's Grove in West Seneca. After honeymooning in Mexico, the newlyweds will live on Grand Island. Best wishes, Rachel and Mark.

Congratulations to the graduates of the Class of 2006. Grand Island High School's 41st commencement exercises will be held this evening at Kleinhan's Music Hall. Ranking first and second respectively in the Class of '06 are Katharine Rogers and Chelsea DeGlopper. Class president is Breanne DeMarco.

Former resident Beth Hamilton-Boening, GIHS Class of 1979, now in Alabama, wrote this week to say the benefit for her sister, Kathy Hamilton Dawkins and Kathy's young daughter, was a huge success. Kathy's husband died of a heart attack in January at the age of 43. Beth, who with her son, Jacob, will be on the Island staying part of the time at the KOA from Tuesday, June 27th to after the 4th, was surprised to see Jacob's picture on the Island KOA website. The photo was taken last year.

Summer is here on Grand Island. Temperatures reached 92 degrees on Father's Day and many of those with access to the Niagara River were in it. River temperature was at 68 degrees over the weekend. A sure sign of summer here is the first Town sponsored band concert this Tuesday featuring the music of "Creek Bend," an electric bluegrass group playing at 7 p.m. at the town gazebo.

Looking Back 70 years - Members of Mary Star of the Sea Church on July 4, 1936, celebrated the 25th anniversary of the Laying of the Cornerstone and the beginning of church services at the south end of the Island. ••••The town board voted to have Supervisor John L. Mesmer Jr. officially request the NYS Highway Department and the Grand Island Bridge Commission to allow for egress from the circle at the South Bridge to the East River, to facilitate transportation for those people using the East River Road as a means of approaching the bridge.•••• The last of the concrete was poured under the guidance and supervision of Alvin S. Long to complete the construction of the south parkway from the Bush Road to Beaver Island State Park. This was a continuation of the road from the south bridge to the Park and was the final link as called for in the original plans. The South Parkway was to connect with a road through Beaver Island State Park which was in the process of construction by the C. C. C. labor from Camp SP – 56.

Looking Back 50 years - An unused stable on the Frank J. Offermann estate on East River Road, just south of Cox Road, was destroyed by fire Saturday evening, June 30, 1956. Firemen, unable to save the building, concentrated on preventing flames spreading to a nearby garage and apartment occupied by Karl J. Offermann, his wife, and six children.••••Bill and Marion Pinkow of Westwood Drive were guests of honor when members of the Grand Island Kiwanis Club held their 4th annual Outstanding Citizen Award Dinner on Monday, June 25, 1956 at the Edgewater Restaurant. •••• Twenty-eight Island seniors received diplomas at Tonawanda High School Tuesday, June 26, 1956. Among the Islanders were Joan Benton (Templeton), Gail Burgstahler (Rothenberg), Barbara DeGlopper (Butterworth), Myrna Dworak (Boerschig), Ronald Edmonds, Barbara Gross (Marlin), Roger Killian, Joan Lafferty (Kivett), William Linton, Ronald Livingston, Mary Malecki (Zerilli), Edwin Marlin, and Daralene Meyers (Jones).••••Mesmer’s Supper Club was advertising a shrimp cocktail served with dinner at 50 cents extra. The menu also featured filet mignon at $3.50, lobster tails at $3.25 and roast prime rib of beef at $3.50.

Looking Back 40 years - The Island’s first Grand Island High School senior prom was held at the Beaver Island Casino on Friday, June 24, 1966 when Scott Herlan and Kathleen McFee were chosen king and queen of the evening. Helping with the festivities were juniors George Phelps, Michael Kelley, Thomas Walsh and John Lexo.••••132 senior students reach a milestone June 26, 1966 when they received diplomas as GIHS’s first graduating class.

Looking Back 30 years - The State of New York proclaimed a "no swimming ban" in effect at Beaver Island State Park in June 1976.

Looking Back 20 years - Class President Christopher Jellinick gave the welcome address at the 1986 graduation ceremonies in the Niagara Falls Convention Center on June 29, 1986 at 2 p.m. Student speakers were Marc Bodnick, Judith Bayse, Maria Beauregard and Kelly Holway. Principal James Walline and Class Advisor Everett Jewett presented the honors and scholarship awards.

A very happy birthday to Patty Dower Hamilton (today), Matthew Carlson (6 today), Charlie Smilinich (85 tomorrow), Sara Margaret Fletcher (first birthday tomorrow), Mel Passarelli (a milestone tomorrow), Stephanie Goodwill (Sweet 16 on Saturday), Barb Brown (cheers on Saturday), Peggy Will, Barbara McMichael, Lorrie Pownall Savas, Bob Fraser and Sally Goris (best wishes to all on Sunday), Cole Glessner (10 on Sunday), Dick Crawford and Bryan Kaiser (a big one Wednesday) and Wesley Burkman (Wednesday).

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Our sympathy to the families of Christine Ryshkus and former residents Arthur L. Beyer, Nicole E. Herman and Mary B. Narad who recently passed away. Click Deaths for complete information.

The annual Grand Island Blvd. cleanup project is set for this Saturday from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. Volunteers are asked to wear old clothes and gloves and meet at town hall.

Margaret Wooster will speak on "Old and New Visions of Niagara's Power," at a Quality Quest meeting 7 p.m. tonight (Thursday) at the Nike Base recreation center, 3278 Whitehaven Road.

"Say a prayer for our guys over there."

Thursday, June 15, 2006
The cold and windy weather was no match for the Island crowd taking part in the Relay for Life event last Friday night. As most of you know, Grand Island donated an unofficial total of $110,000 with more donations coming in. Great job, Mary A. Dunbar-Daluisio and her co-chair Pete McMahon and all of the numerous workers who made it happen.

2nd Lieutenant Erin Fred, who has been serving our country in South Korea with the 2nd Infantry Division of the U. S. Army Signal Corps, arrived at the Buffalo Airport last Friday where she was greeted by lots of family and friends. Erin, a GIHS graduate, Class of 2000, is enjoying her leave and will be returning to Korea.

Former Love Road residents Dan and Nancy Ford celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary on Friday June 2nd in Peoria, Arizona and are wished the very best.••••A belated happy anniversary to Sandy and Fred Arch. The "love birds" celebrated 31 years on May 30th.••••Happy 56th anniversary to Jean and Ralph Hoover who celebrated on Saturday, June 10th.

Joelle Gibson and Edward Johnson were married May 13th in Florida. See Isledegrande.com's front page for photo and story.••••Army 2nd Lt. Julie C. Bonnevie and Christopher J. Scott were married Saturday in St. Stephen's Church.••••Erika L. McMichael was married Saturday to Christian P. Hanlon. The Hanlons will make their home in Houston after a trip to Hawaii. Best wishes everyone.

Newest addition to the Wright family is Jaimen Reed Wright born April 28, 2006 to Karen and Reed. The darling baby boy is featured on our front page.

Happy birthday to Stacey Scott (her 20th today), Tommy Dzielski (a teenager today), Vinny Covatto and Evan Busch (17th birthdays tomorrow), Tracy Schultz (cheers tomorrow), Morgan Elizabeth Santorio (2 on Saturday), Samantha Dinsmore (Sweet 16 on Sunday), Jaime Dougherty (21 on Monday), Joseph Verdi (10 on Tuesday), Frank Brusino (Wednesday's the big day), and Alice Young Lance and Dennis McMichael (special greetings on Wednesday).

Gail and Kathy Lazenby recently visited the Island. They love the Florida life but took advantage of the great food in WNY. Gail writes that they enjoyed a Beach House fish fry, Andersons beef on weck, Ted's hot dogs, Fortuna's Italian cacciatore and chicken parm, Condrell's ice cream, Original Pancake House apple pancakes, and back to the Beach House for wings. And, on the way out of town they stopped at Tops to buy some Margarita pepperoni, Weber's mustard, and Weber's piccililly relish. "While I really am enjoying my life in Florida, WNY will always have its draw - particularly the foods," Gail writes. The Lazenbys also visited NYC and were "seen" on the David Letterman show during a segment with Rupert G from the Hello Deli. Kathy and Gail were both involved in the camera action. In fact, Kathy even said a few words that appeared on the show. Celebs!

Ellen McDougal was the winner of $100 in the 50/50 split raffle held in conjunction with the Fire Company Ladies Auxiliary Flea Market last Saturday. Congratulations, Ellen.

Looking Back 70 years - The last graduation exercises for Grand Island's 1- and 2-room grade schools was held at 8 o’clock Friday, June 19th, 1936 in the Town Hall. Frederick Killian, Edna Schutt, Kenneth Maurer, Robert Schooping, Carola Long (Freer) and Catherine Killian (Long) were among the 13 graduates.

Looking Back 50 years - The 4th, 5th, and 6th grades attended the Bison doubleheader baseball game on Friday, June 15, 1956 in Buffalo. Four busloads made up the local baseball caravan. The children were chaperoned by teachers, Bea Cady, Elizabeth Daniels, Catherine DiVizio, Betty Long and Jane O’Dell (Baumgarten). ••••Phillip Simpkins was presented his Eagle Scout award June 6, 1956 by Wilfrid Vanthoff.••••Members of the Island's new Explorers Post 258 who attended a Tonawanda area “cook out” were Gerald Mayer, Richard Collins, John Meyers and Robert Payne.

Looking Back 40 years - Sheila Kelley was honored as GIHS’s outstanding girl athlete at the Girls' Athletic Association banquet on May 21, 1966. Sheila broke many records including the 100-yard dash at the 1966 G. A. A. track meet.•••• About 500 people attended a ceremony in Beaver Island State Park casino Tuesday evening, June 7, 1966 when the 33rd Erie County Chapter of the Order of Eastern Star was formally organized on Grand Island. Initiated into the new chapter were nine members, including the associate matron Betty Trianda.••••Among the winners in the June 11, 1966 Jaycee Bike Rodeo held at Huth and Kaegebein schools were Dea Hastrich, Brooke Wood, Denise Deuble, Sheryl Williams, Jim Rodriguez, Kurt Lorence and Russell Beyer. Chairman Donald G. Robinson was assisted by Keith Vanthoff.••••The Vikings track team, undefeated (6-0) in only their second year in the league, won the Erie County Interscholastic Conference Division III Track Championship.

Looking Back 30 years - The Senior class prom, “Night of Nights,” took place Friday, May 28, 1976 at the Parkway Ramada Inn in Niagara Falls, N.Y. Music for the Class of 1976 event was provided by the band, “Weekend.” ••••An open house sponsored by the Grand Island Retired Teachers Association was held at the schoolhouse at Kelly’s Country Store June 18-20, 1976. In the 1880’s the schoolhouse (#5) was located on West River near Fix roads and was moved to Bush and Baseline roads around 1893. It was moved again to the Bell farm at Fix and Baseline in 1918 and finally to Kelly's in the early 1970s.

Looking Back 20 years - The Grand Island Economic Development Corporation opened a full-time office in the former Sidway School to promote Island growth. Robert C. Bonsack Jr. was president and marketing director was Al Popiel.•••• Winners of the Bike-Go-Around, a 21-mile route on the East River and West River Service roads on Saturday, June 7, 1986 were (1st) Rick Trowell, Niagara Falls; (2nd) Rob Buzby and (3rd) Andy Harbison. Other Island winners were Richard Kaiser and Susan Rohan and Ed Weiser. Mike Cavanagh chaired the Chamber of Commerce event.••••Grand Island’s own “Front Row” took first place in the St. Joseph’s High School Battle of the Bands competition. Members were Mike Ruth (keyboard), Jerry Webb (guitar), Mike Vallone (lead vocalist), Brad Verost (bass) and Joe Bruno (drums).••••Angela Scott was named most valuable player at the 1986 GIHS Awards Dinner. Holding the 440 school record, she was also a 2-mile relay school record holder and 3200 relay school and NFL record holder. Coach’s awards went to seniors Sandy Lare and Ann Walker and sophomores Karen Savory and Jackie Ekiss. Training the team were Coach Dick Bessel and Assistant Coach Pat Bessel.

Just heard that Billy Joe Gorrell is recovering from surgery. How about some cards of cheer, folks.

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The annual dance recital of Miss Cathy's Dance Academy is being presented on Monday and Tuesday evening at 6:30 p.m. in the Grand Island High School auditorium. If you are thinking of dance classes for your children in the fall, be sure to see these talented students of Cathy Thomas and her faculty.

As the school year comes to a close, I'd like to wish a lifetime of success to the Grand Island High School Class of 2006. The 41st commencement takes place at 7:00 p.m. Thursday, June 22 in Kleinhan's Music Hall.

"Say a prayer for our guys over there."

Thursday, June 8, 2006

Jodi Robinson Photo - Click for larger view
   Carol Barnhart's co-workers at Town Hall were very appreciative of her entering and winning the WJYE radio contest that offered lunch for all co-workers. Carol wrote in that she wanted to win the prize because everyone at her place of work loves food! The station provided a full buffet much to everyone's delight. By the way, we want to wish a very happy birthday to Carol who celebrates today.

Good news!! Grand Island, New York has been named #1 Inner Suburb in Western New York. Click "for story."


Click photos for larger view
Best wishes to Angela Amato, daughter of David and Nancy Amato of Stony Point Road and Peter Hanel who were married on Saturday in St. Stephen's Church. Peter is the son of Therese and Leonard Hanel of Baseline Road. Their wedding cake, beautiful as it was, was accompanied by a smaller cake topped with an adorable and humorous bride and groom!

Tuesday night's episode of the "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy," featured a makeover with a custom monogram buckle and a matching set of cufflinks made right here on Grand Island by deSignet International, 1869 Whitehaven Road. deSignet owner and jeweler, Reg Schopp, who has also been contracted to design jewelry for the Buffalo Jills, just marked his 10th anniversary on the "World Wide Web."

Island native and television script writer Laurie McCarthy's "Windfall" series on NBC begins at 10 p.m. tonight on Channel 2. The new show is about 20 lottery winners. Click "Windfall" for today's Buffalo News feature by Alan Pergament.

Congratulations to St. Stephen School 4th grader Carleen Conway who won a poster contest sponsored by the Firemen’s Association of the State of New York. Carleen’s poster was the best out of over 6,000 entries. Click "Poster Winner" for her picture and story.••••Congratulations also to Marla Crawford, recently named Educator of the Year for 2006 through the WBEN radio station's year-long competition. Click "Marla Crawford" to read about her honor.

Looking Back 70 years - Paving on the piece of road between the Bush and Spaulding roads began on Monday morning, June 8, 1936 by the C. B. Whitmore Company.••••The third annual Baccalaureate service was held in town hall on Sunday night June 14, 1936. Rev. Harvey Schooping was in charge of the service and Father William Martin delivered the address. In addition to #5 School's 8th grade graduating class, Island students from Riverside High School, Burgard Vocational and Tonawanda High School were invited.••••The Grand Island School Board sold school buildings #3 and #4 at a public auction on Saturday, June 13, 1936 at the town hall. School #3 was purchased by Mrs. Herbert Webb for $325, and #4 to Charles L. Schaeffer for $225. ••••Neighbors were all talking about the new and modern "oil burner" Captain Richard Pettit had installed to heat his home on Ferry Road.••••

Looking Back 60 years - Ernie Godfrey held a first birthday sale from June 13-15, 1946 at his store on Whitehaven Road. In appreciation to the people of Grand Island he offered at sale prices, many scarce items such as soap flakes, tuna fish, Jello and salad dressing.

Looking Back 50 years - Island students in Betty Rogers Beck’s dance recital in Kleinhan’s Music Hall June 15, 1956 included Christine Somer, Suzanne Somer, Linda Hawley, Cindy Senn, Linda Hillock, Cecelia Schieve and Lanie Weiser (Buchholz) (advanced babies), and Theresa Lang, Catherine Lang (Driscoll), Ilona Lang, Sharon Benzing (Minet) and Elizabeth Endres (Barker) (beginners).•••• Among Grand Island residents awarded cash due to Thruway damage claims against the state were Fred Staffen ($33,350) for the five acres of his 100-acre property on Whitehaven Road taken by the Thruway; John E. and Nellie E. Fisher ($12,225) – three acres of their Baseline Road property taken by the state, and Lillian R. Burnett ($2,475), one acre of property on Staley Road. Other decisions were to be made at a later date. ••••The first pack meeting of the newly formed Pack 452 took place Friday, June 8, 1956 in the Kaegebein School gym. Cub Master was George Flint and Cubs included Gary Burnworth, Don Crowell and Ricky Whitmire.••••Honored at a School Safety Patrol assembly in June 1956 with merit awards for their excellence in carrying out their duties were Diane Yakam, a fifth grader at Kaegebein and Jerry Bell, a ninth grader at Sidway.•••• Eighteen members of my scout troop, Troop 337, received First Class awards at a ceremony in Lafayette Avenue Baptist Church in Buffalo on Friday, June 8, 1956. The scouts included Sharon Bauer, Kathy Boettcher Stisser, Peggy Boettcher Fuller, Elizabeth Glor Allen, Diane Harding Swick, Gale Klocke Sander, Carolyn Martene Leggio, Norene Miller, Peggy Pfohl Bauman, Jerilyn Stedman Karb, Dawn Waltman Bukowski and myself. Our devoted scout leader was Lois Martene.

Looking Back 40 years - Representing the top 5% in academic standing in their Grand Island High School Class of 1966 were Jerry Goodwin, Jayne Pless, Penny Tranter (Croot), James Rosensteele, Rita Satterlee (Rosensteele), Linda Darby (Facklam), Leigh Harper and Richard Franke. High school officials made the decision to honor these students at graduation ceremonies Sunday, June 26, 1966 in the auditorium of the school on Ransom Rd. This selection for recognition was been made rather than the usual valedictorian - salutatorian selection.

Looking Back 30 years - The annual Jaycees Bike Rodeo took place on Saturday, June 12, 1976. First place winners included David D. Green (grade k-1st); Tina Grimes (Grade 2-3); and Alfred Wasse (Grade 4-5).

Looking Back 20 years - Dr. Usha Kaul began her pediatric medical practice on Grand Island.••••Lee Cravotta became Grand Island's new superintendent of schools.

Members of the Polizzi's Power Walkers Relay For Life team ask that I remind readers to be sure and stop by the team's site, #47 & 48 for a Massage at the Relay tomorrow evening. Lynn Polizzi will be doing Chair Massage from 7:30 to 10:30 p.m. for a donation of $1.00 per minute. All proceeds to go to Relay for Life/American Cancer Society.

Happy birthday to Cathryn Hilliard (Sweet 16 today), Ray Griffin (the big 4-0 today), Nathan Cook (tomorrow), Maura Rustowicz and Christopher Golde (Saturday), Ora Glor-Newton (her 94th on Saturday), Paul Malecki (Sunday), Michael Avery (a teenager on Sunday), Patrick Ryan (16 on Sunday), Richard Noth (his 70th on Monday), Linda Pinzel (Monday), Dorothy Ahern (Tuesday), Ryan Harnden (16 on Tuesday), Danielle (Hassan) Martin (29 on Tuesday), Kayla Lee Staub (6 on Tuesday), baby Jeffrey Scott Wansart III (first birthday on Tuesday), and David Conboy (12 on Wednesday).

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Our sympathy to the families of Diane Mae Wasson, Richard Criss, William M. Kennedy and former residents Thomas E. "TJ" Gawor and Ann Waldorf Harrington who recently passed away. Click Deaths for complete information.

A belated happy anniversary to Beverly and Dana Boyle who were married 60 years on May 16th.

Tomorrow night's Relay for Life event takes place behind the high school on Ransom Road and promises to be an extraordinary evening of fun along with recognition of those who have lost their battle with cancer and those who have been diagnosed. It is a major fundraiser for the American Cancer Society and a huge community event that starts at 6 p.m. Come enjoy the food, the music, the raffles and cheer on those rounding the track.

The Ladies Auxiliary of the Grand Island Fire Company will hold a Flea Market & Craft Sale and a hot dog sale from 8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturday at Fire Headquarters, Baseline Road. Other weekend events include Vessel Safety Checks at Blue Water Marina and Launch Ramps tomorrow, the Golden Age Club's annual Gram's Garage Sale on Saturday, a Chiavetta BBQ Chicken Dinner at Trinity UM Church on Saturday, and a chicken BBQ at St. Stephen's on Sunday. Check our Calendar of Events for times.

"Say a prayer for our guys over there."

Thursday, June 1, 2006
Lovely weather! Perfect weather! Beautiful weather! Yes, Grand Island is having beautiful summer weather that came into town last week. The Memorial Day weekend couldn't have been more perfect. One family member in the over 50 set, brother-in-law Mike Linenfelser, jumped in the river on Monday morning but did not say it was lovely, perfect, or beautiful - yet!

Karen Vanthoff is wished a wonderful birthday on Sunday. "Hope it's one of your best, Karen."•••• Happy birthday to Christopher Steckelberg and Jason Gonda (both turning 20 today), to June Byron (happy 85th today), Leslie Madigan and Greg Barker (cheers today), Joe Podlucky (twenty on Saturday), Brendan Sheehan (8 on Sunday), Allie DeMita (a teenager on Sunday), Cheryl Costello (Tuesday), Daniel Olszewski (a teenager on Tuesday), Jason Wilkinson (20 on Tuesday), Bud Long (85 on Tuesday), Victoria Aronica (7 on Tuesday) and Bob Catipovic (Wednesday).

Junior midfielder Jim Breier helped his SUNY Cortland Red Dragons lacrosse team win their first Division III title and first NCAA championship since winning the Division II championship in 1975.

Wedding bells! Julie Elizabeth Castiglia and Joseph DeLoreto, married Saturday, are making their home on Grand Island. The bride is the daughter of Isle residents Dennis and Judy Castiglia.••••Matthew B. Wallace and the former Erin C. Malinowski were married Friday, May 26th. The groom is the son of Karen and Scott Wallace.

It's a pleasure to wish former Sunset Drive residents Joan and Paul Aschenbrenner a very happy 50th wedding anniversary. The Aschenbrenners will be on Grand Island to celebrate their golden anniversary at a party in their honor on June 11th. Now living in Cornelius, NC, Joan and Paul resided on Sunset Drive for 41 years and on Elmwood Road before that.

Best wishes to Paul and Tamara Procter, married 10 years today, and to Linda and Peter Coppola, marking 35 years on Monday.

Looking Back 70 years - Harry Tucker had inaugurated a delivery service of groceries from his store on Ferry Road. All orders received at the store by noon would be delivered that day.

Looking Back 60 years - The PTA sponsored visit by the Buffalo and Erie Co. Tuberculosis Association X-ray mobile unit to Grand Island in June 1946 was a success with 454 persons X-rayed.

Looking Back 50 years - The Baseline Road crossover bridge (over the new NYS Thruway) was put into operation on May 24, 1956.••••Island teens Dan McNamee Jr., Mike Ekiss and Dave Dusenbury won trophies in the stock outboard and inboard races on Sunday, June 3, 1956 on the Niagara River off the Ted-Ra Club, LaSalle.••••Cub Pack 75 met at Kaegebein School against an Indian background of a campfire and a totem board and seven candles representing the Cub promises. The boys, dressed in Indian costumes, did a war dance around the campfire and sang songs led by Bob Kaiser, Jerry Hawley and Joe Muench.••••Willow Lawn Garden Club members, 20 in all, met at the home of JoAnn Hasselbeck on East River Road and celebrated their first year together with a potluck picnic supper.••••The 7th, 8th and 9th grades tied with a total of 240 points in the Sidway School's annual field meet on Thursday, June 7, 1956. Gym teachers Georgia Mehl and Dave Meyers conducted the events that took place behind the school. Winners included Mary Rose Haller (Elstrodt) (50 yd. Dash & high jump 4’, 9”), Charles Pinkow (sack race), Bob Stamler (200 yard Dash); Wayne Hallett (softball throw); Billy Harrison (high jump, 5’, 6”) and my partner, Suzanne Gillow and I won the three-legged race.

Looking Back 40 years - Acme Market in the Grand Island Blvd. plaza was advertising smoked picnic ham at 39 cents a pound.••••Grand Island High School wound up in a tie with Depew for the Erie Co. Interscholastic Conference baseball title in Division III. Both teams had 12-2 records. Pete Wunsch helped his GI team by striking out eleven and allowing only six hits. He cracked two triples to aid his own cause. Bob Luther swung a big bat as usual with a two-run triple for the winners in a four-run, seventh inning uprising.••••The Vikings, coached by Gene Masters, won the Erie Co. Interscholastic Conference Division III Track Championship. The track team was undefeated with a 6-0 record in only their second year in the league.

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Our sympathy to the families of Joanne R. Croad, Janet C. Osborn and former residents Norman H. Linde and Stephan R. Kovacs who recently passed away. Click Deaths for complete information.••••Henry J. McNess of Amherst passed away on May 31st. Henry was a long-time teacher in Grand Island schools.

Among the weekend's Isle events are the Rotary Club's Lobsterfest (by reservation) Friday; Islettes Elite Spaghetti Dinner/Basket Raffle Friday; BluesRoot Concert Saturday; Thunder on the Niagara Hydroplane races Saturday and Sunday; Mixed Nuts Relay For Life Team Garage Sale Saturday; and VFW Chicken BBQ Saturday. Click for our Calendar of Events.

The Grand Island High School Spotlighters' One Act Workshop was presented on Thursday and Friday of last week. I attended the Friday evening performances and thoroughly enjoyed the nearly two hours of scenes and monologues under the direction of Tracie Groves and Kathie Scarafia. I would like to mention all of the actors and actresses but those who stand out in my memory are Sarah Jane Calvaneso's The Search For Signs Of Intelligent Life in the Universe, Vinnie Covatto's rendition of the Chesire Cat in the Alice In Wonderland act, Griffin Smith and Vinnie Covatto doing a comedy routine of Abbott and Costello and, not only because she is my favorite granddaughter, but because she was very good and very funny was Amy Margaret Bidell who did a monologue titled Serious Bizness.

"Say a prayer for our guys over there."

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Click photos for larger view
I received a note this week from Marilyn Lewis of West River Road who read about our orioles in last week's Between The Bridges column. Marilyn reports that a very friendly male oriole (above) recently visited her backyard. "We were overwhelmed by how he perched on our finger and ate oranges from our hands," she said. "He stayed all day and while we were outside he perched right by us no matter what we were doing," Marilyn wrote. "Ken was using a screwdriver and when he put it down, the bird flew to it and was pushing it around...it was amazing." Marilyn is shown on the right and her sister, Cheryl Wunsch is in the left photo.

With the "Thunder On The Niagara" only a week away, many of us are reminiscing about boat race days gone by and making plans to be in North Tonawanda's Gratwick Park next weekend for the regatta. I'm hoping, with a little help from my readers, to post boat racing on the Niagara photos from the past along with a story next week. Send your scans for consideration, along with your race boat name, your name and your successes to "teddy@giecom.net."

Congratulations to Isle resident Colin Thompson who was recently honored by Niagara County Community College as its freshman athlete of the year due to his successful season on the NCCC wrestling team. Colin's overall record is 21 wins, 15 losses and a Region III record of nine wins and one loss.••••Jim Breier, a junior middie for the SUNY Cortland lacrosse team, has appeared in 14 games for the Red Devils and will take part in a playoff game this weekend.

A very happy anniversary to Karen and Mike DeMartin, marking their 15th anniversary today and to Bill and Fay Wood, married 57 years on Memorial Day.

Happy birthday to Lee Tetkowski (tomorrow), to our nephew, David Linenfelser (20 Saturday), Stephanie Affuso (also 20 Saturday), Eric Booker (Saturday), Molly Mason (5 Saturday), Diane Darmofalski (Sunday), Liam Dodd (a teenager on Monday), old friends Sharon Bauer and Pam Fries (Monday), Jean Westmoore and Victor Beach (Tuesday), Michael Dinsmore (16 on Tuesday), Eleanor Swain (Wednesday), and Richard E. Benns II (his 30th on Wednesday).••••Latest recipient of the Bullhead Bay Relay For Life Team's Flamingo Flock and celebrating his birthday this week is Father Paul Nogaro. Happy birthday, Father!

Linda Lozo writes that her mother, Esther Lozo, was really surprised when she saw unexpected family members at the restaurant last week in Texas where she was celebrating her 92nd birthday. "It was the best birthday present you could have given me," Esther told her children.••••Ora Glor-Newton is visiting the Island this week with several of her children and looking forward to her 94th birthday next month. Daughter Elizabeth Allen, whom I started school with here at Sidway in 1947, met with several of us for an excellent dinner at The Beach House Monday night. The group included Kathy Stisser, Diane Goupil, Lorraine Willcox and JoAnn Vanderheite.

The wedding of Kelli Kinney and Matthew Dwyer took place on Saturday, May 20th in St. Stephen's Church. The bride is the daughter of former residents Jill Kinney of East Amherst and Kevin Kinney of Bradenton, Florida.

Looking Back 70 years - The Grand Island News announced that there would be a meeting of all persons interested in a Grand Island Baseball Team at the baseball diamond at Killian’s Garage on the Whitehaven Road Friday evening, May 29, 1936.••••W.P.A. and CCC workers in Beaver Island State Park were afforded a few minutes of excitement on a Monday morning in May 1936 when Frank Fix’s newly purchased horse team got beyond the control of Paul Williams, their driver, and ran “berserk” for a few minutes.••••The Evangelical Church (Trinity) was providing musical instruction for adults every Monday evening at the Island's first Town Hall.••••The May procession and crowning of the Blessed Mother, Queen of the May at St. Stephen's Church took place Friday evening, May 29, 1936. A wreath of flowers was carried by Shirley Ann Tucker (Runckel) and Jane Rose Davern (Perin), and placed upon the statue of the Virgin Mary by Isabelle "Tootie" Mesmer (Maurer). The Act of Consecration of the children and parishioners was read by Charles Stack.

Looking Back 60 years - Though it did not open until September 1946, the dedication of the new Grand Island Memorial Library in the basement of the town hall, a former school house, took place at 10 a.m. May 30, 1946.•••• Officers of the Sidway School 8th grade graduating class of ’46 were President Warren Kaiser, Vice President Jean Steele (Collins), and Treasurer Duana Prentice (Lennert). The Class motto was An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.••••New Cubs in Pack 75 attending the Pack's first birthday in May 1946 were Billy Dekdebrun, Rodney Alt, Harrison Carter, Corky Dinan and Ernest Hoefner.

Looking Back 50 years - A delegation of East River homeowners on May 27, 1956, attended a town board meeting to protest the opening of the Edgewater Amusement Park owned by Mrs. Pauline C. Kluse. The residents had no problem with the operation of the Edgewater Park Hotel and restaurant, but were objecting to the fact "that an outside organization represented by Mr. Wagner is going into a complete amusement park program."

Looking Back 40 years - Students of Kaegebein School on May 25, 1966 took part in the Spring Arts Festival sponsored by the Music Club of Kaegebein. Their teachers were Joseph Fortuna, Ora Glor, Ruth Miles, Joann Hasselbeck, Dorothy Enfield, Sandra Davison, Doris Kunzelmann and Robert Criden.••••The GIHS track team remained undefeated in its last five meets in Division III. Standouts on the team, coached by Bill Russo, were Dave Schaeffer, Scott Herlan, Paul Luippold, Jerry Goodwin, Frank Budway, Colin Smith and Dan Walgate. Also Joe Weber, Bob Roycroft, John Williams, Mike Wiedemer, Bill Kantenwein and Roland Vogel.

Looking Back 30 years - The Grand Island Lions Club paid the School District a $1 for a renovated school bus that they gave to the Golden Age Center in May 1976.••••James Walline was appointed to the position of Grand Island High School principal, succeeding Howard K. Fuller who resigned.

Looking Back 20 years - Ending their 1986 dual meet season with a 6-0 record, the GI Girls Track Team remained Niagara Division Champions of the Niagara Frontier League for the fifth consecutive year. Individuals undefeated in their event for the 1986 dual meet season included Ann Walker (100 meter hurdles), Jackie Ekiss (1500 meter, 3000 meter); Angela Scott (200 M, 400 M); and Candy Coffey (800 meter). All three relay teams were undefeated making a complete sweep of all first places in every running event of the season except 400 meter hurdles. •••• The Wall of Fame in the lobby of GIHS was dedicated after much planning and hard work by Principal James Walline, the NFL Student Advisory Council of Dean Santorio, Paige Joslyn, Rachael Hazelet, Paul Bauman and Donna Lewis, their advisor and a committee of actual workers who researched and prepared the wall.

Our prayers go out to Christine Ryshkus. Please pray for her peace and comfort.

The following Grand Island businesses are continuing to advertise at Isledegrande.com and we thank them and ask that you stop by whenever possible: John's Pizza & Subs, Metro Town Center Realty, Rose Liquor Store, and M.O.G. (Medically Oriented Gym). When it comes to more bang for your buck, we believe we are the very best advertising deal in town. It pays to advertise at Isledegrande.com - the voice of Grand Island and the Island's #1 news source, updated daily.

Our sympathy to the family of former resident Gordon S. Hall who recently passed away. Click Deaths for complete information.

Quality Quest meets tonight at 7 p.m. at the Nike Base. The VFW Buddy Poppy Drive is in progress this weekend. Rotary members will be selling hot dogs at Tops tomorrow and Saturday. The "Fleet Feet" Relay For Life team will hold a garage sale Saturday. Memorial Day services take place at 10 a.m. Monday at DeGlopper Park. Check our Calendar of Events for times and places and other events taking place during the week. Have a safe and fun Memorial Day weekend. Remember to fly your flag.

A special "Hi Brent" to SSgt Brent Helman serving our country with the US Air Force in Germany.•••• "Say a prayer for our guys over there."

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Claire                                    David                            Lydia                                    Molly
Celebrating May birthdays are Claire Reimann Royce (May 2nd), David (Nutsy) Yensan (today), Lydia Todd Long (tomorrow), and Molly McMahon Powers (Wednesday). The photos were taken at the Sidway and Kaegebein schools and printed in the 1953 Sidway Log yearbook. Happy birthday Claire, Nutsy, Lydia and Molly.

Click for larger view
Wood crafter, Don Fancher, and former resident, Barbara (Beck) Muratore, a water color artist, are taking part in the Rochester Lilac Festival from May 12-21, 2006. Don and Barbara are located across from each other at the Rochester show. To see some of Don's wood crafts, click Magic Towel Holder. Click http://www.lilacfestival.com/ for full details about this free event.

Miranda Payne, daughter of Gerarda and Albert Payne Jr. of Grand Island, was married to Michael B. Pachan on April 8th. The bride, a GIHS graduate, is an administrative assistant in business banking with M&T Bank. The groom is employed with Moore Business Forms.

Congratulations to GIHS senior Carissa Bailey, a winner of a financial grant through the Gamma Delta Chapter of Delta Kappa Gamma Society International. Carissa will be honored at a reception Tuesday in the North Tonawanda Public Library.

Grand Island's Kara Black, a member of the Erie Community College Track & Field Team, has earned All-American honors after winning the 100 (12.42 seconds) and 200 meters (25.13) at the NJCAA National Championships at the Jim Ball Stadium this past weekend. Her ECC women's team placed 5th. Kara, a 2005 graduate of GIHS, was also on the winning 4x100-meter relay team (50.04).

Word has it that the town’s union dinner at the Buffalo Launch Club was a fabulous affair with the dance floor crowded and everyone having a great time.

Best wishes to Paul and MaryJo Soto celebrating their 5th wedding anniversary today.

Happy birthday to Marion Pinkow (92 today), Chase Luthringer (4 today), Stephanie Fike (20 tomorrow), Esther Lozo (92 tomorrow), Christine Donner (20 on Saturday), Christopher O'Connor and Sydney Dworak (both turning 5 on Saturday), John Loncher, David Karb and Diane Dinsmore (Sunday), Ellie Pritchard (85 on Sunday), Don Beyer (75 on Sunday), Dan Bowerman (cheers on Monday), Joan Kingston and Jayne Playfair (Monday) and Catherine Long, Ray Nesbitt and Courtney Booker (Wednesday).


Click photos for larger view
Jen Hinkle of Laurie Lane turned the big 4-0 last Thursday, May 11th and someone plastered her garage door with pink cows. Happy birthday, Jen!

Looking Back 100 years - The idea of a Mothers’ Day observance was first conceived by Miss Anna Jarvis of Philadelphia in 1906.

Looking Back 70 years - A two-acre plot of ground was ploughed and harrowed, and ready for the vegetable gardens the CCC men of Buckhorn Island were to start work on in May 1936. There were four sections, one for each barracks, where radishes, beans, tomatoes and more would be planted. Prizes were offered for the best vegetables at end of season.••••The men of the Evangelical Church (Trinity) put in 60 acres of oats as a church project. Six tractors worked in this field and several teams assisted with the drilling and ditching. Proceeds of the project were for the reduction of the indebtedness on the church property.••••In anticipation of more “wining and dining” Johnny Mayer was adding a side porch to his spot in Ferry Village, now known as the Village Inn.••••The “Tuck Shoppe” at Fix’s Ferry Landing was opened under the management of Harry Place but in May 1936, "you still couldn't get ice cream yet."

Looking Back 50 years - A father and son band under the direction of Clayton Ames and Bill Pinkow played several selections and Heber Ashley Jr. led group singing at the Fathers and Sons banquet at Trinity Church Friday, May 20, 1956. Toastmaster was Carl Kaegebein who introduced featured speaker, Men’s Sunday School teacher Howard Consier.•••• Fire Company volunteers answered five alarms in a 72-hour period and spent nearly 15 hours out of the 72 working at the scenes. Lightning struck a house on East River causing a major house fire at the Robert MacLean home near Colony Road. An apartment fire on East River and a power failure that left all of WNY in the dark for several hours, contributed to the volunteers' busy weekend. •••• Members of the Home Extension, including Madelyn Colley, Dorothy Fancher, Rowena Wolf, Bern Dekdebrun, Millie Vanthoff, Eva Smith and Alma McTigue, showed their appreciation for Ilona Lang’s successful term as chairman and her diligence in this capacity by presenting her with a gift of a necklace and earring set.

Looking Back 40 years - Officers of the St. Stephen’s C.Y.O. accepted a trophy from Father Richard A. Graeber, awarded the Grand Island youths for the most athletic and social events in their Diocesan section. C.Y.O. officers in 1966 were President Jerald Killian, Social Chairman Donna Dinsmore, Sgt.-at-arms Patrick Leach, 2nd Vice President Carol Podlucky, Secretary Barbara Brant, 1st Vice President Peter Lindsey and Treasurer Richard Lindsey.

Looking Back 30 years - Debbie Smilinich had the leading role of Dorothy in the middle school’s production of “The Wizard of Oz” presented May 21-22, 1976. Meredith Hartrick, Susan Pultz, Patti Fleming, Steve Chase and Chris Costanzo also took parts. Mr. Thomas Charlton was directing and Mark Coughlin was student assistant producer. ••••Norma and James Crea chaired the Buffalo Launch Club's “Liberty Ball” dinner dance Saturday, May 22,1976. Also on the committee were Lorrie and Charles Markarian, Charles and Evelyn Till and Bob and Sally Black.•••• Recognized for maintaining a 4.0 average throughout high school were Laurie Brett (Deiner), William Cooke, Laura Dorfman (Studenroth), Jamie Pultz, Debbie Corieri (Rougeux), Jim Davis, Kaitlin Posch and Jill Blain (Synder).

Looking Back 25 years - The Grand Island Business & Professional Women's Club was formed 25 years ago.

Looking Back 20 years - The Grand Island Fire Company responded to a gasoline leak on Wednesday, May 21, 1986 at Staley Road and Grand Island Blvd. which was discovered by 9th graders David Russell and James Porter. Some 2700 gallons of gas had leaked from underground storage tanks at the Mobil service station that was being remodeled. The gas was apparently leaking since the previous Friday. •••• Record breaking 2-mile relay runners for Grand Island were Angela Scott, Sandy Lare, Karen Savory and Candy Coffey. The girls broke the meet and school record at the WNY Track Classic on May 17, 1986 where 20 schools competed at Williamsville East.

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Our sympathy to the families of Howard R. Killian, Robert J. Coady, Helen Groff and former resident John Wheeler who recently passed away. Click Deaths for complete information.••••James E. Luvender, fiance' of Sueanne Miller, passed away on May 13, 2006. Funeral services were held Wednesday from St. Martin-in-The-Fields Church.

Click for larger view
Tommy Mitchell, a Red Sox T-Ball player who appeared in last week's column, found his long lost friend at the end of his ball game last week. He had been upset since day care ended and his friend moved up to kindergarten last September. As the Rangers and the Red Sox were doing the high-five to each other, Tommy came face-to-face with Samantha. The pair embraced and walked off the field hand in hand. Tommy's grandmother, Penny Moher, who took the picture, said he sleeps with it! Not sure who won the game, but I don't think it mattered to these two five-year-olds. The little T-Ball player is the son of Alisa Ungaro.

The Relay For Life Flanigan Femme Fatales Team will hold a Bowl-A-Thon & Chinese Auction on Friday. The Islettes Elite will hold a hot dog sale outside of Tops on Grand Island Blvd. Friday through Sunday. The River Lea Quilters Guild offers a quilt show on Saturday and Sunday. The Bullhead Bay "Relay for Life" Team will hold a garage sale Saturday. The "Jr. Polka Dot Chix" Relay For Life team will host a chicken bbq event Saturday. Relay For Life team "Billy's Buddies" sponsors a bottle collection in conjunction with the Relay for Life Chicken BBQ on Saturday. Grand Island SRP Relay For Life Team will hold a "Trash to Cash for Cancer - Garage Sale Saturday. The Grand Island Historical Society will hold an open house on Sunday. Check our Calendar of Events for times and places.

"Say a prayer for our guys over there."

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Click photo for larger view
This is 16-month-old James Christian Soto, son of our niece MaryJo Soto and her husband, Paul. James was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis shortly after his birth. Baby James has been on multiple medications, daily lung treatments and frequent visits to his team of doctors at Children's Hospital. Paul and Mary Jo are collecting for the annual "Great Strides" drive to raise money for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation to fund the vital research needed to give James and thousands of children like him a better chance of a more healthy life. The Sotos are most grateful for friends and family who helped their team, James' Buddies, raise over $2,600 last year. For those who would like to assist the James' Buddies team this year, checks should be made out directly to The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and mailed to the Sotos, 1728 Fix Road, Grand Island, NY 14072.

Last Saturday brought the arrival of not only our first hummingbird to our front deck feeders, but a pair of beautiful, male Baltimore orioles, a sight to behold. The orioles were sipping the nectar from the tiny holes in the feeder. The internet holds thousands of pages for every bird. A short description of the Baltimore Oriole and its interbreeding with the western Bullock's Oriole appears at http://www.enature.com.

Teresa and Matt Linenfelser's new baby boy, Elijah Bradley Linenfelser, arrived Friday, April 28th weighing eight pounds, eight ounces. The baby's sisters are, Katrina, 3 who suggested the name, Curious George ("He's a little boy"), and Noelle, 2, who offered the name "Daddy." Grandparents are Dan and JoAnn Linenfelser and Marion and Stephen Bradley and Elijah's great grandmother is Fran Clarke, all of Grand Island.

Click for larger view
Five-year-old Tommy Mitchell, photographed by his grandmother, Penny Moher, is shown last Saturday at the opening day of Little League while he was waiting to get his baseball hat signed by the Buffalo Bison mascot. Tommy (red hair) is in his first year of T-ball with the Red Sox team.

I'm happy to announce the wedding of former resident Ellen Glor who was married to Richard Dunston of Troy, Ohio on Saturday, May 6th in Troy. Her mother, Ora Glor-Newton, all of her brothers and sisters, four nephews and families came for the event.

Golden Age Center director Barb Gannon desperately needs volunteers to deliver Meals on Wheels to Island residents. The service usually involves only 1 1/2 hours one or two days a month. Please call the Golden Age Center office at 773-9682 if you can help out.

Happy birthday to Shirley (Kean) Rengel (her 75th today), Ava Grace Ackerman (5 today), Lindsey Miller (Sweet 16 tomorrow), Matthew Osinski (tomorrow), Brent Fred (Saturday), Winnie Zarbo (her 85th birthday on Saturday), Gary Scott (the big one on Sunday), Russ Kaegebein and Daniel Sledziewski (Tuesday), Brian Minton (6 on Tuesday), Tina (Krzes) Arthur (Wednesday), and Stephanie Senn (12 on Wednesday).

Jennifer and Jeremy Pullano are wished the best on their 5th wedding anniversary tomorrow.

Looking Back 70 years - It was May 16, 1936, a Saturday night, that fish fries were served for the first time in Clem Scheurman's new restaurant, formerly Maccabee Hall. Clem was in the midst of having a porch constructed on the east and south sides of the building which had been moved from midway between Love and Staley roads to the corner of Love and Baseline.

Looking Back 50 years - The new youth center in the former St. Martin's Chapel on Baseline Road included a snack bar and juke box, and opened with a dance on May 12, 1956. Popular disc jockey Bob Wells served as master of ceremonies and music was by local high school student Daralene Meyers and her Swingsters. Miss Meyers and Jack Hawley were chosen queen and king by the teenagers on the evening of the dance. The winning name of the club, Isle Teen Town, was a combination of the ideas of Sharon Whitmeyer and Jack Hawley who won prizes.••••An Open House with a display of a 90MM anti-aircraft gun and the most modern radar detection and computer equipment was held at the Battery “B” site on Ransom Road, Grand Island, N.Y. in May 1956, in celebration of Armed Forces Week.••••The teenage Road-E-O was held at Sidway School parking lot in May of 1956 with David Scott of Sandy Beach Road the first place winner. Other winners were George Mayer, Keith Vanthoff, James Tranter, Gary Clarke, Gerald Mayer and Gary Lechner.

Looking Back 40 years - A Town Prayer Breakfast, with Jaycee President William Schaab Jr. presiding, was held on the morning of May 14, 1966 in the Beaver Island Casino. The event was a community idea to foster better relations between community leaders through prayers and was patterned after the annual Presidential Prayer Breakfast held in Washington. A large crowd of interested Islanders heard Dr. Edward Rayhill speak on God and The Space Age.••••Island resident and radio and TV announcer Roy Kerns served as program MC for the hootenanny held by the youth of Trinity Church forty years ago. Performers included Daryl Kutzbach of E. River Road.

Looking Back 30 years - Chris Beyer, Doug Neill and Steve Sander held a grand opening for their A-1 Bait & Tackle Barn in May 1976 in the barn at 1600 East River Road just north of the south Grand Island Bridge.••••The Middle School's production of “The Wizard of Oz” staring LiAnne Roswell, Susan Pultz, Patti Fleming, Debbie Smilinich and Merideth Hartrick was produced on the high school stage in May 1976.

Looking Back 20 years - Names in the news excelling on the GIHS girls track team included Ann Walker, Michele Carter, Jackie Ekiss, Angela Scott, Tina Furgele and Candy Coffey.••••St. Stephen’s CYO won the Catholic Diocese of Buffalo, Division 6 Co-ed Volleyball Championship. Players included Laura Rogers, Kathy Cummings, Jen Kogut, John Cannata, Jennifer Sheridan, Chris Polizzi, John Brighton, and Scott and Rusty Boyko.••••The 3200M relay team of Dan Laughlin, Brent Fred, Jim Dunlop and John Furgele placed first in the May 1986 Kenmore Relays. Other Viking runners placing at the meet included Damon Wright, Bryan Fred, Brendan Speller and Pat and Jeff Birt.

After just posting one of Ruth Stahl's feature stories from her "Treasures" column from May 2001, I gave her a call. Ruth, who sounds "younger than springtime," has become very successful with her antiques on the eBay auction site, and also continues her interest in gardening. Unfortunately, she has had to retire from writing.

Niagara Gazette reporter, Jonah Bronstein, presented a feature story earlier this week on Matt Scibilia, a GIHS junior who plays tennis and the drums equally as well. Click for "Matt's Story".

Sandy (Hoffman) Laforme, who grew up on Whitehaven Road, wrote this week after seeing her Sidway School kindergarten graduation picture in the Old Photo Album. Sandy, who has few pictures of her mother, is hoping that someone reading this just might have a photo of her mom, Jean Bartram Hoffman, who died when Sandy was 10 years old. Please Email me at "teddy@giecom.net" if you do.••••And speaking of the 1955 kindergarten picture, Lee Tetkowski, mother of Diana who appears in the class picture, dropped by this week with a poem she wrote about the children in Mrs. Lucille Ames' class at the end of that year. If you were a member of the class, you'll surely want to click for Mrs. Ames' Kindergarten Graduation Poem.

Joelle Logue is in Hawaii with her husband Jerry to attend son, Nick's graduation from the University of Hawaii. He will receive his Master of Fine Arts in Asian Performance and Asian Studies on Sunday. Joelle's strong connections to the Island include editing the Island Dispatch and Lewiston Sentinel for almost a decade and then becoming the editor of the first Grand Island Record from 1996 to 2000. More recently she has served as president of the YWCA of the Tonawandas. By the way, Joelle, who recent returned from a trip to China where she represented the YWCA of the USA, now covers town board stories for us here at Isledegrande.com just has she has done since 2000.

Isledegrande.com advertisers of long standing and spotlighted this week are Island Pediatrics,    Fuccillo Auto Group,   Grand Island Home Construction,   and    Sherry McDonald / RealtyUSA. When it comes to more bang for your buck, we believe we are the very best advertising deal in town. It pays to advertise at Isledegrande.com - the voice of Grand Island and the Island's #1 news source, updated daily.

Former resident Beth Hamilton-Boening, GIHS Class of 1979, has written in regard to a benefit she is organizing for her sister, Kathy Hamilton Dawkins and her young daughter. Kathy's husband died of a heart attack in January at the age of 43. Because Kathy still has a lot of friends here on the Island, her sister thought perhaps some would like to send messages to Kimotion1@aol.com to be read during the benefit. Beth and Kathy are residents of Alabama.

Have you heard about the Knights of Columbus Action Auction taking place tomorrow night starting at 6 p.m. at the Knights Hall? Also taking place Friday and Saturday is a Hanging Plant Sale by the American Legion in front of the VFW Post. Refer to our Calendar of Events for a full listing of what's happening on Grand Island.

Martin's Fantasy Island re-opens this weekend, Saturday, May 13th and Sunday 14th. Click Martin's Fantasy Island for details on Mother's Day specials and discount Park passes.

"Say a prayer for our guys over there."

Thursday, May 4, 2006
Congratulations to our Grand Island School District. High honors have been given to Grand Island High School, Connor Middle School and the Grand Island School District. To see what the celebrating is all about, click
"Congratulations, Grand Island Schools!"

Barb and Fred Jarzab are wished a belated happy 40th anniversary. The Jarzabs, married on April 30, 1966, celebrated with a trip to Cleveland that included a visit to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Happy birthday to Mark Cunningham (happy 34th today), Mary Elisabeth Rustowicz (7 today), Donny Turner (17 today), Emily Harnden (11 today), Mark Cunningham (today), Elise Loiselle (17 tomorrow), Gary Garrison (his 60th tomorrow), Kevin Minton (9 on Saturday), Jodi Robinson and Georgia Cole (Sunday), Tressa Gaines (20 on Sunday), Denny Hutzler (the big 5-0 on Monday), Lisarenee Guagliano-Scheffler and Kari Lynn Klos (Monday), Kelly Valone Maurer (cheers on Tuesday), and Donny Dee (Wednesday).

This little item was mistakenly put under "Looking Back 60 Years," and should have been under "Looking Back 50 Years" in last week's column. It was actually only 50 years ago, April 1956, that Jack Hawley was crowned King of the annual Tonawanda High School Junior Hop and Nancy Andrews of Tonawanda, escorted to the dance by Islander Bill Linton, was crowned queen.

Looking Back 70 years - A big barn dance given by parishioners of St. Stephen’s Church on May 9, 1936 drew one of the largest crowds to assemble on Grand Island. Cards were played in the church followed by dancing on the newly polished floor of St. Stephen's barn, to the music of the Jerry Tepas Orchestra.•••• Among those on the grade school honor rolls (one- and two-room schools) were Betty Forsythe (Killian), Geraldine Schutt, Gordon Stoddard, Edward Tucker, Lester Yensan and Betty Jane Ziehm of the 7th grade; Irene Kaiser, Catherine Killian, Fred Killian, Carola Long, Harvey Long, Welma Salton, Edna Schutt, Harriet Webb and Alida VanSon of the 8th grade; 3rd graders Earl DeGlopper, Carol French, Philip Killian, and Billy Stack; and 4th graders Dorothy Herold, Lois Kingston, Robert Schutt and Alma Ziehm.••••The allocation of $289,496 of Federal WPA funds awaiting approval of Washington officials included the following projects: 1) The construction of an entrance road from Spaulding Road through Beaver Island Park to the proposed bathhouse; 2) Erection of comfort stations and the installation of a sanitary sewer; 3) Construction of a roadway from the proposed bathhouse to the proposed boat harbor.••••According to the Grand Island News, "Better than 3500 cars crossed the Grand Island bridges on Monday, May 8, 1936.

Looking Back 60 years - A savings of $200 per year was in the works in May 1946 due to the fact that the Niagara Frontier State Bridge Commission gave permission for all town trucks and school vehicles free passage over the bridge.••••According to the local paper, McNamee’s had a record-breaking day on Sunday, May 5, 1946 which proves that their “Chicken in the Basket” is out of this world!••••Eighty-one taxpayers of the Town of Grand Island met on Tuesday, May 7, 1946 in the Sidway School to spend $125,000 of the taxpayers’ money. In an official vote to build an addition to the Charlotte Sidway School, it was decided to extend this issue over a 20-year period.

Looking Back 50 years - The Community Chorus under the direction of Clara Pankow, was holding extra rehearsals for the Gilbert and Sullivan operetta, The Mikado, to be presented at the William Kaegebein School in May of 1956. Involved with the play committees were Eric Chedester, Frank Sceusa, Walter Hughes, Florence Rush, Colleen D'Ingillo, Chris Cotter, Bernie Geary, Martha Jane Sutton, Ken Sutton, Bob Havlik, Dorothy Havlik, Jean MacKendrick and many more.

Click for larger view
Looking Back 30 years - Members of the Grand Island Home Bureau were celebrating the organization's 60th anniversary of its founding in May 1976. Shown are charter members (left) Elsie Stamler, Mabel French, Eva DeGlopper, Bertha Bucher and Lucy French. Some of the ladies attending were dressed in turn-of-the century clothing.••••A “Liberty Tree” was planted on the lot at the corner of Baseline and Grand Island Blvd. by the Island garden clubs, East Park, Cinderella Isle, Bridgeview, Willow Lawn and Sandy Beach. Chris McCaffrey was chairman of the Bicentennial project. The tree, a 15-foot sycamore, was a tribute to the town and fire company.

Looking Back 20 years - Viking football players on the fall 1985 team made commitments to play college football in the fall of 1986. Dean Santorio, “probably the finest quarterback ever at Grand Island,” committed to Westminster College in New Wilmington, PA. Running back Todd Petrilla, rushing for over 600 yards during the two previous seasons, would attend the University of Buffalo. Noel Blair, a place-kicker who kicked 22 out of 23 extra point conversions in ’85, chose Brockport State. “There is no doubt that Blair will help the Brockport football program which has a record of 1-23 in their last 24 games,” student writer Kris Christensen reported in the local weekly paper. ••••The T.C.’s Beer Bellies became the regular season and playoff champs of the Thursday night Green Division at Huth Road School. Team members were Jim Ray, Dennis McGinn, Wayne Benton, Terry Swain, Bob Stamler, Ralph Nusstein and Scott Kalman.

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Grand Island High School junior Al Salamon, a member of the 2006 U.S. Paralympic Team, is going to the White House. The day and time for a ESPN story will be posted as soon as we hear. Click http://www.usolympicteam.com/paralympics/news_46109.htm for more information.

Check the Calendar of Events for details on tonight's historical society meeting, the Gospel Music Convention tomorrow and Saturday, a Half Marathon at Beaver Island Saturday, Little League Opening Day Saturday, a Choral Concert at Historic Trinity on Sunday, the Republican Committee's Golf Tourney Monday, and the Connor Middle School event for dads and kids on Tuesday. Have a great weekend!

"Say a prayer for our guys over there."

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Click photo for larger view
1st Lieutenant Sarah McMahon, shown in a C130, is currently serving in Balad, Iraq with the US Army. She was transferred to Camp Anaconda in January where she is serving as the Assistant Brigade Personnel Officer. Sarah graduated from St. Stephen School in 1996, from Holy Angels in 2000 and the University of Notre Dame in 2004. Sarah received her commission as a 2nd Lieutenant through the Reserve Officer Training Corps Program at the University of Notre Dame in May 2004. She graduated from the Engineer Officer Basic Course at Fort Leonard Wood, Mo in January 2005 and was recently promoted to 1st Lieutenant while deployed at Camp Victory, Baghdad, Iraq. Sarah will be home on Grand Island May 13th through the 28th for two weeks of R&R and is scheduled to return to Hanau, Germany in late September.

Congratulations to Mike and Karen DeMartin on the birth of a baby girl, Tessa, who weighed in at seven pounds, 13 ounces. More details next week.

A group from the Niagara Frontier Boat Racing Association are bringing back the boat races to Western New York this summer. Thunder on the Niagara has been confirmed as June 3-4th at North Tonawanda's Gratwick Park. It will be the first time in five years that we have had the excitement of hydroplane races in the Niagara River.

Good golly, Miss Molly! Molly McMahon, who has been known to reel in her share of fish, showed up her companions (again!) over the weekend. Fishing near the Huntley Plant, Molly caught not one, but four Rainbow Trout with the largest weighing nearly seven pounds. The men? Zip!

Best wishes and happy birthday to Michael Heftka (16 today), Rita Hagerman (tomorrow), V.J. Freeman, Jr. (6 tomorrow), Tony Piccolo (16 on Sunday), Mark Bullock (Sunday), Ava Anita DeFranks (3 on Sunday), Gary Carr and Tim McNamee (cheers on Sunday), Margie Prange (Sunday), Anna Sophia Pullano (two on Sunday), Jason Hildebrant and Mary Ognibene (cake and candles on Monday), Karen Conboy (Monday), Catherine Mary Navagh (10 on Tuesday), Dottie Howard and Fay Wood (Tuesday), Claire (Reimann) Royce (special greetings on Tuesday), Brent Fred Jr. (turning 12 on Tuesday), Stephen M. Stouter (6 on Wednesday), Katie Hillock (15 on Wednesday), and Kimberly Jean Walker (21 on Wednesday).

Former residents Mike and Kathy McNulty, now residing in Costa Mesa, California, will celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary tomorrow. Happy days to the McNultys.••••Best wishes to Jack and Bev Mikulski on their 47th anniversary on Sunday.

Looking Back 70 years - The regular monthly CCC dance was held in the Recreation Hall of the Buckhorn Island CCC Camp on Friday evening, May 1, 1936. Dancing began at 8:30 p.m. to the music of Finks Orchestra. A track and field day program in the afternoon and early evening preceded the dance.••••April 30, 1936 saw the opening of navigation on the west branch of the Niagara River. The steamer “Larry Martin” was the first craft to ply its waters. When asked, skipper Martin said the water was no colder than the beer.••••The Grand Island News printed the fact that during the unusual ice conditions at the Falls in 1936, traffic on the bridges increased greatly, jumping from approximately 400 round trips daily during January and February to 1600 round trips on Saturdays and Sunday during the ice phenomena.

Looking Back 40 years - Huth Road School PTA’s April 1966 Carnival of Fun had a “Winnie-the-Pooh” theme. Co-chairing the carnival were Elizabeth Beach and Barbara Berry with assistance from Nancy Samrany, Violet and Sandy Merletti, Janet Cannon and Donna Scheuing.••••Aries Triangle Queen Phyllis Killian and past Queen Irene Austin (Ehde) cut a special anniversary cake at a dinner in April 1966 marking the 10th anniversary of Aries Triangle No. 131. The event was held in the Boathouse Restaurant, in Niagara Falls.••••Members of the Grand Island Fire Company River Rats bowling team were Captain Ed Kruse, Carl Crowl, Art Wade, Ed O’Dea, Bob Weatherbee and Rod Alt. The team won the first half in the Town of Tonawanda Firemen’s League, bowling at Mil-Sher Lanes in Tonawanda.•••• A Grand Island Fire Company scuba diving team was formed in 1966 by members Robert Hoag, Levant Becker, Andrew Job, John Wohlfeil and Ronald McTigue. The men furnished their own gear.••••It was announced that the lease for the Grand Island Post Office, located in Ernest Godfrey's former store at 1957 Whitehaven Road and leased by the U.S. Post Office Department would be up October 31, 1966 and would not be extended (under any circumstances).

Looking Back 30 years - Young Life met at the Knights Of Columbus Hall on Thursday, April 29, 1976 for a Family Pot Luck Supper chaired by JoAnn Hasselbeck, Betty O’Dea and Nancy Hayes.••••Officials from the Tonawandas District of Boy Scouts of America presented the highest award, the award of merit, to Abram Davis, Del Krause and Joseph Webber.

Looking Back 20 years - An S.R.O. (Standing Room Only) concert Saturday, May 3, 1986 was performed by the middle school Notables and sixth grade choir and featured solos by Jason Caffarella, Michele Cerrillo, Kerrie Fergen, Laury Fred (Linenfelser), Mike Peters, Heather Roberts, Stacy Sanduski, Jason Smith and Mike Watz and the trio of Jennifer Goggins, Taffy Gaskin and Crystie Walker.

Looking Back 15 years - Though it seems like just yesterday, the new River Oaks Marina was opened on May 1, 1991.

Looking Back 10 years - Clay Clarke had an entirely new look after suffering a broken nose while "umpiring" the Fire Company baseball game Tuesday night, May 7, 1996.

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Our sympathy to the family of Viola “Vi” Fenlon and Richard C. Allen who recently passed away. Click Deaths for complete information.

Here are a few of the many events listed in this week's Calendar of Events:
   Community Chorus Formation meeting - 7 p.m. Friday - Historic Trinity
   Jr. Viking Football/Cheerleading Registration - 11 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Saturday - the Library
   Decorate Town Commons for "Paint the Town Purple" - 9 a.m. Saturday - town hall
   Town Meeting with Senator Marc Coppola - 2 p.m. Saturday - town hall
   Historical Society Victorian Tea - reservations only - Sunday
   Relay For Life - Paint the Town Purple - Monday
   School District String Kaleidoscope Concert - 7 p.m. Monday - high school auditorium
   Historical Society Program Meeting - Thursday (May 4) - River Lea

The Fire Company Ladies Auxiliary members are bringing back the Flea Market and Craft Show at Fire Headquarters on Baseline Road. The date is Saturday, June 10th and Vicki Sadkowski, 773-2655, is taking table reservations at $15. This was always a great community event and a good chance for crafters to sell their creations and packrats to sell just about anything else.

"Say a prayer for our guys over there."

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Denise                                    Bob                                    Tim

Dawn                                    Janice                              Jerry

Happy birthday to this crew of Sidway School classmates celebrating April birthdays. Denise Thirion Schmidt celebrates tomorrow, Bob Kaiser will blow out a cake full of candles on the 26th and Tim McNamee has the big day coming up on the 30th. Dawn Merrill Hillock celebrated on the 3rd, Janice Jasper Thornblum, on the 14th, and Jerry Hawley was born on April 16th. The photos are 53 years old and taken from the 1953 Sidway Log Yearbook. Happy days, folks!

So many of us were saddened by the notice of Jean Marie Dragonette's death on Easter morning. Jean, born with a progressive neuromuscular disorder, had a very rough start in life but worked hard with the help of her grandmother, Marie Dragonette and succeeded in many things including learning to walk and later, attaining merit and honor roll status in high school. Though very weak and in a wheelchair, she graduated with her class in June 2005 to thunderous applause. For a heartwarming story on Jean Marie click "Jean Marie Dragonette".

Former Grand Island resident Jena (Chamberlain) Wight and her husband, Tim, welcomed a baby girl into this world on April 15th. The baby’s name is Sierra Thill Wight and she weighed in at seven pounds, 15 ounces and is 20 inches long. Proud Grand Island grandparents are Jim and Sharon Chamberlain and equally proud aunt and uncle are Isle residents Cheryl and Greg Chamberlain! The Wights reside in sunny California.

Kara Black, a GIHS graduate, Class of 2005 who qualified for the State competition three times during her high school career, won the 100 meter, 200 meter, and was on the winning 4x100 relay for her Erie Community College track team last Saturday at the Raider Challenge at Roberts Wesleyan.

Looking Back 70 years - A Father & Sons Banquet, chaired by Robert Schutt, was held April 29, 1936 at the original town hall and sponsored by the Evangelical Church (Trinity). Uncle Ben of the Buffalo Radio broadcasts provided fun and entertainment, William M. Kaegebein was the toastmaster, and Carl Kaegebein led the songs such as “A Grandfather and Grandsons” and “When Father Was A Boy.”••••The Wandering Reporter for the Grand Island News in 1936 wrote the following: “Housewives Attention! Have you noticed how prompt the men folks have been for meals since the Orleans has been raised from the bottom of the river?” ••••It was announced that the Fix family signed over the necessary land to the town for the continuation of Ferry Road through to a junction with the new Sidway Road. "We wouldn’t be surprised to see CCC labor used on this road," a GI News reporter said. ••••On the evening of April 16, 1936 Bucher’s Bowlers met Mesmer’s Messers in a crucial match at Floss’ Alleys in Buffalo. Both teams were members of the Holy Name Society League and at the top of the heap. Team members were Joe Martene, Johnny Mayer, Harry Tucker, Tony Guenther, Lee Elsesser, Joe Burns, Tom Fleming and Charlie Davern.••••The Town Board in April 1936 adopted a resolution to create Water Districts numbers 3 and 4 and Sewer District #2. Water Districts number 3 and 4 would service the J. C. Janes development, “Sandy Beach” and the Herbert Henry development, “Woodlawn” respectively. Sewer District #2 would service the latter subdivision. ••••Another resolution adopted at that meeting was one authorizing the supervisor, John L. Mesmer Jr., to petition the Niagara Frontier Bridge Commission and other authorities to abolish or reduce the toll on the Grand Island bridges for all local residents.

Looking Back 60 years - Harold L. Long’s Service Center Appliance on Express Highway was advertising Universal Incubators (300 and 500 chick capacity) for $32.50.

Looking Back 50 years - Three senior altar boys from St. Stephen’s Church, Jack Boehm, Bill Loth and Jerry Thirion, received the Ad Altare Dei award at the annual Catholic Boy Scout Rally held Sunday afternoon, April 22, 1956 at St. Joseph’s New Cathedral, Buffalo.••••Voters overwhelmingly approved the $300,000 bond issue for an addition to the Kaegebein School at the April 1956 annual school board meeting. The vote was 227 to 12.••••It was a happy day in April 1956 for the folks in Falconwood when, thanks to the NY Phone Company, they were finally able to get in touch with the outside world by telephone.

Looking Back 40 years - Casey Colley, Jim Rosensteel and Tom Walsh had the lead rolls in the GIHS Spotlighters production of “Love Rides the Rails” or “Will the Mail Train Run Tonight” on April 22-23, 1966 in the high school auditorium. Also taking major parts were Sylvia McCullough, Fran Chambers, George Sanders, Charlie Satterlee, Pete Stoval and Penny O’Connor.•••• Town Recreation Swim classes competed in relay races in April 1966 when Duane Gietz was first for first grade boys. Among the long list of other winners were Patty Mondich, Val McCaffery, Patty McCaffery, Bob Marble, Mike Breier and John Podlucky.

Happy birthday to Greg Voyzey (18 today), Jacob McMahon (double digits - 10 today), Barb Macaluso and Bruce Burridge (today), Jessica Martina (15 today), Ingrid Dahlberg (21 today), Paige Delaney McMahon (2 today), Kim Staub (tomorrow), Conner Trieskey (8 on Saturday), Hal Arcouet Jr. and Mae Klocke (Saturday), 2LT Erin Fred (celebrating her 24th birthday overseas on Saturday), Genna Baldassarre (her 7th birthday on Saturday), Mark Daniel Ramsperger (turning 3 on Saturday), Linda Kutzbach (Sunday), Alexandra Dzielski (10 on Sunday), John Williams and Brad Robinson (Monday), Kimberley Banas (Sweet 16 on Monday) and Richard Rodriguez (cheers on Wednesday).

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Our sympathy to the families of Bradford L. Winstel, Jean Marie Dragonette and Edith (Zippe) Sutor who recently passed away. Click Deaths for complete information.

Welcome home to Jim and Mary Stewart of LaSalle Avenue who arrived back on the Island yesterday (Jim's 65th birthday) after spending the winter in Arizona and Florida.

This week's Calendar of Events at Isledegrande.com includes the Quality Quest meeting tonight with speaker Master Gardner Sally Cunningham's "Harmony With Nature," tomorrow evening's "Jazz for Christine" benefit for Christine Ryshkus, Grand Island's Largest Piggy Bank Relay For Life Event at HSBC Friday and Saturday, a job fair at Martin's Fantasy Island on Saturday, and a Pound Auction" to benefit a Relay For Life team Saturday afternoon. Future events to think about are the Chamber of Commerce 40th Annual Citizen of the Year Awards dinner on April 27th, the new Grand Island Community Chorus formation meeting on April 28 and the Historical Society Victorian Tea on Sunday, April 30th. Be sure to click Calendar of Events for details of these and other Isle happenings.

Send me your news for "Between the Bridges" to my email, teddy@giecom.net.

"Say a prayer for our guys over there."

Thursday, April 13, 2006
A blessed Easter is wished to all Islanders near and far. A directory of most Isle church services is listed on the front page this week.

Congratulations to Deb Remson and Marty Allan and the GIHS kids in the orchestra, band and wind ensemble. The groups all earned superior ratings at the Dixie Classic last weekend and had a fabulous time in Chicago.

Attention, GIHS Class of '76! Reservations for this summer's 30th reunion are due by this Saturday, April 15th. Click
Class of 1976 for information.

Best wishes to Paul and Mary Minton on their 10th wedding anniversary today, and to Agnes and Stu Becker, married 40 years tomorrow.

Rick Seeley, GIHS Class of 1972, writes that he was recently transferred from Rolls-Royce Corporation in Indianapolis, Indiana to a Lockheed Martin facility in Ocala, Florida. Rick is employed by the Department of Defense (Defense Contract Management Agency) as a Quality Assurance Representative and has been with the Dept. of Defense approximately 25-26 years.

A very happy birthday to Jack Mikulski who celebrates his 69th birthday on Wednesday, April 18th. Jack and his wife, Bev, were married on April 30, 1960 and look forward to their 46th wedding anniversary. Best wishes to the Mikulskis.

Happy birthday to Janice Jasper Thornblum (tomorrow) and to Jerry Hawley (Sunday). Classmates at Sidway School, they are both celebrating milestones this week.••••Happy birthday also to Carrie Badame and Roger O'Connor (today), Taylor Bedford (13 today), Aaron Wood (16 today), Jim Stewart Jr. (the big 4-0 tomorrow), Nicholas Aronica (two years old tomorrow), Jim (AKA Biff) Martin (his 29th birthday tomorrow), baby Jameson Daniel Hiam (first birthday on Sunday), Ed Burrows (Sunday), Michael Jones (the big 4-0 on Monday), Hailey Nowak (12 on Monday), Jane Duffy (Tuesday), Andrew Stange (15 on Tuesday), Mark Hassan (Tuesday), and David Khreis, Lela Mancuso and Lisa Linenfelser (Wednesday).

Looking Back 70 years - To acquaint residents of the Island with the procedure in connection with the change from 25 cycle to 60 cycle frequency current supplied on the Island by the Tonawanda Power Company, an evening meeting was held at the Town Hall in April 1936. It included a brief talk on the uses of electricity on farms and in Island homes, a "thrilling electric cookery demonstration," and prizes. The meeting was attended by 300 residents.

Looking Back 60 years - Painters and carpenters were encouraged to volunteer their time to work on the new Grand Island Memorial Library being constructed in the basement of the town hall 60 years ago.••••Island Scouts participating in the grand march at the Boy Scout Circus in Buffalo were Flag Bearers Bob Riggs and Al Keppler and Marchers Jim Blaydon, Chris Blaydon, Bruce Buzby, Ed Redinger, Jim Ehde and Jim Fleming.

Looking Back 50 years - Soloists for the St. Martin-in-the-Field’s Cantata on Sunday evening, April 15, 1956 were Margaret Webster, Chris Cotter and Eleeta and Walter Hughes.••••St. Stephen’s Altar Society's last card party of the season was held Friday, April 13, 1956. The committee included Bernice Dinsmore, Florence Miller, Rita DeGlopper, Marion Klingel, Kate Redinger, Marie Shimmel and Julie Vampotic.•••• A resolution passed by the Town Board in April 1956 proposed the purchase of 25-30 acres of land, centrally located in the town, to be used for a future "civic center."•••• A group of enthusiastic high schoolers met at St. Martin-in-the–Fields Chapel on Thursday, April 12, 1956 and anxiously heard of the progression of plans, that would mean the opening of a youth center in the near future. The church offered the use of the Chapel to the town to be used as a youth center. Alterations in the chapel were to be made by the young people. Island youth involved at the time were Keith Vanthoff, Richard Smith, Bill Linton, Joe Kerr, Bill Tanner, Charles Swalm and Phil Anderson. Judy Baumler headed up a committee of girls for window washing, etc. •••• A new record department was added to the Island Radio-TV Service. Proprietor Mike Popeluk stocked a full line of modern and classical records. Do any of my readers remember the location of Mike's shop?

Looking Back 20 years - The College and Career group of Bible Presbyterian Church held a Murder Mystery weekend at the Historical Society’s River Lea in Beaver Island Park. Among those taking part were Robby Robinson, Sharon Backus, Karen Backus, Kevin Backus, Cathy Monett, Marsha Jones, Cathy Becvar, Ilene Thomson, Chris Wiese, Kathy Worthley, Joyce Cowan and Randy Swain.••••Huth Road School fifth grade students who won recognition in the “Good Egg" competition included Laura Connell, Amy Fleischauer, Robert Currie, Becky Wilson, Christine Lozo (Sander), Mark Pinzel, Jason Hammett and Jeff Petri.••••Basketball star Jamie Eichel polished off his high school career in 1986 with ten school records including a single game high of 40 points. Coach Jon Roth said at the time that Jamie was the best Grand Island ever had.•••• The Vultures volleyball team won the White Division League on Grand Island and went undefeated in the double elimination playoffs. Members were Tom Warda, John Bruno, Ken Carter, Gary Sankes, John Jackson, Jim Laughlin and Pete Goddard. Does anyone have a picture of this team?••••Grand Island High School students presented the musical Pippin in April 1986 with Jerry Crawford in the lead. Others taking parts were Steve Stancil as Pippin, Jennifer Shubert, Michael Broeker, Marijane Kenney, Traci Shubert and David LaDuca. Directors were Magdalene Miller Kennedy, Kenvin Moreau and Sherman Lyke. Dawn Marcolini was choreographer.

Looking Back 10 years - Inventions of "Bedside Caddy" by Catherine Cline and "Easy Dishes" by Erich Skelly were winning entries in the Invent America contest in April 1996. Catherine and Erich were attending Huth Road Elementary. ••••St. Stephen School 8th grade students Joseph Diebold, Kristen Ficorilli, Alyssa White and Matthew Hamm were members of the first place team in the Niagara Catholic Junior-Senior High School Quiz Bowl Competition.••••The Wheatfield Blades Midget Major hockey team that included Joey Grabiec, Mike Mondoux and Sam Monaco, won the New York State championship for boys 16-18.

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Our sympathy to the families of Mary Angela Hastrich, Edmund Fibich Sr., Daniel Dusenbury, James J. Gaiser and John Trianda who recently passed away. Click Deaths for complete information.

Puppet DiTullio sent this link, one way of finding out the lowest gasoline prices in town. Click Gasoline Prices and insert your zip code. Thanks, Pup.

Would you like to attend an Afternoon Tea at the Grand Island Historical Society headquarters, River Lea? The Society is sponsoring the Tea at 2 p.m. April 30th and reservations are required by calling Dottie at 773-5025. Click Historical Society Page for more information.

Al Meagley of Syracuse, NY has written to see if there are any plans in the works for a get-together of those who served at the Nike Base on Grand Island, NY from 1959 through 1962. At that time, the base was known as the Nike-Ajax-Hercules Base "C" Battery, 1st Missile Battalion.

The Men's Auxiliary of the VFW Post #9249 will hold a Fish Fry tomorrow from 4-7 p.m. at the Post on Grand Island Blvd. A Red Cross Blood Mobile will be held Tuesday at the Knights of Columbus Hall. “Jazz for Christine,” a benefit for Christine Ryshkus, will be held at the Buffalo Launch Club next Friday evening. Check the Calendar of Events for more Isle Happenings.

A special "Hi Christopher" to SrA/E-4 Christopher Wright serving our country with the US Air Force in Iraq.•••• "Say a prayer for our guys over there."

Thursday, April 6, 2006
Snowflakes around 5 p.m. Tuesday were truly the largest I've ever seen and others had the same thing to say. Let's hope our spring weather days are here "now!" Speaking of spring, take a look at the
"Let's Talk Chow" column this week by Jodi Robinson. Sounds good to me!

Members of the GIHS Wind Ensemble, Concert Band, and Orchestra, including our granddaughter, Amy Bidell, are traveling by bus to Chicago today where they will perform, by invitation only, in the Dixie Classic National Festival. The trip is financed at no cost to the school district. Good luck, kids and bring home those superior ratings!

Helena (Wilgosz) Vennette, now in Whitesboro, NY, writes that her husband found a 1971-1972 photo of Mrs. Carol Cromwell's Sidway School kindergarten class that she and her twin brother, Joey Wilgosz, appear in. Welcome to Isledegrande.com Helena and happy 40th birthday on Wednesday. Click "Kindergarten Photo."

Happy birthday to Anne Ehlert (85 today), Rachel Spiker (13 today), Joanne Spiker (today), Nicholas Ratajczak (4 today), dear old friend Janet Sentz (celebrating a big one tomorrow), Joey Beauchamp (tomorrow), James Rustowicz (11 on Saturday), Vincent Ricotta (3 on Saturday), Susan Judson (cheers on Sunday), Mary Ann Arsenault (Sunday), Rhett Robinson (5 on Sunday), Evan Daniel Ackerman (3 on Monday), Roman Jurga, Rolland Hayes and John Hutt Jr. (all on Tuesday), Rob Shoemaker (21 on Tuesday), Melissa Affuso (her 18th on Tuesday), Max Hyland, Sherrie Wendling and Marsha Hammond (Wednesday) and our granddaughter Amy Margaret Bidell (15 on Wednesday).

Former Love Road resident Velma Harding, now living at Amberleigh Apt. 354, Williamsville will celebrate her 94th birthday on Wednesday. Daughter Diane Swick reports that Velma is doing very well and would enjoy visits from old friends. I'm sure she would be thrilled to get some birthday cards from some of those who remember her.

Best wishes to Kimberly and Scott Duscher on the occasion of their first wedding anniversary. Kim and Scott were married on April 8, 2005. Happy anniversary also to Kim and Al Glessner, married 11 years on Saturday.

Attention Bowlers. Let me know about your 300 games. Rich Freer bowled a 300-735 on Monday and Mike Johnson rolled another 300 in a 723 series the previous week at Island Lanes. Congratulations Rich and Mike!

Michael Blocho, a member of the Canisius College Men's Lacrosse Team, was named MAAC Player of the Week. Mike, a college sophomore, had a career-high five goals leading Canisius to a 12-11 win over Providence on Saturday, April 1st at the Demske Sports Complex. Mike is a member of the GIHS Class of 2004.

Looking Back 70 years - With the CCC Camp already in full swing in Buckhorn State Park, rumors of another CCC Camp in Beaver Island began to circulate on the island.••••A "talking picture," Freckles, by Gene Stratton Porter plus two comics were shown at 8 p.m. Saturday, March 28, 1936 at the town hall and sponsored by the Young Republican Club.••••The Island's 8th grade graduating class elected Robert Schooping president during an election held Monday, March 30, 1936. Other officers were Vice President Catherine Killian (Long), Secretary Irene Kaiser (Daigler), and Treasurer Frederick Killian. The students attended School #5 on Bush and Baseline roads.

Looking Back 60 years - Boy Scouts of Troop 75, getting up at 5:30 a.m. to go on nature hikes with their Counselor Mr. L. H. Kirk, included Bruce Buzby, Bob Dworak, Ed Smith, Jim Ehde, Ron Ehde, John Fleming, Ed Schutt and Charley Marlin. The boys and their leaders hiked to Beaver Island and Buckhorn Island parks. "Where was your starting point, Scouts?"

Looking Back 50 years - Grand Island’s own “Tubby” Smith, popular radio and television star, was being featured at Creighton’s Restaurant on East River. His group, the famous Pennsylvania Ridge Runners, was playing for round and square dancing every Saturday.••••The major portion of the informal school board meeting with the taxpayers on Tuesday evening, April 10, 1956 was spent discussing where the high school youngsters would go to school in September. Tonawanda High School had announced classes would be in double sessions in the fall of ’56.••••St. Stephen’s Holy Name Society officers elected in April 1956 were President Don Burns Sr., Vice President Franklin Klocke, Secretary Howard Loucks and Treasurer Eugene Bucher.••••Girl Scouts in Troop 337 taking bi-monthly swimming lessons at the Delaware Avenue YMCA included MaryAnn Gross (Bishara), Marilyn Maurer (Lewis), Norene Miller (Brent), Diane Harding (Swick), Carolyn Martene (Leggio) and myself.••••Four of Sam Teubner's horses broke loose from their Love Road barn and were tying up traffic in the center of town April 11, 1956. The horses were eventually captured and returned to their owner by State Trooper Mills with assistance from Bob Smith of Grand Island Lumber; Bud Smith, son of Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Smith of Grand Island Quick Lunch; and Charles Morgan of Baseline Road.

Looking Back 40 years - Betty Jane Harding, bowling with the Grand Island Belles League in March 1966 at Carol Lanes burnt the boards with a 247-560 effort.••••Grand Island voters on March 23, 1966 voted in favor of the proposed construction on the new $650,000 town hall and library.••••The boys of the 1966 Senior Class lost to the faculty team 55-51 in a basketball game on Sunday, April 3, 1966. The women’s faculty beat the senior gals, 12-10. Referees were David Meyers and Mr. Oatman.••••The Al Bykowicz and Bruce Nichols families moved to the Island 40 years ago.••••Kathy Harris, 12, daughter of Carol and Donald Harris of Warner Drive won first place in the National Open Baton contest (novice division) April 2, 1966 in Webster, NY. Lori Beth Burrows, daughter of Ollie and Charles E. Burrows of Broadway placed second in both novice National Open and novice New York State solo competition.

Looking Back 30 years - Little Diane Ricotta, 2 ½, was among winners in the April 1976 Jaycees Easter Egg Hunt. Click "Old Photo Album" for photos and story.

Looking Back 20 years - Jackson Music and its former neighbor, the Grand Island McDonald's held what seemed to be the world's largest Easter Egg Hunt in 1986. The egg hunters broke the starting line before the starting gun and quickly located 1,000 eggs distributed over an acre of land. Winners were Ginny Fleischmann, Jeff Burge, Danny Slaiman, Ricco Slaiman, Shannon Johnson, Julie Johnson, Brad Magers and Jill Tranter. Some were Islanders, some were not!!

The announcement this week of the formation of a Grand Island Community Chorus should be music to the ears of many Islanders. An informational meeting for all interested singers is set for 7 p.m. Friday, April 28th at Historic Trinity Church, 2100 Whitehaven Road. The original Community Chorus was formed in 1952 for the benefit of the Island's Centennial celebration and continued to provide music for Island events into the 1960s. Click "Grand Island Community Chorus for more information.

Be sure to check out the Kelly's Country Store website. The store is totally geared up for the Easter holiday and the pictures are fabulous. Also spotlighted this week are Isledegrande.com advertisers Joan Dlugokinski - Century 21,    "Technology Camp Of America",    and   Pinto Disposal Service. Check out their websites and patronize them when you can. When it comes to more bang for your buck, we believe we are the very best advertising deal in town. It pays to advertise at Isledegrande.com - the voice of Grand Island and the Island's #1 news source, updated daily.

Our sympathy to the families of Rita Rosene and Sophie Gilbert, Frank M. Lavorato and William D. Mulvena who recently passed away. Click Deaths for complete information.••••Doris A. (Kunze) Schopp, former Sidway School teacher, passed away on March 29th.

Former resident, Laurie McCarthy was back in the news this week. The Buffalo News posted the following on Monday: NBC has finally given the series about lottery winners written and produced by Grand Island's Laurie McCarthy an air date. It will premiere at 10 p.m. Thursday, June 8, which is the "ER" spot during the regular season. Laurie is the daughter of the late Paul and Joyce McCarthy.

Courtney Donovan, a GIHS junior athlete, scored 12 points for the East Team in the ACE/PAL game Tuesday, earning her MVP status for the East team. Island teammate Ashleigh Frieday, a senior, scored 13 points, however the game ended with a victory for South, 69-46.

Friends of the Library and the Island's Schools Art Department present the 10th anniversary of student art exhibits in the Community Room of the Memorial Library with a reception being held 7 p.m. tonight. Click 10th Anniversary Student Art Show for more information. The Historical Society meeting is open to the public tonight at 7:30 p.m. at River Lea in Beaver Island State Park. A program on "Mark Twain's America" will be presented. The Sandy Beach Yacht Club Women's Organization will hold a Gala Art Auction on Saturday at Clubhouse. The Town sponsored "Visit with the Easter Bunny" for children 10 and under will take place at Tops Market from 10 a.m. to noon on Saturday. Our Calendar of Events lists the details, plus other Island happenings.

"Say a prayer for our guys over there."

Thursday, March 30, 2006
Members of the DeGlopper Memorial VFW Post #9249 are looking for names of our troops stationed in Iraq and Afghanistan. Lyn Laman reports that her grandson, Lance Corporal Anthony Laman, U.S. Marines, who is over in El-Asad, Iraq called home to thank our VFW Post 9249 for the package he received from the Post. Lynn said Anthony was thrilled to get the gift.

Happy birthday to Travis Kelley (9 today), George Downs (a milestone today), Janet Osborn (Friday), Kelly McKinney (Saturday), Madison Green (8 on Sunday), Dawn Hillock (cake and candles on Monday!), Mike DeMartin (the big 4-0 on Monday), Jean Haller and Wendy Gaydica (Monday), Theresa West (6 on Tuesday), Zoe Dodd (11 on Tuesday), Harold Killian (a big one on Tuesday), Natalie Baldassare (10 years old on Tuesday), Heather Aronica and Kristin Koch (Wednesday) and Linda Burkhart (cheers on Wednesday).

Looking Back 60 years - Isle tavern operators were complaining about a beer shortage in 1946 and apparently no favoritism was shown by the breweries. Canned beer made its appearance on the tavern bars in the spring of that year when draft beer ran out and bottled cheer became scarce. The canned variety was new to the home town gang, much to the amusement of ex-service men, who drank plenty of it while in the employ of Uncle Sam.

Looking Back 50 years - Possibly the first organized Easter Egg Hunt on the Island, attended by 300 children 14 and under, was sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce and held across from Sidway School on March 31, 1956. The original Palm Sunday date had to be postponed due to snow covered grounds. Winner of the hunt was Fred Cowden. Larry Hughes and Gary Salt won 18” chocolate bunnies. Other winners were Danny Stambaugh, Roland Vogel, Judy DiTullio, Edwin Sargent, Denise Thirion, Mia Fontana, Albert Muench, Kathie Long, Carl Reinauer, Vic Schueckler, Mark Long, Robert Harper, Robert Tranter, Tom Hajski, Donald Tranter and Calvin Gardner.

Looking Back 30 years - Grand Island High School students William Cook, James Davis and Lisa Dannels competed in the It’s Academic show Saturday, April 3, 1976 on WBEN-TV, Channel 4.

Looking Back 10 years - Members of the Son Light Singers presented their "Carry the Light" tour concert at Historic Trinity on March 30-31 1996 and then took off for their East Coast tour on April 3rd. The singers were under the direction of Paul Sipson.••••The Grand Island Teachers' Association announced a huge list of Pride of the Island recipients that included Erin Badame, Kara Duysters, Brian Kopf, Jackie Mangus, Ashley Marien, Christian Nestark, Daniel Rees, Katie Swain, Nicholas Thompson, Michelle Vacanti, and Rachel Wilkinson.

Thank you advertisers. Today's spotlight is on
First Niagara Bank , Dr. Huggs Car Wash & Detail Shop, Priority Computer Services and our newest advertiser, Riverview Chiropractic. Please support these Isledegrande.com sponsors. When it comes to more bang for your buck, we believe we are the very best advertising deal in town. It pays to advertise at Isledegrande.com - the voice of Grand Island and the Island's #1 news source, updated daily.••••The new Java Shop opened by Kevin and Dawn Doring is a unique and lively place. Lunch there on Friday was totally enjoyable and the crowd of Islanders just added to the fun. By the way, the Java Shop opens at 7 a.m. Monday through Friday and is also open on Saturday and Sunday.

Our sympathy to the families of Florence Duignan, Mary Ann Marinello, Ronald Spong, Allan Wholahan, Melva Slish and former resident George Staley who recently passed away. Click Deaths for complete information.

Congratulations to Brandon and Jill (Schmitz) Metz on the birth of a baby girl, Emily Rose, on Tuesday, March 28th. Emily Rose weighed in at seven pounds, eight ounces and is 20 1/2 inches long. Proud grandparents are Claudia and Rick Schmitz of Grand Island and Donna and Bill Metz of Clarence.

Harry Carter, deSignet International salesman for Reg Schopp's deSignet Jewelry Shoppe, sold six engagement rings to customers all over the world today - Maryland, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Montana, Okinawa, Japan and Belfast, Ireland.

Schools are closed tomorrow. This is the weekend of the Friends of the Library's Used Book Sale. Huth Road Elementary School PTA's fabulous and fun bazaar starts at 11 a.m. Saturday. The Lions Club's annual spaghetti dinner will be held Monday beginning at 5 pm. at the Holiday Inn. A Youth Protection Training event takes place Monday evening at Island Presbyterian Church, and the Connor Middle School kids will put on their musical, Aladdin, Junior, on the high school stage Tuesday at 7 p.m. Check our Calendar of Events for the Instrumental Booster Club's meeting on Tuesday, and the last Lenten Luncheon on Wednesday.

Daylight Savings Time begins Sunday morning, April 2nd at 2 a.m. Be sure to turn your clocks ahead on Saturday evening and don't forget to replace the batteries in your smoke detectors!

"Say a prayer for our guys over there."

Thursday, March 23, 2006
Longtime Islander Barbara Anderson, now living in Florida, had back surgery last week and is now recuperating at home. For friends who would like to send her cards and notes of cheer, Barb's address is 604 B Robin Rd., Ormond Beach, FL 32176. "See you this summer, Barb"

Grand Island High School students Stephanie Cartwright, Vida Rostami, Lauren Campbell and Joe Orsolits, all members of the Greater Buffalo Youth Orchestra, will perform with that group 7:30 p.m. Tuesday night in Kleinhans Music Hall. The GBYO and the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra will present a "Side By Side" concert with a contest going on for the student musicians, 90 in all. Click
GIHS Students In Kleinhans Concert
for contest details and free ticket information.

Congratulations, Courtney! Eight-year-old Courtney Collignon was honored last Saturday evening at Salvatore's Italian Gardens by the Erie County Sheriff's Badge & Shield Club for diving into a pool to rescue her struggling brother, Cameron, 4.

The Corporate Bowl finals held Tuesday night are being televised on Adelphia Cable Channel 13 this Saturday at 4 p.m.; Monday, March 27th at 7:30 p.m.; and Tuesday, March 28th at 8 p.m. Congratulations to the scholarship winners.

Married in Trinity UM Church Saturday, March 18th and living on the Island are Todd A. Anzalone and his bride, the former Lisa D. Nice. Best wishes, newlyweds!

The handsome, hardworking and happy-go-lucky George Christensen is wished good health, happiness and a very happy 80th birthday today. George is shown with Deputy Fire Chief Kevin Koch at a chowder sale in October 2005. Click the photo for a larger view.••••Happy birthday to Linda Koch (cheers tomorrow), Jillian Sheehan (turning 10 tomorrow), Michael Brown (9 on Saturday), Jimmy Mysliwiec (a teenager on Sunday), Cheryl Chamberlain (Sunday), Bailey DeGlopper (Sweet 16 on Sunday), Louis Quagliana (best wishes on Sunday), Liza Bowman (her 10th birthday on Tuesday), Marianne Christensen (best wishes on her 75th on Tuesday), Annalea Masiello (Tuesday), Olivia Raye Williams (4 years old on Tuesday), Matthew Violanti (16 on Wednesday), and Sarah McMahon (serving her country over in Iraq on her 23rd birthday Wednesday).

Looking Back 60 years -

Dorothy Phillips Mesmer, Edna Schutt Delaney, Shirley Kreger Luther, Katherine Killian Long,
and Gertrude Cannon Wilson, the young ladies (above) who published “The Islander,” a newspaper sent to Isle servicemen from 1942-1945, presented $75 to the American Legion in March 1946. The money was left over from funds donated to the girls to help finance "The Islander" during the war. Click photo for larger view.••••President Mae Thomas, on behalf of the Sidway School PTA, presented a public address system to the school at the March 1946 meeting. PTA member Christopher Cotter who demonstrated the system also explained the proper use of the equipment. ••••In an effort to raise funds for much needed equipment, the Grand Island Volunteer Fire Company presented a series of weekly movie programs in the old fire hall. Two shows per evening were shown of the latest Hollywood productions. •••• The Youth Council dance held on a Friday night in March 1946 featured Island magician Dan Linenfelser who puzzled the crowd including student Ray Zahm who was invited to take part in one of Dan's tricks on the school stage.

Looking Back 50 years - The women of Emmanuel Aides Society sponsored a fish dinner on Friday, March 23, 1956 in the American Legion Hall due to Emmanuel Chapel being too small to accommodate the expected crowd.••••The Grand Island Council, the Youth Recreation Committee and a group of teenagers met at St. Martin’s Chapel in March 1956 to begin preliminary plans for a youth recreation center on the Island. The use of St. Martin’s Chapel on Baseline Road was offered by the church members for teenage activities, Franklin F. Pinzel, executive chairman of the council, said.••••Trudy Reimann (O’Connor) was chosen Beloved Queen of the Aries Triangle at a meeting held Thursday, March 22, 1956 to elect their first officers. Also elected were Senior Lady in Waiting Libby Smith (Borgese), Junior Lady-in-Waiting Sherrie Mitchell (Wendling); Guardian Donna Horner (Anderson); Chaplain Gail Kirby; Corresponding and Recording Secretary Barbara Duncan (Ochs); Financial Secretary Barbara Beck (Muratore); Treasurer Wendy Holden (Gaydica); Flag Bearer Judy Huff (Froman); Marshall Ruth Landel; Assistant Marshall Bonnie Taylor (Ford) and Trustee Carole Darby (Difano). ••••Hazel Fancher (Rowe), Judy Brunkhorst, Catherine Hatch (Stull) and Marcia Nowak of Louise Ryback's class were among winners of the annual Sidway School sixth grade castle building contest.

Looking Back 40 years - GIHS varsity wrestling team had fabulous year with big Dan Walgate going all the way to the State finals in 1966. The team, under the management of Ralph Edwards and Coach Jerry Gergley, also included Team Captain Frank Budway, Les Chambers, Robert Edwards, Roland Vogel, Terry VonCraigh, John Dearlove, Robert White, Robert Luther, Mike Burl, Brian Schoenberg, John Killian, and Tim Ehde.

Looking Back 30 years - Ann Giambra, Peter Walker, Doug Ford, Pam Gainor, Cathy Swartz, Dave Lechak, Ann Walker, Pat Buell, Greg Chamberlain, Jeff Harberson and Tami Stevens, all members of the Grand Island Swim Club, were first place winners in a March 1976 meet held in Cheektowaga.••••Mike Masters, who held nine school records, was selected to two area all-star basketball teams. •••• For the sixth year the middle school Mathletes members competed for the purpose of outshining each other. Best out of the 120 sixth through eighth graders were Marjorie Bessel (6th grade), J.P. Kennedy (7th grade), and Lloyd Garten (8th grade).

Our nephew, Michael McCarty, who has been working in special effects for the major movie industry for many years, made noteworthy contributions to the movie, Chronicles of Narnia for KNB FX. The movie won an Oscar for special effects and makeup. Michael is credited with work on the lion and beavers. He is the son of Island native, Mary Linenfelser Cooke, now living in Indianapolis, Indiana. Click "Mike McCarty" for further information.

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Our sympathy to the families of Charles Goris, Ruth Muck, Jane Elias and Ann Plucinski who recently passed away. Click Deaths for complete information.

The benefit for Fred Korey, hosted by Hasek's Heroes, takes place tonight. The U-13 Warriors soccer team will hold an All You Can Eat Pasta Fundraiser Dinner tomorrow. Members of the Sandy Beach Yacht Club will present their "Bring a Friend Night" tomorrow. A blood drive will be held from 1-7 p.m. Tuesday in Fire Headquarters. A Lenten Luncheon will be held at Trinity UM Church on Wednesday. Click our Calendar of Events for complete details.

After talking with his children on the subject, former Huth Road Elementary School student, Noel Blair, has emailed a request for information on a time capsule buried in the courtyard on the school property sometime during 1978 or 1979. "It was buried in the courtyard adjacent the hallway that runs parallel with the auditorium," he said. He also remembered that two kids from each class were selected to witness the burial. The question is was the time capsule ever dug up or is it still buried? Noel is a member of the GIHS Class of 1986. Email me at teddy@giecom.net if you can shed some light on this event.

"Say a prayer for our guys over there."

Thursday, March 16, 2006
Top of the morning to ya and happy St. Patrick's Day to everyone.

Happy birthday to Bob Tranter, Nonnie Carroll and Scott Kaniecki (today), Ryan O'Neil (8 tomorrow), Adam Missert (10 on Saturday), Bob Kindred (cheers on Sunday), Brandon Lyden and Rachel Morgan (both celebrating 20th birthdays on Sunday), Sarah Berlinger (5 on Monday), Ashley Green (Sweet 16 on Monday), Evelina Schopp (her 97th birthday on Monday), Meredith Ruland (9 on Tuesday), and Suzanne Geis (Tuesday).

Bernie Brice is wished a speedy recovery following his heart surgery this week. Cards of cheer may be sent to his home.••••A fundraiser to help the family of Fred Korey (Korhummle) will be held Thursday, March 23rd at the Harbor Club at HSBC Arena. Fred is dealing with a serious health concern. See
Fred Korey Fundraiser for more information.

Looking Back 90 years - A group of Grand Island women, first organized in 1914 and meeting monthly to learn and exchange ideas on homemaking, reorganized in March 1916 and joined the National Federation of Home Bureaus.

Looking Back 70 years - On a typical March morning, March 16, 1936, bleak and overcast, ground was broken for the central school. A crowd of mostly school children attended the ceremonies, and young Gordon Schooping acted as Master of Ceremonies. Among adults taking part in the event were School Board members Fred Grehlinger, William Kaegebein, Heber Ashley, Henry Schutt and Arthur Killian, and Supervisor John Mesmer. The new Charlotte Sidway School was later built at a cost of $90,000.•••• Eighteen inches of snow fell Tuesday, March 17, 1936 leaving traffic on the Island at a standstill and by Wednesday night conditions were not much better. The Home Bureau cancelled its annual Saint Patrick’s Day card party and dance, work in the state parks was cancelled, and workers who managed to reach the parks were sent home.••••The Grand Island News of 1936 reported the following: "A St. Patrick's dance was held Friday, March 20th (1936) in the recreation hall of the CCC Camp in Buckhorn Park. Bad roads and uncertain weather conditions did not keep the visitors away, with many parents and friends of the boys coming from as far away as Buffalo to enjoy the dancing. Through the generosity of the commanding officer, Captain Campbell of the camp and Mr. Staley, an old Island resident, the music furnished by Fink's Orchestra kept everybody dancing well into the night. Among the Islanders attending were Supervisor and Mrs. John L. Mesmer, Edward Staley, Miss Marion Staley, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Long, Mrs. Elsie Stamler, Earl Long, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Pruefert, Elmer Kaegebein, George and Richard Morgan, George Nielans, Roy M. Dinsmore, and Herman Rohde."••••Twenty-eight Islanders had a pleasant time at the home of Ann and Frank Schutt, due to a storm here 70 years ago. Mrs. Frank Offermann, her children and Mary Bisgood were rescued from a snow drift by Frank and taken to his home. Later, the Schutts were pleasantly surprised when a sleigh appeared manned by William Kaegebein and children from No. 9 school on Baseline Road. Edna Killian, Irene Kaiser (Daigler), Wilma Kaegebein and Father William Martin completed the happy group and everyone enjoyed the luncheon and the good time.

Looking Back 60 years -

Boy Scouts 1946 - Click for larger view
Winners of the first half of Boy Scout Troop 75's Achievement Contest, the Moose Patrol, spent last weekend at a cabin in Wilson, NY in March 1946. The outdoor life was enjoyed by the patrol members, Bruce Buzby, Edward Schutt, Edward Smith, David Knab, Donald Gardner and Chris Blaydon. Scoutmaster Paul Stefik, Senior Patrol Leader Jim Blaydon and Committeeman Joseph T. Blaydon accompanied the Scouts. Click Old Photo Album
for more troop photos.••••The re-opening of McNamee's East River Grill (now San-Dee's Pub at Ferry Rd. and Elmwood) on Saturday, March 16, 1946 was a "humdinger" and all the locals turned out for the gala occasion. Dan McNamee, "did a beautiful job of remodeling and they are now equipped to handle crowds more comfortably."

Looking Back 50 years - A public warning was given to the kids who were using pea shooters, available at the Grandyle Pharmacy. They were asked to stop shooting cats, other kids, and animals before someone gets hurt.••••Grand Island’s newly formed Water Supply Committee met at the Town Hall Tuesday, March 20, 1956 when Water Superintendent Kenneth Winters stated that the Sandy Beach water district would undoubtedly be short of water in the summer of 1956 and that in his opinion drastic measures would have to be taken “before fall.”•••• Heavy snow on the ground didn’t diminish a crowd of 100 couples who attended the American Legion's St. Patrick’s Day Dance in the Buffalo Launch Club. General chairman Mike Meyer secured the good music of John Gast and his orchestra.

Looking Back 40 years - A fox hunt was held on the Grand Island Rod & Gun Club grounds Saturday, March 19, 1966 at 8 a.m. Planners were John Gilday, Henry Pesko, Frank Zimmerman and Rod Alt.••••Out there somewhere are many photos from March 1966 including the Huth Road and Kaegebein Elementary all-star teams of the recreation department, GIHS Swim Team leaders, the GIHS varsity wrestling team. The pictures include such athletes as Keith Sciandra, Mark Paasch, Mike Malaney, Tim Fadum, Mike Walker, Les Chambers, Robert Edwards, Roland Vogel, Terry VonCraigh, Frank Budway, John Dearlove, Robert Luther, John Killian, Tim Ehde and Dan Walgate. Readers: do any of you have a copy of these pictures?

Looking Back 30 years - The GIHS musical in March 1976 was “Lil Abner.” For the cast and photo, click Old Photo Album•••• Boys swim team standouts in 1976 included Co-captain Randy Gilmore (school record 50-yard free, 26.5 - school and league record 200 yard free, :58.1); Steve Papai (school 100 yd backstroke record 1:11.2); and Tony Lucca (new school diving mark 63.55). Other Swim team standouts were Sue Pultz, Jim Pax, Jim Costanzo, Holly Vaine, Sherry Robinson, Bernie DeLong, Peg Crowe, Tom Morrisey, Terry Lunney, Chris Costanzo, Scott Bastian, J. P. Kennedy and Kate Crowe. ••••Sidway School celebrated the 40th anniversary of its ground-breaking on March 16, 1976 by putting on a program in the auditorium. Highlight was a skit about a one-room school called “The Good Old Days.” The part of the teacher was taken by Amy Gebrian and the pupils were Candace Bell, Suzanne Kennell, Lisa Eichel, Stanley Panetski, Robert Buzby, and Scott Thompson as the Dunce. Teacher Mary Kramer-Hartrick directed.

Looking Back 20 years - Two Canadian men and a resident of Niagara Falls, N.Y. were arrested by U. S. Border Patrol agents shortly after 9:30 a.m. Wednesday, March 20, 1986 following discovery of a drug-smuggling operation on the Niagara River near Navy Island. 79 ½ pounds of marijuana with a street value of about $39,500 were recovered by agents at the scene.

Looking Back 10 years - Music teachers Debra Remson, Carolyn Lokken and Marty Allen teamed up to direct the GIHS musical, "Cinderella" ten years ago this weekend when Dawn Varney played the title role. Christopher Neuhaus took the part of the prince, and the king and queen were played by Drew Ailinger and Jill Masters.

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Our sympathy to the families of Florence R. Walentynowicz and Laurane Mohring who recently passed away. Click Deaths for complete information.

James E. Engel, of Niagara Falls, a former manager of the Grand Island office of M&T Bank and a commercial loan officer for that bank from 1970 to 1988., died Thursday, March 9, 2006 at age 66.••••Former principal of St. Stephen's School, Sister Mary Casimir Gutowski, died Saturday at the age of 81.

Our Calendar of Events lists a talent show at the high school this evening, corned beef and cabbage at the Moose Lodge tomorrow night, a St. Pat's Dinner at the VFW Saturday, the finals of the GIHS Corporate Bowl on Tuesday night and the third Lenten Luncheon being held at Trinity Church on Wednesday. Additional dates are constantly being added so check the calendar to keep up with Island Happenings.

"Say a prayer for our guys over there."

Thursday, March 9, 2006
Good luck to the eleven GIHS students traveling with their advisor, Cheryl Chamberlain, to the New York State DECA conference in Rochester. The kids, who have done very well in previous competitions, will be involved in a three-day competition in business related events at the state level.

Grand Island High School's fabulous diver, Ian O'Rourke has won the NYS Federation Diving Championship and the NYS Public High School champion and for the third time has qualified for the All-America Diving Team. Congratulations, Ian!

Information is being sought on the driver involved in a hit and run accident last Thursday evening that caused damage to three parked cars on Jenell Drive. Anyone with information is asked to call the Erie County Sheriff's Department at 661-6150.

The Fire Company's Ladies Auxiliary is bringing back its flea market. Saturday, June 10th is the day. Watch for details and save the date.

Happy birthday to Grace Dorothy Wenner (3 today), Chandler Cole (8 today), Gail Rothenberg (today), Christopher McMahon (youngest of the 10 McMahon babies turning 50 tomorrow), Tiffany Turner (her 15th birthday on Saturday), Mike Skotnicki (cheers on Saturday), Anne Linenfelser (25 on Saturday), Katie Doane (20 on Saturday), Denise Prast (Saturday's the big day), Dan Robillard (Sunday), Sam Aswad and Karen Smith (Monday), Pete Xanthos (his 80th on Monday), Bethany Sirianni (21 on Monday), CJ Matthews (a teenager on Tuesday), Mindi Kratz (her 20th on Wednesday), and Pat Williams Meyer (Wednesday).

First Town Hall built in 1875, now site of GI Fire Co. - Click for larger view
Looking Back 70 years - Due to the fact that the Board of Assessors and the Young Republican Club were occupying most of the Town Hall (pictured above) on Monday night, March 2, 1936, the Board of Education met at the residence of Board member William Kaegebein on the Whitehaven Road. •••• Friends and neighbors of Reverend Edward and Cora Braunschweig were happy to be able to communicate with them by telephone since one was installed in their home in March 1936.

Looking Back 60 years - The Service Center Appliance store on Express Highway (Grand Island Blvd.) was opened by Harold L. Long for the first time on March 15, 1946.•••• Riverside High School students from Grand Island, Fred Haeffner and Emery Ashley, took part in the clown band in the school’s 1946 Hi-Y Show.

Looking Back 40 years - Island grocery stores serving the community in 1966 were Acme Market in the Grand Island Plaza, Mesmer’s on Love Road, Salami’s Market in Sandy Beach, and Top’s Independent Market on Love Road.••••Supervisor Ray Griffin did his best in directing traffic on a Sunday in March 1966 when a "few million motorists decided to invade Grand Island for the scheduled Air Force parachute drop."••••Colony Kitchen, a new restaurant venture at 1709 Grand Island Blvd., opened for business, replacing a similar eatery at that location. New owner and operator was Miss Alexandria Radeff of Buffalo.

Looking Back 30 years - Michael Heldwein’s Pinewood Derby Car 82 swept first in eight out of nine places to win the Grand Championship of Cub Scout Pack 452’s annual classic. Robert Nichols and William Bedford battled to the second and third spots among the 36-car, father-son event in March 1976. Among the many winners of miniature loving cups and plaques were Mike DeGlopper, Edward Kostenbauder, Paul Sullivan, Ed Burrows, David Khreis and Richard Yensan.

Looking Back 20 years - The School Board announced it would interview a minimum of eight candidates in order to select those for final consideration as superintendent of Grand Island schools. More than 50 applicants, including 11 from outside the state, submitted resumes for the position held by interim superintendent Robert E. McCarthy. Former Supt. Robert C. Courtemanche had accepted a position in Middletown. ••••GIHS presented “Wednesday Night Live” variety show March 12, 1986 in the school auditorium when Sarah Morrisey was the star vocalist performing her song about things to do on Grand Island. Produced by the Class of 1987, the show also featured fiddler Lori Schriver, the bands No Apparent Reason, The Difference and the Joe Chimes Trio.

Looking Back 10 years - Art Mallwitz won the fifth annual Tonawandas' Bowling Association/Labatt's Singles Shootout Tournament at his own Island Lanes February 25, 1996. Among other winners were runner-up Al Young, Jeff Wik and Pat Foote.

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Our sympathy to the families of former residents James L. Olmstead, Roy M. Helf Jr. and Pfc. Benjamin C. Schuster who recently passed away. Click Deaths for complete information.

Jalapeno Loco on Grand Island Blvd. will feature a live Mariachi Band tonight. See today's front page for details.

This is the weekend of the Zonta Club's annual antique show and sale. The Moose Lodge will hold a Chili Challenge on Saturday. The school district music departments will stage the annual Choral Kaleidoscope Concert in the high school auditorium on Monday night. Corporate Bowl competition kicks off on Tuesday evening in the high school. The Republican Committee is holding a St. Patrick's Dinner fundraiser on Wednesday night. And the All Island Jazz concert at the high school is scheduled for Wednesday evening at 7 p.m. Check our Calendar of Events for details and other Island happenings!

The Wednesday, March 15th Lenten Luncheon at noon in Trinity UM Church will be hosted by parishioners of Whitehaven Road Baptist Church. Click Ecumenical Lenten Luncheons for more information.

The GIHS Class of 1966 fortieth reunion committee has located all but five classmates. Anyone with information on Scott Herlan, Thomas Levin, Jane Sirois, Glenda Tysinger or Linda Smith is asked to contact Terry Swain at "tigerterry1@yahoo.com". Check the Class of 1966 Reunion Page for the June 30-July 1st reunion plans.

"Say a prayer for our guys over there."

Thursday, March 2, 2006
Grand Island High School junior Ian O'Rourke is the defending state diving champion and will be competing for that title at 10 a.m. Saturday morning at the Burt Flickinger Aquatic Center in downtown Buffalo. Good luck, Ian.••••Al Salamone, a Grand Island High School junior, is heading to Turin, Italy tomorrow to compete with his U. S. Paralympic Sled Hockey Team. Good luck, Al. Click
"Al Salamone" for story.

Congratulations to Colin Thompson. According to the Buffalo News, Colin, an NCCC freshman, earned All-America status with his sixth-place finish at the National Junior College Athletic Association National Wrestling Championship. Colin is a GIHS graduate, Class of 2005.••••Canisius College sophomore Mike Blocho, a member of the Golden Griffins Men's Lacrosse team, had a career-high three goals in the season opener, a loss to Princeton, 16-6.••••Niagara U Tennis Star Steve Kopf, a freshman, added another win for the undefeated Purple Eagles as they beat Loyola College (1-2, 0-1), 6-1 last Saturday night. Steve is a GIHS graduate, Class of 2005.

Happy birthday, Dorothy! Dorothy "Dot" Lovelee celebrated her 80th birthday on February 12th at a surprise party hosted by her children Dawn (Merrill) Hillock, Gail (Merrill) Allen and Gary Scott to mark her milestone birthday.

Good news! Fay Wood is home after several weeks in the hospital. Check with her family about visits before next week. Let's keep the cards full of good wishes coming her way.

The deadline for letters of nomination for the Chamber of Commerce Citizen of the Year is tomorrow, March 3rd. The Dinner will be held on Thursday, April 27th in the Holiday Inn. For more information, click Chamber Nominations.

Looking Back 70 years - Weekly religious school was held on Thursday afternoons at 3 o'clock at Trinity Evangelical Church, made possible by the cooperation of the School Board in arranging for the dismissal of the children one-half hour earlier than usual and having them transported from the Island's three one- and two-room schools to the church by bus. Mrs. Jeannette Cady taught the 4th grade group, Miss Beatrice Pettit, the 5th and 6th grade groups, and Mrs. Julia Long, the 7th and 8th grade groups. Devotionals were presided over by Reverend Harvey P. Schooping and Mrs. Edith Stoddard was the pianist and musical director. St. Stephen's parish also thanked the school board at that time for the use of the school bus for transporting the children to and from the church for religious instructions on Thursdays. ••••The C.C.C. Camp’s work on the Beaver Island State Park at the south end of the Island included removal of three old buildings on Mrs. Hazel Koerner's former estate, the original Spaulding house, John Townsend's residence and the Sidway ice house. Work was also underway on the dismantling of one of the cow barns in Beaver Island Park in February 1936.••••The town board announced that the proposed surfacing and repairing of Spaulding and Oakfield roads would be a WPA project costing the town about $3500 against the government's $28,000 in 1936.

Looking Back 50 years - Miss Faye Ehde (Valone) conducted a water ski clinic at the Boat, Travel and Sport show held in the Connecticut Street Armory in Buffalo and also participated in a sports show in NYC 50 years ago.•••• Landmark Realty Co. of Grand Island was advertising in the local paper and listed Sales Personnel as Nat Barrell, John E. Kolb, Archer Payne, Keith Hopkins, Don Tranter, Margaret Anetsberger, Milt Dietzer, Bob Noonan, and Gladys Harnett.•••• Grandyle Pharmacy advertised 10 cent kites could be purchased with a coupon for 6 cents. •••• The Lovelee family of Warner Drive was in the basement of their home listening to their hi-fi record player when a bolt of lightning hit the house on Tuesday, March 6, 1956 causing $8,500 damage, estimated by fire Chief Ted Klingel.•••• Known for years as Express Highway, Connecting Blvd. or Route 324, the artery was officially proclaimed as Grand Island Blvd. by the town board in March 1956. ••••Frank Pinzel was elected executive chairman of the newly formed Grand Island Community Council at the March 1956 meeting. ••••In a Milan, Italy newspaper in March 1956 were pictures in color of the exterior and interior of the William Kaegebein School, designed by local architect Roswell Pfohl. The story cited the school as being an example of modern school architecture in the US and went on to say that Mr. Pfohl had designed another school for the community for which ground would be broken in the spring of that year.

Looking Back 40 years - The Island Theatre Group production of “Mary, Mary” starred Shirley Jean Measures, Tom Carter, Nick Paige, Nancy Harrington and Jim Verbsky. The play was produced March 3-6, 1966 at the Community Center at Fix and Legion. Party chairman Linda Job was in charge of the Strike Party after the play, held at The Villa.•••• Four records were shattered by Grand Island High School swimmers Saturday night March 5, 1966 as the top mermen won their first Section VI Class A swimming crown at the Buffalo State pool. The new champions amassed 301 points. Mike Milkey was a double winner – 200 and 400-yard freestyle events. The 200-yard medley relay team of Mark Livezey, Joe Weber, Ed Sargent and Pete Hackett set a Class A record of 1:52. Ed Sargent set a record 0:53 in the 100 freestyle.

Looking Back 30 years - Jean Lange, organist at St. Stephen’s Church, was in charge of the music for the Friday, March 5, 1976 World Day of Prayer held at St. Stephen’s. Alda Delaney and Betty Fritz were in charge of arrangements.

Looking Back 20 years - Knights of Columbus Free Throw contest winners received trophies on February 20, 1986 at the K of C Hall. They were overall winner Deanna DeFeo, Patty Van de Ven, Murray White, Rick Jerabeck and Tom Fleckenstein.•••• Little folks attending Jack and Jill Cooperative Preschool in 1986 included Katie Krause, Mackenzie Hassan, twins Scott and Matthew Wallace, Kerry Mesmer, Jennie Banas and Chris Barker.

Looking Back 10 years - Boat owners keeping their crafts at the East River Marina in Ferry Village in 1996 were notified that docking would be closed until permanent repairs could be made. The marina, just north of the Beaver Island Golf Course on the east Niagara River, never reopened.••••Sue Clark had the high single, 288 and the high series, 566 when she bowled with the Monday Night Ball Busters on February 26, 1996 at Island Lanes.

Happy birthday to Gary Burnworth (his 60th on the 27th), Timothy Geering (a big one yesterday), Michelle Pinzel (today), Matthew McNaughton (9 today), Eric Stone (the big 4-0 tomorrow), Don Less and David Saunders (Saturday), Teresa "Fahrer" Gormady and her cousin, Kevin Dilliot (40th birthdays on Saturday), Shampoo Volk (her 2nd birthday on Saturday), Jennifer Peresie (cheers on Sunday), Marty Kennell (special greetings on Sunday), Pattie Merritt (a big happy birthday on Sunday), Andy Beyer IV (the big 6-0 on Monday), Karen Hutzler (20 on Monday), Kelly Gast Petrie (Monday), Shelbi Milkas (a teenager on Monday), Hayden Backlund (5 on Monday), Katie McDonough Lenhard (best wishes on Monday), Ginny Lynn Wilkinson (20 on Tuesday), Val Funk (cake and candles on Tuesday), and Mike Hann and Bud Link (milestones on Wednesday).

Two very special people are celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary tomorrow. Best wishes to Helen and Joe Thomas, married on March 3, 1946. Have a great day, folks!

This week's featured businesses and Isledegrande.com advertisers are Bob Piatek's Bob Piatek State Farm Insurance, Sue Berger's Flower A Day Florist, Tim Mordaunt's Mediation Center and Mike Mongan's The Beach House Restaurant. When it comes to more bang for your buck, we believe we are the very best advertising deal in town. It pays to advertise at Isledegrande.com - the voice of Grand Island and the Island's #1 news source, updated daily.••••On a personnel note, my family had a great lunch and a great time at the Beach House during the school break. Service is always friendly and the food is excellent.

Our sympathy to the families of Charles R. Cole and former resident Julia I. Besch who recently passed away. Click Deaths for complete information.

The Ecumenical Lenten Luncheon series, ongoing through the Lenten season, will be held at Trinity UM Church beginning Wednesday, March 8th. For more information, click "Lenten Luncheons."

The Grand Island Historical Society offers a program on Grover Cleveland and his road to the Presidency tonight in Historic Trinity Church. The GIHS band will play a concert tonight in the high school auditorium. A World Day Of Prayer service is scheduled for tomorrow in St. Martin-in-the-Fields Church. Lenten Luncheons begin Wednesday, the 8th at Trinity UM Church. The Sled Dog Races scheduled for Beaver Island Park this weekend are cancelled. Our Calendar of Events has all the details and more. Make sure we have your church, club or organization news. Email me at teddy@giecom.net with your information.

"Say a prayer for our guys over there."

Thursday, February 23, 2006

A very happy birthday to former resident, Pete Mazenauer, who will celebrate his big day on Sunday. This Sidway School photo was taken in 1953 when Pete was just a little guy in Mrs. Lillian Shear's first grade classroom.

Best wishes and congratulations to Dawn and Kevin Doring who recently opened their Java Shop Cafe on Grand Island Blvd. across from the Fire Hall. The interior is like nothing seen on Grand Island and the espressos, coffees, teas and specialty hot drinks along with a "Lite Fare" and fabulous desserts are the talk of the town. Hurray for the Island to have this very special shop to meet for coffee and more.

Puppet DiTullio is back home following his surgery and recuperation, and lovin' it. In his own words, "YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA....Hoooooooooooo...!" We're all very happy to hear it, Pup!

Congratulations to Grand Island High School junior, Ian O'Rourke, who has been name WKBW's Super 7 Athlete of the Week. Not sure how long it will be available, but try clicking "O'Rourke Athlete Of Week," for WKBW's video. ••••Congratulations to Mike Johnson who bowled a 300-783 Monday night at Island Lanes in the Men's A Best Roofing League. And congratulations to John Colosi on his 17 kills in the recent D'Youville win over Nazareth during the five men's volleyball games played this week.

Sean A. Morey, son of Dan and Susan Morey, has graduated from basic military training at Lackland Air Force Base, San Antonio, Texas. Airman Morey is a 2003 graduate of Grand Island High School.

Happy 98th birthday to Lil Carpenter, without a doubt, the prettiest girl at the Golden Age Center. Happy birthday also to Christina Kolkmann (8 today), Kim Nusstein (today), John Whitney (It's today and 1955 was a very good year!!), Sophia Catherine Black (2 today), Lauren Braun (Sweet 16 tomorrow), Tom Turner (the big 4-0 tomorrow), Mike McNamee (the big 5-0 tomorrow), Lynn Dingey (Sunday), Kevin Koch Jr. (4 on Monday), Kevin Sander (6 on Tuesday), David Matthews (Leap year boy turning 6), Jane Cooke (11 on Wednesday), Karie Stedman (4 on Wednesday), and Kayla Schmidt (a teenager on Wednesday).

"Ron" - Click for larger view
Ron Gasbarro, GIHS Class of 1969, now living in New Milford, PA celebrates his 55th birthday on Sunday. Old friends are invited to check out his website at http://www.rx-press.com/

Looking Back 60 years - The 5th birthday of the Sidway School PTA was celebrated at the regular monthly meeting in February 1946 in the school auditorium (now known as the fitness center). A candle-lighting service in honor of the founders of the PTA, as well as for first Island PTA President Beatrice Ashley, Second President Wilma Prentice, and the late Alice Wolf, for her great interest and contribution to the PTA. Mrs. Ashley, Mrs. Prentice, President Mrs. Mae Thomas, and Principal Miss Veronica Connor presided.••••The tavern operators on the Island reported that the past week was the first that they’ve felt the tightening up of money. One pub owner said, “It is the poorest week we’ve had in five years.”••••Mesmer’s Tavern (later known as the Isle Inn) at Baseline and Staley roads blazed a trail and installed a shuffle-board, which was getting a terrific play from both the boys and their girls.

Looking Back 50 years - School lunch menu fifty years ago today listed oven baked beans with a wiener, cabbage salad, rye bread and butter, milk, and applesauce – or beef noodle soup, cream cheese and jelly sandwich, milk and dessert, for 25 cents. Also available were ice cream sandwiches at 10 cents and 5 cents, Ice Cream cones at ten cents, and packages of cookies at five cents. •••• Donald Taylor, head of development work for Hooker, stated at a meeting of the Chamber of Commerce, that Hooker has not asked for any tax concessions from the Town and fully expects to pay its share of the Town tax load “the same as anyone else.” •••• The Tonawanda High School girls basketball team, including Island girls, Captain Bertha von Craigh, Co-Captain Nancy Mote (Sayre), Mary Olsen (Becker), Wilma Claunch, Nancy Braddell (Gorrell), Barbara Yadloczky (Oddo) and Bernice Glor (Pagliaro) won the high school championship for the second consecutive year. The undefeated Island girls were grateful to their parents who shared the transportation responsibility.

Looking Back 40 years - Big Dan Walgate pinned both his opponents at the Saturday, February 27, 1966 Section VI WNY Wrestling Finals.•••• In a double ring ceremony Feb. 26, 1966 at St. Stephen’s R. C. Church, Miss Diane Elizabeth Yakam became the bride of Clark James Nesbitt. Miss Janet Gast (Hague) was flower girl. Best wishes to Clark and Diane.

Looking Back 30 years - Over 130 people attended the Bridgehoppers/Charter Night Dinner and Dance Saturday February 28, 1976 at the Knights of Columbus Hall. Presidents Don and Barb Kenyon presented mementos of the past camping season to all Bridgehopper families in attendance. Special mention was given to Heber and Betty Ashley, Don and Dorothy Loder and Vince and Grace Stricker who helped form the GI Chapter of National Campers and Hikers Association in 1961.••••Cub pack 510’s Annual Blue and Gold Dinner was held Friday, February 27, 1976 at Trinity Church. Barbara Taefe headed up the planning committee. Receiving awards from Webeloes #1 were Bill McCutcheon (5), Bill Blok (5), Jim Witschard (4), Ken Dinino (2); and from Den #1, Scott Buzby, David Guarino and Philip Buchanan. Guest speaker Tom Zarbo, Scoutmaster for Troop 510, narrated a slide program of his Troop’s activities.••••First graders at Sidway School taking part in a Patriots Day program in February 1976 included Michael Drumm (dressed as Uncle Sam, himself), Eddie Fairbairn, Leah Campagna, and Carmina Cunanan.

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Our sympathy to the families of former residents Connie (Manuse) Teresi and Josephine M. Grisanti,who recently passed away. Click Deaths for complete information.

My condolences to Dorothy Rowswell on the death of her father Saturday night while vacationing with Dorothy and his family.

This is the weekend of St. Stephen's Parish Players' youth performances of Cinderella, a musical, taking place at St. Stephen School Friday and Saturday at 7 p.m. (Sunday's matinee is sold out.)••••The Ladies of the VFW will host their All You Can Spaghetti Dinner from 4-7 p.m. Saturday.••••New York State's special election will be held Tuesday.••••A Chicken & Biscuit Dinner is being held a the Knights of Columbus Tuesday beginning at 4 p.m. Check our Calendar of Events for more details.

Our Historical Society will meet next Thursday evening (March 2nd) in Historic Trinity, 2100 Whitehaven Road when a slide program on Grover Cleveland and his road to the Presidency will be presented. The meeting starts at 7:30 p.m. and everyone is welcome to attend.

Attention members of the GIHS Class of 1996: Cheryl Wietan announced this week that the GIHS Class of 1996 will hold a 10-year reunion planning meeting at 6:30 p.m. this Sunday (Feb. 26th) at the Brick Oven (Grand Island Blvd. Plaza). We have set up a news page for the "Class of 1996" where all news of the reunion will be posted.

"Say a prayer for our guys over there."

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Click photos for larger view
The death of longtime Island resident Betty O'Dea-Carr last week is sad for so many of us who knew and loved her. The photos were sent to me by family members. The five-generation photo was taken in December 2005 and shows her son, Jim O'Dea with his daughter Debra, his granddaughter, Rebecca and his mother, Betty, holding Jim's great granddaughter Skylynn. Betty is pictured sledding over the Thanksgiving weekend 2005 in LaFayette, NY when a snowstorm hit while visiting at daughter Kathy Donath's house. A complete notice of her passing appears on the "Deaths Page"

Be sure to see Curry and Amanda (Gottler) Glor's twin girls born last month. Click Islanders In The News.

This week's spotlighted Isledegrande.com advertisers are River Oaks Clubhouse,
  Blue Water Marina,  Gross Plumbing & Heating,   and Grand Island Auto Tech. Please support these Isledegrande.com sponsors. When it comes to more bang for your buck, we believe we are the very best advertising deal in town. It pays to advertise at Isledegrande.com - the voice of Grand Island and the Island's #1 news source, updated daily.

Our sympathy to the families of Phyllis “Max” Schmidt and former residents Betty O'Dea-Carr and Graham Harris who recently passed away. Click Deaths for complete information.

Happy birthday to Marianne Ward, Maisie Dommell, and Amanda Stamler (celebrating special birthdays today), Alyssa Ryan (a teenager tomorrow), Christopher Heftka (21 on Saturday), Bob Dworak (his 75th on Saturday), Dorothy Rowswell (best wishes on Sunday), Bobby Wright (75 on Sunday), Marcy Lange (Sunday), Bob Aronica (the big 4-0 on Monday), Jennifer Watkins (her 20th on Monday), Tommy Smith (10 on Monday), Kathleen Brady (entering her teens on Monday), Bryan Smith (Monday), Hailey Lorence (3 on Tuesday), Mark Nowicki and Laurie Herlan (milestones on Tuesday), and Jim Zilliox (Wednesday).

Leap year babies, all born on February 29th and wished a very happy birthday are Jim Benns, Donna Linenfelser, Jason Weis, Gregory Chamberlain and Gretchen Williams.

Fay Wood continues to make great strides in her recovery after a head injury due to a fall on January 19th. She is currently in room 2203W at Kenmore Mercy Hospital and loves to receive cards and well wishes from friends. The Wood family sends a heartfelt thank you to all those who’ve kept Fay in their thoughts and prayers.

Good news is that Rita Hagerman is home and doing quite well.

Looking Back 70 years - The first issue of the Grand Island News was published on Friday, February 14, 1936 by editor, John McWilliams, and business manager, Wesley E. Link. The subscription rate was a $1 per year. ••••Water District #2 came into existence in 1936 and covered an area of 1500 acres, extending from the proposed Grandyle Village property near the South Bridge, to a point on the west shore at the Fix Road.•••• Island residents experienced an extended period of zero and near zero weather in February 1936 and as a result, the ice in the East and West rivers piled up to a degree seldom seen in this area. ••••Mr. and Mrs. Clem Schuerman’s Bedell House Annex was ransacked Monday morning (February 17, 1936). A large quantity of liquor, beer, cigars and cigarettes valued at between $40 and $60 was taken. Constable Lyle Finch rounded up the major portion of the loot under the Rose Cottage (still standing across from the Village Inn) and nearby hiding places.

Looking Back 60 years - The tavern operators on the Island reported in mid February 1946 that they felt the tightening up of money. One pub owner said “It is the poorest week we’ve had in five years.”••••The Grand Island Volunteer Fire Company met with the Town Board on February 11, 1946 and suggested that a reservoir be placed on town property at the corner of Baseline and Whitehaven roads to provide a source of water supply for extinguishing fires. (Hey, old timers - remember it?)••••Exactly 60 years ago tonight, though a Saturday that year, the firemen held a dance in their newly remodeled fire hall. The work crew was under the direction of Bill Fleming. Johnny Gast Sr. and his Music Masters took advantage of the new band shell. An ice cream bar was open on the main floor and an enlarged cloakroom provided checking space for many more hats and coats.

Looking Back 50 years - Barbara Kinkel was chairman and Lyn Mauri (Laman) was in charge of decorations for the Grand Island Teachers Association's 2nd annual Scholarship Ball held in the Buffalo Launch Club on February 18, 1956.••••An Italian supper club theme highlighted the Trinity Church Couples Club meeting in February 1956. An orchestra composed of Mrs. Earl Johnson, Clayton and Lucille Ames, Betty and Heber Ashley, Earl McCullough and Barbara Study provided background music.

Looking Back 40 years - The Grand Island Chamber of Commerce held its first "Man of the Year" dinner on Feb. 22, 1966 when ten men and women were honored. Award recipients were Clyde Eidens, Thomas A. McKeen, Gene J. Masters, Paul H. Taylor, Lawrence A. Grant, Rev. John Larsen, Marion Klingel, Hazel Link, Raymond P. Griffin, and Citizen of the Year – Norman G. Courey, M.D. First chairman of the annual awards dinner was Paul E. McCarthy Sr.••••Mary and Norm Parisi had just opened their dry cleaning business at Staley near Baseline.

Looking Back 30 years - Twenty-six high school students spent the winter recess February 16-20, 1976 touring Washington, D.C. The long list included Rene Giles, Pamela Flood, Darleen Cowart, Mary Geering, Karen Hayes (Smith), Kathleen Ridge, Sandra Roberts, Gary Volante, Patricia Hecko, Nancy Mondoux, Steve Foster, Kathleen Brown, Nancy Morrisey, Jeff Youngs, Holly Sharon, Jack Dally, Daniel Capen and Amy Lantz, and accompanying the group were faculty advisors were Mr. Ed Anker, Mr. Tim Toy and Mrs. Peggy McGuire.

Looking Back 10 years - Thad Raczkowski played the lead, Grandpa Vanderhoff, in the St. Stephen's Parish Players production of You Can't Take It With You." Also taking leads in the February 16-18, 1996 play were Michael Ficorilli and David Conboy.••••Kevin Kud and Marissa Cooney were declared the champions of the Buffalo News Spelling Bee from Grand Island Middle School.

Best wishes to Sally and Robert Waterson who celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary on Jan. 28th. Married 50 years ago in St. Stephen Catholic Church on the Island, they are parents of five children and grandparents of nine grandchildren.

Congratulations to Rob Rumsey, a star swimmer for Fredonia State. Rob, a 2005 graduate of GIHS, set a school record in the 100 backstroke in SUNYAC Championships last weekend, breaking a 16-year-old record. Rob, a freshman, swam the race in 53.86 seconds and finished third in the finals. His time was nearly three seconds faster than the previous school record.••••Congratulations also to topnotch wrestler Colin Thompson who won a regional title and was among nine Niagara County Community College wrestlers qualifying for the NJCAA Tournament next weekend. Colin's team won its 8th Region III championship in 10 years, beating Alfred, 125-1001 1/2.

Received a note from Dorothy Rowswell this week. Her 94-year-old father who has been enjoying a Florida vacation with Dorothy and other family members, has suffered a heart attack. "Just want everyone to have a "Heads Up" and to keep him in your prayers," Dorothy wrote. A second note from Dorothy today, relates that "Dad" is doing better.

"Say a prayer for our guys over there."

Thursday, February 9, 2006
Jennifer and Jeremy Pullano are proud parents of a son, Dominic John, born on February 2nd weighing seven pounds, 14 ounces. Be sure click
"Dominic John" for his picture and story on our Islanders In The News page.

Good news! So glad to report that Shorty Vanthoff's daily treatments at Roswell Park Cancer Institute are proving successful.••••More good news! Rita Hagerman is working hard at her physical therapy and is doing very well.

The family of longtime resident Fay Wood is asking for your prayers for Fay and requests no visitors at this time.

Belated best wishes to Shirley and Jim Rogan who celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. The Rogans, parents of six, grandparents of 17 and great grandparents of three, were married on December 31, 1955.

Looking Back 60 years - “The Swap Shop,” held in the Sidway School on Wednesday, February 13, 1946 for the benefit of the children exchanging outgrown skates, boots, rubbers, etc., proved to be a success with 25 articles brought for sale and swap.•••• “Store at the Door,” a bus that provided residents with fruits and vegetables and more and operated by Islanders John Schimmel and George White, was offering a new service in 1946 – phone order delivery.

Looking Back 50 years - The first meeting of the Grand Island Chapter Aries Triangle was held fifty years ago today in St. Martin-in-the-Fields Church.•••• Yvonne Martin, Betty Clement, Barbara Bagdy and Mildred Brobeil were among those in charge of the Cooperative Nursery School’s parents' meeting held in Trinity Fellowship Hall on February 16, 1956.••••Karen Carr (Keefe) and Cathy Zavodny (Brehm) of Girl Scout Intermediate Troop 39 were awarded their Adventure Badges at an investiture and fly-up ceremony on Valentine's Day 1956 in Kaegebein School. Among other scouts in this troop were Sharon McMahon Tokash, Bonnie Breazeale (Merten), Elaine Stedman, Renee Thirion (Wulf), Sue Vampotic (Doane) and Betty Kerr (Olmstead).••••The Grand Island Community Council met for the first time on February 15, 1956. This group met for many years and included the Rotary Club, Kiwanis Club, Lions Club, Zonta Club, Grand Island Taxpayers Association, and the Chamber of Commerce. It was the Taxpayers Association who formed the group, after realizing that the Island had too many organizations "working at cross purposes to be of value in guiding the direction of the town’s future."

Looking Back 40 years - New officers elected to lead the Wo Ho Wa Campfire Girls on January 11, 1966 were President Brenda Krueger, Treasurer Mary Dunbar-Daluisio and Secretary/Scribe Anne Geering.

Looking Back 30 years - Bowling in the Island Belles League on Wednesday, February 11, 1976, Susie Cinelli rolled the high single 214 and Mary Ann Arsenault had the high total pins, 536.•••• St. Stephen School Science Fair winners in February 1976 included Richard Paczynski and Christian Wood.

Looking Back 20 years - Olympic activities on Friday, February 15, 1986 concluded the schedule of events for St. Stephen’s Catholic Schools Week. The champions were Michael Cadella, Thomas Wild, Shawna Hnatyszyn, Thomas Flaherty, Christopher Sanborn, Cara Colucci, Leslie Page and Jason Pax.

This week's business spotlight is shining on Louis A. Macro - Optician at Grand Island Optical,    Michael Anthony Rossi Attorney At Law,    X-Press One Hour Dry Cleaners,    and Grand Island Garden Center. When it comes to more bang for your buck, we believe we are the very best advertising deal in town. It pays to advertise at Isledegrande.com - the voice of Grand Island and the Island's #1 news source, updated daily.••••On a personnel note, my new and attractive glasses, a pair of trifocals from Grand Island Optical, are serving all of my needs - no more switching to my computer glasses at work, and then forgetting to change back before leaving for the day!

Our sympathy to the families of Virginia I. Bobo, Patricia Godzisz and former resident Norma M. Somer who recently passed away. Click Deaths for complete information.

Virginia I. Bobo passed away last week. She was the daughter of the late Irene M. (Williams) Allen, the granddaughter of Melvina and George Williams Sr. and great granddaughter of Mary and John Williams who settled on Grand Island before 1850. Suffering from a lengthy illness, Virginia spent the last part of her life in a home on the Williams property on Fix Road that has remained in the family for more than a century. Only Virginia's brother, former Island resident Donald J. Allen of Alpharetta, Georgia, survives.

Happy anniversary to Karie and Pete Hayes, celebrating their 2nd anniversary on February 13th, to Betty and Vince Phillips, marking their 59th anniversary on Valentine's Day, and to Brent and Delene Helman on their 2nd anniversary on Tuesday.

Happy birthday to Irma Dworak turning 100 today. Be sure to see her story and pictures at "Islanders In The News"••••Happy birthday also to Al Raepple (a young 80 years old tomorrow), Renee Gietz (cheers tomorrow), baby Kaylee Marie Montana (first birthday tomorrow), Rus Thompson (the big 5-0 on Saturday), Harold Arcouet, Charles Swalm and Barbara Glor Martin (Saturday), Jagger Click (6 on Saturday), Amanda Lynn Kaiser (her 20th on Saturday), Dorothy Lovelee (special greetings on Sunday), Kim Schopp (Sunday), Vince Ramsperger (a fabulous 40 on Sunday), Jayce Claus (5 on Sunday), Cody Clarke (21st birthday on Monday), Andrew Fred (9 on Monday), Roger Butcher (lots of candles on Monday!), Mitchell Keith Matthews (2 on Monday), Shirley Martin (best wishes on Valentine's Day), Kassie Bennett (11 on February 14th), Herman Roberts (85 on Wednesday), and Jeremiah Crowe (his 20th on Wednesday).••••Happy 20th to Jeremiah Crowe celebrating on Valentine's Day and featured in our Islanders In The News

The many friends of Dolly Dilliot are reminded to send her a card of cheer now and then. She is going through a very rough time with her health problems.

What did you think of Mick Jagger's rendition of "I Can't Get No Satisfaction?" What I'd really like to be able to go back and hear is Louie Quagliana's rendition of that song that he sang with the Island's English Leathers band in the mid 1960s.

The WWII veteran who has recently been trying to track down Fred Kuhn, a buddy of his when they were stationed in Germany in 1945 and 1946, has received information that Fred, formerly of Oakfield Road, passed away about 10 years ago. Fred is survived by a son, Richard Kuhn, a resident of Bethlehem, PA who also lived on the Island for a time. Many thanks to Jeffrey Johnson, GIHS Class of 1974 who was able to provide information on the Kuhn family.

A Relay For Life kick-off meeting, open to everyone, starts at 6:45 p.m. tonight in the high school large cafeteria. St. Stephen's Parish Players presents Godspell this weekend. An all-Island band concert, open to the community, takes place at 7 p.m. Monday evening in the high school auditorium. These events and many more appear in our Calendar of Events.

It was delightful to see "Miss Sabrina Maria Butcher" at the Fire Company's Ladies Auxiliary meeting last night. Totally bored with the agenda, Sabrina slept through the entire time. Turning two weeks old tomorrow, she is the daughter of Auxiliary President Nicole and Fire Chief Greg Butcher.

"Say a prayer for our guys over there."

Thursday, February 2, 2006
Isledegrande.com broke another monthly readership record! Total visitors to our site in January are 14,563, up from the June 2005 record of 14,116. We appreciate your interest in our news, views, photos etc. Let us know what you like and what you would like to see more of.

Just a reminder that schools are closed tomorrow (Friday) due to a Superintendent's Day. The date did not appear on the school calendar as it was not scheduled at print time.

Gloria Brown has always stood out among the very best over the years that I have known her, and just recently she was named to USA Track & Field's Masters Hall of Fame. She was a marvelous first grade teacher to my son, Jim, and daughter, Julie, at Charlotte Sidway School in the 1970s and for years, I admired the fact that she took up running later than the average woman does and kept at it for as long as she could. The Buffalo News published a feature article and photo of Gloria in Sunday's paper. For those who missed it, click
"Gloria Brown/Hall Of Famer".

Congratulations again to D'Youville's Men's Volleyball star John Colosi who had 15 kills during D'Youville's win over Villa Julie, Baltimore, Maryland.••••Former Viking swimmer and current Tonawanda boys swim team coach Jim Balcolm was featured in Tuesday's edition of the Buffalo News. Click "Jim Balcolm" for the very interesting story on Jim, a member of the GIHS Class of 1996.

The Costanzo twins, Connie Loncar and Carol Jones, are celebrating milestone birthdays on Monday, February 6th. If you see the girls this week wish them a happy birthday.••••Happy birthday to Richie Vanthoff who turned that marvelous age of 16 yesterday, to Jim Chamberlain (today, Groundhog Day), Lee Richard (20 today), Julie Swain, Barbara Backlund and Beth Bates (today), Myrna Boerschig (today), Maria Ramsperger (8 today), Madison Brown (turning 8 tomorrow), Ilene Dee (tomorrow), Tom Zarbo (a youthful 75 tomorrow), Andrew Carlson (8 tomorrow), Rita DeGlopper (tomorrow), Peter Kuehne Jr. (21 tomorrow), Dan Ryan (cheers on Saturday), David Bissett (Sunday), Rob Phillips (his 30th on Sunday), baby Cody James Okelberry (his first birthday on Monday), Michael Podlucky (9 on Monday), Noelle Marie Linenfelser (two on Monday), Susan Turnbull and Rene Gerber (Tuesday), Grace Giambra (9 on Wednesday), Jadon Russell Garman (4 on Wednesday), and Sheila Kathleen Strott and Carleigh Jane Rodriguez (both turning 2 on Wednesday).••••Be sure to see the picture of birthday girl Myrna Boerschig and her brother, Bob Dworak in an early 1940s photo by clicking, "Old Photo Album." Their mother, Irma Dworak, will celebrate her 100th birthday on February 9th. Cards may be sent to Irma's address: Fairchild Manor (Room #211), 765 Fairchild Place, Lewiston, NY 14092.

Jack Mikulski, Grand Island's "Happy Wanderer," couldn't be happier about having his nearly completed cancer treatments behind him. Just don't ask him to sing that song this week!••••Visiting WNY during one of the warmest Januarys on record were former Islanders Rich and Joanne Hartman of Haines City, Florida. The Hartmans were in town for a family and friends reunion.

So happy to announce the 30th wedding anniversary of Ed and Cindy Austin Zurek. The Zureks were married on February 7, 1976, and will soon be "basking in Florida's warm sunshine as we celebrate our lifetime of memories!"

Looking Back 100 years - Buffalo Launch Club members, numbering over 100 and under the leadership of Commodore Dr. Albert E. Hubbard, voted on February 5, 1906 to purchase property from the Bedell estate with plans to eventually build a clubhouse on the river's edge.

Looking Back 60 years - King and queen selected at the Friday night, February 8, 1946 dress-up Valentine dance were Miss Frankie Steele and Bill Stack. Larson’s donated the coffee and doughnuts and the hit on the juke box at that time was “Doctor, Lawyer, Indian Chief.”••••Scouts Chris Blaydon, Clark Howland and Ray Beningo were welcomed into Boy Scout Troop 75. Among other scouts in the troop were Senior Patrol Leader James Blaydon, Patrol Leaders Bruce Buzby, Robert Dworak and James Ehde and Assistant Patrol Leaders Edward Schutt, Robert Riggs and John Fleming.••••The McNamee boys, Dick and Dan, announced that their bar would be modernized and much larger when they re-open around March 1st.••••Johnny Mayer announced that his place (now the Village Inn) would be bringing back the excellent cheese and crackers he always featured, "as soon at it is again available."•••• Mr. Jon C. VanSon and Mr. Louis Evans from the Grand Island Transit Corp. attended the January 28, 1946 town board meeting, at the request of the Town Board, and were heard in regard to restoring bus service to the northerly end of the West River Road.

Looking Back 50 years - The town board after considerable discussion passed a resolution calling for the preparation of preliminary plans for the enlargement of Water District No. 2 plant to enable it to produce an additional million gallons of treated water per day.••••Girl Scout Troop 437 scribe, Christine Pinkow (Sipson) reported that the troop went ice skating on Tuesday, February 7, 1956 at the Niagara Falls Municipal Skating Rink. Each girl paid 10 cents to get in and brought extra money for refreshments.••••An interview with Hooker Electrochemical Company officials on February 9, 1956 revealed that they held options to purchase 130 acres of land on Long Road, west of the Express Highway, on Grand Island, for a proposed Research Center.••••Members of Girl Scout Troop 337 gave a surprise baby shower for Mrs. Joan Bidell (Fred) and her newborn son, John Charles Bidell.

Looking Back 40 years - Rev. Fenton Strickland became the new assistant pastor at Bible Presbyterian Church on Love Road.

Looking Back 30 years - Catherine J. (Cathy) Rayhill was one of the first women in the nation to receive a congressional nomination for entrance into the United States Naval Academy.••••Representing Grand Island at the US Bicentennial Races held January 31, 1976 at the North Tonawanda Sports Center were winners Roberta Block (1st, 12-13-year-olds), Marc Cridge (3rd, 8-9-year-olds), Stacy Grenville (1st, 6-7-year-olds) and Debbie Gesl (Dzielski) (2nd, 5 and under).

Looking Back 20 years - The Holiday Inn's restaurant, Higgi’s, advertised a surf & turf or 20-ounce T-Bone steak dinner for $10.95.

We are more than a little excited for our newest advertiser, Barry Conway and his Bear-Man Specialty Products & Sauces. Check out his website and those of our other three spotlighted Isledegrande.com advertisers this week. deSignet International, Mt. St. Mary's Hospital and Grand Lady Cruises. When it comes to more bang for your buck, we believe we are the very best advertising deal in town. It pays to advertise at Isledegrande.com - the voice of Grand Island and the Island's #1 news source, updated daily.

Our sympathy to the families of Helen Endres and Edward J. Lang who recently passed away. Click Deaths for complete information.

Troop #254 Boy Scouts have already collected and sent over a 100 pounds of supplies to New Orleans to benefit the victims of Hurricane Katrina. Through the efforts of Buffalo native, Father Tony Rigioli, the troop will continue the collection of most needed items (all size new socks, underwear, new T-shirts, sweatshirts, sweatpants for adults and children). If you can help the scouts, bring your donations to our IsledeGrande Office on Whitehaven Road where Troop #254 has placed a Katrina Collection Box.

Congratulations to Fire Chief Greg Butcher and his wife, proud mom Nicole, on the birth of ten pound, five ounce Sabrina Maria. Click "Baby Sabrina" for Sabrina's photo and story.••••Congratulations to Kelly and Paul Facklam Jr. of Boston, MA, proud parents of a son born on Paul's birthday, December 30, 2005. The newborn, Paul Marshall Facklam, is the grandson and great grandson of longtime Island residents Linda Facklam and Marge Darby respectively. Paul Marshall is also the grandson of the late Paul Facklam Sr.••••Congratulations to Valerie (Demmin) Bermel and her husband, Dr. Robert Bermel, of Cleveland, Ohio on the birth of a son Christian Anthony Bermel, born January 22nd. Click "Baby Christian Anthony" for his photo and story.

Received a note from Dorothy Rowswell who is thoroughly enjoying a trip to Florida with her 94-year-old father who has gotten well acquainted with a new electric golf cart, making it much easier to get around. Dorothy also writes, "I will enjoy Isledegrande on the lap top, as usual, and always turn to Between the Bridges first." Thanks, Dorothy and have a great vacation.

This is a busy week on Grand Island. Our calendar includes the high school musical She Loves Me, National Honor Society Spaghetti Dinner, Corporate Bowl Basket Raffle, Dog Sled Races, St. Stephen School Carnival, and more. Check our Isledegrande.com Calendar of Events for the details and for other events this week and beyond.

Just heard Donn Perry is having some health problems. Get-well cards may be sent to his home. "We're wishing you a speedy recovery, Donn!"••••Puppet DiTullio is on the mend, the stitches are out and word is that he should be back in action soon!••••Get well wishes to Shirley Luther who has had recent health concerns.••••Good news is that Marcy Buell, who has been working hard at physical therapy and home exercise to get her arm back to normal, is a lot better since being injured in a fall in November.

A special "Hi Jon" to CPT Jonathan Monti serving the US Army (173rd Airborne) in Iraq.••••LtCol Rob Buzby, serving with the United States Marine Corps, has just returned to Fallujah. Click "LtCol Buzby" for his story and photos. •••• "Say a prayer for our guys over there."

Thursday, January 26, 2006

"Happy 40th birthday to Dee Sinicki aka: Dolores Casey - Love, Your Family!" Now isn't that sweet? Dee celebrates on Saturday.

Click for larger view
Happy birthday to Sharon Tokash who is celebrating a birthday today. One (or was it two) of her nine McMahon Clan siblings thought Sharon would like to see her 1961 photo in the "news" today.•••• Happy birthday to Kelly Greene celebrating this Saturday. Kelly, a member of the GIHS Class of 1997, is now a Physical Education teacher at Kaegebein Elementary School.••••Happy birthday also to Sam Clarke (11 today), Sally Riggs (today), my sister, Mary Stewart (65 tomorrow), Brent Minet (cheers tomorrow), Tony Bruno (tomorrow), Joanne Hughes and Barbara Grabiec (Saturday), Julie Schopp (a teenager on the 29th), David W. Clayton III (10 on Monday), Hailee Clayton (9 on Tuesday), Bill Dunshie and Mary Sommer (Tuesday), Sydney Mazur (5 on Wednesday), Mandy Malaney and Don Bruce (Wednesday), Mike Hardison (the big one on Wednesday!), and Ryan Pecoraro (4 on Wednesday).••••A belated happy first birthday to Kaylee Ann Connell, born January 20, 2005.

Congratulations to GIHS senior Mike Del Zoppo on being accepted for induction into the National Technical Honor Society. Mike was nominated by the Committee at Kenton Career and Technical Center, and commended for his achievements in academics and personal accomplishments. The induction ceremony will take place in March.

We were so very sorry to hear about Walt Kelley's fall and subsequent broken hip just before Christmas. Heal quickly, Walt.•••• A speedy recovery to Puppet DiTullio whose surgery is behind him. He is back at the Elderwood at Oakwood rehab center, recuperating in room 119. Thanks to daughter, Jaimey, for keeping us all in the loop.••••I'm keeping my friend Fay Wood in my prayers. Fay is experiencing some major health problems.••••Good friend Rita Hagerman has also suffered some serious health problems and I'm hoping by the time she reads this, she's much, much better!

After posting last week's note on Jason Weis and Jeff Loder, I heard from former Island English teacher and GIFC member Gail Lazenby. Gail is the training officer (and fill-in firefighter/paramedic) at the Villages Fire Department in Florida. "That makes three of us from Grand Island," Gail writes. "Jason is one of the primary fireifghter/EMTs on our 95-foot aerial truck, and Jeff, also a Florida certified firefighter/EMT, is being assigned to our newly opened Station #41," Gail said. "The background and experience that both Jason and Jeff brought from Grand Island Fire has been absolutely invaluable." By the way, Gail is in his 35th year as an EMT and his 27th year as a paramedic. Good to hear from you, Gail!

Looking Back 65 years - Parents and teachers of the Island's only school, Charlotte Sidway, organized the first PTA unit here on January 28, 1941 - the day after my sister, Mary Ellen Klingel Stewart was born!

Looking Back 60 years - The January 1946 PTA meeting in Sidway School opened with a tribute to Alice Wolf, program chairman and an ardent PTA worker who died suddenly early in January. Wilma Prentice gave a talk on “Maintaining the Family Morale.” Besides being well known to Islanders as a resident and active worker in various organizations, she had the honor of being Spiritual Values Chairman of the Buffalo District Board of Directors of the Parent-Teacher Association.••••The following United Nations Organization reference was written in the "Across the Mahogany With “Willie” column in the town's weekly paper: "These are just idle thoughts, but if the UNO comes to GI, do you suppose the shuttle bus will make more than one afternoon trip a week, and do you suppose we could get some of these foreign dignitaries interested in our horse-shoe tournaments?” At that time Grand Island, NY was seriously being considered as the site of the new UN headquarters.

Looking Back 50 years - The new Chancel, Sunday School room, and the rebuilt organ at Trinity EUB Church was dedicated on Sunday, January 29, 1956. Pews were installed for the choir. A pulpit, lectern, communion table and combination communion rail and screen constituted the rest of the new chancel furnishings. Building committee co-chairmen were Frank Schutt and Frank Winters with assistance from Elmer Ziehm and Pastor Rev. J. Franklin Beck. Entire cost was estimated at $30,000.••••Eighteen young people and counselors from the Jr. Sr-Hi Youth Fellowships attended a youth banquet at the Tonawanda EUB Church on Friday, January 27, 1956. Miss Gail Burgstahler (Rothenberg) was toastmistress.

Looking Back 40 years - Ray Dearlove's Talk O' The Town column in the local paper included this tribute to storm heros of the January 23, 1966 storm. "Speaking of snow, have another storm hero to pay tribute to. Ed McCaffery of 4184 East River Road really bailed his neighbors out during the recent snow-in. His wife, Chris, called all neighbors to get a list of what the snowbound ones needed from the store. Then Ed, aided by the manpower of Dr. Frank Costanzo, Herb Shobert, Joseph Zehnder, Jim Crea, Michael McCaffery, Don Miller and Bob Weaver, all shoveled their way up Ransom Road to the Grand Island Plaza and food. Kirkwood Drive and East River neighbors were very happy when this rugged group brought back the bacon."

Looking Back 30 years - The Blind Pig was opened at the Holiday Inn, Grand Island. The pub and entertainment lounge was being advertised as the best place around to have a good time at a great price!

Looking Back 20 years - Gloria Brown, a Kaegebein Elementary School first grade teacher at the time, was named a Runner of the Year by Running Times Magazine. Gloria set an American record for runners age 53 in the 24k (1:58.24) in 1985. This was the second year in a row she was so recognized.••••Grand Island Fire Company records list 5:39 a.m. Saturday, January 26, 1966 as the time when the first alarm sounded for the fire in the Grand Island Plaza on the Boulevard. Minutes later, volunteer firemen were at the scene of the smoky blaze, which appeared to have started in Western New York Auction Sales. Fire Chief Peter McMahon estimated damage to the plaza at $22,000.••••The February 1-2, 1986 Winter Weekend, presented by the Grand Island Parks and Recreation Department, was held in Beaver Island State Park. First place in the snow sculptures was the “Golden Goldfish” by Chrissy Goupil and Christine Goodard. Second place winner was a life-size alligator by 10-year-old Tim Sander. Third place went to Wendy and Allen Dannels for their Challenger memorial.

As mentioned here last week, a volume of the "Old Photo Album" containing over 70 old Island photos, "lost" for several years, has been fixed and is on the internet at Old Photo Album Vol. 1-A. And consider picking out of a few of your own old pictures for inclusion in the newest album, Old Photo Album Vol. Seven.

The Niagara Frontier League's individual bowling tournament takes place at 1 p.m. Friday at Mallwitz's Island Lanes on Whitehaven Road. For those interested, this will most likely include GIHS bowlers.

We welcome Isledegrande.com's newest advertiser, Kelly's Country Store. Be sure to check out their website at www.kellyscountrystore.com. Also spotlighted this week are the following advertisers: Anchor Marine, Costello & Frentzel Attorneys, and Mallwitz's Island Lanes. When it comes to more bang for your buck, we believe we are the very best advertising deal in town. It pays to advertise at Isledegrande.com - the voice of Grand Island and the Island's #1 news source, updated daily.

Our sympathy to the families of John Stickl, Louise Truitt and former residents Dennis F. Wilk, and Roy Hawkes who recently passed away. Click Deaths for complete information.

Did you graduate from Charlotte Sidway School's 9th grade in June 1953 and then go on to graduate from Tonawanda High School in 1956? The Tonawanda Class of '56 has planned a 50th reunion for July 14-15th of this year. If you haven't heard about it, contact Tom Camann, 716-693-9407 or Nancy Shiesley Holler, 716-694-5424.

Mark your calendar for the high school's musical, She Loves Me, featuring seniors Nick Thompson and Carissa Bailey in the leads along with a huge cast, chorus, and pit orchestra of talented kids. Dates are Thursday, Friday and Saturday, February 2-4th at 7:30 p.m. in the Grand Island High School auditorium.

The Buffalo Niagara Boat Show, always involving Grand Island businesses and boaters, opened yesterday at The Summit (Summit Mall) and runs through Sunday, January 29th. Hours are from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. through Saturday and 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Sunday. Click "Boat Show" for more information.••••Check our Isledegrande.com Calendar of Events for information on Isle happenings, including the VFW's Souper Soup Night being held this Saturday.

"Say a prayer for our guys over there."

Thursday, January 19, 2006
"When are we going to get our tax bill?" is a question that several people have asked this week. According to Councilwoman Mary Cooke, "tax bills will be mailed tomorrow (Friday). Printing was delayed until the sales tax hike got passed in Albany. Without that, property taxes would have had to be recalculated. We were one of the first towns to be printed." Thanks, Mary.

We are all very proud and excited that Reg Schopp's
deSignet Jewelry was chosen to be featured in this month's "Lucky" magazine. This is the big time! Congratulations, Reg.

A son was born to Jennifer and Bucky Wenner on Monday, December 19, 2005. George Daniel Wenner weighed in at six pounds, 13 ounces and was welcomed home by his big sister, Grace who is nearly three. Proud grandparents are George and Janet Wenner of East Aurora, Daniel and Annie Sheridan of Naples, Florida and Elaine Rores of Syracuse.

Today's early email included a note from Jason Weis who reports that his brother-in-law, Jeff Loder, recently hired by the Villages Fire Rescue Department in Lady Lake, Florida, will be working the same shift as Jason's. "Hello" to Jason, and Maureen and baby Anthony who celebrated his first birthday in November. Jason is a member the GIHS Class of 1990.

Click for larger view
Seventeen years ago tomorrow (January 20th) was the day that George H.W. Bush was inaugurated, and the day Abe Morgan was born to Amy and Steve Morgan. "Always an inquisitive guy, he's shown here about two years later trying to tell the Air Traffic Controllers for Mercy Flight I what needs to be done!" his dad said this week. Happy 17th birthday, Abe.

Congratulations to Lisa Podlucky on running the Rock 'n' Roll Marathon in Arizona on January 15th and congratulations also to Barb Zamerski on running the Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon, also held in Arizona on January 15th!••••Congratulations to Scott VeRost, GIHS Class of 1987, who just won a magnificent prize through Rich Products where he is employed. Check our Islanders In The News page for this story.

Old pictures on one of the originally posted "Old Photo Album" pages, may now be viewed at Old Photo Album Vol. 1-A. Due to a glitch in the internet system, the page became lost in cyber space and recently found and repaired. A few of my very favorites of the 1940s and 50s are in this collection. Enjoy!

Nancy (Cobado) Kyriakakis of Parks, Arizona signed on our guestbook last week with a comment on how much she loved going to Sidway School when her family resided here from 1948-1951. "I'll always remember Miss Ehde!" Nancy wrote. And I say, "Won't we all!" An all time favorite teacher, Marjorie Ehde Anderson is living in Williamsville.

Mentioned here in the Between The Bridges column of January 5th was the fact that a WWII Army veteran was trying to track down his Army buddy, Fred Kuhn. A clue to this particular Fred Kuhn is included in an email received this week: "I was looking at an old address book and noticed that Fred lived on Oakfield Road when I got his address in 1946." Thanks to those who have written so far. Maybe this new information will lead the writer to the Kuhn family who resided on Oakfield Road in the 1940s. For those who may have information, my email is teddy@giecom.net.

Celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary on Sunday, January 22nd are Denny and Ann Dahl. Best wishes to the Dahls.

A very happy birthday to Julie Meyer and Peter DeGlopper (today), Cheryl Wunsch (Sunday) and Terry McDonnell (Wednesday), are all celebrating the same milestone birthday this week.•••• A very happy birthday to Charles Panepinto and Travis Mikulski (both turning 8 today), Mackenzie Hassan (23 today), Denise "Allan" Schmadel (today), Chelsea DeGlopper (her 18th birthday today), Kristyn Taylor Brown (5 today), Andrew Masiello (10 tomorrow), Beverly Echelberger (best wishes tomorrow), Josh Lange (25 tomorrow), Fran Burrows (tomorrow), Jack Gorman (10 on Saturday), Mary Cooke (Saturday), Jonathan Francis Minton (two on Monday), Ted Bates and Ashley Carminati (Monday), Caroline Miller (her 20th birthday on Monday), Christopher Lemke (10 on Tuesday), Sarah Ramsperger (12 on Tuesday), Benjamin DeFranks (4 on Tuesday), and Jason MacClelland (4 on Wednesday).

Looking Back 60 years - Every effort was being made by Town Clerk Elsie E. Stamler "to put the names of every boy in service from Grand Island on a plaque." Mrs. Stamler requested the cooperation of Island servicemen's families to supply her with the details in January 1946.••••The Grand Island Youth Club held a Sadie Hawkins dance on Friday, January 25, 1946 in the Sidway School gym. Those without membership cards were charged 10 cents at the door.••••Esther Winters and Dorothy Howard were the Grand Island Youth Club's badminton instructors for a class held on Tuesday nights in the Sidway gym.

Looking Back 50 years - The Grand Island Fire Company’s installation of officers took place January 21, 1956 in the fire hall. A dinner of half a fried chicken with all of the customary trimmings was served at 7 p.m. followed by the installation and dancing to the music of Jerry Winters and his orchestra.

Looking Back 40 years - Bells – IGA’s beautiful new supermarket opened on Whitehaven Road in the area now known as the Town Commons. A ribbon cutting ceremony took place on Wednesday, January 19, 1966. Manager of the new store was Ernest Godfrey who purchased John Schutt's store in 1945 and opened what was then one of the first small supermarkets of that era.••••A snow storm Saturday evening and around the clock January 22, 1966 was one of the worst to hit the Island in many years.••••Mary Star of the Sea Council, Knights of Columbus, was host to Grand Island Masonic Lodge 1138 F. & A. M. Thursday evening, January 20, 1966 at the K of C. Clubhouse on East River Road. Among those attending were Patrick Carroll, Donald Crowell, the Rev. Richard Graeber, Island Masonic Lodge Master LaVerne Harding, and K of C Grand Knight Edward W. Kinney.••••Teenager Peggy May started out in fine form in the Can-Am Sledders race Saturday afternoon, January 22, 1966 off West River Parkway but was out-distanced by others who participated from Canada and United States. (CAN-AM Sledders Dog Sled races will be held in Beaver Island State Park, February 4-5. For information, click "Sled Dog Race.")

Looking Back 30 years - The Grand Island Bicentennial Ball, in celebration of the country’s 200th birthday, was held January 25, 1976 in the Island Lanes and George Washington was there. First prize for most authentic costume at the Golden Age Club sponsored event went to Maude Bunker, "the sweetest little over-80 lass in town," and “George Washington” Terry Schultz. Second prize winners were Marge Barth and “Abraham Lincoln” Tom Stowe. Third place winners were Betty Linenfelser and Tom Running. The evening featured a swinging band, excellent buffet supper, and the nicest people in town, according to the local paper.••••It was 30 years ago this week that our son, Jimmy, age 6, and his sister, Julie, 5, rattled off the "Two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions, on a sesame seed bun" slogan at McDonald's across from Fantasy Island and won free "quarter pounders with cheese."

Looking Back 20 years - The Grand Island Economic Development Corporation, formed in conjunction with a foreign trade zone to be established here, met at 3 p.m. January 24, 1966 in the town hall to continue discussions on ways and means of financing the project federally approved in February of 1965. Al Popiel served as public relations and sales director.

The following advertisers of long standing count on our readers to use their businesses whenever possible, making it a worthwhile deal being a part of Isledegrande.com. Thanks to all Isledegrande.com advertisers, especially this week's spotlighted businesses: Hizair Hair Salon, Cinderella Motel & Campsite, McCarthy School of Irish Dance and Linda Kutzbach, Realty USA. When it comes to more bang for your buck, we believe we are the very best advertising deal in town. It pays to advertise at Isledegrande.com - the voice of Grand Island and the Island's #1 news source, updated daily.

My husband, Jim and our daughter, Julie, shopped at Budwey's Supermarket on Division Street in North Tonawanda Monday and were truly impressed with the products and the prices. Former resident Frank Budwey, a graduate of GIHS, has a real good thing going - two fantastic stores. If you see him, tell him you read about his good deals at Isledegrande.com.

Our sympathy to the families of Shirley G. Schultz, Geraldine M. Pyzynski and former residents Raymond J. Tutton, Polly Spivey and Sandra E. Arsenault who recently passed away. Click Deaths for complete information.

The Twentieth Reunion Committee for the GIHS Class of 1986 is hoping to get addresses for all of the missing classmates posted on the "Class Of 1986 Reunion Page. Take a good look at this list. There are a lot of names of classmates who are still right here in town.

John Colosi led the D'Youville Spartans Volleyball Team to a 17-15 win over Medaille in the championship match of the Nickel City Classic this past weekend. John, a GIHS graduate, Class of 2003, had 19 kills.

The Niagara Power Squadron's nine-week boating course is being held at the Grand Island High School. The course begins at 7 p.m., January 30th. For information, call 754-4159, 773-2140, or 434-2235 evenings.

For our friends across the nation, our warm weather lingered another day with a temperature of 58 degrees at 3 p.m. Friday, Jan. 13th and then fell into the teens over the weekend.

I just head from Patti "Yakowenko" Hughes, GIHS Class of 1980, and now residing in Riverview, Florida. Be sure to read the story on her gift to her mother, Patty Grabowski, by clicking "Islanders In The News."

There are a lot of Island events to look forward to this winter. Check our Calendar of Events, and to be sure your organization, church, or school event is listed, email your information to me at teddy@giecom.net. Promoting Island happenings is one of the things we do best!

A special "Hi Paul" to S/Sgt Paul Golembiewski serving with the US Air Force in Iraq.••••"Say a prayer for our guys over there."

Thursday, January 12, 2006
Do You know What Your Child Is Doing On The Computer? I have received a half dozen or more requests to publish the fact that this subject will be presented at the Grand Island High School Auditorium at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, January 25th by featured speaker, Special Agent Holly Hubert from the FBI. Titled "A Parent's Guide To Internet Safety," this PTA sponsored event is a must for parents, grandparents or anyone who oversees children and young adults who have access to the internet. There is more going on on the computers of our innocent youth in our town than most people are aware of, and the activities must be checked up on.

Valley Center, Kansas residents, Gary Long, born and raised on the Island, and his wife, Judy, have a new grandson. Caleb Lee Newfer was born January 6th to Dennis and Denise Long Newfer, also of Kansas and weighing just over eight pounds. The baby is the great grandson of Catherine and Harvey Long of Grand Island who have just spent precious time with the darling little newborn.

Happy birthday to Kim McMahon (her 25th today), Amber Meyers (Sweet 16 tomorrow), Michael Rustowicz (15 on Saturday), Sheila (McCowan) Donovan and Pauline Aydelotte (Sunday), Dennis Black (cheers on Sunday), Amber Malaney (Monday), Monica Greco (20 on Monday), Jason Sexton (his 18th on Monday), Paul Schultz Jr. (a milestone on Monday), Hank Kammerer (watch out for those candles - Tuesday's the day), Jennifer Ciechoski (her Sweet 16th birthday on Tuesday), and last but not least, those Minton twins, Peter and Paul, turning the big 4-0 on Wednesday.

Looking Back 60 years - Kirkwood Drive was the late Andy Kirkwood's venture into real estate in 1946. The road was brushed out from East River back into the field with a 60-foot right-of-way curving gently north of the creek. By 1947 the required three houses had been built along Kirkwood Dr. and the road was conveyed to the Town of Grand Island. Those who remember when Andy lived in the Morgan cottage on East River Road look younger with their hat on!

Looking Back 50 years - A Niagara Mohawk ad in the local weekly: Did you know – An automatic electric fry pan will cook breakfast for the whole family every morning for a month and all the electricity it uses costs less than one egg.••••March of Dimes Drive captains from Grand Island included Marcia Fritschi, Betty Clement, Doris Berger, Beryl Kinney, Barbara Study, Marion Tranter, Irene Wallace, Betty Wheeler, Rita Wilson, Kay Haller, Doris Kaiser and Miss Helen Rank.

Looking Back 40 years - George and Eileen Minton were receiving congratulations on the birth of twin boys weighing over five pounds each. They are Peter James and Paul Andrew, celebrating 40th birthdays on Wednesday, January 18th.••••Grand Island’s 6’2” Scott Herlan led the quartet of Viking football players who were named to the Erie County Conference Division III All-Star grid team in January 1966 along with Mike Podlucky, John Dennis and Dan Buenafe.••••The tragic death of young Shelley Simpson, after being struck down by a car on Stony Point Road in January 1966, pointed out the dangerous condition of the highly traveled portion of Stony Point Road between Staley and East River. Shelley was an 8th grade student at the Jr./Sr. High School.••••Winners of a fox hunt sponsored by the GI Rod & Gun Club on Sunday, January 16, 1966 were Allan Dodge, Richard Smith and Fred Perry of Grand Island and also a Jamestown resident. Ten fox were seen, three wounded and four killed. Sixty-five hunters took part in the hunt.

Looking Back 30 years - The US Tennis Association announced on January 13, 1976 that Grand Island’s own Jimmy Arias was ranked 6th in the US Tennis Association’s List for boys 12 Singles.••••Grand Island High School wrestlers under head coach Bill Stuckwisch and assistant Brian Winer won all but one of the dual matches in mid January 1976. Leading wrestlers were Max Grimes, Kevin Broad and Pete Santa Lucia.••••Among the winners of the Friday night, January 16, 1976 pinewood derby for Cub Pack 425, held in the K of C Hall, were Danny Buscaglia, Paul and Peter Minton, Dean Wittholz and Robert Vogt. Cub Master at the time was Franz Scharhag.

Good news! Nancy Langdon Webb wrote this week to say she has come through surgery very well and will not need radiation treatments. Friends may email good wishes to Nancy at nlangdonwebb@adelphia.net.

We welcome Isledegrande.com's newest advertiser Dawn and Kevin Doring's The Java Shop, soon to open at 2271 Grand Island Blvd. The Dorings are looking for local artists interested in displaying artwork in their new business. Be sure to check out their website by clicking The Java Shop.   Also spotlighted this week are the following advertisers we do so appreciate: Niagara's Choice FCU, Marston Power Equipment, and GLP Free Manufacturing Corp.. When it comes to more bang for your buck, we believe we are the very best advertising deal in town. It pays to advertise at Isledegrande.com - the voice of Grand Island and the Island's #1 news source, updated daily.

Our sympathy to the families of Evelyn (Ragnar) Barclay, Art Ellsworth, Jean D. Lansberry and former residents Ralph J. Rathman, Jerry Thirion Sr., Robert J. MacKenzie and Julia Margaret Hulbert who recently passed away. Click Deaths for complete information. A Memorial Service will be held at 1 p.m. Saturday, January 14th in Island Presbyterian Church, 1822 Huth Road, for Evelyn Barclay who passed away on December 27th.

The retirement of High School Principal Dr. Jim Dempsey and Assistant Principal Mr. Bill Miller just after the end of the 2006 school year has been announced. Both men will be greatly missed at Grand Island High.

The temperature here on the Island rose to about 59 degrees yesterday and 49 today, a far cry from temperatures in mid January 2004. All Grand Island schools were closed on Thursday, January 15, 2004 due to severe cold and estimated wind chills from 20 to 30 degrees below 0. Island schools remained closed on Friday, January 16th of that year.

The Chamber of Commerce has just announced the date of its 40th Annual Citizen of the Year Awards Banquet as Thursday, April 27, 2006. For the story and information on nominated someone to be recognized at the dinner for their outstanding contributions to our community in 2005, click "Citizen Of Year".

Very impressive is the large electronic sign with digital display in front of St. Stephen School on Baseline Road. The sign, put into operation about two weeks ago, provides Mass times and all other events for the church and school.

And please don't forget -"Say a prayer for our guys over there."••••Hello to SrA/E-4 Christopher Wright who will make his second trip to Iraq next month.••••A special "Hi Sarah" to 1LT Sarah McMahon serving with the US Army in Iraq.

Thursday, January 5, 2006
Happy 50th anniversary and best wishes to Marilyn and Ray Mesmer. Be sure to see the photos - one of the bride and groom on their wedding day in 1955 and the other, a family picture - featured on our
Islanders In The News Page.

Puppet (Pup-James-Butch!) DiTullio will be spending some time at Elderwood at Oakwood Rehab Clinic, Room 19b, 200 Bassett Road, Williamsville, NY 14221. Daughter, Jaimey, reports he is in good spirits. Keep the emails coming - Jaimey will see that he gets them.

Ed McCaffery sent me information about cell phone numbers being released to telemarketing companies and I thought it was well worth passing along. Ed writes, "Make sure you get on the "do not call" list ASAP or your cell phone bill could skyrocket! Pass it on!" Click DoNotCall for more information and "Thanks, Ed."

Former resident, Maureen Macguire Kielt, GIHS Class of 1976, has a special request for local support of a fundraiser being held to benefit her son, Benjamin Krueger, and his half-brother, Bill Moses. Ben will donate a kidney to Bill in February or March 2006. Click "Ben and Bill Fundraiser" for a complete and interesting story on Bill and details on how you may help these families and have some fun at the same time.

Happy birthday to Marie Lorence (Sweet 16 today), John Bidell (the big 4-0 tomorrow), Jackie Foote (HUGE good wishes tomorrow), Sarah Burns and Kyle Podgorny (both turning 6 on Sunday), Lee Randolph and Betsy Tranter (Sunday), Maggie Rustowicz (9 on Sunday), Ramona Blackmore (her 85th on Sunday), Alexandria Anderson (3 on Sunday), Jim Hawley and Caryl Kershner (Monday), Marge Stratton, Jean Pecoraro and Elizabeth Prast (Tuesday), Derrick Schutrum (10 on Tuesday), Zachary McMoil (16 on Wednesday), Skip Uonites (65 on Wednesday), Glenda O'Connor (cheers on Wednesday), and Helen Ciechoski (Wednesday).

Seen in McMahon's Family Restaurant over the weekend were former Love Road resident Dottie Carter and her old neighbors Claire Card and Margaret McDonald. Dottie, who has been in town over the holidays, said she's an avid reader of Isledegrande.com.

It was nice to hear from former resident Don Bruce this week. Don, who fondly remembers his Sidway School art teacher, Lyn Mauri Laman, sent along a photo of the old Grand Island Playhouse. Click Grand Island Playhouse for the picture from his mother's (Charlotte B. Bruce) collection and information on this theater in a barn that stood on the corner of Baseline and Bedell roads years ago.

Looking Back 60 years - Jimmy Hawley celebrated his 5th birthday on Wednesday, January 9, 1946 with a party in his home on Wallace Drive. Guests were Jimmy Braddell, Jerry Livingston, Lee Thomas, Dick Robinson, Allen Howland and Billy and Peter Carmody.

Looking Back 50 years - An 8mm movie, One Happy Day, was all about the Grand Island Co-operative Nursery School and shown at the January nursery school meeting in 1956.

Looking Back 40 years - Members of the Grand Island Youth Advisory Council in January 1966, meeting in the GI Jr./Sr. High School included Chairman Dr. Edward Rayhill, Kate Cady, Ruth Orchard, Dr. Norman Courey, Dr. Robert Miller, Thomas J. Tierney and members of the clergy John M. Larsen, Thomas L. Mitchell, Horace Shoenberger, A. George Guba and Richard Graeber. The local paper noted that, "There are fewer youthful delinquents on Grand Island, thanks to the efforts of the Youth Advisory Council which meets regularly to consider ways and means to keep youth problems to a minimum here."••••The "new" Grand Island High School Ski Club began Friday, January 7, 1966 at Kissing Bridge. Lee Krueger and Jan Milkey were in charge of the program, a 10-week course of lessons at $15. One bus, leaving the high school parking lot at 4:15 p.m. and returning about 10 p.m., was necessary to transport the club members.

Looking Back 20 years - James D. Lockett and Jeffrey A. Thomas, members of Boy Scout Troop #254, attained the rank of Eagle Scouts.

The Dog Sled races, originally scheduled for this weekend in Beaver Island State Park, have been postponed to February 4th and 5th. Click "Dog Sled Races" for more information.

A happy and prosperous New Year to our advertisers, especially this week's featured businesses: Miss Cathy's Dance Academy, McHomes.com/Hunt ERA, AJ's Heating and Air Conditioning, and Martin's Fantasy Island. For information on how "You" can become an advertiser, click www.giecom.net. When it comes to more bang for your buck, we believe we are the very best advertising deal in town. It pays to advertise at Isledegrande.com - the voice of Grand Island and the Island's #1 news source, updated daily.

Our sympathy to the family of Evelyn V. Barclay who recently passed away. Click Deaths for complete information.

Greg and Liz Barker are happy to announce the engagement of their daughter, Anne Barker to Ryan Timmerman. Ryan, who hails from the state of Iowa, is stationed here while serving in the United States Army, and is working at the recruiting office in Niagara Falls. The couple became engaged over the New Year's weekend.

Congratulations to John Polizzi and his wife, Susan of Linden, NJ, on the birth of twins on December 17th. Click "Polizzi Twins" for a photo and story on the blessed event.

Congratulations to championship bowler Michelle Sterner who bowled a 300 game in a 744 series at Rapids Bowling Center, Niagara Falls.

Just received a note from an Army veteran who served with a man named Fred Kuhn of Grand Island while stationed in Germany in 1945 and 1946. The writer would like to get in touch with Fred. Emails with any information may be sent to me at teddy@giecom.net.

Hello to Buffalo police officer Tim Wagner who moved to Grand Island just a few years ago, and from what we hear, loves it here.

"Say a prayer for our guys over there."

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