"Between the Bridges"
by Teddy Linenfelser

Grand Island, N.Y.
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Class of '85

Thursday, June 28, 2007
Good Morning, Carol at Kaegebein School, and good morning, Sandy in Clearwater, FL.

Baton twirlers take note! Are you doing a two-spin? Three-spin? How about a 9-spin! Want a reason to practice your twirling more! Take a look at this
"amazing twirler!"

Happy birthday to Mary Martin and George DeGlopper (today), Marjorie Ehde Anderson and Ray DeGlopper (tomorrow), Justine Vanthoff (Sweet 16 tomorrow), Max Costello (8 tomorrow), Elaina Bolles and Jacqueline Kehoe (10 on Saturday), Joey Cali (5 on Sunday), Joyce Jones (cheers on Sunday), Bob Kopf (a good lookin' 60 on Sunday), Pat Colosi and Gary Roesch (Sunday), Joe Khreis and Jason Davis (both turning 16 on Monday), Chelsea Robillard (9 on Monday), Mary Fleischmann and Kate Grotz (Monday), Megan Elizabeth Pinzel (two on Monday), Ed McCaffery (75 on Wednesday), Kyle Staub (10 on Wednesday) and Chris Affuso, Bruce Blakelock and Bill Wood (Wednesday).

Topping the anniversary list this week are Tommy and Marjorie Tetreault who will be married 50 years tomorrow. Brad and Jodi Robinson mark their 4th anniversary today. Evelyn and Joe Lukasiewicz Sr. will be married 30 years tomorrow. Rev. Paul and Eleanor Robinson celebrate 40 years on Sunday. Kelly and Jay Petrie Jr. will be married two years on Tuesday. Best wishes everyone.

There are a couple baskets from the June 8th Relay For Life basket raffle sitting in our office, waiting for the winners to claim them. Winners have been called. Did you forget you won a basket?

Looking Back 60 years - The Island’s first Community Fair held Saturday, June 28, 1947 at the Sidway School, attracted 1500 people. Special credit was given to Chris Cotter, Dick Hogue and Ed Chateauneuf for their handling of the program announcements and door prize drawings.. Co-Chairmen were Hazel Link and Isabel Tanner. The Rod and Gun Club, running continuous movies on sporting events, exhibited live fish, pheasants, mounted heads, and "the wolf" all in an evergreen setting. The town exhibit aroused considerable interest because of the display of pictures covering events on the Island from earliest times to the present (1947). Entertainment included Danny Linenfelser’s magic, Elizabeth Nachbauer (Zarbo’s) accordion playing, and Singing Cowboy Lee Forster from WHLD who sang and played his guitar. The fair from 2 p.m. to 11 p.m. also featured lots of refreshment booths and many door prizes.

Looking Back 50 years - Boat racer Francis Brobeil, Jr. won the Class BB race and Gene Schmitt took the honors in the class DD race in competition sponsored by the Tonawanda/North Tonawanda Boat Club on Sunday, June 30, 1957. ••••Sonja and Susie Miller’s family moved here 50 years ago when the children’s father was affiliated with the army and assigned to the guided missile site on the Island. ••••Elected to lead the Grand Island Republican Club were Chairman Harold E. Beck, Vice president W. Carlyle Johnston, Secretary Marion Klingel and Treasurer Ruth Horner. ••••The M&T Bank opened in the Grand Island Blvd. plaza on July 1, 1957 along with Marion Mancuso's barber shop.

Looking Back 40 years - Divers from the Erie County Sheriff’s Dept. Underwater Recovery Team completed clearing live ammunition from the bottom of the West Niagara River off the Grand Island shoreline near Alt Blvd. and West River Pkwy. The ammo, including a large assortment of shells and bullets, was accidentally discovered by two Island youths fishing in the area. Divers covered an area reaching 125 feet from shore before hauling up most of the cache. Investigation as to the source of the ammunition continued. •••• If you were a member of Trinity EUB Church youth group in 1967, you surely remember your bus trip to the Expo ’67 and the return trip back to the Island. The youth group took a lot longer to get home due to a flat tire, followed by the transmission failing near Massena, NY. Parts or repair to the bus were impossible and the kids and chaperones spent time in a school gymnasium in Massena until a Greyhound bus arrived to pick them up. •••• Among the winners at the Grand Island Day at Crystal Beach were Cameron Whitford, Paula Robinson and Nancy Hoover (Anderson) (50-yard dash, age 6); Mark Livezey, Charles Satterlee and Cathy Conn (pie eating contest 1st-3rd winners)

Looking Back 30 years - Jerry Stay purchased Arnold's Restaurant on the Boulevard in the summer of '77, naming it after his 2-year-old daughter, Shelby!••••Joe Certo's Bridgeview Market on Grand Island Blvd. was destroyed by fire of undetermined causes on Monday evening, July 4, 1977.

Looking Back 20 years - A new 60-ton air conditioning unit was being installed at town hall to replace an older, smaller unit that bit the dust during some of the warmest weather ever during the previous spring. The unit would handle 720,000 BTU’s and was to be in service within the month. ••••The 10th annual Lawn Mower Race was held on the West River service road . Ed Satterlee was the winner. Runner up was Smokey Rhodes. Anita Wierzba one of first two women to compete in the race, finished last. Chairman was Chris Ciszek with assistance from Bill Berger, Pat Murphy and Floyd Doring.

Looking Back 10 years - The Masonic Lodge, originally built as Mary Star of the Sea Catholic Church, was sold and the new owners planned to transform the building into their home.

Ray Ackerman, Class of 1977, wrote me a short note this week, saying that he can't wait to be back on the Island during the week of the fourth for his 30th high school reunion! Have a great time, Ray!

Our sympathy to the families of Vivian E. Lund, Herman J. Last and Robert C. Rittenhouse and former residents LeRoy "Lee" Atkins who recently passed away. Click Deaths for complete information.••••Sue Glogowski, well known worker at Rick Eicheldinger’s produce stand in front of the VFW Hall on the Boulevard, passed away at age 40. Her family thanks Island residents who responded to a benefit for Sue on Saturday, June 2nd.

There have been a rash of motor vehicle accidents over the past few days. Drive defensively and use caution at every intersection.••••Cards of cheer are in order for Molly McMahon who is hospitalized with a broken leg following an accident on Tuesday. Her partner, Bernie Scozzaro was less seriously injured.

Our family is so looking forward to celebrating the marriage of our niece, Annie, and her husband, Oliver Stuardi, soon to be in town for a little R&R at her parents' home on East River.

Congratulations to Sonia Steckelberg on winning the Macri's Place Hyde Park 18-hole ladies President's Cup tournament. Sonia was the low score (68) in Class B. Helen Calendrelli won Class A with a 72 and Sonja Miller took Class C with a 73.

"Park Place Subdivision",    Holiday Inn ,    Chateau Motor Lodge   and " McMahon's Family Restaurant" are our spotlighted advertisers this week. Isledegrande.com continues to be brought to you by Reg Schopp's "GIECOM.NET". Be sure to check out all five business websites and for information on advertising at Isledegrande.com, email Dan McMahon at Dan@giecom.net.

Welcome GIHS graduates in town for the Class of 1972 reunion and also the Class of 1997 reunion. Classes '77, '82 and '87 will hold reunions on the following weekend.••••The Chamber's Island Happenings and KidBiz takes place this Saturday at the Town Commons.••••The Island's annual road races and parade are scheduled for Wednesday, July 4th along with our VFW picnic at the Post.••••See our Events Calendar for details.

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"Say a prayer for our guys over there." God bless America.

Thursday, June 21, 2007
Good Morning, Harry in North Port, FL, and good morning, Marcia in San Pablo, CA.

"Hey, Nancy, it's your birthday!" Happy birthday to former resident and "always an Islander" Nancy Valone, celebrating on Monday, June 25th. Nancy was in Mrs. Elizabeth Daniels' kindergarten and appears in the 1953 Sidway School yearbook.

Former resident, Greg DeMike was recently elected chairman of the shop committee of U.A.W. Local 2195 in Alabama. His union career spans over 23 years and he has been a member of the U.A.W. for over 30 years. Congratulations, Greg!

The Village Hot Dot Stand in Ferry Village should be open this Saturday and for the season. Barbara Zafuto is back in town and she and her sister, Sharon Nichols, will be cooking the red hots, burgers and lots more at the historic spot on the river. The stand should be open from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Thursday through Sunday. Stop down. You'll be glad you did.

Carrie Mazza-Meaney writes that plans are in the works for a 20th reunion of her GIHS Class of 1988. If you are a member of this class, keep your eyes on the
GIHS Class of 1988 reunion page and let Carrie know where you are located.

Looking Back 95 years - The Eagle Park pier on the west river collapsed on June 23, 1912 causing 37 deaths.

Looking Back 50 years - Jerry Holcombe, just finishing his freshmen year at Niagara University, was managing the showroom and marine station at Edgewater for his father’s Holcombe Marine. At the same time, boat slips were under construction at the marina.

Looking Back 40 years - Reidy’s Pizza and Submarines was advertising “something to roar about and we’re not “lion.” The favorite spot, boasting the one and only pizzeria and sub shop on the Island, was located on Grand Island Blvd.

Looking Back 30 years - Three hundred and thirty Grand Island High School seniors received their diplomas at graduation ceremonies June 26, 1977. Class president was Peter Sham. Students who spoke during the event were Susan Dannels, Peter Killian, Shirley Vandermey and Natalie Parisi.

Looking Back 20 years - Among the outstanding students in the fifth grade, honored with the gold “H” pin in June 1987 were Nate Pannullo, Michelle Kopf (Pinzel), Jerry Bruno, Jennifer Sipson, James Gorton and Peter Lin. Be sure to see the Old Photo Album for a picture of all of the '87 recipients.

Happy birthday to Maryann Dirmyer and Christopher Sanborn (today), James McDonnell (his 16th birthday today), Barbara Stone (cheers tomorrow), Marilyn Johnson (Saturday), Sara Margaret Fletcher (two on Saturday), Linda Roberts Krug and Nan Nesbitt (Sunday), Conor Bryan (his 16th on Sunday), Carolyn Morrisey (20 on Sunday), Tom Dahlquist (25 on Sunday), Cole Glessner (11 on Monday), Meaghan Grotz (20 on Monday), Ray Carter (a milestone on Tuesday), Jan Rose (Tuesday), and Lily Panepinto (two on Wednesday).

A very happy wedding anniversary to Sherry and Nathan Cook and to Lee and Sid Cohen. The Cooks celebrated their 20th anniversary yesterday and the Cohens are marking 45 years on Sunday.

Our sympathy to the families of former residents Dorothy C. Obersheimer and Robert F. Bruno who recently passed away. Click Deaths for complete information.

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Congratulations to all of the GIHS graduates. Ceremonies take place this evening at Kleinhans Music Hall.••••Miss Cathy's Dance Recital will be presented tomorrow and Saturday in the GIHS auditorium.••••The Sidway School reunion planners will meet Tuesday evening.••••Our Disabled American Veterans Chapter #168 will be offering forget-me-nots today through Saturday on the Island.

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"Say a prayer for our guys over there." God bless America.

Thursday, June 14, 2007
Good morning, Gail in Florida! And Good morning, Nancy in California!

Happy birthday to David Conboy (a teenager today), baby Raven Sienna Khreis (first birthday today), Betty Ashley (tomorrow), Amy Diberardino (cheers on Saturday), Vinny Covatto (Saturday), Rosemary Whiting and Gary Conschafter (Sunday), Morgan Santorio (3 on Sunday), Jacob Olszewski (his 20th on Monday), Betsy Leiner (Monday), Kester Bleich (You're how old on Monday?), Nathaniel David Cohen (2 on Monday), Nancy Dahlquist (her 10th on Tuesday), Bob Beach and our son Jim Linenfelser (Wednesday), Bev Kroetsch (special greetings on Wednesday), and Carl Pinzel (the big one on Wednesday).

A surprise 95th birthday celebration is being planned for Ora Glor-Newton by her family. Friends are invited to a lunch buffet in the vestibule at Trinity UM Church on Sunday, July 15th at the close of the second service (11:45 a.m.). If you see Ora around town that week, remember that this is a surprise! (See
"Surprise Party For Ora."

Best wishes to Rachel and Mark Marinucci on their first anniversary on Sunday, to Pam and John Whitney, celebrating their 25th anniversary on Tuesday, and to Ray and Ann Dlugokinski marking their 15th wedding anniversary on Wednesday.

Happy anniversary to Gail and George Allen, celebrating their 37th anniversary on June 20th. Their daughter, Bonnie, an Island resident, is engaged to Mark Rogers of Niagara Falls and planning an October 2007 wedding. George and Gail will be on the Island at the end of the month for wedding of their nephew, Michael Scott.

Looking Back 60 years - The Grand Island Town Board registered a complaint with the US War Dept, Division of Engineers, objecting to the proposed dredging for sand and gravel in Big Bay, Strawberry Island. The town’s objection was based on the fact that dredging in this area would eventually cause Strawberry Island to be washed away by the erosive force of the Niagara River current.••••Sidway School’s commencement exercises for the eighteen members of the 8th grade were held Friday evening, June 20, 1947 at the school. John Fleming and Elizabeth Nachbaur (Zarbo) were recipients of the American Legion school awards presented by the Grand Island Post No. 1346. The Klopp Award, given for general excellence, was awarded to Joan Livingston (Fred) who had a regents average of 96.1.•••• From the “With Dottie On The Party Line” column in the Island’s by-weekly paper: “Ferry Village looks like Crystal Beach these days, what with swimmers, fishermen, boating enthusiasts, hot dog stands and juke boxes blaring.”

Looking Back 50 years - The Grand Island Playhouse opened its 10th anniversary season with the grand winner in its audience-favorite poll, “Where’s Charley?” in June 1957 in the barn on Baseline near Bedell Road.••••Florence Mayer of Baseline Road, was appointed to succeed George Neilans as mail messenger for local mail to and from Buffalo according to an announcement by Postmaster Heber Ashley Jr. Mr. Neilans carried the local mail to and from Buffalo in his automobile for about 18 years.

Looking Back 40 years - Rev. Richard A. Graeber, assistant pastor of St. Stephen’s Church, announced that the Grand Island Youth Center Foundation could use the barn on church property for a temporary youth center for the summer of '67. The Foundation’s ultimate goal was to obtain enough funds to build a permanent center on the Island.

Looking Back 30 years - The program for “Grand Island Crystal Beach Day ‘77” was highlighted by the performance of the group, “Dark Eye.” The rock band, formed around 1975, was the first band to be hired by the Lions Club for the day-long event. The original group included Dave Barr, Ken Johnson, John Dudley and later Rick Haffer.

Our sympathy to the families of Thomas "Tim" Tomkinson and former residents Sandra J. Stamler, Leona Fitzpatrick Kovach, Imogene Zavodny and Mary Barth who recently passed away. Click Deaths for complete information.

Welcome to our newest Isledegrande.com advertiser, The Laundry Chute, located on Love Road near the Wilson Farms plaza. Also spotlighted this week are Dr. Huggs,  Riverview Chiropractic,  and Sandi's Family Restaurant. Be sure to check out these business websites and for information on advertising at Isledegrande.com, email Dan McMahon at Dan@giecom.net.

The Knights of Columbus have a big day planned for Saturday and Sunday when the members offer a chicken BBQ and craft show from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. This should be quite a shindig as both days will feature popcorn, nachos, fudge, candy apples, hot dogs, ice cream, nuts, cotton candy, hamburgers, and home-made chocolate.••••The Trinity UM Church Women will hold their annual chicken BBQ on Saturday from 4-7 p.m. For these and more information, check our Calendar of Events.

Let's fly our American Flags today, National Flag Day, and every day.

Email your notes, announcements and corrections for this column to Teddy Linenfelser. Include your full name, email address and phone number.

"Say a prayer for our guys over there." God bless America.

Thursday, June 7, 2007
Island's Largest Event? Could be! The 5th annual Relay For Life takes place tomorrow evening beginning at 6 p.m. to raise funds for the American Cancer Society. Music, activities and booths offering food and refreshments and much more will be offered and cancer survivors recognized and others remembered in this remarkable evening on the Grand Island High School track.

Good news! Don Tranter who has spent some time in the hospital is back home and on the road to recovery. Hey, Donny! Just keep on keepin' on!

Best wishes to Bob and Betty Clement on their 60th wedding anniversary today and to our son and daughter-in-law Jim and Laury Linenfelser, celebrated their 10th anniversary today. Happy anniversary to Gary and Gail Conschafter (Monday) and to Mark and Renee Morgan (25 years on Tuesday).

The Sidway Reunion committee is asking for help with the
Sidway School Missing Persons List
. If you attended the school with the any of the graduating classes of 1937 through 1963, take a look at the list or at least at your own class. Current addresses should be sent to myself or to Peggy McNulty Hooper at Gabbypeg1@aol.com

Grand Island's newest business, Island Prescription Center, is located in the Asian Buffet plaza on Grand Island Blvd. near Staley Road. See their ad on the front page of Isledegrande.com.

Ora Glor-Newton celebrates her 95th birthday on Sunday and is wished a wonderful year.••••A belated happy birthday to Linda Rowe who celebrated on June 4th.••••Happy birthday to Brandon Loder (4 years old today), Carol Barnhart (tomorrow), Jeanette Courey (Saturday), Jason Wilkinson (21 on Saturday), Maura Rustowitz and Betsy Kinsey Sims (Sunday), Paul Malecki (Monday), Rosemary Whiting (Tuesday), Kayla Lee Staub (7 on Wednesday), Caroline Grace and Gabrielle Marie McGavisk (4 on Wednesday), Kim Nestark (cheers on Wednesday), Danielle Martin (her 30th birthday on Wednesday) and Jeffrey Scott Wansart (2 on Wednesday).

Looking Back 60 years - Though Cele and Andy Alt's "perfectly round" building at North Colony and East River was just about complete, the town was standing firm on its decision to decline a request to rezone the property. Cele and Andy did eventually open their very successful "Ceil & Andy's" restaurant/tavern, now known as B.A.'s Saloon.

Looking Back 50 years - Lee Howe (Harris) went on the air at WXRC-FM as commentator for the classical music program, Concert Hall. The program director, Brad Steiger, pointed out that it was somewhat novel to have a feminine commentator for this type of program.•••• Edward Gibbs, 16, of Third Street, won the Jaycees Annual Teenage Road-e-o on Saturday, June 8, 1957. Second, third and fourth prizes in the automobile driving contest were won by George Werner Jr. of East River Road, Gerald A. Mayer of Baseline Road and David Velie of Wallace Drive respectively.••••Among cast members in “The Cardinal’s Secret,” produced by Mrs. Gert Radius’ third grade class at Kaegebein School on Friday, June 7, 1957, were Rhonda Adams, Sharon Rezabek, Linda Johnstone, John Young, Jackie Pagan and Penny Tranter. ••••Brownie Troop 733 was a busy group 50 years ago. They held a fly-up ceremony and picnic, marched in the Memorial Day Parade held by the Grandyle Property Owners Association and attended the round up ceremony Sunday evening, June 9, 1957 in Beaver Island Park. Sue Burnworth (Jones)and Paula Brobeil (Miller) served as flag bearers and Mary Elizabeth Hopkins was the troop log bearer.••••Barber Marion Mancuso has the distinction of being the first tenant in the Grand Island Plaza back in 1957 and celebrated his 50th anniversary of doing business on June 1st of this year.

Looking Back 40 years - Ron Livingston played the lead role of Jack Dalton, good-guy and All-American boy, in the Island Theatre Group’s production of “Curse Yu, Jack Dalton” that opened for four nights at the Golden Nugget Saloon at Fantasy Island on June 8, 1967.

Looking Back 30 years - Among the winners of Cub Scout Pack 452’s kite flying contest held in Beaver Island Park June 12, 1977 were Bill Bedford, Brent Fred, Ed Kostenbauder, Russ Wichlacz, and Robert Calabro. Pack Olympics members including first place discus thrower Paul Leiner, also competed.

Looking Back 20 years - A record turnout of 1609 voters saw the budget and bus proposition defeated and Ken Arena and incumbent Dean Rech elected to the school board on Wednesday, June 3, 1987. .•••• Frank Calabro opened his Calabro Marine Sales on Whitehaven Road on Saturday, June 6, 1987 when Buffalo Bills quarterback Jim Kelly made a guest appearance.

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Our sympathy to the families of Thelma Chipkar and former resident Donald F. Ashley who recently passed away. Click Deaths for complete information.

"Say a prayer for our guys over there." God bless America.

Thursday, May 31, 2007
Cards of cheer and get well wishes are requested for Don Tranter and may be sent to his home.

Greg Barker and daughter, Anne Barker Timmerman, along with their spouses, will be celebrating their birthdays at the Thunder on the Niagara Boat Races this Saturday and Sunday at Gratwick Park in North Tonawanda. The Barkers’ “Honey Bun,” a 2.5 liter, will be running there.

A classroom at Canisius College was renamed the “Crowe’s Nest,” after Islander Lt. Col. Terrence Crowe, a Canisius military science professor who died in the line of duty in Iraq.

The engagement of John Joseph Mezhir to Jennifer Marie Agnello of Lewiston has been announced. John and Jennifer are planning an August wedding.

Click photo for larger view
Happy 93rd birthday to former resident Irene Beck, shown with her daughter, Barbara Muratore at a recent birthday dinner.

Good news! Kelly and Jay Petrie, who were contemplating a move to Florida, have changed plans and are remaining on the Island. So happy for you both.

Looking Back 60 years - Bill Seaman’s clam stand in Bedell House park, featuring ice cold clams, hot coffee, hot dogs and ice cream, opened for the season Thursday, June 5, 1947.

Looking Back 50 years - Carlton Mayer was advertising bulk and cubed ice, and a 30-bottle case of 7-ounce bottles of pop at $1.30 plus deposit.••••Two East River Road artists, Gladys Martin and Eugene "Dick" Dyczkowski, had paintings on exhibit and illustrated their painting techniques during the Courtyard Art Exhibition and Sale in Buffalo 50 years ago this week.

Looking Back 40 years - Daniel Gregory and Ellen Nassoiy were chosen king and queen of the Grand Island High School senior prom held June 2, 1967 in the Buffalo Launch Club.

Looking Back 30 years - Nineteen-year-old Bill Cook, was elected to the school board in May 1977.••••A sprinkling ban went into effect on June 6, 1977. A curb on outside use of sprinkling and car washing between the hours of noon and 9 p.m. was necessary in order to assure proper water pressure in the town.•••• Boy Scout Troop 630 members Leonard Jankowski, Steve Forster and Thomas Morrisey were presented the Eagle Award when forty-two scouts were recognized with various awards on the troop’s awards night, June 1, 1977.••••Troop leaders Barbara Ruthel and Gladys Gibbon and adult chaperones Lucy La Pointe, Barbara Brzyski and Wendy Gaydica led 27 Island girl scouts on a trip to Montreal over the Memorial Day weekend 1977. Scouts included Aprille Cooke, Diane Gaydica, Lynn Gaydica and Jennifer Chamberlain.

Looking Back 20 years - PTSA President Sharon Watz accepted the Advocates for Children Award in May 1987 when the Grand Island High School PTSA was selected to represent the State PTA Region 1 (New York and New England) as its outstanding honor unit.••••The Haller family, owners of Del & Herb's Restaurant at Love and Baseline roads, added a large parking lot and at the same time the traffic signal at their corner was put into operation.

Our sympathy to the family of Adrienne T. Lewis and former resident James M. Vincent who recently passed away. Click Deaths for complete information.

A big happy birthday to Eleanor Swain who is celebrating her 80th birthday today. ••••Happy birthday to Greg Barker (tomorrow), twins Joshua and Ryan Miller (teenagers on Saturday), Dianne Tiede (Saturday), Anne Barker Timmerman (her 30th birthday on Sunday), Joe Podlucky (21 on Sunday), Chris Bidell (18 on Sunday), Richard Sander and Janet Mumm (Monday), Rebecca Cunningham (her 20th on Monday), Catherine DiVizio (85 on Monday), Jason Wilkinson (21 on Wednesday) and Victoria Aronica (8 on Wednesday).

Blake Kenney
A fundraiser for four-year-old Blake Kenney will be held from 5-10 p.m. this Saturday at the Sheridan Park Fire Hall, 738 Sheridan Drive (see "Blake's Benefit") •••• The Grand Island Alumni Association will host an "All Island Reunion" Saturday at the Brick Oven Restaurant. •••• The Sue Glogowski Family Benefit is being held Saturday at the VFW Post 9249. •••• The youth and Youth Advisory Council of Trinity United Methodist Church are holding a yard sale and car wash this Saturday at the church. •••• A rummage sale takes place Saturday at St. Timothy Lutheran Church.•••• A Sidway School reunion meeting will be held Tuesday evening. •••• There are numerous Relay For Life events sponsored by various Island teams and all taking place this weekend. For these and more information, check our Calendar of Events.

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"Say a prayer for our guys over there." God bless America.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Cathy                                    Pam                                    Karen
Cathy "Haller" Contino and Karen Wallace are celebrating their birthdays tomorrow and Pam Ball Fries, the pride and joy of Grandyle Village a few years back, celebrates her birthday on Tuesday. Very best wishes, gals. ••••Happy birthday also to Larry Harpster (a big one today), to Courtney Booker (today), Hans Beyer (30 tomorrow), Paula Sciuk (cheers tomorrow), Joshua Stoddard (his 16th birthday on Saturday), David Linenfelser and Stephanie Affuso (21st birthdays on Sunday), Nancy Aydelotte (Sunday), Molly Mason (6 on Sunday), Pat Shaw (cake and candles on Monday), Ian Cameron (3 on Monday), Mitchell Stephen Samplinski (two years old on Monday), Liam Dodd (14 on Tuesday), Sharon Bauer (Tuesday) and Linda Facklam and Jim Watz (Wednesday).

Cards of encouragement are in order for Alice Gardner who is dealing with a serious health concern.

Happy anniversary to the Killians!

Phil and Jean Killian are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary tomorrow. They were married by Father Rupert Wright in St. Stephen's Church followed by a reception at the Fire Hall. The wedding party photo shows (left) Clarence "Bud" Newman, Phil's brothers Roger and Robert, Phil, Jean, Jean's sister Terry (Dlugosz) Clark, Betty (Lindsey) Ehde, Phil's sister Lois (Killian) Kaiser, Phil's niece and flower girl Chris (Long ) Sugar. Those in the photo on the right are Phil's dad, Fred Killian, Gert Graf, Phil, Jean, Jean's mother, Sophie Dlugosz, and Jean's father, Walter Dlugosz. Be sure to click the tiny photos for a larger view.

One-year-old Nikolas Massaro celebrated his first birthday last week when his dad, Jason (Class of 1994) submitted the baby's picture. The birthday greeting made the "Between The Bridges" column, however, the photo went unnoticed until this week. Cute little guy, isn't he?

Nice to see the Klocke/Sanders families out for dinner Saturday night. Barbara "Klocke" Voegelin, now living in Florida, said she reads Isledegrande.com on a regular basis.

Looking Back 75 years - After fire destroyed the original clubhouse in 1931, members of the Buffalo Launch Club held a formal opening of the new clubhouse on "Decoration Day" - May 30, 1932.

Looking Back 60 years - Jean and Stan Kreher of East River were granted permission to connect their premises (now Turner's Port Of Call) to the public water system - Water District #2.

Looking Back 50 years - A fire May 27, 1957, caused an estimated $10,000 damage to a gas-mixer house and two dwellings in Ferry Village. Assistant Fire Chief George Darby said the blaze started in the mixer house on Cox Road and owned by Eugene Bucher who maintained a small gas well which supplied nearby residents. The gas-house valued at $2000 burned to the ground. •••• The Sidway School 9th grade graduating Class of ’57 enjoyed their class day on May 29, 1957. Donald and Dayton Fancher and Bob MacLean served as the color guard. The program, was led by Class President Bill Jacobs and ended with the class song, “Now The Year Is Over,” with words by Johnny Meyers and William Payne and piano accompaniment by Gail Kirby. An evening dinner dance gave some of the girls a chance to wear their first formal gowns.••••If you were in Bill Pinkow’s school band at Sidway School in 1957, “Deep River Rhapsody, Sunset Soliloquy” and “Capricious Aloysius,” may sound familiar to you. We played them at the Music Festival May 27, 1957. The Glee Club under the direction of music teacher Carol Thompson, sang “Green Cathedral, Love is a many Splendored Thing” and “The Bells of St. Mary.” •••• Walter Hughes was elected president of the Sandy Beach Property Owners Association at its May 22, 1957 meeting.

Looking Back 40 years - The Grand Island High School Class of 1967 began class day Friday, May 26, 1967 with breakfast in the school cafeteria and an informal program that included the singing of the class song, “Born Free.” A luncheon was held in the Buffalo Launch Club and sponsored by the Senior Class Parent Committee. Class president was John Lexo.•••• A one-car crash early Saturday morning, May 27, 1967 following the all-day Class Day program for seniors, resulted in injuries to four GIHS students. A meeting to prevent teen car accidents was called by Town Councilman Robert Study. Drinking and careless driving were ruled out as causes of the accident.

Kristyna Allsop, GIHS class of 2003, graduated from the University of Connecticut on Sunday May 6th with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Finance. Tina will join independent investment firm Rogerscasey in their Darien, CT office as a Financial Analyst. Tina's proud mom, Sue, watched her graduate on her birthday!

Celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary tomorrow are Abigail and Dr. Herb Sullivan. See Islanders In The News for their photo and story. Happy anniversary to the Sullivans and also to Pattie and Mark Frentzel, marking their 15th anniversary on May 30th.

Our sympathy to the families of Vivian T. Fitzgerald, and former residents Marilyn Dinsmore Serfass who recently passed away. Click Deaths for complete information.

Congratulations to 15-year-old Jimmy Pezzino, a 10th grader at Grand Island High School, who recently took 6th place in Level 10 vault with an 8.450 average score in the Junior National Gymnastics Championships in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Jimmy was representing Stumpf’s Gymnastics Center.

Nicolas Logue, son of Isledegrande.com Town Board Reporter Joelle Logue and Gerald Logue of Williamsville, and Taurie Kinoshita, daughter of Joseph Kinoshita of Honolulu, were married May 18th in a ceremony held at the Oahu Country Club in Honolulu, Hawaii. Both Nick and Taurie are MFA Theater graduates from the University of Hawaii at Manoa. The couple plans to move to New York City over the summer. A play Taurie wrote and directed has been accepted for the Fringe Festival in New York City in August.

The GIHS Class of '78 meets tonight in the Library to make plans for a 30th reunion. Several Relay For Life fundraisers are being held over the weekend. Memorial Day services will be held at the DeGlopper Memorial Park, Grand Island Blvd. and Baseline Road at 10 a.m. Monday. For further information, see our Calendar of Events.

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Ryan and Audrey Loder Shaw of Largo, Florida were blessed with a daughter, Caitlin Jenna, born yesterday, May 23rd, at 12:01 p.m. Weighing in at a mere five pounds, 12 ounces, Caitlin is the great granddaughter of Don Loder (the late Dorothy) of Bedell Road and Pat McNulty (late Mike) of Grand Island Blvd., and the first grandchild of Dale Loder of Wauchula, FL, Mary McNulty Loder of Bradenton and Wes and Cynthia Shaw of Florida.

Email your notes, announcements and corrections for this column to Teddy Linenfelser. Include your full name, email address and phone number.

Have a happy and safe Memorial Day and please remember that this is the day we honor all of our service men and women, both living and dead, who make this great country possible and please "say a prayer for our guys over there." God bless America.

Thursday, May 17, 2007
Please keep Ricky Hinkle III, US Army and also Rick and Jenny Hinkle of Laurie Lane in your prayers. In his third tour of duty in the Middle East, the soldier was injured at the Pakistan/Afghanistan border on Monday. He was hit twice, has had surgery on Tuesday and is in serious condition. "Please, please, please...pray for his recovery and return home to his wife and family."

Named 2007 Academic All-Stars from Erie County public schools by the Buffalo News are Rachael Kaplan, Sarah Mye and Bessie Zhang. The Grand Island High School seniors were among 108 chosen from the county.

GIHS school reunions taking place this year are for the classes of 1967, 1972, 1977 and 1987 and plans are already in the works for the Class of 1978's thirtieth reunion next year. Check our
GIHS Class Reunion Central
page for details, and be sure and let the contact people know where you are!••••The Sidway School
Reunion Flyer
is now on line with all the details of the 2008 reunion of the Charlotte Sidway School classes 1937-1963.

Erica Kinney and Michael Forbes were married April 23rd in Cancun, Mexico. Don't miss their wedding photo on the "Islanders In the News" page.

Two-and-a-half-year-old James Soto is featured on our Islanders In the New page. Perhaps you would like to make a donation to "James' Buddies" Cystic Fibrosis team.

Happy birthday to baby Nikolas Massaro (first birthday today), Stephanie Senn (a teenager today), Frank Pinzel Sr. (today), Chase Luthringer (5 tomorrow), Elvira Lyden, Adam Garlapow and Pattie Frentzel (Saturday), Kate Endres (18 on Sunday), Sydney Dworak and Christopher O'Connor (both turning 6 on Sunday), Steven Parisi (8 on Monday), Joan Kingston and Keith Kinney (cheers on Tuesday), and Connie Trautman (special greetings on Tuesday).

Looking Back 60 years - Mary Gross and Sylvia Burgstahler assisted Dr. Norman G. Stessing in vaccinating 145 children at Sidway School due to an epidemic of smallpox becoming a threat to the United States.••••Al Weisheim opened the Kendall Station on Express Highway in May of 1947.

Looking Back 50 years - The town board gave unanimous approval for a new water district, No. 6, to serve an area running north from the south bridge to Bedell Road, property lying adjacent to the Thruway and Grand Island Blvd. and an area of many of the town’s business establishments as well as the Charlotte Sidway School. •••• The newly formed Grand Island Family YMCA Extension Committee, including Kenneth Kinsey, Paul H. Taylor, William Elgar and Eugene Shaver, met in the home of Chairman Richard C. Owens at 4068 East River Road. •••• The Erie County Highway Department rejected a request to install a four-way stop sign at the intersection of Baseline and Whitehaven roads on the grounds that visibility was good and that the accident record at the location did not justify such a sign.

Looking Back 40 years - Winners of the 1967 Jaycee Road-E-O competition held May 20, 1967 in Beaver Island State Park were Allen Hawkes and Patricia Gill. Second place winners were Phil Arrigo and Serena Anzalaco.••••Dorothy Enfield, Joseph Fortuna and Robert Criden of the Kaegebein School music department directed the annual spring concert at the school. The program featured the Advanced Band’s Flute Quartet of Renee Bastian, Connie Hillman, Diane Mullany and Heidi Schnitzer.

Looking Back 20 years - Kelly Sandford Mongold and Kevin Koch (shown above) were among the employees of the Chicken Express restaurant when the Tlustos family held a grand opening for their new eatery in the Grand Island Blvd. Plaza on May 15-17, 1987.••••Dale Brown, GIHS Class of 1974, had his first novel, Flight Of The Old Dog, accepted and published. A second novel, Silver Tower, would follow shortly.

Looking Back 5 years - Former West Seneca school chief Vincent J. Coppola was appointed both temporary superintendent and consultant in the new superintendent search by school trustees in May 2002. ••••School district voters passed the school budget, 580 to 329 and Sue Gill won her sixth term on the board, receiving 616 votes. Previous board member Lee Cohen was elected with 564 votes.

So sorry to hear that Fay Wood was injured in a fall. A speedy recovery, Fay!

Best wishes to Dan and Crystal Harding celebrating their third wedding anniversary on Tuesday.

Our sympathy to the families of Daniel F. Mohring, Robert C. Bascomb, Helen Derner, Mary A. Zehnder, Dorothy C. Obersheimer, Richard C. Semo, Mary Beth (McDonough) Lundy, Claudia A. Marrs and former residents Jean R. Viola and Dennis Bernard Holmes who recently passed away. Click Deaths for complete information.••••A memorial Mass will be celebrated Saturday for Mae Klocke

This is a big Relay For Life weekend of events on the Island. Probably the largest is a Chicken BBQ Dinner "and more" sponsored by Relay For Life Team Lifesavers on Saturday at the Town Commons.••••Team Giambra's Gift is hosting a Hot Dog Sale at Sam's Club, 5535 Porter Rd., Niagara Falls tomorrow, Saturday, and Sunday from 10:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.••••The Relay for Life team "The Caterpillars" will hold a bowling event on Sunday at Mallwitz's Island Lanes.••••Relay For Life Team Ian's Choo Choo Caboose hosts a Chinese auction at the New Apostolic Church on Bedell Road from 2-5 p.m. Sunday. More details are in our Calendar of Events and on the Relay For Life Page.

The Golden Age Club's Gram's Garage Sale takes place on Saturday at the Golden Age Center. A Basket Raffle Benefit at the G.I. Rod & Gun Club for Jason Vandusen is set for Sunday. The Historical Society's monthly open house is on Sunday when the "Before Beaver Island State Park" photos will be displayed. A fundraising event, "Not In My Backyard, Backyard Party" starts at 1 p.m. on Sunday in the Holiday Inn. A blood drive is scheduled for Tuesday at Fire Headquarters. The High School Spring Choral Concert is being given at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday in the high school auditorium. Kaegebein Elementary School's Memorial Day Show will be presented at 2 p.m. on Wednesday in the school auditorium. For more information, check our Calendar of Events.

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As most of us know, the postage rate for first class cards and letters rose to 41 cents on Monday.••••Did you know that Hershey's Kisses are 100 years old this year?

Nancy Hayes passed along a nice gesture by an unknown gentlemen when the "church ladies" from Trinity were having lunch at Bob Evans in Niagara Falls on Mother's Day. This kind fellow surprised the ladies by paying their bill!.

Email your notes for this column to Teddy Linenfelser.

"Say a prayer for our guys over there." God bless America.

Thursday, May 10, 2007
Barbara Minton wrote to say she wishes we had a "Great Neighbor" award for Grand Island. "I have some of the best neighbors to be found anywhere!" she said. Barb mentions Jack Allen and Pete and Melanie Stein, all of Wallace Dr. for all their help with storm damage in October, (and Pete's offers for help with anything from cleaning the gutters to opening stubborn jars for their arthritic neighbor!); Nancy and Christa Moran of Wallace Dr. and Nancy's sister, Carol Richard, for dog walking and hot meals when there is illness in the house (which happens frequently, as I have a friend staying at my house who has been widowed and is chronically ill); and Maria Suarez of Ward Park and her great kids, Carl, Adrian and Maria Grant, who are always looking for some nice thing to do for somebody. Her kids even helped bail the sump pump at my parent's house during the October storm!" Barbara said. "What a fantastic blessing these friends and neighbors have been. Grand Island is really a "grand place to live." Yes, Barbara, Grand Island is truly a grand place to live.

It seems like there are more unusual birds being spotted around the Island this spring than in many years. Readers have submitted photos of the Indigo Bunting, Rose-breasted Grosbeak, Baltimore Orioles, Bluebirds, Purple Finch, Red Finch and Tufted Titmouse taken over the last few months here on Grand Island. See our
Grand Island Photos Page for these beautiful pictures and be sure to see this website submitted by Kim Ludwig - "Bird Songs". Jim and I thoroughly enjoyed this, however, it drove our cat, Fluffy, crazy.

Ashley Carminati has posted a message on her CarePage and you may view it by clicking "A Note From Ashley".

So very nice to see longtime friend Margie McMahon Prange this week while she is vacationing here on the Island. See Islanders In The News for photos!

Last Thursday evening’s Historical Society program, a video of the good old Crystal Beach days, was a very good one. We all had our own Crystal Beach stories of favorite rides (mostly the Comet), foods and times in the Fun House, the midway games and roller skating in the huge ballroom. The refreshment committee of Mary Burngasser, Carol Moore and Barb Birt outdid themselves following the theme of the evening by providing popcorn and powdered sugar waffles with red, white and blue table decorations. Super job, gals. Society members, led by President Kurt Nestark, are ready for the 4th grade tours of the Island and River Lea, and also for the next open house at River Lea on Sunday, May 20th. It’s a fun group of Island residents. Why not join us?

Best wishes to Jeremy and Jennifer Pullano, celebrating their sixth wedding anniversary on Saturday.

A big happy birthday to Lindsey Miller, a year older on Saturday and to her very special aunt, Harriet (Austin) Zurek, sharing the same birthday. By the way, Lindsey is ranked second in her class at Mount St. Mary's Academy with a 98.8 average.••••Happy birthday also to Elsa Peters, Greg DeMike and Paul Fields (today), Kaitlynn Cook (her 20th today), Ava Grace Ackerman (6 tomorrow), Philip Buchanan and Lisa Hogrewe (cheers on Saturday), Linda Fearon (Sunday), Gretchen Beyer, Carol Volk and Lyn Laman (Monday), Brian Minton (7 on Wednesday) and Ginger DeMita (cake and candles on Wednesday).

Looking Back 60 years - Campsites for Island scout camping were offered by residents Allen E. Klopp, Carl Larson and John W. Wheeler, and Troop No. 75 committeemen LaVerne Harding, Lee Kirk, Earle Saunders and Paul Stefik Jr. were given an on-the-spot investigation in May 1947.••••The Sidway School 8th grade graduating class was invited by Mr. Roswell Cluckey, principal of the Kibler High School in Tonawanda, to spend a day at high school. Sidway's 17-member Class of 1947 included John Fleming, Elizabeth Nachbaur (Zarbo) Sally Staley (Dworak) and Doris Dekdebrun (Meyers), who served as class officers.••••A new refrigerator was purchased for the Sidway School "to fill a need at the school that has been felt for some time. Milk, delivered in the morning, has to be kept for the afternoon snack for the first grade and for reasons of health should be kept cool."

Looking Back 50 years - Do anyone of my readers have a photo of a class of Betty Rogers Beck’s dancers who took part in a revue and variety show in Kaegebein School in the spring of 1957? Dancers included Joanne Nesbitt, Jeannie Dixon, Sharon Jones, Karen Kinney, Linda Schutt, Karen Lee Beck, Denise Raab, Christine Hogue, Donna Kester, Meg Alt and Michele Koch.

Looking Back 40 years - Janice Harris, Laurie Griffin and Sally Gollwitzer (Goris), dressed in their red Teddy’s Islettes uniforms, trimmed in long white fringe and wearing white shako majorette hats, twirled their batons in the April 1967 Huth Road School Talent Show held during the annual Carnival of Fun.••••“Three Coins In a Fountain” was the theme of the GIHS Junior Prom held on May 13, 1967. Planners were Melissa Clement (Hill), Janet Duane, Marsha Carlin, Steve VanHattum, Serena Anzalaco, Les Smith and Terri Turner.

Looking Back 20 years - Robert Aronica, Michael DeMartin and Brett Lynch were among new members accepted into the Grand Island Fire Company 20 years ago.••••The Grand Opening of Chicken Express in the Grand Island Blvd. Plaza was held in May 1987 by Island residents Lance and Jackie Tlustos.

Looking Back 10 years - Bruce Kaiser was endorsed by the Republican Party to run for the town council in the November 1997 election.••••University of Buffalo students unveiled town center design concepts.

Our sympathy to the families of Bruce Kaiser, Dorothy Mihalovich, Anne McCumber and Clare H. Jones who recently passed away. Click Deaths for complete information.

The Grand Island High School Jr. Prom takes place Saturday at the Holiday Inn. Photos may be submitted to me at teddy@giecom.net for next week's edition of Isledegrande.com.

A Connor Middle School Spring Vocal Concert takes place tonight. The annual High School PTSA Geranium Sale is set for tomorrow. The American Legion's annual Hanging Flower Basket Sale will be held tomorrow and Saturday. St. Timothy Church parishioners offer a chicken BBQ/Ribs Dinner on Saturday. The school district's String Kaleidoscope concert takes place in the high school on Monday evening and the Connor Middle School instrumental concert is scheduled for Tuesday. For more information and many more events, check our Calendar of Events.

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The Sound of Music, by the Niagara Regional Theatre Guild and featuring some Island talent, is a wonderful production. We attended Friday night and highly recommend it. See "Sound Of Music" for an overview.

Email your notes, announcements and corrections for this column to Teddy Linenfelser. Include your full name, email address and phone number.

Happy Mother's Day. I'm remembering mine and all the happy memories she made for me.

"Say a prayer for our guys over there." God bless America.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Click photo for larger view
The above 1973 photo of (left) Debbie Bleich, Marcia Witte Robison and Judy Lovelee Kenyon has always been one of my favorites. The girls were among my top twirlers in Teddy's Islettes when the photo was taken and all three are still quite capable of twirling up a storm. Judy is celebrating her birthday on Wednesday, May 9th and wished the very best. (Let's do it again, girls!)

Congratulations to Kris and Michelle Christensen of Sandpiper Lane on the birth of Brooke Elizabeth Christensen last Thursday. See Islanders In The News for pictures.

The Domagala family sends congratulations to Thomas Geblein, Grand Island High School Class of 2005, who was recently the recipient of an outstanding senior award at Alfred State College Tom is a lead scorer for the Alfred State Lacrosse Team.

A big happy 80th birthday to Joe Zilbauer who just celebrated yesterday!••••A belated happy 12th birthday to Nicole Hall who celebrated on Friday, April 27th. Happy birthday to Stephen M. Stouter (7 today), Katie Hillock (Sweet 16 today), Mark Cunningham (the big 35 tomorrow!), MaryElisabeth Rustowicz (8 tomorrow), Donald Turner (18 tomorrow), Sandie Rall Smith (tomorrow), Emily Harnden (12 tomorrow), Sean Gruszka (Saturday), Daryl Schaefer (Sunday), Eric Ackerman Jr. and Kevin Minton (10th birthdays on Sunday), Kayla Gallagher (Sweet 16 on Sunday), Jodi Robinson (Monday), Lisarenee Guagliano-Scheffler (Tuesday), and Dawn Gruska (9 on Tuesday).

Looking Back 60 years - Eleven Girl Scouts were presented with thirty-three activity badges at a court of awards ceremony at the fire hall on Friday afternoon, May 2, 1947. The first class badge, the highest award given to any Girl Scout, was presented to Luella Landel and Diana Moore (Loveland). Others receiving various awards were Joan Burgstahler (Bridge), Donna Hawley (Rodriguez), Loretta Knab (Daley), Mary Ann Kruse (Arsenault), Shirley Roberts (Ervin), Gloria Peck (Thompson), Patricia Tiffany, Lynn Winter (Duggan) and Stephanie Woods (Mauri).

Looking Back 50 years - The local weekly paper reported that a ban on teenagers attending movies while wearing leather jackets and boots has decreased rowdyism in and around the Riviera Theater and another Tonawanda motion picture theater. •••• Students at Sidway School “published” their Sixth Grade Express. Co-editors were Lynda Walter (Reeves) and Gary Burnworth and clerks were Sharon Schlegel (Maul), Robert Janke, Judy Alt (Ribis) and Jimmy Lock. Most of their articles appeared in the Island Dispatch at the time. ••••Mrs. Louise Rybak’s sixth grade class at Sidway School presented a variety show 50 years ago this month. Bob Wetmore was Master of Ceremonies. Mary Ann McCarthy (Coniff) did an original tap dance and Kathi Lang (Osborne) and Karen Anderson (Webb) sang, “Peg O’ My Heart.” Suzanne Mailloux (Sica) and Kathi Lang (Osborne) did a ballet toe dance to the tune of “Roses From the South.”

Looking Back 40 years - Among the Grand Island Jr.-Sr. High School students taking part in a three-day Music & Arts Festival May 4-6, 1967 to raise enough money to purchase a grand piano for the school's auditorium were Denise A. Blackmore, Robert E. Study and Terry E. Lang. The program included a fashion show by the Home Economics Department, and a dance recital by the school’s Modern Dance Club. Be sure to see The Old Photo Album for a picture of the threesome.

Looking Back 20 years - When former director Al Popiel resigned, Richard Crawford Sr. was appointed executive director of the Grand Island Economic Development Corporation and the town’s Foreign Trade Zone. The GIEDC, at that time, had a concrete financial commitment from the Chamber of Commerce and the Town Board. ••••Todd Wisner, Amy Schneider, Kelly Wisner and Sondra Galoppo (Defranks) participated in a Mad Dash for Cash Contest on April 16, 1987 at the Summit Park Mall and ran a best time of 10 minutes and 58 seconds to win $100. ••••When the River Oaks Restaurant and Clubhouse was renovated in 1987, the veranda was made part of the dining room and ran the full length of the building. The tables overlooked the golf course and the bar had been relocated, giving bar patrons a view of the course. •••• Lee Forster entertained about forty people at a closed party arranged by Jack and Alma Senn at Lippen’s Grill Saturday, May 9, 1987 . Lee was a familiar name and his orchestra played at Davern’s on Sunday afternoons in the 1940s.

Looking Back 10 years - Traffic signals at the corners of Baseline and Love roads and Baseline and Bedell roads were put into operation.••••The main presentation at the Grand Island Art Society meeting May 6, 1997 was given by representatives of the Grand Island Veterans Park Recreation and Cultural Center, who sought input on art space for the proposed building. ••••The Wheeler house on Staley Road, torn down 10 years ago this week, was originally School #2, and still in operation just before Sidway School opened in 1937.

Our sympathy to the family of former resident Alfred G. Yakam who recently passed away. Click Deaths for complete information.

Former resident Dave Yakam, who was in town for his dad's funeral, took the time to stop by our office to say hello and reminisce a little about the good old days here on the Island.

"Thanks for the Memories," a Crystal Beach video presentation will be given at the Historical Society meeting tonight at River Lea. Saturday is Grand Island Little League Opening Day. A Las Vegas Night will be held Saturday night at the Knights of Columbus Hall. The Community Chorus will present a free concert on Sunday at St. Stephen's Church. For more information, check our Calendar of Events.

We welcome newest Isledegrande.com advertisers M.J. Peterson - Joe Suppa,   Allstate Mastantuono Agency - Tony and Phil Mastantuono,   and Dr. Kevin Augustine Chiropractic, and would also like to spotlight Martin's Fantasy Island,  and   Metro Town Center. Be sure to check out all five business websites and for information on advertising at Isledegrande.com, email Dan McMahon at Dan@giecom.net.

The Niagara Regional Theatre Guild's production of The Sound Of Music opens tomorrow night at the Riviera Theater with many Islanders involved in the play. Among the children taking parts are Islanders David Conboy and Maggie and Katie Rustowicz. Maggie and Katie's dad, Kevin Rustowicz will play "Baron Eberfeld." See Islanders In The News for more information.

If you are planning a garage sale on the Island, let us know. We do not charge for garage sale ads or classified ads. Just email your information to "Teddy" or "Jodi."

"Say a prayer for our guys over there." God bless America.

Thursday, April 26, 2007
Dodge Ball anyone?? A charity Dodge Ball tournament for Ashley Carminati who is recuperating from a bone marrow transplant, is being held at 7 a.m. this Saturday. The tournament will take place in the Grand Island High School gym and is open to anyone over 14. Click
"Dodge Ball Tourney For Kelly" for complete information.

Good news! Harvey Long, who was hospitalized earlier this week, should be back home by today.••••A speedy recovery to GIHS Varsity soccer player Ashley Mazurkiewicz, a junior at the high school who broke her leg over the weekend while playing soccer in Pittsburgh.••••Prayers and cards of concern are in order for Betty Raepple.

Taylor Firth will perform at the 5th annual "Rising Stars On Ice" show on Saturday at the Holiday Twin Rinks in Cheektowaga. Taylor is 15 and has competed in the senior ladies freestyle event at the U. S. Figure Skating championships, a first for a Western New Yorker over the past 75 years. For more information, see www.skatingclubofwesternnewyork.org  or  www.skategreatinc.com.

Congratulations to Mitch Rinker on his 300 (769) game while bowling with the A Best Roofing League at Island Lanes Monday night.

Lucky Ralph Lommer! He is the winner of a 2006 Pursuit Offshore 2570 boat: Yamaha 250 horsepower outboard engine, Myco custom trailer and a West Marine outfitting package - all worth more than $100,000. Ralph won the prize by shopping online at Westmarine.com and entering the sweepstakes.

The Town Board has declared tomorrow, April 27th as Dr. Robert Miller Day. Happy 80th birthday, Dr. Miller!••••Happy birthday to Bethany Leiner (her 15th birthday tomorrow), Rita Hagerman (Saturday), PJ Ruocco (20 on Saturday), V. J. Freeman, Jr. (7 years old on Saturday), babies Elijah Bradley Linenfelser and Jaimen Reed Wright (first birthdays on Saturday), Samantha Warden (a teenager on Sunday), Mark Bullock (cheers on Monday), Jessica Bykowicz and Taylor Firth (Sweet 16th birthdays on Monday), Ava DeFranks (4 on Monday), John Podlucky (Monday), Anna Pullano (3 on Monday), Rosemary Madejski (Tuesday), Dan Cole (the big 4-0 on Tuesday), and Brent Fred Jr. (a teenager on Wednesday).

Randy White, GIHS Class of 1970, wrote the following this week in regard to the April 12th "Between The Bridges" column. "I read my good friend Mary Jo Gill's comments about the Open House Restaurant in your column a few weeks back. I remember the Open House well. This actually brought back memories of the Grand Island Plaza at large. It was a big deal when we were finally old enough to ride our bikes from Sandy Beach to the plaza! We purchased Beatles' records at Neisner's for 99 cents! I also remember Mr. Griffin behind the pharmacy counter at Lane Drugs when visiting with my mom. Later, as I grew older, I worked at the Robo Wash, (where Adrian's Custard stands now) which was owned by Bud Figler, my neighbor, who also owned Figler's Dry Cleaners in the plaza. My junior and senior year at GIHS, I worked at Marty's Mobil with Tim Callahan. We always used to compete for the tow truck runs to Beaver Island in the summer, because it may be a beach-going damsel in distress! After high school, we would stop at the Open House for a late meal (cheeseburger, fries and a chocolate shake) after clubbing on Falls Street. So the Plaza was the center of my universe for many years. Thanks for jogging the memories, Mary Jo." And thanks for writing, Randy! (Editor's note: Ray Griffin was the druggist and part-time town supervisor at the time.)

Looking Back 60 years - A new branch of the Parent Teachers Association was formed by a group of Island mothers actively interested in the physical, mental, and emotional growth of their pre-school children under the leadership of Sidway School faculty member Miss Rosario Foti. Alice Soch was assisting in the organization of the group and Ginny Costin and Ellen Stefik were appointed for the secretarial work.••••After being closed for the winter, the Buffalo Launch Club was the scene of a dinner dance on opening day April 26, 1947.•••• A large group of parents and friends of Sidway School’s afternoon first grade gathered in the school to enjoy an assembly program featuring the pupils in the dramatization of “The Pied Piper of Hamlin.” Some of those taking parts were Danny Lanning, James Hawley, Charles Byroads, Grant Glessner, Paul Geschwender, Barbara Post, Connie Schmidt, Paul Long and Michael Mattioli.

Arlington DeGlopper's horses
Looking Back 50 years - The town’s last work horses were being auctioned off at owner Arlie DeGlopper’s farm on West River Road. Also offered at the auction were combines, tractors, wagons, threshing machines and other farm equipment. About 150 chickens were to be the only bit of farm life transferred to property on Baseline Rd. where the farmer of 35 years and his wife were moving to a new home. ••••First officers for the brand new Little League on the Island included President Louis Madia; 1st Vice President Dean Wolcott; 2nd Vice President Franklin Klocke, Secretary Robert Smith; and Treasurer Tony Kustich.••••Children modeling for the Women’s Guild of St. Martin-in-the-Fields Church fashion show held Friday, April 26, 1957 in the Buffalo Launch Club included George “Buzzie” Sanders, Karen and Susan Vorm, Jeffrey and Karen Carr (Keefe), Kathy Lang (Osborne), Judy Kuehling (Semler), Diana Morrow and Pat Lang (McNamee).•••• According to the local weekly paper, the preliminary report of the latest census showed that the town’s population skyrocketed to 7,616. The count more than doubled since the 1950 census which tallied 3,090 residents.••••A school district vote of 149 to 90 showed residents in favor of naming the school on Huth Road after the Island's World War II hero, Charles N. DeGlopper. The local paper reported: "The name of the Island hero was selected as the name of the new elementary school." At the time, some residents wanted the new building to be called the Sandy Beach School, but in the end it was named Huth Road Elementary School.

Looking Back 40 years - The Steadfast Tin Soldier, a play produced by 10-year-old Patricia Wright of Stony Point Road, was presented April 28-29, 1967 at the Community Center on Fix Road at Legion Dr. The Island Theatre Group’s Carol Hastrich directed and Miss Wright made all the arrangements for the show. Cast included Kevin Brady, Diane Schnitzer, Linda Smith, Dea Marie Hastrich, Heidi Schnitzer, Terry Gardner (Sledziewski), Daniel Young, Ivy Ann Klajbor and Doreen Rein. •••• Tragedy struck near the East River shore at Edgewater 40 years ago when Theodore C. Pedersen, 23, of Alt Blvd. drowned while trying to retrieve a raft.

Looking Back 30 years - Kathy Radecki, Randy Kramer and Steve D’Addieco were the stars of the high school musical, “My Fair Lady,” 30 years ago when Steve Fritschi, Nick Koscielniak, Tim MacKenzie and Dale Sandish were part of the cast.•••• The Town Board, Monday, May 2, 1977, awarded Bicentennial Plaques to Town Historian Marion Klingel for her activities as Bicentennial chairman in 1976 and to Shirley Jankowski for her efforts to develop the Bicentennial Park on East River. •••• The town board, at the May 2, 1977 meeting, hired Donald Hoover as a laborer and John Martin as a water plant helper.

Looking Back 20 years - Work on structural defects were underway after an inspection of the Staley Road Bridge found it to have poor quality welds on steel plates used when it was constructed around 1957.•••• A grand opening of Muscarello’s Dry Cleaning business at 2059 Baseline Road across from St. Stephen’s Church was held 20 years ago. •••• Island rock bands played a concert on Monday, April 27, 1987 in the high school auditorium. Featured were the bands, "Full Fury" (Bob Jackson, Rick Lechner, Mike Matthews, Dave Satterlee, Randy Wuest) and "Radical Change Assembly." Can anyone supply the names of the Radical Change band members?•••• Isle residents Fran Newton and Terri Bellanca were among 130 local extras who took small parts in the TV soap "General Hospital" when cast and crew came to the Ferry Village. One of the scenes took place in front of Charlie Ahr’s Tavern on Ferry Road and featuring Shawn Donnelly. The crew used the tavern for make-up and changes.

Brianna Panzica a junior at Nardin Academy, was one of 35 area high school juniors and seniors chosen to rehearse and finally sing with the Buffalo Philharmonic Chorus and Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra this Saturday and Sunday in Kleinhan's Music Hall, Buffalo. Brianna is the daughter of Lou and Rosanne Panzica.

Our sympathy to the families of Colleen M. Samland and former residents Beatrice Catherine Killian and Karl F. Hoefert who recently passed away. Click Deaths for complete information.

We are in the midst of "Turn Your TV Off Week 2007, running from April 23rd to April 29th. That means no TV, no computer, no laptop, no iPod, DVDs etc.

St. Stephen's Parish Players performance of The Robe was excellent. We attended Friday night and despite the Buffalo Sabres game, the auditorium was packed. Though this was his acting debut, Kevin Rustowicz played his part like a seasoned actor. The much more experienced Linda Burkhart did an equally great job. For the complete cast, see "The Robe".

The annual talent show by the high school students takes place at the school tonight. Relay For Life's Paint the Town Purple campaign gets started with the decorating of the town center on Saturday. The Historical Society's Victorian Tea takes place Sunday and there may still be openings (reservations necessary). A "Drug Awareness Night" sponsored by the PTSA will be held Monday night in the GIHS auditorium. For details and other happenings and Relay for Life events, see our Calendar of Events.

The Hardwood Floor Man,
   Grand Island Auto Tech,
   Michael Anthony Rossi Attorney At Law,
  and   X-Press One Hour Dry Cleaners are in the business spotlight at Isledegrande.com this week. Check out their websites and for advertising information at Isledegrande.com, email Dan McMahon at Dan@giecom.net.

The very successful Chamber of Commerce Citizen of the Year Dinner last night (April 25th) will be televised on Timer Warner Channel 13. See Citizen Of Year TV Schedule.

Email your notes, announcements and corrections for this column to Teddy Linenfelser. Include your full name, email address and phone number.

"Say a prayer for our guys over there." God bless America.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Click Chloe's photo for larger view
Jim and Nancy Robinson of Parkview Dr. are happy to announce the birth of their granddaughter, Chloe Elizabeth Fitzsimmons, born March 29th. Chloe weighed seven pounds, three ounces and was 20 inches long. Proud parents Renee' and Chris Fitzsimmons and big sister Cayleigh Rose reside in McDonough, Georgia.

Eden Grace Krebs was born April 6th to John Krebs and Lauren Malkiewicz of Grand Island. See Islanders In The News for photo and story.

Click photo for larger view
Michele Beauchamp, GIHS Class of '82, sent this picture in with a note that her sister, Kathy Hyland, Class of '83, and her kids, Molly (Class of 2010) and Max Hyland, recently spent 12 days visiting her in Lubbock, Texas. The picture shows the three of them hiking in the caverns at the Llano Estacado High Plains that straddles the Texas-New Mexico border. They also attended a Texas Tech University baseball game and Lubbock Renegades arena football game where they sat with Mike Leach, head coach for the Texas Tech Football Team.

A reader, Mary Jo Potter, is trying to track down twins and former residents Michele and Carol DeQuitner and other family members to share some old family photos with. Email me at teddy@giecom.net if you can put me in touch with the twins.

This is the weekend of the St. Stephen's Parish Players production of The Robe and tickets are literally going like hotcakes! Cast members include Ruth Englert, Jim Watz, Karen Conboy and Kevin Rustowicz. For complete information and cast, see "The Robe."••••Hats off to the kids in last weekend's performances of "The Adventures of Robin Hood." From what I've heard, the audiences really loved this play. See "Robin Hood Cast Picture."

Hazel Rowe is recuperating from a broken hip in Elderwood Health Care Center, 2850 Grand Island Blvd., Room 136, where cards of cheer would be appreciated. Also, visitors are more than welcome. Heal quickly, Hazel.••••Also recovering from surgery and wished the best is Betty Clayton. "Hi Betty!"

Though the surprise storm of October 12 was six months ago, the State Park workers are still busy cutting and grinding up limbs and trees as part of the continuous clean-up operation throughout Beaver Island State Park. Aside from all the debris from the storm, this is a beautiful and restful park. If you are not familiar with it, take a ride over and see for yourself.

Wow! What bowlers! Jon McGinn bowled a 300-801 and Dave Rinker rolled a 290-814 Monday night at Island Lanes.

Congratulations to John Colosi, one of three Medaille College players named to the American Volleyball Coaches Association Division III All-America team.

Isle resident Pam Gallagher is the new owner of what has been known as Maria's Hallmark card shop in the Grand Island Blvd. plaza. The very successful business was first opened by Maria DelSignore nearly 30 years ago. Maria is wished a very happy retirement.

Congratulations to Anne Barker and Ryan Timmerman on their wedding last Saturday, April 14th in St. Timothy Church. The bride's parents are Liz and Greg Barker of Grand Island. Mr. and Mrs. Richard Timmerman of Colo, Iowa are parents of the groom, a sergeant in the U. S. Army. Be sure to see photos on the "Islanders In The News" page.

Happy birthday to David Khreis, Lela Mancuso and Lisa Linenfelser (today), Cassidy Smith (a teenager today), Margaret Villano (celebrating her 90th birthday tomorrow), Andrew Fix (16 on Friday), Jacob McMahon (11 on Friday), JoAnn Podlucky and Sally Khreis (Friday), Jessica Martina (Sweet 16 on Friday), Paige Delaney McMahon (3 years old on Friday), baby Tessa DeMartin (first birthday this week), Kim Domagala (Saturday), Rich Ray (cheers on Saturday), Samantha Banas (Sweet 16 on Sunday), Peter Gollwitzer and Erin Fred (Sunday), Genna Baldassarre (8 on Sunday), Mark Ramsperger (his 4th birthday on Sunday), Linda Kutzbach and Bill Moreland (Monday), Brad Robinson and Bonnie Janowsky (Tuesday), and Susan Hilliard and Sarah Gruszka (Wednesday). A belated happy 26th birthday to Amanda (Piccolo-Houck) Ranger who celebrated on April 15th.

Our very best wishes to Bill and Lois Koch who are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary on Sunday. Happy anniversary to Jacqueline and Dennis Kenney (14 years on Tuesday), and to Ed and Chris McCaffery (54 years on Wednesday).

A reader and former resident would like to get in touch with an old friend, Debbie Enfield. If you are in touch with her and she would like to be put in touch with the reader, Email me at teddy@giecom.net.

Looking Back 60 years - Sidway School PTA officers elected April 22, 1947 were President Alice Soch, Vice President Leota Jacobs, Secretary Claire Hall, and Treasurer Miss Catherine DiVizio. One hundred and fifty members attended the meeting when Mary Ekiss and Bruce Buzby, Isle residents attending Riverside High School, and four students from other high schools, participated in a panel discussion on “Youths' Responsibilities in a Democratic Country.” ••••A list of the Grandyle Village Property Owners Association’s surplus, Civil Defense medical supplies available for use was given to the members at an April 1947 meeting at the home of Ed and Helen Ball.••••"Hi-Ya Chum. We’ll meet you at the Bedell House to pitch some horse shoes and have a spot of Cy’s “tasty brew” was the advertisement for “the gayest spot on the island." Cy Gay was host and Maude Fix, the proprietor.

Looking Back 50 years - The Grandyle Mart, a store specializing in sporting goods, hobby supplies, and household and gardening supplies, was opened in the Grandyle Plaza 50 years ago by a former member of Brown University’s track team. Henry C. Alt opened his store in what had been Addie Meyer's Adelaide Shop.

Looking Back 40 years - The Grand Island High School Spotlighters under the direction of Marion and Bill Pinkow, presented the comedy, “Harvey,” in April 1967. Cast included Peter Stovall, William Davis, Susan Kipping, Dave Miller, Donna Kester and Robert Mehl. Tom Walsh was student director.•••• Bill Aydelotte, bowling on the Como-A League on April 21, 1967, had the high season three-game series and the league’s first 700 on games of 233-257-213 for a 703. ••••David Meyers, Grand Island Jr.-Sr. High School athletic director, announced varsity letter winners in winter sports at a sports award assembly at the school on April 21, 1967. Among the winners were cheerleaders Daryl Kutzbach (Schaefer), Serena Anzalaco (Troyan), Janet Duane (Ticconi), Melissa Clement (Hill), Jackie Pritchard (Mordaunt), Christine Johnson, Marian Guz and Vicky Huer (Lynde).

Looking Back 30 years - Congressman John J. LaFalce and town officials broke ground for an $8.7 million sewage treatment plant expansion. "The plant on Baseline Road will provide high-standard treatment of our sewage for at least 20 years," Supervisor Raymond P. Griffin explained.

Diane Pelosi, a longtime Isle resident, is featured in the Spring 2007 edition of Hospice Buffalo, an informative newsletter regarding The Center for Hospice & Palliative Care. Diane was admitted to Hospice Buffalo's Optimum Care program six months ago and is enjoying life so much more with the help she receives.

Abigail Chambers just celebrated her 10th birthday with a skating party attended by 51 classmates and friends. Be sure to see this generous little girl's story on our "Islanders In The News Page".

The Town Boys and Girls Club in Riverside will induct six people into its Hall of Fame at a reception at 6 p.m. Saturday in the club at 54 Riverdale Avenue. Among those being honored is Islander Ed Niemann. A Buffalo Police Department detective, Ed chairs the annual Dick Pendleton Memorial Super Cruise held in July at the Charles N. DeGlopper Memorial VFW Post #9249. Friends may call 873-9842 for tickets.

River Oaks Clubhouse,
  Bear-Man Specialty Products & Sauces  Grand Island Garden Center,    and deSignet International are our spotlighted advertisers this week. We've tried the Bear-Man sauces and have fallen in love with them. Check out websites for all of these local businesses. For advertising at Isledegrande.com, email Dan McMahon at Dan@giecom.net.

Our sympathy to the families of Mae Klocke, Mary "May" Capizzi, and Anthony Sapienza who recently passed away. A Memorial Service for Bruce Whitford will be held Saturday. Click Deaths Notices for complete information.

Our high school students, with the DECA Club heading up the School Spirit fundraiser, are in the midst of a competition with other high schools to collect the most pennies to win a nice prize. For more information, ask a Grand Island High School student or DECA Club member and be sure to read student writer, Kaitie Samland's article on the High School Page at Isledegrande.com. Remember, only pennies are being collected.

The Grand Island Foundation (for Education) will honor four GIHS Alumni at an assembly at 12:45 p.m. tomorrow in the high school auditorium. St. Stephen Parish Players will present The Robe this weekend. The Chamber of Commerce Citizen of the Year dinner takes place Wednesday evening in the Holiday Inn. See our Calendar of Events for more information and other town events.

Think Spring! It's just about that time to start advertising your garage sale. There is no charge for posting garage sale information on our Garage Sale page.

Email your notes, announcements and corrections for this column to Teddy Linenfelser. Include your full name, email address and phone number.

"Say a prayer for our guys over there." God bless America.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Click Amy's photo for larger view
Wouldn't want to miss the chance to share this photo of our granddaughter, Amy Margaret Bidell, on the day she graduated from Stay-To-Play Preschool. Today is Amy's Sweet 16th birthday. Happy birthday, sweetheart!

Attention community minded citizens!! Volunteers are needed to do a cleanup at Buckhorn Park on Saturday, April 21 - an earth day project. Those interested in helping are asked to meet Jim Tomkins at 10 a.m. in the parking lot near the fishing area.

Proud grandma! Chris Stedman sent an email to let us know that on Easter Sunday night at 6:51 p.m. her daughter, Denise, delivered a healthy baby girl, Kailyn. Chris wrote that, "My daughter, Karen, and I went to the hospital to see Denise and the baby, leaving around 9:30 p.m. At 11 p.m. Easter Sunday night my daughter, Karen, called me to baby-sit, as she was in labor. Karen delivered a healthy baby boy, Luke, at 5:21 a.m. Monday. Both babies were delivered at Millard Fillmore Hospital and both babies weighed eight pounds, seven ounces. All the nurses were talking about the two sisters delivering babies by the same doctor exactly 10 1/2 hours apart." Chris was presented another grandchild when her daughter, Kim, had baby Sierra, five and one half months ago! Thanks for your good news, Chris.

After reading last week's "Between the Bridges" column, Maryjo Gill, GIHS Class of '70, wrote her memories of the Open House Restaurant, located in the Grand Island Blvd. Plaza. Maryjo worked there while going to the high school as did her older sister, Maureen, before her. She remembers that it was probably the summer of '66 as she needed working papers, and she remembers it was when the big blackout happened all throughout the state. "Little Vi was the day shift boss and Big Vi was the evening shift boss," Maryjo wrote. "I'll never forget how the work was divided between the waitresses...."short & 4" and "long & three," referring to the counters and booths, respectively. Also, the characters from Fantasy Island used to come over for lunch, on occasion, in costume. The women were so heavily made up but it was the men who I thought were strange," she said. Maryjo worked there for little over a year before quitting to go to work at Reidy's Pizza.••••I also heard from Patty (Bykowicz) Turner, GIHS Class of '86, who, after reading about "Skate Country" in last week's column, wrote that she remembers it well. "It was in the plaza basically where Aceti wine/liquor store and China Wok are now located," Patty said. It was open in the late 70's for only about three years at the most. It was very small but something different to do on the Island and much easier for us kids to get to when the other options were Rainbow Rink in North Tonawanda and USA (United Skates Of America) by the Boulevard Mall. Thanks for the blast from the past!!"

Former resident Mindi (Davis) Schwarz wrote this week regarding the honoring of Billie Jean Harper by the Chamber of Commerce Citizen of the Year committee. "She was an absolute treasure," Mindi wrote. "I had the joy of living on Marjorie Drive with Mrs. Harper's family. Kim, Brian, my brother and I would swim in the summer and ice skate with them in the winter. Mrs. Harper also "saved" me plenty of times in high school, when she would monitor the halls (early 80's). She was a confidant and I was happy to call her not only neighbor and mentor, but a friend! Congratulations, Mrs. Harper!"

Little "Sabres," Chase Harding and Sam Carpenter, needed nothing more than two miniature hockey sticks and a plastic puck to keep them occupied all afternoon and evening during one of the Linenfelser Easter dinner events. The tots are the children of Crystal and Dan Harding and Jim and Jackie Mangus Carpenter.

Happy anniversary to Gene and JoAnn Hasselbeck celebrating 55 years today, and to Paul and Jean Leiner, married 41 years on Sunday.

Click Bill Linton's photo for larger view and click for Bill's Sandy Beach Ball Team
Happy birthday Bill Linton celebrating tomorrow and wished the very best. Happy birthday to Rita Madia and John Hart (milestones today), to Brian Ruotsi (16 today), Carrie Badame Vieceli (tomorrow), Bob Kingston (cheers tomorrow), Nicholas Aronica (3 on Saturday), Jim (Biff) Martin (his 30th on Saturday), Curt Nestark (Sunday), Jameson Daniel Hiam (two on Monday), Ed Burrows (Monday), Tom Arrigo and Jeremy Pullano (Tuesday), Stephanie Hunt (Sweet 16 on Tuesday), Hailey Nowak (a teenager on Tuesday), Mark Hassan and Jane Duffy (Wednesday) and David Domagala and Andrew Stange (both turning 16 on Wednesday)

Looking Back 60 years - A Public Hearing to consider a change of classification under the Building Zone Ordinance as requested by Al Brinkman for a tavern on property owned by him on East River Road in Ferry Village brought opposition from neighbors including Mrs. Frank J. Offermann and Daniel J. McNamee who agreed that the road was too narrow to warrant the traffic and that there were four taverns in the community at that time. Also speaking against the change was Zora Hussey who said she had had a quiet life in her location for 38 years and did not wish it changed. The board withheld the decision for one week.

Looking Back 50 years - New officers for Aries Triangle #131 installed at St. Martin-in-the-Fields Church in April 1957 were Beloved Queen Donna Horner (Anderson), Guardian Barbara Duncan, Senior Lady-in-Waiting Gail Kirby, Junior Lady-in-Waiting Phyllis Robert and Chaplain Barbara Beck. ••••A new church, under the leadership of Rev. Robert B. Vandermey, was meeting in the American Legion Hall on Ferry and Orchard roads. The congregation, known as Bible Presbyterian Church, was seeking charter members and eventually planned to locate here permanently.

Looking Back 40 years - Ed Orson was in the midst of rejuvenating the popular Figurehead Restaurant on East River Road. All new décor was awaiting the season opening. •••• Among the basketball players who took part in the April 1967, Recreation Commission All-Star games were those in the 7-8-year-old group: Glyn Lipp, William Frampton, Kurt Lorence, Doug Sowdon, Tom Mondoux, Kevin McInerney, Mark Turner, Tom Crawford, Doug Saltzman and Steve Knox.•••• A meeting was held to discuss the town supervisor’s salary for the year 1968. Dr. Ted Rayhill, one of the strongest advocates for increasing the supervisor’s present salary ($6000), said a salary increase was necessary to attract capable men in the coming election and to prevent a supervisor who would “run the town as a hobby.” ••••Members of the Knights of Columbus dedicated their new building on Whitehaven Road near Grand Island Blvd. on April 22, 1967. The K of C headquarters had been in the old Offermann home on East River, torn down in the spring of 1967 to make way for the "second" 18-Hole golf course at Beaver Island State Park, as reported in the local paper.

Looking Back 30 years - Among the young people skate boarding on the new fire company parking lot over Easter vacation were Jim Papson, Gary Daubney, Joe Barrile, Mark Affuso, Scott Malecki and Allan Webb. ••••The Jaycee Easter Egg Hunt took place on a cold and wintry day on the Sidway School grounds in April 1977. Winners included Kim Bukowski, Jill Clinkhammer, Patty Ricotta, Glenn Lapp, Mark McLelland, Tamara Smith, Tim Pietrzyk and Maurine Burak.•••• Equipment for a town sewer project, too heavy, over width and height for the bridges, was loaded on a barge that docked at the Tonawanda ferry landing located about 1000 feet south of Holiday Inn. Equipment was then loaded on to tractor trailers and brought to the site of the sewer project on Baseline Road. The last ferry to dock there in 1936 discontinued its runs when lack of business made it necessary to disband the operation.

Looking Back 20 years - Leading the cast in the Grand Island High School music department's production of "Mame" in April 1987 were Jennifer Shubert as Mame, Tracie Moreau (Groves) as Vera, Sue Rogers as Gooch, and Jerry Crawford as Older Patrick. Also featured were students Jason Smith, Mike Goff, David LaDuca and Jason Caffarella.••••Heather Morganti played the piper and Jennifer Sipson was the mayor Eulenspiel when the Huth Road Elementary Choir presented the “Pied Piper." Cast members also included Joseph Verciglio, Julianne Mazza and Kelly Seitz. Co-directors were Mrs. Mary Kremer-Hartrick and Mrs. Carol Horrigan.•••• “We are looking for community support to ask that the town establish a youth bureau and through that youth bureau, organize and open a youth center.” That was the request of six teen panelists at a town meeting held April 2, 1987 by Friends of Youth to present the results of a teen interest survey taken by more than 1,475 Island teens. The young panelists were Glynis Claffey, Barbara Goff, Kristen Knisely, Brian McDowell, Brian Koch and Tom Robinson.•••• The grand opening of Country ‘n Calico on Grand Island Blvd. was held in April 1987. This was a unique gift shop specializing in a large variety of quality, hand crafted gifts and home décor with a country flair. Remember? ••••Reg Schopp, owner of Schopp’s Jewelry Shoppe, announced first and second place winners in his grand opening celebration as Louise Adamczyk and Art Wade. Other winners included Sue Ann Socko, Carole Waite and Marilyn Gratto. The celebration was for the store's move from Baseline Road into a new location on Grand Island Boulevard next to Charlie's Place Family Restaurant.•••• GIHS swimmers honored by Coach Pete Sloan at a dinner at St. Timothy Church were Todd Krajewski, Brett Buzby, Sean Kelly, Craig Martin, Reed Wright and Kevin Thompson.

A Zippo Lighter with some military significance, possibly of the Viet Nam era, was found last summer in the area of Adrian's Custard & Beef stand. The 'finder' dropped it off at the VFW Post 9249, however no one from the membership has claimed it. If you know anything about the lighter, please contact Dan McMahon at the Post, 773-6343.

This week's spotlighted Isledegrande.com advertisers are Chubb Real Estate/Robin Swedish,  Anchor Marine,    Costello & Frentzel Attorneys,  and  McCarthy School of Irish Dance. For advertising information at Isledegrande.com, email Dan McMahon at Dan@giecom.net.

Our sympathy to the families of Rose F. Crimaldi and former resident Burton R. Wixson who recently passed away. Click Deaths for complete information.

Just heard from former resident Wayne Baumler, who, by the way, will retire from Hewlett Packard Company on May 31st. Wayne sent the following Easter story. "My sister, Judy, would always steal some of my Easter candy every year, so, when I was about 9 or 10 (1952 or 1953), I decided to hide my candy from her in the family home at 5585 East River Road. Unfortunately the spot I picked was on top of a heat register that was directly above the furnace. It must have been a cold Easter because it only took about 2 hours for my big chocolate bunny to completely melt into the grass in my basket, making it totally inedible." Thanks, and my sympathy, Wayne!!

Among those recently signing our Isledegrande.com Guestbook is Kris Panaro who is now residing in East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania. A member of the GIHS Class of 1997, Kris asks, "Any chance of a reunion this year?" We don't have an answer so far. How about it, Class of '97!

Becky and Adam Mason are proud parents of a baby girl, Audrey Lee Mason, born March 18, 2007 weighing six pounds, nine ounces. The baby was welcomed home in Rochester by her sister Molly Constance Mason who will six years old next month. Island residents Bill and Barbara Wilson and Don and Ginger Mason are the Audrey Lee's grandparents.

If you are at all interested in Island history, be sure to see the photo display of grand houses and more that once graced the grounds of what is now Beaver Island State Park. The large collection of seldom seen pictures will be displayed at River Lea in the Park during the Historical Society's Open House from 2-4 p.m. this Sunday.

St. Stephen's Parish Players "youth" will present the very exciting classic play, "The Adventures of Robin Hood," tomorrow night and Saturday and Sunday. A fundraiser for Ashley Carminati is taking place Saturday night. A blood drive will be held Tuesday at the Knights of Columbus Hall. See our Calendar of Events for times and details and also some important events announced for the following weeks.

"Say a prayer for our guys over there." God bless America.

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Wayne                                    Jim
Happy birthday to Wayne Kinney and Jim "Butch" Boettcher, born on April 9th and 11th respectively. The boys were in Mrs. Ethel Yuhas' kindergarten class at Charlotte Sidway School in 1953 when the photos were taken. Mrs. Yuhas, who joined the Island faculty in 1946, will be a guest of the school after the spring break when she presents a program on life in pioneer days. This amazing lady will also demonstrate spinning on her old fashioned spinning wheel.

Happy Easter! Really hope it is a beautiful day for everyone. A directory of most Isle church services is listed on the front page this week. Don't put away your winter coat yet.

Good news! Kali Mordaunt has just returned from Duke University with a report of excellent test results regarding her health concerns.••••So very sorry to report that Hazel Rowe fell this week and suffered serious injuries.••••Hello, Happy Easter and hope you are feeling much better to Ann Dlugokinski.••••A speedy recovery to Pat McNulty who I hope is back home recuperating and able to enjoy the Easter holiday.

Friends of Ashley Carminati - please don’t give up on "www.carepages.com/roswell". It does work and you can leave Ashley a note there, or send her a card to Roswell Park Cancer Institute, 5 east, room 19, Elm & Carlton Streets, Buffalo, NY 14263. I copied and saved her latest note of today. Just click "Ashley’s Note For Today."

Ruth Stahl
Nice to see Island feature writer Ruth Stahl's byline and photo in the Wednesday edition of the Buffalo News. See "Fond Memories Remain Of Old Hardware Store" for her story in the "My View" section of the News.

Isledegrande.com advertiser Sherry McDonald of Sherry McDonald / RealtyUSA has received a Top Agents By Office Award and a Platinum Award for RealtyUSA Award Winners 2006. Congratulations, Sherry.

Joe "Luke" Lukasiewicz has a brand new car and what a ride. It's a real beauty.

Former resident Joe Spath, while reminiscing about the years he lived on the Island, gave me a call last week asking if I knew what else the Open House Restaurant in "the Plaza" was called. I remembered that it was first opened as a Richard Ray’s restaurant when the Grand Island Boulevard Plaza opened in 1957 and later renamed the Beachcombers Restaurant when Islanders Marcy and George Buell took over the operation in November '62. It then opened as the Open House Restaurant in 1964. Joe also asked if I knew the name of the roller skating rink at the north end of the Grand Island Plaza in the 1970s or early 80s. According to my son, Jim, it was called “Skate County.” Do any of my readers remember when it was in operation? Does anyone remember what the restaurant was called after 1964 or what business eventually went into that part of the plaza?

Happy birthday to Peter Figliotti (turning 75 today), Amanda Marie Szarzanowicz (her 10th birthday today), Heather Aronica, Shari Cooney and George Smith (all celebrating today), Elizabeth Pickard (a teenager tomorrow), Henry Ensminger (tomorrow), Martin E. Gos (a major milestone tomorrow), Nicholas Ratajczak (5 tomorrow), James Rustowicz (12 on Sunday), Dave Whitney and Emory Gott (Sunday), Vincent Ricotta (4 on Sunday), Trevor Matte (16 on Sunday), Jack Krok, Mary Ann Arsenault, Nancy Amato and Barbara Brennan (all celebrating on Monday), David Dusenbury Jr. (the big 4-0 on Monday), Rhett Robinson (6 on Monday), Dorothy Dillemuth, Stew Becker and Mike Linenfelser (Tuesday), Nancy Hollinger and Jim Worley (cheers on Tuesday), Dustin Coryn (his 16th on Tuesday), Evan Ackerman (4 on Tuesday), Amanda Albertsson (20 on Wednesday), Andrew Cerrillo (16 on Wednesday), Rolland Hayes, Roman Jurga and Helena (Wilgosz) Vennette (Wednesday), and Gwendolyn Slachciak (turning 6 on Wednesday, April 11th).

Ava Kathleen                                    Jean                                    Ralph
Welcome home to Jean and Ralph Hoover who spent the winter in sunny Florida! The Hoovers drove into town Sunday, April 1st and directly to Sisters Hospital where they visited with their new great granddaughter Ava Kathleen Ehret who arrived just before them on Friday, March 30th at 11:39 p.m. weighing in at nine pounds, 10 ounces and is 21 inches long. Ava Kathleen is the daughter of the Hoover's granddaughter, Sarah, and her husband Jon Ehret. The new baby's proud grandparents are Kathi and Harry Applegate of Tonawanda and Marie Brittain and Paul and Karen Ehret of Hamburg. Congratulations to all!

Mike Mallwitz had a wonderful night at Island Lanes last weekend. Mike rolled a 290-286-822 with the A-Best Roofing team.

Looking Back 60 years - John Fleming, an 8th grader and Joan Burgstahler, in 7th grade at Sidway School were the winner and runner up in the spelling bee. ••••George Heisz took movies of all the gay Easter bonnets as they came out of church on Sunday. The gals more concerned keeping their hats on on the very windy Easter Sunday. Does anyone remember George Heisz?? ••••The Trap & Skeet shooters of Grand Island Rod & Gun Club held their first club dinner at Mesmer's Supper Club on Tuesday evening, April 6, 1947.

Looking Back 50 years - Two snowballs averaging about 5’ 4” high were made in March 1957 by Sandy Beach kids Lorraine Wilkinson, Jeffrey Kirsch, and Wayne Baumler. When finished, the kids rolled the giant snowballs from the Sandy Beach Yacht Club to 3574 Warner Drive, a distance of approximately ¼ of a mile! ••••A forced landing in the ice-filled Niagara River near the Edgewater Park Hotel was made by an Air Force rescue helicopter on Monday afternoon, April 1, 1957. An overheated engine caused the Bell H13G to land. The pilot, 1st Lt. Kenneth Wright of Youngstown, Ohio, said he had only a few minutes to locate an open patch in the water filled with spring ice floes.

Looking Back 40 years - Terry Lang won the 25-yard freestyle event and Mary Biafora captured the 50-yard freestyle when the GI Girls Senior High swim team won over Iroquois Central 50-36 on April 5, 1967. Peg Goodman, Chris Maier and Kathy Biafora were also responsible for the Island girls taking seven out of ten first places. The girls’ swim coach was Shirley Turek, GIHS physical education instructor. ••••Grand Island Baseball League president Ted Kumlander announced that 273 boys registered to play in the 1967 season.••••William Rohring, field maintenance agenda for the newly formed Grand Island Baseball League, discovered that all three buildings belonging to the league had been broken into. Equipment was scattered over grounds and buildings, and lockers and other facilities were damaged.••••Ralph Sitzman of 161 East River Road called the Sheriff’s Department when he discovered a 37-millimeter shell under his garage on Sunday, April 2, 1967. Niagara Falls Army ordinance specialists called to the scene found the shell to be live, and carefully removed it.

Looking Back 20 years - Grand Island Middle School students Rob Kopf, Judy Barlow, Sandy Sandusky, Bob Voelker, Dave Eichler, Heather Robert and Sue Szczublewski took 2nd place in the regional Odyssey of the Mind Contest. Their advisor was James Szafran.

Happy anniversary to Kim and Scott Duscher, celebrating their 2nd wedding anniversary on Easter Sunday.

We welcome our newest advertiser Wegmans
Military Road store, right over the bridge in Niagara Falls. Also spotlighted this week are Hizair Hair Salon,    RE/MAX Linda Kutzbach  and  Niagara's Choice FCU . For information on advertising at Isledegrande.com, email Dan McMahon at Dan@giecom.net.

Our sympathy to the families of Ronald M. LaMarco and Thomas P. Cauley III who recently passed away. Click Deaths for complete information.

"Buffalo's Presidential Connections" is the title of tonight's program when the Historical Society meets at River Lea in Beaver Island Park. The Easter Bunny is scheduled to visit with children at Tops Market tomorrow. The Relay for Life team, The Polka Dot Chix, will sell candy bars at the Galleria Mall tomorrow and Saturday. See our Calendar of Events for times and details and also some important events announced for the following weeks.

"Say a prayer for our guys over there." God bless America.

Thursday, March 29, 2007
SGT David S. Caputi, a member of the National Guard for the past ten years, received a Purple Heart Award on Sunday for meritorious actions in Iraq, resulting in personal injury to himself and those he saved. Thank you SGT Caputi for your service to our great country, and thank you to all of our armed forces serving overseas. God bless you all.

Happy birthday to Angeline Scalia (her 99th birthday today), Margie Stambaugh Southwood (best wishes today), Rachel Marinucci and Sarah McMahon (today), Travis Kelley (10 tomorrow), Linda Littlefield (a milestone tomorrow), Bob Priest (cheers on Saturday), Gary Dahlstrom (Sunday), Madison Green (9 on Sunday), Deb Bleich (Monday), Ben Greenwood (his 20th on Wednesday), Zoe Dodd (turning 12 on Wednesday), Dan Moran and his sister, Diane (the big 6-0 on Wednesday), and Natalie Baldassare (11 on Wednesday).•••• A belated happy birthday to Bernie Brice who celebrated his 79th last Friday.

A set of keys has been found in the Havenwood Lane area on Monday morning. The person who discovered them while walking in that neighborhood turned them in to the Sheriff's Substation on Whitehaven Road where they may be identified and picked up.

Julia Fleming, a junior at Grand Island High School, is a member of the North Buffalo Bisons 16 and under hockey team that won the state championship in Long Island on March 12th. Julia's team is now competing in the national championships in San Jose, California where they will be from March 26th until finals on April 1st. Good luck, Julia!

Best wishes to Terry and Val Swain who are celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary. The couple was married on April 2, 1977.

High School teacher Christopher Simpson has sent me a reminder for all students in regard to pre-ordering the GIHS Venture 2007 yearbooks. See
"Venture 2007 Yearbook" for information.

Looking Back 60 years - The Island's American Legion Post decided to have a parchment scroll made with all Grand Island names of those who served in WWII inscribed and presented to the Town of Grand Island to replace a former plaque in front of the town hall which was too weather beaten to properly repair.••••Miss Jane DeWeese's 7th grade class, including Arvilla Webb (Kendzierski), Irene Perkovich (Smith), Paul Stack, Donna Hawley (Rodriguez), Jean Webb (Bleich), Jerry Mahnk and Mary Ann Kruse (Arsenault), were using the gymnasium as their classroom while the second story was being added to the Sidway School in 1947. They may well remember the School Fair held in the gymnasium Friday, April 3rd of that year when their class took charge of a hot dog and orangeade booth. The first graders sold ice cream suckers from their ice cream cart. Balloons and bags of peanuts were offered by the third graders. The 4th graders sold brightly colored vases and also made and sold clay souvenirs. A pretzel stand had its place in the gym with the 5th grade salesmen passing through the crowd dispensing pretzels held on long sticks. Grade 6 sold cinnamon apples and the 8th grade students had a fish pond. Students in 2nd grade put on a cowboy and Indian sideshow during the fair. An audience of nearly 300 attended and the event was a complete sell-out by early afternoon. Profits of nearly $75 were to be used for children's books for the Grand Island Memorial Library.

Looking Back 50 years - Ground was broken Tuesday, April 2, 1957 for a $50,000 Emmanuel Church edifice on Baseline near Love Road. The congregation was organized by Trinity Church in 1812 and met since that time in the chapel in Ferry Village. Previous to this, the first parishioners met in the former No. 5 school at Bush and Baseline roads.

Looking Back 30 years - The Jr. Class of ‘78 presented GIHS's annual Variety Show themed “Standing Room Only” when Terry Kimmel served as Emcee and Steve D’Addieco helped out by dazzling the audience with charm, personality and humor. Mrs. Peggy McGuire and Mr. Tom Hoolihan played guitars as a slide show was presented. GIHS vice principal Joseph Chimento played the bass fiddle in a three-man band. Charles Schrey, Charles Cote, Anne Cote, Margaret Varga, Eileen Conboy (Stone) and Peter Sham put on a skit satirizing the roll of the GIHS guidance councilor. Lisa Rodriguez danced to “Lucreta Macevil.” Also on the long list of entertainment were two rock bands – “Dark Eye” (Ken Johnson, Mike Dollard, John Dudley, Dave Barr ) and “Jake Harrington’s Band” (Matt and Jim Harrington, Rick Hoffer ). ••••John W. Phillips was appointed temporary town engineer and Linda Deeter (Tufillaro), temporary recreation supervisor at the April 4, 1977 town board meeting.

Congratulations to the following Island residents named to the dean's list at the University of Fredonia: Carissa Bailey, Robert A. Hopkins, Karl Johnson, Alex Marien, Rachel Mohr and Laura Massaro.••••Congratulations also to Sara Garcia, a senior majoring in art education at the School of Arts & Humanities at Buffalo State College, who has been named to the spring semester dean's list.

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Our sympathy to the families of John W. Werth, Arthur L. Homa, Andrew J. Beyer III, Dr. Wanda S. Wieckowska and former residents Gladys M. Trautman and Sally E. (Schmit) Leckey who recently passed away. Click Deaths for complete information.

Friends of the late Bruce Whitford are asked to check the death notice regarding the memorial service on Saturday, April 21st, the luncheon (reservations, please) immediately following and also the Memorial Fund recently set up by the family. See Whiteford Notice

Schools are closed tomorrow. St. Stephen's Fish Fry event takes place tomorrow. A "Pound Auction" to benefit the Island's Relay For Life is scheduled for Saturday. A Spring Boating Event is set for Saturday. GIHS Life Lessons Club presents a fair on Saturday. The town-sponsored Sunday family swim has been cancelled. See our Calendar of Events for times and details.

Island church officials may submit information on their Easter Week services for posting at Isledegrande.com on Thursday, April 5th, free of charge. Email to: teddy@giecom.net as soon as possible.

The Corporate Bowl 2007 will be televised for the final time on Time Warner Cable Channel 13 this Saturday (March 31st) at 3:30 p.m. We watched the teams on Sunday afternoon when these high school students amazed us with what they know and made us proud of how well they all handled themselves whether winning or losing a round.

Attention Islanders who attended Niagara Catholic High School, Class of 1997. A ten-year reunion is being planned for the July 20-22 weekend. The weekend includes a fun Friday night at the Brickyard Pub and BBQ in Lewiston, a semi-formal, sit-down dinner at Antonio's Restaurant on Saturday, and a noon Mass Sunday in the Niagara Catholic Chapel. For more information, contact Joshua Maloni, class president, by e-mail.

Email your notes, announcements and corrections for this column to Teddy Linenfelser. Include your full name, email address and phone number.

"Say a prayer for our guys over there." God bless America.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

A very special happy birthday and best wishes to Nancy "Luther" Sandford who celebrates on Sunday. Nancy, longtime School District Clerk now retired, was among the last group of high schoolers to be transported off the Island for high school.

The final round of our GIHS Corporate Bowl was held Tuesday night and will be televised on Time Warner Cable Channel 13 on the following dates:
Saturday, March 24 - 12 noon and 7 p.m.
Sunday, March 25 - 3 p.m.
Saturday, March 31 at 3:30 p.m.
Click "Corporate Bowl 2007 for photos of the winners, including the first place team of Ryan Link, Rachael Kaplan, Cassie Lange and Forrest Smith. Congratulations, seniors!

As mentioned last week, Evelina Schopp celebrated her 98th birthday this past Tuesday. She does take email so click her name and send her a birthday greeting!

Ashley Carminati would be more than happy to have visitors while she is recuperating from her bone marrow transplant (Roswell Park Cancer Institute, 5 east, room 19). She is in great spirits, and her family would like to thank everyone for their support and prayers. Readers, you may continue to read Ashley's own notes on her progress by visiting "www.carepages.com/roswell". For Ashley's note of March 19th, click "March 19th" then look in the blue horizontal bar where it says "home," "CarePage," "resource centers," - click "CarePage" and "create" if you have not signed in yet.
See also "March 20th" and click Visit the CarePage

Michael Blocho was among scorers for the Canisius men’s lacrosse team in a loss to Navy, 13-5, in Annapolis, Maryland last weekend.••••John Colosi, a senior hitter with D’Youville’s conference championship team, has been named the North Eastern Athletic Conference Volleyball Player of the Year. The D’Youville Spartans won the conference final last weekend with a 3-0 score over Philadelphia Biblical University.

Happy birthday to Charlotte Mrkall (today), to Donna Walker (cheers today), George Christensen and Jim Olmstead (tomorrow), Cheerful Pat Harding (tomorrow), Mackenzie Renee and Sarah Nicole Gascon (twins turning 2 on Saturday), Michael Brown (a big 10 on Sunday), Amy Blundell (Sunday), Cheryl Chamberlain, Bill Dekdebrun and Elsie Killian (Monday), Morgan Green (her 13th birthday on Wednesday) and Olivia Raye Williams (5 on Wednesday).

A very happy wedding anniversary goes out to Dave and Betty Clayton who will mark their 40th anniversary tomorrow - March 23rd.

Looking Back 60 years - The Grand Island American Legion held a Veterans’ Get-together Dinner Dance at the Edgewater Hotel on Sunday evening. March 23, 1947. The Legion was sponsoring a basketball team, and a bowling team at the time.•••• The Charlotte Sidway School Class of 1947 elected President John Fleming, Vice President Elisabeth Nachbaur (Zarbo), Secretary Sally Staley (Dworak), and Treasurer Doris Dekdebrun (Meyers). This Sidway eighth grade graduating class took on a new venture – the publication of a yearbook to be known as the “Sidway Oracle.”••••Mark Huling, the trainer and owner of Sharkey, America's outstanding trained seal, was referred to as being one of the Island's most illustrious entertainers - 60 years ago.

Looking Back 50 years - Eighth grader, Michele Hamilton, a student of Mrs. Mildred Saltzman’s class at Sidway School, became the champion in the Buffalo Evening News Spelling Bee on Monday, March 25, 1957. Other winners were Barbara Bennett (runner-up), Kathleen Dusenbury (Kitchen) (third) and Beverly Holcombe (fourth). At the same time Islander Barbara Mitten (Heinrichs) won the spelling contest at her school, No. 84 in Buffalo, a school for physically handicapped children.

Looking Back 40 years - Digging began behind the old town hall to make way for the new town hall, a $750,000 structure.••••An unexpected, record crowd of children, estimated at over 400, converged on the Sidway school grounds for the Jaycees Easter Egg Hunt chaired by Gerald Dubiel on Saturday, March 25, 1967. Kris Lorence and four-year-old Cindy Desemone were the first prize winners in their age groups.••••Scott Allen, senior student and co-captain of the season’s basketball team in March 1967, became the first Grand Island High School athlete to make first team All-Star selection in basketball. He was named as a forward on the Courier-Express’ Division III Erie County Interscholastic Conference All-Star team. Scott amassed 299 points in 18 games for a 16.6 average and third in the Division III scoring race.

Looking Back 30 years - Members of the Island Theatre Group presented Sabrina Fair on March 25-26 and April 1-2, 1977 in the Huth Road auditorium. Taking the leads were Denise Dinino, Louis Vacanti and Alfred Wells. Others in the cast included Elizabeth Beach, Rob Beach, Ron Davis, Janet Magnuson and Bob Kausner.

Looking Back 20 years - The first and second grade classes of Mrs. Sally Black and Mrs. Gloria Brown at Kaegebein Elementary presented a school play on March 13, 1987 entitled the “Elephant’s Child.” Among the cast were Janine Banas, Christopher Lynch, Aileen Lewis, Kimberly Watts, Mark Bojarski, Renee Gress, Richard Williams, Matthew Hageny and Jennifer Schindledecker.

Looking Back 10 years - Peter McMahon ended years of speculation about his political intent by formally asking for endorsements from the Democratic and Conservative parties as candidate for town supervisor.

Congratulations to these three young Island hockey players - Justin Frentzel, Michael Malaney and Mitch LaRiviere, members of the Grand Niagara Jr. Purple Eagles - PeeWee Major Travel Team that just won the State championship and are going on to the national championship tournament March 28 through April 1 at the Amherst Pepsi Center. The team is pictured on the front page of Isledegrande.com.

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Our sympathy to the family of Teresa "Terry" Voltz who recently passed away. Click Deaths for complete information.

Looks like a very busy weekend on Grand Island, NY. Events include the Friends of the Grand Island Memorial Library book sale (Friday/Saturday), St. Stephen's Church Lenten fish fries (Friday), Soccer Club spaghetti dinner (Friday), Huth Road School bazaar (Saturday), Relay For Life hockey night (Saturday), Boy Scout Troop #630 spaghetti dinner (Sunday), and the last Ecumenical Lenten Luncheon on Wednesday. See our Calendar of Events for details.

"Say a prayer for our guys over there." God bless America.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Ruthie                                    Paul
Happy birthday to Ruth Owens Lougen and Paul Roeder, celebrating birthday on Saturday and Wednesday respectively. The photos are from the 1953 Sidway Log yearbook when Ruth and Paul were students in Mrs. Elizabeth Daniels' kindergarten.

Congratulations to Dave Arch who rolled a perfect 300 (758) Monday night with the A Best Roofing League at Island Lanes. This was Dave's second 300 in less that six months! Correct me if I'm wrong.

Ashley Carminati is in Roswell Park Cancer Institute on 5 east in room 19 where she is undergoing a bone marrow transplant. See "www.carepages.com/roswell" to keep up with her progress. Once at the "Carepages page," click "Carepages" at the top of the page and you will be given the options of "visit" or "create" Choose "create." Now when you "visit," you will need to sign in, then fill in Carepage name with ashleycarminati. You may come to a page of questions. Go to the bottom and click "later" and you will be on your way to read about Ashley. Please, no flowers, as they are considered a source of contamination.

Wednesday, March 21st is the first day of spring. I'm ready for it! Aren't you?

A very happy 50th wedding anniversary to Robert and Martha Dewey, married on March 9, 1957. Best wishes also to Paul and Marcy Malecki who will celebrate their 23rd anniversary on Saturday, St. Patrick's Day.

Happy birthday to Elizabeth Figler (11 today), Mindi Kratz (21 today), Kathy Ballester and Gail Monti (cheers today), Jim Figler (tomorrow), Scott Kaniecki (21 on Saturday), Nancy Anderson (Saturday), Steven Cane (20 on Saturday), Brandon Lyden and Rachel Morgan (21st birthdays on Monday), Carol Sharpe (special greetings on Monday), Delorous DiTullio (Monday), Jesse Cooke and Sue Gill (Tuesday), Sarah Berlinger (6 on Tuesday), Evelina Schopp (her 98th birthday on Tuesday), and Meredith Ruland (10 on Wednesday).

Looking Back 60 years - The first Brownie Troop was organized in Grandyle Village by leader Ellen Turnbull and her assistants Helen Sunderland and Winone Davidson. Brownies attending the March 19, 1947 investiture service were Lynne Hoerig, Bernice Glor (Paglioro), Dorothy Noth (Miller), Millicent Ball, Judy Nailor (Meer), Janet Lee Sunderland (Bangs), Susan Turnbull, Marianne Benns (Miller), Marianne Lehane (Ward), Myrna Dworak (Boerschig), Lynn Cullin (Euse), Margaret McMahon (Prange) and Doris Harding (Watson).

Looking Back 50 years - A meeting sponsored by the Grand Island Taxpayers Association and held Wednesday, March 20, 1957 in the fire hall, featured A. Russell Tryon, town planning consultant, who spoke on why the Town Planning Board felt the Master Plan was necessary and the aims and objectives of the Preliminary Master Plan. The ad for this meeting included “Public urged to attend,” and “Ladies Invited!” ••••Belford Forest’s “On The Third Day” was presented by the Island Theater Group at St. Martin-in-the-Fields Church March 19, 1967. Performing were Tommy McKeen, Arlene Billstone, Gerry McKeen, Dorothy Young, Marilyn and Jack Coppolino, Shirley Jean Measures, Paul Jordan, Edwin Baker and Heber Ashley. The cast also presented the reading in Island United Presbyterian Church.••••Nineteen Grand Island men met at the home of Louis Madia Monday night March 18, 1957 to discuss the creation of a Little League on Grand Island this spring.

Looking Back 20 years - The last St. Patrick’s Day parade sponsored by Charlie Ahr’s Tavern was held Saturday, March 14, 1987 in Ferry Village when residents marched to the Bedell House and back. The parade was held in memory of Charlie who started the event several years previous. Little Aimee Anderson was featured on one of the more unique floats. ••••Members of the Grand Island Special Olympics Club, including Dan Dusenbury, Cathy Kopp, Missy Weiser, Dennis Hoskins, Barb Walker and Bobby Waterson, were very successful at the Erie County swim meet held in March 1987. Coaches included Stephanie and Colleen Klock, Rich and Tina Briand, Michelle Gaydica, Tom Lynch, Pat and Vince Pascoe, Kit Lou, and Ann Pascoe. Joan McGraw coordinated efforts.

Island Deli & Meat Market, owned and operated by Danielle and Todd St Onge, opened one year ago at 2488 Grand Island Blvd. near Martin's Fantasy Island. Happy first anniversary and best of luck to Danielle and Todd.

So far, we have heard from the GIHS classes of 1967, 1977, and 1987 in regard to class reunions planned for this summer. Classmates: is anyone giving thought to a 25th reunion for the Class of '82 or a ten-year reunion for the Class of '97? Let me know. Reunion pages are available at the GIHS "Reunion Central" at no charge.

Martin’s Fantasy Island is adding yet another fabulous ride for 2007 - The Full Tilt is its name and it produces a free fall sensation at varying angles. The park opens for weekends only on Saturday, May 12th and will be open daily beginning June 15th.

Isledegrande.com welcomes newest advertiser, Aceti's Wine & Spirits. Click the Aceti's Wine & Spirits website and be sure to check out the March Grapevine Newsletter, then scroll to the bottom for Aceti's St. Patrick's weekend Irish tasting information. Also spotlighted this week are Isledegrande.com advertisers Fuccillo Auto Group,    Liz Wilbert - Century 21,   and    Elderwood At Riverwood. For information on advertising at Isledegrande.com, email Dan McMahon at Dan@giecom.net.

Glad to report that Kelly Petrie's recent knee surgery was very successful. She's looking forward to playing volleyball and being back in the swing of things just as soon as she can.

Our sympathy to the families of Harriet E. Johnstone, "BA" Aydelotte II, Kathleen Clancy and Irene C. Cassert who recently passed away. Click Deaths for complete information.

The Grand Island Republican Committee's St. Patrick’s Day Dinner Fundraiser takes place Friday at the K of C Hall. The VFW's Corned Beef dinner is scheduled for Saturday. The final round of the Corporate Bowl will be held Tuesday evening at the High School. See our Calendar of Events for details.

Email your notes, announcements and corrections for this column to Teddy Linenfelser. Include your full name, email address and phone number.

"Say a prayer for our guys over there." God bless America.

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Nancy                                    Tom
Happy birthday to Nancy "Seifert" Dinan celebrating her birthday on Saturday and to Tom Shimmel marking a milestone on Sunday. Nancy and Tom were living on East Park Road when the photos were taken for the 1953 school yearbook, The Sidway Log. The Sidway Reunion committee knows exactly where Nancy and her husband, Cork, are living (Penfield, NY) but hasn't been able to locate Tom for the past three reunions. Please email me at teddy@giecom.net if you can help with Tom's current address.

Be sure to see the front page picture of Ashley Carminati, then click to find out how you can keep track of her daily progress. Ashley has started her bone marrow transplant treatment.

Daylight Savings Time begins Sunday morning at 2 a.m. Be sure to turn your clocks ahead one hour on Saturday evening and don't forget to replace the batteries in your smoke detectors!

Today is International Women’s Day. For more about this special day, click http://www.aauw.org/postcards/intlWomensDay2007.cfm Thanks to former resident Penny Ball for this link.

A belated happy 21st birthday to Jason Bleistein who celebrated his special day yesterday!••••Happy birthday to Carol Rastelli and Rosemary Fischer (today), to Diane Grant (special greetings today), Joseph Gizzo (turning 7 today), Grace Wenner (her 4th birthday tomorrow), Gail Rothenberg (tomorrow),Tim Kendall (a milestone on Saturday), John Giambra (the big 4-0 on Saturday), Tiffany Turner (Sweet 16 on Sunday), Kaitlyn Little, Barbara Anderson and Anne Stuardi (Sunday), Tim Smith (40 candles on his cake on Sunday), Emilie Dahlstrom (cheers on Sunday), Stephanie Ali (20 on Monday), Madison MacNeil (5 on Monday), Kathy Olszewski (special greetings on Tuesday), and Sue Marston and Ralph Hoover (Tuesday).

Very best wishes to Bud and Rosemary Whiting who just celebrated their 63rd wedding anniversary on Sunday. Both are staying active and Bud at 87 years young, is still playing his favorite game of tennis.

Looking Back 60 years - Lewis (Vince) Phillips was granted a zoning change by the town board on March 10, 1947 to permit the establishment of a general repair, welding, and machine shop on his Baseline Road property.

Looking Back 50 years - Paid instructors were teaching the seventeen members of the Grand Island Fire Company Drum Corps. Manager of the Corps was Don "Andy" Anderson.••••In honor of Girl Scout Week, Grand Island Girl Scout and Brownie Troop displays were in the windows at Grandyle Pharmacy, Buehrig’s gas station, Carline’s grocery, the library, Les Souers Beauty Shop and Glessner’s Delicatessen.

Looking Back 20 years - The Grand Island Chamber of Commerce, under the leadership of President Philip Buchanan, joined others in circulating petitions, asking the State Department of Transportation to complete its feasibility study on building a third bridge between the Island and Tonawanda.••••Island church women gathered at Island United Presbyterian Church Monday, March 9, 1987 to observe World Day of Prayer. Those actively participating in the service included Judy Pedlow, Shirley Gilmore, Nell Roberts, Marge White, Elizabeth Beach, Susan Bookhagen, Ruth Muck and Marianne Tranter.

The Niagara Regional Theatre Guild will present the opening night performance of "1776" tomorrow night at 8 p.m. at the historic Riviera Theater. Islanders involved are Director/Choreographer Dawn Marcolini Newton, Set Design/Master Carpenter Roger Watts, Costumer Nancy Watts, John Study (Poster Design/Program), Scenic Artist Sam Santospirito, John Quackenbush as John Hancock, Steve Olszewski as Dr. Josiah Bartlett and Allison Watts as Martha Jefferson. We're looking forward to it.

This week's spotlighted Isledegrande.com advertisers are Island Pediatrics,   Grand Island Home Construction,   Sherry McDonald / RealtyUSA   and    Care-A-Lot Childcare Centre
. For information on advertising at Isledegrande.com, email Dan McMahon at Dan@giecom.net.

Our sympathy to the families of William D. McNally and former resident Colleen (Burngasser) McNamee who recently passed away. Click Deaths for complete information.

Check our Calendar of Events for information on a choral concert tonight, the Lions Club's Spaghetti Dinner on Monday, High School Corporate Bowl on Tuesday and many other events.

"Say a prayer for our guys over there." God bless America.

Thursday, March 1, 2007

Jean                                    Mike
Happy birthday to Jean Wilkinson Smith and Mike O'Dea who were students in Mrs. Ethel Yuhas' first grade classroom when these 1954 Sidway School yearbook pictures were taken. Jean and Mike are celebrating their birthdays today and Saturday respectively.

Peggy McNulty Hooper has been working to locate Sidway School students from the years 1937 through 1963 for a July 2008 reunion. She recently had a "bingo" when she located Bob Ottwiller, eighth grade class of 1937, now living in St. Pete Beach, Florida. Bob related a great Grand Island story to Peggy. While serving during WWII he went to a bar in Rome where everyone was speaking Italian and a guy walked in and said he was buying a round for the bar and that he was from Grand Island USA! Bob said, "Only two people live there and I'm one of them! Who the hell are you?" It turns out the other young man was Clarence Schutt, brother of Island resident Carlton Schutt. If you are part of the '37-'63 Sidway graduating classes, please let "Peggy" know your current address and those of your siblings and friends.

The Grand Island JV Hockey Team will play in the WNY Championship at noon this Saturday at Buffalo State Hockey Arena. If you love hockey, come out and support the Grand Island JV Hockey team!!!

With spring breaks and Easter around the corner, a frequent traveler from Grand Island would like to remind those not really familiar with flying out of Buffalo, of a few things they should know. According to the writer, there is a big difference in different cities - the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) rules - all carry on liquids, gels, etc. must be 3-ounce or less and be presented to security in a zip lock baggie. That includes the little hand creams, etc. Flying out of Houston, TX, they have a representative there with the zip lock baggies so flyers can put their things in the baggies if they have forgotten. The writer said, "Buffalo on the other hand - I forgot I had hand cream in my purse. I could have gone to the gift shop and "purchased" a zip lock baggie for $1.00. I told them to throw out the hand cream and I'd get another one."

Belated happy birthday to Patrick Stouter who turned 5 on February 18th.•••• Happy birthday to Linda Herrmann and Lisa Robinson Wheeler (milestone birthdays today), Jane Cooke (12 today), Karie Stedman (5 today), Ashley Gorman (a teenager today), Matthew McNaughton (10 tomorrow), John Simon (a big one on Saturday), Brian Dolan (18 on Saturday), Tim Moriarty (20 on Monday), Hayden Backlund (6 on Tuesday), Karen Wright (Tuesday), Bob Copeland (Wednesday), Ginny Wilkinson (21 on Wednesday), and Lance Robinson (16 on Wednesday).

A belated happy 50th anniversary to George and Grace Aswad, married on February 10, 1957. Best wishes to Doug and Gail Burgstahler Rothenberg who will be married 49 years on Wednesday.

Looking Back 60 years - A mention in the Riverside Review 60 years ago suggested that “it’s about time Grand Island was taken out of the darkness.” The paper claimed that “flocks of people are asking us to launch a campaign to secure electric light bulbs for the darkened roads of your beautiful island, but it’s not our territory . . .”

Looking Back 50 years - Board Hesitates Naming Nike Base After Hero Until School is Named was the headline in the Island Dispatch 50 years ago. Petitions urging the naming of the new school on Huth Road after Medal of Honor recipient Charles N. DeGlopper had been received by the school board.••••Thomas Madigan, a member of the faculty and a Korean War veteran, was the adviser for a newly formed gun club made up of junior high students at the Charlotte Sidway School. First president was Roger O’Connor. Other officers were Vice President Dan McNamee Jr., Secretary Robert McLean and Treasurer David Salt.•••• Ninth grade Sidway School students of teacher Joyce Yuhas were fully involved in their own "Island Master Plan," very much in the news at the time. Among the students engaged in making scale models were Henry Passerelli, Richard Swan, Martin O’Dea and Peter McMahon.

Looking Back 40 years - Seventy-three young Grand Island skiers were enjoying Friday evening ski classes at Kissing Bridge, Glenwood, NY as part of the Ski Group organized by the Jr.- Sr. High School PTA. In charge of the group were PTA members Janet Milkey and Lee Krueger. Two special buses were leaving the Island each Friday at 4:15 p.m. and returning at approximately 10 p.m. •••• Led by Ted Milkey’s double victory in the 100 and 200 freestyle and Mark Livezey’s record shattering performance in the 100 backstroke, the Grand Island swimmers swept eight of 11 first places to win the Class A sectional swimming championship over the March 4-5, 1967 weekend at Buffalo State. GI ended with 96 points and Akron took 2nd with 72.5. The team was coached by Bill Russo. ••••Officers elected in March 1967 to head the 4-H GI Saddle Syndicate were President Carol Martin, Vice President Ginny Cullen, Treasurer Shelly Lutz and Secretary Sue Carline.

Looking Back 30 years - Rosemary W. Whiting wrote the following in a letter to the editor in the local weekly paper: "The good news is that St. Stephen’s R. C. Church is embarking upon a big project early this spring – the restoration of its old and beautiful little white church on Baseline Road.” Abe Milner was chairman of the restoration committee and assisted by Beryl Kinney and Richard Sander.

A cheery hello to Ann Dlugokinski who is beginning to feel somewhat better since her painful major surgery. Cards and notes from her many friends would surely be appreciated.

Congratulations to John Simone who took 3rd place in the Niagara River Anglers Association Roger Tobey Memorial Winter Steelhead Tourney last month with an 11-pound, 14-ounce trout.

This week's spotlighted Isledegrande.com advertisers are Inside & Out Home Improvements,  Keller Insurance ,   Kershner Studios,   and Justin Tyme Cafe On The River. For information on advertising at Isledegrande.com, email Dan McMahon at Dan@giecom.net.

Our sympathy to the families of Mildred Roberts and Ronald G. Gannon who recently passed away. Click Deaths for complete information.

Tonight's Historical Society meeting will include a program on Sister M. I. Hummel by Sally Hoffman. World Day of Prayer will be celebrated on the Island tomorrow. The fundraiser for Carol (Grisanti) Rastelli takes place Saturday. A special Cat In The Hat 50th anniversary program will be held at Grand Island Memorial Library on Saturday. The movie Moe and the Big Exit will be featured at Whitehaven Road Baptist Church on Saturday evening. Check our Calendar of Events for details on these events and more.

SSGT Michael A. Beagle, a Grand Island High School graduate, Class of 1995, is featured on today's front page of Isledegrande.com. Be sure to send information on your family members serving our country in Iraq and elsewhere.

"Say a prayer for our guys over there." God bless America.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Nancy                                    Paula                                    Brian
Nancy Hamm-Johnson, Paula Bell Nakayama and Mary Ellen Haen Kovacsev celebrated mutual birthdays by taking a cruise earlier this month. Nancy celebrated on February 13th, Paula's big day is tomorrow, Mary Ellen was born in January and Brian Sheehan celebrates the same birthday this week. Happy birthday to all four who attended Kaegebein and Sidway schools together. The photos were taken from the 1956 "Islander" yearbook - Mrs. Margaret Webster's third grade. Sorry - no picture of Mary Ellen!

Click Harvey's photo for larger view
A very happy 85th birthday to Harvey Long celebrating today.••••Happy birthday to my former neighbor and classmate John Grycel (65 today), to Jim Zilliox (20 today), Allison Rae (today), Jeff Livingston (40 today), Christina Kolkmann (9 tomorrow), Bev Thomas and Jo Klock (cheers tomorrow), Lil Carpenter (her 99th birthday tomorrow), John Whitney (tomorrow), Sophia Catherine Black (3 tomorrow), Tom Ryan (Sunday), Shirley Killian and Lynn Dingey (Monday), Gordy Ayers (50 on Tuesday), Kevin Koch (5 on Tuesday), Kevin Sander (7 on Wednesday), Patrick McMahon (the big 4-0 on Wednesday), and Barry Conway (Wednesday).

Good luck to GIHS senior Ian O'Rourke who will be up against the other top divers this weekend at the Section VI Boys Swimming & Diving Championships being held at Sweet Home High School. Ian is a three-time defending champion and two-time defending state champion. Also expected to do well and wished the best is high honor roll student, James Sica, a junior at GIHS.••••Go, Courtney! According to the Buffalo News, Courtney Donovan, a 6' 2" senior at GIHS, has had a very impressive basketball career. Courtney recently became just the third player from Grand Island to surpass 1,000 points. Ashleigh Frieday did the same in 2006 and Julie Roth in 1996. Courtney averages 20 points, 11 rebounds and five blocks a game.

"Puppet" Butch DiTullio is finally home after his major surgery and thanks everyone for the emails.

Frank Larracuente Jr., a newcomer to Grand Island, found Isledegrande.com somewhat by accident while doing a search on Bald Eagles. Welcome aboard, Frank, and thanks for the photos. And speaking of photos, Kim Ludwig, an enthusiastic and talented photographer who often submits her pictures to Isledegrande.com, added this little comment to this week's email: "I have to tell you - recently when I have been out and about at Tops, paying taxes, etc. and people notice my name and tell me that they look forward to seeing the photographs that you post of mine on the Isledegrande! People I've never even met! I was so thrilled!!"

Congratulations to former resident Frank Budwey who has been named Honorary Chairman of the 45th Annual Variety Kids Telethon which will be televised on Sunday, March 4th.

Jay Raepple had a good night at Island Lanes Monday when he rolled a 298-778 with the Men's A Best Roofing Monday League.••••Attention bowlers: ask your secretaries to forward Island Lanes league scores to me at teddy@giecom.net to have them posted at Isledegrande.com each week.

Friends and neighbors may have already heard what misfortune greeted Dave and Nancy Amato when they arrived home after attending son, David's wedding in Hawaii. The Amatos' house suffered considerable damage from a burst water pipe. Let us know if we can do anything at all, folks. Friends till the end!

Looking Back 50 years - Gym teachers Georgia Mehl and David Meyers gave a physical education demonstration at the February 1957 PTA meeting in Kaegebein auditorium. The new Charlotte Sidway cheerleaders, Patti Williams (Meyer), Ann Burns (Dlugokinski), Sharon Lafferty (Thompson, Sue Hogue (Canty), Barbara Luippold (Baker) and Joanna Johnson, took part in the program. ••••From a student report by Sidway 9th grader Carole McMahon (Wood) dated January 1957: "The ninth school bus has been purchased by the school district, giving you some idea of how rapidly the Island is growing."

Looking Back 40 years - Grand Island’s first foreign exchange student, Javier Alvarez of Peru, South America, was spending the school year as a senior at Grand Island Jr.-Sr. High School in 1967 while staying with Dr. Gustave P. Milkey and his wife, Janet and their children Ted and Susan, of Steeg Road. ••••Viking swimmers Ted Milkey, John Jasper, Reg Schopp, Pete Hackett, Dave Hennigar, Jim Conschafter, Mark Livezey, Bob Kellogg, John Houck and Dave Wunsch, under Coach Bill Russo, moved their team closer to a championship with a win over Springville on Friday, February 17, 1967.

Looking Back 30 years - Among those taking part in the GIHS’s annual modern dance show on Thursday, February 24 and Friday, February 25, 1977 were Sally Merritt, Jackie Andolina, Dani Watkins, Tracey Stamler, Mickey O’Hara and Lianne Rowswell. ••••Viking Basketball teammates registered their third straight win with a 78-57 victory over Cheektowaga. Kyle Salley led Grand Island with 23 points followed by Mike Mayo (20) and Fred Ford (17).

This week's spotlighted Isledegrande.com advertisers are the historic Riviera Theater,   Bones Woodworking - Magic Towel Holder  Park Place Subdivision,   and    Paddock Chevrolet. For information on advertising at Isledegrande.com, email Dan McMahon at Dan@giecom.net.

Our sympathy to the families of Ronald K. Jarzyniecki, Dr. Donald A. Hess and former residents Donald W. Ralf who recently passed away. Click Deaths for complete information.

Patti "Williams" Meyer who grew up on the Island, wrote this week that Medina, OH where she resides had one of the worst storms she can remember since the big one in '78. "I was pretty much snowbound for the day," Patti said. "I decided to take a walk out to the barn to make sure my barn kitty was surviving the brutal cold and winds – and promptly found myself stuck in a snow bank up to my chest!! I literally could not move for a few minutes and as panic started to set in, I reminded myself that this was nothing compared to the snow and problems other areas, especially NY and even PA, had this past week." Pattie said she calmed down, and was able to wiggle her way out of the snow bank and crawl back home. "By the way, Tinker, the barn kitty was just fine!" she said.

The Niagara County Community College wrestling team won championships at the NJCCC Region III meet in Jamestown and qualified for the junior college nationals in Rochester, Minnesota this weekend. Island resident Pat Hagerty is a member of the championship team.

The VFW Post #9249 will hold an "All You Can Eat" Spaghetti Dinner on Saturday from 4-7 p.m. The first of the annual Lenten Luncheons will be held Wednesday, February 28th at noon in Trinity UM Church. Are your church or club functions listed in our Calendar of Events?

Email your notes, announcements and corrections for this column to Teddy Linenfelser. Include your full name, email address and phone number.

"Say a prayer for our guys over there." God bless America.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Pat                                    Kathy
Happy birthday to Pat Kostenbauder and to former resident Kathy Butler Treadwell, both celebrating milestones on Sunday. The photos show Pat as she looked while a student in Mrs. Ethel Yuhas' afternoon kindergarten at Kaegebein School in 1953, and Kathy, shown in her first grade photo while in Mrs. Elizabeth Saxton's class, also at Kaegebein School.

Please pray for Ashley Carminati who is dealing with a very serious health concern. See Islanders In The News for further information.

Mary Dunbar-Daluisio has been chosen as queen of the American Cancer Society's Mardi Gras Magic, a celebration of survivors being held this Saturday night at Shanghai Red's. Congratulations, Mary.••••Congratulations also to Debbie Harrison and Robin Swedish who both received the Coldwell Banker Bronze award for real estate sales during a dinner in the Saturn Club this past Saturday.

Bob Beach, who has been membership chairman and newsletter editor for the West River Homeowners Association for the past two decades, has stepped down due to health concerns. Wow, that's quite a record, Bob! The Association was formed in 1983.

Laurie Williams has just emailed me information on the recall of Peter Pan Peanut Butter. The jars with beginning code of 2111 are being recalled. It has been reported that some shoppers have purchased this peanut butter at Tops on Grand Island with that code. Thanks, Laurie.

Happy birthday to Jeremiah Crowe (11 today), Kathy Garlapow (cheers on Saturday), Mike Meyers (a big one on Sunday), Michelle Gast and Anita DeGlopper (Sunday), Bobby Wright and Richard Victor (Monday), Dick Bessel and Bryan Smith (Tuesday), Jennifer Watkins (21 on Tuesday), Madeline Porter (a teenager on Tuesday) and Hailey Lorence (4 on Wednesday).

As most of you may know, the town board has named the Town Common in memory of my mother, Marion Klingel, born 100 years ago today. A dedication will take place this summer. ("see Proclamation")

Longtime residents Merle and Maisie Dommell are celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary today. Best wishes to the Dommells.••••A very happy wedding anniversary to Stephen and Kathy Olszewski who will be married 20 years on Wednesday.

Looking Back 60 years - A request to have property on Staley Road at West River zoned for business was put before a public hearing on Monday, February 17, 1947. The request was made by Reginald P. Long, the town supervisor, to allow use of the property for retail store buildings and a bowling alley.

Looking Back 50 years - In February 1957 the Island’s nine non-salaried constables were outfitted with shirts, jackets, raincoats, capes and boots through a town appropriation. Before this time, the constables were identified only by hats, badges, and nightsticks supplied by the town.•••• The demolition of an historic barn and other properties located on a 100-acre site along West River Parkway facing Navy Island began on Friday, February 15, 1957 as workman made room for the proposed Cinderella Estates subdivision. 200 homes were to be built, opposite Long Road, and not far from where the new Hooker Electrochemical Corp. research center was to be built. The word “high class” was used to describe the subdivision but reports of homes priced at $60,000 was said to be “absurd.” The development never materialized.

Looking Back 40 years - Trees and electric lines were downed, all kinds of debris blew everywhere, and power failed twice as the Island took the brunt of its share of the season’s worst windstorm that began on Thursday morning, February 16, 1967. Gusts clocked as high as 82 mph were recorded at the height of the storm. From 20 to 30 huge trees were uprooted in Beaver Island State Park. Another large tree was felled on Bronson Road blocking traffic completely, and others were down over a wide area of the Island. A large tractor-trailer truck was blown over while crossing the south Grand Island bridge, however no one was injured. ••••A teenage “Sweetheart Dance” held Saturday, February 18, 1967 to benefit the Heart Fund took place in the old Bells Store on Grand Island Blvd. near Staley Road, and attracted over 200 teens. Queen of the dance was Kathy Schoenle, and Tom Walsh served as master of ceremonies.

Looking Back 30 years - Islanders turned out in mass when food stamps were made available at the fire hall in February 1977 for those who suffered financially due to the Blizzard of '77.••••Captain Dana Hayes (Foote) and teammates of the Super Sixes team, Nancy DeBole, Amy Gebrian, Kathy Jordon, Sylvia Pollak, Cathy Zoltoski, Sandy Bennett and Tina Rose, were the winners of the sixth grade intramural basketball championship games.

Looking Back 20 years - A third bridge between the Island and Tonawanda, to operate toll free, was being considered by the Department of Transportation. ••••GIHS bowlers finished 7th out of 26 teams during the 8th annual WNY High School bowling tournament in February 1987 at Thruway Lanes. Viking scorers were Rob Ratajczak (247-200-204/1200), Jeff Richard (213-206-1033), Jeff Rezabek (194-968), Mike Johnson (171-945), and Tom Dzielski (172-874). The Viking girls finished 9th out of 18 teams. Laura Coughlin, a senior, rolled a 252 to capture the high single game. The girls group included Michelle Frank, Laura Coughlin, Sue Grobe, Nichole Millar and Julie Elstrodt.

The following Island businesses are spotlighted here in the Between the Bridges column: Sound Choice Audio & Performance,   Holiday Inn Grand Island,  Chateau Motor Lodge  and    McMahon's Family Restaurant.   Isledegrande.com is brought to you by Reg Schopp's "GIECOM.NET". For advertising information, call Dan McMahon at 773-6789, ex. 220.

Our high school students had a fabulous time at the Winter Ball last Saturday evening. Voted as King and Queen were Rich Anzalone and Ashley Ray and chosen for their court were Max Kilb and Joycie Rockwood, Amber Duda and Alex Neutz, and Joel Klock and Mallory Bennett. Students, send your Winter Ball photos to be considered for the "High School News Page" to me at teddy@giecom.net.

Attention birders! Carol Roesch and Sue Fleming-Brusino spotted a Bald Eagle up high in a tree on East River Road in the area of Riverwoods Drive. The Eagle was still in the area but on the opposite side of the road when the gals returned from lunch. According to an internet article, "bald eagle forage along the upper Niagara River"... and are only present on the Niagara River in winter. The bald eagle is listed as threatened by the United States Fish and Wildlife Service. I'm sure I'll hear from local bird watchers disputing the "fact" stating, "only present on the Niagara River in winter," but that's what the article said. We know the bald eagle nests on Navy Island in the spring. See Juvenile Bald Eagle Photo and also Niagara Power Project for more information.

Our sympathy to the families of Dorothy Ahern, Ellenor Kimmel, Betty (McKinney) Wilson, Rene Gerber and former residents Velma M. Harding and Gary Glessner who recently passed away. Click Deaths for complete information.

Schools are closed all of next week and the Town Recreation Department's "Snow Sculpture Contest" takes place on Tuesday, the 20th. Click above for complete information.

Send me your news for this column to Teddy Linenfelser.

"Say a prayer for our guys over there." God bless America.

Thursday, February 8, 2007

Tom                                    Lin
Happy birthday to Tom Grycel of Monrovia, California and to Lin Bauer of Danville, Kentucky, celebrating milestones on Tuesday. The photos show Tom as he looked while a student in Mrs. Elizabeth Saxton's first grade at Kaegebein School in 1954 and Lin in Mrs. Schmatz' first grade, also at Kaegebein School.

Best wishes to our niece Annie Linenfelser who was married to Oliver Stuardi on the beach in Key West last Friday, February 2nd. Weather, unlike Grand Island, was picture perfect for the fairytale wedding.

What a total joy it was to be in the audience Friday night watching our talented high schoolers in their production of Beauty and the Beast. Every student performed to perfection, but. I would say the voice of Sarah El Houssieny singing the familiar "Beauty and the Beast" was as good as it gets. Talk about a seasoned and professional vocalist – she’s it. The delightful smile and enthusiasm for her part made the adorable Caroline Boron as "Chip" toward the top of my list of bests! Prize guy in the show was, of course Vincent Covatto, whose comical, English accent and line delivery often brought down the house. There were so many kids all doing their very, very best, some with more important roles and some with less, like our beautiful granddaughter, Amy Margaret Bidell, who was a guard, a mother, and the tallest knife in the drawer! The pit orchestra directed by longtime music teacher, Marty Allen, sounded more like Broadway than Grand Island High, however Grand Island High always sounds like Broadway! Hats off to the backbone of the performances, Carolyn Lokken, and her helpers. Carolyn directed the show and vocals, was rehearsal accompanist and handled publicity. With four performances Thursday through Saturday, I was assured there would be no waiting in line to get tickets. We got there early and there was no wait but closer to curtain time, some of the standing-room-only crowd waited in a long line that trailed through the lobby and outside the building. I really can’t wait until next year’s high school musical. See "Photos"

A tip of the hat to parishioners of Whitehaven Road Baptist Church who so generously donated a total of $31,000 to make a blind girl from Haiti have her wish come true. The girl's sight was restored in Buffalo and she was presented the gift during the Christmas Eve service at Whitehaven Baptist, "enough to build a church in Denise Dominique's village and buy a generator and musical instruments." For the Buffalo News story by Patrick Lakamp in Sunday's edition, click Buffalo News.

Received a note this week from Sandy (Daniels) Valente, now living in Clearwater, Florida. Sandy, who owns and operate a motocross track, writes that she's hoping to hear that there will be a 40th reunion planned for her GIHS Class of 1967. She is looking forward to attending as she was unable to come to her other class reunions.

A speedy recovery to Rene Gerber who is recuperating from major surgery.

A cheery hello to Betty and Vince Phillips as they mark their 60th wedding anniversary on Wednesday.••••Celebrating their 62nd anniversary on Sunday and wished the best are Herman and Nell Roberts.

Happy birthday to Diane Gurbacki (cheers today), David Santa Lucia (his 20th today), Grace Giambra (10 today), Jadon Garman (his 5th birthday today), Sheila Kathleen Strott and Carleigh Jane Rodriguez (both turning 3 today), Ellie Wiant (tomorrow), Al Raepple (Saturday), Kaylee Marie Montana (2 on Saturday), Charles Swalm and Barb Glor Martin (Sunday), Lucy White and Richard Dobmeier (special greetings on Sunday), Jagger Click (7 on Sunday), Linc Nutting (85 on Monday), Vince Ramsperger, Dorothy Lovelee, Carol Roesch and Penny Linenfelser (all celebrating on Monday), Jayce Claus (6 on Monday), Babette Hoover (A nifty fifty on Tuesday), Andrew Fred (his 10th birthday on Tuesday), Kellie Kehoe (Sweet 16th on Wednesday), Emily Ann Cole (a teenager on Wednesday) and Kassie Bennett (12 on Wednesday).

Looking Back 60 years - The town board sent a resolution to Senator Walter J. Mahoney to present to the Legislature asking that Isle residents be relieved of paying bridge tolls (sound familiar?), and also requesting the state to pay our town annually "the amount equal to tax moneys which the town will lose upon the appropriation of lands to be used for the West River Parkway."

Looking Back 50 years - The Grand Island Planning Board held its meeting on Monday, February 11, 1957 and re-elected Chairman Henry E. Boehm and Secretary Marian F. Narad. •••• Girl Scout Troop 337 elected the following new officers for 1957 at a meeting at Kaegebein School: President Teddy Klingel (Linenfelser), Vice President Margaret Boettcher (Fuller), Secretary Kathryn Boettcher (Stisser), Treasurer Norene Miller and Scribe Jerilyn Stedman (Karb). The Scouts were working on requirements for their curved bar award.

Looking Back 40 years - Among the members of the St. Stephen’s Altar Society who modeled hats in a February 13, 1967 hat show in the local parish hall were Bertha Bucher, Agnes C. Stack, Margaret Mary Farrell, Mary Agnes Farrell, Joan Anderson and Program Chairman Mary J. Lashuay.••••Money collected in a door-to-door effort was enough to put on a Winter Carnival sponsored by the Youth Foundation of Grand Island on Friday, February 10, 1967 along West River Parkway. Officials of the Niagara Frontier State Parks Commission ordered barriers set up along the Parkway from Bush to Long roads and at entrances to West River just previous to the carnival, in an attempt to keep the snow in top condition previous to the carnival events. The team of Dave Miller, Mike Burl, Jerry Killian, Bob Weaver, Jim Mulcahy, Reg Schopp, Tom Drake, Pete Lindsey and Wayne Miller created “Cecil and the Leakin-in Lena” and won the snow sculpturing contest.

Looking Back 20 years - St. Stephen School 8th grade class officers were announced as President Martin Sanborn, Secretary Ezuieaquez Ruiz, Treasurer Amy Macro and Vice President Jennifer Rohan.

Looking Back 10 years - Island boys Jeff Senulis and Ryan Harpster were being mentioned in the Buffalo News on a daily basis. The boys had been racking up the points as lead scorers for the St. Joe's Marauders Basketball Team.••••Mandy Ressman and Chris Neuhaus had the leads in the high school's production of Bye Bye Birdie. The performances took place Friday and Saturday, February 7-8, 1997 under the direction of Marty Allen and Carolyn Lokken. ••••Mark Raepple rolled the high single, 299, and Roy Redlein Jr. had the high triple (731) in the A-Best Roofing League at Island Lanes ten years ago this week.

Rob and Jenn Kopf are the proud parents of a baby girl, Natalie Rachel Kopf - six days old today. See her picture on today's front page of Isledegrande.com.

We are all hoping that none of our friends and family have been harmed by the tornados in Florida over the past weekend. According to former resident and district school teacher Gail Lazenby, "This storm was huge and overwhelming - rain of nearly 4 inches in 20 minutes and more lightning than I've ever seen in my life." For more about the tornado submitted by former residents, see Florida Tornados - 2/2/07

Congratulations to bowler Chrissy Ray of Grand Island who won Division 3 (179 and under) in the recent Western New York Queens Tournament, hosted by the Niagara Falls USBC Association at Island Lanes.

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Our sympathy to the families of Joseph C. Thomas, Frank Rodriguez and former resident Robert K. White who recently passed away. Click Deaths for complete information.

Dates to remember are the Evening of Wine and Roses dinner dance at St. Stephen's on Saturday night, Grand Island Little League registration on Saturday, a Community Chorus rehearsal on Sunday, a "Meet & Greet" reception for new schools superintendent Mr. Robert Christmann on Monday, a Basket Raffle and All Island Band Concert Monday, and a blood drive on Tuesday. Click Calendar of Events for details on these events and more.

Email your notes, announcements and corrections for this column to Teddy Linenfelser. Include your full name, email address and phone number.

"Say a prayer for our guys over there." God bless America.

Thursday, February 1, 2007

Best wishes to Bob Hillock who celebrates his 60th birthday tomorrow. Bob was in Mrs. Margaret Webster's first grade class at Sidway School in 1954 when this picture was taken.

Friends of Billy "BA" Aydelotte are inviting the community to a surprise benefit this Monday at 9 p.m. at Island Lanes. Baskets and other raffle items may be brought to the event before 9 p.m. Very unfortunately, BA's health is not improving.

Former Island resident and school teacher Ora Glor-Newton has recovered and is back home at Friendship Manor, 6647 El Colegio Rd., #307A, Goleta, CA 93117. ••••A speedy recovery to Joyce Mongan. Joyce was injured in a fall and is progressing nicely.

Tomorrow, February 2, is Groundhog Day. What better reason is there to give that special someone a gift of flowers, candy, a new kitchen, or a world cruise! For other ideas see the list to the right of this page.

Pat Fine was the winner of the $25 prize at the VFW's Meatloaf contest last Saturday. Taking second and third respectively were Dennis Carder and Kathy Ricci. A total of 16 entries were turned in and the event was a sell out.

Congratulations to our grandson, John Bidell, a junior at Grand Island High, who has been named Student Of The Month at Kenton Career & Technical Center where he is taking Auto Technician Training.

Danielle St Onge, owner of the Island Deli & Meat Market, 2488 Grand Island Blvd., was featured on Mary Friona's "As Seen On TV" last week. Danielle was testing a kitchen gadget that promised to be a cut above. She didn't think so! Click "As Seen On TV" at www.wgrztv.com.

A very happy 40th wedding anniversary to Norm and Mary Machelor who were married on February 4, 1967.

A special happy birthday to Gladys Trautman, celebrating her 90th birthday on Saturday. Cards may be sent to her at: Northgate Nursing Home, 7264 Nash Road, North Tonawanda, NY 14120. ••••A belated happy birthday to Adam Kostenbauder who celebrated on the 27th. Happy birthday to Sydney Mazur (her 6th birthday today), Don Bruce and Mandy Malaney (today), Ryan Pecoraro (5 today), Lee Richard (21 tomorrow), Maria Ramsperger (9 tomorrow), Barbara Backlund and Jim Chamberlain (tomorrow), baby Dominic John Pullano (first birthday tomorrow), Joseph Diebold (his 25th birthday on Saturday), Rita DeGlopper (Saturday), Bill Bagdy (Sunday), Alissa Pioli (her 20th on Sunday), Juliette Caprio (Sweet 16 on Sunday), David Ziehm (Monday), Michael Podlucky (10 on Tuesday), Noelle Linenfelser (3 on Tuesday), Cody James Okelberry (2 on Tuesday) and Glenn Parker Skelly (a teenager on Wednesday).

The new Sidway School -Click for larger view
Looking Back 70 years - Happy birthday, Sidway! Grand Island's first central school, Charlotte Sidway, opened for the first time on February 1, 1937 to about 100 students in grades 1-8 with two grades to a classroom.

Looking Back 50 years - Grand Island Fire Chief Arthur L. Mitchell estimated damage at $50 when an overheated kerosene heater ignited a temporary partition in an addition under construction at the Kaegebein School shortly before midnight, Monday, February 4, 1957.

Looking Back 40 years - Town Councilman Robert Study, speaking to the Grand Island Jaycees in the Beaver Island Casino, called bridge tolls a “psychological barrier” which keeps developers from building low-cost housing on Grand Island. To help carry its tax load, Grand Island needs homes in the $30,000 bracket, not low-cost housing, he said. ••••Nearly 300 Island teenagers from grades 8-12 enjoyed a dance on Friday, February 3, 1967 in the Sidway School, and sponsored by the town’s Recreation Commission. Co-chairs were Patti Griffin and Jack Herlan, assisted by Gary Anthony, Skip Smyton, Kathy Gibson, Ray Moran, Lou Martini, Jay and Mark Raepple, Rich Martini and Ken Link.

Looking Back 20 years - The Beaver Island Parks Director made a last minute decision to cancel a very well planned winter weekend dance. Among those who worked hard with the planning of the January 31, 1987 event were Linda Deeter (Tufillaro), Mike Niland, Chaz Wilkin, and Jack and Mary West. T. Robinson returned from Boston early to perform that weekend with the band "No Apparent Reason." The "Full Fury" band members, Bob Jackson, Mike Mathews, Rick Lechner, Dave Satterlee and Randy Wuenst, rented extra equipment and refused to be paid. Does anyone remember the reason for the cancellation??••••The town's Winter Weekend was held in Beaver Island Park on Saturday and Sunday, December 30-31, 1987. Winners of the youth team snow ball roll were Carie McGinty and Brad Greenfield in 1st place; Heather Ryan and Amy Patcher (2nd); and Adria Ryan and Jamie Sawers (3rd). Winning the snow sculpture contest with “Pound Puppy” were Laura and Christine Goddard and Esther Sanborn. ••••The Grand Island Fire Company on the morning of February 6, 1987 took a giant step forward when its dispatching office in Baseline Road headquarters became part of the basic 911 system for fire alarms and medical emergencies. Other calls received by 911 here would be transferred to the proper agencies, Fire Chief Peter A. McMahon said.

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Our sympathy to the families of Robert M. Goldbach, Cecilia "Shelagh" Korman, and former residents Helen E. Hogan and Marilyn (Killian) Donsky who recently passed away. Click Deaths for complete information.•••• Click Norma J. Sutter for complete information on her memorial service being held Saturday.••••Click Ellen Mayo for information on her memorial service on Saturday.

Tim and Alice Demmin are just as excited as their daughter and son-in-law, David and Andrea Tasevski, on the birth of Ryan Vlade Tasevski on January 14th. For the baby's adorable picture, click "Baby Ryan."

Island resident Nancy Barnes wrote an interesting piece, published in the January 25, 2007 issue of the Buffalo News titled "Where In The World Is Upstate New York?" I recently had an Islander ask me the same question, however Nancy has done a fabulous job of addressing this.

This is the weekend (including tonight) for the high school's production of "Beauty and the Beast."••••HEAP applications will be accepted at the Golden Age Center today.••••District schools will be closed tomorrow.••••St. Stephen School's annual Carnival Day is on Saturday.••••Grand Island Little League registration will be held Saturday.••••Boy Scout Sunday will be celebrated at St. Stephen’s Church on Sunday.••••The Grand Island Snowmobile Club meets on Wednesday evening.••••The Grand Island Relay For Life Kick-Off meeting is scheduled for Wednesday night. Click Calendar of Events for details.

"Say a prayer for our guys over there." God bless America.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Paul                                    Barbara
Happy birthday to Paul Harper and to Barbara Barnes Bucknam, celebrating milestones on Tuesday and Wednesday respectively. Paul was in Mrs. Webster's third grade at Kaegebein School and Barbara was in Mrs. Ethel Yuhas' first grade at Sidway when these photos were taken in 1954 and 1956.

Surely Carol Roesch will be dancing in the streets in no time since her recent knee surgery.••••For those who have asked, we hear that Elizabeth Prast is feeling fine and out and about.••••Prayers and good luck to Alice Gardner who will soon begin chemo treatments.••••A cheery hello to Billy "BA" Aydelotte who we hear is back to enjoying some of his favorite activities such as a good game of cards.

Are you a chess player? The Golden Age Center looking for chess players of all levels to play on Friday mornings at the Center on Whitehaven Road. Call Ray at 773-3449 for more information.

A belated happy 18th birthday to Kelsey Nordvik who celebrated yesterday. Happy birthday to Jason MacClelland (5 today), Joshua Pownall (16 today), Bernie Huff (tomorrow), Thomas Geblein (his 10th birthday tomorrow), my dear sister Mary Stewart (Saturday), Elizabeth Gardell (a teenager on Saturday), baby Sabrina Marie Butcher (her first birthday on Saturday), Jason Vallina (30 on Sunday), Kaegebein School gym teacher Kelly Greene (Sunday), Tom Joseph (a milestone on Monday), Cindy Mason Shields (Monday), Eric Sharpe (16 on Monday), Nell Roberts (her 85th birthday on Monday), Hailee Clayton (10 on Wednesday), and Conner Bolles (a teenager on Wednesday).•••• A very happy 50th birthday to Fuccillo Auto Park's General Manager Tom Kanaley who will celebrate on Sunday.

According to today's Buffalo News: "Taylor Firth, a 15-year-old from Grand Island, will make her senior debut tonight. She is the second youngest skater in the field." This girl just might put Grand Island, New York on the map! Click for the “U.S. Figure Skating Championships” story.

Heard from former resident Nancy Buckley Valone this morning in regard to Scott Whiting's project of sending Bill Aydelotte old photos each day, "but we need more old photos," Nancy says. Just send your snapshots to:
Scott Whiting
3265 Radcliffe Rd.
Thousand Oaks, CA 91360
Or Email photos to: whits4scott@aim.com. Thanks for the note, Nancy. Hope BA's old friends see this and come through with some really priceless pictures!!

Looking Back 60 years - Highlights of the January 27, 1947 Charlotte Sidway PTA meeting were the Rhythm Band of Miss Ethel Wolf’s first grade class, several selections by the 2nd grade choral students and a most enjoyable repertoire of songs by the school glee club. Click for Rhythm Band Photo. Miss Wolf's married name is Ethel Yuhas.

Looking Back 50 years - Grand Island Rod & Gun Club officers were announced as President Christ Kruse, First Vice President Harry Kroll, Treasurer William Fleming and Secretary James Kovacsev. Directors for 1957 were Philip Guilfoil, Robert Meyer Sr., Leon Peck, Victor A. Zapfel and Frank Zimmerman

Looking Back 30 years - The Blizzard of ’77 came roaring into town about noon, on January 28th. Several Isle residents have sent their memories of the storm. Click for “Blizzard of ’77 Feature Story”

Looking Back 10 years - A driving bane was in effect on Friday, January 10, 1997 and much of Saturday, January 11th due to blizzard-like conditions on the Island. After postponing Winter Weekend three weekends in a row, due to ice and snow that caused numerous accidents over several weeks, the event took place on February 2, 1997 at the Nike Base.

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Our sympathy to the families of Emma A. Loria, Patrick J. Bichler and Deborah J. Whiting who recently passed away. Click Deaths for complete information.••••William D. Joseph of Tonawanda, former instructor for the "Rough Writers" writers group at the Golden Age Center passed away on December 28, 2006

Thanks to Bruce Senn for submitting the classic photo that appears in the "Old Photo Album" today, and to Bill DeGlopper who sent an old one from his family's album, dating back before the bridges. Watch for that one in a week or two.

The VFW's Meatloaf Contest/Dinner takes place at the post on Saturday and M.O.G. is offering "A New Year, A New You" on Saturday. Click Calendar of Events for details. By the way, the Community Chorus ran into scheduling problems therefore this Sunday's rehearsal has been cancelled.

Last minutes notice! For information on St. Stephen's Parish Players auditions (tonight and tomorrow night) for the adult and children's productions, click Parish Players.

Email your birthdays, anniversaries etc. for this column to Teddy Linenfelser.

"Say a prayer for our guys over there." God bless America.

Thursday, January 18, 2007
The best that 2007 has to offer is wished for Fran Burrows as she celebrates her birthday on Saturday. Some of Fran's friends have emailed a request to me that I mention her birthday this week. How could I forget such a sweetheart of a girl! Happy birthday, Fran.

For those who don't live here, you may not know we've been covered in ice here on the Island. Thanks to Lisa Boulden, Karen Sorbello, Kim Ludwig, Emily Dahlstrom, and, of course, right hand gal here at Isledegrande.com Jodi Robinson for a nice selection of photos showing how our Island looked on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. The photos don't necessarily show how much bright sunshine we've had, which has been somewhat of a blessing with our cold, cold weather this week. Winter is finally here!

Several Island residents have sent notice of a fundraiser for Officer Patty Parete of the Buffalo Police Department. The event will be held in the Buffalo Convention Center on March 31st. Click
Patty Parete Fundraiser for complete information.

Congratulations to Mike Mallwitz who bowled a 300-750 with the Friday Night Businessmen's League at Island Lanes last Friday night.

Happy birthday to Billy Williams (today), Caitlin Schwinge (Sweet 16 today), Travis Mikulski (9 tomorrow), Phyllis Lange (cheers tomorrow), Mackenzie Hassan (tomorrow), Kristyn Brown (6 tomorrow), Betty Brinda (cake and candles on Saturday), Don Kutzbach and Josh Lange (Saturday), Abe Morgan (18 on Saturday), Kaylee Ann Connell (2 on Saturday), Mary Cooke and Alice Doerr (Sunday), Amy Morgan (Monday), Jonathan Minton (3 on Tuesday), Allison Boron (Sweet 16 on Tuesday), Ted Bates and Kathy McKenzie (Tuesday), Sarah Ramsperger (a teenager on Wednesday), and Benjamin DeFranks (5 on Wednesday). A belated happy birthday to Joe Lukasiewicz who celebrated Tuesday.

And last but certainly not least, happy 21st birthday to Caroline Miller who will celebrate on Tuesday. A 2004 graduate of Grand Island High School, Caroline is a full time student at NCCC and a server at The Beach House Restaurant.

Best wishes to Billy and Donna Williams, celebrating their 18th wedding anniversary on Sunday.

Looking Back 60 years - Harold L. Long was advertising “everything electrical for the home and farm” including poultry pickers and Universal “300 and 500 chick” Electric Brooders at his Service Center Appliance on Express Highway (now Contract Interiors plaza).

Looking Back 50 years - Residents of two private roads, Bronson Road and Meadow Lane, informed the town board Monday, January 21, 1957 that they had been snowbound as a result of the heavy snowfall over the weekend and inquired as to the possibility of town highway equipment plowing the roads. •••• After maintaining a medical office upstairs in the Reese Building on Grand Island Blvd., Dr. Robert H. Miller moved his practice to his brand new home/office at Hennepin and Stony Point roads. •••• Mesmer’s Dairy Bar installed several of the booths formerly in use at Smitty’s Lunch, a little restaurant in the Reese building on the Boulevard that had closed in January 1957. The building, owned by Jessie and Bill Reese, was/is across from Burger King Restaurant.

Looking Back 40 years - Bob Hajski and Bob Valone netted 17 and 14 points respectively when the Oldtimers downed Tops, 73-42 in a Town Recreation sponsored men’s basketball game. Top five scorers in the league at the time were Ted Sobolewski (137 points), Tom Jablonski (123), Bill Buckley (99), Bob Valone (81) and Paul Costanzo Jr. (67).

Looking Back 30 years - The town board approved an outdoor skating rink, leasing for $1 from Dr. Parvis and Barbara Taefi, land they owned on Bush Road between Baseline Road and Beaver Island Pkwy.

Looking Back 20 years - Jean Willer (Pecoraro) was named the 1986 Grand Island High School most outstanding gymnast. She was highest all-around scorer and took fourth in vault in the Section VI Championship meet and 7th in all around competition.

Fran McMahon, who we hope is back home today, is wished a very speedy recovery from recent illness.••••Longtime Isle resident Henrietta Hunt has taken up permanent residence at the Masonic Care Community, 2150 Bleeker St, Utica, NY. She is in the Health Pavilion, Room 408-1. Cards from old friends would cheer her up.

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   Aronica and Company, Inc.,    Wavelengths   and Kaiser Funeral Home. For our complete list of advertisers and links to their sites, click "Isledegrande.com Advertisers."

Our sympathy to the families of Kathleen Behm, Ellen Mayo, Geraldine Militello, Mercedes Vilardo and former residents Barbara (DeGlopper) Butterworth, Michael Maffei and Lorraine M. (Wilkinson) Robinson who recently passed away. Click Deaths 2006 and Deaths 2007 for complete information. Click for Perron Villano Memorial Service on January 20th.

An All You Can Eat Soup and Salad Nite will take place at the VFW Post 9249 from 4-7 p.m. or until gone this Saturday. A Sidway School Reunion meeting, open to anyone who attended Sidway School with the graduating classes of 1937 through 1963, will be held at 6 p.m. Tuesday at Terry Swain’s residence.

Do you have a story and/or photos about Grand Island and the Blizzard of '77? Response has been good but I'm hoping to hear from more of you. Send your stories to my Email.

Email your notes, announcements and corrections for this column to Teddy Linenfelser. Include your full name, email address and phone number.

"Say a prayer for our guys over there." God bless America.

Thursday, January 11, 2007
Rumor has it that an Islander is in the process of breathing new life into the closed restaurant at the corner of Love and Baseline roads. This is great news and we wish them well.

Deer in our backyard on Ferry Road have been nonexistent since the October 12th storm. I just figured that there were too many downed limbs and trees for them to navigate to our yard and then over to their favorite spot, Bob and Betty Clements' yard where there is always bird seed for them. Saturday the deer surprised me. A half dozen showed up and stayed awhile until they were spooked by something or someone. What an awesome sight to see all those whitetails bouncing out through the woods again.

Cards and prayers are in order for former resident and school teacher Ora Glor-Newton who is working hard at therapy in Room 104 at the Buena Vista Care Center, 160 S. Patterson, Santa Barbara, CA 93111, and is confident she'll be back to her own residence soon.••••Puppet DiTullio remains in ECMC, room 557 where he is recuperating from a major operation.••••Dorothy Ahern is spending some time at Riverwoods Health Care Center and would enjoy visitors.

Happy birthday to Joyce Neill and Liz AuClaire Smith (today), Art Ciechoski (a milestone today), Michael "Rusty" Rustowicz (16 on Sunday), Carolina Luciani (Sweet 16 on Sunday), Pauline Aydelotte (Monday), Joe Lukasiewicz (Tuesday), Bryan Funk (21 on Tuesday) and Jenna Saltzman (a teenager on Wednesday).

Congratulations to championship bowler Michelle Sterner who rolled a 289-750, at Transit Lanes last week.

Looking Back 60 years - Resident and Islander Dispatch editor Ollie Howard, in his January 1947 column “Round the Island,” stated that steel-hulled cruisers made their debut in stock boat lines at the January 1947 National Motor Boat Show in NYC and that aluminum magnesium and "plastic" runabouts and canoes were also featured. •••• Louis Jerge’s orchestra was playing for dancing every Saturday evening at the Edgewater Park Hotel on East River Road.••••Construction of a new dock was underway at the Buffalo Launch Club and the project was expected to be complete by spring.

Looking Back 50 years - The Grand Island Post Office was moved from the home of former post master Ed Sheehan on January 15, 1957, to rented space in the recently remodeled supermarket just south of the town hall and owned by Ernie Godfrey. Heber Ashley Jr. was Post Master at that time.

Looking Back 40 years - According to the Island Dispatch in January 1967, popular twins Mark and Jay Raepple were “giving up paper routes after many mornings of early rising.” ••••The chorus of singers from the Island's Protestant and Catholic choirs sang at the Sunday afternoon, January 22, 1967 ecumenical service. It was practically unknown that Marion Pinkow’s invitation to the Catholic St. Stephen’s choir to join the Protestants in singing the Messiah at Christmas time 1964 was the start of practical ecumenism on Grand Island.••••The Ecumenical Movement took another step forward on a Sunday afternoon in January 1967 when clergy and members of Grand Island churches gathered in St. Stephen’s for a prayer service as part of the observance of “Week of Prayer for Christian Unity.” A social hour in the Family Room of Trinity Church followed the service.

Looking Back 30 years - It was a two degree night on Monday, January 17, 1977, but Councilman Jim Pax "announced triumphantly that town offices would stay open Tuesday until noon to open bids for a $10 million federally-aided sewage treatment expansion good for 25-50 years." Offices did close for a couple days in order to conserve fuel during the extreme cold wave that threatened home fuel supplies here.••••The late Robbie Davis, 22 years old at the time, received a beer and wine license in early 1977 for his newly remodeled
Beach House Restaurant which he leased the previous fall. His project included removal of three walls and the addition of a drive-thru window, said to be a first for the Island.

Looking Back 20 years - Grand Island Lodge #180 Loyal Order of the Moose received its charter at which time 72 men became members.

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The correct date to apply for HEAP is Thursday, February 1st at the Golden Age Center. Click HEAP for current information.

Our sympathy to the families of Evelyn E. Kilian and Kathleen I. Behm who recently passed away. Click Deaths for complete information.

Just a reminder! Grand Island schools will be closed Monday in observance of Martin Luther King's birthday.

Are you old enough to remember the Blizzard of '77? I thought so! Send me your memories of being completely snowed in for several days and what you did for fun, for meals, and anything else you remember.

Email your notes, announcements and corrections for this column to me at teddy@giecom.net. Include your full name, email address and phone number.

"Say a prayer for our guys over there." God bless America.

Thursday, January 4, 2007

Ellen                                    Sharon                                    Ellen                                    Caryl                                    Norm
Ellen Blakelock Martin, Sharon Benzing Minet, Ellen Glor Dunston and Caryl Denler Kershner were all in the classroom of Mrs. Ethel Yuhas at Sidway School when the photos were taken. The lone birthday boy, Norm Mrkall, is shown as he looked in Betty Jane Mills class at Sidway School. All five are wished a happy birthday as they celebrate milestones this week - Ellen Martin (today), Norm (Sunday), Sharon (Monday), and Caryl and Ellen Dunston (Tuesday). Best wishes to everyone.

Annie Linenfelser is in town with her fiancé, Oliver Stuardi. Anne and Oliver, who were guests of honor at a family couples shower last weekend, will be married in February in Key West, Florida. Annie is the daughter of Mike and Penny Linenfelser of East River Road.

Vicky (Huer) Lynde wrote this week asking if any plans are in the works for a 40th Class Reunion for the GIHS Class of 1967 - and with an offer to help. For her note, click "Class of 1967 Reunion Webpage"

Happy birthday to Hanna Panzica (9 today), Joey Kuszczak (7 today), Gregory Zilliox (milestone tomorrow), Fran Clarke (her 85th birthday on Saturday), Sarah Burns and Kyle Podgorny (7 on Monday), Maggie Rustowicz (her 10th birthday Monday), Hank Carroll and Ramona Blackmore (Monday), Nicholas Heftka (20 on Monday), Alexandria Anderson (5 on Monday), Don Tranter and Adria Ryan (Tuesday), Elizabeth Prast (Wednesday), Derrick Schutrum (10 on the 10th), Jean Pecoraro (Wednesday) and Sam Wapperer (his 16th this week).

Looking Back 60 years - Helping Bob Riggs celebrate his 16th birthday on January 4, 1947 were Elizabeth Nachbauer (Zarbo), Beverly Fleming (Barril), Sally Smith (Detally), Joanne Rank (Urtel), Bob Dworak, Norman Smith, James Fleming, Babe Phillips and Raymond Beningo. The group enjoyed a skating party held at the New Skateland in Buffalo.••••Miss Patricia Howard (Bachert) of East River Road celebrated her 13th birthday with a hayride at McNamee’s Restaurant, January 9, 1947.

Looking Back 50 years - The estate of Paul R. Schieve, Jr., steel executive, was appraised at $972,734.••••Secrecy at the Whitehaven Road Nike guided missile base was lifted Tuesday, January 8, 1957 when 40 U. S. and Canadian newsmen toured the $4,000,000 installation. The Base was open to the public each Sunday from 2-4 p.m. A photo that accompanied an article in the local paper, showed the Army men dressed in protective suits, fueling a missile with jet fuel and fuming nitric acid.••••Islander Sharon Reese (Glass), a Riverside High School senior, was selected as a Loveliest Contest winner by Photorama, a WNY publication. Her photo was shown on the cover of the December 8, 1956 issue. Sharon placed 2nd in the previous summer's Miss Grand Island contest.

Looking Back 40 years - Winners of the town sponsored Christmas Recess Handicap Bowling Tournament were James Rodriguez, Pat Rodriguez, Chris Kessler, Sue Benzing, Don Felix, Kathy Conn and John Wasson.••••In a January 7, 1967 boys basketball game in the Huth Road School Dave Getz and John Stein led the Knicks to a 12-9 win over the Celts with 4 points each. Mike Masters scored 16 points to lead the Bulls over the Lakers, 32-2.••••The school board on Monday, January 9, 1967 voted to award a contract to the lowest bidder, Frank Kellner, to convert the coal furnaces at the Sidway School to gas.

Looking Back 30 years - Mrs. Patty Smith was named chairman of the newly elected Youth Center Advisory Board. Other officers were Vice Chairman Kate Crowe (Olin), the president of the freshman class; Treasurer Phyllis Beyer and Secretary Sally Merritt, president of the student council.••••Members of Isle Chapter of DeMolay and Aries Triangle #131 held their annual dance December 27, 1976 at the Buffalo Launch Club. King and queen, Cam Overs and Darlene Hanley, were chosen by a vote of those attending.

Looking Back 20 years - The Grand Island Fire Company's new dispatching system went into operation in its main headquarters on Baseline Road. Linda Coppola became the company's first dispatcher to put the new system in operation at 9 a.m. Monday morning, December 29, 1987.

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Our sympathy to the families of Wanda Nixson, Woods L. "Tom" Lewis and former resident Michael Maffei who recently passed away. Norma J. Sutter, former principal of the William Kaegebein Elementary School, died on December 30th. Click Deaths for complete information.

A yard full of turkeys greeted Carol and Gary Roesch of East River Road last Sunday morning as they were cooking breakfast. "All 16 stayed around for about 20 minutes or so eating birdseed," Carol said. Be sure to click the photo for full view.

It is sad to see a business close on the Island, but there seems to be much more disappointment with the closing of Kevin and Dawn Doring's fantastic Java Shop just before Christmas. Probably just not enough support to keep it going. Good luck to Kevin and Dawn.

According to Councilwoman Mary Cooke, "residents need to be informed and let us know if they agree with the proposals in the Niagara River Greenway Plans. On that web site ( niagaragreenway.org.) are several files containing the Commission's plans that include projects on Grand Island." A presentation by a representative of the Greenway Commission will be held at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, January 9th in the Town Hall.

Email your notes, announcements and corrections for this column to Teddy Linenfelser. Include your full name, email address and phone number.

"Say a prayer for our guys over there." God bless America.

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