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Service Persons From Grand Island, New York
Updated December 11, 2012 - total 206
By Rank, Name, Service Branch
November 2001 to December 2012
Ranks will be updated as submitted.
Corrections are welcome to
[note: Nov 01- troops went into Afghanistan, starting this round]

SSG James Joseph Abshagen - Air Force

Michael D. Anderson - Army National Guard

SMSgt (Ret.) Michael Anthony - Air National Guard

S/A David Backlund - Air Force

SSgt James Balcom - Air Force Reserve

CTRC (SW) (Ret.) James Baldwin - Navy

MAJ Jamey Barcomb - Army

SSGT Mike Beagle - Marines

Samuel Bellia - Air Force

EM1 Kristopher W. Bennett - Navy

Ernie Bevacqua - National Guard

SAA Vincent D. Biondi

Michael Bobeck

HM-1 Scott Boryk - Navy

Lars Braun - Army

Trey Braun - Army

Douglas Brennan

AT2 Michael P. Brennan - Navy

Lt Col Daniel Brown - USAF

SSgt Patrick S. Buell - Air Force Reserve

David Bull - Marines

Spc William Burnham - New York State Guard

LtCol Robert F. Buzby - Marines

Adam Cahill - Marines

SGT David S. Caputi - National Guard

SGT Mike Carey - Army

David Castiglia - Air National Guard

MSGT Dennis Castiglia - Air Force

SrA Rebecca Chamberlain - Air National Guard

LCpl Anthony J Chambers - Marines

DC2(SW) Ryan Clingersmith - Navy

Steven Coe - Navy

CMSgt Keith Coffey - Air Force

Maj. Gen. David Conboy - Army Reserve

Ensign Brendan Conway Jr. - Navy

LTC Terrance Crowe - Army - Gold Star, June 2005

STGC (SW) John Cunningham - Navy Retired

Bob DeLoreto - Marines

Jonathan Dewald - Marines

E5 David DeZutter - Navy

Spc Eugene Dinsmore - Army Reserve

CPL John Dinsmore - Army

Doug Dodge - Air National Guard

Keith Dodge - Air National Guard

Nick Dodge - Air National Guard

SGM Patrick Douglas - Army

Sgt Scott Eddy - Air Force

CPT Daniel Erker - Army

Capt Kevin "Buzz" Erker - Marines

E4 Anthony Fanara - Navy

SGT Grant J. Farmer - Army

Jessica Feeley - Air Force Reserve

PFC Martin R. Finucane - Army

Kenneth (Olsen) Flores - Army

Seaman Apprentice E2 D.J. Foote - Navy

Lt Col Christopher T. Ford - Air Force

Sean Ford - Army

TSgt Matthew Fox - Air Force

Michelle R. Fox - Air Force

SN Ryan M. Francis - Coast Guard

2LT Erin Fred - Army

Jamie Fugit

Spc Gregory M. Gelz - Army

Major James Geracci

Sgt/USMC Josh Gerace - Marines

Lcpl Daniel Gilbert- USMC

Nicholas Goff

SrA Michael J. Golden - Air Force

S/A Andrew Golembiewski - Air Force

S/Sgt Paul Golembiewski - Air Force

1Lt Daniel Gonzalez - Army

PVT-2 Eric Goulding - Army

NT-3 Michael Goulding - Navy

A1C Anthony M Gugino - Air Force

Michael J. Guagliano - DOD

PVT Anthony J Guenther - Marines

Allen Gworek - Marines

MSGT Timothy Hanlon - Army

Ens Matthew Hamm - Navy

John Havens - Marines

LCDR Christopher Hejmanowski - Navy

Lcpl Jon Herlan- USMC

TSgt Brent M. Helman - Air Force

A1C Delene Collins Helman - Air Force

2LT James Hildick - Marines

1SG Richard E. Hinkle III - Army

Pvt Leonard Holmes

A1C Nicholas R. Houck-Piccolo - Air Force

SMSgt Christopher Janik Air Force Reserves

Capt Jennifer Janik Air Force Reserves

Michael Janik - Marines

MM2/SS Michael P. Jankowski - Navy

Pete Jinenez

PFC Ryan J. Johnson - New York State Guard

Stephen Jones - Air Force

Chad Joseph - Air Force

SSgt Brian Judkins - Air Force

Sgt Lee Knoell

Spc Andrew Kornacki - Army National Guard

Stephan Kovacs Jr. - Air National Guard

R. J. Krause - Air Force Reserve

Adrienne Laman - Marines

Anthony Laman - Marines

Ronald Larson - Air Force

Lcpl James Laudan - Marines

Capt James Leather - Army

Capt John E. Lechner - Air Force

Cpl Gary Leckey Jr. - Marines

Anne Linenfelser - Coast Guard

Nick Lovetro - Army

Sgt Michael Magaris - Marines

SGT Shari Mancuso - Army

Timothy R. Marble - Air Force

Jeffrey Marcel - Marines

John J. Maron

Tom Martin - Army

Cpl Kevin Mazgaj- USMC

S/Sgt Laura Mazzda - Air Force

Adam S. McCollum - Army (101 Div)

Carli McDonnell - Air Force

SFC Murray McGilveary - Army (SF)

Shawn McKirchy

Sean McMahon - Air Force Reserve

1LT Sarah McMahon - Army

LCpl Michael Mehltretter - Marines

Steven Migliose - Army (USMA)

M/Sgt Jamie Milne - Air Force

Joe Modaffari - Marines

Spc Matthew Mondoux - Army (10th Mt. Div)

CPT Jonathan D. Monti - Army (173rd Abn)

Airman Sean Morey, Air Force

LTC Robert Moscati - Army

Russell Muff - Army

MSgt. Robert Osborn - Air National Guard

John O'Hare

CPT Brian Panaro - Army

1st Sgt Benjamin Pangborn

PVT Matthew John Pangborn - Army Reserve

SGT Marin Pawlowski Jr - Army National Guard

Mark Anthony Pearce - Army

William Pearce Jr. - Army (Abn)

Adam Peters - Army

A1C Patricia A. (VeRost) Philpot - Air Force

LT Dave Pigott - Army (1st Inf Div)

TSgt Michelle Elmer Dargan - Air Force

Danielle (Bennett) Raffa - Air Force

E3 Cory Clare Rathmann - Navy

Paul Restey - Air Force

Capt Christopher Reynolds - Marines

Jeremy A. Roberts - Marines

Zachary Roberts - Marines

Brandon Robinson - Army

Ian Charles Rogers - Navy

Josh Rollins - Army

PFC Lindsay Gates Rollins - Army

Andrew Rornaki

Amn Thomas J. Ryan - Air Force

Matthew Saari - Navy

Pvt Eric J. Sander - Marines

Alexa SantaLucia

Joe Schmidt

S/Sgt Adam Schumacher - Air Force

2Lt Julie Scott - Army

2Lt Brian Scozarro - Air Force

LCpl Daniel Semrau - Marines

SGT Jesse Serio - Army National Guard

Pvt Nicholas Sexton - US Marine Corps

E-1 Alexander R. Seyler - Navy

Mike Shanley - Army (4th Inf Div)

LCpl Thomas Shanor - Marines

LCpl Matthew Shilling - Marines

TSGT Maurice Shivers - Air Reserve

Spc Andrew Shonitsky - Army

Benjamin Shuster - Army National Guard

PFC Bikramjit Singh - Army

MAJ Mike Slowinski - Army

EO4 Bryan T. Smith - Navy (Seabees)

G. Smith - Special Forces

LCpl George A. Smith - Marines

Cpl Justin Smith - Marines

Capt William Snyder - Army National Guard

Stanley Staniscewski - Marines

SrA Krystalore Stegner - Air National Guard

Spc Bruce G. Stenzel - Army (2/108th)

1LT John Stolfo Air Force Reserves

IT2 Jack (John) Stoneham - Navy

LCpl Joel Stoorza - Marine Corps

1 LT John T. Szczepanski - Air Force

SSG Ryan Timmerman - Army

CW3 William J. Tokash Jr. - Army

CMCR Franklin Truesdale - Navy

Richard Vanthoff - Air Force

Jonathan Vazquez - Marines

E2 Jason J. Walker - Navy

STS2 Jeff Wansart - Navy

ADAN James L. Weatherston - Navy

CMCM Christopher M. Weatherston - Navy

Capt Dan Webb - Air Force

PFC Mark W. Webb - New York State Guard

Barry Williams

Tommie Williams

Cadet Devlin Winkelstein - Army (USMA)

SAppr Courtney R. Winstel - Navy

Pfc Brad Wood - Marines

Joe Woodell - Army

Pvt2 Ryan Woodring - Army

SrA/E-4 Christopher Wright - Air Force

SFC Michael Zaremski Jr. - Army National Guard

SrA Kristen Zilliox - Air Force

T/Sgt Richard Zimmerman - Air Force (914th)