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One Island, One Team,
Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition

4 p.m., Second Tuesday of Month
Conference room in the GI School District Offices.
1100 Ransom Road.

Drugs and the (Developing) Teenage Brain - October 2016

   The Grand Island PTA Council, One Island, One Team Coalition and the Erie County Council for the Prevention of Alcohol and Substance Abuse are hosting a forum at the GIHS Grand Viking Theater, 1100 Ransom Road at 7:00 p.m. on Thursday, October 27th. Drugs, alcohol, addiction and children will be the topic of the forum. Everyone welcome. See flyer.

Sandra Anzalone Recognized - March 2013

Supervisor Mary Cooke with Principal Sandra Anzalone

   The One Island, One Team, One Dream, To Be Drug Free honored Grand Island High School departing Principal Sandra Anzalone with an Award of Recognition on Tuesday, March 12th. Supervisor Mary Cooke presented Mrs. Anzalone with a Town Proclamation, for her role in the drug and alcohol prevention coalition, One Island, One Team, One Dream to be Drug Free.
   In 2006, Mrs. Anzalone surveyed parents to ascertain the needs she would be addressing as the newly hired Principal. The answer that unanimously came back was, “There is a drug problem in the school and nothing is being done about it”. So she did something about it! She put together a stellar group of school staff, concerned citizens, counselors, town board members, members of agencies, clergy, law enforcement, and parents to address the issues. Throughout the years, Sandra has continued to provide strong leadership and support to the group, not holding back any resource, so that One Island could develop into a community wide catalyst for change.
   The group would like to thank Mrs. Anzalone, for without her, One Island would not be a reality today. Her love and concern for the youth of Grand Island cannot be denied and will not be forgotten. They also wish her the best in her new post as Superintendent of the Eden School District and said they are truly fortunate to have her.

New Fact Sheet - November 2011

Enlisting Today's Parents in Alcohol Prevention - Research Summary

One Island Hosting Community Conversation - March 2013

   One Island, One Team, One Dream, to be Drug Free is a community coalition primarily focused on alcohol and drug prevention. They will be hosting a “Coffee and Community Conversation” on April 16th, 7:00 p.m. - 8:30 p.m. at the Grand Island Fire Hall, for the purpose of educating the community on the epidemic of prescription drug abuse. They are in need of your help either by donation and/or publicizing the event. See the letter for more details from One Island Chairman Dan Stinson. "Coffee and Community Conversation" poster.

GISD Safe Homes Program - September 2012

   The Grand Island School District is proudly sponsoring SafeHomes for our parents and students for the 2012-2013 school year. SafeHomes is a network of parents who sign a pledge that states that under no circumstances will they allow unsupervised parties in their homes or on their property; nor will they serve alcohol to minors or allow other drug use in their homes. Your pledge would also ensure a secure storage area for all forms of alcohol, firearms, and other potentially hazardous items. In addition, agreeing to maintain communication with other SafeHomes families would be guaranteed through your pledge. See pledge for complete details.

One Island One Team One Dream - Oct. 2010

   One Island One Team One Dream To Be Drug Free is the name of a group of Grand Islanders whose goal is to make the town a safer place for all residents. The confidential tip line, 774-TOWN (8696), can be used by anybody who wants to report illegal activity. All calls remain strictly confidential. The tip line can be used for anything but particularly illegal drug activity including underage drinking and sales to minors. All calls are directed to a voicemail and reviewed by specific Grand Island Police Officers to protect your privacy. This is not to report crimes in progress or an emergency; for those dial 911.
   Project Sticker Shock is conducted several times each year to remind those purchasing alcohol of their responsibility to prevent underage drinking. Stickers are placed on alcoholic beverage cartons in stores throughout Grand Island. Sticker Shock will take place on November 10 for the high school and December 9 for the middle school. Students and anyone else interested in helping should meet at 2:45 p.m. at the Tops play land.
   Dan Stinson is the chairman of the group and anyone is welcome to attend. Monthly meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month at 4 p.m. in the High School senior cafeteria.

One Island, One Team, One Dream, To Be Drug Free Meeting - October 2010

    One Island, One Team, One Dream, To Be Drug Free will meet 4:30 p.m. Tuesday, October 12 in the High School Small Cafeteria.

9/23/10 Letter To The Editor
Message On Drug Abuse and Addiction

One Island, One Team, One Dream, To Be Drug Free Meeting - September 2010

    One Island, One Team, One Dream, To Be Drug Free will meet 5 p.m. Tuesday, September 14 in the High School Small Cafeteria.

Teen Drug And Alcohol Intervention - April 2010

   The Island's One Island, One Team, One Dream, To Be Drug Free committee highly recommends the following website:
http://timetoact.drugfree.org/think-look-for-signs.html - Teen Drug and Alcohol Intervention - Look for Signs and Symptoms.

One Island, One Team, One Dream, To Be Drug Free Meeting - February 2010

    One Island, One Team, One Dream, To Be Drug Free will meet 5 p.m. Tuesday, February 9 in the High School Small Cafeteria.

One Island, One Team, One Dream, To Be Drug Free - Tip Sheet - Prescription Drug Abuse - December 2009

    One Island, One Team, One Dream, To Be Drug Free has developed "tip sheets" to educate parents on prescription drug abuse. It is one in a series of four tip sheets. The next one will be about talking to your kids about Rx drugs, the third about monitoring and locking up drugs of abuse in our homes and the fourth about alcohol. See "Tip Sheet".

One Island, One Team, One Dream, To Be Drug Free Meeting - December 2009

    One Island, One Team, One Dream, To Be Drug Free will meet Tuesday, December 8 in Room 186 in the Grand Island High School, 1100 Ransom Road. Committee members will meet at 6 p.m., and the meeting is open to the public/guests at from 7-8 p.m. All are welcome and encouraged to attend. For more information, visit these sites:

One Island, One Team, One Dream, To Be Drug Free Meeting - November 2009

    One Island, One Team, One Dream, To Be Drug Free will meet Tuesday, November 10 at 6 p.m. in the Grand Island High School, room 186 - directly to the left after entering front door to highschool, 2nd classroom on the right in the academic wing.

Thy Will Be Done - One Island, One Team, One Dream, To Be Drug Free
Just imagine, a community transformed by a group of people who are passionate about a cause; a cause to provide its community with an environment free of the dangers of underage drinking and other drug use. I no longer have to imagine because for me and many others, this is becoming a reality.

Almost three years ago, a group was formed as the result of a survey filled out by the parents of high school students. The survey brought to light a problem concerning alcohol and other drug use among the students. “You have your heads buried in the sand”, we were told, and they were right. The problem was more wide spread than we had imagined. The schools responded immediately to address the problem and quickly, many other key people joined in to what is now known as One Island, One Team, One Dream, to be Drug Free. The One Island coalition is made up of the school superintendent, school principals, vice-principals, students, PTA, parents, Town Justice, law enforcement, Town Supervisor, Town Board, clergy, health care providers, counselors, GIFTS (Grand Island Families, Town, and Schools), ECCPASA, Youth Board, and yes there is still room for YOU!

To date we have hosted awareness presentations by Teen Challenge, Theatre For Change and Kids Escaping Drugs, started an anonymous Tip Line, created a video showing students what happens during a drug or alcohol related arrest and booking, and launched Project Sticker Shock, (placing labels on alcoholic beverages warning buyers not to serve alcohol to minors). This coming year we will be working with pharmacies, doctors' offices, nursing homes, and funeral homes to increase awareness and limit the availability of prescription drugs at the source. Through a variety of mediums we will engage students and parents to provide awareness on various issues, and through our ongoing relationship with the Face to Face program we will develop effective programs to help on either side of the problem.

Get YOUR own head out of the sand!

One of the major obstacles in our community is that many of us refuse to believe that any such problem exists in our quaint little community. I can tell you first hand that it does. Don’t make me come over there and prove it to you! Prescription pain medication is of particular concern today, with many young people starting out innocently, thinking that because it is doctor prescribed, it is ok until they find themselves graduating to heroin because the pills no longer have the same effect they did in the beginning. There is great danger in saying “Not my child,” and while there are things you may be doing to minimize the risk, (self-esteem building, healthy activities and open communication), there are still many “good kids” that get caught up in it. It is not my intention to push a panic button or regale you with horror stories, only to ask you to take the issue seriously and, if you feel so led, get involved, even if it’s just to raise awareness a little more.

Keep your eyes open for our new banners around town and check out these links for more information: