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What would you like to see in the center of the roundabout?

If you wish to have an idea posted, please send your email to:
Teddy Linenfelser or Jodi Robinson with the appropriate details.

We have received many ideas from readers, they are listed with the newest postings at the top. Thanks to all of the participants.

In all my years as a over the road truck driver I have been in all kinds of cities that have traffic circles and I can tell you from experience that this is about the worst design I have ever come across. Did anyone think about how the double wing snow plows are going to go around this thing. I have seen nft buses using the Burger King parking lot to go around this. How long do you think it's going to be until they finally figure out that it was a mistake and dig it all up again and do it right. The engineers should be ashamed of themselves for doing this. And we wonder why NY State is dysfunctional. Dan Geblein

A camera to film all the accidents, edit it, and send to AFV. Perhaps a wishing well to settle some sewer and water tax debt. Michelle Lockett

Is is too late to suggest a 10 degree banking in the traffic circle?  I was hoping to run my Mesmer Refrigeration, Tim Phillips Garage sponsered 360 sprint car at high speed. Jim Porter

Now that we have a finished roundabout. . .it starts to feel a little better. BUT. . . How do we train the tourists or Canadians that want to yeild when they are supposed to go? I know, instructional bill boards on the exit approaching . . . Reg Schopp

What about a sort of lighthouse (solar powered) with a sign that says "Welcome to Grand Island" complete with a seasonal flower arrangement? Now let's get a roundabout in other areas like Stoney Point Road and Whitehaven where traffic lights enjoy staying red for extended periods and gasoline is wasted. Craig Kopra

Seriously, Grand Islanders, have you NEVER driven around a roundabout in downtown Buffalo or maybe near the Harlem and Kensington areas? You people are acting like some alien lifeforce created this bizarre thing and slapped it onto "your island." Here's how to handle it: Slow down. Wait your turn to enter the roundabout. Stay in said roundabout until you're ready to exit. All done. I know a lot of you complainers are adults, so please try acting like it.
Roundabouts are WELL-researched traffic devices and they have worked in MANY places. The only way it's a problem is if you really have ZERO idea how to navigate a car on the roadways--- in such case, please, for the safety of everyone, get off the road!!! Anyhow--- I would love to see something that chronicles the history of the island in the center of the roundabout--- but nothing too girthy. Jennifer

I think the roundabout gives everyone something to complain about. Eliminating the light on Staley can't help but increase the flow of traffic. I was reading the Hamburg, NY roundabout is in the running for national award on both appearance and traffic efficiency. Let's face it, people hate change, especially when they feel its an intrusion on "their island". Get over it, have some faith in the engineering, and make your decision once you have all the facts, or a finished product. I would like to see some clear signage identifying the lanes designation is a must, and I assume is in the works. I think utilizing the center of the roundabout to commemorate Grand Islands role in the history of the area would be well served. Vinny

How about a Marty's Tow Truck there so they won't have far to go when the cars start to pile up? John Boutet

I would like to see a small platform with a short wall and flags American, Canadian and Grand Island. It should be little or no maintenance required. Signs indicating who has right of way apparently mannnnny people don't know. I would have like to know this before they build it. They are a pain and I feel dangerous. I don't care what the stats say. Michele LaBarre

Donąt complain, and please donąt shout; Itąs meant for all, whether slim or stout;
To enter needs nerve, Then follow the curve, Iąm starting to like our new round-about! Lee Tetkowski

How about a critical care center to handle the accident patients that get hurt in the roundabout? Or at least a landing pad for mercy flight. Jeff Dinsmore

I think the whole thing is one big mess and will cause more confusion for motorists and pedestrians. What they needed to do was improve the approach from the thruway onto the Beaver Island Parkway and the approach from GI Blvd to the parkway, widen it or something. Once again, Grand Island wastes money on something that will serve no good purpose. The layout is ridiculous and hard to manuever; not wide enough. During the winter it will be such a joke trying to get thru it. I plan on avoiding the exit as much as possible. Thank God there are other exits on the island. Denise Filosofos

Viking statue with sign that reads HOME of the VIKINGS or small lighthouse with welcome to Grand Island sign. John Cacciatore

3 Flagpoles, illuminated w/ American flag, State flag and Grand Island flag, Welcome to Grand Island Sign. Joe Synakowski

My recommendation for the center of the traffic circle is to be financially practical for tax payers, espeically when considering on-going maintenance and operational costs. Fountains look pretty, but they must be powered by electric motors and frequently serviced in order to keep them running -- an overly expensive idea. The same would be true for any lighted sign, statue or display. Why not consider "zero scaping" -- landscape that does not require watering or mowing, would not obstruct drivers' view across the circle and would only require minimal annual maintenance. Before they were acquired, Greater Buffalo Savings Bank successfully used "zero scaping" for the lawns at their branch locations, and it was very attractive from both aesthetic and economic perspectives. Michael Heffley

I was thinking how much I always loved the flower clock up in Canada. We do need something that won’t obstruct the view. How about a flower sculpture in the shape of Grand Island? We could add a clock if wanted. Or a memorial in the shape of the Island with all the names of the men and women from the Island that have served and died in the Armed Forces. There should be a way to continually add names too. Susan Spaulding

I’d like to see in the center of the roundabout a multisided electronic data board that keeps track of the number of accidents on the roundabout….. Bob Willer

I suggest plantings. Take a look at Sheridan Drive for suggestions. Perhaps our Grand Island Garden Club might be interested in this project. Bob Beach

My suggestion would be to put a road through there so we don’t have to deal with a “roundabout”. Lynn Whitford

It would be great to have flowers with the changing seasons, like mums, now, spring flowers, geraniums in the summer and at xmas small bushes with lights..there should be nothing over three feet high to obstruct any vision for the drivers. A fountain is great except when the wind blows and it causes visibility problems, then you are at the mercy of nature, which could cause icing on the road and on the cars. Bonnie Sciuk

No trees it would block the view and probably cause more problems. But the fountain has a nice effect.

I'd like to see a Stone tower with a four sided working clock. The tower could be a Viking style structure with the American Flag on top. Joseph Biondo

We would like to see either a Viking or maybe a rock (like the one in back of the high school) in the middle of the roundabout. Jane Boyle

Something that represents the beauty of Grand Island, tastefully done of course. Donald O'Connor

When I was in London, I came across the traffic light tree in the roundabout at Canary Wharf, it was the greatest thing! It was about 2 years ago, when the GI team first starting researching the roundabout, and I thought, how cool would that be here! Sandra K Cunningham

I can't wait for winter to arrive, a large percentage of Grand Island drivers are not going to yield at this circle! There will be more accidents at this site than ever before. How about a Police Officer stationed there 24-7? He can call in plate numbers and a chase car can ticket those drivers as they blow through the circle. No, really ! Grand Island can make a lot of money on the traffic tickets to pay for the law suits that are bound to happen when people blame their accidents on the POOR DESIGN that the Town approved.
They should have...Cut off Stony Point extension so traffic has to go north instead of connecting to the first Thruway exit... Make the 1st Thruway exit, as well as the south bound Grand Island Blvd.branch out to three lanes at Staley Road Left turn only, Right turn only, and center lane straight through. With the proper signal devices installed traffic would move just fine. I, along with others, are avoiding the area all together, now during construction as well as when it is done. Thankfully there is a North Bridge. I'm sure the few minutes more it takes to use that bridge will not be as long as the tie ups that are bound to happen at the precious -"Circle". What a waste of taxpayers money !! Ronald E. Mock

How about a Viking statue like the one in Gimli, Manitoba. Noel Blair Jr

My only suggestion for the town or whoever is responsible for what goes in the center of the round about is this: Make sure it is something that won't disrupt visibility across the intersection tremendously. A tree or something would be fine, but I think a statue, sign or sculpture would make seeing what's coming a little bit tricky with a circle that size. I wouldn't suggest a fountain either because how many months of the year would we actually be able to run it? It would be nice to have a tree that holiday lights could be strung on during the holiday season, just something to bring some warmth to the town as you enter. As it is now, the town isn't very inviting from the Grand Island Blvd entrance. Just a couple of thoughts. Kodie Shamrock

I think the center of the roundabout should have a Grand Island sign welcoming people like the one from the Chamber of commerce with trees and flowers. The trees and plants would look nice since there is little vegetation in that area.

A snowman with a carrot nose. Since it will be covered in snow for four months of the year. Mike Lockett

They put one in the entrance to Clearwater beach years ago and now wish they hadn't, complete nightmare for beach goers. And, most tourists don't know how they work so they go in and slam on the breaks when they see cars coming at them and many are rear ended, I don't go there anymore. Gary Larsen

How about a veteran's memorial!!!!!! or something to show our servicemen and women how much they are appreciated- I know we have one in Veteran's park- but one in the circle everyone coming onto the island would see!!!!!!

Whatever the design is, it should be kept low as to NOT obstruct the views of all traffic.

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